Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 20, 1972 · Page 37
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 37

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1972
Page 37
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GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Thurs., April 20, 1972 i Uiti Con and Trucki 51 Ch ' v - MJJSTANC. '(80S h.rdlw. i.Cuod condition. Beat offer. 352-WI51. 1J54 COUVETTK Stlnjr.r coupe. 3i7. ;fuel mlKtlo.1. 152-1938 n f l e r 6. 1971 DAT3UN p l r k u p with or ivllhoul ibtrglaia pjim\er shell. Used Con and Trucki 51 ; MUSTANG. SS-2119.' Ui«J Cart and Truck* $1 ·68 B1IONCO. llpst o f f c Itcst offer. 352-2327. ' 6. '67 Correlle. KOI! S A L K : '71 Unltui, 1200. radio. 356-UIBO. Imillon. Hum KOO|. .113-J2I3. 1»7I VW Sutler lln-ilo. 12.MO 2 a f t e r 5 p.m. i'67 I'ONTIAU TeiniM-.t. V.«, 2 ,loo r i n / f r o I onnltoii: al-o 'to M e r c u r y MonlcUir ] Muh ruilo.jrr, HSO. C.-ill 356-MgS o "Grcelcy's Small Cur Headquarters" BOB MARKLEY'S BUG HOUSE '71 V\V · - Sedan $2040 Bright orannc. Loaded w/ciccesaories. One owner with factory warranty. '70 Pastback .... 51990 I.iuht heige, 4 spned, leatlierette Int., new rublier. '70 Squareback St. Wgn. .... S2270 With sun ronf mirt automatic. Light hlito bike New. '71 y^ ft ft ft Type 111 .... 52100 fy KOR~s7\I.i: -- lUGfl Volvrt US s t n t i n r t «ffon. K x r r l f c n l ronilltkjn. M«ny Ad-iH i n c l u d i n g »\r cojuHliuriiriK, 33.- A n l o m a f i c trans., ilijii; brukcw, h.Mlhe elle Interior mid -) speed. '70 Volkswagens Koiir Of tllPfip. All fUffcrcnl colors ft rrjtilriHont. SUMMER FUN SPECIALS '71 VW Campmobiles ...._ $3240 ca. f'ully equipped, one owner. 11,000 miles, factory warranty, am/fm radio, !oth units wlike w/brown interior. '69 Pop-Top Ciimpmobilcs $275)0 ea. Both nre fully eiriilpiierl nml ready to KO. ft ft -/_ '·Xr- ft .. 51680 ^ XV ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft mile* P 6« O l ' f c b ' l f i l l y c Spun. tvi caiHIllTM. H295. Hrcmln W n l k c r , 61S Cth St , W[ndyir, CO. C8G-2I39 or 63G-9HK7. 1065 T R I U M P H SiKirt 6. 4 |iascniier ttinterllUe. C » l l nllcr S-M i m . 352.7SI1. WE K T f L I , Apcclnllie in lui t t a n a m k B l o n repair*. Et«nr] e t Sales. I2 Stb Av*. A u l o 0CC FOIII) n i r k u p ton. K.tccllenl ro Uwd Con arid Trucki 51 I6S8 COHVETTB omvcrlllile · broui.c ith whlto to]. 3'ill i p - , Cslt 350-133-t a f t e r 8 ^.m. 1C67 C A I ' K I C K . . Ksctorr . «lr, IKUVOI- sti-cilnj; .- rynrjitlo/i. Fair Hie*. 11550. 353-77CO n f l e r C. 1970 FOKI) 4 loor Bruujrtum, *fr conditioning, power altertag. excellent condition. 353-23.55; 36L*-S5Sfl Ffllt SALE -- l'J(2 Cher. Z ilixr FOR SAL.K JKE1 1 1'Kf.T.OW SuhmRrine--'07 Olds Cuttass Huprcm* 2-tJr.. art CIKr. oriii. oivnrr, yclloir u i l h bt«cX inter., new clutch, new brakes. C'nll n f t e r 6, 35S-3305. 971 I.TB Kor.l, vinyl ton, |i.»., |i.b , «ir i-aiiilitloninii. l.oiv milc.wr. M49S. ly53 Chcx'rolet !