Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 8, 1962 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1962
Page 12
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Sleeping Beauty's Christmas Story VS dW C'ounty Real Estate Transfers Revenue stamps on rtt\ estite transfers ire at tht rate ct »1.10 per thousand. ri* R Math**, to M»ti*»» Co p» rf 12 CREELEY TRIBl'NE Sat., Dtt. 8, 1MI By LUCRECE BEALE (AP Newsfeaturesl Chapltr Six The Blut-ScaM Scholar "\Vherc are we going?" asked Mr. Shnoo as he and Santa left, Slinoo's Zoo behind and started down the road leading poor Honey- bun on a rope. "There's an elf in Santa Land named Dr. Kernoodle." said Santa. "He has a wonderful way with sick animals. 1 think he can help Honeybun." "Oh 1 h o p e so!" said Mr. Shnoo. rubbing his fingers through the brown bear's fur. "But, oh dear, I don't think she can go that far. Look! She is staggering already." Honeybun swung her hurt head back and forlli. She seemed ready to give up and lie down right there in the road. Santa said, "Don't worry. We'll go by sea--the way I came. It's a very fast and restful trip." Mr. Shnoo got behind Honeybun and gently pushed her along. "A voyage should do her good," he said. "She was on a ship once before, when she was a cub." "It's not exactly a ship," said Santa, tugging on Honeybun's rope. "It's a Blue-Scaled Scholar." "Blue-Scaled Scholar! What is that?" 'You'll see soon enough." And sure enough Mr. Shnoo did see for they came, by and by, to the end of the road and there was the river. Waiting at the edge of the river was an enormous fish covered with sky-blue scales. He was big as a tug boat and his mouth when he opened it was as large as a small front porch. "Come in," said Santa and he led Honeybun and the astonished Mr. Shnoo right into the gaping jaws of the Blue-Scaled Scholar. The mouth snapped shut behind them and Mr. Shnoo didn't know what to do. It was all so dark and scary. He heard Santa calling to him and he could see a light far ahead. He pushed Honeybun down a slippery, slidey passageway until he came into a lighted sitting room. The wall and floor were red and the furniture was quite modern with lots of comfortable sofas covered with puffy pillows. There were books on shelves along the walls. Santa w e n I straight to one of the shelves and picked up a book. It was called "Three Little Fish and How They Grew." "He likes to be read aloud lo," said Santa, "That is why he is called Scholar, I expect. He sat down on a sofa, put on his spectacles and opened the book to Page 634. He began to read. The room started to move gently up and down as the Scholar moved out toward sea. Honeybun curled up on some pillows behind the sofa. She did not seem at all alarmed to find herself in such strange surroundings. But Mr. Shnoo was very puzzled. He sank down on a sofa but he couldn't keep still. He kepi jumping up and down and examining Ihings. Finally Santa put down his book and said, "Why are you so fidgety? What is the matter?" "I have been thinking." said Mr. Shnoo. "I have never seen so remarkable a creature. I must have a Blue-Scaled Scholar for my zoo." Santa shook his head. "They do not live in captivity. In fact, no mortal eye other than yours has ever seen one. If you tell anyone about it you will be told you were dreaming." "And perhaps I am." said Mr. Shnoo, rubbing his eyes. But a moment later he knew he wasn't because the voyage came to an abrupt end. Mr. Shnoo stood up