The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1933
Page 2
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FAQft TWO FRIDAY, OCTOUliU 20, si Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Stephen Episcopal Guild. Mrs. J. D. McDowell, hostess. Business and Professional Women's club, study course al Ooff Hotel, 7:30 p. ill. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Young Matrons Bridge chib, Mrs. Riley B. Jones, hostess. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mid-Week Bridge club, Mrs. O. P. Moss, hostess. Thursday Contract dub, Mrs. O. W. KfcCutchen, hostess. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Pro-School P. T. A., Mrs. E. B. Woodson, hostess, 2:30 p. m. Propei' Timing Essential lo Pul Bid in Right Hand Admission Is Free to All Sessions of Cooking School Today'* Contrad l'rnlile:ti Tho dealer, ns Smith, dcall himself llio folhiwtiit: liuiiil. What 1s Ilia cor rod ' ' "B bid? 4 A 9 G V A R E> 3 « A K :l * AI3 Solution In »exl Itsuc. 1 French Club Meeti The Frencii Club met Thursday Night lor the first lime this semester at llic home of Miss Jane Kochlltzky. Tlic program was us follows: Melba Alexander told something about the French girl with whom she corresponds; Dorrls Douglas save a talk on French Cuisine; Miss Leone Calllcoll nave a piano selection. "Adieu" by Friml; Francis Holland played the selection, "Marseillaise;" then the entire club sang Prere Jacque. After A brief business meeting refreshments. were served. MlM Fances Miller Is sponsor of the group, * • • Henley-Henley The marriage of Ora Henley, of Trumnnn, Ark., and William Henley, 0! Lenclivillc, occurred last Saturday with the Bev. C. H. Dumper performing thu ceremony. Solution to Previous Contract Problem as ll Is not advisable to support partner's full unless you hold four of his irump If your lund has a teller bid, East, not bclnj vulnerable, Is justified In ovcrcalllng with three diamonds, Bouth'i Ihree spades over East's three diamonds Is a constructive bid—praclloslly the same as a bid of four spades, Wilh Ihe liifornifillon that part- II ner holds al least a live-card still, and does not have support for heart will. Norlh now ean nupuort the spade suit to four. When Soulh bids five spades, lie practical); shows 100 honors and he Ii saying lhat, if Norlh has Immediate con Irol of Ihe heurt suit, there prob ubly is n slum In the hand Warren-Williams Announcement has been made of I»V WM. K. MrKKNNKV .Secretary, American Bridge league Here is another example of Ihe .lining factor. Two partners each Hold n six-card major suit, bul one has 100 honors. There Is a _, illv la oum| _ „,„ „.„ M _,,^, small slam In Hie hand, b'.;l the • tllc homl | s UlB k | ni! of ri i am ,. A (jj t ! Due lo the fact, Ihal East ha: bid diamonds, North has a rlgh to figure his partner for the ncc of clubs. He knows that th; spade tli . you istlonal reputation, and betautcj inders are fortunate Indeed, l leciniso Mrs. George Tiuirn is I exclaimed when discussing lecturer aii'd demonstrator 61 [ forthcoming school. "Why, Lidding must be limed s<> that I lie roper hand 4.86 trio D 6 * 106 4 *S7C62 becomes Hie declarer. *J 0 2 V AKQS6 3 « K8 ' *a< A93 1 i H W K 8 AAKQ1 V.I 7 2 »73 + AK 1M 1 • A Q 1 8 r,3 *QJ 10 3 074 21 It Soulh plays the hand al spaces." the diamond Milt will IK opened through North's king, and KaM and West may cash two diamond tricks. However. 