Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 5, 1975 · Page 26
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 26

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1975
Page 26
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The Idaho Free Press 4 The News-Tribune, Wednesday, February 5, RELEASE IN P W.PAPERS OF Wednesday. Fet 5 1975-B 6 OUT OUR WAV WHADpA VOU MEAU,HUMOR7/Y AT7EMPTA7 ./ HLlMOR,lFYOUAS//E : TH 1 POC SA'P 1 COULP A HAVE ONE CISAR A J THIS vl s1T THIa 15 SERIOUS.' HERE'S TH BOO* YOU WAWTEP.' WHEW TU/E (JUkJS OUT OH THAT SWIPE AKI TO' POLLUTION LEVEL'S GCfJE cx?«vfj lit cowe SACK FOR A SAVE OF CHECKERS rrounla.ns 39Pomtagu/i J? Can-croons fveoro 43Plural ol Ihis 45 Slabbing weapon 49 Even ng parl fn 49 Bed linens 50C:osely associated 51 Pasteboa'd \ Small a/iow 5 Weapon o thong ano 9Shori-barreied cannon 1 1 Long -handled hallleai 1 3 Produces water vapor 14 Forma nolion ISGr.p 16 Small 17 Primary color IBEIhan __ leadeiol Green Mounfa n boys 2 1 Pi si o; (slang I 24La'gepam 25 Adorn 26 One sudden al lack 1 2 *US) 29 S nglfcun is ·ALL I SAID WAS -LETS GET--- IP BETTER POJJ. OVHR TO THE CURB, I'M ALL SHOOK U P - - V E S - - 10 Spanish leather 3?Exist ALL I SAID WAS, ET'S GET- bollie II Heap l?0la Oafish I at I 19 Hawaiian «iealh 20 Ogled JlHaddepa'led 22 SI ale positively ?3 Hardy hero no 44Sv,urdpaM 2JCilynNe York Service Cross 2SCulolrreal [ab ] 26 Loose Arabian 46De/.3ye exclamation 27 Boltc-nol'ot ·!? German (ab I 48 So (Scot I 3J Snail lirearms 37 Countenance 38 corjuncl.on Ipl) 39 Eagle sncs V.O words 01 understanding I Rewa'd 4^ Elderly IF ear SWcxiosianscI Wmdanao SOelense aga.nsl invaders ·1 Transposes 1361 HaslD'ood BCn.oEducatici Association Ian I 'Pillar 6 Chopping loo' tvarl 9Vons gnorlafi I 31 SivorrJs 3-1 Assaciale 35 Ireland 36 Body oiwaler 3? Peruvian OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople MARY WORTH PON T WORRY KCNE, MRS. H00PLE~~- Ju HIT KLCNPIK6 iC KI5 I6LOO ME WILL MELT^. / I tVAS ON «y WAY TO RESTOCK THE IARPER WHEK I SAW /OH EH7ER W PHCNE IS RIKSiN LET'S HOPE IT'S A PROCHJ FAGFS TO rtEP tt THE RELIEF ROLLS I HAVE SOVB, J4SOH- IF YOIIL STOP WEU 00 A FINSERS-CROSSED RITUAL WFN YOU PROP IT IN THE BOX. 1 *·· -« HE5 NOT MUCH OF A BOV.E.R, BUT TrtE LAST TOUR fi'JYS HE FOU6HT WOKE UP IN THEIR HOTEL K00M5 HIS OPPONENT LIKE. TWI6S5 MIL. 1 HERE'S THE FRESHLY TYPEP copy ce "LOVE, HOHOR AWP FORGIVE' AlllE.' IMrHAlLWSIT BUT TO ERIC FARLEY.' . HAVETOWAIK TRMNIN' RATTLE SNAKES FffR A RHYTHM DANP 1 POST OFFICE f OR STAMPS BUZ SAWYER tr . SAWVER GCTOUT.3 ' TRV TO SAVP CAP'M BILLY. I SHOOT LEOPARD... BUT . TOO LftTEf CAP'H BILLY DEAD. ow, HE SAY TO LEOPARP/EAT/" HE POKE VJITH BOAT HOOK TO MAKE MAD...8UT OftP^BIUYSUP... FALLIM tlOl-O. BILLV TIE . SAWV6f? f WAND AHP \ V EEP YOUR POLICY PAID. ARNOLD- THE BORN LOSER DAS WO DO, ARE YOU AN OPTIMIST ' C« A PESSIMIST MS.DITHERS, IM AN INCUPABL.E OPTIMIST- IALWAYSUOOKON WE 3SIGHT SIDE OP THINGS BECAUSE I'M GOlMG TO HAVE TO CUT VOUt? SAI_AC?V FIVE PERCENT ITSNOT6CI.MGTOBE EASY BND.'NSTHE BRIGHT SIDE OP THAT/ CAMPUS CUTTER with 8IMO BURNS I ENDORSE YOUR ENERGY-SAVING MEASURES, PRESIDENT BLOOMER... ...BUT DO VOU THINK WE COULD TUJ8N THE THERMOSTATS SACK UP /N THg NATATORY.,. AT LEAST UNTiC THE NG SEASON IS OVKR REX MORGAN, M.D llLCAllfOUAHlK I GET TO THE OFFICE IHTtlf MORNING. r CHRIS ' A LIFETIME SUPPLY \ I COULONT TL'GrV CW'/V A MKE TMAT/ I-'ITLE DOES H5KVOIV, JESSIE JAWtS IS 0\ Us II*' '0 TOVKV. J TO A1AKE XXI A SPECIAL K-Y 0\= MUAR . BEETLE BAILEY wrio $AIP You COULP WRITE I'M BOSS HERE.' YOU PON'T PO WITH- OiJT ASKJlNlS AlE' by Howie Schneider ON COMPANY TIME? SAY. DID MV \ WIFE- sewo sea | ? y EXCUSE Me. SIR, BOT IUX;LD stxj BE fWTEKESTEO IAJ \OJi TTW6 AJJO COMPAJUIOU5HIP R2R A FEW HOWS EACH DAV... FLINTSTONES FRANK AND ERNEST ANSWER YOUR QUESTION GROVER, WHAT HAPPEMED TO THG BOTTLE OF COLD CAPSULES ·3 MY WHOLE UF£ FUASHfcD Mt, A NICHT IN TOL£PO IN 1961 WHICH X HAD COMPUTE FdRCOTTENf ...AND, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?...; Dick Covqllj ISN'T we? ' ' ' HEXFCP..CAM I HAVEA COLLAR ID SO NO/NE-IN/ NIENTE/ NADA,' NYETV MOJ/NICHT/ WITH W/iVTHRCP?

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