Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 15, 1955 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1955
Page 8
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Page 8 · GREELEY TRIBUNE Thursday, Dec. 15,.1955 owian 6 -Josephine Miller, Editor Opti-Mrs. ,. ·^Install Officers' ··_- ' Officers of the Grec'ley Opti- '-"-. Mrs. were installed Tuesday- eve- ."v.ntn| in a joint ceremony with the 1'i Fort Collins officers. Grecley 'mcm- '^.bers went, to Fort Col'Jns for the y^ lervice. · · . · · · - - '·^·:~ Heading Ihe local club arc ..Mrs. -^Conrad Smitli, jjiesident; Mrs. ;".i Fred Raymenl Jr.", vice president; ^·"·Mrs. TJclbert Anderson, secretary; ;^-- Mrs. Don Shcplcr, treasurer; And vS; : Mrs. Bud Hoden, parliamentarian.' 7- Members of the board' arc .Mrs, ^ Tom Ross, Mrs.. Jim Ilasscd and -j£ Jlrs. Bud Elherton. . ~~- The Fort Collins group presented £'·; the 'newly formed 'Grecley -club -^·- vilh a gavel.. The program was ZZ given by Mr. and Sirs. D. Fincli, -£'· who showed slides of the- Holy ^ Land. £' Christinas Tea SofWTKChl... Betrothal Told ·',- The traditional Christmas tea ol :'.the. WTK club' was a n ' e v e n t ol ' ' W e d n e s d a y afternoon at the home .Vot Mrs. Harold HaymomI, 1930 ·'-.Prosed place. ( .-·' The program preceding tea time - w a s given by Mrs. Lawrence McArthur. Her topic was Special Star.' light. * Mrs. McArthur said in part, '( "Special Starlight is indeed 3 for- /.-.lunate title for my paper for I be:' licvc- so f i r m l y in (he importance / . o f a special starlight for each one :''of us. ': "In this seemingly senseless bal- ji'lyhoo' of life, we all seem to be 1-. particules of a great wliole; each ;· given .certain pieces to fjt into a J giant jigsaw puzzle;'.each seeing V largely particles of each other.' '· "Eomewhers along, the lin we * must be accorded the repose'to ^ e f f e c t the reconstruction of these * particles into the whole of lifu. A '«; silent time w h e n all.that is truly 1* important becomes . whole and £ sound. A time when man reas : : r.° sembles his fragmentary self and P; grows with the calm of a tree. 3"-: "At s u c h . a time of us £ becomes ''aware.' of."th'e, steadfast :·' glow- of his ovyh special starlight, ·'- of the unmeasured depth of truth ~. end kindness of that star." ;;' Tea was served from a table r'^ most effective in its holiday deco;i;ration. i' The J a n . 11 meeting of the club £- will be with Mrs. 'RudoU'Singer. A. j;: H. Tralitwein has "the. program, -4. Money as a Commodity. ' - ^ i r . - a n d Mrs. Don Brocku-ay of 1013 Thirtieth avenue, formerly of Alliance, Ncl.. announce the engagement of their daughter, Sandra Sue, above to Michael A. Kosmicki, 5.011 of Mr .and Mrs. Marion Kosmicki of Alliance. Miss Brockwny Is a 19.S5 graduate of Alliance High school whfrc she was a cheerleader her senior year. She is attending CSCE ·here she is also -a cheerleader tiss Brockay resides in Sabin hal i Grecley. Kosmicki, « 1954 graduate of lliance high, was an outstanding thlote in sclmoE. He has sicned Put a layer of sauerkraut in a rge skillet. Add 10me tomato ancc a n d frankfurters. H e a t loroughly and. serve'with fluffy ·nashcd · potatoes sprinkled with linccd parsley. Phone Company Employes'Party E m p l o y e s ' i n - t h e Greolcy commercial department of the tclc- ihone company and Ihoir families gathered al the Blue .Flame room' Tuesday niglil (or a Christinas turkey dinner. · ' Mrs. Al ttiishy,'assisted by .Miss Elizabeth Giislafson'and Mrs."