Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 8, 1962 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
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Saturday, December 8, 1962
Page 7
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Kennedy Inspects Los Alamos Plant By DOUCLAS B. CORNELL EX ROUTE WITH KENNEDY rar re«uon v i AH .'-President Kennedy crossed hydrogen bomb tin* rnntinpfi! l»v i.j cv;j ^ . , signed io control the thermonu- which powers the clear the continent by jrf Friday to check on America's nuclear might on the anniversary of the attack en Pearl Harbor. He received encouraging word at first hand that the Strategic Air Command is ready to hit back instantaneously against uy new aggressor. bb . voovi. p'm, wnicn w That was at SAC headquarters WMk a °- aidrs I HmiVio Mtk VftnnaAv iler. Saturday Kennedy will fly to Jackass Hats in southern Nevada to the nuclear-test grounds where KIWI reactors are being tried out as propulsion units for space vehicles Friday he saw at Los Alamos a cutaway version of the latest KIWI, which was tested just a pink, Editor Of Bible of taseball, Dies ST. LOUIS 'APi -- J G. Tay jr Spink. publisher o' The Sport- - a-- -- ing News and one of baseball's Boston at s . vracus « most influent*! supporters, died ^ Frandst '° at St 'riday at his home in suburban "Mayton. Spink, 73. had been ill for more han a year. Spink built a spoils publication at Omaha, Neb. PiKt Cm B« Mlirrtitrwd Kennedy said his visit there strengthened a strong belief he uscd to plck up ° r m ampii- liulds "that peace can be and will obiccts " hot " wilh radio- bo maintained ' activity bo maintained.' From Omaha, !h e chief execu tiie flew on to New Mexico and the Lo» Alamos Scientific Labora lory-thc supei'secrct place thi developed the atomic and hydro- pen bombs and now ij working on a nudear-powwed reactor for exploration of outer space, the moon and perhaps the planets. Ah lit did at SAC headquarters Kennedy got a secret briefing on what is going on, the progress un (ler way and UK prospects for the future. The main focal point o[ iui in teresl at Los Alamos w»s Projec Rover, for development of the nu clear power plant One objective is development of a nuclear en- pine for Uw third stage of a flight to land men on the moon. Kennedy got a report on thii es *tll j on another project de- activity Reporters were allowed inside the laboratory building Kennedy visited only for a moment at the UNITARIAN UNIYERSALIST FELLOWSHIP Sundiy, Dtc. f -- 11 *. m. Community Bulldlni Mr. William Quin will speik on "The Poor Shtll le With You Alwayi" Uivcrsltv of rare, creed and tolor Invited EATON BAPTIST Mlplt tni Int Elmer Pilmer, Putor l:4» A.M. tundiy School 11:00 A.M. Who Qeti tht W..I7 1MB Youth Hour 7115 F.mlly l.rvlct Junior Choir "Accipt No tubitltuti" Kennedy also tried, reportedly with considerable interest and de' 8llt ' to "I* 1 '"'* a mechanical empire after taking over as pub- Minneapolis isher-wlitor of The Sporting News n 1914. Iu addition to The Sporting Newt, referred to as the bible of baseball. SpinV published The Sporting Goods Dealer, a trade magazine, and an assortment of laseball record books. Spink was known for his 16-houri CORAL GABLES. Fla. 