Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 17, 1969 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1969
Page 18
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IS Friday, Oct. 17] 1'UHUO NOTICR Public Nulte.y IK luTfby ., .·that on the 14th day of October, l!»ti!t, by an Order of t h e C o u n t y i Court «f Weld County, SUt ol Colorado, in Civil Action No. U6P, the name of STKWAKT "\V A U It K X MAGXUSON W U B ch*n K ed to STKWAKT W A R K K N CKOSS, mid In itccurdance w i t h such Order this Notice IK given. ..MAX1NK JOHNSON I'lerh of the County Court Hy: : Aliirla A. Armljo D e p u t y Clork of th Weld C o u n t y Cour Thomas A. R i c h a r d s o n . A t t o r n e y P22 1 '- in.h A v e n u e V-ireeley. Colorado The Greeley Paily T r i b u n e , October 17. IS. 2u, 196I. PUBLIC NOTICES , Your Right to Know ;v-« , i ' t h o fi^fliO'V nrrr" 1 * ,!'*· r rtycj ft] · % \ii yd envftrvr , itvns ip bf info r "'Ptl. A p u b l i c h e a r i n g on Jjuid Cont r o l Coili'P f o r tho Town "\Vindf--or will ltf held at I bo M " l n d s t » r blgh pchool C H f e t o r l u n i Thursday, October 23, 1969, H! 7:.'tO ]i.rn. Copies of t h e codes will IK* * v ; t H i t l i l f for s t u d y ill th H a l l .ind W i n d s o r Public brnry. W i n d s o r P l a n n i n g Commission Tho (.ireeley Daily Tribiinu October 10. 17, lyfiS. JVOTICK Ol' 1 F I I , I \ ( J OF AI'I'IiI- C,ITIO,\ FOR ISMIA.\JHJ or IjlUl'l.NSE TO I.OAX SIONBV I\ A.HOll.NTJi OVK1I *t,fi(N).00 TO ALL TUB PROPM3 OK STATIC OP COJ-OUADO: Please t a k e notice (lint LIBERTY LOAN C O R P O R A T I O N OF AVHLD of (irenlry, Colorado, haa a p p l i e d lo I h R S t n t c Uank Comm i s s i o n e r of the. S l a t e of Coln- r u d o for a llre.nFn lo engage in t h e business of m a k i n g loans of money over fl.BOO.OO, p u r s u a n t to C h a p t e r 73, A r t i c l e 2,Colorado H t i i - t u t e s A n n o t a t e d 1363, an a m e n d ed. i?Hiil business Is proponed to b« conducted ill 370,1 Went lOib Street. Greelcy, Colorado. Protest may bo made by any person to thti I s s u i n g of Mich llcenoo by f i l i i i K snnitj In w r i t i n g : w i t h t h e Slate H a n k Commissioner w i t h i n seven ( 7 ) days a f t e r tho dato of ],i^t p u b l i c i u i o n of this notice as Indicated below. H A R R Y BLOOM Stale H a n k Commissioner .Slate of Colorado The Grecley Daily Trlbun* October 3. 10. 17. 1S61) JVOTICK OP FILIffG OP A f - I'l.lCATION FOR IHSHANCFJ OK LIC10NSK. TO 1-OAX JHIINlilV IX A.MOIJ\TS *i,r.w.m i TO ALL TII13 PEOPLE OF STATM OP COLORADO: PlORRC t»ho notice t h a t Aetn F i n a n c e Com puny of Or««l«y o 700 Sth Avtmue, Greeley, Colo r;ido lias u n p l f e d to tbo slM B*nk Commissioner of tho Stat *.f Colomdo for a l l r e n s o to on pajcn in the busincsi of inaklnc JUHIIS of. money u v w r $1,500.00 p u r s u a n t to Chapter 71, Article " Colorado S t a t u t e s Aniiolati-i l^G.1, as amended, tiftld buslnen I.-= p r n n o s f d to be conduotel n, TOO 8ih Avenue, G r e f l f y . Colo rudo. Protest may bo mad a b; any person to t h e I s s u i n g o Piich l i u c n s n by f i l i n g samn li w r i t i i i K ' w i t h tho StMc lUnk Cuinmisslonflr w i t h i n ·even (7, days n f t r r t h e d a t e of last pub- l i c a t i o n of t h t i notice Hi Indicated below. H A R R Y BLOOM 1 Suite Bank Commissioner S t a t e of Colorado Th* ttreoley Dally T r l b u n * October 17, 2«, 31, 196» XOTICIO or FJ.VAI, .SK'ITU'IMKNT NO. p-nor. i a l e of V I C T O R I A A. A N D t t l l SON (DecciLjicil) iVollee. IN hereby clvori that 1 have filed my f i n a l report lu t h n n i s i r l i - l Court tif Weld C o u n t y , ('oloratio, and t h a t any person d e f t i r l n u r In object to the n a m e shall f i l e w