Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 20, 1970 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Page 22
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lis*^iiiii FORECAST FOR THE N A T I O N ' S U.S. Weather Bureau, indicates the probable WEATHER F O R ' T H E NEXT 30 DAYS -- precipitation and temperatures for the next These maps,.based on information from (he 30 days. (AP Wircphoto Map) Farm Roundup I WASHINGTON (AP - Anolh or record wheal crop in India .has brought headaches for gov j eminent officials faced will j finding enough storage space ; By DON. K E N D A L L .House for an m v c s l i g a l i o n . H u t . h ., n(1Ic (he g r a i n i an Agricullui AP Farm Writer ,said f e d e r a t i o n secretary Pa- Department report said tor-ay. WASHINGTON ( A P ) - T h c i t r i c k li. Ilealcy, action also is; .. Thc crop poscs a mammo t n Agriculture Department has'necded to stop shipments "f problem of transportation ant postponed for another month ac-'more expensive \aricties of . s | (iraf , e because of lhe govern (ion on a proposal aimed afcheese and other 1'i'oduclsj l n c n f s l,j g |, procurement large wringing excess water from fed-; which are nol now restricted by anr | | ai . Re s [ 0 cks from las erally inspected poultry. jquolas. I year's big crop," .lames H Officials announced Mondavi ···|'i,,, American dairy farmer i3oiilwarc, U. S. agricultural al that a lid-day period for |iiblic|caniiot be expected to c o n t i n u e lachc, says in a dispatch fron comment on the proposal hadi| n compete w i t h the subsidized: New Delhi, been extended to 90 days. Tlic| d a j r y products w h i c h are being' But new storage facilities arc comment period was to end to- sbippcd i n t o this country," Hea-jscheduled lo be completed soon day. The .new deadline will b c , i y s a jd in a statement. tBoiilwara said, and India gov J u n c 1B ' i ! eminent officials "are confi The Consumer and M a r k e t i n g ! W A S H I N G T O N ( A I M -- A dis-'donf the record can be ban Service, which administers s a ij s |ied uroup of Midwcstern'dled. meal and p o u l t r y inspection f a r m e r s , m.-oly from Nebraska.! ,,,,,;., ,,.,,,,.,, prnduc | ion lhj . programs, said "the extension ,,,i,| , h ( , . N i x ( ) l l a d i n i n i s l r a l i o n . v c a r is cslim . Ucd at 2 o million was made because of requests Monday lhM a t t e m p t s to .scuttle:' m eirie. tuns-almost 751) millio for extra t i m e to m a k e com- ,| lc |radi;ional "parity" conceptjb us | lc | s _ cnm p ai . ed wi(n lnL mcnls. ;,,, |arm legislation would cut sc- j previous high of 18.6 million in Officials first announced I h u . v r r e l y into t h e i r incomes. | lj(i8-6!l and the average of 12 proposal on March 17. It would Thi , H,,,.,,,,,,,,^.,. ,,,.,,,,,, ,, r million the previous three crops give federal inspectors more en- F . |rnu ,,. s i : n i o n Members, in- The Indian government proba forccment muscle in seeing that ( .| udin ,, , i n , u l l ., ( | ll; .,. n fl . 1)m |,| v w j|| buy, transport and slor chickens found to contain excess K . m . . - . ) .. kl , tl .^.j,,,;,,,,.,, lv . about 2.7 million Ions of thi moisture were dried mil before .,.,,.,,,,,.,,, ,, N iei a l,' to support a'.vcsr's crop during a 90-day pc being passed on to consumers, i^.,^,,,.,! F . i r m coalition propo*- nod ending in June, Boulwar The proposal resulted from a .,, |)()vv b( . f|1| . e Cnn , )u| ,.,,. saicl report last fall by the U-ncral n , ivi , l| ,,,, . |SS11 ,, 1M1 . ( , S . "This is Accounting O f f i c e t h a t found in siirvcvs that '" , - , . . in 4! plan,., c;-,c;-!.ecl t u i n i . . ss ens.