Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 8, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX LAS CHUCKS (N. M.) SUN-NEWS ' Tuwday Evening, May 8. 19S1 Las Cruces Sun-News PHONE DEADLINE 9 A.M. Fans Suspeci Mirrors As Senators Cop Near-Top In American League l',.v .WIC KKICIII-ER ( A S M :-hi1«'il I'nTi- Sports U ' r l l r i ) Kvrn I h o most n i d f M t l \Vtisliing- fun nmlrrs :in cnnvhi siftfy H u r k y H n r i l H is rifii A n y m o m e n t t h e y :xp(;ct lo up a n i l In; told it isn't 1r IIIH f i i s i major icague homo r u n . Brooklyn moved into third place, e d g i n g the St. Lou in Canllnulii ·I-') in t h e f j i l y g a m e in I h e N a t i o n al playml at night. Tim Caidj; fnic.-d Hie game i n t o | Dukes, Blue Sox Set Torrid Pace For WT-NM Ily Tim Assoclatfil I'n'ss The A l b u q u e r q u e Duke.s and the Abilene Blue fiox a i e .sotting n ton id pace in the West Texas- New Me.-ik'O Lftfiguc baseball race. Albuquerque in just 19 perrent- agi* points for the ojiening of new fiL-rJCK. Albuquerque ha. 1 ; a percentage of .700 to 750 for Abilene. Tlit* pair a i o threatening to run a way from the other int-mbcr.s of the circuit. Both won a g a i n last night. Nrl Dmililc, Single Aljjlern: took an I l - i n n i n g thriller from fifth-place Lubbock 2-s i n combinalion of ;i double and I '"" , t: '" l!; '"«" ','":· K * m \ " " " a .single. F.d K.melon helled a two- o v c r t n n p nn a n i n t h - i n n i n g home ....,, ,. , . ,.. ,,,. " m hv '" lcl "-r Del Rice, then . ' t h i l l the Si-mams' lilac;- hliHini-l'"" 1 1 ", l '-;" 1 l'TMn'7 :!-2 Icnil only tu 111,.. A i l H i l l f n n LniKne's Hit. IH ,, f liove t h « D..,l B -rs Hmmre L n r h wilh Iwn riinii in t h e i r h a l f nt t h e 10th. n,ira R ,, JUM a wnml-rful. f n n . a s . tic (lle'llil I IH-spitf t h e loss. UK' Itc'lbinls ic- Vo'womii-r these f a i l h f u l n-ipiul ", 1 """ 1 '"""· f " a l I' 1 " 1 '" "·"'' " m , i l , i l , . | » , WllO huV,' ll.ld l i t t l e 1" ''"·'"""· c-hi'i-r for lu-.-nly 2(1 yiTirs rind Hi i t h o n e o u t i n t h e l l t h Fighis Lasi Night Ky Urn AKHixjIatcd I'rrss Philadelphia -- Percy BasseU, ]2(j 1/2. I'hilaflelphia knocked out Charley Kik-y, 128, St' Ixjuis, -1. Providence, H. I, -- Norman Hayes, 15G '/;,, Boston Gils Riihicini."l5l, Patcraon, N. J. 10. Bongor, Me. - - Hermic Freeman, f I'M. knocked out Jack Nicholson. 137. C u r f i e h l , N. J.. 2. Newark. N. .1. -- Carmine Fiore, M.I !/ 2( Biooklyn, knocked oul, Dick Ciinnaily, 148 14. Nnwarh.' -i. i Baltimore -- Stonewall Jackson, , r2 wanhinRton. outpointed Irish jun.t'iit pictiir, 1 loo j^ood In' Kill-Ms l-'ulii-lli Ti-lumpli PITJI-IW Hoc, :m cx-Rcdblrd. t i n . - . Fin- isn't Hie nmi.-h i m i l l j c f i i » l ! W11 "' a " "·'· w ".v to earn Ills f o u r t h W i i h h i i i K t n n c u - i l o f r fi'--.v y i i p p i n K ] 1 " irt UK' 1 Is 'of the ]iiii:i'-..,,.tliii|; I Slliloy «F:I« 111," IIIKIT Mi-.v- V n i k V i i n l L , - r a ? I .Vllls NVnr Tup clis (if tin.' :nnp;iij,'il ' liiwn ill.;|u»u-il ol n n r l till' K i l l s III ip nf jiilfli hif;ll]y I PJjn t h i r d b.'iiie, WIIH fii.'it I l n h'.-M. then the jyjlll l o r I h i - t.'nnN. It was bis Binglu iluivi. i n , t h e Cauls' l i u - h i i ' i i k i i i K ·mti-ml"i-.