Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 8, 1962 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1962
Page 6
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Pag* t GREELEV TRIBUNE Sat.. Dec. 8, 1962 Congress has grown from an original membership of 65 in 17«9 to its present 437. lion again for a period not to «· By Jim Filling George Maharls. i-o-Etar of CBS' "Route 66" series, Is being lorttd by illness to poatpone all of his upcoiuiuK TV activity. U's IL return of iiifectious hepatitis. Because of this he will not keep bin date ou the Ed Sulli van show ou December 16tb. lloy Uogera is iwrturbed about the caiH-ellation of his Saturday night television show -- he wrote a two-page press release aimed to erfute t h e network's statement that llify dropped him bei'aune uf liis lack of ratings. They s t a t e d t h a t Jac-kie Uleuson and Sam Bent- ditt (not shown i u this area) were too mui-Ii rompetitlon for the cowboy star. Small fry and adults who are Kujttrs' fan's will he glad to know that he can still be seen on Saturday niorn- iiiRs at the usual time. Now that the regular college football season is oast, TV toot- ball fans will have to watch the professionals u n t i l N'ew Year's Hay. Pairings for tbe major bowls are completed. Now all that Is needed to thoroughly enjoy the New Year tuecltuiilars is a color television set. The family will especially appreciate the Hose Bowl parade in all the sparkling beauty that only natural flowers can produce. And KCA TV w i t h its n a t u r a l color Is tbe set to choose. You art Invited to stop in today for a demonstration. And when your set is ailing call Kailinif. Jim I-'niling Radio and TV Service, 720 10th St Ph. 852-2UOB--Adv. Gall Mil's Raft I TV Guaranteed Service on All Maket 12M 4th St. Ph. 352-571S GUARANTEED! TV sick? Ual! us for finest si.rvk-e. All work suarauteed in wrltiusi. Also: Stereo sales and service. Color and Black and WhH« Phone: 353-0025 1535 Sth Ave. REPP'S In the Courts UisUid Court B«»'s P«b»ri4Vn RivfAi The probation granted a tjr«-jby ihe ley boy, 16. Oct. 25 was revoked] ' Thursday by Judge Koy M. Briggs and the youth sentenced to a term of 29 days in county jail. However. Judge Briggs ordered the time already spent by the bo n jail credited on Ihv sentence and placed the youth on proba ceed the boy's 18th birtiiday. ·*r DicrMd Mirtajuttrt An Eaton boy. 15, was decreed juvenile delinquent (or a law violation Nov. 25. The youth's case «as continued (or a report r fait, dependable TV, RADIO, HI-FI SERVICF Let Ward ful ntui lift i's your at! Satisfaction guaran/teJ'. Save, on Svptr AlrilM «plot.m«ol hibei, I*.. Peril available for matt eaokei. Fh«nn Werdl Strvlc* daBarlment. $:· MONTGOMERY WARD 815 10th St. Ph. 3534204 Store Houri 9 - 5 : 3 0 L j I Milllltfl Youths CrWajW Three Milliken boys, ages 16, 4 and 13. were charged with be ing juvenile delinquents in petj ion died in County Court Th( ·ouths were accused ol commit ,, law violations Dec. 3 in th, wtitions. which were signed bj eputy Sheriff Bernard J. Mon wiser. LVIine)uinc.)f Pearltien Diuniu*«l A delinquency petition f i 1 e c igainst an 11-year-old Fort Lup on boy was dismissed by Judgi Briggs. The boy was ordered tc pay court costs amounting to $615. H.w.reJ MMrr.r-1 JP Court Franklin Arr Zicktfooie. 60. Evatts. drunk driving. $100. costs. Albert Hubert Schupman. 58. Rt. I. Brighton, drunk driving. $100. costs and 60 days in jail. with jail sentence suspended on aymjnt of fine and costs. TV Trouble? Ph. 352-2240 Days Nights and Sundays Repair any AC or DC Transistor Radio Bill's TV fcrvici Elmer Barker. Owner 435 Hth Ave. Radio Oil-patch Servlc* riving in Fog CHICAGO i A P I -- Early-risi notorisls often find they must rive throuxh fog before the sun ises very high. The Chicago Motor Club advi notorists to reduce speed in s visibility is reduced. To help ase the situation, use headlights -nut parking lights -- in the fog. A. H. Trautwein Talks to Life Underwriters Greeley Life Insurance I'nder writers held their regular month ly luncheon meeting in the Com munlty Building Friday. Guest speaker was A H Traul wein, president of Cheyenne Na tional Bank. He