Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 3, 1976 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1976
Page 23
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Wed., March 3,1976 GREELEV (Colo.) TRIBUNE 23 OOKING IS FUN I, By CECILY BROWNSTONE Aiioclated Press Food Editor DINNER FOR FOUR Ham Steak Yams Cookbook Go-along Broccoli Rolls Ambrosia . Beverage COOKBOOK GO-ALONG We found the following note handwritten on a card in a second-hand cookbook. After trying its suggestion, we are happy to pass it along: "Maybe you know this one already -but the lady in charge of foods at the Georgian Tea Room told me to mix horseradish mustaid with crabapple jelly. Beat it well, adding enough mustard to kill the sweet taste. Nice with ham. Bessie." Can anyone tell us where the Georgian Tea Room is, or was, located? -- C. B. Hints from Heloise By HKI.OISB GHUSE- AH nirn-sponcU'nu. 1 |M.Tlaining to the lldoisc column should I* mailed directly in lU'luisi 1 . KiiiK Features Syndicate. 235 ·',. 45lh Siren, New York. New York 10017. Pretty Partners Sfie/nwo/d on Bridge Dear Heloise: This hint Is for those who like to do crewel embroidery... Before beginning, take a cardboard box similar to a shirt box - one lhat the lid is the same depth as the box. Turn the lid upside down and lay all of Ihe yarn you are working with across it, with the ends of the yarn extending "out on both sides of the lid. Now, set the bottom of the box in the lid, open side up. Number each color on the box in numerical order and arrange the yarn in numerical order also. The yarn can now be pulled out one strand at a time without tangling. In what is now the open top of the box, you have room for your thimble, scissors and other sewing accessories, also room to store the item you are working on if it isn't too large. Mrs. Rose Harris t almost passed over this because we have printed several methods of sorting embroidery thread recently, but it seemed like such a good idea, I just had to add one more. I love to do crewel embroidery and this is one of the easiest and most practical March has arrived whether It came in like a lion and will retreat like a lamb -- whatever the weather in your locale, it's March 3, 1976, and before you know it. Spring will be here! For you who are inclined to frequent the tennis courts and golf courses it's time that you take advantage of the fact that you'd better be getting your wardrobe supplemented with the really neat dress patterns that are available to you at this time. In the past seasons, there haven't been too many patterns for you to choose from but.I am looking at two knitted and three crocheted patterns that are very apropos for the courts and courses -- and also wilh a bit more length added to them, they could very easily be worn for regular wear to the office or to a lea party. They are sleeveless, with different style necklines (vee, square or tcnnned neck) find are made of one plain color or with, contrasting trims. Dresses like these, made of a sport weight yarn, are where the action is for a lot of you. Femininity is the world-wide word, and even though you may not participate in an active sport, you may still like to have one of these dresses for their sheer comfort. Dear El lee, I am an avid knitter and crocheter and have made all kinds of sweaters, caps, scarves, mittens, capes, etc. for me and my family -- plus afghans, pillows, etc. for our home but I have never made a coat or dress because I am afraid that they wouldn't fit right. I really would like to do one of each and I'm writing to you for any tips that you might have to help me in my dilemma. Mrs.K. Dear Mrs. K., First of all, there are very few of us that are a perfect size. So if you have the Bicentennial figure (bell-shaped, wider at the bottom than at the top) approach your project this way. Check your measurements and compare them with the garment you choose. You may have to make the lower half one size larger and decrease down to the smaller size at the top. This will give you the lines you desire without having the garment tight and binding on the lower extremities. It's being done all the time (especially by yours truly). If you think you might have trouble, get in touch with me or go to the store where you purchase your yarn. There should be someone who can Rive you a Ruiding hand. It is worth the effort, believe me. Dear Ellee, I have a knitted dress that I made a few seasons ago and needless to say, it's too short. Love that dress and don't want to have to rip it out -- how can I lengthen it? MaryS. Dear Mary S., and others -It's a small matter to add length if you have some yarn of the same dye lot, etc. by picking up stitches and putting a textured border on the hemline, for the additional length needed However, if you don't then we add a contrast color ( or two) and do the same thing, but then somewhere at the top, add a bit of trim with these other colors, or a monogram, and it will give you a matched trim and not look patched. We do this sort of thing all the time - on purpose lately, because the patterns call for such combinations of colors. Dear EUee, Dear lady, I am in a bind -literally. I have a knitted dress that I love, but since my pounds have shifted in the last year, my dress is a bit too tight around Ihe middle. What can I do? It won't block out enough without pulling it too much. Is there something I can do? Kay Dear Kay, If your dress has side seams, take it apart and hopefully, you have some leftover yarn to do some rows of single crochet on one side of each seam to make a gusset of short and long rows, then sew up the seam again. This will give you the additional inches you need in that area. (Don't forget to count the number of stitches, so they'll match on each seam.) If your dress was made in the round, it may be stitched and cut, but I need to know the style, etc. (send more details), and I'll help you further. Keep your letters coming to: "EUee" 1520 Mth Avenue Greeley, Co. -80631 --and we'll help with your needlework problems, share a tip or pattern, and keep you informed of current trends!! When adjusting a sewing machine needle, hold a small mirror under the shaft. This shows you plainly whether you are adjusting the needle correctly and saves fumbling and guesswork. ioslins A LEAP YEAR JEWELRY SPECIAL Swingy pastels and beads in a collection of ropes, chokers, matinee lengths, bracelets, pierced and clip earrings! Buy your choice of three and save! 3/5. OOor 2.00 each Also simulated puka shells ... 