Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 5, 1975 · Page 14
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 14

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1975
Page 14
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The Idaho free Press i The Mcws-Tribune, Wednesday. February 5.1973 - A-l Heat's on Nampa in District K.vJolmli.Killen Things could Le worse for the Bulldogs as Ihc dislricl lournamenl approaches. Nampa might not be the defending dislricl champ; or Ihc Hoise Valley League champion; or undefeated in duals all year; or champions of (he North-South Inviiational - but they are. Things could be worse, all right. But ihen again, Rullie Lane, coach of the Nampa High wrestling team, isn't counting any pins ahead of lime. "All the schools are going to be tough," says Lane of Hie entries in this week's District 111 Class A wreslling championships beginning Thursday in Payelle. "FIBSTOF All ONE OF the schools you have to look at is Capital. They have a good tournament learn." Thai's nol hard to support. Though the Eagles couldn't handle Nampa (or Caldwell or Vallivue, for that mallcn in dual compclilion during the regular season. Capital beat all those people - everybody but Pocalello to be exact - in the Southern Idaho Conference meet in Nampa three weeks back. "And Vallivue has some outstanding individuals," adds Lane. Another understatement The Falcons finished second to the Bulldogs in the Boise Valley League, throttling everyone else into submission with a wide array of wrestling talent from the 138-pound class on up. "And Caldwell has been good in tournaments, loo" muses Lane on the Cougars. Calrtwell finished just behind Ihe Bulldogs at ihe SIC and ran off with three individual winners, more than any other school in the league. The Cougs have been down and out with Ihe flu lately, and it may have cost Ihem their last two dual matches with Vallivue and Nampa. but returning health makes them a real factor. ,, "AND THKN TIIKRE'S 1IOIIAII - and Meridian too," reminds Lane. The Lions showed a lillle talent in Ibe SIC and are another team will: few real strong individuals if nol a lot of v depth. And the Warriors. They're Ihe team of the future. The - team with the coach (BruceBurnetl) that Dick Fteischmann, boss of Ihe pcrenia) win-il-all Poeatello Indians, predicts to 6 be one of the best wrestling coaches in the slate in a short * while, \ "Meridian may not be a real contender, but they'll sure r This Cat's surrounded have something to say aboul who is," cautions Lane. But still, Ihings could be worse. "Truthfully, our chances are real good," says Ihe coach of the learn lhat was number one learn when the district smoke cleared lasl year. "We have really good No, 2 people and lhal's a real advantage in this Ihing. We'll be the only (earn that'll be able to enler Iwo boys al every weight. And in some cases, I feel lhat we have boys al one weight, both of whom arc capable of winning." What Ihc tournament will determine besides the top (cam in the district is who and how many guys each school gels loscnd to the Stale tournamenl in Twin Falls next week. The lop (our finishers al each class made Ihe trip. The rest hnng up their sweals for another year. "YVK'RE PRETTY CONFIDENT, to tell the truth," says Lane. "Nobody has our depth. Of course we slill need for our No. 1 people to come through." Assuming that ihey do, some of the men thai have stood in the wings most of the year get I heir big chance. Some of those ace back-ups al Nampa include 96-pounder Greg Gourley, 105-pounder Eddie While (While wrestled top man most of ihe season), 126-pounder Mike Genlon, 155-pounder Tom Rowan, 167-pounder Steve Heath, 185-pounder Gary Heisch and heavyweight Bill Tilley. "A lot of Ihose kids are people llmt some learns would like to have as