r i t t e n objection w i t h t h e »satrt court on or before N o v ember 21, I flfifl. Pellmnoro E. A n d o r n o n KxiMMilor uf Kitltl JOstutc C l a y 71. Apple A t t o r n e y T h o f l r e o l e y D a l l y T r i b u n e . October 17, '24, 31, November 7, I ' l t l l l . I C XOTICK Public. N o t i c e is hereby R i v e n t h a t on tho 1 4 t h day of October, '""{I. by iin Order of t l i e C o u n t * i r t of U'plil C m i n t y . Stntc of Colorado, In Civil Ar.tlon No 4870 the n a m e of STKPH13N T H K O R K AIAC1NMJRON \vn« chnniu'd S T K 1* I f E N T1JT3ODOIIK CROSS, n n d I n accordance w i t h such Order t h i n N o t i c e In K!VP 3IAX1NH JOHNSON Clerk nf t h e AVold C o u n t y Court J f y : A l n r l a A . A r m l j o D e p u t y Clerk n f t h u C o u n t y Court Or«elfy D a l l v Trllninc oner 17. 18, 2(1, l!l(i!i. K u l a t u No. of .LAURA H. SIII5P- T1IK CITr OP RRISISLKY, COLORADO OIiniNANCM HO. __ , 1M_ N ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING AND KiOTTlNG THB WILL L U V Y 01-' 16 MILLS FOR THlil C 1 T Y OF GREKLEIV COLOR A D O . FOR Tlllfl TAX YEAR Bl-JGLN'NINt; JANUARY 1. 1970. W U J i l l K A H , by v i r t u e of tlie provisions contnlnod in tho Groc-i ley Charter, Sections H-U and ft-'U of tbn City of Grceley, Colorado, the City Council Is r c q u l r n d i n se.1 a lax levy and said lovy Is t o be rntabllahed by an ordl- nnnce. nml, WIHOKIOAS, the C i t y M a n n f t c r lias .·iiihiiilUed to the City Coun- r l t "f Orpeloy. Colorado, a proposed bud^flt In nccordauco 'with Section fi-n of t h e (Jrccley C h a r - i \ V l l K U K A K , t h o City Council ot I'Jrreley, Colorado, on October 7, IIIOP, held a, p u b l i c h e a r i n g In acL-onlancn with Section 6-13 u f t b n d r c e l e y C h u r t e r , «ud, W H I ^ H K A S . The CHy :ouncll of iirefiley, Colorado, on October 14, liifii', established and sot the m i l l levy, In a d d i t i o n to th · n lea l a x levy. NOW. THISRKKOH1-:. HH IT O R P A I N K n RY THIi! CITY ( ' O l ' N C I L OF U R K R L K Y . COLOR A D O : .Section 1. That there Is hereby rslahllsluMl and net n m i l l l o v y of 15 mills for the C i t y of Gree ley. Colorado, for t h e yi-nr be K i n n h i R J a n u n r y 1, I!i70, nn re- u u l v o d by Section Ei-H of the Grceley Charter. Sen Inn \i. That the City Clrrk Is i n s t r u c t e d to c e r t i f y snld mill J r v v t o t h e County Ciunmi«slon- ers nf "Weld C o u n t y as by \nv, r e q u i r e d . Section 3. That an emergency e x i s l s as the m i l l levy m u s t t« Kd c e r t i f i e d and this Ordinance j* si* adopted for tho I m i u c d l a t A prcserval(oi\ or protect Ion of p u b l i c health, property uml a a f w ^ Sect Ion 4. That In accordance w i t h Section 3-3 6 of tho Greel«y Clmrter. this Ordinance shall t a k e effect f i v e (6) dnyi after ion n u k i n g for u jinllclul ascer- ai union I and ( l u t c f i n i n a t i o i i of ho heirs of such dcceufiod, and e t t i n g f u r l l i U n i t t b u minu'H, iid-^s and reliitlun.sliiiKS t u do- MiMi-d of all IH.THOHS who arc or . H i m to lin b c i r w of Haiti do- aKtid, HO far JIM k n o w n to t h e KJtllloner, nru uu fnllow«. t o - w f t R u l It K ICuuHllnir. 1321 Tlh J t r o n t , Gruuk-y, Colorado SOGIU, ntir. You arc hereby n o t i f i e d to ap- ear and answer t h e pe. lit Ion v l t h l n t w e n t y days a f t e r service if t h l K n o l i c t i on you ( i f H r r v n d iy p u l i l l c n t l o n w i t h i n t w o n t y IH.VH iifUM- tho la«t publlcutlon if Una n o t i c e ) and In d e f a u l t of n niiH\vi!i' or itiipcaranco the J o u r L will proceed to receive and pronf.s c i i n o e r n l r i K t h o liclra i K I G N K J ) AND APrROVED, b the C i t y Council of Grceley, Colorado, this ---- day of-- ..... -- . i y " T H H CITY OF Y, COLORADO Jlayor C i t y Clerk The G r e u l p y Dally T r i b u n e October 17, 1969 HI-SOLUTION W H K R K A S , by resolution* A d o p t e d on September 13, 11*bS, mid J a n u a r y 10. 