Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 21, 1972 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1972
Page 11
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12 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Fri., April 21, 1972 Horoscope Forecast Saturday, April .GENERAL TENDENCIES: During today and tonight con- is rather monotonous. Cor- fact as many influential friends ' ' a s possible and get (heir sup-night. port and backing for whatever plans you have thai are important to you. Through them you CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 lo Jan. 20) Take care of important responsibilities early so you still . ( caii make your greatest advance have lime for looking into new iV arid progress in the days ahead. 'i;You can gain greatly also by -Ithe health treatmenls you now -.'take. ': AHIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) You can put creative ideas to ·work salisfaclorily in a.m., but vcntures,making new contacts later. Come to a bctler understanding with mate. Know what is expected of you. \ AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19) You can sil down wilh an! associate and talk nver t h a t then relegate the remainder of new plan early in the day so and evening to getting .pressing duties oul of Ihe way. ..Fix your wardrobe better for .'the days, months ahead: ':'-..'.TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) :':See what you can do early lo ·;please family before you slep .p'ul for pleasure with congen- .;ials! Buy new articles you need you have free time later for Ihe, romantic side of Forget about spending more .·.for your home. Take kin out of cultural mailers. Don't give to dinner, or other entertain. rfient in p.m., and give thorn 'more pleasure, loo. By Carroll Righler fore you have lo sil down lo kindness you seldom have lime for. Clear up any misunderstandings al home, too. Forget everyday routine or work that responrtence is best handled a t l t h a t feeling of boredom. life. All promises to others should be kepi with great care. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20; Gel those chores al home done early. Then you can devote the rest of the day to more important tasks, as well as enjoyment one who likes arguments a chance to slart one, or you can regret it later on. IF YOUR CHILD IS MOON CHILDREN (June 22 lo July 21) You can do some Sunday shopping early and then keep an appoinlment or two lhat is helpful to you in some way. Clear up |icrsonal correspondence that is gathering dust on your desk. Plan lhal short trip now. LEO (July 22 lo Aug. 21) Good day to make oul checks for bills you owe as well as! ' i small repair work around the' house. Organize budget better. Officers Learn Radio Procedure In Special Class Conducted Here for the sheriff's office and one of the chief organizers of the class said, "Because of Ihe good response of. the class, and Ihe number In attendencc, this will be only the beginning. We will now have several more of these type classes." Jl^_l__ A joint project of the Weld County Sheriff's Office, and the Colorado Slate Patrol in Greeley came to. life Tuesday when the deputies learned Ihe intricacies of patrol car radio broadcasting and receiving. Eighteen sheriff's deputies attended the class, taught by Ihe dispatchers of the Slate Patrol. Police officers from Johnstown, Kort Luplou, La Salic and Wellington also attended Ihe class. Control 140 Cars The Greeley Slate Patrol dis- vjn/iti L M i i. t i n y £i LU LI une t/i / An early slart at shopping, visit- h g , keeping appointments riakes this a most productive ijid happy day for you. You iave been making new arrangements thai need completion, so jet al that, too. Forget about eing extravagant. ·-MOON' CHILDREN (June 22 o July 21) Plan just how to add lo present income in a.m., hen gel into the tasks lhal flake your life more worlh- jyhite, interesting. Find the new iadgets thai will he helpful in daily operations. Avoid gossips. n i u u j v V j i u j j U 10 D U I U N TODAY ... he or she will be one of those very clever young people wilh great ideas who will need proper encouragement for good work