Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 16, 1969 · Page 39
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 39

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1969
Page 39
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/ RM( Ittttt 4 proved dairy f « r ' n wlth Grade burn, adjoining 80 *cr«. 8BU-513 OWNKH nclHriff duplex. Consider trn lour or MOrt UtilU. D«n 1'ttcrso 352-7389. · 10 ACRES with rood building nit* irriJChtlon water »ml onljr 17,50 Call Kriuik R«yhgld», Triiiiitlt Bca ty, 352-8808. BV OWNER -- S bcdiooma. 2 balli fircplMCf. 1.300 eq. ft. Payment $124. Asflume Joan. $16,600. Evening 862-0117. EKTIRING or newly nurrlcdT Coi Uct Ed HoM, SUn Williams Realty for details on » cozy, 2 bcdroo home. 18 KOOM collet;* rental. $500 incon possibility. Good location. 353-25* aCtor 6:UO only. milw northeast Greeky. Pumps 2,000 gal. per mln. No. 2 wate hifth production Iknd. 2 moderi homci. 352-2371. Mobila Homtt 48-A ALMA '69 2 bedroom, 12x60 ft. mo bile home. 853-8581; 362-3386. WKW 1970 12 widca, S2.995 p] u frcislit. Nucaer Sales, 1084 E ISth S NEW 1970 doublt widei, 8 bedroom JG.900. Nuaser Sales, 1034 E. 18th 1909 GREAT Lukes 1 bedroom goo condition. 10 by 46 ft. 352-9195. 19GH 2 BEDROOM Skyline, fully fur iiished, for only $3995, 358-68*81. · linc, 2 bedroom. Very clean Ca nftor 6. 352-767B. MUST~«l'i-- Quick-- '68 New Moon 2 bedroom. Reasonably priced. KPP u Mobile Manor D-9 after B workdays. All day Saturday and Sunday. 852- SOG2. FOR SALE -- 1967 New Moon. 12x60 ft., front dinette, 2 · bedroom, fur- Tiished and carpeted, R ]l like new Skirted, eloTtge ehed, air conditioner, carpeted outride steps. Parkei S" a ' 8t " '" ·"""' " M °"' SKIRTING Have your Mobile Home skirted BOW. Ba ready lor tho winter months ahead. For estimates call 353-4294 anytime. M K Mobile . Homes New 2 Bedroom Sky Line $3995 Come See The Friendly People at II K. Open 7 Days a Week South Highway 85 Evans 353-5881 Uxd Con and Truckj 51 Mobil. Homo 48- 1'ORKMOST eiutom bu ,,t 21xel) 'JT ^uutZ' I"11 "- ·""""«*" """ u l l 'fty. 'lo to moved. 3B3.7!)5tl turn Equipment 5 !«£ =i.i u s3, SKET ' a TM~'NS"^M; TRACTOR CABS $249.96 fits all tractors TM e ?J ern Home Improvement 310 N. llth Are. 353-180 Qreeley, Colo. Used Cars and Truckj 51 IKS MUDKL A pickun. Km,, E00 ,l Novly rebuilt engine. 862-0002. ·65 CHEV. SUPPI- Siwrl. Wt client ·1 sural; '57 Olds i Juor. 352.7263 FOR SA!,E -- '50 Chevy 2 .I.Hir hart! tot'. I'lione 352-4i)79. A L U M I N U M cnl. fur CJ2 Jccj Universal. I'lmne 802-SM1. «J6Z-20la utlor 5. 1951 i)i TON Chevrolet pickup. 352 8765 after 4 p.m. 1BG5 SUPER Sport Chevy. A-l, 363 4lj,Z after C. 1962 CHEV. Mnke offer. 0.11 853 OJ30 S U 6 weekdays. FOR SALE -- '58 Clicv body, radio heater. 