Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 5, 1975 · Page 16
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 16

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1975
Page 16
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The 1m Kix'i." I'R-si i T|«.. Novs-Tribune. Wednesday. Kebt SERVICE INFORMATION OF RELIABLE FIRMS SALES SERVICE WtSUTES IRRIGATION CO. * 250 '/i Mile Center Riser Hand Lines * ''4 Mile Wheel Lines -- Complete Installed 5 6 F I . Wheels '3850 Dale Pallin 466-8209 Monoger Tel-Cm 888-1423 Unil 5505 ROOFING HAROLD T. KELLER Cornmcrcial and ReiidenHal fiee Eitrmalei 466-3362 TMSr;.* vt '69 A MONTH IS ALL IT COSTS TO PUT YOUR ADVERTISING RIGHT HERE WHERE IT IS READ DAILY BY OVER 68,000 PEOPLE IN THE NAMPA-CALDWELL TRADING AREA WESTATES IRRIGATION CO. « 250 H Mi. Center Riser Ilandlines « W Mi. Wheel Lines - Complete and Installed. ,V b" Wheels $;,, _Coll£alePdlitiJ^66.M09«rT»|.Cot888-1423Unit 5505 LA AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR "Fighting Inflation" FREElUBEWITHO|r.S,FHTEIi · lunc-ups · Co'burrror 0«efhoul · BnAei "Olhsr General Repairs 1524--jst St. So., NaTnpa 467-3802 MILLER'S VACUUM REPAIR Hoover -- Compact -- Ki*by -- Eledrolua -- Euieka -- Suribcon -- Rainbow ond ofhen - PARIS IN STOCK Your Author/ltd HOOVSfl Dtaltr FILTER QUEEN SERVICE i PARTS 315 So. Ximball, Caldyy«ll, 459-6328 HEATING SYSTEMS Furnacei »f All Typ«! -- Sales Service CALL 466-8401 for the "dirty lurnote cleaners" OWYHEI SHEET METAL 1 020- 1st SI. South, Nompa ?514E.CIe»eland, Caldwell, 459-1697 ^59-7471 . 'NAMPA Service Directory 1 F U R N A C E R E P A I R W O R K Also rain gutte r insulation. Call after9 a.m.. 466 7J57 FIREPLACES AH Kinds, built-ins, free Stan ding. Franklins. New homes, remodel, mobiie homes. Free e s t i m a t e s , f r e e ideas, free brochures. C o m p l e t e in slallaiion or do-it yourself with expert advice. By M A S T E R C R A F T J59 70]? Troncning or sprinkler systems waler lines. Can trench 4" to 6" wide. Also bactsf.oe ex c a v a t i n g . Bob B l e s s i n g , Homedale, Idaho. 337 3873. Soon will be the time to Install your sprinkler system in your 'yard. Call now lor e s t i m a t e s 459-S3-I9. Build your new home - or fix uptjieoldone. Callme at 459-8349. Q U A L I T Y Concrete driveways, sidewalks , 8. patios. Call Earl, -146-1594. Landscaping, shrub Irimming yard work. Now is the time to get this work done. J67 5114 MOORE TREE SERVICE licenced. Insured Bonded J67'lldO. 3J3 4522. °]9 6700 P.i'nJing. roofing, cemont work. ='ucco. brick laying, dry wall 4 paneling. 459 615-1. Beat those rising fuel costs! Call Qualily Storm Window P r o d u c t s T o r F R E E E S T I M A T E 464-1632 aftir 5p.m. WOLKO'S MOBILE MILLING S E R V I C E . Grinding, rolling. mixing 4 molassifying 466556-1 * ELECTROLUX * vacuum cleaners. Repairs Supplies M Inaoa. J5.I 07'? AU 66?7 ;59 83C3. Carpenter Framing 8. Forming. Or finishing. OiaH59 7720. INTERIOR PAINTING Most any room 537.50, e s t i m a t e s , insured. Richard darn. Call S85-2J89. Excavating a Landscaping. Leon Kelt, 4594136 or 4598388. Tap soil, fill rjirl fertilizer. B J TREE SERVICE .Topped-Trimmed-Removed Licensed Insured. Free Estimales. Ph. 446-5200. CONCRETE WORK ftJSCTems to luivrorfc. 