Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 10, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Thundiy Etiinlng, M«y 10, 1951 : Front row, loft to right: J i m m y Bradley, George Garem. Russell Parsons, Skipper Corley, Angel Estrada, l.,aw- jcnc't 1 Lope/, J u n i o r Fernandez, and Armando Enrique/.. H.'a'k row: Coacli M a r k Genera, Ab Agtiirre, Harold Cole, captain; Jesus Paz, Andy Torres, Rudy Polaneo, .and student manager Bob Robles. Absent when picture was taken were Vicente Ramirez and Ed Ontiveros. Photo by Mathieu Studio ! Abilene Captures Lead In WT-NM From Duke City By Thf Associated Press Ahilcno won and · Albuquerque Jost and tlie West Texas-New Mexico baseball league has a new Jeader today. % The. Dukes of Albuquerque, a few percentage point.** ahead o! Abilene going 1 into last night's .schedule dropped n J2-7 ttociHinn to Pampa at Pampa while Abi? lene was beating Ctovis -1-2 at Abilenn. Those were the only games in the circuit lust night. Amarillo 3t Lubbuck and Burpft-r at La mesa were puttponeil due to dust and hif-h wind. The'teams are all traveling today. AlbuqqiietTjue* is returning; home to meet Borgor tonight. Am- aritlo trrlts to Clovis ;ilnng with the Clovis o u t f i t for another of those tall-ontlers battles, Lit mesa gnoH t o Pampa and Abilene visits Minor League Results , By The As.soc-iatcil I'n-ss 1 1'ACIKIC COAST LEAGUE San DJCRO .5, San Francisco -1 Sacramento 5, Hollywond 1 Losi Angeles 7, Portland 5 Oakland 14, Seattle 7 TEXAS LEAGUE "* Fort Worth 2 Beaumont 0 Dallas 1, Shreveport 0 ( O t h e r games postponed) SOUTHWEST I N T E R N A T I O N A L LEAGUE Juarez 0, Bl Centra -1 Phoenix 12, BisbRe-Drdk'las 0 Mexican 3. Tijuana ) Tucson fi, El Paso 2 Las Vegas n. Yuma 5 WKST TEXAS-NEW .MEXICO Pampa ]2, Albuquerque 7 Abilene 4, Clovis 2 Pampa took its first victory over Albuquerque in four attempts to drop last year's champions into second place. A 17-hit attack spelled the fqurth loss of the campaign for the fast traveling Albuquerque Mine. ' Major Baseball · By Thf ·/.M.cffiaifil ' NATIONAL Bo.ston St. Louis Brooklyn Plttshurgh Philndelphia Chicago New Y~brk Cincinnati \V. 15 10 12 10 , 11 tl 10 7 8 .550 10 .545 9 .526 11 .500 10 .47-1 14 .417 13 .KiO Tiulliv's Kthi'dlili! St. Louis at New York Chicago .it Brooklyn , Pittsburgh al Philadelphia Cincinnati at Boston., Vcsti-nlllJ-'s Itcslilts New -York 17, St. l.nui.s 3 Brooklyn 5, Chictigo 4 Philadelphia 0. Pittsburgh 5 (10 innfngs) . r . _ Boston ·!,, Cincinnati 0 (night) AMERICAN w: New York Washington Cleveland Chicago Detroit I.. I'CT. 0' .714 12 11 10 9 10 .0:10 .011 .5511 Boston " 10 9 .fi2ii St. Louis : ' 5 16 .':\K Philadelphia . 