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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Thursday, December 15, 1955
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WASHINGTON W^House Speaker Rayburn (D-Tex) said Thursday that Democratic leaders'-will'press for an;early decision in the House on federal school aid digestion n «obn as-Congress, returns i n - J a n - uary.. .' ~ " : · . . ' · · · · . - · He predicted' eventual passage of some'form o f . goverh'ment'as- sistance to the states for .construction of. more schools, · : . - Stgrcgitfon Main Disport : A House battle is in prospect ever disputed features, of a school aid bill, already approved by the House - Education- Committee.' The conflict promises to b« compounded by deep-seated differences 'over racial segregation in some South- «rn school systems! . . ' Rayburn nonetheless said-in in Interview he expected'the House to dispose-of the school'issue "early" in the coming-session, and added: "I think we'll get » school bill, because it's becoming m o r e - a n d rriore evident there 'is a serious classroom, shortage." " · . . Conference Approved Building Aid Some form of.federal school construction aid was-endorsed b y ' a 2-1 margin by .the White House con-' ference oh education last month. -Shortly before Congress, adjourned: last ''August,- the H6us"{ Education Co'mrriittee-- approved "i four-year- program f or { distribution of $1,600,000,000' a m o n g ' t h e states for .new ; school construction, .The hill also would'authorize the government to underwrite state and local financing of additional'build- ing- \ ' - ' Before the House can act on it, howevet, it must be cleared by the - Rules Committee.'Reftisal of this group to act -- and it has several powerful Southern . members -could delay th'e bill indefinitely.- · · .-Hep..Smith (D-Va), chairman of the rules group, said he has not been requested to act by Chairman Harden, (D-NC) of the Education Committee'. - ' · ' · . · SftvMitrntrt Opp«l* Antl, · f '. Segregation 1 . . But he said "we Southerners" would question any.'inclusipn'of an ' anti-segregation Amendment.-: any proposal to .deny funds/to .slate.i hot pra'ptlcihg racial'-integration-in their' schools'.\-\ ,:-\'^-^.. y',..^!..;. v :: Rivera. Recovered ] MEXICO CITY ..*!.--. ,Dieg6 Rivera private secretary, lays the famed Mexican'-'.'cb'rn pleteiy cured of cancer" arid hopes to return -froni.'Russia'.'about"Jan 20. Theresa Proehii^old'ii'repbrler Wednesday ,ttiat a ·'radioactive'-.'co- balt trealmeht-'iureH'Rlvera; '_. ' " · C : · * · · ' - · ' - - . · 2 in Fair Center ·*«tw«*ns and 7 o'clock If yon' f«U'. 16 'recetYt) yotur . ^*«y of ,the Tribune, »np one will be delivered. : WrMtn'.byHwac* CrWlty, kt'UTI '·-.·'AND \ :·'·:';.· "!. v^;':- '.--" THE CRIELIY HI PUBLICAN VOLUME 4(^NUMttKtl-. 6KIILIY, COLORADO ' -THURSDAY,-DEC. 15, 1HS : WEEKLY TRIBUHt ESTABLISHED {ISHOPPiNG PAYS.LEFT ' r _- H.lp Flghl Ti -UN Admits 16 Nations; '.' Two -firms, .the Something -Spe cial-shop and Greejey Glass ani Paint, are how'open for buiinesi in. the new West -Fair ' ihoppinj center, Ninth itreet'and'Twentieth avenue. ·'.- · --·;.:' ' . . . . . . . ' . .Work remaining to.'be' : done on the other- seven 1 store uhits-.inthi center Includes 'laying' of theVai p h a l t . tile floors, instillation -of the. night, futures and the dec pr'ating. .Also. T«'t ^ to ; be._ done the dividing..^ssi!:sjripins .if ^»h» parking lot. v l ' · ' · · · ' - ·'.'' \·: ;· - ~ . Don Nauman, one .of the owners and the contractor,; said Thursday the; center is how 90 .per" cent" finished; and .that he hopes -to have it cofnpl e'led'. 'by.. the.' first - of the year/ ; ' ' /"-'. Nauman ;said thai-he and; the other two: owners, Lewi? 'Dpfrsey and .Doug Kester,. are'now negotiating leases;' for*, iome -'of ,:the other unj.ts""an'd.'.expect,-to.'have them occupied -before long; As^ yet, he. a d ded,. there' h a g ; n ol bVe'n". any requests for'.'a cou'ple"of^the''u'nif«. : Twi/BuildiBiit'·h'/ah-.i:; ..;·-. -The-shopping.