done early in life in order to be able lo f u l f i l l the great promise in this chart later. This can lead lo big fame, provided the education is adequate, since the m a i n ideas here can Ihen he put on a mosl practical basis, from which will come true success. "The Stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up lo you.! LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Getl (C) 7972 appearance improved in a.m., hen off to the amusemenls lhal appeal to you. Later handle money and properly matters. Being content with small pleasures is wise now. VIRCiO (Aug. 22 to Sepl. 22) Gain the supporl of others in whatever is of a confidential nalure, (hen oul to Inn, pleasr.:e activities with persons you l;;c. 3 ]an the future more wisely wilh the advice and suggestions of others. LIBRA (Sept. 23 lo Oct. 22) Going out early with good pals for Ihe sporls or other activities hat are mutually enjoyable and helpful is wise. Make this a lappy and worthwhile day. Spend p.m. at home wilh family. Think constructively. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Gelling t h a t civic or oilier kind of importanl work behind yoi early leaves lime for sports and fun with friends laler in the day. Meet interesting new people and make your life more enjoyable. Be careful in I r a f f i c tonight. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 lo Dec. 21) You have excellent McNaught Syndicate, Inc. Sunday, April 23 G E N E R A L TENDENCIES: A day and evening for you to make a special point lo do whatever work you have agrcec to do ami nol argue wilh anyone al all ahoul whether specific terns are to be done by your.scll or another. Get everything ahou you in perfect condition lo clear decks for future aclion. ARIES (Mar. 21 in Apr. 1!)) Handle whatever chores are pressing early, then allcnd services you find helpful. Do suine- Ihing later also to improve your health. Show others yon are a thoughful and, conscientious person. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Out lo Ihose places early where you can find the pleasure (ha has been missing in your life for some time. Take male along with you and show your affec- lion, loyally. Forget distressing ideas and llioughls -- they arc only the result of the strange mood you are in. GEMINI ( M a y 21 to June 21) An excellent dav to shnw kin ideas l h a t need lo he put in|thal. you love and appreciate operation early in the day be-lhem. Express the devotion am: © As Boyle Sees It By HAL BOYLE money and try to economize. Stick to (he tried and line. VIRGO (Aug. 22 lo Scpl. 22) Instead of feeling sorry for yourself,' improve your appearance and show good friends how much you appreciate them. Not a good day to make new friends. Await a boiler time for (his. ] LIBRA (Sept. 2:i lo Ocl. 22) BORN Meditation can now lead you nto a better way of life than vou have been following of late. This will bring you more happi- less and success in the future. Use good judgment instead of elying on hunches which may ic wrong today, p.m. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Although friends are slightly lemanding, try to please them for the sake of the friendship, which can he improved considerably (hereby. Today's persona desires can change by lomorrow, so don't Iry lo push mobile units and five stations. 'his includes units from Ihe Slate Patrol, sheriffs' office, all lolicc departments in Weld bounty "'olice iheni. Think. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 lo Dec. 21) You want lo blow your lop over some public or career mailers, bul you had better calm down and find oul where you mifihl have been in error first. Then come lo a pcrfccl understanding will] others. Avoid wear and tear on youi nerves. