Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 10, 1962 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1962
Page 10
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For Cttrislmas TH£ $TOCKMAN Open F r i d a y N i g h t s "XE Moa., Bw. 10, 1962, World Briefs TEZPl'R. India iAP'-Rrtired| Cen. K. M. Cariappa told Teipuri citizens Sunday they should fight! and die in their homes if the Chi-i 'nese attack Cariappa 1st Army' 1 TM" 1 -TM? 11 'commander ai'.ei India achieved' * Stock Markef in Review By ED MCSSE (rally. Gains were clipped hack ter of 19B {rom iU current r«c -NE\V YORK -AP) - The stock]drastically long before the close ord level. lhis wwk s'"Hi-b«t itsjof that Wednesday session. The crisis rail; throushjmarket went nowhere on the two the town ! independence in Wl. thousands packed in square. "Everyone dies sometime, so die like a man." Cariappa said. "1 want every man. woman and India and 1 will stay here." BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) .Thailand plans to send 500 deadly cobras to Geneva. Switzerland, inext September for venom-ex : trading demonstrations during the International Ked Cross cen tennial celebration, the newspaper Bangkok World reported. MHike i 0 ' u ' m ' a TM process obviously was "TM (getting slower. j The week's rise was the smallest of the six. Hie list was beginning to show the confusing cross-currents typical of Dec-em- len Icflg-trrin prof- ing, and other transactions are DO characteristic of the approaching gains could be attributed to a re birth of confidence due to the so- ution of the Cuban crisis. In the week just past, sentiment was further bolstered by the fact that the Russians had begun taking their IL28 bombers out of Cuba. Other news was somewhat mix- Clear-cut gains were posted for ed. Price cuts were reported for he over-all market on only two of the five trading days. One of hese was a six-million-share vear end. The Dow Junes industrial average this week showed a modest ain of 2.80 ::t 652.10. Volume slipped to 23,901.000 shares from 27,509.910 the week K'fore. ix weeks, but it represented at east a temporary climax to the Yule Time Once Illegal Celebration of Christmas -- the he denominational controversy. most widely observed religious wliday of the modern world--was Delaware River on the night of it one time illegal in early Amer- December 25. 1776, to surprise nd defeat the Hessian troops Colonial ·elebrate Christmas, according researchers, because the stern Puritan colonists believed that s e e v e a ---~ ···* ·«··"'««« o^c cujvjuig such activities were wholly pagan tneir customary Christmas revels " J '" : '~ 1 '" -! "'" : " "" ----- ' WITHOUT JANUARY BILLS How would you like to buy exciting things for everyone on your list... and shop for the best values at any store in town . ., without even . thinking about store bills? If this sounds impos- . sible, then try a Shopper's Loan and see how ; much better it is to shop with HFC cash. Instead of juggling a pile of bills, you repay Household a small monthly amount. It also adds to your holiday peace of mind when you borrow confidently from the company that families have trusted since 1878. You, too, will find that at Household, the holiday spirit of understanding and helpfulness lasts throughout the year- year after year. ind forbade them by law. Christmas came to the American colonies while it was the subject of strenuous controversy in England. English Puritans con- -- demned it as "popish" and the 'he secular celebration as a "wanton Bacchanalian feast." Opposition of the English Puritans to festivals culminated in an Atk In about Credit Lift and DitabUity suranee on loans at gnup rate r£± 1 SIM 5M IfM 2M« 2500 MONT st Mwto $76.54 94.80 HIT f K\ X ttrmti $44.89 87.47 108.48 MINT 24 Hmb $5.90 28.54 53.18 103.99 129.15 HANS 12 fjMI $10.04 49.34 94.95 o, lioj ^rl ri KW^rf U..1M, MiiZ, »l ,,. ffStMZSlSSBi'SlS' JS$lSS-%??S!SX!l£ -**« lOUSJHOlD FINANCE 725 Ninth Street-PHONE: Elgin 2-W12 *mn: t:3D k 5.-30 *i, Tim, Wrt. * ftya-J.-M to I Fri. ALL HFC OFFICES OPEN SATURDAY MORNINGS PRECEDING CHRISTMAS week but the remaining days. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks this week rose 1.7 to 41.1. Some Wall Sueet analys served that the economic mentals have not changed in r ._ poit ion to the huge advance in ihe stock market during the past ion, Midwest expansion, a »5 million with these various elements in the ing with hi,brtSr ------condition, items for aluminum. Unemployment rose in November to a 1962 high the biggest vol'ume'day in Th7 government' estimated "that ·-- ·- ·-- : . . . . . . ? - spending on new plants and equipment will decline hi the first quar- New England did not stationed at Trenton, N.J. In the Christmas, according to opinion of one writer. Washing' act of Parliament in 1647 which abolished the observance of Christmas, Easter and Whitsuntide. This war echoed in the American colonies macted .