was former! president of Greeley Nationa ling Bank from 1951-1959. He spoke o the topic. "Banking and Ou Economy " Trautwein was impressed wit ists Grteley's changing skyline an log commented that the city is b* ginnning to lor* like * boom town Twenty six members and guest were in attendance. SEE HEAR . . COMPARE Tht Beauty of PACKARD BELL Color. Block and Whitt - Hi Fi and Stereo Business Corner R. T. Crwby AffwrfW H. E Prunty. Denver district iianager [«r Standard Oil divi- ion of American OU Company, las announced tlie appointment f R. T. Crosby as supervisor, ·outh and educational activities, or American Oil Company. Crosby will headquarter in Chiago and will report to H. H. lardy, manager of field services n the general office public re- alions department. Crosby has be*n employe and jublic relations representative foi Standard in Colorado and Wyoming for the past year and a half. Prior to that he held sales posi- ions in Gretley and Casper, \Vyo He is mj-ried to the former Roslyn Pechirich of Grtwler. TV vupie «il! make their new koM Ji Park Forest, III. 11 took the first congress k 17K luce sessions and 519 dayt to ransact its business. GO WHERE SERVICE IS RON'S TV Hlllildtt Center 553-4012 Radio-TV Service KRAMER Phon. S52-37S2 major appliances and TV service Joslin's own service deportment is staffed with craftsmen to service ALL makes and models regardless of where purchased! Wt have the most complete and modern facilities in our own service shop. CHARGE your service costs to your account! Prices are moderate, often below the average. All work !i fully GUARANTEED. Save this number: PhoM 3524030 Joslin's TV mi Applianci Sirviei Programs for Week: Keep This Page for Reference SUNDAY RADIO 11:09-KLZ: Church ServlTM .KVOU: Church KHOW! Israel Mesia|t .KIMN: ManlUo Show ·KUA. Radio Pulpit KFKA: Church Service KITH! Cnurck ol Monla 11:SO-KIM, Church Service KHOW: Sunday Shim U:00-KOA| Newa KFKAi News KLZi CBS Newi. Sports KHOWi Money Talks Uils-Km! Motor Music KLZ; Music for Evaryoae MONDAY RADIO IliW-KLZ: Niwa, House Parti ·KOA: Maxlnt Mulvey KTKAl Hllkela KYOU: Son* Shop KHOW: Kay Howe Show KIMN: Smlllni Jack KBTR: Jack Parr I1:30-KLZ: Garry Moon 11:4S-KFKA: Kant Ads 12:00- KOA: News. Weather KIMN: Oave Frames Shot) KVOU: News. Markets KLZ: Art Gow Show KHOW: HUb Noon Review KBTR: Paul Harvey Newa U:I5-KOA: Farm antl Ranch KHOW: Noon Review KBTR: News, Wealher 1MO-XHOW: Dan Tyler Show RADIO-- KOA 850; KLZ 680 . TUESDAY RADIO 11:00-KOA: Haxin* Mulvej . KVOU: .Song Shop KIMN: SmUtai Jack KLZ' Uouieparty KFKA: Markets KUOW: Kay Howe KBTR: Jack Paar Show 11:15-- KFKA: Mid Morn' Melodies U:30VKLZ: Garry Mooro Show 11:IS-KFKA: Want Ads U:tsi-KYOU! News i Weather KFKA: News 1 Markets KOA: Newj. Weather KIMN: Dave Fransen KLZ: Art Gow Show KHOW: News KBTR: Paul Harvey Newi 12:15-KYOU: Market News KOA: Farm and Ranch KHOW: Noon Review KBTR: News, Weather, Spti. RADIO-- KOA 850; KLZ 560 WEDNESDAY RADIO ll:OB-KFKA: Markets KOA: Maxine Mulvey KYOU: 5on« Shop -KLZ: Houseparty KHOW: Kay Howe Shew KJM.V. Smilins Jack ·'KBTR: Jack Paar llil^KFKA: Mid-Morn Melodlel 11:30-^KLZ, Garry bloora Show lt:4S-.KFKA: Want Ads 11:I»H-KOA: News, Weather i KFKA: News, Markets iKYOU: News, Markets ,'KLZ: Art Gow Show ;K1MN: Dave rranien 'U!OW: High Noon Review tKBTR: Paul Harvey Nawi B:1»-MOA: Firm and Ranch KFKA: News it Wcathel ;KBTR: News; Weather THURSDAY RADIO il:00-iKFKA: Markets ··KOA: Uaxlne Mulvey KYOU: Sons Shop : KLZ: House Party · KIMN: Smiling Jack ISHOW: Kay Howe Show ·KBTIt: Jack Paal 11:1S^8FKA: Mid-Morn Melodies 1I:304-KLZ- Garry Moore Show I]:4~KFKA: Want Ads tt:00-KLZ! AH Cow Show ; BOA: Ntws, Weather · KYOt.': News. Markets -KHOW: Newi ;KIMN: Mike Met? ;RFKA: News. Markets .KBTR: Paul Harvey Newi I2:I5-1KOA: Farm and Ranch I KHOW: Nonn Review ·HFKA: Weather -KBTR: News, Wcithcr 12:30^KYOU: Itcjmnal New, ; KHOW: Arvada Report : iFRIDAY RADIO U:W-- KOA: Maxine Mulvey KFKAi Market! KYOU: Sons snop . KHOW- Ka.v Hum Show · KIMN: Smllini Jack : KI.Z- House I'arly KBTH: Jack Pair ICIS-KFKA: Mid-Morn Melodlel 1I:3!