-cente'r. consis'ts^'of two buildings'. arranged;. : in';'.the shape L. The buildingfacing south is "Bfl.'by 1 lit ;arid hW-ap- proximately" 10,000 'square' feet. The nffer it y/b en ,Uie. school -bill .comet up: \ .' '.':' '^ .-··..-." ; :' : _ '- ?v'' · " ' ''' Luncheph Ways;qf;"Raj.sih!B'':.Eiind.;' To " " ' Ways' i of raising the .estimated $37,500 heeded to furnish"the new Greeley /community building- will be discussed .Friday noon -at a luncheon; in the Camfield -Hotel's Rainbow, Room. ' ' . Wallcr'Bain has called.the rhe^l- ing. He;is the chairman .of the original executive committee in charge of raising.the money^or the building itself. . . ' -.''-_ Persons who hive taken part-in the planning'and fund v raising of the. building are .being asked to attend the session, including - the mayor, Oscar beck, end Ray R.uck- tr; the president: of. aha Greeley Clumber of Commerce.'.' UNITED L NATIONS .-'HI. -- The; Security : Council,.Wednesday ap-' proved, 16 .new U, N. members in a package deal accepted after the Russians cleared t h e - w a y with ah amaiing reversal of policy!.. ·.·' ·The.U. N. Assembly is. certain to. give, quick and jubilant approval within hours to-the 'councjl action which, ends: a'deadlock on membership extending "over . 10 years. Twelve..-.hpn-Commum'st and four Red countries will be sworn in ^heath 6 : A«sembly;acts later Uiis Week'. Japan and Outer jMongolia were put aside until the next regular 'Assembly ' in. 1^956. ; Russia, used a ve\o to block a Western attempt to'include-Japan in the list. It was the 76th veto ease -by' Kussia in U. N. history. . The. council. voted unanimously to accept Jordan, Ireland, Portii- gal, Italy, Austria, Finland, Ceylon Nepal; Libya, Cambodia and Laos. '' :1 Spam- ; wa's;arimineu ; wiEri' H vote of 10 0, with .Belgium abstaining. Albania', the- oldest candidate in point of application,' was admitted 8-p;w'illuBelgium, the United States andd- China, abstaining. Hungary, Bulgaria,^ an-.Romania-' were accepted '.9:0-.with the United Slates and China abstaining. '··' The .vblihg- which ended the-long stalemate on- applications occupied 13 minutes. Cheering' delegate's greeted- the result with loud applause and Sir. Leslie Munro, New Zealand,' council president, -. gav- eUed.fpr.'order." ' . . ' · - . - , ' ;'"Tne- deadlock is now · broken^" Munro-"said. "This'is a' historic day;for the.U: N." 'Munro.- announced t h a t - Jose, .president of. the'Assembly, had called a special m'eeUng ot the 'A'ss'embiy.Wednesday ;night to-act ' '' M Postcards Returned for Parking Study Allhough the : prigin_ and d«sti- atioh' parking s'urvey beihg^coh- ucled this week by the. city'park- ng committee has 'not bceh:com- ' who -have oh the. heW : mem bers. _ ilEyeits'jjad, moved ^swiftly w,ilhlr tlw' from .the^time'RusBia ahd;N.ationaliBt-Chih» smashed thi '^i.H»b»',** ·'JAB! I^HlJf ^Vil ««'· IV'.'Xv The nine .uirit*. ! -rafe'from' 450 UL J t / I U J k - . V * « T C I C J I . I VtJCK 1 , ' BOO ·tor. -»·*"/,a- ; Mod»rr,iitic-: front..'-...'. .1-.' -'i"i4 *-.'·!-··'·''-;-·'· .; ;_·; .':r»arklB«,"«f. ,M-..C»rs,.'·-.";.; : Parking ]for jaround »6'"cars'will \a "·u;l*k?^". lii^i'navf iMa.-l*j Lin 16 Are Missing in Cinadian Blizzard . REGINA; sask. wi -- pbike Wednesd*y ; listed 16 persons missing- an Saskatchewan and Alberta as the two'.provinces began clearing out from under the worst Arctic near-hurricane, winds a n d , snow below zero following t w o . d a y s of fcltTzard-in'.eight-years. But .temperatures still .hovered below zero following two days .o 1 near hurricane winds and.' snow that ranged up to 10 feet in depth. One person -- a.Hoyal Caradiah Mounted Policeman -- died in the aform. : ; · . : ., ·; - · Hundreds at persons stillwere stranded'at farm houses, in small towii« and large centers. .'/ '.' · Fourteen persons .arrivecT in Leask, Sask.-, Wednesday, after nwding'HW hours in a. stsani- iew train oo the way to Prince Arbert from North Battleford. ahother : parking of; the'.' elnt'S;-'. . , will^be space for-welloier _,..,,.... '. Construction'be'gan in'August/, In recent weeks; wortc-wis": pushed ;to finish the two units which' were to be occupied . this month.,'·-.