·atch and patrols. However, denominational oppo- ition to the ecclesiastic obser- ·ance of Christmas continued into he second half of the nineteenth entury. An account in the New 'ork Daily Times for December 26, 1855 read: "The churches of the Preiby- in 1659 when Puritans a law in the general court of Massachusetts to punish those who "kept Christmas." The law read "Whosoever shall be found observing any such day as Christmas or the like, either by forebearing of labor, feasting, or in any other way . . . shall be subject to a fine of five shillings." The law was repealed in 1681 but many of the Puritans were not reconciled to this action. Secular reveling at Christmas had often interfered with religious devotions and offended the Puritans' moral sense. This intensified then- sectarian hostility to the religious observance of Christmas--an at- Jtude they maintained for the better part of two centuries Jarts of New England. The fun-loving Dutch colonists of New Amsterdam, however, celebrated Christmas as their chief holiday. They brought the old customs from their homeland, especially the Christmas stocking and observance of the feast day of St. Nicholas.' In the Southern colonies, · the planters celebrated tire yuletide with feasting, singing, and dancing. On many plantations slaves were given a holiday as long politics and religious controver sies became of less importanc troops celebrated Christmas d a - ing the Revolutionary War may General Washington crossed the "Out on Thin Ice CHICAGO AP - City firemen At the same time. Bethlehem r** 1 pect*tor!i put their head* to- Steel approved a tot million ex- """'"" him across the ice before, aod Pv'.aod wt farm income! lit had a chaoc* to bttak. ;«eet up by » per ceM in 1M1-42. Edward was taken to a hospital!In Japau the increase was 7 per |to warm up. jceot and in Yugwlarti mi Nor. jway 5 percent. Germany, Switz, pansion program in the Midwest. General Motors scheduled another gether Saturday to rescue _ frightened, wet boy from an island (uirounded by thic ice. The stranded lad - Edward g( Creel, 11. was as surprised as ported for November. The stock market, reckoning ioduj- anyone when he found himself a lagoon. traded this week. The stock market, reckoning with these various elements in the news as well as it* own inter: condition, produced 765 gainer* .. 560 losers, among 1,475 issues , traded this week. _ from the week with a sizable gain of 1»4. American ,U.N. Report I · § IUIVWI Farmers Earning i ceot t A ^_. . -T_ ! In m'61 ROME lAPi-Farmers earned more money last year than the Edward told polk* he w« nl.v toward told police be was play- he thought w i T i t a . . But, when be looked around, he u d news as well as iU own internal found I" 1 * wrong-way dash bad him Firemen tried to lay ladders on iuin ,ux.ome increases of 2 to 3 pe* In Canada. Australia. Spain and tugal the net incomes of farmers Jell from the previous year. . . . , ,_ v In the United States. FAO said, year before, the l : .N Food and Mt income from farming was es- 'imated at 51 billion more than ,. lia 19GO. di?s for i Anwnx the countries whwc and some-|farm income fell. Canada fared ·Iwwst. The fall was 24 per cent. V ° lume t ·" ------ ' 7 -- ' "' »""'·:" ""~5"' un larm incomes MI rito Austria Italy StaL F^ce G ' ' G "* ' the ice over the water which General Motors, the ttock with ' TM d 10 '«t deep hi the middle, the biggest capitalization of them Bul tbe ice wai too thin. .n o ,____ Th^, t byujafc, contribute , large tire inner tube, and « hud Telephone, whose stockholder "* produced this unorthodox res- family is thf most numerous, staged an upside breakout of a seven-month-old resistance barrier, climbing 3', to 1184. Douglas Aircraft was a casualty losing m on news thst its Sky-! toll missile may be discarded. 1 Volatine Polaroid climbed 10'». Standard Oil (New Jersey) advanced 1H as it and some' other leading oils responded to investment demand. The five most active issues this cuer Firemen hurled « thin line to Edward, who used k to haul over the inflated inner tube attached to t rope. The boy mount- td the tub* as if it were a sl«d- md a few yanki from shor MIRRORS Moke WMfcrhrf Christmas Gifts' Smirt, New Decorating Ideal · ------ -- ---- ..... - - , . .