11 East Is forced to the marriage of Miss Jessie William and John Warren, bolh of litre. The Rev. S. N. Watson perfumed the service last Saturday, • • • Mi!n-Shfmph«rd Miss Malinda Shcmphcrd n'ld Roosevell Main, bcth of (his city, were united in marriage last Saturday. The Rev M. James otfl- ciated. • • * Smith-Qninn The marriage of Miss Lucy Qulnh and J. D. Smith, bolh uf Manila, occurred here last Saturday. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. Bluftord Caldwell. Kee-Oille Miss Bessie Odlc. of this city, and Alvin Kee, of Camden. Tenn, were united in marriage Monday. The Rev. P. Q. Rorle. pastor of the First Methodist church, read the service at his home. The Ridding Soulli West Norlli Ka.fl 1 spade Puss 2 hearts n diamonds 3 spades fuss 4 spades-Pass S spades Puss Ii hearts Puss North should bill two liearls m-. open, he will have to open another suit or up to North's king of diamonds. In which case only piw diamond trick will be lost. Thert- fore, North must decide that, even though' South may hold honors, the safety of Ihe hand Is playing II In hearts. In other words, the timing factor ol the opening lead Is in fa>'oi' ol hearts as Irump. Thereto?. Not Hi's bid of six hearts is correct iind South should pass. If East oiwns Ihe acl of diamonds, the contract will l« held to a small slum. However, with any other opcnhiB. Norlh and Soulh will make a grand slam, while at tie cooking ichool activities arc aktng oil such Important prepor- lons, many women ol BlyUnville believe that there Is to be a fee lor' Ihe dally fe&slons. There Is lo charge whatioever for any of he cooking school activities. No tickets are required. No admts- slun slip of any kind need be presented. All thai U ntcesury Is to cumc early, Cud a. good seat, and l:r ready wlien Mrs. Thurn walks oul Into her kllchen and begins her fascinating program. And fascinating It will lie, ac- icrdlng to the women wlto have, heard her talk on other occasions Mrs. Thuril has spoken before many thousands of women, in all in excellent voice which' can be •tard all oveer the illy hall auditorium. Slit u> good to tookval us site goes smoothly and qulckli clout her cooking in the kitchen She has had a wealth of experience in home-making, to . speclii training for her cooking sthoo lecturing, In studying foods, cook cry and home appliances' lin a1 J"IUI I [1 aiU-MtHl kml \r\\\J in. Ill IO * U-. « tli tiinn'.. 11 QIUI»< --r - - , ihcr llinn supiiorl (he spude Bull,- -spades only live odd could be made. Wilson Society — Personal The Methodist Missionary society mcl Tuesday uflcvnoon at the home of Mrs. C. O. Williamson. Mrs. If. ..P. Culhirn, leader ot Ihe devotional, yavc a iranslalion from the Indian sign language of Ihe 23rd Psalm. Mrs. Waller Card entertained In th toe. kltche: high school here and has been employed In si local beauty shop for several months. Mr. Hughes also attended school here and is now associated with his father In farming Both couples will make their homes in the Micola community. • * * D. W. Spencer of Washington, D. C., who wns to arrive Sunday by airplane, was unable to ycL l\ere then but Is expected soon for a brief visit. Mrs. Spencer and chll : dren. who have been' here for sis weeks, arc spending this week wilh Mr. and Mrs. Elniwood' Brown. parts of (he coi>rilfj' She brings tFils'.