^ ion pickup,, ton* Ofi^ K O R D LTD, n»rk blup. black vinyl top. %oarl conjillon, 5 jieiv Iirp5 !S'J5 or hcj offer. Oil C86-73SS «f- C2 I r OHSC!!r; Suptr. ! romliliu . -.. . Jl.cOO. t i l 2 p.m. t ' O N T I A C C a t a l l m prlli-nt conrlllfon. s n n ik'l. Cull 2bU-;2IIJ a f t e r 0 :onvoitiljlo. ck- '69 Ghia Coupe $1650 Bright preen, 4 xiieerl, loaderl \vith ncces- forles, 100% guarantee. '69 VW Bus $I5GO This Is a sharp ono owner car with low milf:s. '65 Bug § 780 Liglit Krecn, -1 f p e e d w / w h l t e inferior. '69 Bus, 7 Passonjjer .. $2370 ' sliced and a m / f m I'udit), new [nolr»r. '66 Square Back ft WE SELL GREMLINS ALSO O T H E R C A R S . BENDER AUTO SALES 125 8th Ave. 352-4358 MUST B e l l i NTOirioT^ri top. V-S, n . , lirakes, 2 neu- 'I7~JEBF W K U I C K Spcxin crhaul, new ti 37J2 nfler 5. I 5 G 1 CHEV. ^gry efpjirt. 1971 PONTfi otjuare cacK · St. Wgn. .... $1320 ft New ret! jialnt, 4 ft sjieori w/«-lilio leatli- j- crette Inlcrlor. 'C3 Rug Convert 680 All white w/4 ttpecd, radio. Many good older VW's to choose from Priced from i?250 to $400 Bill Emslie SALESMEN Ed Schmidt, Snlos Mgr. ft ft ^ ft ft ft ft BOB MARKLEY 3805 W. 10th Street Next to Gibson's . Ph. 363-83H 'OPRN. EVENINGS TILL 8 -P.M. \P^c \o\. VALUE RATED ' USED CARS 11972 Chevrolet Impala Sedan fy] Doserl gold with nntinned white top, M; air, cjock, fender skirts, -100 cu. in. en- ftf fdno, 2,175 miles. Owner'transferred, fa' . traded- in on new Cadillac. jj| 1972 Olds Custom Cruiser 9 P. Wgn. ?S-. Hack, all power, air, vinyl roof, f.J ^ . Executive ear. SAVK. ^ 11971 Ford Pinto 3'Door Runabout 8 p: : · Big ·', automatic, excdlcnt condition. - ^ 11971 Olds 98 Luxury Holiday Coupe | · HHK'.all Uio equipment. YOU CAN ' D'-J §: . J J E A L L Y S A V U H E R E . [-^ f 1970 Cadillac Coiipe Oe Viile ^ §; · Gold with white padded roof, cruise (^ bl' ' control, air, new lire.s. c'-o 11970 Chevrolet Concourse St. Wgn. | (Ql Power disc brakes, automatic;, ijower Kl^ ^V steeriiiK, il't.OOO miles. One owner. x.Sj 11969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille | §,?; ChiUran Marine w i t h white padded roof V O ·'"'''. power, NEW tires. r'/ ! 1969 Olds Delta 4 Dr. HI S *"iij| · (5-wny, 4ri5 Ftcjf. f u u l engine, X w; 3fi,0fln miles, air, power, padded roof, 'j^ i 1969 Mercury Marquis Sedan jjj ^'- GO-'IO HIM!, a i r , power, lot'al owner. c" 11969 Ford LTD Sedan ft ^ 6-way .seal, j)nwi:r, air, lonil. (.{. 11969 Chevrolet Impala Sedan " | K^5 A i r , power, .'190 enjjine, one owner. "V 1 | See These il AND MORE at McArthur Olds-Cadillac, Inc. R-16 Renault Sedan-Wagon $2825 P.O.E. 1-Yotit Wheel Drive BENDER AUTO SALES AMBASSADOR, .JAVEUN, MATADOR, AMX GREMLIN, HORNET, AUSTIN, RENAULT, MG 125 8th Ave. 352-4368 fiOrm 5SS-20H. IOH9 SAA1I Kn ' lub. ?orx. 303-0 1MI R A M n i . K R . Fn Auto Discount Center For This Area IT'S NO SECRET WE SELL SO MANY '[HAT'S THE REASON WE SELL SO CHEAP Low-Low Overhead Over 175 Now Used Cars Pickups To Choose From Wheeler The Dealer Hi-Way 85 at IGth St. Harold Croissant Bud Phone 352-7000 Harry Wooldridge Jock Wheeler, Saler Mgr. SII.VBK ]H57 H-fi] . la T K A D K -- Muck tracer w i t h EMVT r,73 turbo engine »j:ceil triplex, Ing nxle, sleeper, (.