Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 16, 1973 · Page 103
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 103

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1973
Page 103
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B-32 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Moo., April 1C, 1W3 BACK SEAT DRIVER EVEN ON TRAINS PITTSBURGH (AP) - Tr»ins m»y not have mothers- in-law but they do have backseat drivers. High-speed .Metroliners that run between New York and Washington, D.C., use an electronic "back'seat driver" designed by WABCO here to keep the trains from exceeding speed limits and for emergency stopii ··' .The electronic system picks up traffic signals along the track, relays the signals to the cab and automatically slows or stops the train if the enginemari fails to respond.' Sodded lawns generally cost two to three times as much as ded ! OTTAWA -, 80,000 Eskimos in the world, and 17,000 of; in Canada. They, are.,the only native people who live., in both Asia and America..They form 1 ' part of (he population of four nations: the Soviet Union, the United States, Canada, and' Denmark. NEW WELD COLORADO BANK -- Greeley's newest bank, the Weld Colorado Bank, in the Greeley Mall, is slated to move into its permanent building by mid- July or August. Construction of the $425,000 permanent bank building started last month. Open since Feb. 8 in a temporary structure at the Greeley Mall, the bank as of Mid-March listed deposits of $550,000 and assets of $1.05 million. Weld Colorado Bank is a part of Colorado National Bankshares, Inc., which listed assets at the end of 1972 of $614 million. Greeley's newest bank now building Greeley's newest bank, the a month of operations, bank Denver's Colorado National Weld Colorado Bank, is open in assets totaled $1.05 million and Bank as the largest member, a temporary structure at the assets were $550,000. "But we're backed by holding company assets totaling $614 million," Menefee adds. The bank is a member of Colorado National Bankshares, Inc., the state's third largest bank holding company. With What ever happened td that great little ski shop on 16th Street? Greeley Mall and is scheduled to move i n t o its $425,000 building by late summer. Opened Feb. 8, the bank is -President .Ijarry Menefee admits -- the city's newest and smallest. After little more than the holding company includes nine other banks, in the Metro area, Glenwood Springs, Sterling and the new Greeley bank. Located on a one-acre site at the new Greeley Mall, the Weld Colorado Bank has a staff of seven'. It will expand that to 10 when it moves into the new building. With his bank bringing the total of Greeley banks to 7, Menefee admits the city has a large number of banks for Colorado. But he says this number would not be unusual elsewhere in the nation. "And this is one of the richest counties in the state," Menefee adds. He points out deposits in Greeley Banks have tripled in the past 10 years. In 1960, Greeley bank deposits totaled $48.2 million. By 1971 they had increased to $136.2 million, and last year deposits totaled $168.1 million. Menefee says his bank is operating under a broad-based loan policy, although most thus far have been commercial and consumer-installment loans. Directors of the new bank include three Greeley men, besides Menefee. They are: Edgar F. Bartels, Joseph L. Haefeli and Robert A. Ruyle. Harold Kountze Jr., secretary of Colorado National Bankshares, Inc., is also a director. Menefee, a native of Powell, Wyo., came to the bank as president after 13 years with Colorado National Bank. IT GREW UP! Now it's a professional bike shop, a tennis shop, a camping and hiking center, a repair shop for bikes, skis rackets, a rental store for both alpine and nordic skis and a great little sports wear store! OH Y E S . . , W E STILL SELL SKIS, TOO! - MERIT MEANS SAVING--MERIT MEANS QUALITY- MERIT MEANS SAVING--MER IT AAIT CENTER PLAZA DRUG consumer MER MER MER MERI MERI MERI MERI' MERI" Industry in the hearf of agriculture -- Weld County is a scene of unique circumstance as this picture demonstrates. Kodak Colorado's massive plant near Salvaging a life book's plot Windsor is surrounded by fertile fields and pastures. (Photo for the Tribune by Lew Dakan). EVENING IN BYZANTIUM. By.Irwin Shaw. Delacorte. 