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 lo Jan 20) M a k e sure you do knov where you arc headed before you go off half-cocked pursuing something you do nol rcall; want. Get your facts and fig iircs straight. Listen lo what a not follow blindly. AQUARIUS (Jan. 10) Don't let all to say bul do 21 lo lhal Feb work (except Ihe Department), Greeley Depart- The head dispalcher for this area is Lee Rollins, who also vas a featured sneaker for the lass. Rollins explained the code system which is used in he Greeley districi. Rollins demonstraled to the men how to use the code, and he proper way and importance of giving the location. He also explained that Ihe dispatchers vould prefer Ihe officers lo not ry to hide voice inflections over the radio. Voice inflections, according to Collins, give ihe dispalcher an ndicalion of Ihe urgency of Ihe situation. They can be a clue o the dispalcher as to whether merit of Revenue, FBI, Greetey Ambulance, rescue groups and sighway departments in Weld, "arirncr, and Boulder counties LI. James l?ell gave a welcom- ng address to open Ihe class, and Sheriff Richard Martinez spoke on the importance of communication and cooperation ) e t w e e n law enforcement agencies. One of the main speakers tor he class was John Smead, chief radio technician for the Stale 'afrol in Ihis area. Smead discussed Ihe "line of sight' jrinciple in regard lo radio dis- lalch. He explained lhat the radio message travels from Ihe patrolman's unil lo Buckhorn Mountain north of Fort Collins- and then lo the Greeley dis palcher. Because of Ihis long distance the officer should be aware a the weak receiving areas in nil district; and learn to hem. . ' avoid or nol the officer is in a critical j silualion. I one officer is State Patrol The speakers emphasized an officer should never hesitate lo call for help if it :s needed. Especially in Ihe small towns, when only duly. 'Hoe sheriff's office can send help quickly through the dispatcher. They also explained Ihe communication which can.exisl from Ihe officer in the unit through the dispatcher to the Colorado Crime Information Center in Denver. This makes information on missing persons, stolen autos and other statistics available lo the officer moments. Guy Elliott, training officer Fort Collins Residents Urged To Vole FORT COLLINS, -- LI. Gov. .lolm Colo. (AP) Vanderhoof ahead of you flcor you, bul sil down with a good adviser and plnn il wisely so it becomes easy. Your male is not lit a gonil mood, so he patient and hind. Get busy at your favorite hohby in p.m. 1'ISCBS (Feb. 20 lo Mar. 20) Use hid in finding oul whal is expected of you by others aiicf then be willing lo concede a point here iind Iliere so there is harmony, understanding, Do not iXM'mit one who opposes you to mow you down. Use wisdom. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN urged local residents Thursday night to vote in city elections so they will not yield the decision making process lo the area's college-age "transient population." "You cannot, in a university town, afford to lodge the decisions which affect you from now on in a voting popu lation nated which could be domi- by transients," he lolc Die annual meeling of the Downtown Merchants Associ alion. "It's your responsibility, am; theirs (students)," he added, "to be sure that the decisions taken in Fort Collins are taken by, and in behalf of, the resi TODAY . . . he or she will beidenls and nol Ihe transient pop- one of those delightful young illation which comes lo Colora- pnople who likes to work out delails lo Ihe ninth degree. This could prove irksome lo others not so inclined, so leach early In first slick lo Ihe main points of anylhing, then go inlo delail if (he silualion warrants do or to Fort Collins .from oul- Colorado or oulside your and stays for a year or side city maybe four years." An upcoming municipal dec lion here May 25 will determine whether the cily manager Then Hie dtarl becomes more should be voled By MICHAEL C. SINCLAIR Associated Press Writer For HAL BOYLE ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - lacking backward into my childhood becomes more and more d i f f i c u l t as I grow older, as it does for most of us I suppose. But there arc those fleeting ·momenls when a familiar sight ,'cf · sound or smell transports · jTjfe' to yesteryear wilh a feeling :$f.'; exhilaration I seldom i'jpBrience these days. 