-client thai ami condition. Trail 3. (o -10 ft. l a n d c m n.t'e f l n t - ^. t i n i e r . I r r i ^ n l k i n nml i'owcr Kquip Oldsmobile Spring Demonstrator Sale New '72-Models, yes, but just barely used r| for local business--But, it's replacement D( v time so - · ® a\ OUT THEY GO AT §| NEW REDUCED PRICES! '$ a\ 72 Cust. Cruiser-Big Wgn.-3 Seats i Every accessory: Air conditioned, electric r(,y wiinlow.s, v i n y l top and stereo radio, ^ . lu^gajje rack. SKK THIS. J'u SAVE OVER $1100 | 72 Delta Royale Hardtop Sedan nil *:W p.m. 19C6 VW. li,,i|y i k-n] emulation. n] i,f e|iml 'Go CHF.VY 2 injr. nt p i c k u p Cart and Trueltt 51 1811 Fort m ton, « Ih l u l l 887.2413. lilt engine. (450. ccr, IMS. Call 353-3)18 0 only. ··VT Cidlltar MmuuiiM t .jlfer. MJ.28G5. 360 fmpaU. 2 door lurd "t". H.5M. 5SS.2H14. I! GTO. Fuwrr nlwrlnj: «. air. vinyl lop, bucktl itei-k. 3SM300. - '60 H'.tck. New ,,Mj ».»ml,!«. 352-7432. Cdn f* 1 B. 20th St. - 1071 (ialoxic 500. Air Mi- tlrt.t. Cnll 356-2261. li tow *r, n winch with K*-ellent conditiim. Hce Ft. aft*r 1 :30. prcin]. Hfccnt engine ov. the.--, shocks, ]i«1nt. 33-;. ry.ljty srortj tars? W a n t u n t ' l l i f ? u«ll Uruc« at - My nic« while '70 V\V fm. Ci.ll Unice «t 353- 1 I 0 t h A't. No. 6, 362- Vfln. Kxcetk-nl crm.liUon fl.100, 33S-2D91. C G r a n d VJIlf 4 ionr 1 353-2S70. S07 Ch«v. lit] Air. Low \ Ph. 6-28-201-i. J'KT pirkup, rlelujit mo- oftcr 6. ( 1'JoJl Fonl, S«. C l . r M n n s 326. 2 door n o t t , V., jrood .condition, j. 0 luckup. V-S. 4 sort, . jS-OMS illrr 1. . 53,0(Kf miles. JiOO. R. Fnir condition. Nesr £05 l l t h Ave. K2-21IO. 9TO BMW IOT snlr. '. Ituiis Krxhl. S70. Call -261 S. Fl. J4M or lest offer. N Ghia. S320. C. IKon -- Air, f u l l jviwer. Monday-Friday, 8 to 5 ROI.KT motor. e.\ecllent 6-3307 U-l»«n 8 a.m. Kihjil, excellent mcehiin- . 3E50 or nude for ptck- vnl'ic. ZB4-5596. an camjier. Fully e'luip- linir. J l . t M or l i M t n f f - 7S6S rr 151-2924. J door hardtop, power er brakes, air canditkm- 'nt. Will consider ohler ade. 284-7757. K MnliUi, 2 door hnrd- Hurst, vinyl lop, Or»e- : Trallcn and Campers S3 CAWEK Ir.lltr, 8,18 ft. Idtil' for mountiini. Ct]l 8*7-2413. ' ' CAMI-KIl ahell.. Sleep. 4, :i« . bo«, Mfely hcM*r. 202 2nd SI. l.a Sail* H U M K M A D E camper His 1,5 ton ptrV- UP- Very xcvd conillircm. Call -353- FOH SA1.K -- . H U - F o r d 14 Ion pic^ IIP wllh 1SSS lit J Uale 10',i (t., .elf. crmUliied camper. II.S60. 353-2746 . L I K E new, one owafr, BxSO ft., full* elf-cuntalned. 1371 Aljo umt-trail- er, 1815 21it St. Road. - . 1 S T I I B A M L I N K - 20 foot, 1m than baie hundred!. ConiMer real ntile liadf._ CG9-0891, I.ovctand. 1566 IIOT)Cli Travco motor home. V-S engine, a.t., p.i., p.l,., am/On radio flnd stereo tape. Dual a/c, Ka» refriu.. W i l l consider Iraje. 834-23S6 »(ler o :30. . · Franchlsed Dealer TERRY, MONITOR, YELLO\VSTO^fE, CARDINAL . ' Sales and Rental D R Service . J2Z llth Ave. 352-3718 or -352-5288 Auction! 