Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 9, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX : LAS CflUCES (N. M,l SUN-NEWS Wednesday Evening, May 9, 1'JSl Las Cruces Sun-News I PHONE DEADLINE 9 A.M. Fighis Lasi Night Dogs To Leave Thursday Morning For Stale Ball Tourney At Vegas Aggie Students Compete In Big College Rodeo Dukes' Lead In WT-NM Hearly Upset By Pampa | l!y Tin- AssticlnliMl I'rchi ; The Albuquerque JJijke:f b a r e l y ; | manured to lian^ on In t h e i r .'jinn ' luuil In tile West TcxiiK-Nuw McXi- co IjBScb.'ill luftjjut f f isi Tlie Dukes oltcd nut wiml-blown 11-10 victory ' » v t r j Mahonoy C'lLy Pa.--FruiliMe fcc- I'ainp-'' trj Kl;| y u fcw I";i'Cc^;ifit'..shun-. 10.'!. Jlarn.sburg, Pa., knock- IJy tlii! Assoulnffid I'rnss Union high's HulldofiK leave Las Cmces cnrly tomorrow morning for the state baseball loiirniimcnl Uii.'i wfchenil at Uts VCKHK. Thr 'Ones will In: oni* of ci(,'ht bi- (lintrlct clininpioiiH competing. Piiirlngs call far L!i:t Cnid-i; to j play Us f i r s t n a m e Filday nl ^ p. in. nf,'Hin:;t Floyd. The loiirtmineiit will be played tWO KH"T'.'i U l f t l l l l t : ' "» tw " l l l f - (erent dinmonilii lyjjie Vujjas hljjh park. New York -"Xorniiin Thompson, J47',|j. MtiniLobti, Sask., stopped wllil.i Hilly Wyatl, 15:;, Trenton. N. J., 3. :-' nl out Kooky Jonc.s, 1S5, Camtlen, lefit; nxli-o riiliTH bl-K for national lio/tois today :is the . .1., -1. H a c r a u i L - n t u -- Joe Lopes, K!2, u u t p o i n t c d Archie 1,'!5. Oiikliind, Calif., 1B8, Sacramento. 5. Angeles - Art Ai-Hgon. L | KM'. 3 . '-:"» Antreles. fitupped Mario lliS. HL. Paul. D i i t j i o i n t f l Pat laco- j bucci, 127. C i i i H n m i t i , 10;. pnlntH JiJicml of t h e hustling itiul-place Abilene crew. A i m u i i u suljihiRil lliK .Hcrtippy Clovin oulfH. j-7 lo stay ur. tliu Iiculs of tlie j SiiuntniL-nti Dulu-n. I VVhilewati!. J^'^, B |Sr l « n a l !:u l J;S:i 10 i'-n....... - .»» Olson. 1,7.) ;;!:^ha't{c'l t h e l u c k i e r A,,,.,rillo i l l m m l u l , , . In.ncto. out Lloyd Cold Sox another defeat, this one I A n heart-breaking 9-8 a f f a i r lint' went 10 inningH. , . ^ w ·· ii-i 0 '"i^» .,,-=.1 Wl. i«l«y in | 'l'TM"""' i"n»-·'«'·»· '""-»-· Iho sunn- lui-alions. Tfm Dulce-Pampa control .nt I';iiii]j;i fciituit.-ii an uf 'M hits, many of t h e m - a t t r i l m t c i l t . i j ^ f g s j XeX3S FoOlfaall tin: tricky winil. Alhiiqiiorciuc TMl- idi'fj niL-c-tin^ -in Will I ITH Munmrliil Collmiuin. Kt. U'oitli. -r^^ ,,,,,, ..J-T^rr.r^ ^fr;;~;:::::;:ei co a ch B.^, PCS. ·«"l" % "iK- h n o r l t f i l rait in thi! lirat innil.K ' fgy ^riZOHa JOD ](1 ( , ) , u H n r noun. Pinal.H w i l l !»· pjnyi-d nl 2::H» | U(|( ( . ( j l l ( . f . 1 ; i t ( . to;iM1H Sut'inldy a f t e r n o o n . : Hu| } , (iv; ]entlK UH . Af;f , it . ;I , V ;ho n n Over 5,500 See American Royal Rodeo In Kansas KANSAS CITY. May 9 UP) -A crowd of 5,500 persons saw last niKlit's pc-rformanc'c of the American Royal rodeo, The results; UfirebEick bronc Aiding -- l.Todd \Vluitlcy. Hugo. Okla.; 2, Jack BiiHchbuiu, Cassvllle, WIs.; 3, EudU Spualnimi, Daly City, Calif., On 1 f ropi ng -- 1 , Dan Taylor, Bruv/nfilcil, Tex., 14. K sccnnrJs; 2, -I,. N. Sikes, Mexia r Tcx., 22.2 xe.c- 'unds; ?