Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 20, 1970 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Page 17
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Page 18 GREELEY TRIBUNE Wed., May 20, 1970 Kent State Leaders Work For Return to Normalcy KENT, Ohio (AP) - Campusj leaders worked Tuesday toward returning Kent State University der which shut the school down to normalcy as legislators urged high-level investigations of the of bullets May 4. May 4 confrontation between student demonstrators and Ohio National Guard troops. Ronald S. Beer, assistant to University President Robert I. White, said the return of students to their dormitories to pick up personal belongings was quarter commencement cere- "gbing quite smoothly." Between 1,700 and 1,900 students a day are being allowed modification of the Portage County Common Pleas Court or- after four students died in a hail At. the moment, however, the 'top priority" is on helping students complete their spring quarter requirements, Beer said. Professors have been working individually with students toward completion of academic work off campus. Student body President Frank 'risina of Kent has sent a letter :o all graduating seniors, asking heir feelings on whether com- nencement ceremonies should monies are held June 13 and if be held. Beer said response to The 31 dormitories house about 8,000 of the 21,000 KSU students. The students picking up belongings must be off campus by 5 p.m. each day. The court order will have to be modified or lifted if spring the school is to open as scheduled for the summer quarter into the dormitories under a starting June 22. Science Institute To Attract 30 Here Thirty high school juniors laboratory equipment not usu- ha've been chosen to participate in: the 12th annual Frontiers of Science Institute at the University of Northern Colorado, June 15-Aug. 7. Sponsoring the young people are the Climax Molybdenum Co., Adolph Coors Co., Ideal Cement Co., Public Service Co. o f , Colorado, Hewlett-Packard Co), International Business Machines and the Women's Auxi- ally included in high school science courses. A variety of examples of the application of scientific methods and concepts in liary Mining and Metallurgical students were selected on the Engineers, Colorado Section. u ~ ! - -' "~~ : - U! " 1 ' : " t --"- 1 ~- t! Participants will spend eight physical science, biological science, mathematics, and written and oral communication. They will study topics and work with duction will be included in their training. And they will have the opportunity to interact with fellow students sharing an intense interest in science. Paul W. Richard, director o the institute, reports that the basis of their high interest, aptitude, self-discipline and depend weeks in intensive study of ability and were recommended by their teachers and counse lors. Attending from Greeley wi be Bob E. Morse, West High. In the Courts that letter will be taken into consideration in making a decision on commencement. Meanwhile, resolutions were introduced in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives calling for creation of a presidential commission to investigate the Kent deaths and recent disturbances at other campuses. The resolutions were introduced by Sen. William B. Saxbe and Rep. J. William Stanton, iwth Ohio Republicans. In Columbus, a resolution was PTM: introduced in the Ohio Senate proposing an investigation by Ihree state senators and three members of the House of Representatives. The resolution was introduced by State Sen. Ronald M. Mottl. The FBI already is investigating the shootings, but agents have released no information as yet on their findings. The Portage County coroner, Dr. Robert Sybert, issued a preliminary report Monday saying only that the four were killed by bullets "similar to .30-caliber military ammunition." Dr. Sybert couldn't be DISTRICT COURT 1 · Divorces Granted Two divorces were granted in District Court here by Judge Roy M. Briggs. They were: Mrs. Jeanne McMahon, 1720 13th Ave., defendant in the action, from Donald V. McMahon on" the