Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 8, 1962 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1962
Page 11
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·UW fata* 411 LOTS lor *·!* fwitt««u»i «..- ^^ merciai. Wwt UiBtlty. Us-int "« I2ib STkLLI. fcwitinc ho-at -- · · * ***** »· iHKh£ bvvrwM bouM (cu- u!^ kt wilt lr»d» (or irtUrt houtt. 355.1^3 from Gf*trl*r'i nrw««t (boding «B- BrcwtJ fealty. HvBMt; aid courlt*} FUK SALE--2 bedroon bvuM. »i'J, n*w hot w«l»r biMtcr, furnace. R**, M tt*bl*. 110 12th St. HVt row* mod*TM taouM with l c «t ·»»·* it Ktr**y. CkartM Wik*. mm. 1211 tzih SL rHKEE b#droom boo** with t room furnUfctd 191. For u!« by *»ncr 8W-CQW. THKKK btdroora brirk hi,uw fanir finUbftJ Luxnntnt. fenced yrd IVMU4. I«l Ibth Ate. FOR SALX-- J l*tiroo.» hone. tltclru kiuh«n, parti* 1 garift and dnpn J4W down. i::JU68 ruK SALK b; owner, Thru- bedrow- boutr, full finbb«l t,««n*tH. $,;, »th St. BY OWSKR - Thr« twlrooin brkk. full fialkhri tAM^nrtit. two cir fa- Mi*, family room. kUpltwom SS-tlM. ·Y OWNEH-Bunntow with U M m*rt i., I1MM; unfuri... 110.000. G. A Birllty. t» lib. A»«. FOR KALE-- New bric» t»rn». t W- foomi, Uff* Urfnit room. it.-nc fir* 1 - »1»«, part ba**mfnt. HOM tu ch^! Will Mil OD cvulract. I'n. Jofaiutuwi. FOR JiAI.K Lj u»ntr. Tbr«* Wd-.-m: m*J*rii home. 4 *ar» oW. Als-.i mi"i- ***t ild«. imall down (·* men'- . 100 ACRK (arm for n!r. ai'Milr trr|. [·ted. Klv* niil«-» toulbekit of K*r« irr. A l*o analt 4 ri*/rn nvl*m lv»u* at SIC Uth A*». SpritiVHtif imrtn. BY OWNKK. T»o b*drKim bouic Its Ctb St. in Grt*k]r. Latft lit In room, tlrt-H'f*. i*mo"!ri«^i. N** f«r«! air future. f7.IM.OC. Ph K I R .«ALK-N**Hy f.'* "llairr fJt.t In", north**!. «-ni t .! i LrwH i.»r Ili.'jnO t,r»t /««r. -inly rftr in tuwn *l'ji rt4t K i'. h |XKJ allotmrt'. . P, ) Ilmnii kjih»rri Otii, Ol-v Mi",, FARM For Rent or Sale 120 acr?« mokUy isc^dt-d. irr paled pasture. 3 bedroom rao ·ra houBf. Phone 352-1516. JOYNER REALTY 353-1169 1018 9th S Flr» acrfi. aoutheait (ir.elc Ciood land and Rood water rich lloum needi fmifliini: \v e 1 worth aakliiK price. 110.51)0. 3017 l!th AVP. ! lieiiroora horn Low tuci. Uood ih|K. 1800 Out of the tipii SO't In Wol rounty. Good Iraprovittnvnt Top wat«r rliihu Indudlng ISut sallon »-ell. Price cut to J51.00 29% down. Thin ono In pricei rl?M. It you ar* In the fir market don't mlti ihli ot». 1700 6lh St. On« of llm clea eat two bedroom homes « hivt teen. Fenced yard, larg Kartge. Imniediale poiimlo You ran move In ticfure t.'hrln "is* beonusp there lain ai work to do on thin one. 110.50 Six unit a p a r t m e n t on lh« he butlnei* corner In Greeley. Tl prlrt will surprise you. N'eirlv new 4 unit Quadruple 1224 llth Ave. A very eood 1 come, property. This one lias ·*·* UNN 4| » rt » U«ta U t OPFKJ HOI IQF VJrLM nUUOL 2121 7th St. Rd. SUNDAY AFTERNOON 2:00 until 5:00 p.m. ] v 3 Bedroom ·-' Carpeted Living Room ·-' Dining Room -' Quiet Area ··-· 2 Car Garage ·'··· Maplewood School Area This home is priced to soil. Stop by and inspect it. BRAY and HARRISON REALTORS AwtiM. 4 ,. A A , rtiwi( 4 ,. A AUSTIN AUCTIONS _ MONDAY, DKCK.MUKH 10, 1S62 - lo.