'API- *._!, J~.... t.:. tf . · , Rill f'nllinc Ihn lllIT klnn.4 Dnli! work days, his gruff voice and wur« uays, im grun voice and ul ( -^" lli °. "e uig uiuuu odiu- his salty languaRe. He was also more belter, conquered a back- end Diuuu Future White House press secretary Pierre Salinjjcr soiJ Kennedy and L«t Alamos lab officials had 'quite a difccuwion on Ihe future of the Rover program " The President, he said put in a lot of Minted questions and wanted to (now how the project woulil mesh Jito the over-all space effort. The thief executive landed by jet at Santa Fe. N.., and took i Mlitopler to ap especially constructed asphalt pad just outside a Los Alamos Scientific Labora lory building Before flying to Santa ft. the President went deep underground in the war room of SAC headquarters near Omaha, Neb. -·nlimental and generous. He fought for liic minor leagues as well as the majors and strong- y supported baseball in foreign ountries and the sandloti. Spink, who was called the unof- icial conscience and watchdog of laseball, slugged It out editorial- y tnd orally with many ot base . . ,, -- ' ~r · ---- , -- rouno icaoer wno laitereo to a commissioner He battled agatost ^ Md CaAaft Dicklnson o( h e F e r -ho founded League. much of the load in the family'! back felt better than since a ver- Bookmobilt Schedule For Ensuing Week Schedule lor bookmobiles of the Weld County Library for the en suing week follows: Monday, Erie, 11:00-11:40: Mt View. 3:00-9:30: Waltenlmrg, 9:45 10:15: Independence. 11:00-11:30. Tuesday. Gllcres!, 9-00-1:00; Grover. 11:00-11:30. Wednesday. Nunn. 2:30-3.00. Thursday. Johnstown, 2:30-4-30 Gill, 9:«i-::00. F r i d a y . Galeton. 9.00-12:00 Hunter Heights. 3:30-4:45 FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Dllclplci o( Christ) 23rd Avenui ind 13th Strict Mlnlitirn Ltillt L. Cowtri, Jr. Harold D. Corwtrti 1:90 n.m. Church School 10:30 l.m. Wonhlp and Communion. "Cilled to Oeclin ind Demonttrjiu" Womin'i Day Speaker Mri. Arnold Lmgenbirg Nuritry c«rt. F I R S T EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH 1301 16th Street Robert C. Dillon PMtor 1:46 n.m, Sunday Bible School. 11:00 a.m, Morning Worihlp Rev. Divid Henel- grive, Guett Speaker 6:15 Youth Group*. 7:30 p.m. Evening Service Rev. Leitir Weitlund Guest Speaker Nuricry Cire Provided Christian Science Church 16th St. and 10th Ave. Sunday School--H a.m. Service -- j l a.m. Silbjtfcl lipc. ! "Ood the Only Cauie and Creator" Wednnday Evenlnj Teitlmonlal Me«tlngi 8:00 p.m. This clnn-cli I* R h r n n r h "f t h e M o l h n r Churrli. Tlip K i i l L'hurc-h of U n l s i H r l r n i l s t In Ruitinn Mns? "Tht Bible Sceaki to You" R a d i o K F K A Sunday! 8:45 a.m. ..a tint successful pipeline, . ive-mile pipe of cast iron, began operating in Pennsylvania in 1865 FIMT U N I T E D PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 5th Avenue it 14th Street Dr. Arnold W. Lansenberg Mlnltter 1:15 a.m. Churrli School 10:30 «,oi Worihlp Service Strmon "Which Road? To Chrlitmai o n t o Bithlehim?" Nurwrr «t 1:16 and 10:30 S«rvke llroadi-iit. KKKA Your I To Attend EVANGEL TEMPLE venue and 21m street SUNDAY -Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Morning Worlhlp 11:00 a.m. Evangellltle Pajlor Raliy-7:30p.m. KenGeoroe Thuraday -- Midweek Revival Rally 7:45 p. m, Detroit at New York Sunday's Gtmn San Francisco al Chicago St. Louis vs. Detroit at fort Wayne Syracuse vs. Los Angeles at NIA l|f THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Frittft R*wrh Boston 126. Los Angeles 11J Detroit 123, San KrancUco lit Syracuse 148, Chicago 1J9 Tidy's GMTWS Los Angeles at Cincinnati . Louis Detroit vs. Chicago at Baltimore Collins Leads in Coral Gables Golf Bill Collins, the big blond ii- i 7 · 7 j, , j '* were newly-turne all, top ftgun* includtag Judg. le of Cora , Gibl (Pneuw M I .anHit th. lat* ·( wn . . . . . ache Friday and Wasted a 5-under-par 66 that gave him a 3- stroke midway lead to the 72-hole. 80.000 Coral Gables Open Golf