Iheir number one man," says Lane. Whatever happens, the talking ends and Ihe doing begins willi Ihe preliminaries at 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon in Payellc's "mini-dome," The firsl round goes al 6 p.m. Friday, round two starts al 4 p.m., and the first round of consolation gets down al 6 p.m. The second round of consolation is at 8 p.m. SATURDAY'S MATCHES START with consolation, round three al 2 p.m. and round four of consolation at 3:30 p.m. The finals gel down to it at 7p.m., Saturday evening, The total lisl of 10 compeling schools includes Borah, Capital, Boise, Mountain Home, Nampa, Caldwell, Vallivue, Emmell, Payetlc and Meridian. Admission for grade school and junior high is $1, and the same for high school students with activity cards. Students without cards pay 52, as do adulls. DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS FIRST ROUND IS POUNDS -- Tim Youren, Vallivue, drawl bit. Xing, payelte. vi. Camp. b«ll, MH. SarFoi. MH, vs. Curl Bradburn, Nampa. Randy Perrine, cap, vs. BUI Spencer, Meridian. Chrii Inglij, Cald, drawl b r e. Terry Youren, Vallivue, vs. JeM HIM. Borati. Chad Packard, Meridian, vs. Grrp Gourley. Nampa. Ryan Butiler. CaltfAtll, diawi bve. Ill POUNDS - Mm, rtytut, drawl bye. Jerry S!«»en»n, Mtrldtan. vl. tebwrn, Vallivue. rooli, MH, vi. Kim Nltlun. Vallivue. Ryan Rasmimtn, lorah, vi. Mowi Oleafa, B»lw. Tracy Hirbold, caldfctll, draws byf. oave CrttpiM, Hampa, vs. Rlcfc Hardy, Meridian. Hobson. payeMe, vi. Tom Fr«t, KIM EiWie Wnite, Nampa, draws bye. Ill POUNDS -- Mike, Yttm, Caldwell, s. Scolt Empty, Meridian. Svbla, Capllal, vi. David WIlHfl, Vallivue Brad Rimel, Nampa, vs. Reed tuhler. CaMwell. RMs, MH, vt. Handy Paul, larah. Flowers. Emmell. vs Bill Gray. Meridnn. Charlie Murrien, Nampa, vs. Brandon, Parelte Mark Carr. Capilal, vi. RaMy Jaaei, ValUvge. Garner, MH, draws bye. lit POUNDS - Rxky Merrick, Nami), vs. Margraves, Emmttt. Chr[sllans«n, Boht, vs. Eiitand*. Vallivue. Veterlaui, Borah, vi. Dave Allen. Caktwell. Skip Carter, Capllal, vs. Cewden, Pavetle, itt winner mefls MK'i Carpenter. Dasmussen, Capital, vs. Lanenil MH and winner metis Rudy Cedillo ol Vallivue. Arbuckle, Emmell . vs. Bob Slroud, Nampa. Glaze, Caldwell, vs. Ur«iMcArlhur,lorah.Brooks, Meridlan.vs.MlckFuhrlman.Biise. lit POUNDS -- Wayno Webb, Meridian, vs. Grimmer), MK, and winner meets Romey al Payetle. Rod Short, Nampa, vs. Jessert. Boll?. Garland, Emmen, vi. oavld Allen, Vallivue. Lupher, Birah, vs. Scolt Bauman, Caldwell. and winner meets Tim Kane ol Capital. Wilmouth, Payetle, vs. Clint Pedenon, Vallivue, and winner meeli Jell Taylor olMK. Kelly ward. Boise, vs. Beauclaire, Borah. Root, Capllal, vi. Cecil Vaslar, Caldwell. Vfillong, Emmelt, vs. Meridian Ko.1 andwinnermeets MikeGentonof Nampa. 131 POUNDS -- Kopp, Borah, vi. Trans, Vallivue. Hausl, Boise, vs. Ernie Gibson, Caldwell. Nampa No. I vs. Meridian No. 2. (Either Keills Norwood or Jelf Maxwell) Crouiore, MH, vs. Mark Brown, Capllal. Man Wall, Borah, draws bye. , Payelle, vs. Ed Mjhorwy, Meridian. Reed, Boise, vs Riebe, Cavilal. Knowles,MH, vs. Nampa No. 7Eilher Keith HorwoodcFJelf Maxwell). Ill POUNDS -- MH No. I vs. Nampa No. 11 Either Mike Robinson, Toby Keim, or John Merrick). Fry, Emmetl, vs. Rex Edwards, Meridian. Crowson, Capilal, vs. Rasmussen, Payette. Clay Ward, Vallivue, vi. Brasher, CilrUell. and winner met I! Boise No. 1. Gary McGrarh, Borah, vi. Lonnle HulFman, Vallivue, and winner meets Mark Bednar, Capllal. Marline*. Caldwell. vs. Silencer. Emmell. Metis, Boise, vs. MH No. 7. Bryan Reich, Meridian, vs. Slaab, PayeHe, and winner meets Scot! OeChambeag ot Nampa. 