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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 15

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Wednesday, February 5, 1975
Page 15
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Phone service completes year WASHINGTON, H.C. - IV U.S. Consumer I'rmlurl Safely Commission's loll f r e e 110TUNK recently completed its firsl full year of operation having togged nearly calls from I'nnsumer.s diirinj.', (hat period. fulls in (he 110TUNK have ranged from requests for in- formiilinn about product safety lo reports of product-related acdik'iils and complaints .iboul l!ie safely of a consumer product. Large m e t r o p o l i t a n areas including Now York, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia and A t l a n t a have generated the largest volume of calls to the HOTLINE which operates nationwide on a 24-hour basis. Actions by Ihe commission to nan or recall a hazardous product have at limes been triggered by calls received over Hie HOTLINE. One such incident involved a consumer who called the HOTLINE lo report Ihe death of a Florida man who had been allegedly electrocuted by a trouble light he was using. A subsequent investigation by the commission revealed thai the trouble liglil had exposed electrical conductors which posed the threat of electrocution lo persons using the product. As a result, the commission took steps to have Ihe manufacturer. distributors and retailers recall Hie hazardous trouble light and ban il from further sale. Peak calling limes for the HOTLINE usually occur during heavy volume buying periods, such as holidays or whenever Hie commission issues a warning about a hazardous product. D u r i n g Ihe 1974 Christinas sviisnn. for example. Ihe IIO'lLINE received over 5,(KX1 calls in two days from consumers concerning a particular hraiul of Christmas tree lights which were being recalled. On occasion, the HOTLINE becomes Ihe target of non- product safely related calls. Like Ihe lime a consumer called the HOTLINE complaining thai Ihe hairspray his wife bad been using was making her schizophrenic. Later the wife called Ihe H O T L I N E lo apologize for Ihe actions of her husband who she snid had been undergoing psychiatric care. The HOTLINE has been described as an "instant two- way communication system" between the commission and the consumer. Rut this is true only if consumers make use of il. To report a product-related injury, product hazard or lo request information on product safely, consumers may call Ihe loll free HOTLINE number .from anywhere in the continental U.S. (BOdi Migrant housing changes blasted MBS. DOROTHY HOl'CK'S 2-year-old daughter Kristin huddles close lo her recently as they view a super-enlarged pholo ol a flea's claw, par! of a display at Pacific Science Center in Seatlle of |(M photographs made with a scanning electron microscope which can magnify objects hundreds of thousands of times. The display is being circulated by Ihe Smithsonian Institution Traveling t-Ahibilion Service. UTI I'holoi Tax papers are vital MAI1S1NG--Income lax lime is approaching again, but do you know where all your 1974 records arc now? And whal aBiut your .car, title, your life insurance p o l i c i e s , ' ' your marriage certificate? "Too often," says Lois Pace. University of Idaho cooperative extension EFNEP specialist, "vital documenls cannot, be located easily.'They' may Have · hcpn misplaced, or the only person who knows Iheir Selected Stocks NEW YORK ( U P I ) - The Slock market closed lower Tuesday in heavy trading on Ihe New York Stock Exchange, although it rebounded somewhat from an early wave of profit Inking V. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, off more lhan 10 points at the outset, was down C.81 at 704.63 shortly before (he close. Declines led advances by about a nine-to-six margin among the 1,833 issues crossing the tape, Turnover amounlcd lo around 24,800,000 shares, compared wilh 24,400,000 traded Monday. ibbotll 1.}] It^4 cFI !j *tfarm milli PJ aircoinc .90 N- 1 ! jlcandl 1,10 IT- 1 -! allege p .4jd l-'i a 11 id ch |.I3 11-i) olf j i!!il CtiA .14 )Jf oM !» akoj 1.34 J3-*i aroax 1.7! x]i] i off 'j amhei -iOg ll-'i up ' j am iirlines Jl t off 'j a brand Ul 3*-'i olF U i can 2.103 31 oil l . jmtyan I- 1 1 2] * up 'i ammof .Md 4-'i olf J i amsmlt I- 1 1 1 ·' j oil ] i am j1nd .10 IJ.U »mUt J.« «-'i up '* »ml in U (I-** of *i anacnd 1.10 U-'j up *i irii pi V14 I]1 ! oil l » · rrnto 1 (Oa ?|.»i oil ' arrm ck .« H.'I up ^ aiMnqil I- 1 : (W-'j up t allrichl 7 ' i 14 up I- 1 . A V C D COfp 4 Oil k l babwif .10 !»'· elf ii bJiiC in .40 9] i up J i bechmn .SO 13 '§ up 'i Mil hwi .H ii'i oil ** b«ndix HO V-' off 'i bethiletl U ill an '' bobble brki i-'i oil 'i hoc ing .10* li^i oil 'i borden 1 30 J2- l i olf 'i bws w US lf)| olf '* brii my LSI 57-'j tynniwk .4) ll.*i off '· bvrrgru .10 )i l i vp ' i inpjc .|Jd ll^i off k J citerir l.W 14»i off '. b i 1.U 3i-i| ceUnie J.I3 17-'i oM '· chenle i.i* 30 on · chryilr ;.« 10 off I- 1 * eilirv l.Mlg x41--f up *i eoc«ol 1.13 (I of( Mi col 8*4 J.M ll-'i oil '* COmilv 1.43 30-4 up '» tmwed 1.30 l*-*i up '· comm til 1 14 ctn ed .job it] i up i «ntUI 16k J-» oitrcin I.M M-'I orf '. conlinlloil } «-«i up *· c«op in I.M il'i off s i CK '"II ] J) otl i crwnt 1.19* Jt'i up ] i curliiiwa 1 Jt-'i up l i cyclop l.tOa 14-'-i ofl '· tfiiney .il? JO- 1 ' oil 'i d«w h 1.40 »"-'^ oft N ·fjva I.M 31^ i oK l AMMI l 71 Ul i tMlern air !·'« off 'i ··Ilk 1.5*1 7 4 ' ] trlfKB 1 40 14^1 Off '"· Mtixin ue ii-^ up 'i tsmarii 1-44 17-» up '· ffttifl C f.H W «H '* tv»« ^rod i j * oH '· lintttt .«· t *ll 'i fllKl ft* H II-'l *f 'l HrtfM 1.10 U-'i up 'i Imf Cf .» 11 fMtflar ,JO ! : i Icrdmo 3,10 ]*-'-» olf 3 lr«ptm 1.40 I*7 ! up '· fruehuf l.IO 11 ] i nil M qcnalr 33-N up 1 gncablc .44 91 ! up n i gen dynam 24-' i ofl 1 i gn elJc l.*3 3l-« ( o)f · t;nf90d 1.40 11't oil '· genmol .4Cb !Sl i ofl Vi gen port .10 i- 1 * 9 r e MO 2l- 1 i vp '· ga pat .109 37 oil M giilelte MO l-*4 off 'i goodrk 1.11 M-^ olF '4 gacdyr J.JS ?* off '* granl wl l-j up 'j gtwlu 1,9J"B 31 vp 't gryhd KOta U 3 i 6IF ^ ^ulf oil 1.70 ia'j up '4 heini h 1.U 4S- 1 4 olf '-i holl eletln 4- up ^ holly sugr 1 li olf hamsUke t 4i^t up J J j honywl 1.40 D-^i off i houilp l.S* l*-'.f olF 1 J Idaho p l.9t iJ-'i off '· ia'etltusic 1 ir' off '· Lllcenin 1.30 IS up n i ing iFid l.» il inldiU 3.40* 3i oFI 'i ibm carp i IfU* off !· inlharv 1.70 iri] inlflck l.40a IS inll paper 1 JI-N mt Tftl LSI It-' 4 off '» jotinmv 1.70 13-' ofl J i Valtral I.JO xll-li oil ^ hencott l.tO )3^ olf ^ kerr meg 1 44Vi up J ] i kopper MO 44 S olf '. kralteo » up '* hh val ind 'i olf 1-H I'OT m ¥ ^-'i "·*· °^' )J i liltonin l-'.il 7 J t tip 4 lochhetd 4^i elf '· Itv corp 13-'i oil '· lukntt] 1.40 37 vp '1 j , § mirol l.lOa 34-4 tip 'i mirthl 1.1* If- 1 ! ^l *' mcdond M '-'i m 9 m Mi* «.»· BlMi met! Id 3.40 4V i tip '' montd* »-« K- 7 * "P *"» nwtpw T.M !4« of '4 motorola .10 ^ l » °" * mtitiel i.Sl It-'i oil 'i nitl cm -SJ 11 'i ntiditti 1.10 x:t-i oft '· fttl 9yp 1.91 U-'-j Ofl '' I Ml JlJ 3-bJ M '· 0" ^ ncr t .71 If^i «f 1 iH»f(no l.ll 'fl- J « up U nl intfutl I iU ofl l i MtttfS 3.18 H tM Vi ntrmrp 1.44 I4' 1 ) up ' ' mnfflrl .45 U »· «^ ^ ·TU H MO 11 ·wefllll I.M 1' pKfM I.M SI'* Wf II pacpvfr la-'i ofl U pan am air 4-'j pern e^nlr 1 J 4 pcnney 4|J« off '? pennpl l.SO 19-'j up U pennil l.lOg 11^» up 3 * peptico K40 51 up 1 i pfiier .7ia 11 pMlipmo .13 4s-it oil l-^. phiipei 1.40 31-ij up '* Polaroid Ji 10 · ofl S ppgind 1.70 xis-'i oil i pcoct iga 1 fl- 1 * up N puf CQl 1.70 14-1 1 Olf '. pulman 1.70 *3 off l- l i rjtilon JO 31 i t ofl L i raython .10 3Q-i ofl ! i rca corp 1 13-i} oil '* repsli i.foa ?