ground of mental cruelty. Custody of the two minor children was awarded to the mother. George Y. Gow, Rt. 4, Greeley, from Mrs. Dolly Jane Gow on grounds of desertion. MUNICIPAL COURT Charles 0. Harman, 1711 35th Ave. careless driving $15. Patricia 1. Albers, 1001 Cranford PI., stop sign, $15. Antonio Archuleta, 920 4th St., stop sign, $15. John R. Andrews, 1400 16th Ave., stop sign, $15. Ernest Blobaum, 519 16th St., failure to yield right of way, $15. Nan Brown, 2308 24th St., unlicensed dog, $5; dog at large, $5. Gary Castle, 1851 10th Ave.. blocking private driveway, $15. David A. Dilka, 1415 7th Ave., limitation on backing, $15. . Kermit Huckabay, 1613 Monl- Blvd., careless driving. L o w e l l William Norton, Englewood, failed to report change of address, $10 and G a l e n Marvin Jackson. 3enver, failed to display valid ·egistration, $10 and costs. E d w i n N . Rothmarck. Longmont, stop sign, dismissed. Dorothy Marie Mohrlang, Brush, careless driving, $10 and costs. G i l b e r t A . reeley, driving influence, $125 view $15. Wayne Langham, St., signal light, $25, 2008 26th Arthur Lucero, 600 4th Ave. Mondragon, under the and costs; careless driving, S15. Phillip Magdaleno, 1329 13th St.. stop sign, $8. Francisco Porter. 831 4th St careless driving. $15. Ricky Palton Jr., 1407 6th St., signal light, $15. Dale F. Reiling, 2719 16th St., careless driving, $15. Tony Roybal, 1303 4th St., signal light, $15. Marie E. Ramirez, Aull, careless driving, S15. James Sheridan, 914 14th Ave., careless driving, $15. Ronald Sandoval, 2822 llth St.. careless driving $15. -. Dennis R. Smith, 2603 10th St., failure to yield right of way, $15. Jose Soliz, 1925 8th Ave., speeding, $15. landa Villani, Wilson Hall, careless driving, dismissed. Charles Hesse, La Salle, no operator's license $10, $5 suspended, and costs; no safety chain on trailer, $5. Ysidio Pisano Jr., 1703 5th St., violated restrictions on license, $10 and costs. Kenneth Charles McKibben, Wellington, driving under the influence, $125 and costs; 30 days in jail suspended. Carl D. Dean, Cheyenne, Wyo., speeding, $25 and costs. Ronald Ferringo, 1424 lltli Ave., no operator's license, dismissed. Mary Eva Lowe, 408 21st St. failed to report accident, $10 suspended and costs. Nadine E. Tipton, Fort Lupton, stop sign, $8 and costs; no operator's license, $10, $5 suspended. Jerry Lee Murch, 1817 2nd Ave.. driving under suspension, $50 and costs, five days. Rose Baiot, 2319 7th Ave., no operator's license, dismissed. Jose Manuel Sanchez, Denver, driving under the influence, $200 and costs, 10 days suspended. Niagara Plant Here Receives Safety Award Employes at the Grceley plant of KMC Corporation's Niagara :hemical Division have been presented with the company's corporate-wide Vice President's Award in recognition of their safety record. The award, which was established in January, 1969, was given for successfully completing 375 work days without a disabling injury. The Greeley safety performance actually dates back to Aug. 14, 1961, and represents a total of 63,774 man-hours without a disabling injury. The plant low is eligible to compete for FMC's President's Award, which requires the successful completion of 1,100 days, from January, 1909, without a disabling accident. A total of 2,100 injury- free days, from January, 1969, would qualify the Greeley planl 'or the Board of Director's Award, (he company's highesl safety award. The award was presented by Raymond C. Tower, executive vice president for FMC's Chemical Divisions. In an accompa- dicated to spreading Ihe Gospel nying letter to Greeley employes, Niagara Division Manager Edward K. Hertel stated, "To have worked 375 days without a dis abling injury is a tribute to the professional skills and the concern for human dignity that all Marriage Licenses Murray Ellis Hill III, Greeley, and Bonnie Lee Benson, Las Vegas, Nev. Jerome Harold Beatty, Fort Collins, 'and Rebecca Joanne Yliltan, Boulder. James Arthur Robinson and Jacqueline Marie Benson, both of Greeley. Ronald George Wambolt and arls Jean Winder, both of Windsor. Joe H. Parker and