-.KLZ: Garry Moun Show I1:(S-KFKA: Want Ads 12:00-KVOU: Marked r*ewj KIM.N: Dave Franien - KOA- News. Wealh-r KLZ- All Rim Shtnv KFKA: News. Markets KBTR: Paul Harvey News KHOW: !l-Noon Review Uils-KOA- Ranch * Farm KBTft: News, Weather RADIO-- KOA 650; KLZ 56C SATURDAY RADIO I1:(0-KU: News t Sport* KOA: MofliUX KIMN: Smlllni Jack KFKA: MId-Mnrn Melodies KYOU. Music. Nfws KHOWi Kay fiowe Show K«TB, Jack Pair ll.-SB-- KFKA: tfif, Favorilrs KI.Z- Back In o* Bibfe KHOW: H!-."»o rt n Review KTM.v U)«x Fransffl ht,/ »»» KFKA Nr«l KBTS Psul Harvey Nrwi U Is-KFKA: Miss* KOA: Met. .Opera KIlJ: *cf*flpt Cflluf KHOW 630: KFKA 1310; K KOA: Calholie Hour 12:43-KLZ- Food Facts 1:00-KO« Monitor KUOW- Spotllfni fteree-Bda IiU-KLZ: Unlv Explorer l!30-KHOW, Sunday Stow KU Dateline KYOU: Broncos-DallM l:4i_KLZ: New. MB-KBTrl: BoMy Beera "ihnw KIMN: Tim Tlmlall KHOW: Spolllihl SerenadeKLZ: Tritaaury ol Stara i:3fr-KHOW %nday Show KLZ! Road .Show ):00-KLZ Panorama KOA: Colu. Trails , ,, KHOW: Newi. Sundsy Shoo »:30-KLZ: Concert Hall KOA- Colo Motor Carriers KHOW 630: KFKA 1310; K KYOU: Regional Newa KBTHi Lee Harris 12:45-KYOU: Paul Harvey 1:«-KFKA: Kaleidoscope KYOU: Music KOA: News. Finance KL/- Nrws KBTR: Flair 1U5-KI.Z: Out and About KOA: Bill Barker 1:30-KL2: Back to Bib!. t:45-KFKA: Want Ads 1:W-KBTR; Bobby Beers KHOW: Joe St-hcrer KL2: DouKlas Edwardl KFKA: Kaleidoscope I:1S-KU- Haven ol nEt 2:45_KLZ Lawrence Wilk MXV-KOA: VIC Cotton KIMNi Hit Parade KLZ: News 3:15-KLZ: Topic A-Europa 3:w-KLZ: Wells Show KHOW 630; KFKA 1310; K 12:30-KUOW: Show Time KYOU: Regional News KFKA: Newa i Markels KBTR: Let Harris .Show U:15-KYOU: Paul Harvey KLZ: News 1:00-KYOU: Miulo KFKA: Kaleidoscope KOA: News, Finance KBTR: Flair 1:1S-KLZ: Mitch Miller KOA: Bill Barker 1:»-KLZ: Back to Bible 1:45-KFKA: Want Arts !:M-KLZ: News KHOW: Joe Scheier KBTR: BoBby Beers KOA: News, Finance 2:15-KLZ: Haven ol Rest 2:3B-KFKA: Kaleidoscope 2:45-KLZ: Lawrence Welk KHOW 630; KFKA 1310; K 12:30-KFKA: N«ws. Markels KYO!J: Regional News KHOW: Show Time KETR: Le e Harris 1Z:45-KI,Z. News KYOU: Paul Harvey 1:00-KOA: News, Finance KFKA: Kaleidoscope KYOU: Music KBTR: Flair KHOW: Showtime 1:15-KLZ: Out and About KOA: Bill Barker 1:M-KLZ: Back lo BIhli U4S-KFKA: Want Ada ZiB-KLZ: News KHOW- Jack Srhi-rer KBTR: Bobby Beers KFKA: Kaleidoscope 5:15-KI.Z: Haven ol Kfst 2:45-KLZ: Lawrence Welk 3:IB-KLZ: News ; KHOW 63CI KFKA 1310; KBTR: Lee Harm KFKA: Markets. News l::49-Kl.Z: News KYOtl: Paul Harvey 1:00-KOA. HVWS. Flnanca KYOU: Music KIM.1: Smilmi Jack KBTR: Flair KFKA: Haleldestnpe 1:IS-KLZ Mitch Milii-r KOA: Bill Barker i:3(J-KLZ: Back to Bible I:«-KFKA: Want Ads Z:I»-KLZ: Hcwi KIMN: Tinv Ilm KHOW: Joi schirct KBTR- Bobbv Herrs KFKA: Kaleidoscope 2: IS- KLZ: Havtn ol KM 2:4S-KLZ: Uwrence Welk 3:tO-KU: News KOA: Vis Wcr. KIMN: HII Parade KYOU: Music ; KHOW 630; K F K A 1310; KFKA: Wealher 12:30- KIIOW: She-., lime KYOU: Regional News KBTR: Ur HorrU KFKA: Markets. Newi I2-4V-KYOU: Paul Harvry KLZ- News l:W-KYIIU: Music KOA. Bill Barker KKTR flan KIIOW: Showtime KFKA- Kalcidct'.-ool 1: la-- KLZ: Chll and About I:»-KI.2' llarf lo Bible l-4.')-KFKA: WBRI Ads KL7. Si-i.i I KBTK BobM. a,,,, i:IS-KU llaicn V R«t 3-00-KLZ- Nci\r nr ' : KHOW 630; K F K A 1310; KBTR: Niv.i. Weather I1:20-KPKA: Weslji.i KIIOW- Srmw Tlm KBTR- Jark Pair KLZ Call Fmm 1/iiKlofl KYOt,": Rfnional Nf*i I J 4 A . K F K A . N'ewa KI.Z New. hvcni: Paul H.riry 1:VI-KFK\: Muloi MUIIC YOU 1450; KBTR 710; KIM 4:00-KLZ: CBS Newa KBTR: Jack Paar KYOU: Scoreboard 4:13-KLZ Fred Wartni 4:3u-KUA. Monitor KLZ Portrall a a City KFKA: Silver Platter KHOW From People »:00-KLZ: CBS Newi, Sporti KFKA: Lutheran Hour KOA Pockelbook Newa KIIOW: Niws. Sports 1:1J-KHOW: UN This Week KOA Consodlnr KLZ: Mitch Miller :3o-KOA Meet The Presa KFKA: Geors-e Stout KHOW: Wor'd Review KU Sail Lake Choir 1:45-KHOW: Stan lor rMeai. KFKA: Serenade In Blue I:00-KOA: Newa, Mooltor YOU 1450; KBTR 710; KIMI I:45-KFKA: Want Ads i 4:00-K1IOW: Uoolad KLZ: News. Weather KFKA: Kaleidoscope 4:15-K1J',: Wells Show 4:30-KLZ: Newa 4:45-KLZ: Wells Show 5:00-- KOA: News, Finance KBTR: Fun Colo. KLZ News KHOW- Newi. Sport! KFKA: Here anj Then KYOU: Weather Dial S:1S-K!.Z: luide Story KOA: Vic Cotlon KHOW: Contact KYOU: Music KFKA: Newi KBTR: News, Wealhcr. Spls J:30-KLZ: Information 'SI KFKA: This Is Greeley KOA Report KYOU: Alex Drilcr KBTR: Sports Roundup KP.OW: Ham'ond Harmonies YOU 1450; KBTR 710; KIM 3:00_KU: News KOA: Vic Collon KIMN: Hit Parade 3:15-- KLZ: Topic A-EurOM 3:45-KFKA: Wanl Ada 4:oo-KHOW: Conlaci KLZ: News KFKA: Kaleidoscope 4:15-KLZ- Wells Show a:00-KOA: News. Finance KLZ: Newa KFKA: Here and There KHOW: New. Morti KBTR: Fun Colo. 5:15-- KLZ: Inside Sloir KFKA: News KHOW: Conlaci KOA. Vic Collnn . ,. ."