5 10 .2;iK Tmlay'H fk'hediUe ' New York at Cleveland Washington's! Detroit Philadelphia at St. Louis Boston at Ch'ieago Yesli'rdjiy'N Results Detroit.4, Washington 0 New York 9, Cleveland 2 Philadelphia 8. St. Louis ' ci:\ innings) Boston at Chicago postponed, rain. VALLEY LOAN FINANCE COMPANY 122 West Griegs Ave. -- Las Cruces, N. M. -- Phone 818 LOANS - DISCOUNTS - REFJNANC1NG. AUTOMOBILES - REAL ESTATE - COLLATERAL We Buy All Types of Contracts ---"Il's Easy To Pay Our Flnnnct W«y" ; . Las Vegas As Host Tourney Ciiy Prepares Welcome . For Las Cruces' Bulldogs, Seven Other Champ Teams AN Spring Sports Teams To Compete For Championships ·Whim l,:is CriK'CS- H n l l i l n c H ni·- l i v , . in Us Vrijiis t o n l K h l . Iliry'l l,c c.xlrndotl a wnnn wMwiini' t l i n l l-Jnrifjiicv:, Skipper Corley, HII.H I ' H I suns. J i m m y Unit liny, Anfjcl K K f r n i l t i . Oe.orfjc (larciii. Rudy Poi s i m r i n l i p n « n r t h « l j i : m - o i K i i n l x c ( l , um:0i B( , Onlfvoros. f i n d JOHUB iei.eptlt.nn ever extended by ;. m i - : ,,,,;, s t u d e n t m«nii(i«r Holt H/mlM will n c i o m p i H i y iho Uani. Sinee Laji Cniees' J'ifHl. Hume w i l l he pliiycil n f t c r I h n Kim-Nnwti IIIIK f ; tu i J'IU.SH Friday. i l l In' cniTlitil in . Sports Briefs llv Tin 1 clly. "J'lic city of Jji I N K X l i t - i n u nwiM I h r H u l M i i K H u n i t sevc n i w n - p f i ' k f i i f t l M - . l i . s t f i c l litivf cvci'V c o m f m t . : 'ii r, intidti^ t h e rity'.s nii'Ti-hiintx. 'ilK- ' D i i f - H Will lllivc Kl Pidi-l holftl ;ml Lil'li'.s hiitd-ry us t l i c i i n . Tlu-Hr · pnu:i(inj;. w i l l m a k f i-vcry ct'fcirt In :;('· t h e v i . H t t f n / ; I c n m K*'l '»'' l«(\'-t nf r i r ; i i m n l -innl will pn.vidc t n t i - i t i i m n i f i i t . ] I"»H Smitli, A r l t . In a d d i t i o n . O j - v l l l c UohiTt^nn. d c f c n d m j ; rim a i M l t r n i u i n from !Iij;]]];in.l;: |uii- vcr.-ilv. I .us \'t'M"s, w i l l nci n.s llu 1 l.xmi. h n n n n i f v 'ciii:li. K r ' H lin-ct M\i-m i i l n . i i i tin- i - l t y , !,"c t h e y in-'iiu : ! In- i ij;h! d i i i i n u n d lit t i n 1 i l ^ h t | nut', i i n d i i i ' j f n i i n a n y utln'i d u l !i .-. W l l n - l l I l l i f i l l l l l H ] M i l - v i H J U i r H . 'I'lu- I.:I.H Crmv.s Mii-n will .stuy :il Kl Kidi-1 h ' M i ' l . L c n v l i i f ; L;is f n i r n , n| l f i!it !l ii. in. toiliiy. lluy . \)i-c! I f i n i i i v i 1 in LIIH Vi-f;»K :it f, tonsil!. Thi-y'll I m v c a rhitm-r Hi); mi l-'lnyd JH '.\ p. m. ( d t n o r i f i w . I t l i M l ' l M i d i i In t h e excellent le- I I ' p t l O l l ( I W I l i l l n ^ l l l f l l l I I I V.-JiiLS. Nil- l l n l M n i M vvill receive n ] n n | r r :.-ndd!l w i i h a n n i M n c M ^ n c n ; i l i a t Hie [ m i l l i n g H i i n n l e i K ' chili ha.s c n n i p l . - l c i l i( di'lve I n pay n i l t h e i r f u l l :ir- fjinu l e i ' f l n i i l ^ (if HolilluTrt W A n i a l c t i t t n n r n e y w i t h n t i mid , r i viclorv f i v e r I'm Git] rniwfiinlKVlll,'. I i i r l . I ( C u l l y ) A n n i i t r o n ^ *vns .'lal l i i i H k i ' l l i i i l l rmii'li a t W a l i i i K h Ml' t l t r linn.'.ter'.i aellvity, 111,' mil only were .-ible ^ n, i: t n I h e I n t u i i i i i u e i i l f, r the in,, i i i n i i i i f,i,., Ab A K I I - e. \ ' H l ' l l ! . ' K l l l l l i l l ' 7 . . . l u i l i t l l KIT- nd,-/., l . i i w i e n c i ' |yi|i,.