-oxperlence '. will her charm atiij. good ' slage per tonality lo Blytheville next week In t|i« great Courier. News cookln lchool. : Cpmfoijablf' : -* ' " city audltcrlm'ri, 'a. clipped with new - devices utijnslls help 'make this event i M'thc outstanding occasions of it kind In Die' CQtnmurtjty. Tl)is school is planned In ever, (ielall for the housekeepers' *% 2)ylhevlllc. The Interest arid, co pr*ratlqli of their shops, grocers stores, markets a)id other iriei chants have : been enlisted, • fo Mrs. Thurn knows tliat It Is III portanl to work with and descrlh cnly such supplies as her listener can get at their own merchants "But such excellent shopj!" she HID Wednesday bridge club this'They .will return to Washington food nnd come «vc the euppUer pf tlic-world a heir very door?. Good foods, fin appliances, lovel umllure. ' EverjrlHirig can . be ound In B)j the vine's shops." Some of. these shops are cooper ting lo make the sessfons at the !ly hall next week, and- nott Interatlins ever given a poking school audience. Wlicn he school opens Tuesday al 2 'clock, the crowds of women who lave assembled will feast their yes'on a new kind of kllchen set ip al Mrs. Thmn's dlreclion. Then his nationally known icmcmaklng authority ut Into her stage kllchen and a drilling afternoon will begin. New recljws, new suggestions for planning dally meals, ideas about weparallon and serving of food, ew tricks, new methods, new ways of beating, combining, cooking will x ait important part of the at lexicon's demonstration. At Hie sime lime Mrs. Tlmrn will talk to the women of Bly- tlievllle about - new discoveries In foods, new • Ideas m, health slid , new (heorles of menu mak- -,„-. .Her program also Includes k ciiscuEslon o: table settings, | child-, diets, a description of new: ?qulpineiit which has come out this year. for kllchens. It promises-to be ah historic week In the annals ,oi Blyihcvlllc housekeeping. Be,on hand lo share in the l/ig event—she gives out new recipes daily an-1 also gives away Ihe dishes cooked at Ihe school, there will .be. tree filled market liajke.t-5 snd through the courtesy of'some,of the local merchants a nuniber. 'of -giflf' .which are so much J more substantial and valu- fible' lhat' just, seeing them Is an Instructive and helpful aid in home furnishing The school beplhs Tuesday at 2 o'clock. The place" is the city auditorium Bits oj Netfs Mostly Personal Miss Willie A Lawson, formerly superintendent at Mississippi conn- iy schools and now in the insurance business In Lilllc Roek, is I'pending Ihe week-end here. R. L. Juden, of Cape Olrnrdeau, Mo., v.ho is attending to business Inlercsts here, wcnl liomc Irxluy liir • Ihe weekend. Miss Mildred Moore, who attends Soulhca.V. Missouri Stale »er sister. I Teachers college at Cape Olnir- fcnalh. Mo. ofau. Is spending the weekend nt home. She w\vi accompanied here Iry Miss Martin Sell, of Webster tirovr. Mo., who Is her guest. Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Moore drove up lor Ihcm Thursday afternoon and John McDowell and Francis Art- rmis will motor them back tomor- Mrs. Belle King of Ashevillc, N. C., is tile guest of her sister, Mrs. John Frame, and other relatives. week. Mrs. John Enochs was a w mj M r . spencer "UCEt. Mia J. H. Crain received '.he prize for high score. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Cocke iind Marvin Jr.. have returned to Mcm- ihl? after visiting Mrs. Cocke's sis- •er, Mrs. N. B. Ellis and Dr. El- '1s. Mrs. Kale Fielder of Dallas, Tex., was Ihe guest Tuesday of Mr. and Frs. K. P. Ciillum. . Mrs. Robert Roach iind small I son. Robert jr., have gone to De-1 Will where they arc visiting her Hornersville Society-Personal Suiidav school tpa^hrrs' m<vt- Z"d 27th. Ing, 8:30 a. m. Sunday school session, 9 a. m.; Morning worship, 10 a. m. Sermon theme: "Paul's Prison Pray-1 the only Life. U is a warfare