54 . ' TralUn tnt Ctmftn S3 1»71 11 ft. Cimplrrt trailer. Sell ton- UlTicd, slttpi 6:nr C. 332-4!56. ; J . M Mobile Home Service Supply Porla Pottl -- hitches -- gas/ electric refrigerators. See us for your camper supplies 630 -26th St. * - 353-9290 ' \ J il Mobile Home \ ( \ \ i Service Supply ^ 2 ) r \ RED DALE S c \ V f . : Nomad y ] P Campers and ^ \ Travel .Trailers \ i V G30 26th St. i \ I 353-9200 } i r Auctions 54 [ AUSTIN, AUSTIN |! 1 AUCTIONS 1; ii il \ |! Since 1903 · \ 1 RANCH EQUIPMENT AUCTION Monday, April 24, 1972 -- 1:00 p.m. j 22 Miles Kast of Lucerne, Colo. l HIGH COUNTRY FARMS -Owner -- 1970 Dodge « T 4 \Vhl o Dr.. 4 Spcl.; 1967 Ford y,T PTJ; 1967 Dodge SCO Trk.. Rear Hoist, l.sif. Ft. Stock Racks; 1958 Dudge -100 Truck, I)B, SH; , 19r.a Ford 2 T, I)B. SH; Willys Jeep, New Engine Transntis- J aion; Intl. TD-18A W/Dozer; 1960 M.P. No. 35 W/lilG5 IT F ' Industrinl Loader; M.M.UU Standard on Propane; A.C. WD-45 \S/Llon Leader; 1971 N'.H. N'o. 1049 Stock Cruiser W/CaV 1971 n ,VH. No. 277 Bnler; Two I'm N.H. .Vo. 256 Rolabar Side R.Ikes ,, n - / U i i d « m Hitclt; 1971 Owatona Xo. 100 Mixer-Grinder; 1971, iVH. Crop Carrier 8 Feed Wagon; 1963 Fox Self Propelled * Joragr, Harvester W/3 Row Cum Head, all reconditioned! 1966 c N.H. »\o. 905 14 Kt. Windrower; 1968 X.H. N'o. 455 7 Ft. Trail a Mower; 1971 Kord 12" Post Anger; 1969 Jet Post Driver; Little d O i n n t Corn Wagon; J.I). Mumire Spreader; .M.M 8 Ft One * Way; J.D. 1 Ft. One Way: M.M. 15 Ft. Chisel Plow; M.M'. 10 jc 12 Grain Drill; 4 Sec. Rotary Hoe: 4 Wheel Trailer- 3 Pt Blade; X.K.O. Cult.; 300 New Steel Posts; 200 Used Steel' Posts; Poles; Posts; Barbed Wire (new used); R R. Ties- 1 Peed H u n k s ; Mineral Boxes; Cattle Oilers: Tank Heaters-,, Portable faqneeze Chute; Breeding Chute; R.W. Field (Cattle) , S prayer: Liquid, Nitrogen-- 6 Canister Semen Carrier; Power" Hack Saw; Elect. Welder; Acetylene Welder; Air Conip - d I arts Bnis; Iron HacX; Sickle Grinder; Sears Roto-TIller: Cub- ft tiding Lawn Mower; WInnehaso Cnmiier Shell; Bedroom Set; Dinette fact: Coucli; B Recistercd 'Charolais Bulls: 45 Hereford I0|. I bvceil, H....... ar mnifs. n e i v - M r l i a l tires, many ex- _Jnis. 3ri3-71P^ arier 5. 370 CHKVY . tiicktip: 350 cu. in. engine, cam, Tlooktr hcxOeie. t«cli., l.iJU-K, on ]0 in. chiunie on u-nr, vili'.M5 un S in. rhrorr.e on f r o n t , Holly S(in efm 2 furrel, 8 trsck ster- -· =-- ·-, upprecjat*. 680-7712. ncli I Muitanr;. Custom Fkr pro . cunfulp. 3S1-I l.nrrcf ^nR d u t y FU5]icnBi*jn plus extr nilitkjn. Must see to a inte, In the Courts DISTRICT COURT On 5-ytar Probation. : Steven Ray Harbison, · also known as "Harpo," 19, 2437 16th SI., was placed on probation for five years with (he condition's he pay court costs and probation fees! Harbison pleaded guilty Feb; 23 to two charges of possession of marijuana. In the first charge, he was accused of having marijuana in his possession last Oct. 18 and, in the second, on Ocl. 27. · ·. 