-. The'-. Something- 'Specialf-.sjiop'i which occupies ; a unit 2p' by; 28 in" the -building .facing; jrest.i-is owned by. Ray Ste'vens/'who^also operates Ray's'eafe^at First' avenue and Eighteenth' street.'--'----.-^" - The ihop*'carries;-a; line.-of .regular and unusual'gift; items.--They consist .of .china", ^ceramics,-· pictures, .Swedish;brats 'arid 'crystal. It.also has "e'ards'for.'all 'occasions. -.The store iar ; ii..e»iot« ceiling, tile floor, fluorescent, lighting and lime oak'fxfure'sV '." free* M*y*d frefmlJt*. ,ltr»«t:- Greeley .Glass'.' and ' P a i n t , -, 'of .which. Clyde" Gurhoy'-and-.,Henry Nitzel" ..arey : the:. co-owners;--.-has nbii,j India;, told'. Mtza fiist/th'e'inue in 'the. Assembly b'y.· nopii.'; Before he spoke,.-how eyer,;. Maz'i · interrupted a session . occu'pied a unit 31 by^M feet in the other b u i l d i n g . ' · - - . | . .; ' In' one part of iti location rii. the ·tore, handiirig a completei'line. 'cf Valspar "and" -Horman ,P.ajc!l ''and other jtemi for :paintuig^and 'al»o wallpaper..'-The ' ' g i f t s '-shop; adjoins the,'-itarei' ' . - . . . Greeley'Paint and Glair wai formerly'located at 3.17.Thirte«hth Btre ' V '·to ^reconsider .tb .of niember'ships. '-' '· The'power .was identified quick ly, as^Rusjia: The council 'meet ing.was -set for 4 p.m.-. - '. .The;Soviet delegate, Ar.ka.dy A Sobolev, got" down to business with ho delay. H e . said the. "ob ttructibn"- of one man had'not per milled the .'council -to solve · the problern by 'admitting all 18. He was .referring to the Nalionalis Chinese delegate; T. F. Tsiang, am his -vote against Outer Mongolia . He said Russia continues to. be iie've all IS ihould be admitted, as proposed by ' 52 · members of the Assembly in a resolution adopted Dec. ,1. Then came · his change" - of pace.";'. : ' . . . , . -. · : 'Wishing .to cooperate in a solution; the Soviet Union withdraws its negative vote to the'series of countries," Sobolev said, "The Soviet; Union will v.ole in favor of their, admission with the exception of Japan,^bearing in mindjthat the Home Lighting Entry; Indents 'Stone British FAMAGUSTA; 'Cyprus·' LTI--The toning of-, British'troops ;brought he'arrest Thursday of lOOVschool- xys,- 2 i schoolgirls and 16; te'ach- rs. ..Two soldiers : .were injured, 'he students had. joined 'a.protest trike by workers a g a i n s t ' a bah n the Co'mmuhist-party and the .rrest of Red-leaders. Love-Sick Youth Slays -.-;· .^~ ,.. -...;·.. s- -_. - . , . '.\ ' - · ' .'· . '- t -. \ f ; 3; 1$ Wounded, Caught He -Came Back' , ··rly In J ,lW3j- r rtturn«d*from Commu* nlit 'East.. Gtrmany, after '-fl««- ·ing -f* -Eiitr. G«rniany-U-rnonrhi Jes'*:'-ris siv- h!r»««! VANDERGRIFT, Pa. W-A love sick youth who killed three people W/e'dne'sday night and shot a police- m a n . - w h e n ' , trapped 'Thursday mornlngi-was wounded · and captured by stale,police a short time ifter the'second shooting. ; - ' . ; Pellet.Chttr Shot Details o f ' t h e shooting of Police Chief Gus Zan'os, of nearby Apollo, and the wounding and. capture of 17-year-old John Fallone were not available, immediately; ' - Police, who radioed tho report that -Fallone had been "wounded and captured, called for an ambulance "into the wooded area about four miles north ot Vandergrift - a n d 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Sl.y.r Wound.d In Hiad . Stale police said Fallone was wouhdedrin a gun battle with the posse. * He was being taken to Armstrong County' Memorial hospital .in" Kitlannlng with a head injury'. · · . · First police reports, did not Indicate_any injury to members of 20 Student to Christmas; for.''Mom;-,;; ;· ' LEXINGTONY Ky.'tfi i Juvenile Trial Commissioner W; Rbdes Clay agreed Wednesday that matrimony was a godd'.idea^for' : "a T man who said he plans to marry, the mother of his 8-ycar-old 'son:; ".: ·· ··_ ' . . The :man told .Clay-he has lived with the^woman'for 11 .years and the marriage "will be her'Christ- mas present."'