with Ihe'fleeh. in wh'ch we-must conquer sin. sickness, and death, cither here or hcrt'afler—certainly before we- can reach, the .goal o "Splfit; or. life in God" (page 324. „ ' there .will be no Reading Rcon .. next Tuesday and Friday, the 2411 BAPTIST CHURCH , and Eighth S. Harwell, Sunday school: 8:45 a. THE PUP AND THE 'FMIDY- CAT When tii-jji the kitten sjiL«l the dog She caught her furry breath; She couldn't run, she coiiHn't move, Oil, shu \vas scared tr, (loath! All she could do \vas hime And shaUu and wondoi' why He didn't make a IJHSH :>l her. . . lie didn't even try! If she luid been a briivci 1 cat Who -stirred tuicl movn! ;ii'ouiul, Sim might have crept up on (ho do;; And then she would have found That all the trembling mtiv she knew Were so much tommy i-el, Tho dog, you sea is nothing but A china flower pot! —HEUvN WKI.SH1MEK. =WEEKIA r SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON= Paul Goes Lo Aotioch Ih-j inilurr antl ini- /fc '!-cls in Uv? (I -Ttxt: Aclt 13:1-3, 13-15; 11:19-23.; have been-for Haul's criticism uf j ovr.r-Mimaln The Intermlional Uniform Sun-i I: LID cm tliis occ;iticu. John Mark' jKirloncj ol surh t|ii;iri day School I.rsttm for Oct. 2'i. tc>iv.n:i' later cno :;l those irreiU . |K::frcc. (>! noble causes. In .'oinr .>BV WM. E. GII.ROV, I). 1). aiM important iisinus lo v.hoin .llK-.|_ri'i|):c!s «e m-jy rejoice that ll'.o dtbr of The C'ongrcgalinn:>lis( cliuich owe.; -u tn.-c!:. l^^Vj^.^1^ "JJ:"m icvculj bo nuicli. of human giif- wiio gave lo Ihe wovid tOnr lesson describes Ihe beeii nirig of whit Is now known as Paul's, first missioary journey. . • We have already seen P.iul at Antioch where he had been brought of the hie and icuc-hiu^ of, JL'SIIS Mncn. tlm we call the "Gospel ct Mark> . No stud> of the inissijnai'y jour- j ney-; ot Paul i-an be satisfactory ire .sto-y : v.caknrss even in great anrfgcad Ii in every detail they had u:en nf uprfculiou, [lie cllcct of Young People's meeting. ^ p. m. ! Holley, Superiiilendent. Evening worship, 7:30 p. m. ' 1 . Sermon at 11 a. m : . Rev. A. Bible , . .. Sermon theme: "Gad's 'Almlghl!- .Hamrlck. Teacher of ss." . - Jonesborp college. Short congregational meeting at- 1 . Alftfribon prayer service from '"•™ ln ' "'- ! ~- t Bible' oarcnts, Mr. and Mrs. Davidson. John Sullivan Is In Memphis this wilh Mrs. Sulllcan W!K> un- lenvem n major operalton ill the Malthewl Tho Rev. M. A. Mnssey tell j Wednesday lor Slkeslon (o attend the St. Louis conference th^rc. Bishop A. Frank Smith of Hous- ter the morning service. Informal discussion of fundamentals Friday. 7 p. the school. A nearly Invitation Is extended to all to attend-these services. 2:30 to 3 o'clock. B. Y. P. 6:30 p. m. MiBS in. at j kuna Wllrtelm, director. 1 -Orchestra 'music from 1:30 to Methodist hospital Tuesday. Mrs. E. K. Coleninn vifitiug . . her sister. Mrs Kirk Roland, lit ton. Tex.. Is presiding, with the Rev. .1. C. Montgomery uf St. Louis ns secretary. Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Quimi and (laiiRlilcr Lucille and Mrs. O. M. Walls and riaughler I'allic drove „ ,,. , T ^. I Wllllb UllU U»U((IIVUl I Mcsdauies H. R- Siillivnn. I . M | Menlpllls Tuesday. ',cwis and Oscar Darkftlale visitert: T D uinsolvlng dn n Memphis Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cullum al- j 'ended the Kiwnuls barbecue at ! Memphis Tuesday night. .. _. Ing drove to Cape Girardeau Monday and returned , with hts wife,' their daughter. Mrs. i Roger Manning, and the letter's ! baby, who had been visiting rol- p. m. Everett McDowell, dir• ector. Senpon subject i\t 7:45 p. m. l-Wlio Is On The Lord's Side?" l W. M.'S. mccl Monday 2:30 p. i and pr-yer. FI*ST METHODIST CHURCH Main and Seventh Streets r. Q. Rorfe, •• Pastor Church school, IU45 a. m. Worship and sermon 11 . a. m. ;coy. 505 SOutli Lake Slrecl. by Barnabas from Tarsus. The! thai do?.