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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Saturday, June 15, 1957
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Phoni 3 Before 7 o'clock If you fad to receive your copy of the Tribune, and oni will be delivered. Written » Horaci Gr««l«y In 1171 AND * THE GREELtV REPUBLICAN VOLUME 4f--NUMBER 140 OREELEV. COLORADO SATURDAY, JUNE IS, H!7 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1170 Last Payment Made on City Industrial Area The Greeley Chamber of Commerce early this week made the final payment on its 36-acrc industrial site at the southeast edge of the city. This was announced Friday at a meeting of the Chamber's industrial committee as it discussed pos- these firms will not be announced, however, until negotiations are more advanced. Ideas which the committee discussed for continuing the expansion of industry here will be discussed with the Chamber of Commerce board of directors before a definite siblc ways of speeding up its'ac- P ro S" m .'» developed, tivities to bring more new industries into Grceley. The final payment was made about three years after the site was purchased with funds obtained from an increase in membership dues. The Chamber of Commerce took in option nn the land in January, 1951. and then proceeded with the purchase in July of that year after the members had approved the dues increase. Total cost of the site was 133.000. First to build in the area was the Wright and McGill company, manufacturers of fishing tackle. Its plant has six acres. Next to occupy a site was the MacKentie Store Equipment com- Russia Spurns Giving Yanks Any TV Time LONDON (let -- Russia Saturday cold shouldered any idea of granting American leaders time on Soviet television lo present Iheir views on world problems. A Moscow radio commentator in an English-language broadcast beamed to the United States said: | "We, the Soviet people, are not spring the Meadow interested in listening to the anti' has about an acre pany,- which and a half. Early this Gold dairy opened a large processing and distributing plant in the area to serve northern Colorado and parts of Wyoming and Nebraska. The Meadow Gold operation occupies three acres. ·The Chamber's accelerated t i v i t v lo bring new industries into Grceley, of which purchase of the site was a part, has added over 300 persons to Iqcal payrolls. Clint Mayer, manager of the Chamber of Commerce, noted th»t Gre*!rj has obtained not only the Wright and McGill and the store equipment plants and the expanded Meadow Gold operation in the industrial area but also the Wright and McGill and the Bayly Manufacturing company plants downtown and the Load-Eze Products. The committee learned Greeley has prospects for several additional new industries. The names of Hoes Take Over PHILADELPHIA * - A big batch of bees buued in on a boat Friday and its crew was forced to abandon ship. · The dredge Franklin was operating near Burlmcton Island in the Delaware River near Bristol, Pa., u h e n the stinging insects suddenly took over the bridge, machine and locker rooms. CapL Raymond Dick told his crew of 20 to bun Soviet mouthing! of Mr. Dulles or the reasonings of Adm. Radford or Gen. N'orstad and their talk about how America intends to annihilate our towns and villages." Adm. Arthur Radford is chairman of the U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. Gen. Lauris N'orstad is NATO supreme commander. Two weeks ago an American television network (CBS) carried a filmed interview that American correspondents in Moscow held with Soviet Communist party chief Nikita Khrushchev. This led to suggestions that Soviet TV grant the came opportunity of American leaders to speak to the Russian people. President Eisenhower told a news conference after the Khrushchev appearance that someone in the American government--not President of Stale Vocational Assn. Rain Covers Weld; .7 In. Falls Here Details Sought in Red Test Holiday Proposal Mayflower at Plymouth Most of Weld county cot good rordee .72 of an inch six-hoir period Friday during a afternoon temperatures went to the 30s over the higher north i soaking early Saturday morning i from showers and thunderstorms | l n d n i£ht ' wlrch began after midnight in j Nijht time most places. 