Mable Lucille Morrison, both of Montesano, Wash. James Ray White, Cheyenne, Wyo'.,'and Patricia Erma Cox, Eaton. Chris Lyn Edica and Edna Lee Taylor, both of Cheyenne, Wyo. Mark William Anderson and Deborah Ann Stroh, both of Greeley. The Kordsmen Will Present Concert Friday A concert will be presented by the Kordsmcn at the Greeley Christian Church, 284117th Ave., Friday at 7:30 p.m. The Kordsmen is a group de- 3f Jesus Christ in an inspirational manner, which according Lo the Rev. Mike Williams, will touch the hearts of young and old alike. The program is designed to ft the spirits of all to the knowledge that Christianity is a deep and joyous experience. The group travels 10,000 miles every month and holds both one night services and week long revivals and evangelistic meetings throughout the United States. The public is invited to attend the concert. reached for amplification of the report, and it was not known vhether he had received an FBI report on ballistics tests. Some Guardsmen fired theii 30-caliber Ml rifles into the rock-throwing crowd of demonstrators, but guard officials say ,hey have evidence that npnmil- itary weapons also were fired. A physician who examined one of the nine wounded said he] was certain he was hit by a nonmilitary bullet. Scores of FBI agents reportedly have been involved in the investigation, and they have produced a stack of reports on nterviews, for the Justice Department. U.S. Atty. Robert B. Krupansky of Cleveland has gone :hrough some of the voluminous pile of reports but declines to ;ive any indication of what is in them. Any report on the investigation, if one is released, is expected to come out of Washington. PARIS -- The French Navy has a famois bagpipe band. of you have evinced." Nineteen Niagara locations, al told, in the U.S. and Canada were presented with the Vice- President's Award. Birds need great amounts oL food. Young s t a r l i n g s sometimes devour their own weight of insects and berries in a day. After one meal a flicker's stomach was found to contain 5,040 ants. A bob-white's held 10,000 pigweed seeds. // Is All for a Common Goal: Money tor Kidney Transplants WINSTON-SALEM, N.C (AP)of nephritis, a kidney disease, -- Rock n' Roll shows, gospel and the boy now has the same sings, pizza parties and Schoolafflictlon. His mother, who also children's sacrifices in north-has three other cildren from 9 central North Carolina have ato 17 years oW, receives a Ve- common goal these days: rais-terans Administration ing money for kidney plants for three children. More than $32,800 has been raised so far in three seperate drives for the children--one of whom already has had the operation, one who is scheduled to undergo surgery June 3 and another who is undergoing final tests prior to an almost certain transplant. The Old Town Civic Club of Winston-Salem got the ball rolling with their efforts on behalf of Craig Deal, a 15-year-old Mount Tabor High School student who underwent a transplant operation April 4. Car washes, music shows, pizza parties and a collection at local shopping centers by fellow students brought in $21,000 to help the family with its expenses. Craig's father, C.E. Deal of Old Town, is a bus driv- r. The youngster underwent his operation at Duke University Medical Center in Durham and has since returned home. The donor of his kidney was not announced. Now, residents of four counties are donating to the James Gray Kidney Fund, a plan to finance the transplant of a widow's kidney into her 13-year-old son. Trust funds have been established in two Wilkes County banks', and through various activities, about $10,000 has been raised for the North Wilkesboro youngster. The boy's father, the Rev. Dwight Gray, a Baptist minister, died at the age of 32 in 1961 trans-and works in a school lunch- oom to supplement her income Throughout the Wilkes County chool system a Sacrifice Day 'Write Hanoi' Urges Red Cross Business Corner Rank To Attend Toronto Meeting Sam Rank of R R Well and Pump Co Greeley, left Tues- Minneapolis . M i n n day for Toronto. Canada, thej band ^ D a v i d w scene