so 'olice Plan )rive To Halt Vieter Feeders Police Chief Ear! Towning said ·iday that he has received sev- al complaints from Christinas oppers that they cannot find rking spaces in metered areas Crfeley, that non-shoppers are din£ the meters. Chief Towning warned that ·rks. mechanics and busings- en who arc keeping their cars irked in front of their places of isiness and feeding the meters lie sought out and citations sued lo them. He explained that this practice ceps customers from parking and rces them to shop outside the ·ea. He explained further that erchants asked the city to set ) meters in front of their stores enable customers to find park- g space. But shoppers arc still jving difficulty finding parking ace because of a few non-shop- ers who are feeding the meters c said. Waiting at Hit idgo of tht rivtr was an trwrmous fish. suddenly he bumped his head quite hard on Ihe ceiling. The great mouth of tlir Scholar ipened and Santa and Honeybun and Mr. Shnoo walked out. They were on the beach of a snow-covered land. Mr Shnoo knew right c.way it was Santa Land because Kenton Clark Is Found Under Building PUEBLO (AP)-Kenlon Clark. 14, a palienl at Colorado State Hospital who escaped for Ihe third time Tuesday, was founc Thursday hiding in a crawl spac benealh i building. This was on (he grounds of Ihe hospital's day care center from which he walked away. Clark was sent to the hospital after he was convicted of slay! ing an older brother at their Fort Lupton home Jan. 25, 1960. TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) - Libya, with new oil wealth to spend, is forming a navy and air force and will soon establish an airline. Premier Muhammed L'thman told the pening session of Parliament. here was a big red sleigh wailin; h e r e and dancing around th leigh were hundreds o: tiny elvc come to welcome Sani:! home. Santa greeted all his liillc work TS and fussed with them a litll or being away from their wjrl Then he told them about Hone, bun. The elves were sorrowful I see so sad a bear. Gently they lifted Honeybun o to the sleigh. When Honeybun w; settled comfortably, S-inia at Mr. Shnoo got in beside ncr. Tnc each elf look his place on th ropes and all together they ga a mighty lug unlil suddenly--Zi| Away they sped over tire mow: Tomorrow: Dr. Kernoodle Today, four pounds of fc. make one pound of turkey. A fe years ago. the feed-meat was six to one. Regan For Prescriptions.--Adv. On ilk- W Huutm to K. Ciuliib jixi L'dith ColL. . 12 and 13. Block .'. Hud.-un Heicht.4 Addition. TO\MI oi HudMUi K«v S9.SO. Anastaviii Tollej !o Furlidio IVbiirra and Hajniund Vliarra. J tract of lami iwatcd in S\\4 ol St'' of Sa-lion 25. and the N\V ! ( of NE'» of Sccliuu *. ;ill in s-«. Kev Jl 10. Franklin Land Co t \V Allen Clark and Florence L. Clark. Lot 6. Block ^. Broadview Acres Third Addition, City of Grit-ley. Kev. $18.15. James R. Muilu-us and Patrick H. Mathews. doinj; business as Mathews Produce Co., lo Ar tliur L. Trujillo and Eugenia Tru jillu, l/)t 11. Block 17. Clayton Park, City of Greeley. Kev. Sfi.GO. James li. Mathews and Patrick R. Mathews to Mathcns Co, Lot 7. Block 18. Cily of Greeley. Kev. 8.15. James It. Mathews and Pat- WARSAW, Poland 'API - The ext in the long series of U.S.- ed China ambassadorial talks ere, sel for nexl Thursday be- ween John M. Cabot and Wang ing-nan, is expected to take up ic India-China border war in one ·ay or another, officials report he inlermittenl talks are the nly link between Washington and '.