459 9784 Service Directory HOUSE MOVING Also buv and sell houses BOB R I C H A R D S O N , Ph. 466 9339. Remodeling repairs. Skilled craftsman for home or business. Prompl service. Ph. 466 5958. ft E L E C T H l C A L T A P I N G I n s t a l l a t i o n o n traitors/ homes, Phone AUTO PAINTING "Specialists" ROBERTS MOTORS 616 · 12th Ave. Road, Nampa 467-4872 SAM and WANDA'S VACUUM SALES t SERVICE · Rainbow · fatal Kitty -Cumpocl · tlttlraht · Sihtr King 2816 E.lincUn 459-2562 Heavy Equipment Rentals ,,.,,.,,, · IS t 40 TON C R A N E S · CIADERS . LOADERS · COMPACTION ROUIRS 4 OTHER HO H E A V Y DUTY EQUIPMENT 323 Celdwel) Blvd., Nompo See A M f . . . PEOPLE'S DENTURE LAB AH Work Guaranteed -- Repairs While You Woir 18 Years at Same Location ouu ° lo 5 Weekdays 466-4205 JOS-I2lfcll»(.S»..Kinip» FUEL BILL HIGH? Cul heating C«f$ -- Save En«/gy STORM WINDOWS AND DOORS Gla» and Screen Repair -- Financing Avai'oble CTEMfADT'C M1HDOWAND TEIf ART 9 AWNING 388Nompo/Cold. Blvd., Nampa 467-1961 Eves. 466-1397 Gage's TRI'COUNTY CARPET "We're out to floor you" 411 Nampa-CaWwall Blvd., Nampa 467-4991 STORM WINDOWS N O W \ LOWMOHTHLrHrUBm ^---K 25% SHIELDS EHTERPRISESE HIBBARD BROS. CONSTRUCTION Custom Built Homes and Remodeling. Call Bob 459-7048 or BIN 459-651 5 Sales Service · McbHe Home Moving · Set tips irity · fre« E$ti(nat« lB«r«d · tourings · Skirtinj 454-1251 Good Reject STANDARD BLACK PIPE V3B'tK, l 1 A''5rff.,)W"62'll.,r 1 85Ml W SV.34 It., 3" S) .54-11., 4" 52.77 II. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE CROOKS INDUSTRIES, INC 1731 Induilrlal Rd., Nampa 467-4445 Classifieds Gef Results To Buy, Sell, or Rent Dial466-789] or459-4664 1 Service Directory 1 Special Notices . . TOP SOIL Fill kinds ! J66-43600T -166-4011 TREE SERVICE" i O A H O P E S T C C I N T R O L (Formerly Srasstieldsl Spraying ol all kinds. Complete tree service. Licensed, bonded 8, insured. Larry Rails, 466-1376. PETERSON CONCRETE CONST. Free e s l i m a l c s . D r i v e w a y s , Patios - sidewalks -- sleps curbs -- chain link fence. For quality work call Gary, 459 37*0. * VACUUM REPAIR * Hoover. Compact, Electrolux, Filter Queen. R o y a l , Eureka, Kirby, Airway. Belts, bags, molors, switches, all kinds of pans. Mel's Repair Sates, Ill6-I2th Ave. So., J662541. Quality Cabinets Carpentry, Painting, all phases of remodeling. No job too small. 467-1907. 58, S E X C A V A T I N O Backhoe 8. Cat Work. Jack Siiies,459 J301 Cuslom Builaing B. remodeling. Reasonable. Free e s t i m a t e s Jack Hall, 459-6281. EXCAVATING B a c k h o e , L a n d s c a p i n g T r u c k i n g . D I C K N A Y L O R E X C A V A T I N G CO. Ph. 4540351. evenings -159 7oU. EXCAVATING Biicvr.oe work, any kind, Scplic Mnks. cfram fields. Dean Lit- iioficicf Excavailng. J6-372S. Paul's c fir pet iniiailauon, Ouaiii/ v / o r k at r e a s o n a b l e pricos. Guaranteed. 466 4755. C A R P E T U P H O L S T E R Y C ' e a n n g S e r v i c e . F r e e eit. Work guarantee^. jf7 5475. VAN'S CEMENT WORK i Patios, drivov/ays, steps, curbs 8, Iracior work. Free estimates., Phone Star ;m 1W or ?8il-7ia., WOODY'S TREE SERVICE fls.Tioval. trim.slcmpreTMvjl FREE ESTIMATES Licensed, 'nsued -1596533 Personals 2 5OSRY SAl i r.ow a miny gol. She used B'u« fuilre rug ond upholjlery c'eorer. Kent e'eclric sharrpooer SI. Halei Furniture, Narrpa. Lose weight with New Shape Tablets and Hydro* Wafer Pills at CARL'S DRUG, Wilder NEW RINSE-N-VAC Svom deans, (i-ies. voc^g-ns oul tj: r l leaving corpeli orofe^ional 1 / clean. Re.-' or AA RENIAL CtNIES. 823 Na-ipa-Cald B'.d. 467 3375. "CANDOCADETTES" Can do anything! Can't drive? Cheertul lady chauffeurs will take you any place. Spring house cleaning, wall washing, clean bsmt, allic or garage, haul your trash to the dump, baby sit ine eloerly. Complete set-up and handling of furn. or garage sale. Call us. Reasonable rates. 