of the third meeting of the Jacuzzi Board of Field and CHICAGO (AP) -- The American Red Cross emphasized Tuesday in its national convention a letter-writing campaign For more humane treatment of U.S. prisoners in North Victim. The Red Cross, through its chapters, is urging Americans to "Write Hanoi" to express their concern over what the Red Cross described as that government's failure to adhere to Ihe 1949 Geneva Conventions. North Vietnam has signed the conventions but refuses to' abide by them in its handling of American prisoners, the officials charge . Convention delegates were urged to address letters to the president of the Democratic He- public of-North Vietnam in Hanoi. Wives of two U.S. prisoners told the convention of the suffering and hardship experienced by the prisoners' families. "The are Mrs Mary F. Winn. whose hus- Witin. was cantured Oct. 16, 1908. and Mrs. whose husband, Air Force Maj. Patrick II. Wood, has been missing in action since Feb. 6, 19U7. E Roland Harrmiaii, Red Cross national chairman, said the organization and the U.S. government have mode every effort to intercede in behalf of U.S. prisoners. They have worked -through international Red Cross and diplomatic channels. Harriman said the American society has sought to internationalize the POW issue "to bring home to the North Vietnamese thai their refusal to identify prisoners, their refusa to allow regular mail between the prisoners and their families and their refusal (o allow repa triation of sick and woundec prisoners, all represent violations of the Prisoner of War Convention." USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS ,vas observed in which pupils ave their extra money to the und. About ?2,700 was raised hat day. Other activities includ- d door-to-door canvasses by hildren, gospel sings, and car 'ashes. The project to raise money or the Gray youth started as a lass project by his classmates Since his affliction was dis overed, James has been treat d in hospitals in North Wilkes xro, Winston-Salem and Dur am. He now is a patient a Juke Medical Center, where the ransplant will be performed by i · team of 20 doctors June 3 arring complications. Claude Shew, husband of one 3f James' teachers and a leader n the fund drive, said one o Tames doctors, Dr. Don Krugei if Duke, said $25,000 would no le an extravagant estimate o he family's expenses in Dur lam. The doctors are using a ddney machine which rents fo: "11,000 a day. Shew said the total expense: irobably will amount to $40,000 Facing the same operation i j-year-old Marshall "Tinker' Valker of Kernersville. Doctors at Duke say it is al most certain he will have to un lergo a kidney transplant in th near future. He returned to the lospital Monday to continm ests. In anticipation, the Firs 'resbyterian Church of Ker nersville has already started und drive for Tinker, son o Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Walker So far church members hav raised $1,800. Tinker's father, ruck driver, quit work at th advice of the boy's doctor t iclp Mrs. Walker care for Tink I LOVE A HEEL A HEEL that's Put on in 3 minutes Shoe Shop WAX SHINES Salzman's P8 , h r 911 8th Ave. r and their two other small lildren. A rock n' roll show ; and . a kaling party were scheduled in ernersville this week for Tinkr r's benefit. For Graduation... A TREY EXCITING GIFT Wyier incaflex To make someone's eyes light up with joy-give a Wyler Inca- flex. Beautiful, yes. But lasting dependability too. Because Wyler-and only Wyier-has the Incaflex balance wheel, guaranteed against shock for the life of the watch... replaced free if broken ever. Just the styles you want, at just the price you want to pay. . Only mlch with fulMt \ bilince vrfieet luinntced ttt * life aploit tfimie Irom ihKk Graybeal JEWELERS, Inc. 818 Eighth St. Karen K. Wood, Tucson, Ariz., a Factory Approval. Rank is member of the board and will meet with other members corning from all over the United States and Canada. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday al the Skyline Hotel in Toronto. ! WASHINGTON' ( A P ) Rank said that the Jacuzzi!