·, Jess Gooclsppfiil, Wctniu- ka. Okla., '22.1 seconds. Haddlt; brouc riding -- i, Jnck UusfhlKim, Cnsfivillc. Wis.; 2,, Bill [jnrietman, Red J-odgs, Mont.;; 3, Del) Copcnhavcr, Crcston. 1 Wash. Cmtinj; horse contest -- 1. Phil WillinmK. Tokio, Tex., on Skeeter; 2, ISustei 1 Welch, Midland, Tex., on Chlcachue ]\Iikc; 3 Miss Nancy Brasfj. Tulsa, on Joe Henry. Steer wrestling -- 1, Wayne Dim- n f o n , · Westmoreland, , Ivans., 4.G seconds; 2, Bill McGnire. Fort Worth, Tex., 6.4 seconds; II, Steve Men cock. Phoenix, Ariz., 8 seconds. llrahma bull riclihg -- 1, Harry Minor League Scores By The Associated Tress PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Sacramento 5, Hollywood 4. Portland 3, Los Angeles 2. Sun Francisco 4, San Diego a. Seattle 10, Oakland 1. TEXAS LEAGUE Dallas 3, Shrevcport 1. Beaumont 3, Fort Worth 0. Houston 15, Oklahoma City «i. . San Antonio 15, Tulsa 4. WEST TEXAS-NEW 3JEXICO Albuquerque 11, Pampa 10. Abilene 9, Clovis 7. LaMesa 4, Borger 3. Lubbock D, Amarillo 8. Sports Briefs liy, The Assucluled I'ri-hs BASEBALL: Cincinnati -- A pica by four Michigan members of Clnss A Central LcilKJie for ?40,000 of money paid to Detroit Tigers for radio broadcasting rights was denied by Commissioner A. B. Chandler. GOLF Fort 'Smith, Ark.--Polfy rtilcy, defending champion, cruched Mrs. Grndy Prim. 0 and 9, in first round of Southern Women's Amateur tourney. . . North Hollywood, -Calif. -- Leo Diesel, 51, former PGA champion, died of cancer, after Jingci-lng. lirjj ness/ RACING ,. · New York--Eddie A ream Triple at Jamaica: Sir White $8.70, Sor.ny Stiffcl, $6.60, Mixture, ?5.7r Cnmdeh, V. J.--To .Market S4.fl. look Indiana'Kliitr. Purse aL G: den-State By two lengths. LAS' CHUCES LIQUORS! The Store of Gooc! Spirits | Buii6nN f uX \VJNE 1 Your Family Package Ston| ;334g.MAIN J . t!irouf,'h w i t h n rcuouiKlinM victory. L'-adinf: the hopes uf :tn A; vlctoiy m e F. C- Stover, tuji h-Ki! r.!ilf ]"PIT; H a r r y Hop CiirKlM.I. ( i i i l l n p ]'iiln-il In llu- IMWIM- tn-ai-kcl, Cfirl.-iliiirl n n i l ( i n l l i i | i lnn;;li n t tin- Kami' l l i n r I l i r ('nifT.-i-I-'Idyd nuilch l!i) t l i l n l In linll r i d i n g : inni l)')n Prli;- l)chi); j]iiyi-d. j jj ( ! in i m-niiid in h u l l iluj;;;in|;. niln-i- lilayi'd lit [I ti'iiin nii:inbi:i[i itrc Uilly IJlili'i. n. in. Sahn-day In Ixith bi-nckeln. Klnnlh will ln» played at L«p«7 pork Siiturday nfu-rnoon. CI!M h M r t r k Cenera i.s t a k i n g ;i j G - m n i i j u j u d i i t o I h c t o u n i i i m c n t . U ' iiirludi-:; Harold Cole. Ah A t f ' i l r - i'i:,. Vlri.-jile Hamii'-/.. .Innim Fern- anile/, 1 Jiwre.iice Lupi;/., Armando Hnrl'iuiv.. S k l p p i r C'uley, Rn.s PurxfiM.'i, .Innmy Hr.'idh-y, A I I K U ] ICiilniitii, O . i i f - r Cart-la, Hutly Pn- I:nin, JCd O i i t i v v i u j i and .Ic.sini Pa?.. HUitli-nt miii.HKrr Holt lloblv.t w U l ' u c c d i u j T U i y the temn. The t.-am'.-, t n j t t n the lourna- mcnl. t; .-ii'on'.ored tjy I he Jlulliln;; UooHlfiH club, wtnt-li lin.