1 Rainfall measurement around 8 ern RocViis. Mullan Pass. Mont., i a m . ranged from .16 of an inch I registered 32 degrees for the cold|at Kecnesburg to more than a n ' c s t reading in the nation, jiflch in the Grover district. | Colorado's low was 36 at Fras- .70 In. in Gritlty cr , and Wyoming's was 35 at Big In Grecley, the rain measured j pjney. .70 of an inch at the Public Ser-1 Highest temperatures Friday h were 78 at Lamar, Celo., and 67 Earl Wills, abov«, distributive education coordinator at Grttlty High school, has bttn tltcttd prtsldtnt of tht Colorado Vocational Association. N t i r l r 300 mtmbort of th as- loclition mil it rho Colorado State University this week for an annual conference. The association covers five areas, distributive education, agriculture, home economics, trade and industry and rehabilitation. Others attending the conference from Gree!;jr were Mel Adams, vocational agriculture teacher from GHS and Rhoda Foss, associate professor of home economics at Colorado State College. vice station and .45 of an inch at the Great Western Sugar company factory. A dark overcast threatened to bring more rain later in the day. Barring rains of cloudburst proportions, however, the Cache la Poudre river w-as expected to recede in the Greeley area Saturday. The river spread out over adjacent lowlands Friday between at Cheyenne. Rains Ovtr Statt Colorado moisture measurement during the 24-hour period ended early. Saturday included Akron .02, Colorado Springs a trace, Craig .13, Eagle .45, Grand Junction .09, La Junta .05, Lamar .13, Leadville .11. Pueblo a trace, and Trinidad .09. Polish Plane Crashes with 5 Americans Greeeley and Fort Collins as the M a x i m u m and result of heavy rains in the high peraturcs during mountains Thursday. IJ In. Up at Grovtr Rain gauccs in the Grover dis trict showed between 1.3 and 1.5 inches from the storm during the night. Rain began falling there around 10 p.m. a n d - continued through the nitht and left large puddles standing in the streets. Other measurements were Eaton, .48 of an inch; Galcton, .95; Barnesville, .45; Windsor, .26; Johnstown, .21; Plalteville. .43: Brighton-Fort Lupton district, .30; and Briggsdalc, .43. W. G. Wilkinson, the water commissioner on the Poudre, said cooler w e a t h e r had slowed down the run-off and cut the flow of the river Saturday morning to 3.250 second m i n i m u m tcm- that period included: Denver 73-51, Colorado Springs 69-52. Akron 7251. Alamosa 72- LONDON' Ut -- The Soviet Union's offer to admit Western U- ·pectors if agreement is reached on a nuclear test ban was seen | in Western quarters Saturday as a major step forward in disarmament negotiations. But they .pointed out m a n y details must be [clarified. The proposal was put to the U. N. Disarmament Subcommittee Friday by Soviet delegate Valerian Zorin. He suggested a tw-o or three year halt to nuclear tests with an international committee t ' tinder the United Nations to ea- force it. Zorin said the Soviet Union would agree to admit Western inspectors if there was agreement to the moratorium on nuclear tests. Until now, the Soviet Union had rejected Western demands that any halt to nuclear tests be backed *)! I up by inspection. The Soviets heii · ; that the tests i could be ended by 49, Craig 64-42, Eagle 67-42, Grand Junction 75-53, La Junta 76-57, Lamar 78-58, Leadvillc 51-34, Limon 69-52, Pueblo 75-56, Trinidad 7749. Cheyenne 6744, Casper 'M-42, Lander 61 ll. Laramie 5S-43. Rawlins 59-42, Rock Springs M-44. Weight Divorce Grounds LOS ANGELES in - A telephone operator accused her husband of making her so nervous that she just "ate and ate and ate" until she weighed 190 pounds. Throngs of