Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 17, 1969 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1969
Page 13
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Gill W.T.L. Club Given Food Tips "Meal Pfanning _ Just Two was the topic of the lesson pro sented by Mrs. Chris Buntin and Mrs. Carl Lcbsack at th . Oct. 10 meeting of the Gil W. 1. L. Extension Homemak crs held at the home of Mrs Arthur Meyer in Greeley. Sev era! food cooking tips were given and two quizes, men planning and calorie contro · were presented to the group. Another lesson was given bv , Mrs. Meyer on "Raising Mon sters or Junior People." The col lege pre-school program was de. · tailed and its purpose in re gard to "high-risk" children. Mrs. Austin Madison, presi dent, and Mrs. Neif Jackson secretary, reported on the coun cil meeting they had attended The election for county officers was held and the upcoming county day, November 11, was discussed. Mrs. Jackson was appointed to make luncheon reservations for those planning to attend. The remainder of the meeting was spent attending to club business. Mrs. Robert Ehrlich was . elected to serve as treasurer for the incoming year. . Next month the installation of officers will be held at the regular meeting scheduled for 1:30 p.m., Nov. 13 at the home o Mrs. Arthur Rohr at GUI. Mrs. Harry Reimers, as a past president, will install the officers. ^Mrs. Leo French received the dimelena and anniversary and birthday gifts were received by Mrs. Virgil Ottiriger and Mrs. Bob Krause, respectively. Mrs. Reimers, assisted by her daughter, Mrs. Meyer, served . refreshments. Use dried or frozen eggs only in foods that are to be thoroughly cooked unless the, label stales that the product is 'safe to use in uncooked or slighlly healed foods'. So says the U. S. Department of Agriculture. fr rom By HELOISE CRUSE oiAe Dear Heloise: To All correspondence pertaining to the Heloise column should be milled directly to Heloise, King Feature! Syndicate, 135 E. 45th Street. New York, New York 10017. lint and dust off ink pads and rubber stamps w l t h n t , without soiling your fingers: cellophane tape a bit longer than the -..,, ,, n j u , ule s ti c ky S i(j e d own pj ace it across one miiiTh ·· ' prcess down ' remove il and l )i; ° cccd wi 'h this until the entire surface of the pad has been exposed to the tape. Works wonders. Then apply your ink to the pad and you Dear Heloise: have a smooth, almost brand- * Ilan 8 a lightweight blanket on a hanger in my closet, so whenever f need it during the night it's easy to get to. new appearance. Do the same thing with fresh aps for your rubber stamps t removes the dust and fln hat have a tendency lo adlien o these too. Martha Firebaugh It sure does make a differ . Try it! Dear Heloise: Heloise Put a layer of marshmallows n the bottom of a pumpkin )ie, then add the filling. You vill have a nice topping, as he marshmallow will come to he top. Try it and see! Mrs. L. E. Volker ruests Attend Meeting Of Kensington Club Two guests, Mrs. Rachel ohnson and Mrs. llda Safarik, tlended the Friday afternoon meeting of the Kensington Club t Ihe home of Mrs. Virginia lenderson. Seven members of le club also were present. During the brief business meeting, roll call was answered interesting readings and mems, and the remainder of the afternoon was spent at games. The hostess for the Nov. 14 meeting will be Mrs. Roy Nordell, 1016 33rd Avs., assisted by Mrs. Elsie Carlson. Get Trim J| Stay Trim WITH "World's Easiest Method of Active Exercise" SLIM-GYM' FOR FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION CATHY OLSON 352-0800 Laboratory School Lunch Menus for Week Hot lunch menus for (he enus iiut luiiL'ii menus ior uic Laboratory School for the cnsu-' Ilot luncl1 menlls for Sclioql;SHliid; seasoned broccoli; frcs) ing week, Oct. 20-24, will in-P' s ' r ' c ' Six an( l breakfast menus whole bannna; 'A pint whole I Friday, Oct. 17, 1989 GItEELEY TRIBUNE Page 13 ing week, Oct. 20-24, elude: Monday: Vegetable stew with cubed beet; lettuce and egg salad with mayonnaise; crackec wheat muffins with butter; nimpkin pie with whipped top- jing; Vz pint whole'milk (plain or chocolate)'. Tuesday: Chiliburger on a )un; French fries with catsup; carrot slicks; frosted choco- ate cake; % pint whole milk. Wednesday: Kraulb u r g e r squares; potato chips; celery