14* POUNDS -- Keith Ptleter, Borah, draws bye. mark Dougal, Caldwell. vs. Herman, Emmetl. MiltGreenwood, Nampa. vs. Mike Haojod. Capilal. Boise No. 1 vs. Wortham, MH. Kevin Wood, Meridian, vs. Hariman, Enmelt. Bretl Millar, Nampa, draws bye. Alloway, Capital, vs. Russ Undemann. Vallivue. Bob Wai- son, Bolie, draws bye. IS1 POUNDS -- Lynch, Boise, vs. Griggs, MH. Brad Brauner, Caldffell, vs. TomRcwen, Nampa. Jack Blsri, Vallivue, vl. Wilson, Caldwell. Hodjes, Emmetl. vs. Tony Stevenson, Meridian, and winner meets Frank Roman. Capital. Herold. Emmett, vs. Bill Harrigfeld, Borah, and winner meets Sieve Stafford, Boise. Musirave, MH, vs. Slone. Payelte. Jenien, capital, vs. MiVe Shannon. Nampa. Meridian No. 7 vs. Mike Wilson, Vallivue. llr POUNDS -- Kill Laurance. Meridian, vs. Brown, Emmell. Lynn Hall. Nampa, draws bye. Doug McCoy, CapUal, vs. Ron Stavig, Borah. Bruce Imel. ftolsf, vs. Robert Thomas, Vallivue. Steve Heain. Nampa. vs. Brown, Caldwell McGhw, Meridian, vs. Carter, Emmelt. York, Boise, vs. Gohr. Payelle. Sieve Adams, capital, diew bye. IIS POUNDS - Gross. MH, vs. Bukr, stringer. Boise. Larry Dunn, Vallinf, vs. Gary Reiscn, Nimpa. Osier, Capilal, vs. Key, Payelte. Martin. Borah, vs. Mark Brown, Meridian. Lou gh,Bolse. vs. Brundlge, Payelte. McCarroll, MH, vs. Curt Hensley. Nampa. Randy Jensen, Caldwell, vs. Darnit Alexander, Meridian. Ervln Samuelson. Borah, vi. Bigelow, Capital. HEAVYWEIGHT - Maiwell, Borah, vs. Alan Ward, Capital. Bill Tilley. Namsa, vs. Terry Borcher, Boise. Latham, MK, vs. Goslin. Emmcn. Neils Tidwell, Valllvut, drew bye. BLLl Roe, Borah, drew bye. Jordan. MH. drew bye. Harrison, Capital, vi. Larry Cronin, Nampa. Tim Giard:na, caltfAell, drew bye SOUTHERN IDAHO CONFERENCE placer! in meet - tl ·- Inglis lirll, Bradburn second. 10S -- Rasmussen Firsl. Wnite lourlh. Ill -- Munden lirsl, Bonier second. Ill--Allen lirst. m -- Kane lint, Sho/J fourth, Vaiiar was Jirsl at 131. 131-- Wall second. Brown third. Ill -- DeChambeau second, Edwards Ihird. Bednar lourlh. us -- wood third, Plleger lovrFh. IS* -- Harrigleld lourlh. 167 -- Laurance lirsl. Adami second. McCoy lirsl at Hi. IIS -- Brown third, Heniley Fourth, Alexander Fourth at Heavyweight. HEAVYWEIGHT -- Roe second. Sports wire Star sitting BERNARD KING, the University ol Tenneisee'i baneiball standout, is juir plain oul -- at leall lor the lime being. King is temporarily on the sideline as NCAA oHiiials front Ihe New Yorker's school records and answer Ihe queslion ot his playing eligibility. Charges involving !ne posiible chanting ol grades on some ol King's l""'or hgr. grade transcripts kept Ihe H lorwaid out ol Tenneisee'i ;·!! loss Monday 10 Aubor.i and he II nol tipeOed to play Saturday against seventh ranked Alabama. King has been averaging 77.1 points per game lor Ihe Vols. JOE K E A R N E Y . University 01 Washington sports director, says that everyone al Ire school eicept Football and basketball players may be stripped ot altlelic scholarship! M9inninq with the ItH 71 season unless unexpected Unanttal aid Is tor In torn ing. "At mis time, t have not given any coach IKe oa ahead to lecruit any all.leles al all," said Kearney Tuesday. The cutback is necessary because the athletic program lost money (or tne first time Fasl year. JOHN MACKEY was en Die sland again Tuesday, leslilying lor ihe National Football League Players Association against the Roielle Rote. Players contend Ihr Roielle rule, or ffi option compensalion monotwlistic. Ihe nil empowers l»« HFL commisstinerloselnmpnutiM ·»(*··;» playir who plays out his O»IKI an bt sltned «y another team. ,,.'