'jv-Such was the case on a ·J.fcent warm spring afternoon as i'gusty winds sang through the '((.rees around our house and the '.'clothes hung on a neighbor's ·'·'backyard line cracked whiplike iili the stiff breezes. ;/'':'5 was looking [or some grccn- :,\s\\ r hint of the season among ii:the rnatlcd brown grasses when : 'from the vacant lot down the ;·; street there appeared sil- ·'nouellcd against Ihe H u f f y clouds some brightly col ored objects soaring high inlo the air. In the few brief momenls il took my memory lo recall Ihe image of a small boy standing in an open field tugging on a thin while string that trailed off ;into the sky, my Iwo young sons also noticed the airborne ·objects of my interest. Off lo the corner variety store--another vestige of my youth that is another story in itself--where I discovered lhat the kile, once a 15-cent toy that captured my affection on windy spring days, has changed considerably. No longer are Ihey made o: tissue thin paper and brittle wooden slicks. Today, thanks to modern science, a trash-bag thick film of gaudy plastic stretched over a frame of pen cil-lhick plaslic rods. Gone too is Ihe cotton slrini jlacc are balls of stranded ny- on Iwinc with labels proudly Icclaring Hie product's superior ensile strength. Most a l a r m i n g was the in- lalionary impacl on my child- looci loy. Once you could buy many afternoons of entcrlain- mcnt and thrills for Iho hotter of a quarter. The ingenious could do il for less wilh sheets of newspaper and care- f u l l y whittled sticks. Alas, lliose days are gone forever, anil I plunked down $3 lo arm my sons with the lalcsl in aerodynamic design, .strength anil maneuverability. From Ihe label I learned that strips of multicolored cloth tied painstakingly in streamer fashion as a tail lo stabilize the diamond-shaped bird was a thing of the past. The newest model? resemble giant hawks in (lighl I cringed as one of the boys choose one vividly im- prinlcd wilh two huge blnodshol yes that stared down at yoi rom on high. Dcspile Ihe changes wrought iy times and the economy, I jiiickly found lhal becoming a ·hild again is nol as d i f f i c u l t as had though!. I craned my neck toward Ihe bright sky and uggcd wilh a secret t h r i l l igainst the siring as il slipped hrough my fingers arching into .he clouds. Jarred tn reality by Ihe lug-' *ing at my panls' leg awl Ihe whimpering of my youngest offspring, whose siring was lopelessly tanged in a nearby Irec, I smiled and hugged him as an older and wiser parent had once done with me. Al there than that of most. put wit and humor successful Teach to nlo this rather austere life. "The Stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up lo you! (C) 1972 McNaught Syndicate, Inc. four years and upon every whether the manager should be required to retire at age 65. Election officials say regis (ration of persons under 21 ha been heavy during the past few weeks, hut no specific figure: are available yet. Senate Quickly Approves Women's Lib Amendment By GORDON G. GAUSS Associated Press Writer DENVER (AP) - Colorado's Senate gave quick preliminary approval today wilhout debate lo a resolution ratifying the, equal-rights-for-women amendment lo the Constitution of the United Slates. The aclion came on a voice vole. Approval by at least 2-1 senators when (he measure comes up for a f i n a l vole Friday will add Colorado to the stales already approving the amendment. Rep. lietly Ann Ditfcmnrc, R- Knglowood, the principal sponsor, said M stales already have voled ralificalion. A total of 38 slates must approve it for the amendment to become part of the constitution. The House nf Rcprcscntativef already has given its approval. The amendment is separate from a proposed amendment to the slate constitution granting women equal rights. II is now in (he hands of a llouse-Scnale conference com- miltce which is ready to report but Mrs. Dillemore said this will not be done until Ihe federal ratification action is com plelcd. .10 and growing older, are few memories thai bring the kind of pleasure lhat a spring wind blows across my m i n d , Rut as long as there are . l h a t often proved no match for kilcs, spring will always be my the slilf April winds. In its I favorite lime of year. he Senate initially severa weeks ago, I he rali'fication