- "- · - a Herculean lack con llicv were told tint sidcring that early sales are i ^ ' . . h n is sockinSmal, lots animal .transport! ..... "» ' ed, and all grain must b ing. Some of this allowed t l ) P ' u i MM pons I I I O I L . be retained under federal reau- "'i'TM' 1 ili'|n;ind.-- lations. Frozen broilers, for ex- Hl( ' c n a l i l m n plan ample, arc allowed to n m i a i i i | lloscn up lo eight per cent a d d i t i o n a l ^''i" 11 * water. Enforcement of lhe water lim- W A S H I N G T O N (AP) . . . . ' F a r m e r s continued lo redeen l . o m m i l r i i | v pml Iflffl-cn,,, .soybeans held undo hevnml |heir 8° Vmlm0nt P" CC support , 'mr"ir'.n'"l''. a srcemen(s during April, say Agriculture Department.. will] improved price sup- By May 1, officials said in J . J 1 I I U I - . ^ n i l - I l l I / I n i l . H . . 1 . . 1 . . . . . ^ . . . U l 1 - l C I V 1 , U 1 L 1 V , 1 C U £ IIS, however, often have been'l'TM'. «'"!. Payment benelil^ · rc[m . [t on | y 86 mil , ion bushel mired in a d m i n i s t r a t i v e red' '; lt} '"' m ' n ' s . ''""'". !''; \^'\a( I%9-crop soybean; lap allo i ITU M I H I M ] union cm i ^ i ni . . . . , v u i .i pe. The new proposal would i f l TM : 'S i l l n s l t h e i-iiiililioii P'-'irnndcr llow federal inspectors to order I"' 1 '"- 1 ' 1 . ls .^'I'l'ortcd by 32 faring .;, ater- 5 o RS v chickens t o t b e i o r g - m i x a l i o n s , p r i m a r i l y o n | ' I9(i9-crnp soybeans loan. Redemptions durin totaled 31 million bushel: j drip-dry line "immedialeiy andi'lSrounds I h a t il would be too ; WASHINGTON (AP) - Tu remain there until they wcre;]''"-''^' , , . , . . , . . . p e n t i n e production during th dry enough to market. . 1!l ' lrk ' . l"' cs '- crop year ended March 31 tr barrcls of 5|) ,., y cnougn 10 nimiun. , . . ., ' e-iuj/ VLVII The GAO report did nol csli- l d e n l llf l h c ' Nil "' l "' ;lsk;1 ^"'mers |a | cd (i]7i3 male how much federal water; 1 'TM 1 "- ",' ld ' c p a r l m o n l spokes-: | n n s caclli __ limits had been exceeded but! 1111 '" ;lt n ' 1 ' r l " w (l1 llu ''"'"1 " 11 "' cent from a year earlier, In filed an Agriculture Depart-| I l l c c t l "K l h i l 1 larmcrs are "ex- Agriculture Department repor ment example which showed "' cllu ' l ' li«appoinlcd in the ad- od consumers one vear an addition-!" 1 ""*!';'!'TM', apparent move. Bl $32.8 million "for each one peir'«'ay from the parity f o r m u l a | w A S H I N G T 0 N (AP) - cenl of water increase in a wl " dl 1|CS PTM8'""'n benefits lo Americans ale more fish las bird's weight. [arm costs of production. Further. Rerck said, farmers year than they had since 195' says the Agriculture Depar WASHINGTON ( A P ) - The h a v c "absolutely no faith' m; m e n i. National Milk Producers Federi l h c administration's argnnienli Pcr capila consumption o alion has praised lhe adminis- f l ) r biisl "K tT »l' l )n 'L ' ?»P1''"'IS| "edible commercial lishcr an el-, products" in 1909 was 11 alion has praised (ration's call for an investiga- »» m i r l d tion of some imported 'riairv' r '"; 1 , t(lh ! )0 , sl L '- s - ^P n . rl . s - . j pounds, up one-tenth of a poun products but adds that action is! Admm.slr.