·,.. STAN MALLESS, present Ol »· U.S. Lawn Tennis Assoclal.on, sees o*» tlslin at (lie not «l American's lennls mlsl«r1«P« - Ihe tact tuat Jiminy Connors l( tw w tin U.S. Davis Cup learn. As Ihe U.S learn was losing t« M«»1« «t pjlm S«fi» t s in Cup competition SltneUy, Connors was pocketing a neal 1N.IH I" bealinf Rod Laver. "It's a dark moment III rltrit," admlrrta Millm. "Our No. 1 priority He rwxt season will be lo gel J im my Co»neri w «*i r learn. I Itiink he will play, tM." . · Connors tias hardly been a popuHr mure in U.S. circles Ihe lasl couple o( ye«r». ARNOLD PALMER was Visibly disappointed aboul n»l winnlrtf'last weekend's Hlwaiian Open alter live «vtnl Had betn wiffiln Mif grasp on the Hit d*y, but this week's a whole new ball fame. "Ot course, I'm disappointed." s»W Palmer, "bul I'm nol goln$ to quit Iwsl becti/se I lost. In some ways I w»s pleased with my play. Except lor a lew putts Rial didn't drop, I thought I played pretty well." THisweektheprostryon1tie1tW,»Hll«b Hope Desert Classic, an event rhal Palmer has won five limes and Ihe lasl 1»ur victory 1or Palmer when he won it in W73. Capital stuns Nampa Photo by Vet Davenport ,.- Ken Crow (left) battles Paul Livesay of Wilder for a rebound while Sam Everhart of Nampa Christian comes up to offer as! sistance in Tuesday night's Treasure Valley League game. Wilder doggin' it, ut beats Trojans ByJohnll.Killen JWILDEH--When you're 11-0 aild leading Ihe league, it's prclty tough to gel up for srlmebody you've already bi a'ten once. But nol thai hard. Wilder frund out Tuesday evening. S arting slow and "dogging it," ii the words of their coach, the V ildcats slill managed lo more 0 e step closer to Ihe Treasure V illey League litle wilh a 69-47 w n over the Nampa Christian T ojans. "We were dogging it, though," si id Wilder Coach Ferris Lynn. " 'hat was our worst game in 01 r last five or six." It wasn't unexpected. Nampa ' Oristian has been slruggling [(r some time in the league- Wilder is who the rest of the It igue has been struggling with. Wilder had beaten the Trojans b ' 25 points In Ihe first meeting h 'tween the two teams in N irnpa Christian's own gym. With the win Wilder moves to 1 -fl in the TVL and 14-3 overall » ille the Trojans are right in the middle ot Hie conference al 5-C and post a 8-9 overall mark. Whatever chance the Trojans might have had, Ihey losl it early when Ken Crow went lo ihe locker room wilh a badly sprained ankle late in the second q u a r t e r . Things got even tougher when outside threat Sam Everhart picked up his fourth foul early in the Ihird quarter. "We (ell that once Crow went, oul we could do pretty much what we wanted." said i.ynn. They did. "And Everharl getting into foul trouble hurt them quite a bil." fl did. Wilder cased oul fronl early, getting a 13-6 margin ihrough the firsl period mainly off Ihc shooting of Ray Gross. The Wildcats began to coast and Nampa Christian issued warning that ihey wcrcn'l out of il yd by pulling up close al 20-18 wilh about 4:« lefl in Ihe firsl half and staying within two right down lo aboul Ihe last minute in Ihc second quarter. Hut then Wilder started gelling some offense oul of Joe Salazar. Crow went down for Ihe count and just before half, Rverharl picked up foul No. 3. Wilder can clinch al leasl a tie (his Friday when Ihey enlerlain Ihc Melba Mustangs. Is it going to he a problem for I.ynn lo keep his learn Ihinking straight until district rolls aiounti? "We won lonighl, bul we played badly It belter nol happen again." NCHS Everhart Trover Crow Aflifcri Henriclcfan Slrough Quenier Leivitl Keller TOTALS WILDER Julian Grail Swot Sllltar Liveiiy Keeney TOTALS NCHS Witfer MO M Ii 1 II 4 M Ml !·! 