-i as Host.m. fli-vi-lnii,! ] "»' '" ""' '"I 1 nf '"" ""· u i u l D e t i o i l . Only I h p Yanl'.,-TM .llmvrvi-r. it wn.i his ilmilili' N l i i n . l bnwi-i-n lln-m a n d i h e lo|i!"" C/nl I'uiillu'.s fimiiiikT Hint nine. An.l t h e d i n t l i n c i - in nut | opened Hi,- snli-s fni U i o o k l y n ' B uri-iil it miirr gnnii: n n i l a l i n l f . I ' ' I " K '"" n m l Tuiiiinj. llimvn'n . a m a z i n g p a l l nf tin' K c u a l - I '""I; Ily I m i i i c l i l In I In' n i b . .. suriji' IH I h o t they've hi'en do- ] A11 Infi I I w i t h o u t any help from .Sid j M t H i i ' l K i i n , I h e i r IKJI. |iiu-her. Tin- l u l l . I li'im rif!litbiinder, hni(len,-d by fi h i p i i i j n i y . hii.Hn'l pitcbed an !n- iilnj; y , - t . I n i l i i i l i u i i ' n s l e n d , Cul,:in n . u l i t - b i i l » l e , s fniirndn M a n , ' i n :,n,l Sim( h i m ColiHIie^i :l have .sb.ned the IM|I. of i . l n f f iiiiiliiiiliiy.s. E:i,-h hn» u . n i I h l f p nj;!iillst no defeals. (·,,ilsin.|,-rii l.ii|isi. I ( . n | r A C ; 0 M l l y s ,. r ronsne,;,.-,, for Ihe fi,,;l l i i n i - j ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,·,,,., r ,,,. , i n | l i , , , I h l H ,».nH,m. i l i i l n - l h,,ve ,1 Insl : ,,,,,,.,;,,,,, |,,, wl ,,.,,1 w i l h ,,,,, p,, n i K l i l . However, hill m u l e s in,ide u p I j f | ( . (1|JI|| . nr| . ji^!,!,,,,! ,, ,,, I d i Ills fnpses by i - l u h b i i i f ; six i |,,,|. lv rh-v..^!!,! p l t f i h i - 1 , 1 f..i- 17 h i l , t o I v/;.smn.,in I.,,,,.! :1 , I K l I l l i L M in TOSSES Monkey Wrench To Rose Bowl Deal nil; timi cnmc home on a long single } f y. H f ) h h v , jloy( , 148 Wilkes-BoiTe, K n l p h Knhinc.i. ' A l h u t j i i c r q i i R suhmprgcd plncr Borgrr under n ninr-lill attach to win going a w a y IM .it Borgfr. The contest i"cnlured' a p f i i r of homer:i, both hy A f b i K M i c r - f j u e h i t t o i H . I J ;impu moved from f o u r t h to I h i r i l pl;icu ahoad of l^ liy tiihiiiK an ca.iy \2-\\ decision jit .Ui- inesii. Veteran right hanrlor df^orgc I'ayti! limiti.'il Lumi'.sa lo Kix n c n t - ti-nid sinfjlcH in po.sting the win, hlH U i i n l of fiv« «tiirla. Split Tu'in Dill At Amarillo. the la«t plucu A m a - · ! rlllo Cold Sox split a twin M i l with ' " U n v c n t h plai-H riovin. f.'lnvls xvon ,!,,, f ( , t l r»nm,. liv r, 1,,,,^,l,.,l 11. . Four Top Teams Slage Rally In Ladies' Bowling. Only one more u-oelc'of play ic- in the Women's .Bo\vlinj; league at La.s Four top teams are staging :i last minu to rally to determine holders of t h e first three places in the league standings for which trophJK will be awarded, Tin* .1 i;,-,ni.i i.-,,ni-ror ,.i,:in '·"".-'·"iive|; ll ;;"V,', l ,,," f "'" '"'·'"'"" *"'"'* '" l l l l « '" »'" """ l " i m l l "« '" ''"'y W-,-on,-;l,,'., -ision ,-,,,ne w h i l e l i v - l i m e . They inldf.-d l l v i - iiior, i n n . : in I h e f l f l h . Omsnen,:,. win li:«l wnii I l l s flu:! t h r e e shu Is ban J i u I N - yielded f t i n r runs i n t i l n i n t h u n i t u-iis hbtsted nut in i h e j ' i l l l i w h e n t h e J n i l i i i n s .-Kldeil llin-,. | H I M ' M i i - k i ' y 11 m i s r" ' ' ,'c,-i\-,-d i-M-dll i n r i h e v i i - l i n y . I Mij; T.