spectators lint hibor Junt 13 at Plymouth, Mass., to g'rttt tht Mayflowtr II, rtplica of thi original Pilgrim ship, as shi approachts htr mooring basin off historic Plymouth Rock, shown tn background. Tht Mjyflowtr's arrival inarktd tht tnd of a 5,000-milt, 54-day voyagt rttnacting tht historic trip of *ht Pilgrims In UJO. (AP Wirtphoto) Two More Die on Private Crossing FOUNTAIN. Colo. T-A prom- , , r(t by 1'iCK luiu nis crew tn m 10 uu.ii r i_ t_ off, and the men wasted no time A . t r o "P° f f 4 D " lv " *? nk '" himself--would be glad to accept j were identified as Mrs. Margaret Michelle, all of Grand Rapids, Mich. They were on a tour of the Soviet Union sponsored by television station WOOD-TV' in Grand Rapids. Cheverton is news director for the station. Irving R. Levine. National Broadcasting Co. correspondent in Moscow, told a WOOD-TV staff member by telephone that Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Beuker, listed as missing, were dead. Beuker was a Grand Rapids insurance and real feet at the mouth of the canyon. , Th:« compared with a high read-. m - hu f n » ing for the season of 5.150 second on * ""· feet early Friday morning after Mrs MOSCOW UP) -- A twin-engined the heavy rains on the Cache la!"I" Polish airliner carrying eight pas- Poudre watershed Thursday. t _ } scngers--five of them Americans --crashed in a storm Friday night irhile coming into Moscow. Three Americans were taken from the wreckage alive. The two others were listed as missing and reported dead by an American correspondent. The three American uurvivors "But the most annoying thing,": inent'rancher and one of his six Colorado Snnn- said Violet Stamper, 26, "was lhatlchildren were killed w h e n a Santa | i i j - h w a v Pali , ou thbound train in , . , . , . ' . . ! , , j H i g h w a y Patrol Sgt. Richard wouldnt let me go j F e R a i l w a y passenger t r a m and ; sd , nj p p(T5 , lid lt W J S not dct( . r their car collided seven miles told Superior i south of here F r i d a y nisht. mined immediately if the accident occured on private land al- Stamper in winning a divorce F r i - j The bodies of C l a r k H a n n a , 4".' i h ' 0 ' u " sh ' , h( , 7-L-Bar Ranch was that she lost the excess; owner of a 35.000-acrr ranch on ownr ] by a simple agreement among the H- bomb nations, Britain, Russia and the United States. Wist Sits Proposal is Advanc* The immediate reaction from Western sources was that the Soviet proposal represented an important advance but that it needed to be thought cut before ill significance can be judged. Jules Moch, French representative on the subcommittee, told Zorin an ending of tests would be no guarantee lo the hailing of production of hydrogen bombs. The Western position is that thu scientific knowledge gained over the yean from nuclear tests could permit the Il-bomh race tn continue. The West insists that inspection and enforcement apply tn the production of fissionable ma- aid Tribune said in a story from sions. Zorin g a v e no reply when asked by U. S. delegate Harold E. Stassen if his proposal represented t change in Soviet thinking on the ending of the production of fissionable materials. Moratorium Too Long Meanwhile, The New York Her- Washington l h a t the Soviet pro- Washington tht the Soviet proposal was not acceptable to U. S. officials because it is too long and ounre watcrjiiru i i i u i a u d t . . . . . ,,. , u n m u nj n The river spread out in the low P 0 ""^*' h - v grating from W a l - j w h i c h the accident occurred a n d , S chnippers »t on tne west side of U.S. high-! 1 " Stamper. 