Tournament. Collins, playing out of Miami, cirded 31-35 on top of his first round 67 for a 133 total. Closest on his heels and tied at 138 were newly-turned pro Al Kcl- , the late stern he Federal Le.gue and prov.ded equesa ,, cads on the Black box scandal uj. M ,, 33.33 or his good friend, Ban Johnson, C. C. Johnson Spink. the pub- course. isher's son, who his taken over business in recent years was elect cd president of The Sporting News on Oct. n and his father was made chairman of the board. round leader who faltered to a Tequesta ,,,, who matchfd Forty-six contestants had 36- the American Me ,,,,,,,, ,,, p , r _ the 6.563-yard par 71 Biltmore The 205-pound Collins said his tebra injury put him out of com petition for five weeks. He competed in the Orlando Open two weeks ago. Beet Sugar Quota Is 2.6 Million Tons WASHINGTON (AP) - The n»-| tion'i 1983 sugar marketing quota! was set at 9.8 million tons Friday by Secretary of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman. This compares with a quota of 95 million tons set a year ago, which later was raised to 10 million loos. Freeman also authorized importation between January and May 1983 of 750.000 tons of global quota sugar. An import fee of 1.4 cents pound was set on sugar within the global quota Freeman, a week ago. had proposed in import f« of 1.8 cents. The fee was 2.4 cents. Freeman said Import fees pllcable to sugar imported within specific country quotas, except that for the Philippines, would be .28 cents per pound There is import fee on Philippine sugar. The secretary said allocations will be made later of the 750.000 loni to be purchased tween January and May under the global quota The marketing quotas, in tons, 'or the domestic and foreign are as, effective Jan. 1, are: Domestic beet sugar 2,698.590 mainland cace sugar, 911,410: Ha wail, 1,110,000; Puerto Rico. 1.140. 000: Virgin Islands, 15,000. Philippines, 1.050,000: Domini can Republic. 322,152, Peru, IK, 152; Mexico, 192.151: Brazil, 182, 416: British West Indies, Sl,351 a Australia, 40,378; Republic of Ch imported n». 35.510. Colombia, 30,3i5; Nicragua, 2i 200; Costa Rica. 25,200; Ecuador 1962 25.200: India. 20,352: Haiti, 30.332 Guatemala. 20,332: South Africa ap- 20,332; Argentina, 20,000. Panama, 15.177; El Salvador 10,309; Paraguay, 10,023; British Honduras. 10.023: Fiji Islands, 10, no 023; Ireland, in000; Belgium. 182 quota Global quota, authorized for pur chase, 750.000, for later authoriia- iion 754,341! withheld from net be- importing countries, 11,173. GOP Meets To Plan Attack on Democrats THE FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 10th Av«. ,ni 10th St. 9i30 A.M.--Church School 1:15 ind :d-50 a.m. Wonhip Servlcei "Whit Doll Drinking Mt«n to Yau?" Mlnlittn Dr. Lilrd V. Lovelartd Hov Jack L, Hill NurKry cir« (or both cervlcet. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH The United Church of Chrlat 1«lh Street and 2IH Avenue Worihlp at 9:30 and 11:00 " Ilip POWPI- of tin- \Vorrt" Rev. Frederick W. Hyilop Nur«ery Care Provided Church School at 8:30 and 11:00 11:00 Service Broadcalt over KYOU By JACK BELL WASHINGTON IAP) - Chair, man William E. Miller won the Republican National Committee's applauding approval Friday for a planned massive 1964 GOP assault n Democratic strongholds in the egrcgationist South. Bui among Iho 126 national com nitlee members and state chair- ncn assembled here tor a two- ay post mortem on the Novem- election, there u-prt 1 some who xprcssr-d doubts Hint the party ·ould help its president inl cause ' it fields Dixie candidates -- as did this year -- who fly the nlicivil