·-'- oil i- 1 * rey ind 7.11 xS*-V] olf I- 1 ] rcynmet la 17-'i up l i robrtsn 1.33 l$-i| olf '? rockwell i 1 }·'· olf J rcnson ,7lg i-'i royld 1.71d 31-' j off 'i lalewy 1.80 3B-' off 'r iljomrl 1.30 40 o1F l-'j ilre^ii 1.40 xll-3-l seari i.Wa" Q up i-U ihelloil }.» 4f off '· Hmnsc -lla li'i oFI '4 ikaggco .40 IS- l i oil ] i imiltikline J *r l i up U «)fd ).*! )».)* vp 1 i »uthc« 1.40 10-U sopicil 1.14 II-'. oil 'i IP rand .Ii 10 oM U iMbrjndl 3 Jl-'i efl I-'T itrt oil cal 1 24-' * up · lid ollind } *}.(» up « iloiloh 1.3* 57-'i tip 1-i Itchlyv )JO J*-'» off 'j slucKw t.,'1 73* ofl '4 lunshin .4lg II- 1 * up "j Itkdyrn 3i ll^i oil 'i lelfpromp l-i.] teneco I,*J IMi oFf '· texaco ?a li-^i up 1 Itx intlr 1 73^4 eFI 'i Ix pll .SM 77- tcxtron l.i» 14J* up '· timkn 1.104 30 up * Iranian .il 7-'.] oil li Irani w afr i ) ( off » trlcont .lib 11'. up '. twelK ,]M 7-»i efl ^ valinc .(Oi ll^i ofl l 1 } uncart 1.44 44 J* up ] * un dec 1.71 11 up '· un«al Mi 37 up '· un!ror»1 .70 7-'i utd alrcrt 7 3^1 up 4 utd brands 4-'i vp '4 unccrp .77d ^1 ui gyp l.U I? 1 , cff 14 uiittd 3.10 47-i. «ff i., unllri I.M 14 . wUhpl l.U 17-1.1 up i uv IrtdtJit 1 1^1 up ^ WJrtfTMfl I II J Otl 'i wain w l.S} it'i oil '« vrthane 1.44 11 wv«^t 1.44 !·'; OH '-j wttth el J7 ll- 11 ! CH ' wWpit 1W litt «ff l-'i wMmot .444 t^i ftff '· ir*K cp 1 M-^i »H '· ynfiT* .U ll-'i *H U t*AJtftr«d 1 I*J »f ii whereabouts is not available lo locale Ihein. These problems can and should be avoided." Firsl. you need a safe place to keep your records; second, a written record of where these records arc. A safe deposit box. available al your local bank, can lie rented for a few dollars a year. II provides excellent storage as il is fireproof and locked. 0'. if you prefer to keep important papers in your home, an inexpensive melal box can be used. However, make sure il has a lock and is fireproof, says Pace. W h a t we the inipoi'tanl papers lo be be concerned a h o u l ? A l l personal records, such as birth and marriage cerlificalcs. citizenship records, death, divorce, m i l i t a r y discharge, change of name, or adoption papers, are bul a few. In addition, contracts and legal documenls, insurance policies or their numbers, mortgages, car lilies, a copy of your will, and an i n v e n t o r y of your household furnishings should be included, according to Pace. Your home file should also contain canceled checks, current bills, lax records, real eslale titles and deeds, a list of your credit cards and their numbers and a copy of your insurance policies, says p'aee. Filing these valuable papers may seem like a dreadful chore, liul unforeseen events have placed many people in the position where they wish Ihey had taken care of Ibis situation earlier, explains Pace. Begin your New Year by taking inventory of your insurance, savings, personal and olher important papers. Then put (hem in a safe place. And throughout the year, as new equally important papers are acquired, file them promptly. Pace adds. Sewing classes offered MARSING - A sewing with knit fabrics class will be held Thursday, Feb. ti at 7:30 p'm. al the Marsing · Owyhce Co. agents' office. A second lesson will be given due lo interest in Ihe series at I.