41-j.ear-oId tree sur- his S-yrar-oM d a u g h t e r R a n d y k l ] I f d ihete ... . ., ,h. K,i«, rthil« n - were found 117 feet from the point ..,,,...,, , lr any Russian invitation to speak on Tremper: her daughter. Mi Soviet radio-TV networks. j t f , nd Richard Cheverton, Denver Bankers Tour Weld in Enormous Bus leaving. Dick then called Bristol Township Police Chief John R. Stewart, an apiarist in his off hours. Stewart managed lo round up the bees. and the crew returned to the dredge after 3'i hours. l a n d hank directors toured Greeley Most Reclamation Projects Report Plenty of Water { Saturday in an unusual German- made sightseeing bus 60 fceet long. The group were from the U.S. National bank at Denver. Their host and narrator for the trip was W. D. Farr, a director of the Greeley National bank. The busload of tourists visited the Farr Feed lot east of Greeley, the new Beatrice Foods company plant south of the city snd other agricultural and industrial points of interest. The group had lunch at thi Gree- spot way 85 at the brings on north Eighth avenue Friday evening as the morning's heavy flow in the mountains reached Grecley. Only 1,(00 Stcond Flit Htrt Diversion of around 3.200 second f«t Friday for storage and direct irrigation and the spreading out of the water into the lowlands gave Greeley only about 1.600 second feet of the 5,150 second feet which came out of the mountains. Hoffa Trial Speeded Up |of the left leg and arm in addition j t n severe cuts. Her condition was 'reported slightly improved Salur- i d a y but was still v e r y serious. Friday night her condition was listed as critical. j The accident was the fourth involving trains in Colorado w i t h i n WASHINGTON if -- A federal a »eek. It brought to 17 the judge has ordered the conspiracy- number of persons thus kiled. includes only scientific inspection. The paper said the U. S. feels "it said one person w a s , is essential" to include air and . ,. - in an accident in- ground disarmament policing. were found 117 feet from the point vo | v , ng , t r i j n nn , yMr f o lnd jj,. Herald Tribune said tht of impact. ' a t lhat time it w a j determined United Stales will seek to sell it* . ..'" s r r ... nn '/'. uffT '' d fractures ^ h i v e ^ rn nn pr i,,, r property, allies on a 10-month trial suspen- Ision of nuclear tests, provided tht 1 Soviet Union agrees to do tht same. The U. S p'in. the story went Ion, does not provide for halting the development of weapons. It al- Wilkinson said there had been ^^ , ria , ,,, T f l m , l c r , Union Twelve persons died w h e n t h e i r ! some cutback in diversions Satur- b j f w j c J j m m y Hof( , to ,.,, , h e a d ' f a r m truck and a tram c o l l i d e d , on Monday She had granted a con-TTuesday near R o c k y Ford. Colo. I dav but that storage and still taking Work on Temporary Colo. Bridge so said scientists would continue to work at the present scale on such devices as guided missiles. More Terrorist Victims Are Dead estate man. Three American newsmen stationed in Moscow--Harold Milks and Roy Essoyan of The Associated Press and Levine helped rescue the survivors. They heard a woman's voice calling legs hurt." They found Mrs. Tremper pinned j WASHINGTON Ul -- An adequate suppy of irrigation water this sea- "r« jccrr.s issurfj for most fed- era recamation projects as a re- nut of continued storms throughout much of the West and Southwest. Recamation Commissioner W. A. Dexheimer reported to Secret a r y of the Interior Seaton t h a t c o n t i n u i n g r a i n s t o r m s are filing m a n y reservoir? in the 17 Western states for the first time in s e a r s . By areas. Dexheimer summa- rued conditions as of June 1: Colorado-Big Thompson -- Prec i p i t a t i o n rangtd from 150 to 300 per cent above normal above the project reservoirs sen ing northeastern Colorado, insuring ample | w a t e r for supplemental irrigation.! Pacific Northwest -- Water sup-| ply prospects fair to excellent. Most reservoirs full or nearly full. Upper Colorado R i v e r Waler- · h r d -- Precipitation d u r i n g May w a s about 216'prc cent of the 3\ e a r a v e r a g e for the month; fiords are to be expected on uncontrolled s t r e a m s w h e r e precipi- t a t i o n has been highest. Southwestern Wyoming, North- Trie bus, chartered from Continental Trailways company in Denver was made in lira. Germany. It is 60 feet long, and is By