Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 31, 1977 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, May 31, 1977
Page 14
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14 GREELEV (Colo.) TRIBUNE Tues.. May 31.1977 envoy protests Cffrfsr s JERUSALEM (UP!) - Foreign Minister Yigal Allon summoned the U.S. Ambassador today to express Israel's "deepfned"concern over President Carter's recent statements calling for Israeli concessions in a Middle East peace settlement. "Our concern has deepened because of recent statements that introduced new elements that may only harden already tough Arab positions," a Foreign Ministryoffieialsaid. He said Allon was reacting to statements by Carter and other officials about the need for a Palestinian homeland, payment of compensation to Palestinian refugees and a return to the borders before the 1967 Middle East war. In Tel Aviv, prospective Prime Minister Menahem Begin said he would put off the nomination of Moshe Dayan to be the next foreign minister and called on a key party to return to talks on setting up a government. Ambassador Samuel Lewis told Allon that the United States stood by U.N. Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, which call for Israeli withdrawals to secure and recognized boundaries in a general peace agreement. Lewis told Allon he would convey Israel's concern to Washington, where U.S. officials recently cited other U.N. statements that go beyond the language of the two Security Council documents which Israel considers the only basis for an agreement. The meeting with Lewis was the third such expression of concern in a week. It came after Abassador Simcha Dinitz met with Secretary of State Cyrus Vance in Washington and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin made a similar statement in a cabinet com- munique. Allon and the rest of the Labor party government rejected in the May 17 elections are to leave office when Begin's .Likud party takes over sometime in June. The Likud campaigned on a tough stand against returning the lands captured from Jordan, Syria and Egypt in the last war. Carter said he expected Begin to moderate his position as a result of the negotiations calkd off by the DMC last week because its leaders were not consulted. In a letter to Yigael Yadin of the Democratic Movement for Change, Begin said "everything is open" for negotiations, including who will get which job in the cabinet. The appeal to the DMC came after the Executive Committee of Begin's Likud party reconsidered a previous statement that did not clearly confirm or deny the controversial nomination of Dayan, a one-time Labor party defense minister. Yadin had demanded an explanation. "I am glad to say the executive committee adopted this reply," Begin said. Eier Weizman, the likely candidate for defense minister, said the latest statement should persuade the DMC lo return to the negotiations that its leaders called of because they were not consulted about the appointment. Weizman said the Likud hoped to be able to take over power "rather soon" with or without the DMC, which would make the difference between a bare, one-seat majority or a 76- vote domination of parliament. Shocked by the naming of Dayan and by Begin's failure to consult potential coalition partners on his choice, leaders of the Democratic Movement for Change met Monday night to seek clarification on the con- troversial nomination. DMC leader Yadin sent Begin a letter asking for a pledge that policies and personnel of his government coalition were still open and that "no one-sided decisions will be made until negotiations are concluded." "I hope positive and clear answers to these basic questions will open the door to Stock Market markets Tuesday's Slock Prices By United Press International AmTT 4.20 62'«-i Beth Steel 2 X*,--(j BlueBel 1.20 261 S - 1 4 Braniff .30 g^s-ls Celanse 2.80 474-ls Chrysler 1 16*s Cities Srv 3 57's Coltlndu 21J 55H ContlOil 1.40 3214-H CrownZ 1.80 351s DeltaAir .70 354s--H Dow Ch 1.20 35 EastK 1.60a 5614+14 ExxonCpn 3 . alls Firstae 1.10 " 18%--W FordMotr 4 . 