466 3086, 466-5097, 466 0599, Virginia Durman, if you remember Patty Joyce, please write Vivian Pappas, 3517 N. E. am St., Renion, Wash. 98055. COMMUNITY M E N T A L H E A L T H C E N T E R S Counselling 8, Emergency Aid Days -Jd6 rJMI J59 0091 eves weekends Phone 459 0091. Income Tax 6 H R BLOCK America's largest tax service. Nampa: 1 2 0 7 2 n d St. So., 467 6331 and lit lllh A v e . No., J66 1301. Calrtwell: !0?0 Clevelnno, 45? 0531 and in Scars, Caldwell. INCOME TAX SERVICE VIRGINIA BLOCK 1923 Hird, Cu!d*el! - 459-0448 INCOME TAX - Reasonable rates. Marilyn Harris. Greenlcal. Phone 4596055. P A R E N T S ANONYMOUS Help for p a r e n t s who losc- conlrol. For more information. Ph. J66 2272 days, 467 1635 or ·159 1766 eves. We have a few exira 1975 Calendar Books, 8" x 12". Excellent for business cr home use, with ample space lor notes and appoinlments. . . $1 ?5 plus tax. C a l l a t Ihe Idaho Free Press Office in Nampa. _ N E E D H E L P ? " Don't Know Where to Turn? D I A L H O T L I N E A N Y T I M E 466-3511 or 4592311 Ken's Loan Jewelry loans money on anything of value. We also do jewelry repair, diamond setting and mounting, too! 1??S Isl St. So., Nampa. 466 9i47. FEELING SAO? Try Rellexology, portable water stills or pure waler or vibra quill. Phone «4-?5i2, MELBA TAX SERVICE Can Mrs. Roirn».i. «5 2«5 INCOME TAX SERVICE Ei-ner flcsdahl. 215 Hudson. 466-2161 M A N Y H A P P Y R E T U R N S ! Neva Chapman. 26 years experience. 55.00 up. 818 N. Illinois, Spiicc3D. Phone J39-177J (ncome Tax Service by E'eanor Hursh. T r a i n e d u n d e r Federated Tax Service. 467 1754 MIDWAY ACCOUNTING Taxes Bookkeeping Mrs. Shirley Jordan 4 5 9 4 9 2 2 . .Schools Instruction 8 ' OLD FASHIONED PHONIC READING LESSONS Road, spell, automatically for me resf of your lire in iusl 3 lo 6 wks. or it will cost you nothing. Terms. W-1597 Schools Instruction 8 Male 4 Female Help 12 SCHOOL Cornplelo home study high s c h o o l c o u r s e s . Also subjects. Write for a (roe brochure lhai explains. American School of Chicago. Box 1316, Salmon, Idaho B3467. FASHION SALES Par! lime lanostic op portunities. Call J59 3862. 45V 3537, 4 5 9 2 5 1 5 or -166 030J lor inlerviews. Money to Loan or Wanted Misc. For Sale 19. 17 ENJOY YOUR PIANO! Private lesson wilh exp. in slruclor. Alt ages, beginners thru advanced. M A R J r S PIANO STUDIO. W6-5194. H A V E 3 O P E N I N G S . Op p o r t u r n l y lor ^180 .·/.(:* Bonuses, insurance Hard goods. Commissions Ar.pi/ VC31 Fairvicw, Boise. A R V C L A S S E S Day or evening classes. Muriel Pooley, 4kt 0372 or 466 1316. Situations Wanted 14 Male Help Wanted 10 W A N T E D : Used Car cleanup man. Apply Dobbs Motor Co. Nampa. IRONING P.CUp4d,.'li«ry.4674387 SEWJNG Plane 467 W3 Drop in baby silting end sewing in my home. All types o( sewing. Call 4 Nighl hours, dirly worx, some travelling, mechanical ability a p p r e c i a t e d . W i l l Irain, il necessary. Mean boss, top money. Write Box ?B3 !i Idaho Free Press. Nampa, Id. 83651. Child Care 15 JOURNEYMAN ELECTRICIAN 454-0612 Female Help Wanted iT Fry cook, evening shift, steady employment. Musi he over 21. Idaho Stockman's Cale. 1114 Main St., Nampa. Male Female Kelp 12 KEY PUNCH OPERATOR mme'iiatc full lime opening lor key punch operator. Hours 8 : 3 0 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon. thru Fri Apply ill Personnel Office,' Mercy Medical Center, 151M2ih Avc. Road, Nampa. ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY II Immediate lull time opening lor A r j m i n i s l r a l i v e S e c r e t a r y I I . Hrs. 8 lo 4:30 Mon. through Fri. E v p . R K Q U I R E D , t y p i n g abilily musi he excellent. Must have good public r e l a t i o n s ability. Apply at personnel office, Mercy Medical Center, 151? 12l!l Avc. Rd, Nampa. BABY SITTING Any aye. Daytime only. Call Debbie, 447-5668 Babysitting. My Home. Fenced yard. Hot meals. S3 day or 2 children $5. Day or eves. Drop ins welcome. 466 7518. L O V E C H I L O R E N ! Give hot lunches, slory hours, l o t s o t T L C ! Call 466 2101 Excellent care for your child. My home. Hot meals. Play Rm. fenced yd. Reasonable. J67 4506. Child care in my home. Middleton area. 7 a.m. to A p.m., Monday thru Friday. $3 Per day, 4 lo 7 yrs. old. Games, stories, lun, play lime, lunches 6. snacks. 565-3406 afler 6 p.m. B A B Y S I T T I N G Any age under 3. Call after 4 p.m. 466 9393. B A B ' - S I T T I N G Widow will Ijabysil in your home. Occasionally. J66 9"53 D A V C A R E Humply Dumoty Ccnler. Hot lunch, stale licecis?d, pre school program certllied leacners. 6:30 a.m. lo 6 p.m. Mon Ihru Fri 511 Nampa Cald. Blvd. 467 3652 or 466 2«;9 19 '/ inllaiioti has your budget c(,,.--.-j U p Mops, Iry N A T I O N A i D E F I N A N C I A L C O R P . T h e "people ceoplc" T e r r ^ . AM. Dale Mell will help you put it b a c k t o g e t h e r wilh a con sohuai ion " or r.omt im orovomem l o a n Loans 10 14J m o n l h s l O f t p a / . / t : r o s s from Karcner Mall Call 466 ?40; Need S25.000 to complete 2 houses, share profil or pay 10'. "a interest. Secured. Also need contributions lor Peach Research Program 337-4121. DEBI C O N S O L I D A T I O N Loans up lo S25.000. Put your equity to worX. HI 2nd morl gage. R e a l E s t a t e loans Associates Financial Services, 714 Cleveland, Cald. J59J611 PHONE 166 78^1 or 459 4464 to place your classilied ad. ll's fdsl. easy S, economical -- Misc. For Sale Sacked, dry pine kindling for- fireplaces. Sl-50 Per sack. 459,. E351 aller 6 or all day Sal ___^_^^^* The classic way to sen something lasi and al a low cost is v.-.ifi a Classilieci Ao. : I9J3 Slide in camper deluxe. Also 1945 Chevrolet, 4 dr. A T , PS, good condition. -159-9766. W A N T E D TO BUY: Storaae shedDrgarage lobe moved. 45J 7242 eves, or 459 8295 mornings'. 1 ~?RE-1965 SILVER COINS'" !oi5al«CaMB?6BlB £ Beel, grain f e d , 20 30c live weight, any size, half or whole. C Early, 159 7349. '; I New 9(iO 10, a ply trader lube, S50, ? Real good Iractor- lires lubes, s i z e 13.6x38 rnounteo on John Deere wheels? $300 2. 13x40 iraclor tires $ lubes, mounted on Oliver wheels, S10J. 5» Milk cans, S7 c-ach. pr.. B45-2B22 Bruneau. ' Misc. For Sale Employment Personnel 119'A So. Kimball 459-6321 Ideal part time work Call from 1 p.m.-5p.m. 466-5048 or 4540293 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Nampa charter group meets Thurs. 8:00 p.m. in the County Bldg., 9th Ave. 8. 2nd St. So., P.O. Box 1024, Nampa, 466 3312. Alcoholics Al Anon, Narnpa meets Mon. 8 p.m. Mercy Hospital. Son. 6:30 a.m. Community Center, Calciwell, Wed. 8:30 p.m. St. David's Episcopal Church. Kaley Mcd. Center, 10 Logan. Wed. 8:30 p.m. 446 5476, 466-3325, 459 8430 or 459-2152. PHONE 4GG-781M or 45HfM la place your classified ad. Lost Found _ 5 L O S T : Welsh pony in vicinlly of Midland 8, Lake Lowell. Answers to Corky. Call 467 1316. L O S T : Ladies' photo gray brown plastic framed glasses. Vic. of Hong Kong Cafe. 444 6279 LOST KITTEN: 2 Mo" old orange Angora lost near 505 S. Powcrline. 