sticks; butterscotch squares; for East Memorial Park, Franklin end Greeley West for the en- . I . M U f . Wlvypj ,jy c VH 4 UUll, Monday: Ground beef and l' ffi "ed '"'own potatoes; buttered gravy; buttered whipped pola- Sreen beans; chilled peach half; iocs; shredded lettuce with ^ nint wnole milk salad dressing; rolls and butter; cake with pineapple icing; I keep a cleaning bag over it milk. to prevent blanket lint from getting on my clothing. -- IT i-_n-_iM, \-ituwug,^ o m v Y , *juw- This idea sure has saved me boy bread; apples; Vz pint milk a lot of getting up and down (plain or chocolate) at night to search for a blanket in the linen closet. Dear Heloise: Brenda M,, ,, · M, t, j My neighbor had an Friday: Fish sticks with lemon brush; macaroni in tomatoes; spinach with cheese sauce; cornbread with butter; which I thought might inter- milk. cho j ce of f ruit ; % pint whole est gals with babies. Until her baby was ready to :at table foods, she converted her breadbox (the kind with a shelf inside) into a baby food cabinet! On the top shelf she kept his electric feeding dish, several spoons and a few single-serving boxes of cereal. On the lower shelf she kept a 'ariety of both strained and jun- or jars of food. Now that her son is complete- y on table foods, she has converted the breadbox into a 'ditty" cabinet. It houses her trading stamps, stamp-books coupon and all the various items we housewives usually cram in a drawer! Jacque Long Dear Heloise: I had one of those contour hag bathroom rugs that fit- ed around the bottom of the Dasin. Well, it shrank when washed. What to do? I cut the two "ears" off even- y across the top of the rug, vhipslitched these together round the curved edges with . eavy butlon-hole Ihread and presto, a super-duper car washing mit for my husband! The rest of the rug, now with a straight edge at the top, fits nicely in fronl of Ihe wash basin, and everyone thinks it was made for that space originally. Shop Friday Night 'Til How's that for killing two birds with one slone? Sewing Susie * * Dear Heloise: It isn't easy to think of gifts for elderly people, but I came up with one recently that may interest you. !0s who has managed for many years with only "uppers." She has a marvelous sense of humor and whenever we asked her what she wanted for her birlh- iay, Christmas or Mother's Day, she always said, "a box She knew eat peanul of peanut brittle.' she would never __. r brittle again -- nor, I suppose, can many people with a full sei of dentures. Anywy, I got the bright idea )f grinding a pound of peanut mttle In my food chopper to a : ine granulated stage. Then I )Ut it into a pretty candy jar and tied a bright-colored rib- on on it. The attached car read: "Hope you'll like this more than a iltle -- it's what you wanted-- eanut brittle." Well! She was so pleased, leloise. Whenever she got candy hungry, she would eat a ipoonful and enjoy that remem- lered taste of irowned sugar. '· The difference is men's wear tailoring. To find our how ' elegant that is, slip into the difference Gordon makas in pant* ' ond.-vests. Shown here: cotton Moleskin vest, $28. Glen plaid wool pants, $25. Sizes 6 to 18. By Activair, Safari shirt in Dccron* polyester and Avron* rayon. Siras 8 to 18. $12. MITH'S known for quality apricot sauce; % pint whole Thursday: Baked beans wieners; cabbage slaw; cow- Vz pint whole milk. Tuesday: Taco ,,,, sauce; oven browned potatoes; fresh green pepper slaw; rolls and butter; chocolate peanut cutter brownies; Vz pint whole milk. Wednesday: Sliced sold cuts and cheese on a bun; potato Greeley Catholic School Lunch Menus for Week Lunch menus for the Greeley Catholic School for the coming week, Oct. 20-24, will include: Monday: Escalloped potatoes and beef; buttered peas and carrots; dinner roll and butter; oeanut butter brownie; Vz pint whole milk. Tuesday: Chiliburger on a 3Un; buttered green beans; orange juice; chocolate pudding; '2 pint whole milk. Wednesday: Pigs-in-blankets; oven baked potatoes; celery stuffed with peanut butter; jellied fruit salad; % pint whole milk. suing week, Oct. 20-24, are as follows: JUNIOR HIGH ELEMENTARY milk. Thursday: American pizza . with sausage; buttered wholt kernel corn; salata; tapioca pudding with topping; % pint whole milk. Friday: Sloppy Joe on a bun; Thursday: Taco with tomato sauce s-nd cheese; buttered rice orange juice; cowboy bread; V pint whole milk. Friday: American pizza; let- .uce with French dressing, cake with caramel icing; 'A pini chocolate milk. Trinity Lutheran School Lunch Menus Hot iuncli menus for Trin ity Lutheran School for the en suing week, Oct. 20-24, are as follows: Monday: Meat balls; mashed potatoes; fruit salad; French bread and butter; Vz pint whole milk. Tuesday: Baked beans and wieners; cabbage and carro salad; baked apple; corn breac and butter; % pint whole milk Wednesday: Potato soup; pea IkClCOb ^UU. ..