-30 p.m. on Feb. 7. The firsl lesson in the series was covered fabric selection and T-shirt 'construction. This second lesson will be on fitting and making knit pants, fly- zipper construction and neckline variations. The lessons ore being laughl by Beverly Han- slen, extension home economist. Everyone is inviled, FT. LAUDKKDALE, Fla. The president of the National Education Association recently branded proposed federal housing standards tor migrant workers "totally irresponsible, unsatisfactory . . . a retreat from h u m a n decency." James A. Harris, in opposing Ihe standards for employe- related housing proposed by the D e p a r t m e n t of Labor's Occupational Safely and Health Administration, declared: "The proposed new standards would not only ball the snail pace progress in the improvement of migrant housing; Ihey would, in fact, reverse the trend, setting us back 20 lo 41] Deadline limits funds WASHINGTON ( U P I ) Three presidential contenders raised more than Si million each in campaign funds last year and beat the Jan. 1 deadline limiting i n d i v i d u a l contributions lo $1,COO. Democratic Sens. Henry M. Jackson of Washington State and Lloyd Bentsen of Texas, along willi Alabama Gov. George Wallace, were in the $1 million-plus class of presidential hopefuls filing year-end reports with the Federal Elections Office. Jackson and Benlsen said (he bulk of their contributions for the final three months of 1974 were in individual donations of between S2.000 and 53,000 each. The Campaign Reform Acl passed by Congress last year established a $1,000 limit on individual contributions lo presidential c a m p a i g n s . It became law last October bul did not lake effect until New Year's Day. Jackson, expccled to announce his candidacy on lelcvision Thursday, collected more than $1.1 million in contributions last year and spent more than $206,000. He listed cash on hand al more than S932,000. He said he collected most of his money in the final months in amounts of between $15,000 and $3,000. Wallace reported lolal contributions tor the past year of more than $1.7 million, and made expenditures -mostly in his reelection campaign --of almost $l.5million. He reported cash on hand of $198,000. Bcntscn raised a little more than $1 million in Ihe 18 months. Hespent more than $383,000. He reported cash on hand at $052,000. As with Jackson, the bulk of Ihe $629,000 Bentsen raised in the final four months of the year was in increments of $2,000 or more. Of the 130 individual contributions Benlsen listed over the $1,000 limit, 44 were for $2,000 each and C9 were for $3,000 each. Gov. Jimmy Carter of Georgia, who recently declared his candidacy, reported he raised more than $46,000 between Nov. 22 and Dec. 31 and spent more than $30,000, with cash on hand of $16,000 and debts totaling $26.000. years lolbe days of Ihe kerosene lantern." Harris said, for example, thai the proposed change of the term "occupant" lo "employe" in determining square feet of floor space fails to lake inlo accounl the migrant's children and may result in further overcrowding. Among olher proposed changes that are "equally incredible and offensive," Harris added, are (he lack of limitation on the number of beds or occupants of any dwelling, a provision that no windows arc required as long as some vent i l a t i o n is provided, and a proviso that some lighting -- b u l not .necessarily electricity -- be ;ivail;ible. p -'·-· ' '· : ;· The head of ; the nearly 1.6 million-member NEA, in his statement at a Labor Department p u b l i c hearing here, emphasized t h a t migrant housing and Ihe education of m i g r a n t children are inseparably linked. "There is a vicious cycle which includes the deprivations nl poverty, deplorable housing, poor health w i t h an exceptionally high incidence of disease, all of which directly affect (he migrant child in school," Harris said. "It is nol surprising that over GO per cenl of the migrant students never complete high school." He pointed oul lliat "it is almost a miracle for a migrant child lo overcome these problems and break out of the cycle of migrancy and poverty." The former Iowa schoolteacher stressed t h a t , even with Ihe present standards, "an overwhelming number of m i g r a n t workers live in d