466 9327 a f t . 9 : 3 0 pm. EMPLOYMENT PERSONNEL is NOW LOCATED at 119'/zSo.Kimball, Caldwell 459-6321 Bob Potts, Owner MaiyWegner. Office Manager Dee Nestor, Counselor Applications now being taken for part lime maintenance person, hours 6A.M. to 10 A.M. Apply in person, Mon. through Fri. 10 A.M. to 5P.M. JCPenney Karcher Mall Equal Opportunity Employer, M-F VACUUM CLEANER REPAIR .j * AIL MAKES 4 ; G.E. ; SUNBEAM EUREKA-' HOOVER COMPACT ROYAL ' ELECTROLUX ' FILTER QUEEN Bags Paris '. Belts Hoses Access6ries · AIR WAY -. · OTHERS; GUARANTEED WORK 10 Years Experience "BKTINJHEVAUEY" NEW-USED S REBUILT CLEANERS MEL'S Repair Sales ........... r 455.254] 6-12lh Ave.So. Narnpa LPN . PHARMACY TECHNICIAN Immerjiale full time opening for a LPN Pharmacy. Technician. Hours 9-5:30 p.m. Days oil Fri. Sat. Apply Personnel Office, Mercy Medical Center, 1512 12th Ave. Ret.. Nampa. F U L L C H A R G E BOOK K E E P E R OR E Q U I V A L E N T Apply at Kit RV, Airport Rtl , Caldweil. .159-1575. Aggressive Real t s t a t e Salesman. Contact Perk C W R E A L T Y ?20 So. 7th. al J53-1638. B E A U T I C I A N wilh, clientele needed. Aggressive taXe charge operator. Commissions fringe benefits. Call EcM or Flo J66 3451 or J47-J637. SEE FOR YOURSELF Local Armvay distributors are enjoying extra income. We show you how. Phone )5J DJ16. MONEY Aggressive married man or woman who woirldn't mind really hard work if M would provide opportunity for S175 S250 per week. Position requires quick Ihinking. Write in now! DOX74J3. Doise, Id. 83707. Applications now being taken for alterations person, full time. Apply in person Mon.-Fri. 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. JCPenney Karcher Mall Equal Opportunity Employer, M-F Wl^R, ^£fc- WE'VE SELECTED OUR FINEST QUALITY TRU-TEST WHITE INTERIOR PAINTS FOR THIS SALE. BUY NOW -- AND SAVE! FLAT INTERIOR LATEX Reg.9.98 GAL (Cnlois suglilly higher) SUPREME LATEX SEMI-GLOSS Reg. 10.98 $ 7" G (Colors slightly higlier) NEW! LATEX FLAT FINISH ENAMEL Din very best quality laiex lor all lype walls. Thick, creamy non-riiip formula. *.. ,Ej(l(a high-hiding. * Fully washable. ' Waler clean-up ol tools. 1 Dries in 20 minutes, " Leaves no lap-marks. ' As advertised in "House 8. G a t d e n " and '"Better Homes" P e r f e c t ( o r w a l l s a n d woodwork. Keeps i(s licli sheen. Resists lumes, steam and soiling. Ideal lot kilchen or bath. · Easy lo apply. ' Excellent hiding. · Driesinaboul30minulEs. · C l e a n l o a l s in soapy waiei. · Easj*o wash. Scrubbable! · Fot all lype walls trim. C| LATEX F UT ENAMEL (Colors slightly hicj hot] E-2 KARE looks like a flat ... washes like an enamel! E x t r a fesislant to soiling, linger raaiks, giease and dirt. For walls and trim in every room. Easy to apply. ' For all lype walls. · Dries in 30 minutes. 1 Soapy waler clean-up. · Exiia (tmable. Easy 10" clean. Bondex SAVOGRAN® STRYPEEZE i 79 REMOVER I Semi- paste cuts many layers of old paint quickly. Quart. 2.75 68 1J4 Lbs. Can . QUICK PLUG | Stops leaks in masonry surfaces. Fast setting. 9" PAINT A Qn ROLLER SET 4 VU Metal paint tray with lad- clips, roller frame 2 over ' SALE ENDS SATURDAY, FEB. 15TH. Mclaughlin's . . , . 5 9 1020-1 s Nampa St. So. 466-5Y93 -466-8401

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