rights banner Miller, who expects Io May on ic job for another two years, was pplatirled vihcn he told conimil- ee members not to be "mislef dism.iyrr! ly Ihoso who KTC ·ying to give N'orlhrrn RepuWi- ans ,n s;i]ill complex over our oulhcrn iiirojids." He lited as inroads the elcc- ion of 11 House members from lixic. "Our successes in the South err! no apoluiiy." he said. "They re the product of hard and in rlligcnl (h'forls on Ihe part of peo Ic dcriic:iled to Ihe Republican irjnciple "I iiwdom and SOUIK ovcrnmcnt." Rep. Huh Wilsnn of C.iliFnrnln ·hairman of the Republican I'on [ri-sslnnal t'ampalgn Commillee aid the llopublienns wan Ihcir louse seals in the South without FIRST ASSEMBLY tf GOD eth St. and 1|th Av». Sunday School 9:15 a.m. Mnrninic Worship 11:00 a.m. Evnn.nHI.Mlo Service ... 7:30 p.m. "Peoples of All Faiths tt'elfome" HAROLD I. MALCY - Paitor "Revival Tlm»"-KFKf-l i.m. Sunday F I R S T EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH 1301 15th Street Robert C. Dillon Paitor A r.ilor ··mind film onllllcil "Ne-w llini!!i" loillnu at mia- »hnnr) work In the U«|nitillr "f Cons". Arrlr.n. 7:3n p.m. Sunday PUBLIC INVITED trying to outsegregatc the Demo rats." He attributed the Republican, idories Io what he called eco omic conservatism, fiscal respon bility. and individual frecjor i-er paternalism. Some RepubliianE obvious! oubtcd the feasibility of Miller' nnounccd drive to enler GOP andidates in every congrcssiona ict in the South. There wer 7 dislrlcLs this year which thi tenwcrals won by default. While most of the nalional com liilci" members agreed this is ; nudable goal, some ot them sali separate inlervievvs that th arty musl be careful to preservi. s position of strong support to ivil rights. t^ Dtc. 8. 19t2 GREELEY TRIBUNE Pajt 7 Hifh SchMl THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wiggins 50. Erie 40 iertboad 58, Louisville 35 Cheyenne Wells 49. Eads 46 ,imon 43, Stralton 36 Liberty 59. Idalia S4 " igosa Spi inss 26. Sanford 22 is Animaj 65, Pueblo Cemen- 59 irighton 48 Sheridan Union 30 "ort Collins 68. Fort Morgan 44 Denver Regis 39. Jefferson 63 Jflty 38 -yoni 49. Platte V?l!cy 47 Salida 51. Del Norte 44 Cotopaxi 53. Saguathe 43 irush CO. Windsor 35 Den\er Washington 59. South eblo 53 Denver Manual 32. Westminster 'ona 63, Flagler 61 Adains City 45, Denver Jeffer- 40 Canon City Abbey 53, Rocky rd 35 Thornton 72, Evergreen 42 Lafayette -18, Eaton 30 aleton 71, Sterling St. An thony 55 ivans 56, Nunn 47 Jiporte 60. Estes Park 48 Snglewood 54, Greeley 50 iurango 55. Aztec, N.M. 40 iugo 52, Karva! 38 Haxtun 63. Wray 47 'agosa Springs 26. Sanford 22 Rye 60, Westclilfe 52 jeadville 41, La Jara 33 ,'olopaxi 55, Saguache 43 ;heraw 41. Granada 35 iwink 71, La Veta 43 Animas 65, Pueblo Centen- al 59 )enver East 68, Pueblo East 47! V'alsenburg 58, Trinidad Catho- 39 Florence 39. Pueblo Catholic 31 Agate 44. Deer Trail 35 Jmon 43, Stratton 36 Joulder 59, Sterling 38 tilt 85. Aspen 48 West Denver 41, Lakewood 35 Tusculum 56. Maryville Term 0 Merrimack 52, Plymouth. N.H. 0 Brooklyn College 69 Bridgeport Alfred 79. St. Lan-rence 62 W. Va. State 93. Gli-mUle 64 Kerney 84. Huron 68 St. Benedicts 61. Hustings 54 Lincob, Mo. 72. Wayne. Neb. 69 Pitcher Bobo Newsom Dies in Orlando, Flo. ORLANDO. Fla. Newsom. bast-ball' ... · · - - - - - ..ijj ulv n Maj-vJle. N D. 74, Ger, Beadle body. (,,,,,, Hamilton 66. Harpur 44 Buffalo 58. Albany State 58 Seton Hall 73, Baltimore Lovola 57 'API - Boboj most tra\eled Buffs Stifle UCLA, pitcher, died Friday at age 55, less than 10 years 'after he had played in his last major league game. The big