·king. MONTREAL-Canada's larges irivatc garage may be sold. Western BELTS and BUCKLES for Christmas All Prices SALZMAN'S Shoe Shine Shop 911 8th Ave. Parlor Shoes Dyed To Match AUSTIN AUCTIONS See Our Listing On Classified Page Classification 48-A to 0* W| d NK'i ol Svlk« »*«. r \rt-pi [van. ltc\. U47S lli(;hl.iiid I'urk Inv i,: n,, U:nH ;ill -i'Hi Vsrcm.!.' liuidxa!! 1*4 5. BliK-k 5. K:iv| .VMition to llifch land !l.l!. Km j! Hi l.;tko-.hiTC i ' l u i i u . i t k m to K«lh i man Oil iVmp.,m |«i1 ( \l tin* X W ' i ol So-li.-fl' W 5 M Kr\ '!»'« \\lltna Hi '.ill Moilan lo S\lv;a lYu-Mil* ami liuhaul A I'.-'i-lilik. 1 1.01 I'. BKxk 14. SiViuul Allllllllill i " ('union!. Cnv i'l ilnvlfv. Krv » :« Sachiko lliumoU). funncil. Swhiku Oiui and Mary Okimutu, formerlv M;irv (tno lo John Gunzcr and llrlmor J. Dnslanu 2 TIN BUILDINGS To Be Moved 100 Ft. x 50 Kt. 10(1 Ft. x 75 Kt. GOLD'S J U N K HOUSE 917 6th Avenue 352-2046. Days 353-0950. Evenings IA-U ; t and 10 of Ihe NEl« vl S.VIKHI 24 :w. Kev. $33. ia;l t. l':.wiiiurv anil RuU) I. I'asMm'i? U» lieue Uriffee and xlml« K t;ii[liv. Ihf. west 330 '.ret .'t tin- V. «l Stti, of SE'4 ,il Swluii !).|.«, Kev.. $11. PKXVKIt iAI" - All Denver oK'^wnc numlxTS will be. liste ;;· M-u'iuh^ii numbers, minus Ihf (ainili»r pidixes, starting next July lilt- Mountain, sutes Telephone I'o said the new listings will be included in the new directories lo I* issued in July. U»E THE TRIiUNI WANT ADS Something Different? Give Rock Jewelry BRACELETS E A R R I N G * P E N D A N T S BROACHES 80LA TIES TIE BARS CUFF ' "IKS PEN SETS Krieger's Rock Shop La Sail! 2844401 The Bright Side LOUISVILLE, Ky. IAP)-«Mt waiting for a bus. John Lukwneter spotted a neighbor vrfiose aaughter had just married. "Well," commented Luktnwur, I see youve tost a daughter." "Yes. 1 loot a daughter," tht neighbor replied," "But I've gtjav ed a bathroom." Lifetime Guaranteed Mufflers f Intonation FREE Rfptin. ment If whlli ytn own tht Official Braks ins! Light Iniptctlon Station Clyde's Thrifty Service 7th AVI. at (th St. PENNEYS'"/VIONDAY SPECIALS Pop-up, hidv-iway handlt forttsy room-thrown TV Perfect as an extra let for the kids 19-inch Motorola TV PLUS Television Stand A BONUS SPECIAL! GET A QUALITY 19" TV AND BRASS- FINISHED STAND AT NO EXTRA COST! Now! A major (MiginecriiiK advance makes possible an exceptional price on quality TV! All-new frame grid picture and sound amplifying system brings in pictures and sound with brilliant clarity. Quality hand-wired TV chassis, circuit sentry, golden "M" picture tube, on-top front speaker, popup hideaway handle, tinted eye-shade filter glass, more! NO MONEY DOWN . . . as little as 7.50 per month! 149 INCLUDING 1 YUH GUARANTEE' OH AU TUBES AND PARTS VISUAL PACK SLIPPERS S. M, L ' I Stuffs 'n .slippers with hows, w i t h o u t hows, ninny colors! Cloth, Lurex'"; m u l a l l i c jilush or vinyl plastic fab- rii's! fii-t si'\cral! SPECIAL! FINE QUALITY CHRISTMAS CARDS IN BOXES! Special Christmas Price! i I b0 ' Shop rarly for (hose fine quality cards . . . sili boxed for snfe-kceping. You'll find designs of all types . . . boxes of assorted or all-oi'-n-kind cards, many by nationally- known artists! ( THERMAL KNIT SHIRTS, DRAWERS 1 77 warmth. le« I n raschel thermal knit, combed roilnn long sleeve shirt, ankle l e n g t h drawers -- « perfect team! Open tvtry night till 5:30 p.m. Monday and Friday Nights Till 8:30

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