-M n i f i n l H ' t s wi-ic in I h e p i n . I rr.Sii ol" V n t i n j ; tin WlicthiM- i l i f n_i-\v |)iirl .sbnulil l i m i t n team's uppi'.-i i jun'c nt I ' n s i i i t o n n lo .nine i n i-vi'iy t w o yen i.s nr once in l l - : n t l r i i Shir r;,-nc l i m t i l r t i . n r r n t l y :;oM by \ V j i : i l n i u : l o i i t o D i ' t i o i t . wns tin- M n r ul t i n - Tigi'lK 1 10-li v l t - M i y iiviM I b i 1 Yanki'i-.s wbieh s u n p i n - i l Hie N.-w Y u i k i T s ' e i g t i t - K i i n i r - w i n - he e n n i e n n t o n : l l i r n l l y . piefel.-: t h e ..Hi-calli'd l l e - l l l - l w o pi ·np(i:--al. The e o n l l o - W n i K i i u ; in n ivlii-f ml.-, tbe l - I l - luuiilc.l k m i i ' U I r r set Hi liro'lt \\-illi l i v e bits; in seven inning:! i n (MUM n « d t l l o r l i i s l u s t v i r l m y . Hrimli-ii aho .^11111^1 »i l u i l \ \ - i l l i 11 h i n i i i ' i n n . Il f a u n 1 in t h r I ' l i ' h t h nf Tom 1-Vnifk :unl w:i ;i l u l l n w n l by f n u r b;ij;M''l:' off Ihf l,,il.t "i D i r k Krybo.slu .-Mid Mool Kvcrs. Tin 1 insit. hnwcvi'f wns r h n r j ; i ' i i to }''inl S t t l l l i o i l , Wlin lml n-plili'- rd s U i i l r r Tommy Hyi lit- -iml l i m l y l v i n up t i n - w i n n i n g run in t i n i - i \ l l i . Jti'd Si A Hluiik llntwns W i l l n n l N i N o n \\';IH l be \vholi- work!! n ^ i l i i - itiif.-iun I ' l i i n k c i l t i n - Unnviifi. ^-0, in n St j ' versial o n e - i n - t h i e e WHS in e f l e t - l i n e n t w h i e l l entied w i l h the 10rl The BI K Tell ji.inl n i n n n i l l i - e (if II I t y l e p r e s e n t l l t i v e s a n d I l l l l l e t le d l i e d n i s hist I-'ehiuaiy voted j lo I enew I h e pact for three yeals. ' i t h e HI ·hoi, Is w, eipiesled lo vole on t b e l i i n i l n l i n n a I t - . - i n a l i v e s . llnl w i t h \Vi.-.,-inisin'.i o f r i r i a l re- .jeclio:! ol any I t n s i - Howl a^ree- i n e n l a eoiilerence spdlirsinnn .-.aid t h e jolnl i i n t i i i i i t l e i - iif;iiin will he tor, ,-d lo vole un eonlnniniiee o! t h e series. The bi^; h-.^t will eoine May 2|. - Jli when oi'l'iehils hold I b e i r a t u i l i n t i . p t n i K M-s.sions at RIO GRANDE ·* i f l l i t i;iuni' bcf K i i l l i t ' l i n f - ol '.MP.V Thr youiig only two h i t s mill j;o! linit 1 .if Mu.'.tnu'.s I'uui Miit'ttii':i t i l l ' lo ; ,ri- Nid C u i V i - l . Dili' fil" N i \ n n ' ml lost llm n i g h t c a p by .-in even [ In tbe f i n a l games. Ray Jjtnk- LUK Cruets rors were I ford will bowl i l i i i | i i i r l u n l wilh A m a r i l l o ehai^ed F n i n i t u r u and Roniney-Noblc will w i l b rive in Ihe first jiaine .-ind i play Dona Ana Courts. nnvis w i t h ronr in the other. i Hi^h series s t a n d i n K K : Lee's Albuquerque moves to I'limpa l o | Texaco, Meieial, -170; Dona open a iwo-uame. series t o n i g h t . A n a Courts, Joan Morton, -ICO; Similarly. A m a r i l l o foes lo I.ub- I Hay l.-inkl'oid. H a r t i e Hoy, ^SO; 'loek. Clovis visits A b i l e n e and ba I'osla. Gladys Rrect, 382; Las Cruces F m n i t i n e . N a d i n c Beutlei, 40S; Nelson's, Coj- I'.mdick, .|.T1; Whells and IJrakes, Albntpicrqne, POKK.V W h a l l e y . fiHI; Jiomney-.Vo- ble Tmplcment Co.. Amy Clamuoa takc.s c:i I.fiMie.sri a t Ln- l.lllie K a s l e r of the Cleveland I n d i a n s was one of Ihe ten Amer- iean Le.