Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 20, 1970 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Page 24
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Wed., May 40, 1970 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 25 Theater Week By WILLIAM GLOVER AP Drama Critic NEW YORK (AP) - A musical collage about uheUo life, "The Me Nobody Knows," arrived Monday night at off-Broadway's OrpheUm Theater, a bit too slick for its own good. The text spoken by a dozen youthful performers is taken from a paperback anthology of l o w n lnat started the vogue. The - ·- effect is recognizable but regrettable, like a boogaloog session in leisure village. Out of "Garganlua and Panta- gruel" and sundry other pieces by Rabelais, Barrault has con- bawdy, over-talky episodes that schoolwork by the 7 to 18 age group in New York slum districts. Well enough, in its mixture of naive wonder and bitter awareness of disadvantage. But 17 hard rock numbers, composed by Gary William Friedman, with lyrics by Will Holt, form the largest part of the somewhat unclassifiablc affair. They are entitled to their liberal opinions, but having the kids moulh adult sentiments in to-and-fro succession hardly enhances admiration for the underlying purpose of the production. The group of performers is certainly enthusiastic, with certain diction problems for the very youngest, all hough nobody's clarity is helped by echoes bouncing all over the narrow auditorium from overwrought loud-speakers. The Robert H. Livingston staging relies on grouping players so that spots can dramatically pick them out as fhey percli on Clarke Dunham's tenement setting. Stan Goldberg and Jeanne Livingston trick up the decor with pictorial projections. "The Me Nobody Knows" is a 15 minute show that lasts two hours. NEW YORK (AP) - Jean- Louis Barrault and his French cohorts tackle a couple of big theatrical challenges in "Rabelais," which arrived Tuesdayjyoulh. It is sad that so much uf night at City Center with hon-!the content is so old-hat. again and again assault Estab-from (a) Cambodia; (b) North How's Your News I.Q.? orable but limited results. The one dare is attempting to compress within a stagework the tumultous literary outpour ings of a lifetime by one of the Renaissance's most famous, rude and gassy rebels. The other is bringing Gallic imitation of hippy-rock-involvement performance back to the Associated Press News Quiz Editor's note: How much do you remember about the news of the world? This weekly quiz will help you find put. If you score fewer than five correct the nation rose in the last ade by (a) 25.5 per cent; 1G.9 per cent; (c) 23.2 per cent. 9. The stock market plunged Thursday to its lowest level since: (a) November, 1929; (b) answers you had better read UiulApril, 1903: (c) June, 1908. paper a little more carefully. Ifl I0 - T wo black nicn were k i l l e c 1. Walter P. Reulher, killed in a plane crash in Michigan, was: (a) president of Ihc National League; (b) Republican senator from Wisconsin; (c) president of the United Automobile Workers Union. 2. A rescue flotilla of gunboats coded a conglomeration of sailed up the Mekong River to lishment decorum as represented by priest, lawyer and warrior. Most of the imagery is for pendants. For contrast, the lively cast that romps about in a motley of current garb and Mardi Gras disguise explores those sexual- anal episodes most closely identified with the adjective Rabelaisian. Although the production has gathered heady acclaim during previous stops on intercontinental travels, apparently for daring and originality, all of the running up and down aisles, flashing spotlights in spectators' eyes, blaring sound and other devices can't atone for the core boredom of the repetitious extravaganza. For the sake of customers whose sense of French doesn't include gutter vernacular, an improved instant translation device is available, with Faubion Bowers giving all the Anglo- Saxon equivalents. Barrault has dedicated his "Rabelais" to today's militant Television Review By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television Radio Writer you do eight or better, you rale 1. c 4 . c 7. a take South Vietnamese refugees Vietnam; (c) Laos. 3. Marking the 22nd anniversary of its status as a nation was: (a) South Africa; (b) Canada; (c) Israel. 