0 1 II 1)11 FO Ml 4-14 11-11 I I I FT ee T · i 01 14 M »·» 17 ii 11 ii ; n » ss ii SMotll* ptrtemn - NCHS I Wflrfff 44.1. RlbwMlM - WIIMr «, NCHS I LeaOri -- Or«l II, Eyirharl 11. SwM I CALDWELL-The Ihird time losl its i harm for the Nampa Bulldogs and the Boise Craves losl Iheir punch in the third quarter Tuesday as the Capital Ragles and Ihe Middleton Vikings moved towards a showdown on Friday in Ihe Dislricl III women's basketball lournament at Caldwell High. In Ihe (irsl championship bracket game, the Nampa Bulldogs, twice winners over Capilal in Ihe regular season, fell the Eagles jump on them early and were never able lo quite recover as Ihe Boise school finally took a 42-36 win. "There were a couple of things thai hurt us," said Nampa Coach I-eVela Sweat). "We didn't have Valarie Jones lo help us nut on defense and we were hurting for deplli and height." As for (he heighl, Nampa could do little aboul Capital's lanky front wall of Star Miller, Marsha Donoho and Vicki Wood, all Ihrce al six feel. The group combined for 32 of Capital's points and kept the Bulldogs al bay «n Ihe boards. Drmoho's 16 was high on Hie floor. Peggy Painter and Julie Newby bolh had eight for the Bulldogs. Capilal moved out fronl early and kepi a slim four to six point Melba gains semis MEI.BA-Undefeated Salmon River and Treasure Valley league champion Melba rode into the semifinals of Ihe Dislricl three girls' Class B basketball lournament Tuesday nighl. Salmon River, running its record lo 18-0, zapped Ilomedale's girls 69-18 while Melba held .McCall-Donnelly scoreless in Ihe fourth quarler en roule to an easy 37-16 win, In olhcr games, Ilimrock advanced wilh a 24-21 win against Cambridge and Cascade heat Nampa Christian, 38-26. Tonigh! in Ihe semis Salmon River meets Cascade al 6:30 and Uimrock lakes on the tournament hosl Melba (earn slarting around 8 p.m. In consolation action, Hnmedalc and Nampa Christian met al 3:30 and Cambridge and Mi-Call played al 5. Homedalt I II II II Silmor. River 11 JJ » I' S C O K I N O L E A D E R S -- HunUdllt, LyMl Llnetwrfcr I, Oerl Hfyer 1, Term Parrill 1. Kim Matteion ), Dyann Aiplaiu 1, Clpr! Huflfiey 1. Lorella JthmtM 1; Salmon River, Olei-ha Roakty It, Marll Splcbelmire 11. luiv II It II It « II 31 SCODINO LEADER! -- NCHS. X»ri» Miller H. Jevc* Stockton *, Pan Evcrhart 4, Kim Frtttcr.l I. Dtttit Taylor 1, CiscaO, Patty Franklin 11, Miry Brickt CanVMf* 1 1« 11 » RIFnrKk 4 I] It n SCCRIHO LEADERS - Camtrktfl, Irei^J ItirtM I, Lynn McDORaM I; RlmrKb, Pat Swttnty t. MCCa1ID«rM«r I II II II M«ba I 1) » II SCORING LEAIXtl - MCall. KatM K,.k ll AMU, XW« Rutais II, Chrll Ptm II, L« tMMr I, rAartwrltt IH1 ), Hrrtll HrtfM 1, MlnrtM FrUIH I, lead must of Hie rcsl of the game, hanging oti dcspile several near rallies by Ihe Bulldogs. In Ihe nighlcap, Middletun's Vikings survived another close scare by a Bnise school, this time Ihe Boise Braves, to nol- ched llieir second tourney win. :tt-3ii. "The defctise we had planned In use wasn't working thai well," said iMiddlcInn Coach Shannon Miller, "sit we changed lo a pressure defense in Ihe second half. Thai seemed lo help." The pressure and Ihe clutch late - f$ame shnoling of 1/iri Howard combined to lift Mid- itlelon from a four poinl deficit al the b e g i n n i n g of f o u r t h quarter i» theii win. "They gave us jusl atioul the liiggcsl scare we've had all season." sin'd Miller of the Braves Ti issy l.owe counted 18 for Unise ami Judy Hopkins had eiglil f u r Mi'ldlclo'n Middle-loo anil Capital now face (iff fur Ihc i)islricl litle Kridaj al B:JO p.m. In llu' consolalion bracket, Viilliviu- s u r v i v e d a Bishop Kelly rally lale in the game to lake j i:i~l2v.iii as Calhy Howes pumped in 17 [mints for the Falcons. Kelly's ..lulic Hammer !\iid 15. Caldwell and Vallivue no« face u f f in Ihe coiisohiiion f i n a l al 7 p.m. l-'riday. FARMERS At today's prices, the importance of PRECISION APPLICATION is greatly increased. PRECISION APPLICATION comes with experience. NH 3 FERTILIZER COMPANY has the experience. NH, FERTILIZER SCHEMICM.CO. NAMPA 466-5100 SHELL PRODUCTS OPEN DAILY 9 to 10, SUN. 11 to 7 THURS., FRi., SAT. OMLY Guaranteed As Long As You Own Your Car Deluxe heavy-duty shocks feature '/i " shaft; triple welded mounts P/ij'-size piston. In sizes to fit most U.S. cars. 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