-Ada Porter, decorated'* the tables., The d i n n e r was served by. a caterer. Mrs. M 'vin Simon played the piano accompaniment for the singing of carols. For " e n t e r t a i n m e n t games were played ,and a color film. The Spirit of Christinas; was shown by James Shaddock. . A t t e n d i n g t h e party were: Messrs, and Mesdarhcs James Kgan, Harold Stephens/and Pa me! a, Mel vin Simon, Melva Lou, Bobby and Gary, Richard Officer and Judy, Lawrence Kimbcr,. William Helm, Ray Gillbgly, Floyd E. Wilson, " Charles Wilson, James Shaddock, Jimmie, Susy and Stevie and A. I/. Gust a f son; Mcsdamcs Betty Oslrander, Ada Forlc'r and Olive Cortcsc; the Misses Hazel ihey, Vola Wilson, ilarla TJock- horn and Elizabeth Gustafson; Joel Dalbcy, fclen Farnham, rnd Jack Merger. . ' _ i;Al. the Hospital ~ Admitted to Weld County Gen- ·^ eraL hospital Weflnesday, Dec, 14: ^·"j- Janice Kay Swanson, 1613., Fiitli "· street; Gary Tilensor, Eaton; "'. Ellis West, 1708 Fifteenth avenue; ·"·'Mary Ellen Boxbcrgcr, Eaton; ·" Mrs. L. A. Spencer, 62714 Eighth ·TM. avenue; Sunni Dale, P-112 Jackson " boulevard; William R. .Patterson ·%£ 1107 Ninth .street; Mrs. Millard F '*. Dilsaver, 2535 Tenth avenue *J» Mark Johnson', BriEgsdale; Georgi Xi llagan, Kersey; Mrs. E a r l M i'TJ- Buchaonn, Denver; Ralph Anders '·'.', 21-11 Tenth avenue; Jlark 'Barber ^-.Houle 4. ' ' ·. . XI Dismisserl: Mrs. Donald Stn ££ berg and son, Eaton; .Mrs. Edgar' 15- Sloan 'and son, Johnstown; Mrs. ^- Arluro Rodriguez and daughter, ·?·- 319 N. N'inth nvcniie;, Mrs. Ern- ; ^ - tsl Del^ado and son, 1004 Sevcn- ·4'f teenth avenue; Moses Ramos, 935 ^"v B slreet; Wayne W. Morion, Hays ~ hall; Mrs. Pete Widows, 1951 TM Twelfth stree.1; Mrs. Edna Fuhr- ·»J man, 831 Sixth street; Mrs. Haiel '?·" Stevenson. La Salic; Bert H. Gur- '.··': nell, La SaUe; Mrs. Silas A /^'-'-Rhoades, 1223 Thirteenth avenue; ^r"'- Helen Keys, Route 4;' Mrs. Henry «*;R. Held, 'Route 1; Gary Titcnsor. ": Eaton; Janice Kay Swanson, 1613 Shtrly Boltl Is ' Filed by Homeit«$ ' . ^ Kersey. Homclles met wrth Mrs. Jessie Day Tuesday. : A f t e r - the short business meeting, Christinas carols were'sling. ' · A Christmas shower was given by members for Shcry! Boles, 10, who was recently taken from the slate.home by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Boles. Refreshments-In the Christinas theme were served. Mrs. Fred Iluffcrt will entertain at the nexl meeting: WHD Christmas Party Held at Gratzl Home Members of the WHD club en joyed a Christinas dinner al the country home of Mrs. Joe Gratzl, west o f ' G r e c l e y . Guests of the club were Mrs. Charles Ducker, Mrs. Juanita Parker and Mrs. Dona Mae Dale. The afternoon was spent ;in. singing carols and exchanging gifts. · Jan. 17.meeting will be at the home of .Mrs. John Homyak, west of Grceley. · ' Mn. Effit Nehl of 1019' Tenth street entertained the business girls who live at her house at ' C h r i s t m a s p a r t y a n d dinner Wednesday evening. Included ir the group were Betty Flohr, Bar bara Hoyi, Fern Thomas, Mar Ann Tallman, Darle'nc Werner, Ida Wood and Lola Kruise. · VFW Clir(stmas Party Will He Given Dec. 22 · VFW post ami auxiliary's a n n u a l Christinas party lor.llie ·iiembcrs aiui their children \viU be held Dec. 22 at 7:30 o'clock at the VFW home. Mrs. Bill Adams, youth activities c h a i r m a n , is in charge. A;siiorl program is planned. 'The' children will receive .treats from t h e - ' p o s t and auxiliary. Individual silts arc !o be labeled by the parents and arc not to exceed 50 cents each. Santa Clans will be present and lake orders lor gilts to be delivered Christmas eve 'or~jnorning. Six prescription chemists to serve you at your friendly REXALL stores. "Sill" stamps at Gilbert- Bishop and Weldorado Drugs.