99c Jewelry Dept. Printed Pattern methods of sorting that pesky thread I've heard ot. Hope you agre*... love, Heloise Dear Heloise: Did you every try to step into a dress or skirt that has a zipper in the back and when you went to pull it up over the hip it just wouldn't budge? And you felt if you tried to force it up, your zipper would tear out? Try turning the garment backward with the zipper to the front before stepping into it. You'll be amazed at how easily it slides over those hips! Judy R. Letter of Laughter Dear Folks; Remember the hint we printed a few weeks ago about putting a black sock over your eyes when trying to sleep in the daytime? .We received a rhyming comment in the mail from Loyal Kolbrek that cracked us up. Thought it might do Ihe same for you: "I read your column every day, enjoy each item in it. And even though I'm pressed for time, it only takes a minute. "My wife has trouble sleeping, as I often read in bed. I thought of what you said and wrapped a sock around her head. "It didn't work, I'm in a jam, our kinship has been quashed. You failed to mention one should use, a sock lhat has been washed!" Thanks, Loyal, for making our day brighter ... You're a gem: Heloise Dear Heloise; The pleats'in my lightweight drapes were limp and curly after laundering. I cut "shirt-collar stays" from plstic lids of sturdy plastic cartons and slipped one in each fold of the pleats. Like magic -- crisp pleats! Dear Heloise; Most of us have old, oul-of- style winter coats hanging in a closet. If the coat has a furry lining, at least this can be put to use. Cut the lining to cover a pillow, add a few bright felt pieces in the appropriate places and you have a cute animal- faced pillow. P.L.W. Dear Heloise: Save small yogurt containers and use as plastic cups. We wash and reuse ours as drinking glasses at home. They stack well, too. Christine Scheere Copyright, 1976 King Features Syndicate Don't rely on partner's judgment 4844 SIZES 8-18 \ y For day and evening, here and away, separates are the smartest! Sew blouse in crepe de chine or nylon knit, skirt in flannel, linen or knit. Printed Pallern 4844: Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 1C, 18. Size 12 (bust 34) blouse i-S. yds. 45"; skirl 114 yds. 54". Send $1 for each pattern. Add 35c for each pattern for first class airmail and handling. Send to Anne Adams, Pattern Department (Greeley Tribune 363), 243 W. mhSL.Ncw York, N.V. 10011. Print name, address, zip, -size and style number. Gel a $i pattern free - choose it from the new Spring- Summer Catalog. Packed with hundreds of great sun, sport, city, travel styles. Send 75cfor catalog now. Sew and Knit Book, $1.25. Instant Money Crafts, $1. Instant Sewing Book, $1. Instant Fashion Book, $1. By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Never trust the judgment of the person across the table. After all, consider whom he picked as his partner. Always look for a way to prevent him from making any other mistake. North dealer Roth sides vulnerable NORTH + A Q 4 S 7 A Q J 8 O Q J 2 41062 WEST EAST *52 + K 8 ^ 7 6 3 ^ 1 0 9 4 2 O A 5 3 O K 1 0 9 8 4 J 8 7 5 4 + A Q 3 SOUTH · 4 J 1 0 9 7 6 3 0 7 6 4 f K9 North East South West 1 NT Pass 4 * All Pass Opening lead -- 4 5 East look the ace of clubs and relurned the queen. South won wilh the king, and West dropped Ihe four. Declarer lost the t r u m p finesse, and back came the ten of diamonds. West took the ace of diamonds and tried to cash the jack of clubs. South gratefully ruffed, drew trumps and discarded Iwo diamonds on dummy's good hearts. Game and rubber for North and South. Any experienced player can imagine what East and West had to say to each other afler this inept defense 1 . Who WHS the culprit? What East Knew East knew thai West started wilh a five-card club suil, since he led the five and later played the four. Since the defenders could get only one club and one spade, they needed Iwo diamonds to defeat the contract. Easl could get two diamond tricks only if West had the ace of diamonds. He should not risk any confusion by leading UK ten, nine or eight but should lead the king of diamonds and then continue with a low diamond. Kememtier biieinwold s Law: If anything can possibly go wrong, your partner will make sure that it docs. It's up to you to prevent this 'law from operating. Daily Question As dealer, you hold: Spade K8 heart 10942 diamond K1098 club AIJ3. What do you say? Answer: Pass, You have 12 points in high cards and 1 point for the double ton, enough for an optional opening bid. You would bid if ycu had a five-card suit or even a stronger four-card suit. With the actual hand there is no eonH reason to slrain. ( r ) UI76 1-osAngeles Times Today's investment in drycleaning saves you money tomorrow... Today, the money you spend on quality Sanitone drycleaning counts more than ever before! Save your clothes and you save money. Our Sanitone process gives your clothing the kind of protective cleaning that preserves its vitality, encourages longer wear. That means greater savings. It's as simple as c bamlone that. See us regularly and your clothes will have a brighter future. ) 2(00 W. 10th St. 2543 nth Ave. U14 «h Ave. \tmum Wllshlre HlllsWo Downtown II Store Hours: Monday thru Friday 10 a.m.-» p.m. Saturday to a.m.-* p.m., Sund«y Noon-S p.m. HEEL AND TOE GO COMFORTABLE! BANDS OF LEATHER. WITH A GENTLE GLOVE LIKE FIT. FASHION Afll Y DRESS UP A WARDROBE. A SEASON OF SHAPFLY HEELS A SLFNDER SILHOUETTES FROM TEMPOS* ! THF SLING BACK. "INSIGNIA." IN BLACK PATENT OR BONE LEATHER THE ANKLE S T R A P P t o "SATURN" IN BEIGE OR NAVY L E A T H E R EACH PAIR. $W LADIES' SHOE DEPT. THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING FB MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY WE ARE CLOSED SUNDAYS FASHION BAR LADIES'STORE AT SMITH AVENUE

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