Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 3, 1976 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1976
Page 27
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Wed., March3,1976 GKEELEY (Colo.) THIBUNE 27 Sooper Buys! qer Buy CNci»IMIi,2rick Ennrfit LM MKMit Pike 4k Unit pike p« OL 10.8c Erttlri-firkKlltrjilir Etujdij low Discount Price $3.31 Unit piict per lb.$1.64 Enrrdii low Discount Prict J1.6J Unit prin ptr oz.19.2c turkei Dinner or Chink; Betf Slew Ewjdii Low Discount Prict 31c Unit pike per ll. 30.9c - CHEF BOY-AR-DEE PIZZA: UPTON SOUP MIX BR | M DECAFFEINATED COFFEE FOLGER'S INSTANT COFFEE UPTON TEA BAGS RECIPE DOG FOOD TABBY TREAT CAT FOODS HERSHEY'S BAKING CHIPS HERSHEY'S BAKING CHIPS FOOD CLUB SWEET RELISH WISH BONE SALAD DRESSING SEVEN SEAS SALAD DRESSING I Froin, SMiaft EttijfcjlowOiscouniriiciJl.M IM 13.5 ot Silt 93« « « _ $028 2lb.Si;t «/ Eitnjl'iT Loir Discount rikl».W Unit prict ptioi.Z4.5c lOtl-Sie Otifiiul Binqutt jrtijfl'tr low Discount Price 24c lit prict pn ib. 49.3c DtrkClwollUFlmtn' Enijlq L« Discount rrki 4!c Unit prict ptr ft. 86c Mi»Qt«Ut! Eitrjdij low Discount Prrct $1.12 Unilpiictperlb.J1.37 11.5otP low Discount Price 67c Unit prkt per pint «.k 22oz.Siie Tnousinc'rslinilorlliliH Ettrjdij Low Discount Prkt !7c Unit ptkepcr pint tk Ciesir, Creimt Ititian of Green Goddess loir Discount Prict59c Unit priciptr pint $1.0? « 01. Sin SI 53 rk.ufiN JL 9R* l4.5ot.Cin mm\J 20* i.5ot.Cin Ib V r.,36' 98' 59' 85' 51' KOI. Sin YMSM lie pertKb YOHSIH Jc perplf. Youtm IOC ptreKh YHSM 60c per etch Yon nit ISC ptrpk|. Yousvrt 3c per CM It* an 4c per cm YMUK tc ptrpkf. Yoaim 14c perpkl. You site Be pereKh Yotrsin 12C ptrtKh 8c peiexh v^ TOPCO FOAM CUPS TOWELS 7 02. SIZE PKG.OPSI \2BFT.KOUL . EVERYDflYLOUJDISCOUnT PRICE 49* . . EVERYDflYLOUJWSCOUnTPRKeTtf J1F Everyday Low Discount Price 89c BRAN LOAF Everyday Low Discount Price 73c BAKERY HOT CROSS BUNS 79° ,ow Discount Price «9c Pkg.ofu · W 63° 79 666 1 ! 5 Varieties Everyday Low Discount Price B9c FOOD CLUB COOKIES FRESH FROM KING SOOPERS HOT BAKER F PEANUT BUTTER CAKE DONUTS ,,, Lb. Bat You UK IOC per plu fou sure IOC per eich 1 C Tousitt ptrlb. You sm ic perpki. th0bd:inrviceand Savings too 1 Low, km prica on prncrip- liom, tog! Kint'i Hilliidi Mill Fhtrmicji h conienienl ind IM in prke. Compare Hint 1 ) prescription prices lor your- stlf! Sm tint *nd money bj hiiin| joui prtictiptioni filled while you shop. iscount Pikt«l.Zl Unit price per qtiirt 87.2C WELCH'S GRAPE JUICE S" B "Fi»Hcc-niEiiic.NSPAGHETTIss."sr i " low Discoun! Price J1.17 Unit price per eithSUc B, FMDILUB VIENNA SAUSAGE IRISH SPRING BAR SOAP B, CARESS BAR SOAP e rB u ycH1FFON LIQUID DETERGENT LUX LIQUID DETERGENT AX iONP RE-SOAK BREEZE LAUNDRY DETERGENT e rBuyDRIVE LAUNDRY DETERGENT ELECTROSOL DETERGENT TOPCO FABRIC SOFTENER AJAX CLEANSER ARM AND HAMMER OVEN CLEANER FOOD CLUB SYRUP e,B U ySNACKIN' CAKE MIX UDY scon BATHROOM TISSUE RUFFS FACIAL TISSUE HEATH TOFFEE CANDY BARS ier Buy HOLLYWOOD SAFFLOWER MARGARIN L S erBuy FLEISCHMANN'sSOFT MARGARINE low Discount Prke 37c ill prke per 4ot.C» ' Ettnil) Low Discwnl Prkt 2lc Unit price per OZ.6.6C 3.5 01. B I for DishNishini, Lemon Eitryritf Low Discount Prke 39c Unit prke per qi»rlH.7c iForDishwlstiini Ettrto 1 !! low Discount Price lie Unit piice pel quirt $1.10 12 M. Silt 22 01. Silt 25oiSi;t · Ettrjdii Low Discount PrktS2.56 T^JO 2 K Unit prict ptr ib. 74 oz. Silt mm pirtKh Enrjdlj Ion Discount Prict $1.41 Unit prat ptrlb. 