."Til! News, Weather. SpU 5:30-K1.Z. In/ormallon 63 KYOU: Alex Drier KFKA: This Is Greeley KOA: KOA Repoil KBTR: News. Sports KHOW: Conact YOU 1450; KBTR 710; KIM KIMN: Hit Parade KOA Vic CollOD 3:I5-KLZ: Topic A-Europe 3:30-KLZ: Jack Wells 3:45-KOA- Viv Cotlon KFKA: Wanl Adi 4:CO-KHOW: Contacl KU: News KFKA: Kaleidoscope 4:15-KLZ Wells Show 5:I»-KOA Newi, Finance KHOW: News. Spi.rls KFKA: Here and There KLZ. News KBTRl Fun Colo. I:IS-KOA- Vic Collun KLZ Uuidc Story KHOW: contacl KFhA: News KBTR: News, Wi'alhcr Snls 5:30-KYOU: Aler brtlcr KOA. Repnl KLZ- Inlormallon '62 ""OW: Ham'nd Harmoniea KFKA: Thla la Greeley (YOU 1450; KBTR 710; KIM KFKA: Wanl Ads 4:00-- KU .Vws KHOW: Contact KBTR: BoMiy BeiTi KFKA. Kalrldou-ope 4-15-KLZ Well! Show S:W-KOA NVws Rnanre KBTR: Paul Harvey KI.Z SI-MI KFKA: Here and Tlir-re KHOW: News. Spoils KYOU: Wcalhct K.l »:I5-KLZ Insist- Story KHOW: Conlaci KOA. Vic Coltun t in $, n 2 ll: ; Npws Wealher. Spts S:30-KU . Inlormatlnn e! KOA 'itc'porT KFKA: This Is Grrdey KYOU: Alra Rrcler »:45-K?TMyc«° s ' U ' N "'' KLI- 'Lowell rhnmsi KFKA: Mitch Miller YOU 1450; KBTR 710; KIIV KIMS: Hit Parade KOA: VFi- Collm 3:13-KLZ: Jack Wells Show J:«-KFKA: Wanl Ads 4:Ofi--KLZ NC--AS KIIUW: Conlaci 4:I*-KU 'we-'h' Show 1 " 5.1W-KOA: Roi.k t His Friends Kl,/ \rw-5 KFKA: Here and Ihfr' KYOI:. Wralhti. KIIOW \,,,. Sr,,},, KltTR. Pajil Harvry »: 15 -KI.Z. In.ldt Slnrv KIIC)U: I, ( ||[ BI | KOA Vlr ( n|tf, n S:3» -K|./.- ln|i,rmallfin SI Ki:im ljamVi"l5armnnle« KII1R: SpUJl. Vtriindon , .. f.TM*' TM» l "recley 3:45 IU./ lyiwrll 1hnma KIITH: AIci llrrif-r K Y O U 1450; KBTR 710; Kilt l-On-KIM:.: Pi*. P wn ShTM KIIOW: Scherel Show 1:3»-K(IA. Mnnilfr 4.-00-KLZ: ^eathfr Dial 4:ll-KLZ: Radio Ai-tlve 5:I»-KI.Z- Kporli. N.», KHOW- Ne»a. Sixirts ht-KA: All KlnUl Musk KB'IR: '.ewi Spom KYOI.: \\i-alhrri1iHl ·.»«. KHOW. MoMr Mlllsei hYoi: !?,;!! ^ "o SUND KLZ- Revival Hour KIMN: Polo Pole- Stem KFKA' Ava Maria KHOW' Mawl, Spore KBTR- Ron Mitchell Rhow I:IS-KHOW: Money Talks I:30-KHOW: LU, Une KU: New Testament Lllhl KFKA: Lawrence Welk l:4-KFhA: Guesl SU, KHOW:Jazi on PMomae I:OC-- Ki.i. Johonj DollB KIMN: Tun KHOWt Sunday Show KYOUi Iniennnat MO-KOA Mnllor KU Suspense KHOW' VlEUs KFKA: Church Service litO-KOA Challenie lo/rhrxjihl « «o MONI »:45-KLZ: Lowell Thomas KOA: Neol KYOUi News, Weather, Spti. KFKA: Milch Miller KBTR: Alek Drier 1:00-- KOA: Weatlier, SporlJ KYOU: Paul Harvey KFKA: cootroveraey KBTR: Jack Paar I:19-KHOW: Contact KOA: News KYOU: Words K Lilt I:30-KOA: Perry Como Sinfa KYOU: So. ol Bortler KHOWi Ulellni I:4i-KHOW: Mualc 7:00-- KOA: Round and About KI.MN: TOKO rn^o Show KFKA: News KBTH: Ed t. Monan Shoo 1 950 TUBS *:4$--KOA: News KYOU: News, Wealher, SpU KLZ: Lowell Tlomu KFKA: Milch Miller KBTR: Ales Dreler 1:00-- KOA Weather, Kports KHOvTt Kt\\t KYOU: Paul H.rvi, KLZ Muslcale KBTR: Jack Paar Show KFKA: Controveney I:15-KOA- News KU: Newt, Sports KHOW: LUe Line KYOU! Words a Lite 6:30-KLl. Denver al Nlfljll KHOW: Music KOA- Doris Day Sings KYOU: Soulh ol Border 7:00_KLZ: News KIMN: I-OfO PO«o Show KFKA: Night Time KOA- Round and About KBTR: tj P. alonaa Newi N »BO WEDNE !:49-KU: I/mill Thorn u KOA: News KYOU: Newi. Weather. Spts. KFKAi Mitch Miller KBTRi Alox Dreler |00-- KOA: Weather, Sporti KLZ: Muilcale KFKAi Controverter KHOWi Re« KYOU: Paul Hurey KBTR: Jack Pisr «:15_KOA: Newi KU: Nevn, Sporti KHOWi Contact KYOU: Words ot Life I-.30-- KLZ Dtnvei al ISighl KOA: Frank Sinatra KUOW! Lifeline KYOU: So. ul Border I:4S-KHOW: Music 7:00-- KOA 'Round and Aboul KLZ: News KFKA: News N 960 THURS KYOU: News. Weather, SpU. KB1R: Alex Dreirr :00-KI.Z: Muslcall KUA: Wralnci, Sporui KFKAi l^nlroveriey KYOU: Paul Hancy KIIOW- New, KBTR: Jack Paar «:1S-KUA Nl!WS KI.7. News, hpijrls KHOWi Conlact KYOU: Woruj 01 Life 8:30-KLZ. Ilenver a! Ninht KHOW: Lilcllnc KOA Kcely -Smlin sinei KYOI': Soulh nl Bnrder «!4S-KIIOW: Music MW-KOA Round and Aboul KFKA: News KLZ: News KIMS- Po = o PI.SO Show KBTB- Kd P Mnrcan Newi 7:li-KLZ: Worldwide Sporls KBTfl: -lat-k I'anr KFKA: NiKhttlmp N 950 FRII) KYOU: Spijit* KOA: iV*X. WcolhiT. SpU. Klf-'KA: Mitrh Miller «:OG-KI//, Mii-H-Jlf. KHOWr Nruf Kt'l A - 1 ,'nnl rn · V * ** K!jfR : JHch fasr KHOW: (ontart t..y~ KHOW' i',Tffiin« txrI * KOA' Hnl'tk II, HI of P»mf KL7. ( r n \ i f »t Mgtn KVOi:: Sniilh of llorrt-r *:« KHOW Mlltir 7.iW--KO'\ NBf Nf^n KIMN ffigii t'i, fl fi ^how K r - K A ; {Jiant Slru Vnrt.*r4 KI.7 N-,%.1 KI.TIt VA I' Mnrfan Nfwi ·*-IS-KH(JW Spoil* Kl.'/,. WfirKtWfili* SporU KHTR .lark f» ft t KOA; Round Al»ut "N 50 SAfOl" K(l\ .S-W5 KFKA: Washlntlon Bportl «:00-KIIOW N,-,, KU. Hawaii Cllli KI-Kt. Xr», KIMN- Date Stewart M5-HOA. Monlloi KHOW Bon (;,,,,, ·],,,, KFKA llnr 1 ' lo Vets KYOU- Familv VTorihit "JK-KI.Z. (alllitt Amertra «;«*· »'""" Un. KHOW IrfiViin* K \ 0 t ' : Sn. rj Ktff'tfT H:«--KROW- Vil.'l- KP"KA. Hrmnrj l,*n« AY, DECEMBER 9, KLZ: lull. Concert Hall KBTK: GtOrtetown U I:U-K1MN: Mul. Den. Pub Sckls. I.M-KIMN: Muslr KFKA: Eaay uitenuu KBTH Issues 4 Aaswtri I:45-K1MN: Your Univeriity l:or-KYOU: News. Music KBTI: U a C tW»!lnl KLZ World TonUhl KOA. Symphony Hour KIMN Muileaf U'tertlacca KFKA: Newi l:ls_KFKA: Sltra lor IMeue KLZ Newi Analyili :0-KYOtl! New Tlttimut KFKA: Heartbeat Theater KU: Inquiry K1«N: LDS Series KBTK: Arnec FarmM :49-KIMN: Mntly Music 10!OC-- KYOU: Hour of DaclllM )AY, DECEMBER 1C 7M9-KHOW: Sporls KYOU: Munich KBTR' Jlck Paar 7:30-- KOA: Newi KHOW: Progress KYOU: Ed P. Morian 7:49-KOA: toum) 4 About KYOU: Nile Watch I:W-KI2: Party Line KOA: Round About K n KA: German Gwwel KHOW: Hour ol fca'lrncM KBTIt: Ron Mitchell l:30-KFKAi Mfhttlme f-.QO-- KOA: News and Finance KLZ: World Tunighl KFKA: Musk For Y«l ·llt-KOA- Melody Tune KLZ- Denver at Mfh! MD-KOA: Campus Cooclrt 10:IW-KOA: Nev.1 KflOW: Newi KLi Newi, Spurn KBTR: Ales Dreler DAY. DECEMBER 11 7:11-- KLZ: Worldwide Sporls KBTR: Jack Paar 7:30-- KLZ: Democracy In Amcr. KHOW: Muaie KOA: Ne«l KYOU: Ed P. Morfin 7:43-- KOA: Roucd and Aboul KFKA: News KYOU: Nltewalch 1:00-- KLZ: Party Une KFKA! Night Time KIIOW: flour ot Ench'tmeni KBTR: Hot MllcMl) I:00-KOA: News * Fmanc. KLZ. World Toniiht KFKA: Music Inr Yon I:15-KOA- Melody Time KI.Z' Denver at Nl«ht l:30-KnA: Denver SclKMU 10:00-KOA: Ncwl KHOW: Newi KBTR: Alex Drier KYOU: Other Side .if Day 10:ta-- KOA: Weather, Newi SDAY, DECEMBER 7:1S-KIIOW- Sports KLZ: Worldwide SporU KFKA: Nlihlllme KBTR: Jack Paar 7:30-KHOW: Music KLZ: Denver at Msht KYOU: Eil P. Moriu. KYOU: Nile Watch T-.4J-KFKA: News KYOU: Nllewatrh t:IK-KLZ- Parly Una KOA: New. KHOW: Hour ol E'en'mi-nl KFKA: Nllhtnmc KBTH: Ron Mitchell «:30_KOA: Democracy 9:00-- KOA: howl. Finance KLZ. The World TonUhl KFKA: Muilc lor You S:1J-KOA: Mclnly Timi' KLZ: Dcnvn 31 Nliht 9:3(»-KOA: Advcn. In Idf-as 9:4i-KYOU: Nllewslch 10:00-- KOA: Newj, Wealh»r KI.Z: Npwi KHOW: News, Muilc DAY, DECEMBER KOA NCHS KYOUi Ed P. Morn.n 7:4S-KOA. R'land and Atwul KFKA: News KYOt.' Nile Walcb I:I«-KI.Z. Patly Ijnt KIIOW lloor ol ErcftnuM KB'Ilt: Run Mitchell KFKA: MU- Timf KOA- Round and About 8: 30 -KOA: Democracy In America »:00-KOA M«s. Finance KLZ: World TnnlKhl KFKA: Music For You «:IS-KOA: Melody rime KLZ: Denver ai Meht t:3n~mt.- Vouth Forum lO.-no-KOA News. Spoils KI.Z Mr-vts KIIOW- News KRTR: Aid Drrlrr KYOU Olhrr Side ol Day !0:U-XU: Capltm [.Irakroom AY, DECEMBER 14 KIJC Denver Jit Miht KFHA: NlRhl Tinn» KYOU: F4 I 1 . Mfti-mn \\HO\\ Vfjur Gtjvernmrnt KYO,;- NUcwati-h t.OO-^OA: NPUR a*t Kl,/' I'nriv iiinr KHOW' llnur nl r,'rh-lrr,«nt KH1R IU-n Mil^hHl KI-'KA: MRhl rim* ( t - ^ O - K l t A : Dfath \|l».v llnyi 9.n-- K'A: .Icik I'm KI.7 W-.jirt lonignt K K K A H-j*k Ini Vrnj S:30-KOA. Inl^rtacllPn lO^W- hOA Sp«^ KI.7.: NVfti KHOW s ( v t KHTR- AID; UrHtr IDAY, DECEMBER KFKA: .Silvet Plilli-r KOA- News MJ-HI.7: Out n«e with tll.lory KFKA: N'ile Tim. 7MV.KLZ: N.V. Phllhrm"nle hllOVt (,o,,l Slai KYOU: Sews 7 4J-KIIOW S'nv