53%--% Fruehuf 1.80 28lj GnElec 1.80 5414-H GnFood 1.64 32S GnMot 2.70b 6614-li G T E 2 . '30?s+14 Gulf Oil 1.80 26%--V 4 Hallibrton 1 60!a--id IntlPaper 2 5iy 4 JohnMv 1.60 3414 JohnJn 1.40 64S-Ci Kencott .30b 26%+14 KeMcG 1.25 61%-li Motorola .84 ' 37%--14 Penney 1.48 33Vj-% PhillipPet 2 56S+% ProcGa 2.60 73%--% RCACpl.20 29V-14 SafwStr 2.20 46%--Is Sears l.BOa 55H--Is Sunoil 1 43% Teneco 1.88 32--14 Texaco 2 26%+K, Texlnst 1.32 '83vj--Is UnCarb 2.80 50 -34 USSteel 2.20 41%--V, NEW YORK (AP) - Dow Jonca 1 p.m. averages: 30 Indus S98.B3 unch. 20 Trins 336.17 -- 1.55 IS Utils 1W.01 -- 4S Stocks 305.7* -- 0.69 Metals NEW YORK (AP) - Spot nonferrous metal prices Tuesday: Copper 71% cents a pound, U.S. destinations; lead 31 cents a pound; zinc 34 cents a pound, delivered; tin $4.8645 a pound, New York; gold $144.40per troy ounce, New York; silver ?4.580 per troy ounce, New York; quicksilver 5135.00 nominal per flask, New York. Now Open CARAVAN RESTAURANT «h and Elm Gilcrest LOCAL INTEREST STOCKS MidmornlngQuotes Tuesday. May 31 Bid Ask Aff. Bank Shares 15 16 Am. Nuclear 13'i 13?i ARA 38 38S AZL (Farmhand) 4i» «g Bayly Mfg. 7 3 i 84 CNB 1634 mi Comb.Eng. 545s '54% Coors 18% 19Mi First Natl. Bancorp 29 3! GWU iai-4 18(4 GWUfpfd.) 19% 20 Hewlett-Packard '72'i 73W Public Service 19 20 MonfortofColo. 5% 5% Skaggs 18% 18% United Bank 2114 22 Vipont Mining 1% 2 Vipont Chemical 2% 3H Wall Street NEW YORK (AP) - Blue chip stocks steadied, but the rest of.the market continued its late-May slide today. The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials, which finished last week below 900 for the first time in more than 16 months, recovered 1.78 to 900.61 by 2 p.m. today. But losers led gainers by a 2- margin among New York Stock Exchange-listed issues. Big Board volume came to J2.39' million shares at mid- afternoon. ' The Dow bad fallen . 43.08 points in the last seven sessions, and analysts said the depressed prices of a number of big-name issues included in the average attracted some buyers today. But they also noted continuing concern over rising interest rates. Twentieth-Century Fox, the most active NYSE issue, climbed 1 to 16 and reached a new high for the year. The NYSE's composite index eased .04 to 52.. 64. On the American Stock Exchange, the market value index was off .30 at 112.21. GLANCE. NEW YORK (AP) -Markets at a glance: Stocks-Lower. Cotton-Lower. CHICAGO: Wheat-Higher. Corn-Higher. Oats-Higher. Soybeans-Higher. markets Local grain Midmornbig Prices Tuesday. May 31 Corn local, truck, 4.10-4.20 rail, 4.20-4.25 Barley 4.05-4.25 Oats(38lbs.) 5.30-5.50 Wheat (perbu.): ordinary, 1.83-1.87 12per cent. 1.89-1.93 13per cent, 2.01-2.05 Pinto beans 12.00 Prices in dollars per hundredweight, except as indicated. Cash grain CHICAGO (AP - Wheat No 2 hard red winter 2.34^n Tuesday; No 2 soft red winter 2.30^n. Corn No 2 yellow 2.43^n (hopper) 2.37fcn (box). Oats No 2 heavy^n. Soybeans No 1 yellow 9.30n. No 2 yellow corn Friday sold at 2.43 (hopper) and was quoted at 2.39n (box) Potatoes CHICAGO (AP) (USDA) -Major potato markets FOB shipping points U.S. lA Friday in 100 Ib sacks: Florida round whites 6.50, few 6.25; California long whites 6.00; Arizona round reds 7.50-8.00; Alabama round reds 10.00; Alabama round whites 8.00. DENVER (AP) -- Market steady. U.S. total shipments 172-104-3-106,- Colorado rails 0-0-0-0; true kins: Colorado 6, Idaho 3. 100 Ib sacks washed U.S. No. 1A unless otherwise staled. Idaho russets: 10 oz minimum 11.50-12.50. some 11.00, 50 Ib cartons · BO-lOOs 4.75-7.00. Arlicna ees: 11.75-12.00, V/t-Wt in 13-50-U.QO; five 10-lb baled 7.00-7.50. Ca'iFornla long whitei 12.00-12.50, five 10-lb baled 6.256.50. Beans DENVER (AP) -- General bid! to growers 13.00 for U.S. No. 1 plntos inrt 18.00 for U.S. No. 1 great northerns; Livestock DENVER IAP) - Tuesday's Quota- tioni, hogs 150: barrows and cuts mostly Steady; U.S. 13 100 230 Ib 41.CXWI.OO; 1-3 230-250 Ib 39.00*1.00; 1-3 2W1SO Ib 37 JD- 39.00; sows unevenly 1.00 1.50 higher, 13 X0600lb33.Oa3S.59. BRUSH, Colo. (AP) -- Tuesday's