. ; : " · - ' comments ; of . parkers already^ returned .their ' . ostcard 'answers was ' provoking discussion. at city hall Thursday. The comments included:- - "Fourteen times ..-. -around ,the ilock- and '30- minutes- to''-^^'^ larking space. Parked; .45 :'min- ites 'and;Visiled' six-places." i Another person wrote:- -·'/- "Wonder if we could get along without/ : one-half- block-, '-.oi'-r.'one ilock- of Lincoln park,',': obviously meaning he felt-part;of. the park hould be used 'for parking, · ; A third comment w a s : . . "Take the meters^out." ; . Another parker- -wrote: · "I'm a gainst meri to parkU;day in.the:bu5iness Gtrrriiny- 'security '. pclfct. (AP ; ..The theirniomefer at 'the Public Service'.'station',hit.-the zero mark early";-Thursday 'morning, -while a Iow-'.of-tw6*above"'wa's recorded at the Great Western' Sugar company Aiford Is Firsl Defense Witness in the UP Trial factory. These 1 .Vreadin;gs' were' the' lowest in';the';c'pld.snap^l)ere- this, .week: The :zero'' reading, the*Public vScrv- City' 1 .MaBaRer;,I ported- 1 apprbilmatelyf 60tt''r«iiUes had. been receiyed-irom' the;*,afflp postcard s ' tSat were' pi k Jed ; 1 ' · " - in 1 the . area ·Tuesday.,"- tud,enis' As-officers closed, in, .state police reported, Fallone'' fired once with one,of the two rifles, he had taken a f t e r ' t h c triple .'slaying last night.'The shot struck Zanos. ." The police "chief was.taken to the same hospital where' 15-year-old Gladys .Small was,admitted Thursday night after the shooting., She was" seriously wounded- after her parents 11.-Warren ;Smail, 44, and Mrs. Irene Small, SR/.-.wejfe^.slain in their farm home 30. miles, north; east'of Pittsburgh. ·· ·-' ·AYilliam A. Small, 49, a'brother o f ' W a r r e n , w a s - s h o t and-killed as he, f a n from the house.-Police said'that Fallone "fired tho fatal shots with a .22 calibre automatic rifle'and warned that he might be dange.ipus 'if trapped' when they started the all night search, i The Greeley schdol .board Wednesday, night approved; the 0 use of an additional 20 student teacheri from CSCE In the Greeley public school system.'" '.-.,''".'.-; ! .-·; . Formerly-" thel. limit, o f . student C. T. Aiford .of Route 3. was the first witness called to testify as '.ho defense In Ihe $53,790 damage trial of Ronald Jlex Cogburn and Harry R. Cogburn of Plattcvllle against lh'e.Union'Pacific railroad and two of its employees began presenting its evidence 1 in district court short- ly'hefore'10 a. m: Thursday. The 'damages sought by the Cog- burns.are asked in connection wljh an accident one'mile'south of H Silken Oct. 22, 1954, when ah auto driven by-Ronald Rex Cogburn'ran nlo a'string ;of U. P. freight cars standing'on the tricks at a railroad c r o s s i n g . ; , - ' - ' . - * . - .' Aiford, " ^ district superintendent for/the.U.'P.' in this area,,testified the train involved was hauling.beet cars from.Fort Collins and Milliken teachers-allowed;was. 10 percent of'..the total Greeley..'school fac- · . uily,'or 2d'student-teachers in all, since_: there are-. 200V4 full time teachers .in'Greeley.schools. The board's action -raised, this limit to'20.-per cent,- -' .. : · ' ' .'' Board-Approval SfiC.OOO Loan ''The: board - also approved the' borrowing of $80,000 from three Greeley banks to meet its Decem- ber'payroll. . · The loan, which is-frequently oblairied~st this time .of .year, is made necessary by the slow tax returns lo the'Weld County treasurer's office in November, and De^ cemberi ''. · ' ·'-.