4. Racial violence left six dead and others wounded in: New York; (b) Detroit; (c) Augusta, Ga. 5. A tornado killed at least 20 persons, injured some 1,000, and left thousands of others homeless in: (a) Topeka, Kan.; (b) Oklahoma City, Okla. (c) Lubbock, Tex. 6. The mayoral election in Newark, N.J., was won by Kenneth A. Gibson, Negro civil engineer, who faces a runoff election against: (a) Gov. Lester Maddux of Georgia: (b) Mayor John Lindsay of New York; (c) Alayor Hugh Addonizio of Newark. 7. In the Senate vote on President Nixon's nomination of Judge Harry Blackmun to the U.S. Supreme Court, Blackmun was: (a) confirmed unanimous-j ly; (b) rejected by a majority;! (c) Asked to submit to further! examination. Residential renls around and five wounded on the campus of (a) Kent Stale (h) JJack son Stale College; (c) Ohio University. Quiz Answers 2. a 5. c 8. b 10. b 3. c C. c 9. b IWME RATINGS FDR PARENTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE 1»« ob/Klin of l/i8 utingt is to Mwm ptrtflfc ·taut the suitability tt mm** contttnt lor viewing by their eW*«rt. G ALL AGES ADMITTED General Audiences GP ALL AGE: ADumm Parental Guidance SuggMted RESTRICTED Under 17 requires accomoBnylng Parent or Adult GuenJian ^ NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED (Age limit may viry in certain areas) Planned Rerun By CYNTHIA LOWRY I AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - The song says love is sweeter (he second time around but those lyrics were written before NBC's "Laugh-In" started rerunning Gladys' and Tyrone's December TOKYO ( A P ) - The electron-; jics firm of Fujitsu Lid. of Tokyo 'is working on a system that w i l l , enable a viewer to push a button' on his television sel and receive Bill Hillard, who died at 21. information from a central com-; came from Randolph, N.Y. H e i p u t c r . Us capabilities will en- 1 left a young wife. Rosemary, compass weather forecasts a n d ' who spoke quietly of her sorrow outlines and feeling of waste. Friends grams, talked about llillard and his f u - ^ lure and many had tears in their eyes. His mother reminisced about. missed TV pro-:' CINEMA 35 Ft. Collins "Finders Keepers Lovers Weepers" 8:20 10:50 "Vixen" 7:00 9:30 STARTS SUNDAY "The Nolorius Cleopatra" and "The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and .Juliet" FOR ADULTS ONLY! , ,; · ·. · e aou romance. In their ease, it is a j h c r SOI] . S grmving up ycars Jn K ore - | the rural community and _ "Laugh-In," however, is not,duded: "Any time now I the only program that loses lot in its second time out. Nei- con- read eight or 20 or 100--well. ·'now I feel thai each one was a (her ABC nor CBS is making re- hoy--like Bill." run t i m e any more pleasanti T| 10 poifinmi! pro-ram was since both are opening up more! success f u | j n changing an im- time in their lint weather sched-|| K ,,. sona | s i a tj s ij c j nlo ;1 | m m an riles to reuse some elderly f i l m 1 tragedy. features t h a t , even in their, ' youth, were the short end of a: David double feature. reaping rost appears rich harvest to he At the moment, the three net- visit to Hollywood. Instead of al- works are devoting more t h a n ways trying In bring on all the 14 hours a week of preciousicelcbritics he can corral. Krosl prime evening lime to films;is often concentrating on a sin- originally shown in theatres.:ple guesl. His fill minutes w i t h plus ABC's "Movie of the .lack Benny, seen on Frost's Week," 90-mimile ' fealnres \cw York outlet Monday n i g h t , made for initial TV use. Anoth- was deliglitfu 1 . or four and one-half hours of Interview shows, including movie will be added temporal'!