THE ASSOCIATED P R E S S j be in London al t h a t time. , The Colorado H i g h w a y P a t r o l Ju ^ ! _Scattered showers and thunder-i Hoffa. Teamsters Union vice said storms dampened northern and president and boss of the u n i o n ' s : m a y h a v e been b l i n d e d by the central Colorado and the southern : M i d w e s t activities, was 'arrested'setting sun and a mist left by a ed:e of Wyoming Saturday. |here March 13 and charged with r a i n . Forecasters said the rainfall j hiring a lawyer to get inside in- The s m a s h u p t o - i c d the l a t e would continue through S u n d a y ; formation from the Senate R a c k - ' m o d e l car 117 fret and it rolled ;· u f _ ..M 1..V _.. and spread to northern Wyoming, lets Investigating Committee. o v e r 34 t i m e s . The front license I m cold, I m cold. hep, m ^^ ^ D t n t r H o f f j rfporl . dly h a d hop . d ,,, p!atc , , nd r a r t nf lhc A violent thunderstorm, accom- delay his trial for several months grill were led at the point of inied by high winds, hail and t so he could run for the Teamsters i m p a c t but other w-rcckazc was Chining, struck Denver shortly j presidency, or at least play a ma-!scattered for more than KiO feet. Her 2 a.m. Saturday, leaving .48;jor role in the selection of a s u c - i The engineer. M. R. H u f f , 33, of an inih of moisture. The rain- cessor to the retiring president, of Denver, laid the t r a m was fall was even h e a v i e r at Chey- Dave Beck. traveling between 5060 m p h. VVy^,. mtii'-Ting M of an -inch. L a r a m i e reported .0.1. and carried her to an ambulance! on a stretcher. Mrs. Tremper's young daughter Michelle and Cheverton. who w e r e , made more unusual by being jointed in the middle. The luxurious interior include! a coffee bar in the center of the bus. It has glass skylights. The driver. Floyd Potter, wlio has been a bus driver for 21 years, says the vehicle is actually easier to turn and maneuver than a bus half its si:e. The firm owns two of these vehicles. Potter said. They are on a regular schedule between Denver and Pueblo ordinarily, h« added. i rescued later, were both badly l^g j bruised and suffering from shock. The Polish airliner was carrying 12 persons--eight passengers and a crew of four--from Warsaw. The only known survivor other was re- than the three Americans was the Polish stewardess. Sii bodies were counted at the scene. Test Delayed Again ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nev. r -- Unfavorable winds again h a v e postponed for J4 hours the fourth shot in the s u m m e r euclear te; series. Limon. in e a s t e r n Colorado, re- Senate Votes Foreign Aid Ike Sought Milton Eisenhower j Is Out of Hospital BALTIMORE f - Dr. Milton Eisenhower, ounzest brother of th* Pmidtn;. t.-visv was du ' c h a r g e d from Johns Hopkins Hos- j p i t a l w h e r e he hid been trated for i a kidney infection. I Eisenhower, president of Johns Hopkins University, was s t r i c k e n last S u n d a y . None of the p a s H n s r r s ported i n j j r e d . A [ew m i n u K s e a r l . c r 157 oH- iers picked up in Denver had hern the t o w n / i f Dellequc District E n g i n e e r Ralph McCoy said his men will w o r k from dawn u n t i l d a r k to get a temporary, t w o - l a n e bridge a c r o s s the overflow c h a n n e l of the Colorado Riv- tedan's "· Fn ' jr " r '»·· da ' s m *y h * nere.»ary for the work. Tne work w i l l ro«t in estimated $15.p»l. McCoy said that every precaution h a d been t a k e n to prevent a c o l l a p s e of the 12-year-old $.H.