right-hander. was born Louis Norman Newsum but was known 'o all as Bobo because that was the way he greeted every- o{ to the team's batbuy. Standing 6-foot-3 and weighing in the neighborhood of 220 to 240 pounds, he talked and acted big . I -and pitched almost as well as fcnn. state*,. Pan-American 74 he talked. He pitched for any OlIllfnrH 07 St An^»». «o t . , f , , ' team who would have him and '· Centenary 64. Tex. Christian 61 did ncarl ' evcr ' team ' m Marquette 77, Texas Western 65 Butler 70. Michigan 69 Georgia Southern 71 Kollins 51 St. Paul's Va. 80, Delaware From the time he started play- ng for pay at Raleigh. N.C , in 1928. until he finally put away his couldn't' find a combination « uniform in 1953. he pitched for 18 Colorado's 6-2 George Parsons Buffalo 58. Albany State 56 Bethany W. Va." «4, Wayne, Mich., 50 Maryland State 65, Hofstra 64 Creighton 52, St. Johns, N.Y 34 Dickinson. .YD 76. Rocky Moun- ain. Mont. 72 Northern. S.D. 77, Minot 64 Wm. Carty 90, Millsaps 77 Ark. Tech 93. Ozarki 76 Hendrii 74, Ark. College 60 Western State 66, Eastern N. Hex. 58 Colo. Mines 57. S. Dakota Tech J Kegis 93, N. Dakota State 39 Utah State 79, Montana State 72 Fort Lupton 46, Greelev College igh38 Weld Central 57. Valley High 55 Delta 50, Glenwood Springs 46 Longmont 56. Aurora 54 lot) Colorado Springs Palmer 52, iolden4«i3ots North Denver 52, Pueblo Cenal 38 ·tea Cwnty Twrninwit at Pritchett Branson 45, Kim 33 iconsola on semifinals) Walsh «, Campo 2* (championship semifinals Vilas 52, Pritchett 51 (champ! nship semifinals I Collq* Baikirball Iv THE ASSOCIATED PRESS St. Peter's (N.U.) 65, Manhat- n 62 ich. Tech 81, Bemidji, Minn. 87 Wheaton. 111., 84, Albion 77 Lenoir Rhyne 63, East Carona 55 Old Dominion 73, Wash. Lee 64 Calawba 72, Ken-berry 59 Bloomficld 77, Newark Stale 70 Ml. St. Mary's 66. Roanoke 65 t i Mercer 50. Lagrange 38 Alma 83. Detroit Tech 73 clubs, half of them in the bi s eagues. In those 25 years, he :hanged uniforms 26 times, wear- ng the flannels of Uie Washington Senators on four different oc- asions. Bobo, pitching for some of baseball's poorest teams as well as some of the best, managed to record 211 triumphs in the big eagues but he also lost 222, one of the few to top 200 in both victories and defeats City 79 Brigham Oklahoma 'flung 71 Maine 87. Vermont 77 Weber. Utah 74, Carroll, Mont. 4 Evansville, Ind. 88, Denver 84 Seattle 60, Oregon State 58 Maryville, Mo 63. Dallas 54 Ripon 80. Grinnell 79 State College of Iowa 83. Western 111. 69 Si. N'orbert 85. Chicago Tchrs 77 Beloit 76, Monmouth 75 Buena Vista 55, Iowa Wesleyan a Pasadena 77, Redlands 63 St. Joseph N.M. «, St. Mich- na^e of BOULDER. Colo. (AP) -- Colorado hit better than half its shots, put a blanket on CCLA't Walt Hazzard and stifled the Bruins 8260 for its second straight basketball victory Friday night. The Big Eight defending champions ran up leads of 27 points in the second half behind the great shooting of Ken Charlton and Milt Mueller. Colorado trailed only in the first few minutes and went ahead to stay 10-8 on Eric Lee's basket. The Buffaloes raced to 11-point bulges three times in the first majorsi half . built the margin to 72-45 late in the game and allowed the reserves to po,ish off the Bruins. UCLA, cold from the floor. Wurau Hjrsch Uughlvr Huurd Goodrich His best season was in 1940 when he helped pitch the Tigers to the American League pennant. After winning 21 games and ios- ing only 5 during the regular seal £$f son, he hurled two World Series! £·* triumphs over the Cincinnati Redsj » and dropped a 2-1 heartbreaker in the seventh game, only a day after the death