Swlaia KYOU: Mle Walih MB-KHOW «al MHII Slwm SBTR- linn Mill hell NVOL lir~lrv II, Rfl 1-00-KI.Z: Wnnd InnKhl I JTI-KOA: chamwi ol fmrnntt KLZ: Pieirl Brsl tl,..:.r : in.rn-KOA. Mws iVtWttla KLZ- ttnt KFKA N»»l KHOff- \'o« KTOK: SOTfrmird 1962 TV « KOA: Newicaala K1MK: Seum ol rrMdoo KLZ \ewi, Sports KHOW- World In Kntew KFK»- Sinoll KBTKi Heart ol Empire- U:U-XOA Aik and Learn KLZ Volet ol Youll KIMN: C.S.U. Saonj KHOW UN Thli W«k UIXI-KOA: Hour ol Decision KIMN: Army Show KYOU: Newi, Sllnott KHOW' CtrlalMhrn KBTR: Aroer. Leiloa 10:41-- KHOW: Snndly 9km KLZ. World Tomorrow U:t»-KOA Newa, MoHllor KBTR Enrtn Canham KIMN- Nary SwHio tl:l-KU Mailer Unlrul KBTR: Musical Keflrctkins 11:10 -KHOW: Rend'vous-Sherer , 1962 TV i KYOU: Other Side ot Day 10:1«-KOA Wealher SDorts KHOW: Moments In Music KBTR: Ron Mllchell KLZ: Soiudill Beard VO.30~.KOA: Wayward Barker 10:45-- KLZ: World Tomorrow IliOO-KFKA: Mooouiai capera KYOU: Slinolf 11113-- KLZ: Newi, SMrts 11:30-KU- Denver at Nllht KHOW: Rend'voui.Sherer ll:4i-KLZ: Press Review 11:00-- KLZ Kewi Winner KFKAi Sllnoll KIMN: Kotlday Snow KHOW: rTewa. 9Ur«)» KTJ1R: N,»,. 3f*H L1:15_KU- Sllnoll MONDAY TV tlioo-- KOA: Today KBTV: Ernl. Find KLZ: Newi, Wealher L, 1962 TV a KIIOW: Momrnll In Muilc KLZ Executive Ri-porl KBTR: Ron MilcbeU IC:30-KUA. wayward Barkir IP'*S-- KLZ- World Tomorrow KYOU: Slinoll lliOif-- KFKA: Mtonlilhl (Japera ll:la-KLZ: New t, Sporli 11-Jtt-KI.Z Denver it Slim KIIOW: Rrnd'vou|.Shrter 11:49-- KLZ: Press Review 11:I»-KLZ: Newi * Wealhit KHOW: News, ninoff KIMN: Holiday mow KFKA: Slmoil KBTR: Ne»i, Surull UMt-KLz- Silnull I:r»-KOA: Ne». 4 li|MH TUESDAY TV !I:00-KBTV: Ernie Fort KOA: Today KU: Newi, Weather 1J:30-KLZ- World Turiu KRTV: Fither Knnwi B«lt 12, 1962 TV t KBTH: Alex Dreltr KYUU: Ulhrr Side of Day 10:19-KLZ Leadlnl Uuesllon KHOW: MmrrnU In Muilc KBTR: Ron Mllchell l(l:»-hOA Waywaid Barker 10:4i-KLZ: World Tomnrlow KYOU: Sin Off 1:00-- KFKA: MixmilRn! Capera KOA Newi 11:1-- KI.Z: News fc Sporti KOA: Bill Barkir ll:ffi_KI7.: Dcnvi/r at S'liht KIIOW: Rend'vinis-Sherer 11:4^ KLZ: Press Bevl»w 12:00-KFKA: Slinolf KIIOW: .News. Silnrtl KIMN: Happy Holiday KLZ: News' Wtalher KBTH: Ncwa, ^Unnlt I-.OO--KOA. News, SiloWI WEDNESDAY TV II:00-KBTV: Ernie Fort KIIA: Tnlay KLZ: News, Wealher 13, 1962 TV ( KHOW: Momrnll in Muslr KHTIt: Ron Mitchell IO:30-KOA Wayward Barker KIIOW: Viewpoint 10:41-- KYOU: Nens 4. .Slsnmi HI.Z: World Tomntiow 11:00-- KFKA: Moonlight Cap«ra KDTR: Run Nlllchtll ll:li-.-KLZ: News li Sports II:3n-- KU.. Denver 3! Nlani KIIUW: Rcnd'iiiui.Sherer tl:4i-Kl.Z Prci» ll-vlcw U:00-KFKA: News li Sllnoll KI.Z: Newt «, Wealhrr KIMN: Happy Holiday KIIOW: New" Sunnfl KBTR: Nr«l, Slinnfl I2:49-KI.7., Sljnolf I:»-KOA: News. SUnofl THURSDAY TV 11. Ml-Klin': Ernie Ford KUA- lodly KLZ M«». Wrathfl ll:m-KBTV: Father Knows B'll , 1962 TV KHIIW: Tnll'l! Yra'r"^!!.' KLZ Invilf In l^arn KB1R- lion Mill hell U:30--KOA- W a y w a i d luikrr tfl:45-- Kl^.: World lofnorrow KYOU: Sinn Oil M:m-.KFKA: MonnlKM 1 api-ri !I:I!-KLZ Denver al Nlihl : II .W KHOW Rndr'inn-SrK»trr 11. «r. Kl./, I'lrsv llru.-w U:"1-KW: N..J 1 Wralhct KOA: Nrw* Siennfl KFKA- Sin'4l KIMN: li»!l,:. T Show KIIOW Vi-w.. Klinnn. KBTR \f»«. Slen-HI I!:I5-KI,Z SiBnof: FRIDAY TV irm-KHTV: F.inli. mm kOA- lofli) KLZi .Snw. w? 15. 19f2 TV ( U:I»-KOA: Sport! KFKA: .117; rrnm finsdl KI.7. fiiii..! Mat KHOW- Sit Nile Shu* l» HI-KOV tnoHiia Jni KI.Z- llav.aii cm, i«:«-Kruii: sun on " TM V ~K| t y KA ' *"*""" 1 ', 1 ('"«'· ii'lfcliw"^!' £!,'« him ,, KBTB N«a Wrapnp U rsv-U7.: N«t, KIIOW- Siin/Xl M. n , KIMN Happy tiolMu l:W-.KOAi 'NewsTfilfBofl ITATIONI: KOA-- Channel 4) .. .. S?I* ! _ r "« r fWltji Choir lli4a-KLZ Pr«i Itovilw U:»-KpA! Kewi E.aoll KUi KIWI, WeiUei KUDU- SlKimfl KIMN: SUnoff KBTR: Mews, Slinatf I:00-KLZ- Sllnoll SUNDAY TV 11:00-KLZ: For Im'edlall Releast KBTVi Bouse Defective KOA: Break Thru IhiS-KLZ: Voice o( Yoalh tl:»-KOA: Elerail Lllhl KBTC: AFL FoolEall Il:4S-KLZi roolball Klckoll l:.