quotations, hoes MOO; barrowi and gilts 55 to instances 50 hloher; U.S. 1-1 100-735 Ib 41.7543.75 with high yielding at 44.00- -U.25; 2 3 200-150 Ib 40JOJ1.M; 2-4 750-IBO ID 38.00-41.00; sows steady to 50 higher, 13 300-400 Ib3l.50-M.00. OMAHA; Neb. (APi-LivMtoa quota. tioni Tuesday: Hoes: i.OOO; barrowi and gllti (airly active, firm to mostly 50 higher; U.S. 1-3 200-230 Ib 44.00-4430; sows under 500 Ib firm to fully 50 higher, over 500 Ib steady, instances 25 tower; 300-AOQ Ib 3S.50-39.75. Cattle and calves: 9,100; slaughter steers and hitters moderately active; compared previous midweek, steen and heiftrs fully steady, instances firm to 15 higher; cows moderately active, steady; two lojdi choice and prime 1,200-1,300 Ib Jlttrs 4Uj; choice 975 1,300 Ib 40.25- 41JO; three loads and a part load choice and prime 1,000-1,050 Ib htlfen 41.0041.15; fen loins choice with end prime 1,025 Ib .J0.7J; choice 175-1,050 Ib 39.25- JQ3Q; utility and cnmmBrctal cows 2540- 77JO,- two loads high dreulng 17.75: canner and cutter 21.50-1540. Sherp: 400; spring slaughter Iambs and a few slaughter ewes Heady; choice and prime 90-115 Ib spring slaughter Iambi 51.00.5125; a few utility and good shorn ewes 9.50-10.15. Estimated receipts Wednesday: Cattle and calves: 5.000; hogs: 4400; sheep: 300. KANSAS CITY (AP) -- Hofls 2,400. Barrows and gilts fully 25 higher, instances 50 higher; 1-2 115-235 Ib 44.75; 1-3 200-250 Ib 43.75-44.00. Sows 1.25-7.00 higher; 1-3 330-WO Ib 31.75-39.50. Cattle 600. Slaughter steeri and heifers steady. Slaughter cows firm to fully 50 higher. Fiederi rattier scarce. Slaughter. jtttrs--high good and lower half cholo 1000-1125 Ib 40.00-40.71. Slaughter betters- high Bood and tower half choke 815-975 Ib 37JQ-3IJ.5Q. Slaughter cows-cutter, utility and Tew commercial 35.50-17.50,'some higher dressing lean utiltty 27.50-28.35. Esl(mates far Wednesday: Cattle 300, hogs 2,500, sheep 100. Eggs-Butter DENVER (AP) - Market sharply tower; demand fair to good; offering) ample: Large AA 47.48, medium AA M- 39, small AA 76-27, large A 44-47, medium A 37J8, large 8 28-29. CHICAGO (AP) (USDA) - Buffer steady; wholesale buying prices Tuesday unchanged; 93 score AA 1.0071; 92 A 1.0071; 90 B unquoted. Eggs about steady; sales delivered store-door, cartons Tuesday unchanged; A extra large 51-5i; A large 50-55; A mediums 4045. The ferris wheel is named after George W.G. Ferris (18591896), the U.S. engineer who invented it. IYAU D. RYDEN'S. Nutritional Guidance Center* 'Computer Diet Analysis ·Nutritional Programs for Weight loss, Weight Gain, Weight Maintenance Results CAN Be Yours "25 pounds in one month were my results!" J.B.S. "10 pounds in 10 days on "FEEL SUPER" plus 12to inches!" F.E.M. "10 pounds and T/i inches is what I took off in 10 days!" K.L. " I needed to lose only 8 pounds, and did II in just 14 days; now I use the maintenance program." J.B. Your inquiry into "FEEL SUPER" is welcome... Call 352-6498 OQEELET ATHLETIC CACOLICT CLUB 1300 Ninth Avenue, Greeley, Colo. 80631 Metals Selected world gold prices Tuesday. London: morning fixing. 1143.10. off 11.20; afternoon fixing S142.95, off SI .55. Paris: afternoon fixing Jl-WJl, oft 10.56. Frankfurt: unavailable. Zurich: 1142.75 bid, off S1JO; 1143.50 asked. Handy t Harman base price. New York: S143.30 Off 51.10. Engelhard selling pries, Ntw York: 1143.45, ort 11.55. Chicago BOT CHICAGO (AP) - A strong, late demand lifted old crop soybean, meal and oil futures to near daily allowable limits on the Chicago Board of Trade today. · Soybean futures advanced 26 cents a bushel, meal was up $7 a ton and oil gained 75 points, or s cent a pound. Grain futures also were strong. Corn was up '5 cents a bushel, oats 3 and wheat 2. At the close, soybeans were 14 to 26 cents a bushe; higher, July 9.62; corn was 411 to 5 higher, Jily 2.49?i; oats were 2% to 3 higher, July 1.56K and wheat was 1 to 2 higher, July 2.46(4. CHICAGO (AP) - Futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Tuesday: High LowCIose WHEAT (5,000 bu) Jul 2.4914 2.4414 2.4614 Sep 2.56% 2.51-'.2.5314 Dec 2.6614 2. 