- OPV) bruize w h i c h g a v e way a few ds af!rr L a u r e n c e M a \ n e s d r o v e a g a s o l i n e t r a n s p o r t o v e r it. H e a v y rnc^. had been d u m p e d t i p d i v e r t t h e c u r r e n t a w a y from Sn0 vp) er5 I - b e a m s nf t h e I'j'-fnot structure. raising to 10 the death toll in last Sunday's terrorist bombing in an Algiers dance hall. There are 23 persons still hospitalized from the bombing, which ttt off a wave nf French rioting which in turn killed at least six Moslems. Colorado Weather I.ocal for 24 hours ending 8 a.m. Saturday; High. SO: low, 50. Precipitation: Public Service station, .70 of an inch; Sugar factory, .45 of an inch. Colorado--Cloudy uiih scattered and thunderstorms Russian Subs Egypt Bound Sat. u r d j V f S a t u r d a y night and Sun- B u c k l i n g of the bridge. McCoy d j y . coolfr s ,,. jrdiy . continued s a i d , w j caused by some u n d e r - eool Sunday; lo* S a t u r d a y night w a l r r a c t i o n . 30s moun ( aul ,, 40-55 lower elcva- O t h e r fin-M problems ccr.front. Uon| . ^ Sunday 55-70. ed McCoy in the is northwestern; KaMtr and Lnngmoat-Clntidy w h i ' h m a k e up his d n . , w l l h I c ,tu r f j ,howers and fevr l r ' r ! - 'thunderstorms Saturday, SaturBi: l":s h a v e been s w e p t d j y ri . h , ,.,, s ,, n d j v . coo i fr Sa '. ' K r hr:/) -"' " l f r K;k r ' v r f N a v y A-Test Holiday Said No Bar to Missile Work WASHINGTON JP - The Senate p a s s e d th* administration's The Atomic Energy Commission $.1,637.000,tW fnrei;n aid bill Fri- called off the test shortly before d ,y r .j s ht by a t h u m p i n g , biparti- Friday midnight after meteorolog- un mar;m. ical experts predicted t h a t radioactive fallout would be carried over the nearbr town of Alamo, Hitchhikes To Give Up LONDON ---A R r . : : - h s p o k e s m a n s a v s three Sov t ! v ' i h marines i ; h u d in t h e !.;h-h C h a n n e l 10 d a v s a ^ o nr-s- arc in the Mediterranean r n ro-j to Kgypt. He said t h e y may he t r a n s - Plans call for the shot lo he fired from a balloon anchored S/D , f e e t above the desert at 4:45 a m. JIP.D.T.) Sunday. Allot! and Carroll Back Shale Plant QUANTICO. Va. '.f -- Secretary of Defense Wilson said Saturday he does cot believe an International agreement to ban nuclear weapons tests would interfere with the May. Upper Missouri R i v e r Watershed -- Most arras will h a v e suf- f i c i e n t irrigation w a t e r . Iow'er Missouri R i v e r W a t e r - . . _ . . . . _ ihrd -- Heavy prrcipitathn had j completed i'. the testing of nuclear improved the situation w i t h low {weapons wj« halted. Irrigation demands and below n o r - j "I would thiak so," The secretary was atked at a news conference if he thlnki development of the intercontinental ballntic missile ( w h i c h could car- tenor Dept. money ry a hydro:rn w a r h e a d ) could r* thu measure has completed if the testing of nuclear acted on by the WILDWOOD. N. J. .r - R i c h a r d Breese. 22. learned there was a w a r r a n t out for him in connection w i t h the theft of an auto. Tfc( . , k( ., r , J . ) J r l d H w w : f [ w V ° i 0 " 1 *"" wlUl P" 1 '"' t w o mcxlern Ion: r a r he h i t c h h i k e d If") r.ilei from mil- 1 arfelphia to thi! ocean resort to ,T..j' n I ' g i v e himself up. He a r r i v e d Fri- \nnon , , ' ,, . u, 1 | " J ' ' n f i *' JI beld for ham F. Knovvland ( R - C a l i f l S l ! u r t ) j - c r u i h e j every a t t e m p t to cut the! f t .. program or tn hold it to one-year.; DCtlSOn MOVES The hill, w h i c h has et to clear IT · r the House, leric. notice on the |0 LOW6T jUQaf tree wcrld. a s w e l l a s R u s s i a , t h a t ' military a s s i s t a n c e and defense The roll call v o t e was 57-25. A oombir.ation of Republicans i n d Democrats steered by the two larty floor leaders, 1. Johnson (I)-Texl and r a i n n i: S H i g h w a y 40 w e s t of hl . h s , l u r d a v .Vea r i t u a l ? p r ; n c « . It has teen n c c e t i a r v t o r e p l a c e some piling. A 2 1 - h o u r w a t c h it being m a i n - t a i n e d on a bridge across the Gun- nnon R i v e r a t D e l t a . M r n a r e Tip r a p p i n g a n d c l e a r - t h a t t h e '" u r d a y ; continued cool Sunday; nd S u n d a y 53-60; low Saturday n i g h t 45-50. Southwestern Colorado: Cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms S a t u r d a y . S a t u r d a y nilht and Sunday; cooler Saturday; continued cool Sunday; hi^h subs ar..