-w A.M. r, rt H Ti}'i l wn K1N " SF ' A ' rER ' 2 '- mlle » Solltl1 "' E « to « C" W »«l H I V I ' ; '-' c '" l - w - wlde '«»«: W*» Ford Jubilee r n i V K « ^r e :'l ; H ' r ' S ln! - 3!111 "»«" '"»': »5» Oliver 17 9 ,,, r i j rd truck . z ton 2 steed and hoist; 1948 CMC i 10 n j Mu-ed and 2 speed a x l e ; 1547 Ford truck with feeder U P I T i · *' t rd lli( ' kui1 - * 8 l*ed: I!i60 Kurd 'i ton pickup ·Mil iA" r 1'i, : , * ro *' bm " u(1 hf '" 11 d ' i l l ; Ollver K r »ln l i f i i,r, i ' " row pol * l ° " la "t t! ". A-C row corn planter: 961 I n t . t P «i loppi-r. l row; Int. J bottom plow 14 In · Int 1 «..H" i-' i .'' ! " ' ; '" V d l l c i l e r : '-3 Point ditcher; Kord , . ., ru " '' ull : Ford Bud! - Ford scraper: 2 row poalo dlemr. Ilk., new; 1901 F-n Farmhand loader. 3 head\, i" 1 ' .'"·' I0 " th ' 1; "' : Ev «""n»n leveler. PL 1!; Howery Uern elevator, JS ft.; 2 wooden floats; rotarr hoe 3 sec · -3 sec. harrow and 1_J ,»,..; f.w 4 bar side rake- Scott \ I I I I T Wt ,,,!,,,,,. J;KO Kurd .-ult:; manure A 13 f t . : Weatern land m u h - h e r : rl,d buster roller w i t h 12 f l . leveling attach · 1 TM*' l" ll; " u j»''' i»at«r: 1962 Farmhand power boi on runnius rear, 1 row tort N h o cult; Hay renovator, 3 point; 8 ft Case dim- on wheels: Iwmpater renovator. S ft: Relchert weed burner New Holland 4 bar side rake: 8 by 13 Freeman beet boi: Etee now l- en spreader, S ft.; 2 row Kord bean cutter: elec. potato cutter with slerillier * van; Karmhand manure spreader t feeder u t t n c h and frain tide; 2 row Oliver potato cult.; Ennes bean windrows: Ford buck rake; Oliver mower: New Holland 68 , ,,' ', FoTi 2 botton i Plow; ! Ensllsh ditcher and bar 3 point: Brady vine beater, dual d r i v e ; 2 row potato vine lifter saddle; Almond welder; shop tools and cult, tools: beet labor t u r n , and brooder house: air compressor; 250-- lu In. tubes- ion-; in. tubes; MO potato sacks, plcklns belts; elec. hacksaw 1 horse machinery; l cow; 1 horse. Herman Is q u i t t i n g and moving to lo«n. Toll Is a big sale. Flan lo attend. TERMS: Cash. H O M E AT A U C T I O N SAT, UECEMHEH 15. 196! - 1:30 I'.M. KATHEK1NE MILLER. 1508 10th Street. Evant Colorado W' s of lots 8 and 9 Blk. 169. Thin ii a 3 bedroo;a home with fenced-lu yard. It Is In Rood condition, and Is located near grade schools. SELLING TK.R.MS: Them Is a J7.0S5 loan -with par ments of J95 per month which the buyers may assume Balanci of purchase price In cash with lOCo down day of sale and settle nient w i t h i n 3(1 days from sale date. Contact Henry \V Herbs to tee this property and for additional Information. MOK.. UECEMBEtt 17, 1962 -- 10:00 A.M. KIlEli HLOOM, t miles Eaet and m North of Eaton, Colo. Int 11 Super Kit 1949 wide f r o n t ; In!. H 1943 4 row beet and potatc niit.; bean c u t t e r ; Int A 1547 4 row cult; Ford truck two speed 2 T. 1950. slock racks, real Rood; 4 row beet and bean Int. mowei No. 25; grain drill and seeder; 4 bar side rake; Int. Lauridson loader with two heads: Clark Buck rake: 2 3-sec. harrow am 2siH.; S It. roller; S ft disc, Int.; 2 O l l \ e r 21 plows; J.D. bee nnd bran drill wttli wooden float; 2 2-»ec. spring tooth: fert spreader; .1.0. 