368 Pages. . Jesse Craig is 48. Once a film men started out with a definite goal in mind and then somehow, somewhere, things went wrong. It is up to them to find and stage producer of impor- out how and why and to put tance, he has done nothing in things right if possible. this field for years. Now he is in Cannes at film festival time and an interviewer asks him why he is there. Craig's reply: "I am in Cannes to save my life." It is on this dramatic thesis that Irwin Shaw builds his latest novel, and the story of the life and times of Craig is a fascinating one. Skillfully interpolating flashbacks into the smooth-flowing narrative of Craig's slay in Cannes, Shaw carefully paints a picture of a man's life and when lie lias finished his portrait of Craig it is complete and full and very much alive. Craig's sfory is much like that of the' -...protagonist in Shaw's earlier 'novel, "Two Weeks in Another Town." Botli Space jobs reduced W A S H I N G T O N Employment in the U.S. acro- spncc industry declined from 924,000 nt the end of 1971 to 917,000 at the end of 1972. Despite Spurred by a freelance writer named Gail McKinnon, a tough little number who comes on a bit too strong at first but grows more likeable as the book progresses, Craig digs into his past -- into the incidents that made his life peculiarly his. He recalls his meeting with a budding playwright on a troop ship returning to the United States from Europe and World War II. The man shows him a play- script which Craig thinks has possibilities and after his discharge he digs up (lie money and all the other things needed to stage his friend's play. The play is a success. Craig is launched on a career that is to absorb his life. And then things start to fall apart. Not all at once, of course, but bit by bit, the way water works on stone. His friendship with the playwright, Edward Brenner, goes sour. His mnrringe curdles. And after it's all over it's up to Craig to put things together again. How he salvages what he can of his life makes The best thing that's happening to wood... by PITTSBURGH PAINTS NATURAL WOOD FINISHES OIL LATEX EXTERIOR- INTERIOR THAT BEAUTIFIES AND PROTECTS MERIT MERIT HMERIT MERIT MERIT MERIT MERIT, MERITS MERIT/ MERITA MERITA MERITA/ MERITA/ MERITM MERITM MERITM MERITMI MERITMl MERITME MERITME MERITME MERITME MERITME MERITME, MERITME/ MERITME/ MERITME/ MEANS SAVING--MERITMEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTION MEANS SAVING--MERITMEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTION ' MERIT MEANS SAVING--MERITMEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTION". MERIT MEANS SAVING--MERITMEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTION SELECTION . SELECTION! SELECTION^ SELECTION" SELECTION.! SELECTIONS: SELECTIONS '.ELECTION;; ELECTION": ELECTION; ELECTIONS ELECTION- ELECTIONS ELECTIONS ELECTION" LECTIONS LECTION" LECTION« LECTIONS '-ECTIONS -ECTIONS .ECTIONS ECTION5 ECTIONS ECTIONS ECTION? ECTIONS ACTION" ·CTION« .CTION S CTION | CTION,3 CTION« :TION" :TIONS :TION»: TION* TIONS: and com PCS pr«scnp- . __,,..· i T--MERIT MEANS w\tKIT MEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTIONS SELECTIONS MERIT MEANS SAVING--MERITMEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTIONTM MERIT MEANS SAVING--MERITMEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTIONS MERIT MEANS SAVING--MERITMEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTION 2 MERITMEANS SAVING-MERIT MEANS QUALITY-MERIT MEANS SELECTIONS MERIT MEANS SAVING--MERITMEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTION '3 MERITMEANS SAVING--MERITMEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTION 3 th^,'continuing drop, the indus- for powerful reading, try remained the nation's larg- i|,j| Thomas cst manufacturing employer. Al' Books Writer Open Sundays 9 a.m.-l p.m. STOCKFLETH HARDWARE HILLSIDE CENTER MERIT MERIT MERIT MERIT MERIT MERIT MERIT MERIT MERIT MEANS SAVING CTION CTION CTION CTION CTION CTION CTION CTION 3 MERITMEANS QUALITY-MERIT MEANS SELECTIONS Center Plaza Drug the only Walgreen Agency in Greeley 1012 nth Street 352-7728 MERITMEANS SAVING--MERITMEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTION MERIT MEANS SAVING-MERIT MEANS QUALITY-MERIT MEANS SELECTIONS MERIT MEANS SAVING--MERITMEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTIONS ASK us ABOUJ THE REZ-DO-iT-YouRSELF ANTIQUING KIT MERITAAEANS SAVING--MERIT MEANS QUALITY--MERIT MEANS SELECTION^

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