-lftne phiyer.s lo drive in 1(10 or more runs din-in;; Ihe lilSII , ' K l l f l ( : l l i i beihvcathL'r of tbe ' UW ^'" rl{ Viinltee.'i p i t c h i n g H t t i f f . A i n a j o r i l y vote is needed to ^el lenewal. Kour .sehools voted a g a i n s t a n n l h e r Rose liowl Reries In l.'ebrnaiy - Wisconsin. Minnesota, Purdue, anil Northwestern. Bowen Medalist In Men's Golf Early Rounds Qualifying rounds have been complete;! for thn Men's golf championship tournament at Las Ouccs country club. Dick Howen scored high with a 72, par for the course, and qualifies as medalist. Pairings - for the championship flight will not be made until after the championship dinner Wednesday evening'. Other qualifiers urn! their scores include Jules Banersarl, 75; Johnny R i t t e i , Bill Newell, and Dr. Tyre, 77; Mark Thompson and Frank HarUinc, 78; A! Cann, -lohn Phillips, and LelancI Evans, 79; Bill McEvoy, 80; Jimmy Gilchrist, 82; Bud Lechtenberg, 83; Paul Chile, 85; Johnny Ltnnh.88; uiul Bud J.aabs, 90. The ejght losers in the first matches will m a k e up the first f l i f f h t . , ' , ' Pairings in sureceding- flights arc: Second Flight: Mark Genera--B. L. Buscy, Roy Wright--John Stevens, Russell Burn--Joe Wood, Vaughn Coi'Iey--Claude Dove. Third flight. E; TurrenUnc ·-- George Sangcr; B. Gallagher -Walter Rountree, Paul Boushcllc -- Coke -Johnson; Red G u l i e k ·-- Sports Briefs By The Assoclal^-d Pri'ss BASEBALL Brooklyn -- The Brooklyn Dodgers optioned righthander Hex Barney to Port Worth of the Texas League. St. Ixiuis -- The Boston Red Sox sold catcher Mike Guerra to Washington for an undisclosed cash -snm. · ·'·. Cleveland -^ The Cleveland Indians pared their loster to 28 by sending outfielder Thurman Tucker, to San Diego. ' RACING · New York -- Piet (J9.-10) won the Jamaica handicap, going six furlongs in 1:13 I/o. Tea Maker finished first hut was disqualified. Hflltimore -- Solicitor ($14.^0) won the feature Heclfly pur-sc at Pimlico. Boston -- AUntie ($3.40) 'won the featured six" 'furlong; race at Suffolk in l:U."2/5. Louisville -- Johnny L*e (S3.60J won the Cliallcdon pui-se at Chuichill Downs. Tom Hall. Fourth f l i g h t : Dr. J. Meritt--B. W. Snoddy; W. J. Little--B. Nails. Drawing byes arc Dfm Strode, Blair White, II. Busby, Forrest Sanders, Stubblefield and Rich Palmer. Jfatches in these flights muni iic completed by Sunday night. T MAJOR By The Ansoclafcrd Pn^ss NATIONAL W. L. 1'CT. 10 13 11 St. Louis Boston ^ Brooklyn Pittsburgh ,, 0 Philadelphia 10 Chicago 8 CjrKinnati 1 New York 8 Today's RfJiedule Chicago ut Brooklyn St. Louis nt New York (night) Pittsburgh at P h 11 a il c I p h la (night) Cincinnati at Boston (night) yesluriliiy's Results Brooklyn -I. St'. Louis 3 (10 innings) AMKRICAV \V. New York 14 WashiiiKton 12 Cleveland 11 Chicago 10 Boston 10 Detroit ; 7 St. Loilis -··'-: 5 Philoilelphia 3 J.. PCT. 5 .737 .087 .847 .588 .520 .407 .250 .158 0 0 7 9 8 15 16. Eaue Your Flu:int:lu] Burden . . . w i t h a persomil loan from Clillluu Lnau Insurance Cu. Minor League Resnils Hy The AsMclul« rnn« ;. T B X A S L E A R D B f e Dallas ft, Shrevepoit p |-;, Fort Worth 17, Beaumont 7 'rf Sun Antonio 2, Tulail 0 i); Oklahoma at Houston, postjtol ed. '·"· WBSTERN- LEAGUE Pueblo 5, Sioux City 4 % Opiaha 0, Colorado Springs 2, Des Moines Jl ( Lincoln 8. '?