1 bottom plow; 2 J.D. manure spreaders; duin] rnbe: acrali-her; ,1.1). 3 bar rake: Oliver potato digger; J.D potnto planter: wK K on w i i h hay rack: binder; i ditchers: 5 teed h u n k s : 2C in. Mr.yile; 2 wheel trailer: small tools; house f u r n i t u r e and m e n : Inbor f u r n i t u r e . Quilting farm and movinc lo town. T E R M S : Cash. TUBS.. DECEMBER IS. 19«J -- 1-311 P M hm ItjuiijsiMt M OR SALt--Co«l.V^ i.stm ~U,1 tAKC'AT 1 AS f^i ; truil«. l»:-. li^f Htil. ft. L.UPU.C. Call MT-«frfi3 MAtLtY bkjr irioiicr ID eicr::c'it ·rmitraiier for OMlMM*. bulk L j i k mi^ipf^ witB prupAct ttri'.ri. SrJ at unit or i«p«r4Ub-. Tin? Hill. ft. Uwtf Cm «»4 Trvdu 51 ·OR SALC-l»f Vbttrofe pickup m JOth Avt tt. or M« «ft*r 6 p.m. 0 : ^ V,n Cb*vrol«t pktup. t'bvDr LKriyi't-- ISM Oldtawbii*. v:-s '. ION Cb**. pic»'Ji/- IMKI B«! Kx»t-4ni condition. 3S3-I911. .» CHF.VROLn E) CcBinv pJrkop. Uiod condition. SSM'jH »(t*r C. b60 'UKD b»rd'-oij. tic«H*nt condl- 1 'jn. V-b, iUck rhift. Mxk offer. ·\JR SALK or will tnd* f^ pick'-p. t?57 4 door Plymouth. Pr:r* I2*i. *«.«-*«: o. 'OK SALE - 1954 ford t»o.«rub!*. RM! *h»rp, (KM) rubber. A-l oooiji- tloa. 152-tl*2. ·vninti. 961 Rambler 4 dr. $ cylinder sedan, straight triDtim.i- sion. like new, I960 Fontiic V«nlura hardtop coup*. 960 Chevrolet I m p 1 1 a. V-S sport coupe, red and white. 1957 Chevrolet 2 -dr., 9 cvlinder. with itii-k. 1356 Chevrolet BelAir 4 door hardtop, r a d i o , beater, automatic transn' s a l o n , like new. See this little jewel if you really want a nice car, 19,".6 Chrysler 4-door. 1961 Pont. lac Bonneville Sport Coupe. 1960 Cadillac 6 window sedan DeVille. like new. 4 19S3 and 1954 Buicks. Coupei aud Sedans. 1954 Chevy Sport Coupe. 1952 DodKB £ ton Inu-k w i t h 4 Rpeed and 2 speed. 1961 Chevrolet ^ ton 6 cylinder pickup with wide box, like new. 1952 Chevrolet J i ton iiickup. 1953 IXxJse Power Wagon with winch, very good condl lion 1958 I"todge V8 4 ion pickup with 4 wheel drive. 1960 Kord Starliner. almight trunsmlssion, overdrive big engine. 9S5 Ford Station Wagon, 957 Ponliac Station Wagon. 1962 17 ft boat and trailer with 40 h.p. Johnson motor. f you need a car, truck, pickup or boat see John Thompson fo the b«it deal In town. Trades easy Urmi. John Thompson Garage £01 Eighth Avenue Open Evenings 1M C« "aSSS"" IT CHhVKOU. V ; 1 OKU 4-ck 1- UK SALt-li btf.rr. border 13 Ti Ph. !i3 I- WE dott b tOH SALK-19 offer. C*ll «r.d T t/.m. _ !-d«/r h» nil power, food t U K SALK or l«» Xord StJ l f r » JOHU. lhyndertirl d it ion. one 18JT CHEVRl "220" *r.rinc condition. '.r drive. Ph. IS ou SALC-- i lurdtop. A1J Prictxl for flu tttlAir H«rd MOITR Nur» RAU1ATUK c t'ted rtdtaU and truck rci li.r.r*. Ml A*t. B5MB4 ESC, INKS »ta tiD. All typ«t A-I paint Jo Thorapton G '60 BONNKV1 iletrinc, poi ·w.ker, bud it»il*r hitch, cellent eondi iid«r trad*. HWIM « FOR SALE-- ^ FOR SALE- bom*. Ph. 4 FOB tr.ilrr r J32'1735 or 1 ·nd Service HIT 40 FOOT r»om. Uu FOR KENT-BM at Krt quire at Cot FOR SERVICE mobile bean hratinc ito WHILE jou u home, i top Talk u oo, Ull vou our or Phone Ji THE new IK inc room b Good o*ed b I T w o btdroo doun., UU llth At*, aj NEW Ked Di Uied eampe AH camper* jack*. Oo and Sain' C Erarti, Colo UM^ 1 WEEKENDE SCOOP- SCOOP -S TWO 1957 FORDS FOR . Seeing Is Bel lev 1957 FORD VS. (now short block) a drive line. 1957 Ford 6 Cylinder Tudor Sec engine bearing. BOTH FOR THE TOTAL P $499 51 iT t-ouot uratop. i.