o he federal amendmenl wa :acked on (o it. The Senati lassed (he proposal bul (In ·louse refused to acccpl il be cause of technical problem which the combination crealcc Mrs. Diltemorc said Ihe confer dice committee has decided t eliminate Ihe Senate ament menl -- the ratification of Ih rational change. Once the sepa rale resolution ratifying the na lional amendmenl is passed f nnlly, she said, I here will be n noinl in rtaining il in the slat amendment proposal. The Senate accepted a cor ferencc committee report on b i l l formalizing organization o the slate personnel syslcm an repassed the measure, 31-0 Only House acceptance of Ih legislative active and senl th proposal lo Gov. John Ixvc. The Senate killed a house-ap proved bill which would hav raised fees collected hy UK State Board of Pharmacy. Th Standing vole was 9-17. It als sent back to committee a no useless bill revising slightly Ih state representative districts i Boulder County. The measiir became meaingless when II Colorado Supreme Court di When the amendment to the|dared the entire reapporlioi slate constitution came before monl system void. SCRAM-IETS ANSWERS You can make it but the Believe K or Nat/ EUROPEAN MERCHftNTS m THE nth awnAzy ATTRACTED CUSTOMERS TO THEIU STALLS BY HIEING- A FWTE OKCHCSTRfl TO PLAY ROUSIHG- TUNES flS84-l737)TO PROVIDE His'-*? SOUS WITH IHE INSPIRATION \\ OF LEADERSHIP. 6AVB V --M HONOK OF fffWCf £UGE/JE OF SflVO/A, ft FAMfD MHI7ARY OFFlCtR- THE 3 SONS WHO SURVIVED WFANCY EACH SUCCEEDED THEIR FATHER AS RULER ERS, GERJHANY GflNNET AT THE AGE Cf- 13 WEEKS IS HfAV/fR THAN MIGHTS OF BOTH PAREW AT TriftT TIME IT 15 ABANDONED rtHD STARVES FOR 10 DAY ; ; UWTIL IT IS LIGHT CAEE FOE ITSELF- ACROSS' 1, Tried and true 5. Lay bands on 8. Trampled 9 . -- n u m - erals 13. Competent 14. Harangue 15. Ring decisions 16. Prefix with arm or joint IT.Uawson of football 18. Causlic 20. Us capital is Riga (abbr.) 21. Lion's Ircsscs 22. Stadium lake 23. Delicious is one variety 25. Ship or . plane 26 nostrum 27. Fungus 28. Swiss canton 29. Venezuelan city 32. Maritime signal 33. Dp away with 31. Hovel 35.Saved wedding costs 37. Casino game 38. Signify 39. Mendacious one 40. One kind of pal 41. Singular DOWN 1. Horse race pri7.e 2. Bower 3. Johnny Cash sons 4. Netherlands commune 5. Indigo- - nous 6. Greet the dawn 7. Exclude 10. One's . wife, jocularly 11, Form a thought IZ. Wilt Chamber- lainisouo 16. Break bread 19. Fire -22. Arizona river 23. Diverted 24. Type Of leave 25. Aristocrat 27. Damsel 29. Greek' ·' island 30. Of the car 31. Narrative 3D. Carbonated drink 37. Ziegfcld 5T DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE - Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R is L O N G F E L L O W One Idler simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the Ihrce L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of Ihe .words are all hints. Each d-iy the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES N M 31 S R K Q M S N C D W N W S 'H K Q B X X S K I H Z H Q H G S B W N n I I I W N M E K II H Q M F G B W N C B W N W N M H S . - T R S B X X F G B T K U F D C Yesterday's Cryptoqnnte: SPEAK NOT OF MY DEBTS UNLESS YOU MEAN TO FAY THEJI.-GEORGE HERBERT (C 1972 King Faaturei Syndicate, Ice.) HENRY By John Llney ARCHIE By Bob Montana BUT THERE'S NOTHING IN IT.'. ..WHAT KIND OF AN AQUARIUM IS THAT?! IT'S A VERY NORMAL, TYPICAL, MODERN-DAV AQUARIUM THIS IS THE AGE. OF IS VOUR AQUAWUM ? REX MORGAN, M. D. By Dal Curtis T H E V N MCRDlO J I TALKED TO THE TOLD .«£ THAT THE THE.1MW WHO «AD SET FIRE TO YOUR HOUSE--THE SAME MM ALSO CONFESSSP MAKING THE AHONYMOVS CALLS/ JOHNNY HAZARD KKOtt' MHV YOU'RE «ER£ Alex/ I'VE OECIPED IT'S HOT 4T ALL HKESSARY THAT YOU TAKE THE SABBATICAL ! HOW, DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL SETTER 7 ByFrankRobbins NE\V SET O'WHEEL*. PAL.-LOOK'S REAL ! BACK HERE FOR THE R£TURN KUN Li'l ABNER THEV SAVED ALL SLOBBOVIAM HOOMAMITY FOM VULGAPJLLA'S POTTESJ U/ONDER. NWHUT TH EV'S GOMMA DOWIF you EV1ZRHEAK THE AH P.EFOOZEDTO TAKEAPEMKNFOM THEM U'LVHRKWW BROTHERS. THE.V 16 HOOMANITAWANS.'! VULGARILLA

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