-tD~KOAl McEwen Shaw KLZ: NFL Fwrjall 1M1-KOA: Biulneu Hl-Lllei TATION8: KOA-- Channel 4 ll:3t-KI7,! As World Tumi KBTV: FaUier Knowl Btst U:(0-KLZ: Password KOA: Merv nrtlfln Shaw KBTV: Jack U Lanne 12 JO-KBTV: Amoi 'n Andy KLZi House Party U:15-KI1MA: Boclkhtr School liOO-KBTVi Day in Court KLZ' Millionaire KOAi Lorella Youni Theater I:W- KIITV: Scica Key. KLZ: To Tell The Trutt KOA: Youni Dr. tlalone 1:00-KBTV- Quten lor a Diy Kl.Zi Mctel Mm KOA- Make ROUGI lot Dadd) MO-KDTV: Who Bo Voi' Tnul KRMA: Sewlni Skills KOA- lleri'i llollywuod KLZ' Kl. K Nllil 3:00-- KBTV: AmelVan Baodstand TATIONS: KOA-- Channel 4 U:«0-KLZ: Award Theater KBTV: Jack U Lanne KOA: Merv lirilfln Show IMI-cartooa Tim. 12130-KI.Z House Party KBTV: Amos 'n Andy ll:4i-KRMAi Boetlcher School l:00--KLZi Hiluodatri KB'fV: Day In Court KOA: Lormte Youni li»-KLZ: To Tell Ilia Trulb KBTV: Seven Keys KOA: Ynunt Dr. llilon. 1:00- KU: Secret Storm KBTV: Queen For i Day KOA: Make Room fur Daddy :30-KLZ- Edle al NUhl ' KBTV: Who Do You Truit KOA: Hrre'i Hollywood KRMAi culinary Aria 3:00-Kim-i Ame... BanditaM KLZ: Starr Yellud KOAi Academy Malinet 4:00-KLZ! FrM »M Fll TATIONSI KOA-- Clunnil 4 ll-M-KLZ: World Turu KBTVi Camouflage U-.iJO-- KLZ: Pooplt KB1V: Jack U Lanne KOA: M«rv Orillln Show 12:11- KBTVi uark'i Becyrt Tlpa U:30-KBTV: Tbe I'loneen KLZ: Hnuie Party I1:45-KRMA: IloctUher School 1:00-- KLZ: Millionaire KBTV! Day In Court KOAi t.orel!a Youni 1.30-KU.: To Tell The frula KIITV: Seven Kej. KOAi Youn( Ur. Malone 1:00-KLZ: Sacrcl Storm KBTV: Queen fnr · Day KOA: Make lloom For Daddy 1:10-KI./,: Eilti of Nlihl KHTV: Who DO You Trust KRMA: llpholitery KOA-. Hrre'i Hollywood liOO-KBTV: Am. Bandslind KU: Slirl VelUnd KOA: Academy Matlne* TATIONSI KOA-- Channel 4 KLZ: A. Wotld Tumi IliOO-KOA: Men' Urlllln Show KBTV: Denver Today KLZ: Award Theater IMS-KBTV- Jon Spcrle Show KmV: Th« Plnnerrs KLZ- HmiMi Parti 12M--- hRMA: RoellihfF Si-hinl l-.w-MZ' aiilllnnslie KOA: Lcrrtla Yount KBTV: Day In Court I:»-KI7.: To Tell The Trulh KBTV. -ysn Keys KOA: Younx Dr. Matnne l-hO-KBU': Movlr Spctlil KLZ; Secret Slorm KOA: Make Room Fur Dddy 1:3II-KLZ: EdKt of Nlihl KOA- llctc'i Hnllv*niKl KflMA- Pii-p'lnl Ynur child 3 . m - K O A : Academy Mllmre STATIONS: KOA-Channel t U:3fl-KI.Z; Wnitd rtirns KlirV: Fa'.hrr Knn.a Bf.t IMKV-KU, Peoplr KHIV .lark La Unne KMA: Metv (iillfin Show l2:IS-KltTV: ( aitoon limi 1! M.-h!./ H,M» Pailv KHTV: Am,i. 'n Anily J. V -KHMA: H'Tlibpr ShiKi] lifU-KBTV: Day in court Kt)A: l.'itrlls Youn. KLZ: Mlllinnilri. I:3H~KLZ- 'In Tell Thr Irui; KIITV: Srtrn hpv. KOA Vminl lr 'Mllnne :OB-KI1TV onnn lot I nay UI.Z fo-rel Sluim KOA. Make R'-'HTi lot Hail.). 1-JO-KlirV: Who Ro Y,«I Irusl KLZ F-iltr (4 Mjthl KOA Here's Hollywood KIIMA- r« Nolr 1:00~K1.7. Star YelliM STATIONS: KOA-- Channel 4 SATURDAY TV !l:9t~KHfV' Hun llnnny Kl,; : l^arn To Draw KOA: I.ltwrly Itnwl (iame I1:IS-KI.Z: Finl and Flf Shw I I - W - K R I V : Mini- Land n oo-KRTV: 5pare Aniel 13 r.-KIUV: KMdu Kota, 1| m , 1 i!l -Kl./ Tlnvsli-n ,|i nw ! n KOA \n, Millnre t !« -KU: Frank !/-ah. i M-KBTV: (.firrpiM Rnma Phn-s KOA: Intl 1m- KI.Z' NFL Frirthill KLZ-- Channel 7, KBTV-- C U-M-KOA; Aeidemy MallnM KBT\': Fibulous '} Tnealtr «:30-KOA: NBC Nrwi 3:00-KOA: Up Dan KLZ: Celebrity CoU 1-W-KOA: Kullwlnkle KLZi C.E. Collefi Howl 4:00-KOA: Meet Ihe Press KLZ: Wlnrd ol Ol 4:JO-KOA: t Col. KBTVi luui Answera I:00_KOA: Fnalln OTooli KBTV! Hlfh School Bowl S:30-KBTV: Vauinl Yean KOA: Intl. Showtime KLZ-- Channel 7, KBTV-- C KOAi Academy UallaM KLZ: Slart Vellanl 3:JO-KUT\': Discovery 'H 4:«-KBn': Kickey Mow Club KLZ: rnd aid Fai Skew 4i3o_KBTV Wally Uppy Touchi' I:09-KLZ: Newi, Aken KOA: Kocky aod rrtmls KB'r\': Ijiwman »:1-KU: CBJ NVs S:30-KLZ: Te Tell Thi Trul* KBTY: ABC Rccort KOA WHIrlyWHi 9:4-KBTV: Ixrll Newi. fteallnr «:00-K»T\'i Illihway PaliM KRMA: Colle«. at Air KU: I've t»l SVrtl KAMAi* Wnal'i New KBTV- Ctryenu liOo-KLZ: Danny Thomas KltMA : Spanish KLZ-- Channel 7, KBTV-- Ct KBTVi Mlckay Moun Out 4-JO-KHTVi W'lly. L'py, Tmche' 4:41-KOA: Rocky and Friends !:UO-MJ! S,,,. Akrn KOA- 8*1 llunl KIITV: Lawmin I:M-KLZ: Eiecullvl lUpoil KBT\': ABC Even'l Report KOA: Ynjl near I.'OO-KBTV: PllOway Pllrol KOA: Kewi. Wtaltrr KRMA: (llr|. ol Air «:15-KOA: Iliinlley-Brlnkley i:30*KHMAi WHil'i Sf» KOA: Lai. ml, 7:00-KH»!A: Spinilh KOAi Dick Powell 7:!S-KRMA: Fr.nch 7:30-KHMA: Hnusa Wl Uve la KLZ-- Channel 7, KBTV-- C 4:00-KI.Z: Fred and Fa« KBTVi Mlrkey Mouse Club 4:3n-KBTM: W'lly, L'py. Touch., 4:4i-- KOA: Rocky and Friends KOA: Sei llunl KBTV: Wyall Earp S:19-KU: CBS N,,, l:3fl-KI5i Teen All Concrrt KBTV: ABC Report KOA: The Tunnel !:45-KIITVi N.wi. Wcithfr «:00-KBTV: Hidlway Paliol KOA: News, Wralliri KLZ: Window on Ma.n St, KRMA: College ol -!r «;I5-- KOA: Huntley-Br.nkKy S:30-KIJT: IVibl. Rlllls KIITV: Waion Train KRMAi Whal'i New KOA: ITII- Vlrcinlin 7:00~-KILMAi Spinilh KLZ: Beverly IlllllrillH KLZ-- Channel 7, KBTV-- Cr 3:30 KLZ: Sltrr Yelliikl K,:.. 