«. A r n i i i i u l i i rt ACINI: New Yurli - I ' l i i i i i i t c . J.I..10, won Y i i n t h t u l Hti-l;es n l .l;im:iii^i I i v !hn-e (piiiiti!)^ 1 ;if a l i - i i K t h ovci I'li/.- Kit,,;. l l n l L l i n n n i lluM, 52.W). wun .liiciiljj. I I I I I M - n t I ' i i i d i c o hy lii len,;thH. (^linden. N , ,1. Up H e a l . $14. ··hut Molo M t i c U hy tniKf in i v n d - iiif; pil!;e j i l I I n i i l i ' t i S t a t e . Ifcj.Hlnn \\'liit \Vhix. $».Sil. Wdii l e a l u r i ' at H u l l , , 1 k llnwns by nns. l i n y I'niii'c. l.nlliliVllle l ^ l n i n e Ti-iick, lonnis mid t;olf tc;iniH r i f i i n New M e x i c o A A M collrtfr; I C H V C today fur TIK-HOM whore they w i l l compele In tlie a n n u a l Border Confemicc chiinip.Cjiiahijii;. While the Aj;j;i(j tennis rive -iot ··tji'idus etJiiLe.nder.s for champion- Jihipj!. thorn an 1 revernl i n d i v i d u a l s wlio sire I'xpi'd -d to idiow well. Dick Howt'il of t i u r yolf team, mid Wilbur Cunley nf tin- t e n n i s tyani, aru t h u iiidHt l i k e l y Af*f(i(! point KOttt'r'.H. Pulliwin Kelly mid Faun- iiii'i- luivi- pnrfornuiiK'u.s that ··din- p;iie f a v o r n l j l y w i t h olla-r HC com- jiclilor.s in t r a c k cvL-nls. Aei-ompanyinp t h e U:ama will he CtcnrKi; McCnrty. athletic din/ctnr: r;. u. Hamicl. f a c u l t y rep- ft'.-icntalivo; .loo Cuclimin, licml football ctarli; Jiinii'H Patlon 'md R a y KvatiK, n.^lKtiinl foothall They w i l l a t t ( n d nntdinys if Ihu f a f u l l y lepii'.si'iitativtiH, publicity h, k n o e k u d out Dnny trsulllvan. 117 I:,. London, 0. (Kor ICuiopenn;,iiiwcif;ht t i t l e l . F.liznbeth, N. J. .- Uasll Marie. l.".f,. I'liillidelphla. o i i l p o l n l e d Inlm- nv .lolinilieii. i:;2. Mew York. S. U n t i l fe h ' l i f i l b over I'.llen. K K I I I T S LAST N I I I T Chli'ii|;,i I r i s h l i u l i M n i p l i y . 177, San l i i e n o . f a l i l . , .'itnpped l u i n n y N n n l l i ' i i . 171. T i i i n p n . I . inilSKow I V t e r Keenail. 1 1 7 LAS CRUCES LIQUORS Thn Stori; (if Com! Spirits C O O K I N C I J U K C H N D Y K I I K K ItKCll'ICS your Family I'i'.cKnye Store 334 S. MAIN ' U S E D ?;A-R-S SPECIALS FRIDAY - SATURDAY 2 DAYS ONLY! ai prices never before offered! We ask you to see these cars! We ask you to compare! Tho Following and Many Other Specials To Select From! \ Down! 15 Monthly Payments! 1950 STUDEBAKER-5 paasongor starlight coupo w i t h overdrive. Radio. Heater, Son! Covers, very low mileage, cannot bo told from now 1949 MERCURY-G passenger coupo with overdrive, Radio, Heater, Sun Visor, Sent Covers, practically now while sldcwall tiros, undersell! 1947 PONTIAC-8 cylinder Italian wagon, Mnd'.o. Hoalor, Sun Vlnor, Spotlight. Now tiros 1949 FORD V-8-Custom 2-door sodan w i t h Radio. Hoalor. Ovordrlvo. Scat Covers, Undersea! . 