'indictments returned by the Grand Jury charging -Harbison with sale of a narcotic drug and sale of marijuana were,dis-' missed at (he lime-of his pleading guilty to the marijuana possession charges. Pleads innocent Tomasa- Beccrra, 4V, Rt. 1, Foil Lupton, entered a plea of innocent to a food stamp theft charge. Judge Donald A. Carpenter continued the case for a jury trial May 22. Becerra is accused of unlawfully taking food stamps of a value over $100 belonging to. the Weld County Welfare Department on Nov. 22, 1971. Case Continued Alan Michael Kraslow, 19, 1619 llth Ave., pleaded innocent .0 three charges of selling a narcotic drug and one. charge of dispensing dangerous drugs! The case was continued by Judge Carpenter to June 26 for trial setting. Kraslow is accused of selling marijuana to a narcotics agent on Jan. 13, Feb. 1 and Feb. 22 this year in three of the charges. In alleged to r dangerous drugs to a narcotics agent Feb. 7. Pleads Innocent Gary William Kurd,- 21, 2106 1th Ave., pleaded innocent to charges of sale of a narcotic thug and dispensing dangerous drugs. His case was continued o May 15 for a jni-y trial. the other, he is have dispensed Coffee and doughnuts will lie served. TERMS: CASH AUCTION DATE. DRYLAND EQUIPMENT AUCTION Wednesday,- April 26, 1972 - i :00 p.m. 7 Miles'' East ' l . M i . So. of Ault, Colo. . UK r So. SB, Gr*eley CASH For Your ' CAR, PICKUP OR TRUCK WICKLAND MOTORS Ph. 353-1050--1054 10U8 MALIBU '1-DOOR SEDAN llailitj, Iteator, luiwer steering 19G4 FATRLANE 4-DOOR SEDAN Rarlio, hentfir 19GG \VESTCOASTER 3-WHEEL MAIL SCOOTER lleatf-r, d«frofitor and more! WUNOGKAD'S ·131 Sill St. A i i - condilioncfi, Horn's a dreamy jjrecn oun with White Vinyl top. 6-way'sont autt till, wheel. It's OAK No. 83. WAS $5,700.88 72 Delta Royale Hardtop Sedan Air c.oticlilidiu'd. l i l l wheel, mmc control, ·155 mijrine, slcroo rsulio, vinyl fop nnd t r u n k reliMsc. 3,7'iO niilcs. WAS *f,!)0n.( \VKSTERN TRUCK AUTO SALES 1 1 ) 1 K. l.Slli SI. lt(71 Kortl K-10n r.Cft V-S. nitlt). ................ S2G05 I!!Gn Koril F'Mllfl 30tl 1; rylinilcr, -I spKCil. l.w.l). .. $1335 iniii Hievrnlel Va tnn 2SS fi cylinder, ·( Bfiticil. ... ?5I5 PS!' )S T'he answer lo V i'Vi i »b. 3 Pt. Il-- 1.%7 CHsc'1032 Whcallaiiil Diesel/ . DualR/Adj. Whla;/J31owcr; IflSft Case 900 Diesel Std -? M. . .. . ; ase esel Std · 1547 A.C. HI7 (New Engine) ntcsel Crawler; 1549 ,M M "C, ; pii-sel; 111(7 Chev. 2 T Hoar Hoist; 194-1 Cliev. lit T ' n o a r F([.isl; 1861 Culhins CliBiiip. 14 Ft.. Hod Weuder; 1D60 S1..M No ' ^°"'*". e: I 9 C O J - D - "I2UA Grain Drill: Sdmefer Taiiilem Disc on Wheels; Jlowie Tiers R" Orain Ainrpr e; JI..M. 12x10 Drain Drill; JI.H. 10 X 1C Orain Drfll" I l n n m °"ll T r n H O C : '" "' Gr " 1 "' m H ° emG; b( Fl - C "'"«' I onnic. 14 H. OIHUVRJ-; 2--500 Gal. Gas Tanks; Old Horse Mowing Machine. Some Scrap Iron - Khop Tools - .Misc TERMS: CASH AUCTION 'DATE.. ' AUSTIN AND AUSTIN AUCTIONEERS -- REALTORS E. R. "Kid" Austin 1203 9th Street, Greeley, Colorado Ph. 3.03-353-0790 N, Viet Prisoner Believes He's Only Survivor of Unit Troileri and Camper* 53 *?