^- B::.*w. IA*«I bralL*. Ca.l 2^MOI9. -duo'. V.s. r»d.. tiM'^r. ·tl«nt condition. Phone »J4 For4. Make tt« U2-(;211 b«I»t«i I 115 Mtreurr Vonu- Up. Nrw tirM, i nnd)tkr. Ir;5. pbcoe r tr«dt. Mr «a:'v ution Wj^oo. Kx«li 42,0(K) tuiic*. c:i : p.m. Bowling | [:S»t- Dtt. S, 1962 GREELEV TRIBrNB Pije 11 : LUCKY STRIKER AT COLUM01NE- COLUM8INE SPORTSMEN The scores. A-H C«nen: 4. Die-j The storei: Gr^le- Chevron 4. .erl« Conu-a«o.' 0; Rocky Moun-iElks 0: If as Standard 3. Grev- Uun Brokefage 4. QLaliiy Con-llev Janitorial 1; John ThcmipMjii Crete Products «; GXii-dons Food 3. Sioll Realty 1; Rot-ky Mountiai Brokerage 2. Larson and i,pber? |"j' Stores 3. Safeway 1: Flohrs Inter- Kir Decorating 3. Wilshire Encojz. Sen'ice !; Don Bostron 3. Fnto- Top team series: Elks 2457. Hawaii Gets Volcano Alert Lay 1; Life 2 Chase Oil :. Equitable) Top individual serits: Walt Garner M3. 'op team series: Rocky Mountain Brokerage, 1796. Top individual series; Vi At- jkinson. 525. Top team i;amt: Rocky Muun- i?-}9(3 tventnt*. T HelAir :»!« -tr P«k. riedlc ,: ,'.ick »iih ovi 0*. or 552-4001. Cfa«vro!»t linp« *. p«rf«ft coodiUo Mir. Hit Chcviv! ._ A-l ihapr. S*t Nurwir. 2200 MMrvoir Rd. Ail trpM cf suto - - -inc. Joaa Thoai Ml St* Ait., or lit N. Sth All tyiMt body tDd ffndrr work conffrtibl*. Fo»-«r brtkw. Xur KEtj. Mf«t]r b * f«rt«T wp. IS.CW. Kill !9t, ft«r C. ain Brokerage. 633. Top individual game: kinsoa, 209. CLASSIC VARIETY The scores: Wpbtern Construc- ion 2. Sweet Fashion Shoes 1: Jlks 3. Mel's Barber Shop 0; J ittsburgh Plate Glass 2. Hebr- ein Mfg. 1: Nil-Way Cleaners 2. Si farnM*. ·no:. Top team game-. Elks UR'. Top indivMual games: Gvorgt- Orr 199. Ml LEAGUE The sc-oies Hamm's 2, CuUi- Vi Al-|8 ar '· ^'"' s Htrefords ';, Hood land I'etersoii 2'-..: G. A. C Ki- H1I.O Ha»a'i islands AP) - Scitmijts w e i e alerted Saturday unpredk-'.. l/ie Kilauea TO!- It-ano. the rnuunuii:, that belched fire three l:me Friday. Island residtnts uere e^y uht-n tlw three eniptinns spewed molten ava up in 2VJ fevt into old crater pus | Vulcanu oliservatory scicntisU haid seismic readings remained but warned that more outburat-s may Islanders w i r e aroused by the nance :. Moose Ixidge I; Weld fciir lhp! Kibuea ~ l h e " or!d ' s County Lumber 1. Stahla's Trail-! 1 " 0 * 1 active volcano-Mould repeat er Sales 2. , ls * 0 I*rtormance when entire Top team series: Stahla's Trail- v ' llascs disappeared hcneatb 155- er Sales 2792. Top individual series; Al Dur-l sev 564. Happy HousP i. Top team seri»s: Elks 2222. Top individual series: Ben Kolacny 578: Bootie Chase 455. Top team game: Happy House 801 Top individual games: Tom On213: Bootie Chase 194. CLASSETTE The scores: Wheeler Really 4 Greeley Excavation 0: Empire Savings 4, Macks