| t h e s m a l l e r e o a - t a l t \ f e a r e expected to r e a c h K:p'. .Monday. A u t h o r i t a t i v e n a v a l w o r k s n o w lrin! list no s u b m a r i n e s in Ervp'.'i i m a l l n a v y . N a v a l tnforrnar.ts s a i d t » o U S destroyers k e p t an r.n the m t h r t e Soviet S'lh. ftr it l e a - t a *' t ' part of t h e i r v o v a r e f r o m the R a l - r- tic to the M e d i t e r r a n e a n . "" U. S. t h e Y a m p a R i v e r . rirhri! near C r a i g S a t u r d a y in the 60s; low- Saturday H i g h w a y 40 follows n i r M w . ,,,,.,.,,... , n .,\ .i.i. D a c ( J U a || [$3560311 w h e r e ; high Sunday 55-70; Duran* go M-40-M. cu i lurc WASHINGTON jet -- Colorado support will continue for at least senators planned a double d r i t e two more y e a r s and that the U. " , Friday to obtain funds to assure »'U m a k e loans for economic de-l»- r j,i l y tn i n c reaie current sup- WASHINGTON f - The Agria new move to ruing s u g a r prices, acted maintenance of the shale oil H- .elopment abroad for a m i n i m u m Ipi,,, tn the domestic m a r k e t , perimental plant at Rifle, Colo, of three more ears. j | t rescinded an order requiring! Sent. AUott (R-Colo) and C a r - i It was a sweeping victory l o r ; some offshore areas to hold h a r k j STRATFORD On-Avnn. E n g l a n d roll (D-Colo) h a i e urged a Senate Preiident Eisenhower all d o w n - t h e j a part of their 1}J7 quotas ur.til| r -- Queen F.lmheih II a n d Pr.nce Appropriations Subcommittee to line But both Joh.tioa and Know- a f t e r Nov. I. ' Q u e e n Elirabelh II and Prince This action would permit these j Philip mingled in t h e J u n e t h r o n g s «HT» provide for the plant in the In- land made it clear they expect tenor Dept. money bill. A l t h o u g h . the f u n d s tn be cut in appropria ,, ·!· Or* M!.l I I M Rlr»; Illrtl.t. S1-^Pi#i1 P i t IM UT»!« I M T R K 4* i r t f . l E , IPM IT* tit-* 1 hr replied. mil temperatures combining to 1 adding thit "I say that without rnsuri a food water rear. ifettiri iota tht technical aspect!.* a r e a s to ship t h e i r full quotas to of A m e r i c a n t o u r u t s here F r i d a y , "^'. , yet been tioni measure w h i c h m u t t folow l thi, country any time they desire. They v i s i t e d Shakespeare's T. Apropria- later tn provide the a c t u a l funds! Under the rescinded order. Cuba birthplace an.1 the c h u r c h w a r d had been required to hold b a c k ! where hr ii bjried. then w e n t to UMIS Committee, it was reported to finance the spending. The for Friday that the subcommittee h i s | e i g n lid hill, an automations approved UpC.OOO for tht Rifle nrnure, simply teU culirjs on plant. lipeadinx. . ino.ono tons; Mexico, Peru aM the |the Shakespeare M e m o r i a l Thea- Dominican " leach, and Ha Regional Weather "IM-I i i Wyoming -- Cloudy Saturday, ·:,_· M i S a t u r d a y n i g h t and Sunday; scat"i ("Mil lrrt ^ showers and t h u n d c r s t o r m i south, widely scattered north; con"J^ '· J tmued cool: low Saturday ni;ht |j«. Kmi 20j mounts;.?.*, *0s lower eleva- » '" "i lions; high Sunday 50-65. ·«_·!· · New Mexico: Partly cloudy cast ."J"*,-,*-,* ""1 north, generally fair south- '.r't'""·« west Saturday afternoon. Saturday f night and Sunday; developing i scattered thundershowers east «.Tnr UP. rir- wlt |, possibly locally heavy thundershowers Saturday afternoon and night; widely scattered hut increasing afternoon and evening s h o w e r s northern mountains: cooler afternoons most of east portion; lightly cooler ncrthwest* Sunday; s o m e w h a t Av;ndy after- .« Tn.» ·"*"'« wnico, i rnj up i n r , i n e Anaiespeare J i e m o n a i inea- i., ,,,, r»rnipiix m IM rrfir i s u m i a y ; s o m e w n a t w;niy alter- Republic 18OttHtons j l e r for a matinee performance of 1 *" 1 -- "* "· i«»-i » ilnoons; hith Sunday fcostly 75-M iwaii JO.OOO tons. I-AI You Ukt If ,";'^ 1 1M ,,*,,., Tlnr""^"^-. i north, 90-100 south.

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