-ilion officials main | f r o m a ycar earlier, the riepar needed on others l '"" l h a t """' c [Icxibihly in scl-jmcnt said in a report. Agriculture Secretary Clifford 1'%' , L'i'op price suaraulees, A l l of t h e gain was in frc.s M llardin (old Congress lasl' wou ' ( ' rcsu " '" V.S. larm goods and frozen products, the rcpoi week lhal President Nixon had! b c i n R " lm '° competitive in inter, said. Per capital consumption insirncipri flip I I S Tariff Com-'"'' 1 '""' 1 ' ll ' a(le - -canned fisli products droppe mission to invcsligalc and ,'c-l '»'c delegation heard from from 4.3 pounds in 1968 to port on lhe possibility of impos- several agency heads and do-pounds last year. mg import controls on four non- P'"' 1 TM" 1 ««'*· Agriculmr,.. -- . ouota nroducls -Secretary Clifford M. llaroin. a, The major league All-Sta These included ice cream, former Nebraskan, was lied iip^ame will be played July 14 a KO called "chocolate crumb" '" ' 11C( -' lin 8 s "» '-apilol Hill, lhe night in Cincinnati s new Hive mix with a fal content of 5.5 per. f!lnmTti won ' lnl(i ' fr " m Slallil ""- cenl or less; animal feeds con-, taining milk or milk dcriva- i lives, and certain cheeses con ; taining 0.5 per cenl or less but- terfal by weight. ] All the items concerned have; recently appeared in world, trade in increasing q u a n t i t y ' and, according lo dairy critics.; have been used to circiimvcnl U.S. dairy import quota restrictions. The National Milk Producer.-;! federation commended l l a r d i n for his request to lhe White Get Trim J3 Stay Trim WITH "World's Easiest Method of Active Exercise" SLIM-GYM' FOR FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION MAUREEN HASTINGS 353-4391 ming Hills Are Alive With Baaing of Newborn By CHARLES HILLINGER Th« Lot Angtta Timtt RAWUNS, Wyo.-Armed pa-j ols are flying low over Wyo- ing meadows protecting new- irn lambs from predators. Coyotes, mountain lions, bears nd even eagles kill almost 10 er cent of the newborn lambs the Wyoming hills. That is why owners of huge ocks take to the air to shoot tors -- particularly coy-- from low-flying light anes. The sheepherders are drifting to Wyoming to be midwives thousands of newborn sheep. "Nine months of the year I :e 8 half dozen herdsmen. In tring I hire on another 20 to to care for the lambs," ex- ained Reno Chace. Chace, 84, runs 8,000 animals n 100,000 acres in Carbon Coun- between Rawlins and Laraie, Wyo. !Wcd., May 20. 1S70 CJREELEY TRlBUNE^JPaBe 23 12 pounds of wool for c;.vh 12- precedent for the granting of a . m o n t h period. (posthumous degree. i A ewe has her first lamb when, II was possible in this case, lie I s h e is two and'from Ilicn on has.adds, because the research on '.» baby a year, sometimes twins. I the thesis was complete and the : Within 'a few days of birth actual writing in progress, j tails are cut and the young are, ' b r a n d e d . jeans. "They're like sailors who've been out at sea for weeks and suddenly hit port. | "They go into town with a l l i A f f p r that money. What we call coy-; lv " olcs - prostitutes and shady! U )GAN. IMah ( A P ) - A Utah Degree Conferral characters at bars where sheep- men drink--roll them. j S l a l c University professor i s j l Next lo Texas, Wyoming is the] many sheepherders," explained 1 ,\ ow j f s springtime in the | biggest slieep.state in the coun- Floyd Martin, camp lender for.Jackie's and the Wyoming hills try..There .are 2,074 individuals] Chace. "They'll go lo town with .. rc a |j v( . w j(| ] IJ )E baaing of the owning 500 or more sheep in $200, $300 or $400 stuffed in their, n c w born. Wyoming--more than 100 sheep- men grazing 5,000 or more of fhe animals in the stale. "Land's nol good for anything else in this country," 'said Chace. "We.figure il takes an acre a month for each animal." Shepherds in this part of the Wnsl are principally Navajos and Mexican Americans. Lonely Lift It's a lonely life. Those who work year-round seldom gel lo lown. They live