-..MUJ . A ulalU dUUUj Uttii I know a darling lady in her nut . but'er and jelly sandwich, Is who has mnnnuprl fnr muni fruit cup; prune cake with whij topping; J /» pint whole miik. peanuts and Ellen * Olsen Yummy; You've got my ap- ».uii«cu. learnem u etite all whetted up for that small scatter rugs. r ery same taste . . ." none bet- er! Heloise Copyright, 1969, King Features Syndicate, Inc. Thursday: Hoaggies; buttered green beans; grape juice; oatmeal cookies; % pint whole milk. Friday: Sloppy Joes; buttered corn; fruit salad; banana pudding; % pint whofe milk. Alter Room Size To Suit Needs There is little you can do to change the atcual size of your rooms without knocking down walls or installing partitions. But there is much you can do to visually enlarge or decrease the size of a room. If the room is too small, select draperies that match the walls. Slick with light colors, using the same color on ceiling as walls, Jut with a lighter tone on ceiling. Select scaled-down furniture and accessories. Carpet the floors wall-to-wall, or use light- colored . resilient flooring .with School District RE-1 Lunch Menus for Week Hot lunch menus for School District RE-1 for the ensuing week, Oct. 20-24 will include: Monday: Pizza; combination salad; buttered corn; peaches; : pint whole milk. Tuesday: Chili and crackers; ettuce and egg salad; carrot sticks; coffee cake; 14 pint whole milk. Wednesday: Sloppy Joes; but- :ered potatoes; difl slices; fruit cup; Vz pint whole milk. Thursday: Macaroni and tuna 'ish salad; buttered peas; rolls and butter; orange juice; apple cobbler; Vz pint whole milk Friday: Manager's Menu. bookmobile Schedule For the Coming Week The AVeld County Library Bookmobile schedule for the coming week, Oct. 20-24, Is as follows: Monday: Bonell, 9:30-10:15 a.m.; Jackson Blvd., 2:45-4:30 pint whole milk. SENIOR HIGH (With Choices) Monday: Ground beef and hot gravy or Salisbury steak; but-"- tered whipped potatoes; shredded lettuce with salad dressing; rolls and butter; cake with pineapple icing or orange sherbet; Vi pint whofe milk. Tuesday: Taco with hot sauce or baked noodle supreme; oven browned potatoes; fresh green pepper slaw; rolls and butter; chocolate or blond peanut p.m. Tuesday: Prospect Valley (town), 11:10 - 11:40 a.m.; Keenesburg; Milliken. Wednesday: Pierce. Thursday: Evans; Mountain uu ,.j. ii. = uuiuuu View; Wattenburg, 10 - 10:30 serve plain whole milk daily , a.m.; Space City, 11-12 noon, Friday: Free. butter brownies; Vz pint whole milk. Wednesday: Sliced cold cuts and cheese on a bun or student council choice; potato salad; seasoned broccoli; fresh whole banana; Vz pint whole milk. Thursday: American pizza with sausage or stuffed tomato with tuna salad; buttered whole kernel corn; salata; tapioca pudding with topping or applesauce; Vz pint whole milk. Friday: Sloppy Joe on n bun or hot beef sandwich; hashed brown potatoes; buttered green beans; chilled peach half or milk nickel; Vz pint whole milk. BREAKFAST MENUS Monday: Orange juice; grilled peanut butter sandwich; Vz pint whole milk. Tuesday: Orange juice; sugar cookies; Vz pint whole milk. Wednesday: Orange juice; cowboy bread; Vz pint whole milk. Thursday: Choice of orange or tomato juice; oatmeal; Vz pint, whole milk. Friday: Orange juice; white cake; Vz pint whole milk. The senior and junior high schools serve a choice of whole milk, either plain or chocolate, daily. The elementary schools Sanitone moon See June on Pelticoit June with chocolate every Monday. milk available $ 12" globe, just 5.95 ($12.95 retail value) 52" x 48" map, just Both Moon Globe and Moon Map produced for Sanitone. Globe has stand and reference book.'Map Is printed in 3-D effect. Both are full- color. Globe Is $12.95 retail value, map Is S1.95 retail value. 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