- [ :' .The :lhree' banks -are 'the First N's 1 icns!, the -Weld County Sayings. =^ and-.the .Greeley National banks,- Arrangcmcnls will he through the Greeley National Bank with the .olhcr.ttvo sharing In the loan. Interest will ba at ;the rate of 2V4 per cent per .'year,, with the interest rate, to .bo adjusted for' payment within... the year. - - . Dr. Leslie K. -Grimes, superintendent of schools for District SiX| added that the'district might have tq'seek additional money' to cover its January payroll.unless tho state equalization money is received by Formerly "the state money was. distributed -in full during January to 'and. consisted · '10! . . . , - , _ pla ce'd 1ST po,ftca"f ds on car s'Tfiuri- dayj cohcenirating 'theirve'ffprtijin the downtown area where there are parking: meters. .'; . . - . . . - · ' : , . ' ',{ .Grace said; the fringe '.business area was hot covered Thursday^ because it -was .felt m uch 1 of ,th e,tu rn- over, in. parked 'vehicles at.pariiing hieters. was .missed. bn*'Tu'esday, due t o - f h e , f a c t the'. students. were only getting ; around ; the;'areas : assigned them every 1W hours while the 'average turnover at parking meters is about 45' minute's. The fringe business area will' be included in the survey on Saturday, the last of the three days it is to be conducted, .the city manager said. Cruce. said 'he -would like to 'see a. larger percentage of answers to the' questions asked r in i the survey returned -than resulted from'Tue^- ay's'distribution of the postcards'. he planning commission will pa'y le postage: on all-cards returned. flit ·ikjppwVi ·clear, here-Thursday nftrhlhgi".-:",;'· (;' 7 .;r i:,' 1 " . · · ' ' v : ' .'.High: at in; Pub_Uc, Service^ sla- tion TVedneid^y - was'; X,; The" facV tory had ; a-'high*.of/i3. " . . ' · ' lo Gill's Attack on lihat Aongo A 3 Tucson 'Fishermen Missing oh Ihe Gulf TUCSON, Arii.'Hl -- Three Tuc- §on fishermen are .believed miss- Inf nn the Gulf.of California off Rocky Poiat; Mexico, They are supposed fo have returned Sunday. . They are Rudolph J. Stone, an attorney; Clark' Heaslettl president of H*S Electric, Inc., and Ralph Peterson", a .carpenter. ; The Coast Guard in San Diego said it ordered one plane.into the air to search for the men Wednesday, but that the aircraft developed trouble and failed, to get o f f - t h e ground. ! -.- "·James 'Sl.ogsdU!, .HeasleU's business partner, reported that'the "car the' .three men drove to Rocky Point had been'found on the beach wit* » twat trailer, but'that *·* ' JSntries fcr · the 1»M.-Christmas home-lighting cpnle'st,,. tjwnjored by Jhe Greeley Electrical 'Ltaguej must be postmarked noflattr than midnight'Stnurdjayr. · · , : - : - ··;' The entry i blank,- )whleli';liti.|ip- peared'hi the Tribune'«:a ·aum- be/ '.of- occasions durinj .flw.'.jisl several weeks,is printed m today's edition for the Ittttini^ '.'·':'. Judgeii from Uw Rocky HcMtain Electrical. Leajue in Deov«r-('wfll view the decorated hones Tuesday night, -i'*:'.·'··;-.· - U . . . ·.;--.Vv'.-v. .'Anyone in ·' C.ree'leji'.'awl ·c.'^l district -six except .tio«e'.coo«it-. ed.wjlh.the sponiorinf',ffirms,.'is eli'enter.. ; ; ^ :;;;:;/^;.j',^ -Grand prize for the best decorat- ed'home : in. all'three'.districti will be an electric"dr-er."- The winner in each area^ will "|e(,-a SunbeaiB q'ueEtipn of Japan, .and Mongolian Peoples Republic (Outer. Mongo- lia)''.which'did not yield positive postponed for consideration by the next session of the Assembly. . .. "The Soviet Union-assumes that between sessions measures will he taken by united-action to permit the entry ,of these' countries." . He laid Russia had not changed its stand in favor of admitting Ja ; pan but that for "obvious reasons" the question of J a p a n - w a s being referred to the next session. .Diplomats.- pointed out Sobolev apparently., meant two things: (1. Russia would launch a new to ouit.. Nationalist China before the* next'session and (2) ·· Russia would step up its attempt to drive a -iood ,bargain .:wilh 'Japan in peace = treaty-negotiations.. - · Sny4*r at NtHooil C«nclay» ' Leonard. V. Shyder of 2429 Thir teenth'avenue court, general sales man of the M. C. Schrank company of Bridgefon, N. Y., is atlendin the company's national 'sales con ventioa it'the Hotel Trayhiore in Atlantic .City, N.- J.