i l a p i d a t e d , s u b s t a n d a r d housing." Investigations by federal and i n d e p e n d e n t agencies, he poinled out. have revealed many cases where the square footage of housing for migrant workers and families was less lhan thai recommended by the American Prison Association for minimum cell space. Walcr was oflen inaccessible or contaminated, the studies showed, and toilet facilities were provided in a ratio of one per 50 lo 70 people. "For the federal government lo promulgate regulations which f u r t h e r deteriorate' l i v i n g conditions In ensure failure (for migrant children in school) is inlolerable," Harris declared. He called attention lo NEA's current Project Educational Neglect, a program lo focus the nation's allcnlion on intolerable educational conditions and the problems thai create and per- pelualc Hi esc conditions. He also noted that a recently established Migrant Project is part of NKA's on-going program. New policy COLLEGE STATION. Tex. IUPI - Tlw Federal Kcscrvc System's new "seasonal borrowing privilege" may provide a SI billion boon lo Texas' economy, according lo economists with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Tlw new lending policy is designed lo tvelp rural banks ox- pawl loan fund sources where the local economyMias a seasonal .loan need, such as with grain sorghum, cotton, wheat or rice production. rIT The Idaho Krec Press The News-Tribune, Wednesday, February 5,1975 - A-? Business Briefs CLASSIFIED| l!y 1'iiilrd I'ifss lnlrrii;itimi;il prmlilures «f uruund 580 million UIIICulVllI LONDON i UPI) -- Producers ;mil «ill ineliirie .1 3$-megavati Acrtogx 50 and consumers rtash*il Wcdnes- fuinljinnl cycle coal gasification . ? . , . ., (by al ttie Coffee ami electric power generation p fu ' nn " M Organisation in a prcpnralory system. Apii. Unhmhhtd 2 meeting on a new price agree- Antique 32 menl .Consumer nations issued HENO. Nov. il'Ph --Speidel Auction Solti 36 a loughly worded statement in Newspapers, Inc., announced il response lo one by nations thai has bought Ihe SI. Cloud Times A""TM 1 "!'! 65 produce and export coffee. Hie anil (he Little Kails Transcript, Bu«in*s« Opportunist* . . . 51 world's most valuable com- bntli Minnesota dailies from Business ProptMits 5] modity afler oil. Rut consumer Mrs Frederick C. Schlipliu, - , , T , . ., 'imlion sources said Hie positive whose husband published Idem u "°° '"""" aspects of llieir stnlenu'iil were until his recent death. The St. Child Cor« 15 the ones to emphasize. ICO Cloud paper has a circulation of form Implement* 31 sources said tlie clarification of :!!i.MO and (he Little Kails paper p a r m p, 0 p, r ijti 49 rach side's position could prove 6.TOO. The price was S8 million. . . helpful. Fiflccn coffee- Form Pt.p.rn« producing nations and eiglil O l t K G N W I C I I . C n n n . ( U P l l - fo '«« n ' J ' vfl consumer nations, led by Ihe The I'.S. Tobacco Co. Mimday farmer's Column 33 United Stales, have met for reported record sales and curn- Feerfi Soeds 30 nearly two weeks in the first of ings for Ihe final 1974 quarter Femols Help Wanted I I Ihfee two-week sessions in- and Ihe full year. The company cl !, , ,,. traded In draft a ibirii in- said all major prodOct lines- WM " p """' 2a ternalioiwl coffee agreement.- cniilribuleri lo the year's gains For Sale or Trade 37 hut tinted that its pel food Fruiti i. Vegetables 11 DETROIT (tTti-Hughes operation, which recorded a 1973 F,,..:,,,,.* »,,,,!; ,, o, Hatcher. Inc., will discontinue pre-tax loss of $200,000 turned r u r n " u r e a -*PP l l a n t f " · · · 2 ] operation of its liosenmoiid- around In finisli with a pre-tax G""g« Sole 18 Sliiers cloltiing factory and seek' profit nf $764,000. Heavy Equipment 31 lo sell il. The division is losing Houses For Rent, Furni^ed . 