-i tai:icd tmjney l.d Thi! Doc 1 :! fiiillini-s will be f u l l y env«ieO in t i n : Sun-New;) Ihiolir.H fadllllr.'i nl the A:inoci«lnl Pu-:i:t Ari Aragon Files For Title Fighi Wiih Ike Williams ni-ity. Jfin 1X3S A.NCKI.KS, May U I.TI Art A n i f i ' i n 1:1 llu- IK'U- k i n ^ of I l l U C l l l i l ' l i I M M l i ^ i l l U - l - t ^ l l l . - s ]lr win) lln: MttiU- fh'iinjiiiiil:,)!!!! laHt nlf;hl xvilh u ti'Chnii':il luiurk- out vli-loiy in Uir n i n t h uiniil over Mil i l » TI-IKO of Miinlrrrcy. Mi:x- tcij. Picvlniiiily tin- lltli- lifid ln-«n held h.v Jiihn I., Da via. who K - I I I I - . I r(:ri'.nll'. Tin- nr.lit w:in »UI]I|HI| n f u i . - j I l i ' i l u n m l n l i l i - . 1:1 M-,-IIII,|:I uf tin- i n i i l l i | I v l n i i l l i i u i l d wlii-n III.- Ixiv AIII;I-|I- f i K h l ! SI. l-""i-" IT was l . u n l i a M i i i j : Ti IB" .ii:iiMi:.l j l ' l i l l a i l i - l ] i h l l i tin- III|H-». At H i n t iwliil A r i i ; ; i i i ] T n i l i i ' » Srlii' \van li-iidln^ in |ioinl* dn thr tinut - MAJOR winnei-.s punched in the fir:;l ami Jcsji u n t W I I R I - . Ti At Ljim place Crownli on UK- .staff. Mayfield. however, will «;ich the j ii th,i, .,,.v,.n;.,.imm, B ^^^,,^ K ""% ""'^ ! in B anic \\.is ill Aiiili.-nr. i ,,.,,, working on tlie line. iliii-l lii-twi-i-n KM A r l l m r nl H i i ' j [i,;;.',! pij,,.,, ,,hcinl uf P»ni|i.i, till!: hunt chili and Karl llntli-r n\ Km- n |j. h |-,, lin | y ,-hun(;i! in standing;. K er u-a.s hl-dki-n up in t h e nuvnitll A r a n l i l l i i sholtslop Pinky Highy a L-ninliinaliDii nf a tinnt, a u-il'l L, ll!;s ijfj),),],^] 0110 w j t h tlK- tiirow l i f i i a t n n i i n HliiRlL L'l riKlil ! inmieti j,, ilu.- l O L I i lo KIVC hnh- roiilri H i n t BiMH-i-il IVilrii K n n l i a K " : | )0 ,.|, i\ w ,,,,,,,,. at Luljhock. ' with w h a t jinived lu In- the . v i n - i . nin^ run. I A u l o ninl (Hiicr l-'inaneiiiff . . . The win imivial J,aini.-sii iiilu i (.'lilllon l,iian Inslirnr..-.o Co.. NEW, SELF-SERVICE West Side's Valley Laundry Most Complete n nd Costs No More !II5 Norlli nlh St. J bliii-k N. ^lilto Out Cafe Phone 994-W II.V Till- A s u i r l n l r i l 1'lvt.s N . A T K I N A I . vv. i.. r(;-r. !!lt,ll I -I U .0011 i I..III1I!! I l l 'i . » « « · i u « .ri. r iO I I ID M\ II II .500 in i i .-no ii 11 .::'.}} ii n .''M Chiril||,i Ni-w Y o l k ( ^ n i - i i i n a t l Ti lla^'X Srln-illll st. Lnnis HI : rhn-.ii;n in iim"iiiyii C i n r i i n u i l i ill Ikv.liiii I'ltlKlltircll 111 I ' l l i I -i i l r I | i l i l a i n l l l h l l New York Ii. St U n i i a '!· I ' i l t i - h l l t K h 1 . rhUailrl])]il!i .'I l!ust"li 'i, ( ' i i i i - i n n i i t i I I'llH'iiK" '-. H n n ' k l y n I A.MKHICA.N' \\'. I.. I'CT. 0 .701) 0 .007 II .017 II VI 1 1 1 0 s .rirt ID it .r'..'0 ,H S .iiOU r, ir, .JMI ·i in .son M-hnllilnl fu I'rnnilscil ( IIIIIH-C Hli: York at C l i i v i ' l n n i l i n l i ..... I I'llli'liB" I l l i f i l l t l Tin- w!nni-r dl Ilir licllt lias lici'n ' I'liila-l^ll'hi.i at SI. Lnuis i n l B H I I pronilscil n rlliilio- at ]kr Wllllnm:, 1 1 Vi".li-rdii\'» Id-Mills world llKlllwi'lKht Htlc. ' ·' I V l i u i l 0, Xvw Ynrk .'i f l l ill- PATKHKON. N. -1-. M.iy ll M l , Plnliiili-l|ililn ». l"liiriij;ii -I. . T i n - N I I A s:ivi Ik,- \Yilliiiin.i | must a n a l i K i ' 1»-- Jllni' UM'' d i - j , . B ,,, ,,.