114 2.63% Mar 2.7414 2.69(4 2.7114 May 2.79 2.7314 2.7514 CORN (5,000 bu) Jul 2.49S 2.45W 2.49% Sep 2.51% 294714 2.5114 Dec 2.53% 2.49% 2.53(4 Mar 2.61 V 4 2.5714 2.61 V, May 2.66 2.62 2.65% '·· OATS (5,000bu) Jul 1.56(4 1.52(4 1.5614' Sep . 1.53 1.50 Y 1.53% Dec . 1.57(4 1.5314 1.57H Mar- .60 1.57141.60 SOYBEANS (5,000 bn) Jul 9.62 9.37 9.62 Aug 9.50 9.22 9.50 Sep 8.31 8.07 8.30 Nov 7.71 7.51- 7.67 Jan 7.75 7.57 7.71 Mar 7.79 7.6214 7.75 May 7.82 : 7.72 7.78 Jul 7.83 7.75 7.79 Your from the CARROLL RIGHTER INSTITUTE FORECAST FOR WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1,1977 GENERAL TENDENCIES: A time when, under the Full Moon, almost everyone is eager to express then- views. If you are in any way confused about a situation with any other individual, now is the best time to ask for information. Be objective. . ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Take care of details of a project before you present it to a bigwig. Good day to plan a trip in the near future. Entertain in moderation. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) A financial crisis could be in the offing.-Consult an expert and follow his ideas. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Score points by. giving the support your coworkers need. A clever person can give you suggestions for greater success in the future. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Ideal time to tackle work that has accumulated. A physical ailment you may be having could be alleviated by right treatment. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Contact allies and work out a better .plan for mutual success in the future. Show your creative abilities. Use caution in romance department. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Make a good impression on higher-ups by showing your willingness to cooperate. Spend some time with loved 'ones. Drive with utmost care. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Try to improve your status with associates and be more willing to listen to their viewpoints. Contact an expert and listen to what he has to say. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Analyze your financial status by going over bills, making collections. One who has opposed you is suddenly most helpful to you. Be wary. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Be sure you understand anything that you sign at this time. Confusion could lead to costly errors later. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) If you act in a positive manner, you can rid yourself of some limitation that has been bothering you, keeping you from advancing. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Ideal time to be with good friends and enjoy their company, so contact them early and make plans. Don't overspend, though. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Get busy and take care of some vocational or public matter that you have been putting off. Avoid the social for now. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY . . . he or she will have fine talents and ambitions in dealing with others. Be sure lo provide the finest education you can for this fertile mind. Add foreign languages to studies as there can be much travel in this lifetime. "The Stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up to YOU1 ©1977 McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) renewal of the talks in an effort to prepare a broad and stable government for Israel in (his lime of emergency," Yadin said. The appointment of the onetime Labor party defense minister is opposed by many Israelis who blame Dayan for intelligence failures that led (o severe setbacks early in the 1973 Middle East war. · Begin told a delegation of parents whose sons were lulled In the war that he had not forgotten Dayan's role. "1 will not charge him with responsibility for anything connected with security matters, but in my opinion his appointment as foreign minister will help prevent war," Begin said. 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