- Krosl's tend to he about as £:od ly. ·*:; the visiting t a l e n t . Benny. re- Old movies constitute the laxed. warm and amusing, was most important ingredicnl in.a great guest. He talked about nclwork proyramniini; today, old times inid old friends, told bu: almost 20 hours of t h e m a. favorite jokes and even supplied \\eek in prime time does m a k c j b i l s from his concert routine, one wonder what ever happened' Since programs of syndicated to TV's creative initiative. series are broadcast at different Viewers whose attention was times on different stations, the held Monday night by a rerun of Benny interview is a Frost pro- a 10-year-old Vincent Price rnr- gram to watch for. ror movie were not likely In stick around for the short docu- Qranqe Blossoms mentary that followed. It was n! worthy' one. "Missing in Kan-' GKASSE. France -- It lakes dolph." which tried to show how 1 ] 1.000 pounds of orange blossoms' those left beind felt about the; to make one pound of nernlil battle deatli of a soldier in Viel-|-- concentrated orange-flower nam. iOil -- for the perfume industry. DRIVE-IN THEATRE 2930 S. l l t h Ave. 353-1375 A d u I t K 51.25 Children Under 12 Free NOW SHOWING A man went looking for America. And couldn't find it anywhere... PANOO COMPANY in .r^oci BAYBtRI PRODUCTIONS pu'lcnli easy nltisn PETER FONDA-DENNIS HOPPER JACK NICHOLSON · co: OR - neV.iMbrOXUMBiAFounts CANNfS FILM FESIIWII WINNER 1 Best Film By a New Director" ENJOY OUR SNACK BAR You Have Seen The World's GREATEST BELLY DANGER Little Egypt On BATMAN, MERY GRIFFIN, JOHNNY CARSON, MIKE DOUGLAS, and the Broadway Hit Show "GIDEON"... now see her live at THE HITCHING POST INN Cheyenne TWO PERrOUMANCES NIGHTLY IN THE SHOW LOUNCJK Pkow I53JHI7 Are Bcrtcr Than E*«* STARTS TONIGHT the Forbin Project A UNIVERSAL PICTURE · TECHNICOLOR' 11 · PANAVISION* JTWIN1 THEATRES 353-8484*2333 W. 28th Starts Today! ALL NEW HITS! "The family that slays together stays together · «^-«^-- -- M A FlflRKFR _ . . . . - :..,_. LLOYD He goes for simple pleasures... like sniffing glue and playing with matches . ARTHUR A real lady-killer ...the typical Cs,- : red-blooded 6:45, 8:20, 10:00 38** Ri JAWLS H NICHOLSON *"(E*MUn. Z. ARKOITnt^tir SHELLEY WINTERS PAT HINGLE DON STROUD DIANE VARSI The Magic Christian is: antiestablishmentarian, antibellum, antitrust, antiseptic, antibiotic, ^antisocial, antipasto. rtsv^_?/-'£? ^!^ ^^ i XT-, 4 ·' j' Pf *" f RiV 1 "" -T V ··jV*H» -kH*%;''i)/t' .-M*$,^ v* 7 ? ammM^a^ m - and . . . It 9 s FUNNY! HICHARD ATTENBOROUGH · LEONARD FREY- LAURENCE HARVEY CHRISTOPHER LEE-SPIKE MILLIGAN-RAQUELWELCH 'WILFRib HYDE WHITE- ISABELJEANS- CAROLINE BLAKISTON 7:35, 9:15 352-3636 1516 Eighth St When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be ... And when the brokenhearted people, Living in the world of grief. There will be an answer, let it be. THE BEATLES 1 tUAGESADMITHD United Artists OPEN 7:00 PLUS The most j explosive rl spy scandal "~ of this century! AIMED BITQICOCKS IVERS'M PICTURE TECHNICOLOR*.X*?f*sf9?XnS9B??' I Box O f f i c e Opens at 7:30, Show Time. Dusk , Come Out E*rly And Enjoy A Treat In The Snack Bar h Saves, He touches, He fights, And his weapon is life. His heels arc run clown. His c u f f s arc shabby tnd his collar is frayed. Yet he wears them like armor. In another age. he might have been a warrior. A poet. A King. Today he is Mat souk,is. He lives in Chicago. His friends know him ac a philosopher, prophet, gambler, brawler, drinker, wrestling instructor, and marriage counselor. His kids think he's all the Greek oods rolled into one. His w i f e can't resist him. Neither can his girl- " friend. And his mother-in-law thinks he'« * h LI in, M.itsoukris is ,1 man who communi- c.-i'es a life force to everyone he meets, touches, and loves. He is a man who will make you feel more alive. Anthony Quinn is Mntsoukas. This is the rote that has been vwiitiim for him. , RESTRICTED Urder 17 requires accomosnylnj 33? 7:00 9:02 a cf trenrei off kings" r;r : q slovens CHIEF 362-0243 706 Eighth St.

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