- three. day conclave, he will faki . part irryice, fabric planning, sales pro motion and other topics. m'ixrnaiter' an*'' the Fkcrrie' tkiliet. tact a**a- a-' 6«tn»al seminars which Include .manage'ment, merchandising False Accuser-Jailed ' -'·TAIPEI, Tormosa'tB--'Miss _ Ya-lin, 32, convicted of-fafsely ac cusing a 1 rival of being'a Commu riisf,-was- aehtehc'ed^y' a' militar tribunal .Wednesday 'to, three year in'-jin^ Her intended 'victim '.wa t.tiafer she charted -with tteslin losmqpolilans Install. ohn Roberts President John L. Roberts bei-ame presi- ent of Greeley Cosmopolitan club at the annual installation banquet nold Wednesday night at-the Tea louse with 63 present: ": Installation bf officers wai .con- [ trie,federation governor, 0. F. Boyle, assisted by Fred Gfey- iull 01 Denver,'first lieutenant gpv ;rnor. Carl Elrnblade, outgoing ires'ident, presided. ,*. ;. '·. ' r Calvin W. : Crozier was.'injtiated as .a new. member .by- P a u l ^ E . Joyle, 94, oldest living member, of Cosmopolitan,. International. His wife, Emhia Jane', 89,'is the,oldest member , of ·.- Cosmopals, * an.- organization .of .wives of:this men's service club. 1 , ':· V '·' ^ Mrs.. John Roberts was installed president" of Cosmqp'als,' together wltli-the other new officers'of the auxiliary. " . '· . '-.-' ·' ' ·"·'· After-dinner · entertainment 'was furnished.iby' Miss .Kay -McElroy, harpist, 'accompanied* by · Mrs. 9eor'ge A'ndersen,.organist. · - , ·'.Gladys-.didn't-lbs*. conkciquin^j* in' her "ambula'nce'-ride to the hpv pital.VSobblng,jshe..s'aid:.::. - ··'·· "We'nt to -.a dance, with him (Fallone)- ibout' a. year-ago. Hi got serious, a n d - w o u l d n ' t · let me talk to other boys. He wanted mo fpthjmseli. My parents finally for- b a d e ^ ' m e . to ' see'.him. : Th'eri"he By GORDON-G. .GAUSS · D E N V E R Wi. ·--There is. only about ;a; 2 per - cent' error--totalling 50 million dollars--in thevtax'able valuation . placed on .property in Colorado'by county assessors compared-, with .the valuation";which should have been placed on it, says the 1 'chairman of the State Tax Commission. - ' - . . . - Chairman'John R.-Seaman made the statement m a lelter.-tn. Slate Sen. Frank i L. .Gill (H-Hillrosc), who recently..criticized, the statewide. - property /'reappraisal i program.; · ', . " - / . " ' - . · . . '; 'Seaman's letter' was 'in',.answer to one submitted- by : 'Gill,'^president pro ternpore of the state Senate;'asking nine questions'of ;the commission. '.!,'..... - '-. · - ' " . . - · ' . N » CFiim t» ;p«rf«etion · Seaman;made no claim'that perfection 'has ; been.', achieved in the task ''of ^equalizing - assessed yalu- ^atiohs 1 throughout. Ihe state but'did* assert;. "We'-.firmly · believe that w'e'-.have'-better--.equalization now threa'tened.'us,..said 'I'll-get all of you -some " day.' " ' - . ' , . . -Police 'got their first word : of the -impendihii; 'tragedy .when Justice, of "the Peace Homer 'King, 38,^- a 1 neighbor " of .the '^Smalls, phoned for help...Later,-King told this story: ; ' · Wm. Small Woundtd Wtnr For Help William A. Small, a bullet wound in his ' toot,,-came to the King h o m e . . H e said FoJIone-was terrorizing the family and had brought a carton of dynamite Into the house, along with his rifle. After notifying police, King rode with' Small about -two miles back lo the house. "After we stopped, Small got out on the left side .and me on the right side," he said. "Just then Fallone came out of the house and he started firing. He hit Small twice and killed him. I went run- ning.back of I don't think Fallone saw me. I ran all the way home.-My, God, that boy might have killed me, too." · · . When police' reached the house they found Small and his wife dead In the kitchen, Five young children wefe huddled in the living room, sobbing wildly. Bullet holes were in the kitchen wall. Mirrlagt Llcthtai · 'Dennis Karl Schwalm of Johnstown and Shirley Jean Harding of ars; wjipn'-: it .'.arrived.' a\..J.Sillikei tnefevenfcg'.'of ;"lh£' : accident. .-'.'"K. Clay ton D.; Khowlcs of.. Denver, allor.hey for the defendants,"questioned Aiford as o'whether It wds feasible or pr'actical.'tp" ( 'iut" sucli a .train" at the crossing !south-' of Millikch. '"' ' . - ; · · ' : " : · ;' ·!-liowever,'.-.S,:_Kobcrt"-Houlchcns. ivho with Elmer P. ^Cdgburn of Denver, is representing the plaintiffs, objected lo this line of quei- Johihg. a s ' irreveltnt 'and. the. pro-. Eress of the trial .was being slowed is.Judge'William:.E.