352-1102. Over 150 Automobiles One of these Salesmen To serve you. ''rogty Stutz Jack Wheeler Harold Croissant Ed Keberlein Harry Wooldridge By Popvlor Demand Opn BnalHi 'Ul 1 P.M. hop in DajUfht -- All Nlfht At The BrlchtMt Spot In Town Wheeler The Dealer th St. at BJT-PMI JU-7000 Used Cnri olid Truck] 51 MUST MU '61 Corvette. -1 «pre.l, no» nilertor. reafliinable. !}!»,Gm. llliihe nil offer. 363-3213 after 6. 087-2322. '" . FORD F-SOO, 382 rebuilt engine, ·12 ft. flat bed trailer. 363-0438. UOO1) '511 Ford SKB ; 1918 Dodge ull'k- «P W. D88-20H. "JJTM,',,* """"·* ani1 "'*· '»· ·«!«. WE STIMj speclallio hi aiitunmtlc tranomiaaion repnirs. Bender liam- Wcr. 126 8lh Ave. H Sliced. 1,5 ton nlcklin win,' 8 fl!, ·h eiih over eillllper. 352-71S3. F0« SALE -- 1007 Ford Uroneo. El- TMl |c ;" TM'"liti Mw niileime. Call 352-1780 or 362-1380. HIK SAI,F, -- Excellent coiiiUlinn HSif "" 1 ' alr " 1 ' ·' ** ·"· u "" 362 V l J£t. niter 5. FOR SALE _ 10.18 Univermt Jeep. .I'.»trn xood. C.iBlo.n hi.ilt enb. Lot» of extras. Call 353-8662 after 6. CLEAN Prices 1968 Cad. Cpe. De Ville 1968 Cad. Eldorado 1968 Cadillac Pleetwood 1967 Cad. Cpe. De Ville J.yoo uaa. oeclaii De Ville 1964 Cad. Sedan H.T. THE BEST C 30 Stli Ave. McArthur (M Used Con and Trucks 5 1M7 JKK1'. IllTO w i t h whin vinyl toi (!HM| eolldltioli. 353-107-1. H'60 II1IICK utaliim waton. I'mve Hleeriiik*. power brakes. J1GO, HOi 3tb St. ·CO D Y N A M I C 88 Olds. Excellent con anil lirnkpB. PhoiiB 353-J830. IMG DATSUN B l f t i o n waxon. t'xct'J- loiit condition. Wow ntiiildc«i snow liri'B. also chains. 353-4297 or 852-4793. lyiJ.'i CII13V K- ton. Lunir. whir. 4 mu'pd, uouii rubbt-r. new utieiiie. i'\- ccllciit iiK'clmiiit-iil sluuic. Needs imint. Phonu 8Gli-3747. IMMACUI-ATirono owner 'f.8 Dm Bt niiiirBcr. radio. Jiralcr. nir, IHIWUI Jn-akps nnil fitoorini;. Low niik-nry. aii-yiiSl nf|cr li. . condition: 1%3 Ford Knttelipru. Uuuil niccliiiiiii'Hl condition. 31)3.678!) or ;jB^-li?()J. GOOD niniiinn 'G6 Cliev 'J ilitm- JmnU u|i. V-S. s L n n t l n n l : IMCP rkim 'fiZ Olds, low milcnKe; '62 Ponfinc ?rn.l l C ° U1 ' C ' V ~*' * lall(lfll - (1 - 281- Cooy. CARS Right 1969 Olds Delta 4 Dr. Scln. 1969 Olds Delta 88 Hoi. 1969 Olds Delta Cus. 4 Dr. 1967 Olds 98 Town Sedan 1962 Olds 98 Town Sedan »STS LESS I'll. 352-S2S8 ;-Cadillac Inc. SNOW FALL SPECIALS 1.142 Universal Jeep 1!I57 Cbev. Pickup, 4 sjieed. I!lli2 Chev. Convert. V-S, 3 s reed. 3Ui;H Cliev. Wugoil, V-8, A.T., P.S., P.B. 1SIC2 Cliev. Waisoii, 3 speeil, (i cyl.', p.s. YOUR CHOICE ?545.00 1.007 Cliev. 4 Dr., 6 cyl., 3 succtl. I!)(i7 Ply. .1 llr., V-8, A.T., ' 1'Jlia Ply. -1 Dr. Wgn., V-8, A.T., P.S., P.B. ' YOUR CHOICE $945.00 We Also Have Some Low Priced f!nrs TRAN.^AR AUTO ^ A I F Q Used Corf and Trucks I U'l-,7 LK M A N S linnltop ronp,., t; ttntt w l i i l o v i n y l riuif. S:H-2US1. ':t WILLYS jci'i. (Jooil v u t u l i t k V i n y l to)'. aOa-tlV3S. 1LIIM L I N C O L N CoiiliiifntuL LUJU) will! n.-russni-ios. 302-0777. '(i.t 1M11T GT. Good cumlilion. 