44 money and the company said Ihe WASHINGTON (UPH - The ,,,,,,,., t ,, . ,, , · u j ^ e dosing would entail an after-lax value nf new construction com- H ° U1 " for * ml Unfu ' n " h " d 4S loss ot $1.1 million in the current plcled in 1974 dropped one per l n c ° m ( Tax 6 fiscal year. cent to $134.4 billion, tlie Com- Income Properties 53 merce Department reported Investments . . . 16 I1KS M01NKS ( U P l l - The Monday. Taking inflation inlo liyeih , k ,, farm policies of the federal gov- account, the value of new con- ' ' crnmcnl are too inconsistent slruclion completed lasl year losl s f o u n « 5 and hard lo understand and food plunged 13 per cent below 1973 Mole* Female Help 12 production will not increase levels. Commerce said. Com- Mole Help Wanted. . 10 substantially until the situation fierce said home building was ,,. , is remedied, U. Wayne Skid-' the primary reason for the de- ' " more, c h a i r m a n of Ili-llred dine in both "constant" and Misc. For Sale 19 Inc., a hybrid "current" terms. Home cun- Mobile Homes For Sale . . . 62 seed supplier, told his sluck'hold- struclioii fell 23 per cent in Mobile Home Space Rental 46 ers. Skidmore said farmers arc currenl terms and 30 per cenl in ... willing to gamble on Ihe wcalh- constant terms in the ycarlo- Mob '" Mom " Fot " nt · · · 43 cr.including drought and floods, year comparison. Money loloan/ArWanled . 1 7 the ravages of insects and the .\KKON iL'l'li -- Goodvear Motorcycles 60 ficissitiidci of lire marketplace, T irc i Itubhcr Co. announced a Motor Homes 63A bul incousislenl g o v e r n m e n t sw m i|| ion oxpansion'program Musical Merchandise ·if' policies reduce them lo helpless ; ,t the polyisoprcne rubber plant ,, ' ' ' pessimism. ,, npcra ics jointly with Ihe osture 3 5, : Kvrach Michclin liubbcr Com- Personals |%' TACOiMA. Wash. ( U P H -- P a ". v al Lellavre. Polyisoprene Pen4 Supplies Weyerhaeuser Co. Wednesday is high grade synthetic rubber p^liry g, Rabbits reo'orled record 1974 soles bul thai-duplicates natural rubber. ,, _ _ , ,, . . ., . . , , , . . «"''""* Nompo said its earnings slipped from 'I'he planl ai I.eHavre makes a the year before. The earnings li'cdstnck for polyisoprene. ReolEstote dip was allriliulcd by the com- using Coutlyear technology and Nompa/Coldwel pany to the "dismal" home- p u r i f i e d monomer feedstock Real Estate Caldwell building piclure in the (ourlli Irnm Japan. u eo | £,,,,,, ((Uarter along frill) Ihe generally Sole/Trade depressed economic conditions A l t M O N K . N.V. l U I M ) - In- f e .. u - c-iS for the year, which cut inlo de- Icrnational Husiness Machines «°'«'"ie misc s^Sj mand for Ihe company's indus- '«rp. said il lias sullied a law- Recreationol Properties . . 58A*» Irial packaging materials. soil brought against the com- Real Estate Wanted 5o$ panv l.\ William Marion Co.. a R)om Boctd 3,^ _ , ,, liackensack. N.J.. lirm that . . . ' "m remanufaclures used IBM keypunch machines. The settlement Salespeople requires IBM loconlinue certain Schools Instruction unemployment and a slump in "^tocs" .^r^ JlarioL 5 *?!"TM'" 18 ^ " ive'riiiiiils "I'licin. IBM' also S ' t u q l ' o n s W a n l e t l -' igreed lo pay Marion 5150,000. Snowmobiles . . . Special Notices . . . industrial production, an economist predicted Tuesday. Ur. Pierre Hinfret. in an address lo X.iliotir.l Bank of N'orlh America's a n n u a l economic year. He forecast an unemployment rate of 10 per cent and a decline in industrial production of 10 per cenl. CHICAGO (UP!) --A canning industry executive Tuesday called for the establishment of a national commission on food resources lo help alleviate the world food shortage. Richard G. Landis. president of Del Mnnle Corp., said (he commission should include representatives from the food processing and