( WEST TEXAS-NKW JIEXIOp ' A b i l e n e 2 .Liibtjo'ck-: 1 (H Sfh nings) - -. '.' Alouquerquc .9, Borgci-. 4 Pampa 12, Liimesa ,3 Clovis 11-2, AinaHllo.o-11 6'l SOUTHWEST I,! INTERNATIONA), LKAGUJ5J:·', El Paso 10, Phoenix 1 l"j Las Vegas 12, Blshea-Douglas"3 Juarez 19, Tucson 2. ' ·:-;; Record Relief for SOUR STOMACH Tor hei illjilt; Siillooly lOc. Nelson's team won llm free case of beer presented weekly b y - - t h e Cnctius Li(|iiors for the team witii bigh Hei'les standing. Nelson's t a l lied 227C for the three game ser- ins. Train Sf:uidlngs: \V. Iloinney-Nuble 58 Hny J^inkford T). 1 ) Domi A m i 'Courts 04 Las Ciuces F u r n i t u r e M Lee's Texaco r'2 ADULTS 50c KIDS UNDER 12 FREE -- ' WHEN WITH PARENTS I I BLOCK OFF U.5.80.0N COUEGtROAD T O N I T E O N L Y OMOO MSS- RON.RANDALL DEVERA BURTON Extra! Sporis Special Musical Short ; TONIGHT WED, awllf«iSlSl'xl W E D N E S D A Y SUNDAY IS MOTHER'S DAY --Wo cordially invllo nil Mother* ovir 60 lo ho our FREE GUESTS tit the Rio Grindo. Slnlo or Plitn Sunday · f t o r n o o n , =Tj Y G R A N COMEDIA . Hid Or.imli! -130 Stale -ISV · Pla/a 11W IL MISSION 1 M.. u , I l . j P.. .. L TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY F I R S T R U N R O A D S H O W . . . . ENTERTAINMENT GREATNESS! B R I U M N T IK m smucit Km cmmnc tw. /// Producers Admission Scale: Adults $1.00 - Students 7 5 c ' - Children 25c JUST INSTALLED A NEW VAN NORMAN Crankshaft Grinding Machine with Van-O-Lile Finish MOTOR REBUILDING All typos of Aulomotivo Repairs Como In and BOO our machinery In operntlon VALLEY MACHINE SHOP 137 N. WATER PHONE 941-W Precious Gifts With All Your Love io from DUNLAP'S that "MOTHER" will cherish - - - pamper "HER" with the pretty things she likes - - - BAGS Ahvnya a most welcome {,1ft on Molher'.i Day. Lcalhers and ta'bri .^. Many styles unri colors to choofe from. Mnku your selection now ul DUNLAP'S. $2.98 to $9.95 BLOUSES Pure silks, cottons, nylons, rayons. In dressy and tailored styles. Many colo* 1 ^. $2.95 io $7.95 GLOVES . . . . Glove;; f o r a 'Mom' who likes her fashion accents smart and right every time. Several colors. $1.00 COSTUME JEWELRY . . . . Always certain t o please 'Mom'. We have (mo of the nicest collections In Lfts Cruces. Earrings, Pins, Necklaces nnd many other pieces. * $1.00 to $3.00 Pills I'Yilrrul t a x ! NYLON HOSE First quality. 51-15. Truly tbe. most elegant . . . . yet practical gift for mother . . . our sheer, sheer nylons. $1.00 Other beautiful nylnn -Hose, "The cream of our crop", prieed from $1.65 lo $2.50 Moiher's Day, Sunday, May 13th! SLIPS Cotton, Rayon, Nylon Slips that mother will aim- ' ply adore . . . wiUl beautiful lace trim. $1.98 io $10.95 HANHElT . . . . For moUier on her day . . beautifully boxed ready fur fflvinpr- ' 39cio$1.98 GOWNS Hoflvonly gowns for n mosl A'OndciTtil mother on her tiny. A Inrgft selection to choose from. $2.98 to $17.95 HOUSE SHOES A most comfortable gift for mother nn her day. Yes. they nre the popular Daniel Orcpn house shoes. Price*! from . . . . $5.00 to $7.00 Remember Mother . . . . She Never Forgets You! FREE GIFT WRAPPING OF COURSE ! ! i J

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