Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 15, 1955 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1955
Page 12
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TRIBUNE Thursday, Dec. 15, 1955 Ml Reauliful Area - Along Ihe low-' I where the wander. If^;"itrtam cuts * giant loop be- tinitB'-yitsrl'Tc'iias -ind Mexico, lies · v 'irilij ffratler'truth« few equals ·riuid lhe' l world. , -.- · ' . ' 'O«''the"...United 'States .side 'th, »r»«'U. : encio; (lie Big Bend X'Him«liP*r)i,' ; -dedicated formally _»!*.--_--·..-'- ·_!-_· ^'gjj there. · · A ' f l f t Texis"presented to. the ifctyqirlR'VM, the.Big".Rend pre- »«rvt. sow-? overs more than 1,10C ·' »4uire milts, : i ays Ike' National :'Society. It'is « starfc ely. beautiful 'region ol e'serta, casleilated-moun- ej,'jiir.eirdry carved boul- ''IMG-foot canyons thai d.rUy to the river's edge. Oc- · i.ioniliy.'flaiii' floods roar down «{»jp/irroydi · to overflow usually \ -~ ^- -" ~ · · · Out of'FIrt and W«1tr In (he harsh and armored coun- ry ot Big Bend the very plants bristle with' spikes and thorns, and horns' and stings protect many ot its animals and inseels. Fossilized remains of -sea lite, dinosaur · bones, petrified wood, cracked plains and lilted peaks lell of ancient eras when oceans drowned this land, earthquakes rocked it, volcanoes cmplcd and erosion began the slow process of sculpturing bizarre features that delight and amaze today's visitors. . * The Big Bend is next to the youngest of the national parks and still partly unexplored. Yet in 1535, nearly a c e n t u r y before the Plymouth landing, a Spanish ad venturer, Caheza dc Vaca, cross cd it. Later, Spaniards and Mexicans fought .the I n d i a n s of the Rio Grande loop, and when the American was young, its lonely valleys and remote mountain fastnesses made ideal hide-outs for hostile, tribesmen, bandits and ·cattle- rustlers on both sides of the · border. .Out of- i turbulent past have come' tall tales of pioneer prowess, legends of lost treasure anc Cattle ·aymg ^ ·"/:- _. .Phont :336 FREE! Give hpr a Hoover r a c u u m cleaner. I'll give you f. deluxe set o( attachments -- FREE -- vlla pu'rchasn ol M o d e I ' 3 Hoover." SEE--ED P E R R Y mi Repp'*, Tnc. · or Phone 1920 0 (Nlghti--4575) hidden mines th'*t may »omi diy cotne to llfihl. .Not long before t h e . Civil War, Ihe United Stales Cavalary tried i novel experiment, the Introduction ot camels to transport supplies through the arid Big Bend :ountry. -The idca.secmed promising until the traits' sharp stones cut" into tho beasts' footpads and' incapacitated them. · · 'Something f o r ' A l l . · A s a public park, Big-Bend has something for everyone) vacation- ist lo scientist. Open 'all year around, it spreads rock panoramas that can be read tike an open book hy trained'geologists. Wall-paintings and drawings preserved in dry eaves tell archcologists of prehistoric Indhn life. . · . For bird lovers the park holds rare specimens, such as the coli- ma warbler, aplomado falcon, and hooded oriole. Whilctail deer, fox, lizards, mountain lions, black bears, and the javelins, or wild hog. h.irely hint at the teeming wild life. Botanists delight in the desert's prickly pear with its yellow blossoms, the creamy Spanish dagger, the thorny, scarlet-flowered ocotilto. The weeping juniper of the Big Bend mountain slopes is found nowhere else in the United States. . : ' Development of the park, long delayed because of w a r ' a n d postwar problems, is now getting well under 'way. While cabin accommodations, are'still scanty, new tr«i!3 have, been opened, roads paved, and more camping and water facilities made available. To the heart of the primeval Big Bend land there has everij come lately one of civilization's greatest conveniences--telephone service that'links the outside world lo The Basin, in the Chisos (Phantom) Mountains. 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CX mcJdjrf flb«r glcm wfth 'r.d,cfiar(r«ne or black rfoodU . d«jigm on »r*n*ri.'' legi and w(cl.r brou fJatetl and lac- qutr.d. l ' SANTA'S SPECIAL RAINBOW RUG 2.39 Value 99c Mom will appreciate Ht mvfti- col ore tJ p al t e rru/ ^r e'mf orc« rJ loJored ' ildej" and knottsef frtnge. , Largo 2ix42' ihe. SMART MODERN TABU LAM^ .9.95 Value 7AS New aiiortetJ itylei.wHS ehino bniej ftraV.ed in wsw (rlplex. Braj plalcd wroujM iron Ifirrt, franJixeM sSatJes.' In whi)*, . chorlreuK or pinV Swfvel Rocker with Foam Robber · Has Hardwood Frame with Blond Fi.niih ':''' · Metallic Tweed Cover, Matching Plaific Trim (t rocks cmd swivels, has padded arms and head rest for your comfort. Sink into the soft foam rubber podded seatandrelax!Choosegreen,redor brown. See our complete selection of ROCKERS Sale Priced from 32.95 up. Modern Chest · for Her Linens 46.95 · A Thrilling Chriitmat Gift! · Lolt of Room for $af« Slorag*- · Hat Kandiame Lim.d Ook Finiih 4.89 Down SoJid cedar bottom and. 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