Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 2, 1961 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1961
Page 16
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Page 16 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thur*., Nov. 2, 1961 jdeos Inside CSC: 68 poys one/ Gifl$ List ^Personal Concerns ·; Boys and girls frankly express] :jp guidance personnel their own : pw»on»l_ problems. '*" Dr. Howard Blanchai'd, professor of 'psychology at Colorado .State College, lists the most ire- 'iquent probfcms mentioned by students in various public schools in PIS Molnts, Iowa, where he was director, of guidance. -'. IJth Gr*d* Ctnctrm 7 Twelfth grade girls listed these problems given here in the order of frequency: . .'- 1: Losing temper. 2: Not spend. Jng enough lime In study. 3: jrouble with oral reports. 4: Not personality. 3: Unable to expms myself well In words. 4: Not telling enough sleep. 5: Slow la reading. 8:Concern about- military service. T: Belli 111 at.east' In social affairs. 8: 'Trouble, with oral reports. 9: Can't keep/my mind on my studies, 10: Wanting to learn how lo dance. , W«fTr« tt nf Grafert , Seventh graders supply a list of admitted shortcomings or desires somewhat different from thi j.en- iors In high school:noted 'above. Seventh grade girls list;. ·' 1: Wanting to earn'sorne of my making mistakes, v;I: Lacking self confidence. 7: Ranting a more pleasing person- nlily. 8: Worrying about l»w I Impress people. 9: Unnblc to expicRS myself well In words. 10: Afraid to speak up in class discussions. ;"Boys listed: ;;i: Not spending enough lime in ttudy. 2; Wanting more pleasin; ALM DORA 'getting enough sleep. 5: Afraid of own money.- 2: Afraid to speak up in class, i: Being afraid of male Ing mistakes, 4: Wanting i more pleasant personality. Si Afi aid. o( falling in school work. 70 fltf ft iOT OF PEOPLE- veay Of 6: Wanting lo buy more of my own things. 7: Trouble with arithmetic. 8: Trying lo slop a bad habit. 9: So often feel restless in classes. 10: Afraid of tests. Seventh grade boys report these problems: : ' · K 1: Wanting to Sarn some of my own money."2: Trying to stop a aad habKv 3: So often feel-restless n classes/ \ -Getting low .grades n school. 5: Being afraid of mak ng mistake's. · · G: Wanting.lo buy more' Own things. 7: Can't keep my mind .on my studks. 8: Afraii of failing ,-m, school" -workl 9: ["rouble with spelling or. grammar 10: Trouble with arithmetic. Seventh' grade girls appear dis satisfied-wHh ; their personalities 3ul so are high school.senior girls Tills suggests that personality im 'otm»tt«n to be iwir« that'tome jtuu'cnli are wwrlers. This worry shriveU Ihtir learning. Theretofc th* teacher miitt 'uic Mmwlf ex-, actly how hk tuchlng contributes to fast the: worries of students and' to devMop them into more efficient Individuals." Next, three r«! cases In pupil guidance. . · Barriesville , . »y MRS. iLMCR BRUNTZ BARNESV1LLE -- Th* Bcrnes vilie Community. Club met at the home of Mrs. Cart Wood with Mrs Alter* Cook assisting. Roll cal was answered by eight members telling the 'career they x woul nave chosen other than housewife The hostesses served dessert with turkey n u t cups. ^ . ing will be at the'-home of Mrs Keith Mackey with Mrs. Zoa Mnckcy assisting. Mr. and Mrs. Way'nn Peer 'and family were Sunday-dinner guests of the John Cantrell family. Peer is Mrs. Cantrell's . brother. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Best are the parents o! a baby boy named Michael Alvin. The Bests have two other children, Lucille and Diana. Mr. and Mrs. Sid Knit'ong of Mlton Freewater, Ore., were MISTER BREGER : llke to HUNT p t o p t e are yoj on« them? Do you hive adequate 'ftorige jpace for your "Catch?' fitter contact the G R E E L E Y tOCKEft AND MEAT COM »NY, today. Rent a locke 'frtm u and let ut i«ort you rnnt. The coit It imall, . thi Convenience and tavlngi, large tern for teachers Mrsoniwl. and guidance Jean Cook, ^ to KeaoeUi J.- Flat* Und and Edith N*dlae FUtdapd Lot 7, Block M, FarrV Fifth Ad The Buying Power of Farm Products Is A Little Weaker guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bishop last week. Mrs. Knifong is a cousin of Bisiiop. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wood and Mr. and Mrs. George Page went to the Mountains on a fishing trip.. They stayed'at the Sports man's on the Poudre. CSC Placement Office To Meet With Seniors Functions of the placement office at Colorado Slate College will provemenl poses a difficult prob- be discussed at a meeting Wedncs- i -- r._ ._,,!.,,_ L _ J -,,,, ----- Fear of making mistake's is list ed approximately as often by sen ior girls as by seventh graders. If fear means the children arc worriers, then it can have an ad- 4 ,,, 5 in the Little Theater in Frasicr Jail. . Students will receive informa- lon concerning proper com pic- ion of materials needed by 11)3 )!acement office and (he import- verse effect upon the quality of ance of the interview in'obtaining their learning grades. and upon their In comment' upon the students' lists of problems. Dr. Blanchard said: "Some of the problems shown -YYl /=» J Til 0it Company ''" AVtNuE · LI 2-4-02 , to concern students must be E. Hogan-of the placement office j|brought into proper perspective If Iliey are to adjust to lead satisfactory adult lives. "The teacher from the students' 'Icumulalive records has ample in- a leaching position. Students planning, to leach ncxl year are advised to attend Hie [peeling, The'meet ing will be conductet by Mrs. Luella Miller and Kenneth MONTEVIDEO - Uruguay is expected to avoid a trade defici in 1961 for Ihe first time in alrrtos a decade. . "Say! You know who THAT is-? The greatest nuclear scientist of our time--they say I,.'. A T . T . URATN! he's ALL BRAIN!" By OVID A. MARTIN WASHINGTON (APJ-This harvest season finds lh« buying power of farm products a little weaker than a year ago. The Agriculture Department rc- wrled late Tuesday that prices received by fanners in mid-Oc- ober were nearly one-half of 1 cr cent.lower. On the other liand, the prices paid by farmers for goods and services used in production and 'amily living, taxes and wages, were, J.7 per cent higher than a year ago. October brought a downturn 'rom September in prices of most 'mils, hogs,, "lettuce and pota toes. Partially offsetting these declines were increases for milk, cotton and eggs. Farm prices as a whole averaged 80 per cent of the parity price goal of federal farm pro- jrams; in .October" last year they averaged 81 per cent. Farm products whose prices dropped since October last year Included hogs, lambs, chickens, turkeys,'eggs, potatoes, dry peas, apples, pears, strawberries, grape fruit, lemons and oranges. Grains ran higher than a year ago as did cotton, oilseed crops, dry beans and beef cattle. As was the case a year ago, no farm product brought prices close o full parity In mid-October this pear. ' · - . _ ' . For the most part, products which brought higher prkes Ihi October were those being support cd by the department at higher .evels than a year ago. A major factor in the decline ii hog and lamb prices was an In crease In marketing for slaugh ler. Hog sales during the four weeks ending Oct. il were 11 pe cent greater than in the like four week period last year. ' Turkey prices dipped to the low est level since August 1941, also reflecting much heavier produc lion than ever before. Motorists' Invitation BUFFALO, N. Y. (AP)-Ad o a downtown office building: "Par your car insurance with us." Weld County Keai 'Estate Transfers' trmf «?'· Octabtr 11 ' Alexander Kehm Jr. · an-* Dor Kehm to Valdemar Von Jung erman jjd. Virginia Eileen Jun| errnan, part.e( Section 31-l-M Cook · and Metoa lev, H JO. '·' Robert Jay dition, (Jrieley, Key. Raymond R. Poyw, «dminijtr» tor'/or at«U at Edrnood J. Be er, to Ray W, Bender,!part Sec KB M Towjuhip' 4, Range (8 -ey..'$n. . - " '-- · ' Glenn W, Liooberger and Dbro- iy,L. Lloobef-ger to Edward Ix aid and Ftofalda Lovato, Lots' nd 10, Block 16, Evans, Re 6.os. · i . :··;... ' . Marian Naidine Peterson, Doc ild S. Peterson, -irid Miidr« Elizabeth iuilders Corp.,'Lot 6, Block 'irst-Addition to Westview, Grec ey, Rev. $1.10. Sam E. Widney arid Lily E. Wk ney to Hugh H. Arnold, li inlere in part of Lots 4MB, Block 2, Ar ington Heights,. Greeley, Re (3.30. Mountain Savings and Loan A socialion to Sam E. Widney ,ily E. Widney, part of Lots 4S-M Block 2, Arlington Heights, Re $32.J5. Hillside Addition Inc. to Robe Eugene Foy and Hjordis Man beck Foy, Lot 6, Block 5, Fir Addition to Hillside, Greeley, Re J17.60. H, Clay Courtney and Bess Florence Courtney to Elmer Brooks and Peart E. Brooks, p« Lot 4, Block 5, Greeley, Rev. $». Third Of Tin Malayan KUALA pioduces i tin LUMPUR -- Mala i third of the woria USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS a^ MARKETS ·/'JBANNjitTS LYJKH;-' - · CSU Extmlm Buy in'season lo make youir fruit'and vegetable dollar c6unt last year.13 cents of each-food dollar spent at grocery.stores"went or'freth produce,1 Grapefruit, costs· leis this year than last.