3969, the Board cif Directors "f N o r t h e r n Colorado W a t e r Conservancy Din- trie t appropriated for e x p e n d i - t u r e ilurhiB fiscal 19GS-1P69. an npprepiite sum o£ Il.lfl8.o6o.00 fi.r t l i o purposes Bet forth those resolutions; and W H E R K A S , on March 5, 1963. the p u m u i n K «'f w a t e r f r o m Flatiron to Carter Lake Reservoir was c-eiised l i p r a u a c of n frac- t w r e in llm barrel of Carter -- . - . I ' r f s s u r e T u n n e l a n d r e j m l r i h f r c o f was m a n d a t o r y to p e r m i t f u r t h e r use of said T r e n s u r t T u n n e l ; and W H K K I C A S . t h e oost of repairs t o Carter Lake Treasure T u n n e l ic F h i i r c d p i n i a l l y by l l i i s D i s t r i c t nnd HIP U n i t e d States of A m e r - ica in accordance w i t h t h e term* of C o n t r a c t ilr-1051, Supplement No L' bet ween tbn said parties; NOW. THEREFORE, HE IT J1ESOLVED. th*t the Bo»rd _ Directors of N o r t h e r n Colorado W a t e r Conservancy District f i n d s itnd d e t e r m i n e s t h a t the item set f o r t h Is a 4-ontinK«ney which u n f o r e s e e n at the t l m a of I K R H nine k n o w n us L.AUKA S H U I ' H K l l l J . J)«coiiHod. Notice IH hereby given tliat we lavo filed our final roprirt in the i K l r l u t Court of Weld C o u n t y , ,'olorado, ninl t h a t any peruo'ii lecirliiK lo object to tlio anmo i n i i i l f l l o w r i t t e n objection with be mild c o u r t on or before No ·ember 3, 19G9. .Jennie 1'. Slioplierd J u l i n Karl Slicphord l o u t c h o n H , H u u l c h o n s Dooloy U l o r n o y a 1(107 J l t l i Avenue, Oreeley, Colo. Tlie Oraclev Daily T r l h u n e Suptcniber 2G, Out. 3, 10, J7, 19Gfl ]2xeculorH of s n i d ' K n t a t o DISPLAY W I N N E R - The second grade class at Brentwood Elementary was one of six winners in the State Farm Fire Prevention bulletin board contest. The teachers are Al Schmidt and Ula Fry. The youngster, who helped prepare the display, is Greg Lilienlhal. (Stale Farm photo) President of Kresge Company Will Attend K Mart Opening MJTICH OP i^ir^iivn OP I'K'i'i'i'ioA' FOR iii; r i'i.;un- I.\ATKI.\ or n n i K s i m In Hie lU(rlc( Court STATlfl 01^ COI.OJtAOO ) COUNTV OF W E L D ) KS ' IN THI-! SIATT1311 OP TIII-J) KSTATIO O P M A H I K I C K A S - ) I J N ( J . iika iMiirio L. K c H H l i i i K j T1UO PHOPMO OF OK COLORADO: TIIID STATK I ^ All i'orHons 1 n t c r e a t e d , TAK10 NOTICH t h a t t h e r e han liccil rilRd 111 Miil liutl- if Hiinh lei;o»Hi;d and enter rec d e t e r m i n i n g ^'M" u r n t h e .plrf of K U c l i dcceii.'if'd ppr.'ion. Da I eii a t ; reeley, Colnnido, h l w 7th day of October, liicy. M . i l - v .1. I ' n m i c l l · M e r l e nf the D i s t r i c t C o u r t I t y H n i i i m J. 1'uwell D c i n i t y (.Merit K K A L ) 'h« Ciroi'loy D a l l y T r l h u n o )i!tnhir in, 17, ^-1. 31. HMi!i Harry B. Cunningham, chair man of the board of director and president for the S. S iresge Co., will attend the open ng of the new K mart store lere. He is the originator o he K mart idea. Cunningham, a native of Horn Camp, Penn., left college after completing his sophomore year at Miami University in Oxford Ohio, to accept job as a daily newspaper reporter in Harris burg, Pcnn. In 1928, he enterec Kresge's management training program, starling as a slockboy in a store in Lynchburg, Va. Cunningham became a slore manager in 1310, a district manager in 1947, assistant sales cli ·cclor in 1951, sales director in 9M, a director