4:00-KI7. Fred and Fir KBTV- Mlrkey Mouie tluh 4:JO-KB1V| W'lly, 1,'py, Touchi 1 4:45-KOA: Rocky anil File^dl S:00~KI,7.: Nrwi, Aken KOA: Sra llunl KBTV': l,aw Man aits--KLZ: l)uuil:is rxlwards 9:30-KI,Z: Family Uieifl KOA: Huckleberry Hound KIITV: Nem. iporli :r»-KOA: N'm, Wcalhrr KIITV: HIJhwny Psl.ol KltMA: CollcBi' ol Air «:IS-KIIA. lluntlry-llrlnklry t 30-KllfV' 07/lr «. IIBlriel KOA: Wldp Cuunlry KltMA: WMI'i Ni-w 7:00_KI1TV: tMnna Itred KI.Z- Thi- Niu.n KRMA: Spinlth 7 : 1 S - K M M A : Firnrh KLZ-- Chunnil 7, K B T V -- C KOA: Act'lemy Malinet KII1V: Amrr. Handstand V.m-KRTV: DhcnvH} '«! 4:00- KU: FrM and Far KIITV'- Mlikry Minn. Huh 4:3n- HIITV' W'llj l.'py Tnurhi' 3:OU-Kt./. ,';K..., Ahrr. KOA: Itnckv and Frlpnils KBIV: l.swmM 9-la-Kl.i: News. Fxlwsnll S:30-. hl.Z On ine '.pot Krn : Whlrlvblrd. MtTV \ll( n, i-nrl «.(«- KIIIV Hlthirnv 1-alir.l KI.Z puminll uf Ictiliiiy Kit\ :.r..(, Ue.-,inn KRMA: r«llri:r ,if Air fi ^ K1t\ llisr.MAv.ntlnlilr. ' fi 31 Kn-\ v.i,l ;,f an A|. K R M A - Whal'i Nr.. Klin- i;»llart Men hLZ- f.ftM-kmiit* 7:ftfl. KHM^ Sp;,nl.h ^ KIIA ' F,nrn Nrwi Priwprrt 7;I1-KRMA Firmh KLZ-- Channel 7, KBTV-C i.On-KRTV:Widi Wnrtd ^ipmta KOA: SH, FMblll llill.M, :.1f!-K'IA: flpl C.lllanl Kl-KOA: Dtirmrry ·I3-KII.\: un MrF.i.n KBTV- Arr,f« 'n Andv :»-KIW: Huilnni Hl-l.iln :4^-UOA! SH. Rrpnrt J DO- KIIA: Ann t-wulhun f.hi,w KI.Z: fMnrrikiaiil KflTl ! llriny i ( rrtl 1 V My. Juki. i;k,,,,n KfliV Rm B«i»ri KI'A. Intl. Slnmlimi · 3TI-KL7. thf ivrennrn KBTVi Mr. Imilh to Wsik. lannil I, KRMA-- Chinnil 1 tioe-KU- en luiiitu .^S-TV! ^jzr »* KOA: Cir M 7:W-KnV Sat. Nil, Horl, KI.Z Hral McCoys liotriOA: Du Pmil Stal KU cinolo Camera J:JO-KU What'. Uy Un. flOO- KOAl Ban Benedict 10:00-- KLZ' UklUitad in »_Ki 0 ^ S m "rt" 5h TM lo.y*--b\J. Hat of lliinhlfli KBTl'i f.A.1 ll.W-KOA: Minlunal lannel 9, KRMA-- Channil I 7:15-KRMA: FleKh 7:W-Kim IV Rifleman KFMAI Farts run KUt: Andy OruTlih .*-«£ ssse,;,"" 0 " KRMA: t'mpecliir KBT\': Stooey Buika · -30-KLZ: Sloiv o(KOA: Ptu : e li · :0«-KU: SI.,, YellTnd KOA: Ilnnkltyi Jourul kBTV- rti-n cawy , ,,. jS.'JJ'A^irt. nfit 1:30-- K(M: Ilrtt iW (jiuucb* Wg: Slump Stall ·nnel t, KRMA-- Channel I KOAi Cmpiri · :W-KOA: Kln« ol Dlamooo. KRMA: Art of filoclaj t.XI-KKMA: Cballrme KOAi Din, |i 0 » tll .},,,, IOW-KJ7,: ,,,,, KOA: Newi, HiUur KBTN'i Nws, Wealtiif IO:l»-KLZi Soort. KOAi T«u,hl KBTV: n. Wflch Divorce OL tO:»-KUi !»:» 1| 01 . KBn'i Newi rmil 11:W-KBTV; iklenca rid. Tataltf unni! 9, KRMA-- Channtt 1 KjlTV: lUHllim Eyt ·.M-KpfHEnS" 2 '' K»T\'i Our Mm Itljtitm I.OO--KI7.: RflttRlflf KHTV; N.k1 Cli, hUAt Hi)) HouiKHMA: SrorM For J Klrf*,' Sport.! IdiW-KLX' lOiM Vlovl'i' 1 annel 9, KRMA-Channel I T.K-KBTV: l.riv. It To Beiver K"A: Dr. Kildaii. KRMA: Colo. Wllilllfa KIIMA: Sclcnc. in A"C||OI K H I V : My TklH Smul 5 » -KIITV: .Mrll.lf, Nll-y KOA: Haul KHMA Drsrirri.tlcm I:dO-KI7.: Prliy Miwn KUA: Andy Williams Iholc KjjTV: Airoi P,, m l,,, '^S^^J^'*' KOAi Nrwi, Wcilher IJ^^^UM "'"""' 12.00-- KOA i Tnttl^rt(I^· Nrws Hannel 9, KRMA~Chaiinel * KtifV: FllnlMon"" 6 * Eni.', "".'" M " h Ml| r» KltMA: 1,3*1 Fur Ijfa · :l». KIIMA, AI.IV Klnii KIITV- I'm inti,,^ HO-K1.Z: Ro u ,, K kOA: l.yith Vslliy Osya Klin 1 : 77 Suns«t Sltl» ' ^ " K " A : Ja.k Pa.r Stmw » U-K1.Z! Jnhh" rail" lll:Oik-UI7 Nrwi. Hnlhet K R I V - j'sii, Ne'.a'* K| : 7- : J""" 1 " Kl./' S|HI||. 1I:M -KIVl'v !".. t-|rnr. 1MB- KIM, tomnrrmT Nr., KBTVi Srlrnre 11.11,TM hannel 9, KRMA-Chtnntl « J «-«[[TV:"'l^ r l,*'nn,| KU,- Hiry-onl ' 15 KOA' ?°m lfi'rl' ·*-·. ^JL.'*' ·, jiLktvC^. ^. ^ u

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