-. Hw -ite improves aisuptdies.increase.'Price.tags are'drifting down- ird.-Texas'is ptjr chief grapefruit suppber! costs'JS c,enti to; ship a carton here from Texai; 1 75 cents from Florlda.:Eyen eo.'som* Ctiorado itores are finding grapefruit cheaper'.wf-'et Florida' this weik. Hurricane Carla cutTexas'- ·---------'--- · ' . . ' . · · - . supply':,'a little, while 'Florida;*! s'up ; h per cent above last year{ 'ORANGES, juicers from,.Texai and Florida, are'here.' We'-slill liave. ,e«ing oranges, California, ' It's nip too, and from tuck whether fresh-squeezed juice coks 3* fr'otri juicers at about 10 cents ·lb., or from. Valencia*, at twice be.price per pound. Fresh juice costs:about,Vpenny a serving more than frozen juice now. BofH oranges: and frozen, juice, should rost about the same, possibly less, his winter' than last. Slightly arger supplies are forecast. TANGELOS should be in by mid- November. A crop IVi times bigger than last year's should mean attractive buys in this orange with touch of grapefruit flavor. ·jSpecialty.,item, bleached: C«k- rado ceie.ry. Love that-crisp,-brit- tie, sweet stalk!-'Cos^ mote because oflabor ind ; Ume, ft. takes to bleach' it in underground trench- 8S.'; " . · . - · . ,,". ".:'.··· ..'Thnnksgiying. usually. .Is..ideal time 'to istock .the frceief .with turlceys. Prices 'often are : at their lowest.'.The, Thanksgiving -jurkey. is sure to be a (jargaln.'this year, with recent'farm prices at.their lowest in "20, years. Many''stores bought their turkeys several weeks ago. But grower's'.stilt oyvh'iriuge supplies of'frozen birdsV-H's' anybody's guess whether'^Thanksgiving or after-Thanksgiving price tags will'roach rock bollom; this year. It probably depends on w'len grower-feeders release their bumper supplies, right on your kitchen shelf (NOW! SEE THE COMPLETE LINE liff new CHEVY II CORVA1R MONZA CLUB COUPE . . . TX« most p o p u l a r mode! of ifs kind! GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY ALBUM Top tunes of past years, recorded l)y big-name bands and vocalist!. At just ?1 from Chevrolet, these 12 In. 33',4 rpm long-play records will go fal. Coma in for your special order form. S Mor.Vahi Stanps North llth Avenue Op*n 9:OO a.m. to 8:00 p.m. LAST CALL! ENDS SATURDAY! Shurfine CHEVY IJ 4-DOOR SEDAN . . . Family-size thrift car! 3 to 4 Pound STEWING HENS Medium to Largo Birds Grade AA EGGS Lb. Dozen 19c 49c SHURFINE, 303 CAN FRUIT COCKTAIL ,,__ 5 for $1 CHEVY II 100 STATION WAGON . . . Big capacity »t a low price I IMPALA SPORT SEDAN . . . The luxury of the hardtop and (he look of the convertible! FROM CHEVROLtT · LOUIS ARMSTRONG · CHARLIE BARNET · BUNNY BERIGAN · LARRY CLINTON · ROSEMARY C L O O N E Y · TOMMY DORSEY · DUKE ELLINGTON · BENNY GOODMAN · GUY LOMBARDO · GLENN MILLER · H E L E N O'CONNELL · ARTIE SHAW ·- Thank You, Amtrlca for 50 Year* of Confidence Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow CHEVROLET . . . The Symbol of Q u a l i f y ! Hurry in and we a New World of Worth during our Golden Annirtrsary Selling Spree EDWARDS CHEVROLET CO 710 10th Street EL 2-7140 ^ C H E V R O L E T / SHURFINE, 12 OZ. PEANUT BUTTER 39c SHURFINE, 303 CAN CRANBERRY SAUCE 5 f ,, r $1 SHURFINE KRAUT 300 Can 8 f o r $ 1 SHURFINE CREAM CORN OR PEAS. 303 Cans 6 f o r $ 1 SHURFINE, 46 OZ. CAN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 3 ,89c SHURFINE PEARS 303 Can . 4 f o r $ 1 SHURFINE, SALTINE" CRACKERS iLb. BOX 19c SHUFINE SHORTENING S Lb. Can 69e SHURFINE, 5'/, OZ. MUSTARD 5c SHURFINE, TALL CANS MILK 8 SI SHURFINE SALAD DRESSING Qt/. 39c SHURFINE . SPINACH 303 Can 0 for SHURFINE CHILI-ETS 300 Can for SHURFINE, C U T . . . . GREEN BEANS 303 can _, 6 ^ $1 SHURFINE, SECTIONS GRAPEFRUIT 303 Can 5 f $1 SHURFINE, HALVES, SLICED PEACHES M Can __ SHURFINE FLOUR 10 69c SHURFINE, REGULAR, DRIP COFFEE 1 Lb. Can 57c SHURFINE, 46-oz. Can TOMATO JUICE -- ^ fans M*«dew Gold FRUITADE Quart lOc CALIFORNIA VINE RIPE TOMATOES 1 LOUISIA1 YAMS lb. 10e RED U.S; NO. 1'S POTATOES 10 ,bs 35c BARTLETT OREGON^ PEARS lb. 15c "r

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