marketing industries, labor, agriculture and consumers. Food shortages around Ihe globe arc forcing changes in world priori- lies thai will seriously affecl U.vS. consumers and producers, l.iindis lold a National Canncrs Association meeting here. SALEM. Ore. (UPll - Japanese trading companies arc involved in so many business ventures worldwide that even the Japanese have difficulty keeping track of all the activities, a spokesman for one of the major companies said Tuesday. N. Hayashi, representative in Seattle for Mitsui Co., appeared before the Joint Legislative Committee on Trade and Economic Development lo explain Ihe operations and interests nf the trading companies, which he said are unlike any olher business organization in Ihe world. Five major (rading companies dominate (he field, Hayashi said, bul many smaller companies arc also in business. WASHINGTON ( U P I ) -The govcrnmenl soon may relax its system of advance approval of major export sales of wheat, a lop Agriculture Department official said Tuesday. Assistant Secretary Clayton Yeullcr emphasized at a briefing thai no decision has been made on the issue, lint il will be discussed this week by agriculture officials and olher lop ad- minislration economic policy makers, he said. "We're nol talking about dismantling (he system, bul (here could be some changes in operating methods" because of recent developments in the wheat supply picture. Ycultcr said. LIVINGSTON, N'.J. ( U P f l Foster Wheeler Corp. said Monday it has obtained an Sftias million, contract lo design a plant lo make low bin gas from coal for Ihe Federal Energy Research Administration. The whole project will involve ex- ^rvs?^,^'--«-* »· one year ahead of Travel Trailers Comp«rs. . 63 schedule lo help a'hsorb the auto f K k u ., j ruch A rrqi( ' M industry'!! glut of new ears. u, . . ,, ' ' Wonted to Buy Jg ST/UIKOHD. Conn. U J P f t Wanted to Rent 48 Combustion Engineering's C.E. T--~- · · « -- i Lummus subsidiary has won a Service Directory conlracl lo cto Hie' engineering n i l nuilkl TDiiwiMr S) for a S15H million vitamin chem- HALUWIN _l HULKING Jt Ronald Baldwin l.aroche. Inc. The planl is tu be finished in mid-1978. PHOENIX. Ariz. ( U P l l - llam.ida Inns Inc and the Liid- hrnke Group Lid. of Great bri- lain annnupced Thursday Ihey have formed a joint venture company for management and franchising of hotels in the United Kingdom. The new venture will he called Ladbrokc-liama- da I .Id. and will be owned equally liy Ladbroke and Ramada Kuropc.a subsidiary of Ramada Inns. Inc. J5400J7, Caldwell, Idaho t* Interior painting. Acoustics ceilings. All work guarantees For estimates, call Bob,- 41,7-10 STOUT CONSTRUCTION Custom remodeling, homeW shops, 4 foundations. "Low coji '"'^'"a avail. Free est. 459 603% ,, NEED MORE ROOM? Basements e x c a v a t e d cemented under existing home- half Ihe cost ol building on Als concrete work. Ph · ' " - · Gel into the main stream. SeiS something last with a Classified Ad. It's been sa'd, "Want Ads no More Things lor More People at Lower' real tor Zi ^'^ ,°' Atlvertisin 9-" And there's a simple- reason for thai! The Wanl Ads.. .Classified Advertisino. is the' 1 ' only successlul method lor any individual to el so many ot er j individuals what Ihey have lo sell, want to buy have for rent or ius 1 ' relay a message. Classified Advertising is YOUR communications !i WtodtotXS JtS ^.^ ««^ ca'Sffi'' Wlieil PeOpie Want lO SaV Sfjm*»thinr\ in nfhar n« nn u *hmr . . r a t h * - " ! , iney use ins ri C L n ' M TK Se l e y are tru| y of the P eo Ple. W I"" peoph"! and for Ihe people! The next time you have a reason to reach a lot H 9ive us a ° ai1 - · we '" heip ° u word ° ur ad IDAHO FREE PRESS 466.7891 THE NEWS TRIBUHE 459^664

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