(.,,..,,1,,. l t imlrsn W i l l i a m s fcnui- will! Alt Aiaj;(in 1:1 Lfi.i A n - i ]1(ll l t i , ;i y, |, (m im-tt.!!. .*^,;,U() tor Hrh-.i hy tin- olid "i tin- ui-rk nl 1»»\ In ,i:( m , ; ui,' lli.'i-poiihil wi-tt;lit liui- filrlp|iL-l nf his !i;htwrlf;hl hoMiif: _ ) ( ;1111 | .s^;,f.Kl lor his ajilH-arann'. crown. i ·!],,. x»A iluca nut rccoRnizr That winil i-lllin- lusl lil«lll l TM l ; W i l l i a m s ' si-lH-duU-d limit w l l l l J i i i i i n y CiirU'i 1 in Nrw Yin-It May :' a:i a t l t l r di-fcnw-. bi-i-iinst- dir- u-r is ni»! a Mulling lij-Jitvvolfthl. A In- .1. (iliM'llv, N a t u m a l A.ij.oflalion nimmit-MiimT. Imltor.v lilcliiili'ii n i l Ilic htlltcs I'MTjit Now Y m k . CCUC-MI- e,\plaincil. limvi.-yci. t h a i | nny iicllon taken on Willi.iini nmsl ' Im iippidVftd by th- i^.i'i'Ullve com- I H l t l l M ! Of till! N H A . Situs Tor Itiillt The ruimni.sMcim-i ;.:|M In- tm- ili-rolunil.1 W i l l i a m s has Muni-J lui tin- AniKiin tille bunt bill lln- I'.il- llorma Huhlng c,mimis«lnil ii'lus- Real Estate Loans W. J. LITTLE Iinpruvixl Oty I'rojxirly l p arniH -- Ilanrhew lint Nntlonnl Bank HUlg. 'I'iionr 270 or 1305 A matched set of Samsonite Luggage moth little beautiful matched set of Samsonite ;gagu will be a wonderful gift for your er. And it will cost ypu surprisingly ! Two pieces are priced at less than :1 expect lo pay for just one piece of quality! Samsonile lasts and lasts, better-than-leather finish is dirt, scuff-proof. It has shock absorber .ndles. Linings are luxurious...streamlined locks and fittings solid brass. Its construction is strong enough to stand on." For Mother's Day choose Samsonite luggage. MOTHER'S DAY IS MAY 13 Seven Beautiful Finishes: NATURAL RAWHIDE ADMIRAL BLUE SADDLE TAN CORDOVAN BROWN BERMUDA GREEN BEIGE CLAY PINK COPPER ^fcW/7 CSt0H0/lr / 0 VullyO'Nile $17.50 You Find Iho Nicor Things at Dunlap's! .!?=«*- IrslnCJieSn.SO" ·All |iilui pl.l Give Her Furniture.. .| I // Make Molher's Gift FURNITUHEll Lit/- , K* A Gifl she will love and cherish '°rjS many years lo come! Make your se-°| lection from cur big array of Lovelyg Gills! Priced for Savings! Sh early! Occasional Chairs from $12.95 A Gifl lo make Molher's eyes spar with pride! Lovely, gracious beau for Ihe home. Buy ih-s OccaGio Chair tomorrow for MOTHER! Floor Lamps Beautiful lo choosu bronze, copper and many finishes in wood from. from $12.95 Occasional } Tables Many styles and finishes ioj|; choose from. from $6.59 Table Lamps | Hundreds lo choose-from in; all styles -and colors, to malch any room. ' ·;": from SL951 Lawn Chairs Sicel and Aluminum. Dozens of styles io choose from. . Give Mother a Gift that she can use to relax in out doors this summer - - -.she will certainly appreciate it! from $4.95 For Her Boudoir Gay color for chairs lhai make a won- dorful g)fl for Molherl Buy ono now. from $29.50 LAS CRUCES FURNITURE CO. 207 - 215 South Main Phones 46 1146

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