in 195G, eral vice-president in 1957, and vas elected to the two top posts of president and chief executive officer in 195!). He was elected chairman of Ihe hoard in May, 1907. Cunningham joined Kresge's ixeculives in January, 1951, as sales director when sales were 5337,000,000 and there were 715 ariety stores. Cunningham was elected a director ot the com)any in 195C. He was 49 years old and had bcon with the com- any 28 years. In 19G1, he was responsible for aunching a new retail division, Ismail discount slores called Ju- litcrs. In 1962, Cunningham opened the first K marl in a JCA'l'ION iroit I S S i r A . N C H Of! U10.\M] TO LOAN JHOMJV JN A M O U N T S UVi:il »1,5(HI.UO ALL T I I H O STATIC OP COLORADO: 1 Men UK tiiko n o t l c n t h a t Flrwt _. ,,,, , ,, n d n s i r l n l U m n . Company^ of Hfll'dcy Of PlUC, They alSO C3H- cd on Mr. nnd Mrs. Lloyd applied to tho Ptnlu liuilc t:m!itnlsiliM«r of tho .State tf Colonido for a l l r o n H n to (Mi- ZHKP in tin* huHlao:i» of m a l t i n g onus of inoiii'V ovor n.riOll.Ull, nii-Hiiiiiit to Oliiipti-r 7.1. Arllchi !. Colorado K l i i l u t i - s A n n o t a t e d :ifi:, I I H I I M U H I l t t ' d . . S l l l d h!IShUNS .s propound to he c o n d u c t e d at S l f i Sill A v e n i l r . fjrorley, Colo- rjido. I'l'otest may he made Ity any Ill Ihe lluillllf; of nnell hy f l l h i R jfiinie In w r i t i n g w i t h t h e Slam H u n k Coinmlspion- T \ v l t l i i n seven (7) lay« a f t e r lie d a l e of last lnihlleKtloa of his nolli'e n« iiidlr.nleil helow. I I A R I I Y I1UJO.M .Stale JJiiulc roinintsslonor Sluto of Colorado The Orel-ley Dally T r l h n n o li'tnlier 10. 17. i4, 1!H!I VOTICM OP FHil.\« OF AI 1 - K^ATIOiV FOIL I S S U A N C E Ol ni-3\SP3 TO 1M\JS MONIQV IN AMOUNTS OVKR 9ftl.KWI.00 TO ALL TI11C PKOPLK OV 5TATK OF COI.OKADO: Plenso take notice t h a t fi.A.C, M n a n c « Corporation of Ureelcy, if Oreeloy, Colorado h n « pplled to tho Stale Bnnk ,'ommlasloner of tlie stale if Colorado for u license to u n - raKQ in tho business of malting oaiiH of m o n n y over $1,600,00, lursuant to Chapter 73, A r t i c l e Colorado S t a t u t e s A n n o t a t e d !)G,i, us amended. Said business a proposed to bo conducted nt fi-tfi Stli v A v e n u e . Greeley, Colorado. J'rotent may be made b" ju'rstiii · to tlie Issuing o well license by f i l i n g aaino in v r l i h i f r w i t h t h e S t n t o I t n n k Ciunmlssioncr w i t h i n seven (7) lays a f t e r the d a t o of last n u b i c a t i o n of t i l l s n u t i c o as I n d l ·tiled below. H A R R Y BLOOM S t a t e J S n n k c.'nmndssloner SUitt! of I'olonnlo rhf H r e c l e y D n i l y T r i b u n e i c t n l i c r :!. It', I T . IK'.' ) ) KS, XOT1CI3 O Oil SKI/.UHK In t h r r m i n l y * : » STATIC OK COLORADO COUXTV OK 1 A R A P A H O K ) .1. A. M. INC., u Colorado) ,'orporatlon, P l a i n t i f f De,,',,,, Carr . . . By MRS. W. D. CHADWICK CARR -- Wednesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Thomas were Mr. and Mrs. Rollan on Tliomas. Mrs. Randall Vales, assisted by Mrs. Art Edeburn, entertained the Ladies Aid Society Wednesday afternoon al Ihe Vales home. A dessert was served by the hostesses to the len members present. Mrs. Russell Cook, Eenee and David, were gucsls. Mrs. Dean Reinheimer, president, opened the business meeting by reading a poem. Routine business was taken care of and Mrs. C. A. Hiitchinson was appointed lo see about a Christmas gift for a patienl at a nursing home. Election of officers was announced for the next meeling, which will be with Mrs. Willis Chadwick, assisted by Mrs. Leonard Chadwick. Mrs. Harry N. Moore led Ilic study for (lie afternoon, which concluded the group's study on the book of Mark. She read a poem