1949 CHEVROLET STYLINE-- 4 door with Radio, Hoalor, Soat Covers. Low Mileage 1949 MERCURY-Club Coupo Convorllblo. G puiiiongcr. wilh Radio, Hoator. Ovor- drlvo, While Sldownll llren 1940 PONTIAC-- t door sedan, In good condition MESILLA MOTOR CO. USED CAR 745 N. MAIN $1399 $1399 $1099 $1199 $1199 $1399 $199 LOT PHONE 11IJ ITS FOR FINE G I F T S Mother will cherish the gift you select at Dunlap's -- pretty things, fashion accessories to please every Mother's taste. Choose your gifts at Dunlap's for gifts of distinction. No charge for gift wrapping.- · ^^^^^^^^_^_^__ -- ^^ D R E S S E S I I Especially for M O T H E R " C O T T O N S Pretty cottons in one and two piece styles. Dresses t h a t Mother can wear all slimmer long, all sizes, large selection. "Priced for every purse. Others- $10.95 $8.95 to $19.95 R A Y O N D R E S S E S "Mother's" own choice--coo! rayon prints. Dresses .she can wear anywhere. Choose Mother's g i f t dress from our fine stock of quality dresses. Sizes for all.' ALL SIZKS $14.95 Others-$8.95 to $29.95 GIFT NYLONS Perfect quality, HI gauge, 15 denier, f u l l fashion nylon huso. Phoenix - sheer, lovely nylon, all new summer shades. All $1.65 FIRST QUALITY 6 0 - 1 5 NYLON HOSE l,ovely sheer nylons. Mother's own fa- vorite brand - all new summer shades, all si/cs. v $1.95 * Many other appropriate and practical i;itls for "Mother", loo numerous to lisl here. Come see our complete selections, only ;! more days. GIVE "MOTHER" SUMMER BAGS Plastics', straws, snow bead, linen - while, pastels, new shapes. These were made to ;ell for $3.95. $2.97 . plus (ax GIFT BAGS Fine quality plastics and leathers -- colors and white, two tones, large selection, normally sold for $7.95. flj All $4.67 plus lax C O S T U M E J E W E L R Y Pearls, brillianls-rhincstones. Chokers; necklaces, s i d e drapes, bracelets, ear bobs, pendants and others. Regularly $i.nn to ?2.nn. S1.00-S2.00 plus tax SLIPS for'MOTHER' Cotton batiste or multifilamnnt rayon crepe, -eyelet embroidery tri'mmecl cottons. Luxuriously lacu trimmed rayons. ' White, pink. All sizes. Other Slips 'lo S5.95 Nylon Slips from . . . . $8.95 'V mm, jjnm. $1.88 P E T T I C O A T S Choice of cotton or rayon fine imported batiste with wide Eyelet embroidery hem. Multifilatnent rayon crepe with wide lace or net hem. White, pink, all elastic waist. All and . Regular $2.49 $2.98 ., $1.09 G O W N S Eyelet embroidery trimmed cotton batiste or lace trimmed rayon crepe. White, pink. All sizes, regular '$2,08 . . Nylon Gowns . . . . $9.95 up B L O U S E S Pretty blouses. Cottons, rayons and sheers, casual : and 'dressy stylos. Whitp, pastels and dark shades. All sizes. Two- large grlnips. ) Blouses made to Blouses made to sell for as much sell at $3.95 as ?5.95 $3.09 FIRST QUALITY NYLON HOSE "Susan Holiday" 51 gauge, 15 denier nylon. Sheer, new spt ; ing shades. All sizes. This is a regular $1.65 nylon. Mother's Day gift spe c i a 1 , PAIR i. This is a regu- 97c S C A R F S 2-1 in.' and 36 'in.' rayon squares. Solids, .prints and borders. Pastels and bright shades. Mother's D a y Special 97e NYLON GLOVES Beautiful, sheer, cool nylon. White, pink, blue, nude, navy. Made to sell for $1.98. *« AA 51.UU PAIR

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