Mobile 0: Roth-i man Oil Co. 3. Century Back-1 ground Music 1: Woodies Distributing Co. 3, Western Auto 1. milliun cubic \ a r d i if lava. LfOPOLDVILLE - Most Con- Top team same: Stahla's Trail- K" ""^ber '-· now cxporteU. er Sales 1014. Top individual game: Al Dor- sev 236. PORT OF SPAIN-Trinidad Is having trouble protecting her| pipelines from the elements. NOW! in Greeley-Authorized Kirby Sllelind Service! Klrby Co. of Northern Colo. 452 26th Ave. 352-7826 ft. tniltr noun Ph. Suhl.'i Tnlli 01 B*rrirc on J1 mtkM ···- r« choppmi for t mobile ·t SUhla'i Trai r cuitontrt. Tbrr v dfala arc bolt Drop in . _ onlhly pirmenu. 7nil«r ·!« «ad Supplj , mi itk SL fted Dilt umptn and tnilcri eiir.pen ftnd umilcn, ftll makes · M with U Jut no load or onloai . M.c-AIl.n Em Cm ... Tracks SI Top team game: Century Bkg. Music and Wheeler Realty, 747. Top individual series: Norma Converse, 565. Top team series: Century Background Music, 2086. Top individual game: Norma Converse, 210. PIN POPPERS The scores: Dials 4. Etherton Plaster 0: Chime Belles 3. Mason 66 1: Ann's Beauty Plaza 3, Telco 1; Northern Feed and Grain 3, Webber Lanes 1. Top team series: Northern Feed and Grain. 2284. Top individual series: Shirley McWilliams, 529. Top team game: Webber Lanes 840. Top individual game: Ruby Stewart, 308. II CLASSIC BOWLETTES II The scores: Classic Snack Bar II 0, Professional Finance 4: Clas-J sic Lanes 1, Ehrlich Motors 3; I Greeley National Bank H, Coorsl Storm Windows Aluminum -- Sf If Storing Pioneer Inflation and Roofing Co Phone 352-6896 2301 10th St. Make Golds Headquarters for AUTO PARTS NEW . . . USED . . . and REBUILT · Oil filter! at low pricei · Spark Plugs · Tune-up kits · Radiator hcia Fuel Pumps Carburetors at low pricei Fan beltt for any car Water pumpi Voltaga regulators, any car Shop and Save at »ll iraylnK own u t H U i p n except- In)! h«at. Will make a RCXX! liimie for owner. Will ronnidcr homo In trnite. Eiccllent f i - nancing nvallnhlc. Don Sutherland, 3E!-5(PH Burgegs Jorner, S5!-24(M Jim Summer", 352-7028 Did You KNOW! Parkway West Homes J O H N MII.1.KR. .m., from Lucerne 6 miles West. ». mile North or from llrcclcy 3 tulles North on Highway S£ and 6 mlle« W«s a n j », North. i9ii2 A-C \V-I) w i t h supeY k i t : ) 9 4 7 MM "11 irnc-ior w l l h slnsld f r o n t : Cose CC tractor, good alupe: 1?E A C r u i i i u i n c ; Marbect topper: J.I), grain drill: 6 row cult, (o ·II" M o l l n c : I n t . mower: MM tumble plow; Dec Line ipraye w l l h luxim: S ft. Champion ferL upreadfr: I n t . manure spreader :i «or. Iwrrow and 1 2-sec harrow; wooden fiont: Int. 4 bn o rnke; V-dllclu-r; 8 x 3S duel wheels (or tractor: Int. S ft (undent illsc: A-r snlnncr plow; 8 row be»n c u t t e r ; 12 head o cuttle. 6 »rc milking. 1 yearlinf hplfor. S culvos; Iwet labo f u r n i t u r e ; irrlc. tulws; shop tools; cult, tools: TERMS: CASH TUBS. n K C B M B K H IS. 1S62 -- 10:00 A . M . DAN K t ' K H A K D T BSTATE. Krom Grcelsr 2lj mllfs Bust 01 Hiplnvay 34. ]'.i55 Caxc DC tractor. Just overhauled before be« liarvesl: 1!H2 Case SC t r a c t o r ; 1947 Stude truck, fide hoist bi'pt hert. cciinplote overhaul within lust 500 ml.: 1942 Che\ I'ickui) w i t h fiiork nicks: Cusp plow: harrow; Eversninn levcler I m . t'» i n w boot d r i l l ; j.l). 