entitle^ "My Place." Mrs. Reinheimer closed with prayer. Friends from Plankintnn. S.D;, guests of the H. B. Cunningham iiiburb of Detroit, Mich., which las brought the total of K marts o 281 stores as of March 27, !)09; and 60 K marts a year are planned for the next two pears; During Cunningham's service n Kresge's top execulive posl ales have risen to $1,731,5G2,OOE ind stores have increased lo 190 stores of three separate ypes; K mart stores, Jupitei lores and Kresge stores, located in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, and in May ol %!) in Australia. In January, 1968, Cunningham vas. elected chairman of the loard of K mart, Australia, Lid People | In the News LOS ANGELES (AP) - Stripper Tempest Storm won a di vorce Thursday from singei Herb Jeffries, whom she charged with extreme cruelty. Miss Storm told the judge "having two stars in one family" had led to jealousy. She was granted $50 a month for support of their daughter. Patricia, 6. LONDON (AP) -- A Bealles spokesman said Thursday thai Yoko Onp, wife of John Lennon, had a miscarriage. Miss Ono, a 34-year-old Japanese artist, also lost her first baby by Lennon last November, when she was six months pregnant. She went to a hospital last week. Lennon and Miss Ono were married in Gibraltar last March. were overnight Lloyd Thomas family. They were Mr. ant! Mrs. Hex Miller, Mike and Susan. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Horton brought cake and coffee to Mrs. Hazel Slater Thursday afternoon in honor of her birthday. Weekend guests of Mrs. Slater were Christine and Elena Batman of Greelcy. Two Can* area girls partici- " in the Homecoming Queen - o r o - , the ssiii iny or Man-ii. A.v. Contest at Highland High School a w r i t of l^xPOUtlon il out of this Court ill . . . 9flil, a w r i t of l ^ x P O U t l o n W i l a l - .1 ,, it.nnL-nnrl T \ T i p p rec't-. o v c i llie WCCKenD. A11SS wa. i m f o r e R e o n at the t l m o or i s ,i,,.,| out of t h i s Court illrec't- "-' ""· in-mi-iiu. miaa i.unui a d o p t i o n of the appropriation n K the Sheriff if the f n u n t y i L a W S O n Was CrOWIlcd qilCOn at res.,lmion» .f SB|it« 13. ISC!, of Weld. K t n t e of Co oriulo. to ^ r..:j... of f i s c a l year 196S- J j!i-: rr FURTHKR RESOLVED In accordance w i t h the terms of t h a t c e r t a i n contract I l r - 1 0 5 1 and the Supplements t h e r e t o het w c r n t h t J District « n d t h e V n i l e d Stites of America, any r e v e n u e s In excess of th^ sum (1) f l.lM.CiOO.OO appropriated l y resolutions of September 1.1. 1S6*. and J a n u a r y Hi. 15SS. and i ( 2 ) Sfl.fjOO.OO a p p r o p r i a t e d I n t h i s r e s o l u t i o n s h a l l V6 t r a n s f e r r e d to and depos- i t e d in the escrow ac- r o t i n t r e q u i r e d bv said c o n t r a c t nnd Supplements. CKP-TTPIfATE T T^. V. 1'hlppn, do hereby eer- t l f v lha'. tni- x h u v e Is a 1ru«- mn'l correct copy of s l{««olut!on unanlmou»!y adopted hy the Xinnl "f I n r c c t o r s of the K o r t h - ern Colorado W a t e r ( V j n s e r v R n c y I H - t r l r t H I a r e g u l a r m e c l l n i r 1 t-Mii Hoiird h e l d ill l.o \ e l i t n d Colorado, on October 10. 1SC9. ' K. F. Phl,lp«. - A c t i n / r ^ e c t e t a r y Greeley TVaily T r i b u n e Octih«r 17, U6S { n oil p r o p u r l y : WnKOS f r o m K l l c c n f e r t y , d / h / u Ijiifferty Moving: ;uid StorftRe, M 7 K i t h S t r e e t . (Jreelcy, Colorado. Now, Therefore. You. A l l e n .Mnnninc. the. said defendant ta:te notice, t h a t \ v i t l i l n ten (lays from the dale, of net-vice hereof if served u - I t h l n t i l l s *tale. o if served by p i i b l i c n t l i m w i t h in t e n days a f t e r service, h e r e o f i-.