-'Buck, who.Is iresiding; ca'Ued'.ihe opposing al- iorncyi.lnto his : chambers to discuss the le, outside the'i Plilntlfft Finiih Wtd. P. M. The trial was recessed'at 4:30 or February,- but'a 1 change. In, tha distribution methods this ! year will dislribute only;one-half bf the total equalization .money at the usual tlipVypitrj the other half coming to-. w.ard«.,lhe'erid.'pt'the'school year. '''"''·" Ntw ^Ttachtr, Appointed Olher 'action· by · the' board -Wed- egal questions .Involved ·presence bAhe jury. p. m. Wednesday after the plain- .iffs had completed prescnlalion of heir evidence and Judge Buck had denied a - defense motion for a directed'verdict In favor of the' rte- tendanls who, In addition to the railroad, are H.' B.-'Jenkins · !ay!night sa'iy" the approval o! !w'(e ; acher. for GrecIcy-'Hlgh at'.-any'-timie' in ,'lhe : past 75 me a than years/' when Colorado' became slate..-'. ' ' '-·' ' .",.:.'.' -. \ "'·,'· ', Gill "fmpr«it»d"' ·GUI told-a repo"rter t he was.."im- pre'ssed"' '· Seaman's -answers to 1 hisjtjuesiibns and-particularly the claim that assessed valuations are within ; 50 million dollars- of the corre'ct level. He.didn't.prom- ise, any- future 'course o f ' actinn, however. ... ', '/' . ' ,; . '· . jGill rele'ased'-lhe exchange .with Seaman'i'answers "to his questions " - ' · '(Contlhued on Page 24), 2 Dionnie iQuinte ^Hospital Patients Where · MONTREAL (* -- Tw» if itw Dl*VwM.|u'mhtpl«» are pitl*rtt« In' · lubvrfaan MontrMl h«#rtil where tt»»h«r-h»»'«urvivlflj quloti are hi nuntt' tralrlnf.' They w»r« all Micrlbtid 'aY '.'in a happy me«l" W»A»K(§y. . . . : ; . ' ^ : .^S'.' , - · - - · · · - ' ' ,-' ' Ann«1tt f wha hid b**n "a "tfuJenl in-» Nka(«t,\OO«!/ «cho4l,-«n- t*r«f rh* Hoipiul Metre D«m» d« l'E»p«r«nc« In Villa St. Laurent D«c. 3 far an ·x«min«t i i*n. Mari* 'was' admitt**! Nov. 24 for Irtit* m«nt»ft«r leavinea Qiwtwc «Hy conv*nt wt«r« the h'ad b*«h trjin-, Ins at a poilultnt. Yvwm inri Cecil* ilrtidy 'w«r« tr'ining at nortet at H»' hslpital. '-' -···' . '! ·.'.'·.;··''·:' · ' · · " ' ' : ' '. ...TXHHh-|i{K!*'.*rnlll*'dMb.ty*c',ri .-i ' . · i / : . - . - ; '' * ' . . - . . , . . ''Hflcprtal auTh«rii«t ftfuMd t« ilitcuss th* ctnrfition of .Marie and* ' Anoeft* except to say they ira^ tufftrhtf' from a' nervous -eondHlon 'and n*«d r*sr and. priyicy.. · y j .'i '':i · · · '' .' ' ; - , . ' . -*· ; : ' Mark hat fwke'kft nVt c*nv*nt : at Ou*Uc.' A ipektiman for.' HM Dlann* mwrth taM *«Hfi KfJ Md Marie her Kf* M Hw ckMtrad tMVMit "wat «M kar^ far her IraH twMth." '* Platteville. Cecil Joe Weaver and Lois F.velyn Krugcr, both of Silt, Colo. in Nat! Merit Semi-final Round DENVER- (ffl -- The National Merit Scholarship Corp.' Thursday released the names of .54 Colorado high school seniors who have pasied'semifiijal tests leading to college'scholarships. " ' They 'are survivors of more than 50,000 -top-ranking seniors who took Ihe Initial ,'examinations in late October in 10,000 high schools throughout the nation. : ; ' : The winners-will take*a second examination.Jan.'. 14, cutting the field to 1,500. Subsequently screening will reduce 'the number of scholarships .to. around 500. ". . The 20 million dolar corporation with headquarters in Chicago is financed largely by grants from the Ford Foundation,and by business 'organizations. -. The 'Colorado semi-finalists include':, ...-: · . :'·, ·-. Greeley .--'Dorothy Jean Isakson,. 1m ;t. 1. Box 172; Don L. Jones Av«. and Theron McKcnney, 'conductor' 'and engineer respectively on -the train involved in the, accident. Witnesses for -the plaintiffs included both. Roland, Rex. Cogburn and his father, 'Harry. R. 'Cogburn, Warren Leroy Walks, ' D a v i d Wailes, Robert i,: Sappington.'Sgt. Robert Welsh and Patrolman Loyal B. Warner o£ the slate highway palrol, H. B. Jenkins on cross- examination,. Richard Ncubauer and Dr. John Jacobs. In addition, statements by. Dr. H. C. Becker and Charles G.'Freid were read to the jury. , .·· ".