$2.29 billion authorization Seal of Approval Program, which Ramona Garcia, Gilcrest noj is tne responsibility of the board. operator's license, dismissed Larry Laws. 1419 29th Ave. Ct., speeding, $25 and costs. Elizabeth M. White, Denver, careless driving, $15 and costs. William Jacob John Vanry, Fort Collins, misused license plates, dismissed; operated non- r e g i s t e r e d vehicle, $10 suspended and costs. Melvin Rodney Stone. 2200 9th St., stop sign, $8 suspended and icosts. John Arthur Behrend, Akron, j speeding, $25 and costs. ,s one of the most significant sales and marketing concepts ;n the water systems industry. The purpose of the board is to and water systems equipment sold by Jacuzzi is exactly as they say, Sa,,, -Pectin .aw, suspended; AEC Bill Passes House A for the Atomic Energy Commission, $7.7 million more than President Nixon asked, passed the House Tuesday and went to the President. Congress added $25.7 million REPPS goes Westinghouse The board considers sfich things as utility. safely, quality, engineering and certify that each item of pumps to the administration request- including $18,700 for construction projects and $5.1 million for nuclear reactor development-and cut $18 million. general excellence. Rank said, "We expect Cuts included an $8.5 million | jslice off the administration's; t(|$841.7 million request for n u - j and speeding, $25 and costs. Theodore Damrau, Windsor, n o o p e r a t o r ' s license, Dismissed; failed lo comply j w i t h inspection law, dismissed. Andrew Beverly Stafford, Denver, speeding, $25 and costs. Bill Robert Dick, Pierce, no headlights, $5; stop sign, $8 and costs. failure to yield right of way, $15. .Caldino Junior Zamora, 314. 8th Ave., stop sign, $15. 'Michael L. O'Connor. 1218 12th St, injury to property, $25. :Marcelino Gutierrez, 919 A St drunk, $30 and 10 days. '·'- COUNTY COURT Judges Lee West and Sidney Emeson Shirley Lenhart, La Salle, no LONDO N _ operator's license, dismissed. . Chinese Randall Charles Ziegenbein. " at 'Y e , u " ncse 1828 26th St., speeding, $25 and fjnglan _ costs: inadequate mufflers, $5 suspended. ;' Linda Marlene Brazelton,! Craig, speeding, $25 and costs ;| i n a d e q u a t e mufflers, $5j suspended. I c Linda Marlene Brazelton,! Craig, speeding $25 and costs. Marilyn Ramos, Ault, no operator's license, $10.; careless : driving, $10; failed to report accident, $10 and costs. Jean Bernard VandeSande, 1 6 2 0 9th Ave., speeding, dismissed. make some important decisions| c ] P ar weapons in Toronto, reviewing anrl dis-j The House passed the bill byj cussing not only new products! V oice vote with little riebale. but making a complete study ofjoverwhelmingly defeating an the improvements which we rec-: ame ndment to turn regulation commended for certain products J 0 f nuclear power plants over to it our last, meeting." [lie U.S. Public Health Service. · The Senate had passed Ihe au-| NOTICE thorization 83 to 1. f will not be responsible for; Appropriation of the author- my debts other than my own. iized atomic energy money re-! " Joann Manweiler McNceccjquires separate congressionalj --Adv. (action. Over 30,000 reside in CALL THE "HOUSE DOCTOR" Complete 1-Stop Service Materials -- Labor -- Financing -- Room Addi tions -- Repairs -- Remodeling. · FREE ESTIMATES Everitt Lumber Co. 240« 10th Street Phone S52-5171 CONVALESCENT AIDS P H O N E 362-4866 110t 8th Street Special Announcement We Now Can Contract a Behlen Building For You 1. On a lease purchase contract. No down payment required, just 2 advance lease payments on entire contract. 2. On a security agreement. 20% down payment balance up to 8 years, monthly, semi-annually or annually. 3. On a ASC facility loan contract. 15% down 5 years on balance. Now 2 years production allowed to qualify. Advantages to you: Erect that Building you need now! Save that all important capital! Leate payments tax deductible on most contracts! For mare information call: Glen Schmeeckle -- 437-2555, Now Raymer, Colo, or Duke Snyder -- 645-2419, Weldona, Colo. 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