\ehifllve of the day nf s.'rvire vnu may inako u n d f i l e \ \ i l h 1h (7lc-rk of the a o o v e e n t i t l e d Court a w r i t t e n claim of any exempt i o n w h i c h y o u m a y have u n d e r Ihe s t a t u t e s of the Slate of Colorado: and in easy of y o u r f a l l i r e t o mafce a n d f i l e N n c h w r i t I'-n '-Ifcini of e x e m p t i o n M-ilh the Clerk of said Court you shall deemed t o h;i\(.' w a i v i d J o t c l i t "f c x e m p l l o n u n d e r 111 'Wllness, I t l C I I A l U ) I'. MAI!- TIN1-V,. S h e r i f f of sal.I U'.-l.l ' o u n t y , Colorado, t i l l s I S i h ,l;iy .f . I n h e A 1 r ( i-:i I : i . h i i i . i r. M . i i M i n - 1 S h e r i f f Hy W i l l i a m K. A l l m c r H i - p i l t v SIK-nff The O r e e l e y ( j a i l y T r l t . i i n e ·· «. '· i . - , ' : : . :J, n. I T . i f . l i e s H. D. Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard White and Mrs. Willis Chadwick visited Mr. Chadwick at Poiidre Valley Memorial Hos-: pita! Sunday afternoon. He was LONDON (AP) -- Queen Elizabeth's household manager has called in a private contractor to empty Ihe ^ garbage bins al Buckingham Palace. The public garbage men known in Britain as dustmen, have been on strike in the borough for nearly four weeks, seeking higher pay. A palace spokesman said the private contractor was hirec "because of a definite health hazard." LOS ANGELES (AP) - Movie producer Sam Goldwyn has asked Superior Court lo appoinl his wife Frances conservator of his $19:7 million estate because of his advancing age and illness. He is 87. In the petition filed Thursday he also asked that his wife be granted power to conduct the operations of Samuel Goldwyn released Monday afternoon, Productions. ^^**^*** DAILY AT THE GARDEN KETGHEN RESTAURANT Mortuary Offers Film Concerning Child Molesting Ross Adamson announced that Adamson Mortuary is making available to inlerested adult groups in the area a public service film dealing wilh Ihe ever-present problem of child moleslalion. ' He said that the 16 mm. sound- and-color film entitled "The Child Molester" stresses Ihe importance of adults alerting -- without alarming -- children between the ages of four and 14 to the dangers of molestation. It also reveals how an education program can be successfully and safely taught to the children of a communily. The film was produced by the Highway Safety Foundation of Mansfield, Ohio, in conjunction with the Ohio State Police. Us- ng professional actors, the'film depicts an actual child moles- lalion crime. The case hislory was taken from Ohio police files. Adamson Morluary is making Hie film available for showing o church, school and civic groups in conjunction with his distribution of "This Is Your Secret" booklets to area young- McCormack Suspends Aide After Alleged Stock Tie-Up The "Secret" booklet is designed lo appeal lo children, and is wrillen in a language and at a level they can easily comprehend. Colorfully illustral- cd, "Secrel" helps prepare children for Ihe hours: they must spend away from home by show- ng them how to tell "good" eople from "bad" people. A distribution program of these booklets is being carried out currently by Adamson Mortuary. Adamson said that reservations are now being accepted for a showing of "The Child Molester" film. There is no charge for this public service, he said, and representatives of interesled local adult groups may call Adamson Morluary for more informalion. Business Corner Attend Seminar Mr. and Mrs. Lew Dakan, Bonnie Getlinger and Vivian Jooper recenlly relumed from an extensive three-day sales seminar held in Phoenix, Ariz, jy i'iguretles, Inc., a manufac- urer of bras, girdles and sleep- gowns. Eight hundred sales counse- ors from the intermountain vest, togelher