* 430 8th Ave. I'h. 352-8288 NOW $4,955 72 Vista Cruiser 2-Seat Wagon (ilass \'i,sla Hool', 2-wny cleclric tailgate, air roiulilioninsr. all jiower and radio. A K R K S H " N B A H QA COO NK\V" WAGON vp4,DjZ w 72 Delta 88_4 Dr. Sedan f^ Air conilitioning, G-way scat, two-lone A. bci^e and brown, I n m k release. " ' " ~ ^ titulcr (i,000 miles McArthur Olds-Cadillac, Inc. rin;per, tin a f i f r 5. B08 811) Ave. 352-3760 V"'i(3 f \;3'^Jt\pCv 7f V5'rll r ' fix^rAic'Wb^cftju'U a WHAT TO By KOICHIRO MORITA PHU BAI, Vietnam (AP) A Norlli Vietnamese soldier was caplurerl today after he was wounded and. said he believed he was the only survivor of his 60-man heavy weapons company. Pvt. Nguyen Van Tiiiic, 25, sneaking through South' Vicl-i naniese interpreters, said his unit had been "completely cu( inlo pieces." He reported it was part of the 102nd Regiment, 308lh North Vietnamese Division. The regiment itself- had been battered batlly in fighting near Highway 1 in northernmost South Vietnam, he added. | Officers of (lie south Vietnamese 5th Ranger Group re ported that fighting had eased off in their area south of Dong Ha where they have been operating for several days. They estimated their troops had hilled about 160 North Vietnamese soldiers and had seized more than 100 weapons. Oops r Wrong End of Car .- regiment, which Thuc '··said he thought WRS no longer functioning ns a unit, was reported lo have been given the task of culling Highway 1, iso- l«. linn. c,n may be regarded as flunking foo quickly in an emergency situation resulted in a surprise for a Greeley service station attendant Thursday morning l a t i n g South Vietnamese forces Firemen were called to a serial Dong Ha, and using the area!vice station af 6-45 a m Tlnirs- ·ib-lfor attacks on Quang Tri. flay when an anfo caught fire T U A I I . H H S t ' A M I ' K K S f t T O I ' P K K S Arlalnrrols, I f n l h u n r k . . Ary Way f i b e r THE CAMPSITE 131 S. Main Co. 77ii-70!)3 KONOin K A M P K R S JO MODELS -fj Winnehngo Trnlk-r llllcl-es Dime linggica Tent Trailer Rentals Slnrnge Ktipp .Mini Cycles Cnnipcr nnt) Trailer conomy Body Shor/ No. of Itnmnda Inn Dong Ha is the esstern an chor of the South Vietnnmese defense line 10 miles south of the demilitarized zone separating (he Vietnams. Thuc disclosed his company was sent lo South Vietnam 15 days ago to reinforce the 102nd after four months of training. They carried food supplies for four days. They clashed with South Vietnamese rangers south of Dong Ha April 14 and he was wounded Iwo days ago by automatic rifle fire and grenade fragments. 