~..». iuc me niu^t, active ISSUr 5 UllS on's bold venture succeeded be- week on the New York Stock Ex- ause the Hessians w change were: Chrysler, up m at 72i, on 327 - nd failed to maintain the usual TOO shares; Martin-Marietta up -' ·-- " · ·- · ' erians, Baptists, and Methodists were not open on Dec. 25 except ·here some Mission Schools had celebration. They do not accept he day as a Holy One, but the Episcopalian, Catholic and German Churches were all open. In- iide they were decked with evergreens." In the twentieth century, all denominations have e m b r a c e d Christmas widely both as a re- igkms and as a social celebration. Today, men, women and children n every Christian land crowd into churches to give their thanks. More than one fourth of the world's population-about 800 mil- ion people profess some form of Christian faith. The splendor and beauty of very Christmas observances is »,,» different from the humble stable n Bethlehem where Jesus, the -hrist was born: but the message He brought to the world is the same-"Glory be to God in the lighest; and on earth, good will oward men." Ted Kennedy Denies Want Of Position the great yule log burned. The latter half of the eighteenth centui-y saw a swing of attention "~T. '-i-" 10 -""may mai re is to the realm of economics and seek "^ a position on the Foreign politics and religious controver- al ; ons Committee WASHINGTON (AP) - Edward . lied) Kennedy, D-Mass., nied reports Sunday that re is fresnma " senator seldom sies became of less importance . resnma " senator seldom K The fact that English and Hessian '," vll ! d lo sit on tne important troops celebrated Chr - "" 0 '? 11 Relations Committee bul OFF 20% · Camping Equipment Stoves Gas Lanterns Heaters Electric Lanterns Ice Chests Sleeping Bags Canteens Camp Slools Axes Accessories · Picnic Supplies Baskets Blankets Jugs Grills Bottles Many other items · Stanley Tools 40% OFF Picnic Baskets Picnic Dishes Outdoor Furniture · Chair Covers Circle Campaign · Chair Pads · Drill Kits 25% OFF * Black Decker Tools iign Relations Committee, bul there have been reports that km ,* nedy. brother of the President expected to be named a member This is completely untrue," he said in a teltvision interview "I'v great deal of admiration and re spect lor the role that the cum mitlee has played and is playing in the United States Senate -- tin senior members of the Senate whi arc on thecommiltce. I hop.esll feel that there are so many ped pie in the United Stales SeJiau. whose experience, knowledge am understanding of the problems dealing with foreign affairs, lha they should serve on the commit lee. I feel very strongly aho this." Drills Attachments Sanders Hole Saws Jig Saws Saw Blades Sandpaper and All Accessories 50% OFF · Delta Tool Accessories · Barbecue Tools · Knife Sharpeners · Chair Cushions · Work Gloves Greeley Tent Awning Co. fit tth Av«. Just A Shade Bctttr Phont 352-0253 MEXICO CITY (API - Airpo, runways at the Pacific coast re sort of Acapulco will be enlarge to accommodate jet airliners, th Ministry of Communications ' a m Transportation announced. HOME (AP) -. Smog is threat cnmg Home's famed timbrell, pines, tree doctors reported The said a blight, caused by exhaus fumes forming a resinous coatin (in Ihe needles, is lurnini; tree brown anil killing some. The tre (loctois apiilifd sprays and pin ic bandages. LONDON 'API - n raw! be, ·lends are a status symbol urnon many Africans, ihe hulustri. p'ews Service said. It noted th« one ni.'iiiuf.-ii'tuxT sold more tha 40.00(1 hniss knobs for beds ' \friran NOW! in Greeley-Authorized K l r b y Salcund Servlcel K i r S y Co. of N o r t h « r n Colo. «i2 28ih A f f . J52-78H at 23; General Motors, up 87?i; Litton Industries, up 4H W^i; and Korvette, up 14, at 2 TIN BUILDINGS For Silt it Birgiln Pricti. To Bi Moved 100 Ft. x 50 Ft. 100 Kt. i 75 Ft. GOLD'S J U N K HOUSE »17 6th Avenue 352-2045, Diyi 353-0950, E v c n i n g i DOOR MIRROR Complete with plastic hanging clips. Ideal tor Any Room REG. $8.95 Our stock is huge - more than 40,000 from which to choose for Christmas giving! LAY IT AWAY NOW at Ritchey's Toy and Hobby Shop 829 8th st - Phone 352-5228 Across The Street From Pennev's Qu««n Ann* Oouble-Ficed .Make-Up MIRRORS Hanil- iX-coratcd FINEST QUALITY Plate Glass M I R R O R S 18x26-in... 24x36-in... 16*48-!n... 30x40-in.. '8.68 '14.76 '16.41 '21.13 '24.95 COOK'S PAINTS 929 9th Ave. 3r,M..tx.-,n 1 Basements Service Trenches Subdivision Work Is Our Specialty · i mpire xcavation Excavating f o r . . . Septic Tanks Irrigation Ditch Cleaning Any Time Day or Night George W, Hail 353-1889 We have the finest, most modern high speed equipment,

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