-; not follow Ihe movements • Ihuii examples uiiyhL easily be lo Ch'nsiians al Aiiliocli hud raised lot tic mi.-slonary apostles on th= | riia-niirage weaker ini-n. It is wiien conlrlbullarjs for the relief of llic map. Traced in this \vay, cm- can', vvi. remenilioi- l-'ai men lik:- Paul dLilress ot their needy brethren I readily appreciate liie amount of | and Karnabas. capable of -such .•t' Jc'ruSjlem, r.nd they i:ad en-j lerriiory lhat liity covered an-.i llic ' gccfincss on;! siirli devotion, were trii'tcd Paul ; and Ba nab5 with ii.itiiralni'fs of slioi:- comb'j. • nci:o the lr~< p-'rfeci. lhat we who Itiese gitls. ' ' * * ' aro weaker and more subject t'J •When the Iwo disciples returned] As one lollo\vs ihc ma|> Ihe jou - ' f.iiil 1 - find Mii-r,ura!roiiK'iii to cmu- toiii by land ] hue their virtues. rir.>l to S.i-' 'he lesson o[ (heir lives is not from Jerusalem to Antioch. there ncy will apiioar came tnc very clear call to them j and -.=.:a. '; i-.ey i 16-flaaich out on a missionary', l-mis. in the Island ». r Cyprus, and j so !in;cli 11 at gieat and good men tiirougli Asia Minor, cli: m. for Bible study as follows: ' Circle No. 1 .with Mrs. Pleas Sc- t-ke tilem j p.u:in^ ihrou^U the i:;!;uul In I\i-j niay ha\i; iheir weal: pointi. but Tne vvliole - llilc^. .s:-t i.iil lt> il!c iiuitil-uul ol t!mi nv.-n \\-l-.o have their WL-ak cliiirch at. Anlioeli apiia cnlly -up-! ASM Minor, landin.,- al IVrga. in | ix iui- may bir grrat and r,ocd. iwrlcd tlwm in (hi- venture. Their ] [ : ani]ili.dia. j On Liic nis,> belt-r tiian in words gdinj was celebrated wilh fa-ilhu: 1 Hive we. live told ilmt John Markjl.'v .stuciem may I race tlic jcr.rncy and pr-yer. and leaders in Ihc'li-lt ir.rm. relurnin.: ID Jo;-. :,.Uom. of llu> nnsiionaiies in the cirnilur and 7:45 p. m. Womans Mlssionarj" Monday. ,2:30 i>. ni. Circle No. 2 wilh Mrs. Robcrl Society I Orlmcs, 209 Easl Davis Street. Circles 3 and 4 at the. church. Hoard 'of Stewards Monday 7:30 1 Sunday- school officers and teachers ^Wednesday. 7:15 p. m. Prayer ^service Wednesday, 1:45 . m! • Citolr- rehearsal Wednesday 8:30 Charjej Emerton Flail and John Page Walton, ttudents at Arkansas State college al Jonrsboro, are spending the weekend here. Betty Jane Einilh. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J Raymond Smith, who has been critically ill from diphtheria. Is luller today. Mrs. .Scott Hniris and daughter, ol Memphis, fire sending the weekend with Mr. Harris. Mrs. C. J. Evr;ml. who lias licen TiUilc ill at h?r home on Ihe Yar- i/ro road, is better today. Mj. and Mi's. 'Marcus Evrard smd' son. Joe. Mrs. W. C. liissln- s*.n and daughlcr. Dorolhy Jean are in Memphis loilay. Mr. and Mis. .1. S. Bryant ot Atwood. Tenn., and Mr. and Mrs J. H. Pcndcrgrr.^s, of Hunlington Tenn.. will go lo Memphis tomor- :ow after havhi') fpenl several days v:lh Mr. and Mrs. H. S.' Bryant. Miss Elizabeth Crews, of Mem phis, is the guest bl her sister Mrs. Baker .Wilson, and familj while convalescing from n major cpcralton. Misses Jeanne Dilialimity and Jeanne Harrison, who allend Mis. tiulppl Synodtcal college al Holly Springs, arc spending Ihe week c r.d at home. Mrs. Leslie Hooper has gone lo Holly Springs, Miss., lo spend Ihe M-eckcnd' wilh her daughter. Miss lols, who Is a student at Missis- . Uppi Synodical college. turned to their home in Jone.sboro after several dnvs visit with Mrs. McDonald's brother, H. C.' David•on, and Mrs. Davidson. Mrs. Riley I!. Jones and Mrs. Dixie Crawford ol Blylhcville vis- lied Mrs. Jones, parent!;. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Card, -Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McDonald j atjvcs ihere for several weeks, inri small son. Clyde jr.. have re-]- Dr . n iid Mrs. F. Kinsolvlng and D. A. Ruff in made a business Irlp lo Memphis Wednesday. G. M. Riddick, federal game pro! teclor, has gone to Henriclla, Okialioma, on business. Mrs. R. M. McCaleb and daughter. Miss Irene. Mrs. W..jf. Ruf- I fin and daughter. Miss Ruth Ed- Prayer, meeting Wednesday, 1:30 p. m. Choir rehearsal Wednesday, 8:15 p. m. - v Next Sunday will be the-last of this conference year. SECOND J. 1. BAPTIST CHURCH Newborn, pastor Mr?. J. W. Dolan and daughter:;, monston made a business "trip lo Miss MarKUPillc of Jonesboro and \Vulnnl Itidgc, Ark., Thursday. Mrs. Frank Roberts ol t'aiagould. ;ijitcd Mrs. Joe Kerlin Tlnir«lny. Roper Manning lelt last Saturday lor Boulder City. Col., and Mrs. rtouci-I Clayton h;us return-1 Las Vegas. Ncv., where he will ed from the naplisl' hospital ;il spend a lew weeks on business. Memphis licve she underwent a najor orjrrallon. Mesdames K. P. Cullum. O. M. The Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Marsey and their two daughters, Erna and Mary Julia, and llieli; nephew, Sunday school, 9:45 a. in. Tommy Bogun. Supt. B. Y. P. U.'s at 6:30. Sermon 1:30 p. m. Subject: 'The Vision of .John." There will be no preaching in the morning as the pastor Is preaching at Gosncll at that hour. There will be a business session of the church al the night service. p! in. Mrs! Paul Tipton. Leader. We always appreciate the inrcs- cnce of visitors at .our services. An all-day 'conference will be held, beginning at 10 a. in. This is a district meeting and t)r. B. S. Bridges or some other outstanding speaker .will, be present. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Sunday scliliJl. 0:45 ajn. A class tor nil age-s 0. E. Vail, superintendent. church at, Antiodi apparently, sup-j anil hnndt.on Paul and Barnabas. con-,uf tin' c.nire nl hi» secraling Ihem lo their l indicalinn lurk. tlv. li-ar lllal bnm-.ijit them bav-; to Aiiiii:.-li. Tin- uiilM:inding lliln^s lo lai,-i- rci-mri .sin™-, Cut I'.nil cn:i-1 m i l-.-e arc H:r eni;cl!\ene:« of llic :-iili--rd John Mark's r.-turn in tiic ! i.-Kiihinj <i( Paul and iJavnalxis. i\ young; man named Jjhn. :i natu-.c at a di:^ciis.i(jn. t;i- ;i liirn- ; thi- n-jl faiindatious Hint they laid n<!phc«- o( Barnabas, accompanied- in : back from th-_- r.-.::-.- in _v.-hi:-h | fo:- Chrlslian UIOII|:H anil churr'irs them as their altcndanL. a matter lo nolc well as John, o h:"hacfciiliMo:!. Kivn Liter fu- fell ( m :i new world movement that ::i slronulv kibmit Ih? niatli'r thai i i>:i:ii.uti.'ly was to conquer >in rm- Johi. Mark a- he is better known. !l.r separated from Birnaba.-, when j piiv. and t'rc waybill which the became an occasion of contention, annul to IKBIII anatiier jmunuy. be-i vrvy couric of ll:e missionaries was ' iii;c Barnabas i!i.-;.