of his father. While pitching for Washington against the Yankees, Bobo was mocked unconscious when hit by a line drive through the box. Regaining consciousness. Bobo insist- sd on continuing and proceeded to blank Lefty Gomez and the Yankees 1-0. Newsom's death was attributed to cirrhosis. He died while a patient at an Orlando hospital. A smothered Hazzard. The Uclan playmaker got only four points, all in the first half. Fred Slaughter was the only UCLA player to score in double figures. He collected 21 points and pulled down 10 rebounds. Charlton, Colorado's leading scorer last season, tallied 19 pointj and the « .Mueller added 14. Mueller and M Jim Davis dominated the boards, pulling down 11 each. UCLA C f T Color*. * 1 U»riWB ' ' J Mutlltr I i 11 Divll USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Mi's. N.M. 64 Idaho 63, Goniaga 52 College of Idaho 69, Eastern Oregon 55 Willamette 64, Chico 58 Knox 83, Coe 58 Tackle Dan Grimm Signs With Green Bay BOuLDER. Colt. (AP) - Dan Grimm, 244-pounc' tacde at the University of Colorado sai(" Fri- --, M j had been spending the winters here since the end of World War II. Evansville Trips Denver U., 88-84 DENVER (AP) -- Evansville. Ind., College sharpened its attack- in the second half to defeat Denver University 88-84 in a non-conference basketball game Friday night. The Indiana club trailed 44-45 at lalftime but hit 57 per cent of - -- «_. .u k ui pcu. tciii m day he has sh.i;d i contract with their second half field shots to he Green Bey Cnckers of the Na- ' ' "" ;ion«l Football League. He was a draft choice of both Sreen Bay and the Denver Broncos of Ihe American Football League. Xo fi»ures wert disclosed. Dolf Schi¥«t of Syracus* is In is 15th season in the National Basketball Association. overcome the Pioneers. Paul Bullard, Hooter, topped the Indianans' scoring with 21 points. He also grabbed off 11 rebounds for honors in that category. Harold Briley scored 16 points and Marv Pruett added 14 for the winners. Dave .Arnold paced Denver with 15 points. Snowballs » « jsjaST 3 1 7 Joyce 0 4 lluSf" 1 SpooholU Melton Woodward Prict Hinbmu Totili M 1J M Titan Hllitimt: 3»-a. Titt tlrtmi mliitd-UCU. Wumin Hinck 1. Sluuhur. Huaart :, Mw. - Colorado. Chirton 3. Dull 1, iSl. --' fouis t r r i » »..---.. « . .~. -., summer, -Cou 2. EricUon t. HilMn :. M»- *Jo. Oiitlton. Mtnllrr 1 Dtvli 3. Bank- nao, Sparks J, jojee, Spovholti. Melln, oodward. AtKodum ;,MO. Everyday Special BROASTED CHICKEN Sl.OO Also Steaks and Shrimp KERSEY INN Kersey, Colo. Open 'Til 5 p.m. Sundays For Smdiy Dinmr · Ltg of Lamb · Fried Chicken · Swiss Steak Chuck W«gon Dinner Tonight Westfair Restaurant Enlarged Dining Room For Private Partiea Wett Fair Shopping Conttr 2003 9th Street Will brighten your Christmas parlies and luncheons. Childnn love thtm! Vanilli Ice cream rolied in white cocoanu^, fUmer with holly and candte. L Personalize Your Dessert! Stencils and Molds available on special order. C'ome In Todav; Dolly Madison Dairy Store 1825 9th St Barbara Aaeni, Manager FAMILY P A R T Y Sunday, December 9 2 p.m. V.F.W. Hall Greeley, Colorado Colorado Starts Tomorrow RIMO HWUfl Dmirs open 1:00 -- Show starts 1:30 Incredible True story of the Lone American Sailor who fought a Japanese task force on Guam for three ^ hell-packed years! Jeffrey Hunter fTM Marshall Thompson Barbara Perez 'SOLID IENTI EHTERTAINMMr -«r«^. s ,Hf THE "A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCEr Starts Tomorrow LAST DAY MARIA SCMCLL STUART WHITMAN "THE MARK- ·- ROD STBISER n Doe MtN.1', A Coftt'ftfttft'

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