with others scat- fired from Hawaii to the eastern seaboard, met to hear company leaders and top sales producers speak. Del Remme, vice jrcsident and general manager n charge of sales, projected a heallhy Mure for the company. By RICHARD L. LYONS and JAN NUGENT The Washington Post WASHINGTON - . Hpui Speaker John W. McCormai suspended his top assistat Martin . Sweig, Thursday nig after learning that Sweig alle edly arranged a meeting la May at which. Securities an Exchange officials were aske to lift a ban on the sale of Pa vin Dohrmann Co. stock. ' The incident came to ligl when the SEC filed a in New York Federal Cou Thursday ' alleging t raudulei activities by a group of Parv Dohrmann stockholders in gai ing control of the company la year and asking that they b enjoined from further allege securities violations. The complaint said that aft the SEC ordered a halt in sal of Parvin Dohrmann slock la May 5, the company retaine Nathan Voloshen to try lo a range a meeting to get the o der lifted. The complaint als said thai a meeling was a ranged the next day by Sweig identified only as "an admim tralive assislant to a congres ian." Sweig, 46, is McCormack administralive assistanl an has been on his staff for 2 years. McCormack said Vol shen, who lives in New York has been a friend for year Voloshen has often been see ... the speaker's office an lunched frequently with McCo mack . The complaint said Parvi Dohrmann paid Voloshen $50 000 for his help. The SEC sus pension was lifted a week late McCormack said Sweig ac Weld County Real Estate Transfers Document fees listed are at the rate of one cent per $100 of the s e l l i n g price. Property s e l l i n g for less t h a n $500 Is exempt. October 14 Willard S. and Wanda ' acquol lo Edward and Iren . Ruiz, Lot C, Block 6, Cran )rd Addition to the City o reeley, DF $1.90. Edward and Irene H. Rut i Lillian R. Riggs, Lot 6 lock G, Cranford Addition t lie City of Greeley, DF $2.40. Mary Kay Hinshaw to Jac . and Jo Ann Schreiber, Lo Block 2, Epple's Subdivision ity of Greelcy, DF $.58. Dorothy J. Wahley to Donal ,. and Marlys M. Laue, Lot 11 lock 5, Brentwood Park, Cit f Greeley, DF $2.05. Leslie H. Schneider lo Lesli . and Elsie L. Schneider, par f Ihe NEVi of Sec. 5, T 1 N 68 W, DF $2.50. Kenneth Watson and Thelm Jackson to J. Annette Men el, the S',4 of the SWA of Sec T 6 N, R 64 W, DF $6.50. Harold J. and Edith E. Mid leton to Flossie 0. Weaver an elores A. Brunnert, part o ie SE'/i of the NE'/i of Sec 2, T 1 N, R 68 W, DF $.29. J. R. P. W. Construction Co i Wheeler Realty Co., Lot 2 lock 1G, Rolling Hills, Additio the City of Greeley, DF $1.88 Robert G. and Freda 0. War en to Earl and Blanche H eel, Lot 20, Block 1, West ew addition to the City o reeley, DF $2.30. Edna F. and Mead E. Nov ger to James Jay and CharU Heasler, part of Lot 4, Bloc! 8, Greeley, DF $.40. School Dislrict No. Six ti Morris A. and Eleanor W. Judd interest in part of the SEV : Sec. 13, T 5 N, R 66 W F $2.80. School District No. Six to obert D. and Charlyn Klaus er, ] /4 inleresl in part of the E'A of Sec. 13, T 5 N, R 66 , DF $2.80. companied Voloshen and Parvin Dohrmarm's board chairman Delbert Coleman, to the SEC meeting. Parvin Dohrmann is a Los Angeles based supplier of furn ishings for restaurants anc hotels. The company also has interest in Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos. McCormack, obviously deeply shaken by the news, told reporters: "I'm just as clean as the day I entered public life in 1917" as a delegate to a Massachusetts Constitutional Conven tion. A federal grand jury in New York is known to be investigat ing Ihe Parvin Dohrmann mat ter and Sweig and Voloshen's connection with it. The grand jury is also invest! gating