-l'jti that hib: ft'ipcd by persecutions and havd- piiew s-V.oirld r.o u!ii:yj. j ;-'.ii;ks as v.cli a; by their successes One qan c:iMly uirk-res'.iir.alc <;r' .:i'(! achievements. between Ihetc Iwo fine missionaries., j Also, whatever ground there may grr.m. Mrs. M. Pallcrson was a vis-, Thursday cvenmi;. A;r.i.i:a i''.i-1 Hor. Tl:c program was on "The: altcndini! were: Mi«c- Loiiann' Harvest ol the Word in South t Pn:der^tas.s. Eilctn Oatcs. Gratia' America." Mai tin. Ray Limtwiyh ji 1 .. John Mr. .nxl Mrs. J. W. Ray. Enil | Ma i and ChrLslina linrmo-i. t;!vii Raybuck and Mrs. J. B. Buckley;""' 1 Wendell Hall and Scotlic M=and son motored lo Memphis Wed-' Donald. ?:>.mu'.::; Minc-al Crystals are 1 :i:r.:livily guciianti;cd. Simply ai'J a !;w (i-yyt;iJs regularly lo yo.t (iimkir.;: v.-ater and .^iiy ijm.iibyt iu roi:s!:palio'i liver troubles, and spent. Ihe day with] Mrs. Lnmar Ti-nmp-Jin c: Buckley, who is receiving i mined l!w biidi'.c t-:»!i of :hf Ohurch, 11 a.m. A minister from | tfUlmcnt ll-.ere for his broken I";;., man^ '-In!) '.viili a p.:iu rheumaU?ni. inui-cU'S .ind joints, and ail of headaches. Gc to .^tcmach drorucrs. tind. Memphis will prcacli. I. I). McDonnell aiid|liomc i'liday :.l!rm':'ni. Tlicr.- Hill. Victor Maun and C. O. Wil-ioihi Wintfham. spe'n!'..last Friday liamron (ittcnded Ihe county council df P. T. A. meeting at Whlllon Friday. Etl Williams of Nashville. Tenn.. s working al Vie Wilson drug slorc during the absence of John Sullivan. " ; Sleclc Society — Personal Llbrarr for McGIU SUdcnl j MONTREAL (UP)4-A huge new library, • designed lo ex lend Ihe scope 'of students' reading in general^ cultural directions, has been opened-in the arts building of Mc- Oill Unlvcrslly, here. T>e library, -.- ma«Je. : ppsslble through' the .gene- roRltj of. the Carnegie -Corporation -_of'Keir. York, will'contain nearly *-\tflSG volumes. . • '-, Frakfs-Kellnms KtakCi-Huslicv i Mlts Kathcrine Krakes aid Mr Eugene Kcllums. and Evelyn IPcgi Frakcs and Mr. Hughef were married In a double ceremony last Saturday evening. Mrs. Kcllums is the daughter o M . and Mrs. Olllc Fi-akes ot Mi cola. She altcndcd high school a Stecle. Mr. Kcllums is the son o Mr. and Mrs. ,1. P. Kellums p Micola. Ho also attended hlgl fdiool here. He is now with his father In the mercantile buslncs. al Mtcola. Mrs. Hughes, cousin of Mrs. Kcl Cape Oirardeiiu. Mr. and Mrs. L. Edmomlon, Mrs. icrlha Khuolvlng, and Cecil Hayes spent Sunday and Monday Ii Hurst, III., visiting Mrs. E. TV 'ope ar.d family. Mrs. R. E. Anderson, Miss Myrl Anderson and Riley F. Knight drove lo Steele Sunday alternocn and vlslled Mr. and Mrs. Albert' Jordan .and Dr. M. p. Chapman. Roy J. Cope of Maiden is hetc foe a few days visit wilh Ills brothers. Dr. E. O. Cope and O. J left Cope. W. H. Scwcll and family Thursday morning for Capo Gif- indcau wlrere Mr. Sowcll will-preside al the meeting of the Southeast Missouri Teacliers association. Miss Cora Bryant pent, last week end in Paragduld vklting her aiint. Mrs. Cora Brj'ant. Hospital Notes Leonard O. Cantrell. Canilhersi- vtllc. Mo., was admltled lo Ihe Blytheville hospital. Bland Anderson, Gosncll. wns dismissed. • The Untied SUxtes Bureau qf Home Economics has developed ()S€I!OLA PRFSBYTERIAN • CHURCH Marsh M. C»lb«»j, MlnUtrr Sunday schtwl. 9:4.') a.m. , .lex Cromsr. Mipcrhilcndrnl. Murnlhg »cns-hlp, II a.m fior- inon subjecl: "The Way Oul" The public if cordially Invited to allend lliosi services with Ihe Uev, Mr. Oallaw^y preaching each Sunday morning CHRISTIAN St'lKNCE . SOC1KTV "Prbbalioii Atler .Death" ii ihc subject ol llic Lesion-Sermon to l.c rend In Ihc Christian Kclencc srrvlrei. Sundav morning at 11 o'cl.ock. The (Joldcn 'Icxl is. "nk'.