-Adv. ' away some of the tops you can'l Beautiful Gift Wrap For Your Gifts .Hallmark and Tie-Tie . If your family eatj lots of celery, l ou may ! fihd'.yourself throwing use to season ibups or gravies. In- stead'of wasting them, try drying t h e m like herbs. Then you Ion crumble them '«nd store tk« btta in' · tightly covered .Jar to as* *· needed, · -- - ' - '. -.. . - · . . -At? JANET'S Jusr Received. Hundreds of Styles ' . .'· : Direct from Fifth Av'eniit Dresses $c« ·j Ml 00- $099 $10» .. 2. for II · : . .pthcrj........ . »4« Faille*--- Crepes ' Whitct -- Postelt v ' ; ; . '· HOSE Regulars -- 51, 60 and 66 Gauge \ ' : ' : V :: 3 P, $ 1.75 3 r, $ 2.00: 3, '2.50 | 3 p, $ 2 J5 »W»»iH*!»J«M*WWKW»KWJ!HW*»»W»W»«» .$1.00: : · i Will Hold in Lay Away | ··in minutei, .. play beautiful Chrislmat enrols on the Monday and-Saturday Nighti AT ROGERS Fifth street. ?f- Member .Gets H^lp '~y CLIMAX, Vs. in -- Members o ;^. the Future Farmers of Amerca **.-' chapter saw a photo of the honv :.X-of Ed Walsh. 16, of Durand, JU. '4; who was stricken with polio. A sig: ,£,· In the picture showed he was a ^j : : FKA member. ^I" "The-boys decided to raise $100 5..; for Ed. They plso started a drivi ~i' to get other Virginia chapters I 'X' raise funds. Kyrn If you ran'I read motif, j o n can enjoy pla^Jng the Lqwrey Sptntl Orx«n lod«/. Come in, (or * tree le*wm mlnpc lti« FjTrlnMva LtiwrfT' linil-M T uic Si»lcin.' CHOICE Of FINE CAIINITi 1IURAL TERMS KIMBREL MUSIC COMPANY Home of Brand Name! Merchandise 938-40 9th Axe. -- Ph.724 Fred H. Werner, Prop. We Give Red Srompi Hey I You Late Christmas Shoppers . . . We Hor« All Kinds of » Snack Sets · Kitchen Planters · Hostesi Sets · Wall Plaques -- And Many Other items -l Jo and Ray Stevens, * , t · West Fair Shopping Centej . ' 2003 9th St. OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL 8 P.M.' Visit b^47th AnSiversary Celebration Lower than mast Sale Prices. Marvelous Store-Wide reductions. We will be here tomorrow to service Ihe merckanilise yon bay ioday! W A l l E T S ROSARY- BEADS : RONSON LIGHTERS I TAILORED SOUTA1RK ' SIMULATED PEARLS :B1RTHSTONE RINGS ' :^;^-n M A N ' S DRESS SET AUTOMATIC TOASTERS RHINESTONE Ensemble ,7-PC. DRESSER SET Tie bur nnrt · *0 TK Surer cuff links. S"tilV Deluxe Mode] eil CA T h r e e ' p e r f e c t l y . *C AC Perfectly matched. 9 l i 3 U matched nieces. From SViSil Gin. packaged. __ 1817 ROGERS Completo Bervlc'e 8. New patterns.: BROS.' BUI.OVA'Goddess of Time* (or $79.75 - 1BT «S» m SS t i : iW9.Bfl J We Are Out-Trading ; A1I Traders K in Nationally Famous Watches 1 Get $20, $30, $40 and j I up to $50 for your old J | watch. * | You Can Save Plenty of Money .50 for your'old Shaver. K All Makes .. ELGIN ."AVERY Jewel mov e rae ni. ELECTH1C .MIXERS $36,95 PEKCOLATOK SET MODERN COM PACTS Sterling CANDLESTICKS DIAMOND ENSEMBLE 8-DIAMONI) SET ' ' EtTle6 by *O AE «J 1R Perfectly m a t c h e d M O O R V6 Carat Center . .943,99 matched pieces. _ $15,95 American Beuaty. _-L *O AE $*.3B a.i engraved rings -- . Total weight ?i . enqA AB et. $239,88. COCKTAIL SET Shaker «nd Six glBss'es. WAFFLE. IRON $13,95 $21,50 ' toe'Weekly ON EASY CREDIT TERMS Attend our .47th Anniversary Event You'll Be Glad You Did ROGERS Jewelers Since 1903 Open Nights Saturday thru Friday, Dec. 23 Phone \814 V. -ti

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