in covered 12-foot long sheep wagons--alone in the Wyoming wilderness except for their horse and a couple of sheep dogs.' They see no other humans except for lhe -cwmp -lender who comes around every week or so provisions. .jcompleting work on a dead stu . !l j dent's thesis so that the student "The sheepherders know happens. Yel, they lake all lhoirj c a n ,. ccc i ve a p()S |],urnous mas- money and it happens to them." |, 0 ,,,. d in J u n e _ (ive Life is never easy for the! years afle ,. his death. Roger Schmilkc drowned in i the North Saskatchewan river in Blizzards cut off t h e slicn-; Alberlai Canada, in June 1365. herd and his band from contact! A l lhe t i m c of nis dcal h, he was days and sometimes weeks. ' sheep or the herdsmen in the! dead of a Wyoming winter. Last Sheepherders "Each year we lose a sheepherders," reported Robinson, a member of arled in the business. He really got started 70 years ;o when he went to work with s father on the big spread. Chace knows as much about leep as any man in Wyoming, her sheepmen say. "I've sold wool for ss little as ve cents a pound in lean ears," reported Chace, "and s high as $1.25 a pound." Currently growers are getting :out 40 cents a pound. ! doing research on muskrals, the ! subject of his thesis, few' Schmitke had completed his Fay : d;ita. prepared tables and a pio-jgraphs, but had not finished the ranch!actual writing of t h e paper. | The task was assumed by Dr. Ri'ghtnow there are two w h o ' J . B. Low. Schmilke's major .. man can save all the have been missing a couple of j professor in t h e Department of money he makes if he. wants, weeks, one in the Casper area,; Wildlife Resources and a close We gel paid $200 a month clear.] the other out of Rock Springs.!friend. Food and all other expenses are!Search parties have looked a l l j Low says there is little or no "It's a strange life," admitted!neering Rawlins sheep He said he is "just getting'Tom Guerito. 25, a Navajo, with j family. arlprl in t h p hllsinpss." Chace's n u t f i L i "Rid paid by Chace. "But most of the money goes to the coyotes." over for them. "Their dogs and horses were 1 i found but not a sign of the two': " Guerito was not talking about, men. the animal thai preys on the I Witl^the coming of warm wca- lambs. He was talking human "coyotes." "There's a funny thing about year. Each animal yields 10 lo about tlier Wyoming sheep will be. sheared, as they are once eachj DISPOSABLE BAGS (or Hoover Upright and Constellation Sweeper* U«lG Pkg. for Eureka Upright 89c Pkg. BELTS for Hoover or Eureka Sweepers 29C or 2 f ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY 824 8th Street SAVE ON HATTfMC MM-BPS FOR BIG AMD LITTLE GIRLS! Get them set for Ae entire summer... and snap up seme pretty cool savings for yourself! Perky fwo-part play soils for ofl the girls . . . snwrt styles, ctoeerfol colors, pretty trims, and, nahiroly, the very nosiest core fabrics! Lots of cottons -- gmghcuB, poplins, gobordme.Kodef* polyester/ cot+oa -- Bony with never-won Penn-Presf*. Summer starts early at Penney s... BOYS' AND GIRLS 7 SPORTSWEAR SALE! (prkes effective thru Saturday) These o» *· Jdeol jeoos for wwgh and tumble boys! Feature popoiar western styling vti/n belt loeps, bock pofch podtc'te, scoop front poctwfe.Fasliioned'frflata hordy blend of 75% DO«»OB» f»VBj*er/25% combed oo«co *afe Peim-Pre9t*fortieiii«- iroii ea». PteBtottofan in *e groep. ^^ :t i m -M:i*umwj^r*m3^«Sii*ti ., ;WSKW( » · · _ -,....M»-I oft OPEN 5 NIGHTS A WEEK TILL 8:30. SATURDAYTILL 5:30. CHARGE ITl

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