-vsed arc Ihe dead which (lie In llie T.ord from hencelortlv. Yci, bailh Ihe Spirit. Hut llie.y may rest from . their labours: and Ihelr words lo follo'v tlicm" (flevcla- ilon 14:13i. Among llic citations iroin the llible Is Ihc following. "Blessed r.rr ihsy who do his commandments, lhat they may have tight lo the tree of life, and may enter In through Ihe gates inlo the r.lty" (Rcvolallo'i 22:14.t The Lcssoli-'sermon will abo include -passages fiom tlw ChrLslian Science textbook. "Science aii;d Health with KeKy lo Ihc Scrip;- Vurcs.'' .by Mary Bakcn Ed<ly, oiie Young People's society, 0:15 p.m. daughters. Janice and Ann. return- two Uiblc-s. Hiuh x":<- <!'••*•• I':T.'' 'i:,ii K-;\ .vc.ii P. pi.tkant U- All are Invil-.-.l lo atlend. cd home from Memphis Tuesil.iv'vas awarded .Mis. .In: Ko!m. nn:l j .. ;1 . (lnni:nr; ''KJ n.iliiiai li-.mcral eicning. Aim iinderntnl a ion-' Biiry.t p.-j^p to M.:. W. '!'. Nr!h-TV. ; ,v;iicr, .11,' i --amr a., cnmin-j mil URST CHRISTIAN CHURCH K. K. 1-atimrr. MlnLilrr Church schoM. 9:45 a.m. Communion ond sermon, H a.m Vesper tevvlc^f. 6 p.m. All arc cordially invited. lems, is the daughter 'of Mr. and ino'rc'than'35 ways of serving corn Mr?. Will Frakcs. She attended meal. ol which rc'a/ls, "The way and han-b.v, which i lo the imdcrElinriino that God U Hayti Socjety -T- Personal .Virginia Eachus and .''•Mies-Doris Lee Smilh of Denlon arrived Thursday for a lew days visit wt»' >N«M ~ ' bthtr.'lrlends. The Woman's Missionary union of Die Baptist church met at Ihe church Wednesday afternoon for the monUily Royal Service pro- Ouaranteed Famous Crystals vlll give you belter satisfaction as a Inxativc and diuretic Ihan anything you have ever used or your money refunded without a word, and why not when this natural mineral crystal-'filves you the same water us comihs right cml of Ihe well- known Famous Wells at Mineral Wells,'Tc«s. For sate In $1.00 sileclomy while ; Dr. J. McGuiic of Campbell al-' fcii'dert lo-businrss here Tuesday. I • Amon^'those who arc allriuim? MIC itcachcrs meclini: at Cai>r <;:-, rartieau are Misses Macearel Hill, oina Dugpar. Mildred Popham, and Virginia Satders. Misses Pen Lilc Compere, annd Virginia McDonald and Edgar Btirrcss also went. They arc to sing wilh Ihe other students from Southeast Missouri i who attend. Four students wore I selected from each school which makes a group of nboul 150. • Miss Christina Harmon, who i*. unending • the Southeast Mlwmm Teachers College, arrived hnim- Friday lo spend a few days wilh Hi. l.nnis v.tin.- lie l.i-..-ii «•:'!!. a-. Mil oral Well:-. --•51(0 rackam- and Sl.W pack:ii;i!. . ' ' ^Adv. and 11.50 site. Buy Way at Robinson Drug. Co, Fowler Dru gCo. you lier parent, Mr . and Mrs. II t;. Harmon. Mrs. J. M. Mllc.s was hoMc.^ in Die Woman's MUsioiuiy Socirlx (if New Madrid Thursday aficinxni with clghlccn members picfer.l. Mrs. Miles was a member oi tin 1 society when she resided al New- Madrid. A number cf the younger set c:i- Jojed a hay ride and wclncr ronsl G. G. Caudill General Insnrancc 198' N. Broadway VIvonc 7f)7 BLYTHEVILLE One Week Starting MONDAY, OCT. .Slinniii!; ill :i I'l-iiitndalilc Tmt Ilir.ilrr tt- aim'nry li.ralrcl on the lots MUHT "TAMED and HOW". A Iliisk. Hn:ipiiy 3-A«-l' C'cinnily llrima wilh a 1'iirpasr. _ 6 BIG NIGHTS 6 NEW nf Drama Vamlevllle an:l .^luslc 1'l.AV- AM) MVSI(! K.Vl-KV XKillT A TEASINO, TAMALIXlNt: OKC1II:.STKA A "K>l'-ti.\OltTIN'" . SI'liEKT »AN» ADMISSION—lOc aid 20o. ladies FREE Mor.d.iy Night «licn .ncr.f.nipanltd by a p.ild !Cc llfkct. • lA'.^jilie^ !>t!^ I'aiGn l'c:t Amcriran l.e^iou.l

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