36.3c 4!OLSilt iFor Kutomilic Disbwishers trjdit Low Discount Prke 94c Unit prict pti lb.3l.3c 33oi.Siit ; Concenlnled Enrjdlj low Discount Price 9k Unit piict ptr quirt i0.7c 4102. Silt . HI site Tousitt 15c pti tich 2JC pertich 170!. Silt' Ettljdlt low Discount Prict J1.2I Unit prke per 01.7c It 01. Silt Eniydtt Low Discount Price $1.21 Unit prke pmiuit $1.01 Belt; Crocker's Assorted Rmrs Enrri Low Discount Prict 79c itlnilprktperlb.7S.2c 36 01. Silt 14.5 ot Pit. ' Etttjdir low Discount Prict 52c Unit prict pti 100 shetts 4.9c 2 . bsorttd Colon or Iffiitt Eter|dDLowDrscoiniriktS7c Unit pHce per hnndrtr) 26.5c Pk|.of20H Ettijdir low Discount Prkt »9c 'Unit prkt ptr lb.S1.50 7.!«.Pk|. I Ettriili; Low Discount PrictUc Unit prict ptrlb.S3c|.' Ettrjdij Low Discount Prkt lie iUnitpiittptilb.75c Ib. Pk[. P"Pk|. AT KING SOOPERS ROYALCOLOR, YOU DON'T PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKES. IF A PRINT DOES NOT COME UP TO OUR QUALITY STANDARD, WE DON'T CHARGE YOU FOR IT. ALL AD PRICES GOOD FOR 7 DAYS, WEDNESDAY THROUGH THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY NUTRITION WEEK MARCH 7-13th SUASTA DKTPOP ASSORTED FLAVORS I20Z.CAN UNITPRICIKK PINT 17.4 ... EVERYOflY LOW WSCOUnT PRICE 15* CHEK-MATE UNIT PRICING HELPS YOU SAVE MORE! BATHTIUE ASSORTED COiORS 4ROLLPKG. ^ EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUOT PRICE 69 YOUR U.S. GOVERNMENT FOOD STAMPS GO FURTHER AT KING SOOPERS DISCOUNT Shup Chtddir Pti Pound Lake to Lake Cheese ,,,.»*. 1.82 iM Foi Aulomilic Dishwnhers - Cliss Mijk Spot Remover i6,,. sm Removes Ruit Scales and Lime Deposits j Pec Quirt ' ^ T T Lime Away ,6.,siJ 1.80 90C! ' i i | I f «9"» rt I i nn i 2,,,sJ 2.56 1.92 Pec Ounce _ ^ 9o,cJl0.2c| 91C 5.5c Lemon Scent i«TMrj Easy Off i OVen PtrOunct Cleaner B 01. SIZE 10.4c 88c 83c KING'S ^CUSTOMER CORNER BASIC FOUR FOOD GROUPS 7 through 13 has been chosen as National Nutrition Week and Is a good time to take a serious look at the quality of your diet. Proper growth and development and general good health depend on good nutrition. Using the Basic Four Food Groups as a guide Is one way to insure a healthy diet. Foods are separated Into these groups a cording to the ma[or nutrients they contribut By comparing your daily diet with the Bas Four, you can determine if you are cjetfing good supply of essential nutrients, which ar protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minera and water. The number shown below indicates Ihe number of servings you should have each day from each group. Meat group 2 Milk group 3 for children 4 for teens 2 for adulls Vegetable and Fruit 4 Bread and Cereal 4 The quality of your diet depends on how wisely you choose from each group. Although French fries may taste good, a baked potato Is lower In calories and higher In Vitamin C. Also, plain milk will supply protein and calcium and have fewer calories and less sugar than a serving of Ice cream from Ihe same group. Check your diet against the Basic Four and make sure you are choosing a well balanced diet. Watch King's Customer Corner In Ihe coming weeks for more Information. (Contributed by the Colorado Nutrition CounclDy

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