'We didn't have enough troops to attack, but we had orders not to withdraw," he said. The prisoner, still wearing his stained khaki uniform, was smiling and talkative despite his wounds. "Please (ell my wife I am now safe," he asked of Iiis captors, "and that I am only slightly wounded." . A shorf in the wiring was listed as the cause. The station attendant, seeing smoke seeping from the auto quickly ran into the station and pulled the extinguisher from its place on the wall and raced back lo the auto. The attendant threw open Ihe front hood of the auto, and quickly sprayed the (ire-killing foam inside. It was afler he finished the spray job that he noticed the auto was a Volkswagen. He had filled the trunk of the rear-engine auto with foam. The fire which was in the engine, was (hen extinguished. Maybe the owner of the car needed his trunk cleaned anyway. dispensing LSD to a narcotics agent on.Feb.'28. : Divorces Granted : . Four divorces . were granted in District Court by Judge Hugh H. Arnold. ' They were as follows: Mrs. lola P. Scott, Rt. 1, Fort Lupfon, froni Allen fr Scott ,on grounds of mental suffering. The plaintiff's previous married name of lola P. Hudgins was restored. Mrs. Carol Lucks of Gill from Thomas Lucks on grounds of mental cruelty. The decree restored the plaintiff's maiden name of Carol Ann Manteuffel. Garry B. Broyles of Eaton from Airs. Evelyn B. Broyles on grounds of mental cruelty. John Hohnban, 615 26th St.-, from Mrs. Frances Kay Hohnbaum on grounds of mental cruelty. Dissolutions Filed Two dissolution-of marriage petitions were filed in District Court. They were as follows:' Mrs. Maria Uiz Garcia, 402 16lh Ave., against Daniel Cruz Garcia. They were married'in Denver Sept. 28, 1970, and have one child. M r s . , Delores Christine Booker, 1424 llth Ave., against' ·Jarry. Alton Booker of · Denver- Married Sept. 6, 1970. in Denver, they have one child. Seeks Declaratory Judgement Mrs. Lydia A. Miller, 2319 21st Ave., filed a complaint seeking a declaratory judgment concerning protective covenants restricting building in Alles A c r e s t o dwellings. single family .The action apparently is a result of a recent petition: of nil! Construction for City Council approval of a planned residential unit on 10 acres : north of 25th Street adjoining 19th Ave. The PRU proposal, which would have involved 65 living units in townhouses and patio cluster homes was turned down by the council. Mrs. Miller filed Plain! fls a class ,,,,,,,,, un ^t a .L of , ^self and all other the com- action on v lracts of l, A S ' 18 ' T - 5lN '' R - 65W Alles Acres and subject r Si ,", glc f a m t l y ''welling McDonald Restrictions " Named as defendants were Victor R. Hill, Charlotte T. Hm l*«rd S. l l i l l a n d L a rry A Hill, both individually and as members of Hill Construction Co., and Roselfha Stanton f «""pl a in. t "sks that (he D r n . P d ?'. crmme "»l the . p r o t e c t i v e covenants on properly owned by the defen- darns are valid and (hat the t il be cnjoin!K! the covenants The ninth annual Lansing State Journal-Spartan Relays at Michigan Slate attracted 2.700 athlelcs from 172 Michigan high schools. Racism Deplored H House n"* 1MO ' the Brit1sh Commons- passed a sse a resolution deploring South Africa's racial policies COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) _ J^gewood Laundry was burglar,who broken inlo by "The devil made me do it."

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