10 ft, wheel disc: 6 row beet cult for sr t'iisp t r ; i ( t o r ; A-T comliine. motor overhauled last full ile riike: t'lmttln diu-iior; Wostcrn roller; we«! sprayer: w t'a.«e imiinued bed and heai; planter: J.n. manure spreader PL hlndp; Silver Jet weed burner: 3 pt. tool bar: Ameri; w i t h 2 lid-tip: J.IV Nu. 6 mow«r; buck rake; Lauridson wtili heads; I'ropnne weed liurner. f e r t . spreader: OFFERS Choice of 2, S. \ itcdrooms Uno.xcollt'il locntinn Cnmplrli' Klci'lrii' KiU-lioii Colored H n t h Fixture* NO DOWN P A Y M E N T TO W A U K I K D V K T K R A N S LOW DOWN' F.II.A. PHONK 3R2-0750 5403 \V. 14th Rtlfxit Onrn 2 ("i to S.31 Onll Kiim-s boun l i f t e r : wooden floflt: clod Mister; 2 wagona; rju a i ttltrnle. 1M' Casi-: v t n p l p wheel fur OC Case: .11). bean cutter; Mock t a n k : Krnln d r i l l ; 160 irrin. tulips, li a Jn. - 2 in.; stork kit for im-Viip; 2 ptv-k lo.'iUinp chutes; Purne milker. 1 unit, l i k o n e w : lirondvr lin'.up. IS x in f t . ; milk house, 6 s ? 3nr- (,-nl. f n u n k s w i t h stamh: new Forney welder; nlr n|ir4»»iir; pint form nonles: 'j In. elfrtrlr rlrlll on st«nd: S3 H l l l i o n : r,f\ b \ h i R lipnn: worlds of Rood ?iiop toulu: nnd cult Is; iMM't Inlior furnltilio; 10 T. hay: TERMS: CASH. All trucks, t r a c t o r p . anfl power pqiilpnient are unld on an na la basis. No mochnnlcal w a r r a n l y o f f e r r d or Implied. All »alc« are final. l.ltt'Mi in AiiclSnn News each m 1110 n n d 7:30 A.M.. KlrKA 1310. at 7; 50 A.M.. KCOL, i: lireeli We bavo plenty of open sale datfs. Tall in n u y time. \\ w a n t your Auction. AUSTIN and AUSTIN, Auctioneers .\iiclloneera ^ince 19iU v a.v, ci7'.io Suiie 1. A m p i l c a n Bldt., r n l l i n s . Colorndc Forl y, Cohirndo Fort Collin« 4HI-530S K/rni!t(ts (.'ail: Jack Schrelher ,15:-2l 1-d foitcr S32RiO.O Blrrhnch 35J.5C41101 18!h St. Uiod Cpti ·» Ttucki SI Uitil Cnn end Tiutli SI See The New J E E P STATION WAGON AND PICKUP Now on Display Reynolds Farm Equipment Co. 1-4S17 85J-4S1 SCOOP -SCOOP -SCOOP TWO 1957 FORDS POL . . $499 Seeing Is Believing 1957 FORD VS. (now short block) Wagon. Needs a drive line. 1957 Ford 6 Cylinder Tudor Sedan. Needs an engine bearing. BOTH FOR THE TOTAL PRICE OF $499 OPEN TONIGHT TILL 9:00 AND ALL DAY SATURDAY Growing With Greeley RAMBLER OF GREELEY 1S21 8th Ave. 352-9038 JFK Disturbed By Reaction to Acheson Speech Cennedy is reported lo be disturbed about British indignation over former Secretary ot State Van Arheson's remarks thai Jrcat Britain has "lost an empire and has not yet found a role." Informed sources said FYidav dcmn the sp»ch. which Acheron, delivered Wednesday al West 'oint. but regrets thai only portions of it wore picked out by Brit- cms who roarted sharply to il. However, they said, the administration does not want to attach undue importnncc in the matter in view of the (act thai Kennedy i= lo mwl with British Prime Min-i isicr Marmillan Dec 19-30. j Ai-hrson took the position