another report involving Voloshen and the speaker's of fice. That report is that Volo shen used a telephone in Me Cormack's office to make several calls to the Justice Depart- menl seeking release from prison of an easlern Mafia member on grounds of ill health The calls were unsuccessful. After learning of the SEC charges, McCormack met in his office for 2Vz hours with Sweif and his lawyer nephew Edwarc J. McCormack, who ran for the Senate against Sen. Edward M, Kennedy (D-Mass.) in 1962. Al 3 p.m. the speaker announced that Sweig had been placed on leave without pay "until all questions concerning this matter have been resolved." McCormack told reporters he mew nothing of reports lhal Voloshen had used his telephone to seek the release of a prisoner. McCormack said in a statement that he had been informed 'during the past 48 hours" that Jweig had arranged the meeting for Voloshen at the SEC. Sweig acted "without my tnowledge or permission," said he speaker, "and I was not made aware of all of the facts mill loday. Martin Sweig admits an error of judgment bul denies any improper conduct as a member of my staff. He has vorked for me for over 24 years, has never given me reason o doubt his loyally or integrity. . will be shocked if the trusl and responsibility I have placed n him has been abused. He assures me that it has not." Sweig works in McCormack's congressional office, while McCormack spends most of his :ime in the speaker's office near he House chamber. Ralph Cascbolt Ralph Casebolf Will Speak On Vietnam Ralph Casebolt, former associate minister of the First Con- jregalional Church, 16th Street and 21st Avenue, will speak to 'he Greeley Unitarian Fellowship, Sunday, 11 a.m., in the governor's Room of the Farm Fare Cafeteria. His topic will je "Reflections On Vietnam." Casebolt, who served the Greedy church from September 1964 to May of 1967, returned in August from a two year stay in Vietnam, where he worked ,vith the Vietnamese as a mem- jer of Christian Service. He is now working for his masters degree in psychology' at Colorado State College. The public is invited to at:end (he fellowship meeling and hear Casebolt speak. : Mrs. Love Dedicates New Rehab Center FORT COLLINS (API-Mrs. John Love Thursday dedicated a new rehabilitalion center lalfway between Fort Collins and Loveland. The center, called the Foot- ills Gateway Rehabilitation Center, will cosl $500,000 when jomplele and will service men- ally relarded and physically landicapped adults from Larimer County. You can get LOVE (cosmet- cs) at Weldorado Pharmacy-- iH Green Stamps -loo.-- Adv. · i B ,, DAILY , i SPECIALS ! 1.15 " 8 MONDAYS Ham and Scalloped Polatoes TUESDAYS Krautburgers and Chips WEDNESDAYS . Swiss Steak THURSDAYS Chicken and Dressing FRIDAYS Salmon Loaf DAILY SPECIALS (Tuesdays Exeeptcd) Includes: potatoes, vegetable, salad, roll dessert and coffee. Zales famous *love'' poster FREE! when you order your class ring | SNAPPY BREAKFASTS Serving from G:00 a.m. 'lil 11:00 a.m. (Jroups Welcome 119 ISfh St. Put a ring around lha best-loved memorie* of your school life. School nickname or mascol and chores of itons colors or* [oil two of th« gnsat feature! thai ir.aka your clan ring very penonoliy yours. . Student Accounts Invited ZALES HOMEMADE CHILI 40 We Feature Fried Shrimp and Chicken Dinners- SATURDAY SUNDAY SPECIAL · Chili o Hamburger · Small Drink We Serve BREAKFAST . LUNCH SHORT ORDERS DINNER BOOTH SERVICE · DRIVE-IN · TAKE-OUT SOB Sth St. Use Your BankAmerlcard Open Frl. till 8:30 352-6957 HOURS: Monday thru Thursday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. !MIKE'S DINER 1330 Sth Avenue Next to Greyhound Station Phone 353-8920

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