- DWn.'t S». Can Roland Rex Cogburn, 19 at .the time of the accident, testified he did not see the cars standing on the tracks' the night of the 'crash and drove into them at a 'speed of between 50 and 55 miles an hour. 'The youth 'suffered compound fractures of his lower right leg, a fracture of his lower jaw bone and multiple head lacerSlions. He is asking $50,000 damages: for loss of earnings, temporary and permanent disabilities and pain and suffering. - · - - . Dr. Jacobs testified one operation already has been. necessary to put a "nail" or supporting rod in the youth's right leg irom.the ankle to the knee and that another operation would be necessary .to remiive It. "-. . .' . · - , - · ' · · ' Warren Wailes testified he drove up to the crossing from the opposite side of the train from the accident and only saw the freight cars because of the reflected lights from another motor vehicle. , Members of the six-person jury selected to hear the case Wednesday morning .were Carl A. Bob- lender of. Route t, LaSalle, .Lester J, -Adamson-' of Eaton, Louis J. Brahtner of Route 3, Edith H. 1 Johnson of Route 2, Ed~gar R. Gustation of Rout* f and Alvin R. Hensley of Greeley. : . . Musicians' Leader Dies : CHICAGO -- Joseph. Hruby,' 71, president of Ihc independent Amer-. ican · Musician's Union before its merger in 1937 wilh fie American Federation , .of Muiicians, ;(died ' nesd a; new School 'and the granting- of 'an -in' . definite leave of' absence to J. O. Miioiler.painteri'fp'r 'District Six, who h'a's:been'. in"!lll health. The leayo.isjhpt to exceed one year. .; The-new-teacher'is 'James Mark Bprh.emelcr, a graduate -at CSCE. He is Replacing Don Campbell, who , [s.entering" the. insurance business icre'. ''-.·' ·' : - ''. ' : 'i I '· Bornemeier. graduated, from. Nebraska State Teachers College In los'l and is at'present working 6n;h!s-M.A. Degree .'at CSCE. Ha , will teach mechanical drawing at GHS. The appointment is effective 'an. 3 . " - , . - . - , ··Ttachtr Plan -Plt'atti CSCE The "addition of 20 new student teachers met with the enthusiastic approval of John B. Fulbright, director of student teaching at CSCE. 'IThls is very pleasing to us," said Fulbright Thursday! morning. ''The. college is grateful to the Greely school board for offering us this.firte service.; It is through lhelr-hclp;and.the exanvple of the Greeiey. teachers-that,we are able to 'graduate -"complete' 'and well trained instructors." - . ' . Student teachers received ho pay . for their work in assisting the.reg' uiar teachers in Greeley and neighboring owns,.-.but It gives them a chance to" satisfy tho practice teaching requirement for a degree at the'college. , | Wednesday. ' Weather : Temperature at 2 p..hi. Thursday was 30.degrees. ' i Local for 24 hours ending 8 a. m. Thursday: Public S e r v i c e ; , High,'26; low, 0. Sugar factory:' High, 23; hnv, 2 above. . ' Boulder.- and Longmont: Fair through Friday; .warmer Friday; high Thursday hear 30; low Thurs- d a y ' n i g h t .10-15;: high Friday 4045; Boulder 28-10-45; Longmont 290-42... · " · · · · : Southwestern Colorado: Generally fair through Friday; low Thursday night 0-10 .below high mountain valleys 5-15 elsewhere; high Friday. 35-45; Durango 42-15-48. Colorado"-- Decreasing cloudiness southeast Thursday; otherwise generally fair through Friday:'locally gusty-winds cast Friday; locally warmer . northeast Thursday afternoon and Thursday night; warmer north and cast Friday; low Thursday uiglit 0-20 below;-high mountain valleys, 0-10 above northwest'fo 5-20 southeast; hiih Friday mostly 35-45. ; Wyoming--Generally fair east of the Divide; partly' cloudy mountain's and west ol the Divide through'Friday; not quite so cold north Thursday afternoon and most of the slate Thursday night; warmer Friday; increasing gusty wads Friday; low Thursday night 0-15 below mountains 5-15 above lower elevations: high Friday 2535 west of the Divide to 35-45 east. New Mexico -- Cloudy.northeast ' corner with occasional very light inow Thursda^ and {Thursday ' -

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