Friday critics ot his remarks shouU read the whole sjHHTh "It wuiijd help if people wr.uK read (lie tpxi of my speech before thry criticize." a slslomrn! re rased through Aclirson's offir sail! "It is fnlircly ··'.ear Ihn Ihcre will Iw tliosr w h o will dis a.Cicc. but at least thiy w i l l Ihr i isairee with what ivnt actually said " !n his remarks Aohcion Mid the Western Allies must acrce to « |iilK-y on tlie qufstwn of rcunif; ratxm of (Jcrmany. And re called or increased conventional forces lo meet Communist armed miijht K I T C H E N CABINETS lullt-ln Appllincti ! W t L U I K L U M U « CO. ong the Iron Curtain. He suggested that Britain hac ayed out" its "separate power e" as a special friend of tht ited States and "head of i mmonwealtb which has ra itical structure, or. unity, 01 ength . . ." But he called Britain's applica a for membership in the Euro an Common Market a "decisiv rning point." SE THE TRIBUNS WANT AD II Top team series: Coors, 2153. 1 Top individual series: Jane 1 Cooper, 561 1 Top team game: Classic Lanes. 1 756. " Top individual games: Jane Cooper, W2-204. CLASSIC SPORTSMAN'S ' The scores: Nelson. Haley. Patterson, Quirk 3. American Legion Post 18 1: Watliin's Products 3, Greeley Ready Mix I; Greeley Excavation 4, Hillside Addition 0; Ellis and Capp 0, Classic Center 4: Farmer's Ins. Group 4, Adamson's Mortuary 0; Associate Investments 0, McDonald's Drive Inn 4. Top team series: Farmer's Ins. Group, 2509. Top individual series: M. LaFluer, 560. Top team game: Wain's Products, 901. ' Too individual games: E. Douglas. 211. TUGS. A.M. COFFEE The scores: 5 Misses 4. 0. 5 Flops S, 1; Hot Pins 3, 1, Pin Busters S, 1: 5 Gals 1, 3. 5 Flats 1. 3: Gutter Bugs 1, 3. Pin Mrs's. 0. 4. Top learn series: 5 Misses. 2M6. Top individual scries: Gav Wall. 4«) Top team game: 5 Misses. 708. Top individual same: .loanne Milne. 139. I GIFTS FOR YOt'R DOG ! t Sweaters · Coitl , · Boots i FRANK'S SEEP j AND HATCHERY j 709 10th St. 352-1096 IraBa^ERE^i |teOD RX^J COMPLETE LUNCHEONS Sundoyi -- Starting at Noon Serred Doily, Starting ot 11 a. m. Both Table and Counter Service Wonderful SnacKi for Your C«fft* Ireak! CJjQAAJjC COFFEE SHOP v / \ / % in A 1 I N C . M»rr» Nlckltt / CUVIA «· t^/" 2454 trti A*tnm Comer llth St. at 6th Ave. · Wheel cylinder repilr kits · Remanufactured englnei Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back Dial 352-0132 AUTO PARTS No Matter the Weather. You Sleep in Springtime Comfort! with a low cost GENERAL ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC BLANKET! CAMBRIDGE Model A15 from $1995 The ncu'est. tht nicest, the beat automatic blanket buy, f e a t u r e for feature! GENERAL ELECTRIC has... · the famous General Electric Sleep- Guard? System for continuous comfort. · washes beautifully, time .ifter time, Dries last even in automatic drier. · 4 stunning colors to match your decor. Cameo Pink. Sandalwood Beige. Glad9 Green, Wedgewood Blue. · Rayon and cotton blanket with ail- Nyton binding. · Tailored comers for easy bed-making. Herdman Electric Co. 10th Street 352-jlMO

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