3G KGCli. jnCK~iiidr~Chvv S.S., bucket m-n nir, SK'JC. 68H-20H. ROOD vtvaii 1901 Clu-v. 6 ryllndpr, r buill ciiKiiiv. $205. D88-2UU. 1UW OAMAKO ihMI t ' U K i n o 1 . S jn\ Musi Ht-ll.- 362-1)1115. C L K A N 'OR Curvnir 2 door. Kcco ilitltitiuil imitor. ^05 J U l l i Ave. FOIt SAhB - · IWfiU Kurd M u s l n i Alnch I. C:ilt nftci- G. 303-11101!. Oiill aw-lVM. KOR SALK -- '07 Uliov. Bi-IAIr 4 do sudiiu. A u U n n i i l i u , power nleerin Low iiiik'iiKL'. 1'hoiie OSO-1!105. ·fiB n . V M O U T J I I-'ury II. Kadio. po - niblicr. fSUn. 3C8-7G9li after G p.n LOW iirired rnm nnil iidui|.K. Lar Dorscy Transi-ar A n U i Kales. Ilijt way SS, Kvnna. 3r3-5fiOG. 1'jr.ft ItONNICVJLLK. Kull powur, n cundiliuniiiK, good tires. $150. H5 3400. '(ia U I I K V V Impalii Siip.-r SiicirL K ccllcnt condition. $8UQ. aBJt-SU after C :30. FOR SA1.B -- 19f.7 ChcvcIIe Sup Kiiori. .T.n;. 4 Hurail. Contact Micha Kintiry, 3fia-TfiR7 alter D. matic. KxeL-llcnL condition $1,80 HRrt-aOTS. J K E I ' . JUf.B Willys 4 wheel ilrlv Hubs, power take-off \vinch. MeU cab, fibcrclaas top, nlidine doors. K\ ccllent. 2H57 loth Ave. Ct. after p.m. TIM T R I U M P H . IOG'1, 4 speed, ove drive. New tiros, now convcrlih lop -- ?1. 250.00. See nt Irriunliri jinil Power Kfiuipmcnt, Inc., Soul U.S. 85. Phone ^52-0483. 1022 4 DOOH Cadillac Cnhrolpt. Me fliiiiilciitly KOOI). Ni-cils' wiiml; TJ? 2 door Clicvrok-t coach. Mcdui nil-nil (iood. NcwlH wood: Ul-H) ChcvroK couch. Alint c o n d i t i o n : ]EI2!1 Mn.i A cinrine. comitlctc. I'hnne ;tr.H-fill l ^^^^^^^^^^f?^^ ^p^O^^J^^^VlC?bC^C/Q(A 7\j 1 1969 Chrysler Nei ^tj Electric windo\ v* tioning, new tir v cruise control, 1 1 McA V J^l S Olds-Cac "KONOMY HAMPERS" Best Made Pickup Govern--Folding Tent Campers Sales Rentals ECONOMY BODY SHOP 162-6628 Highway 86--Evans 'GT CAMAUO SS 300. Tnk« ovrr lonu or w i l l trnilg iluw Truek, siJTIuirs., Ocl. Id. 1!)(!9 G H K E r . K Y TKIHUNE Page 3J Trailers and Campers 51 SU-I.E tent trnller custom 200, It'tTS fi. Ucfrigerntor, (link. 2}M-£r:tlj r: Yrlloinloiic. M i m l l i i r 1'ruwl.T. Illarcm, Willinnu U r u f l ]liinnir .inrl Ordinal. Tor ,,,]· ,.| rent, cilon by anil linik aniiiiiil. I; lintl K iuTVk'i', W2 J H I i Ave. J'liiMic YOUR BED DALE DEALER Trailers and Campers Sales--Service--ParU WESTERN HOME IMPROVEMENT 10 N. llth Are. J5J-160S CAMPERS TRAILERS luge Display Year Around 'Frustration Flights' Are Assumed To Reassure Thais By JACK FOISIE The Los Angeles Times BANGKOK - Every day for nore than four years pairs of aged American F-I02 jel fighters lave zoomed up from the inler- lational airport here lo defend .his Thai capital city from air '.tack. Tlie official explanation (he continuation of the K for 102 "scrambles" deep in Ihe inter- . ior of Thailand is that the flights · also provide weather, information, occasionally take Ihe precaution of identifying aircraft which have strayed off their as: signed roulcs, and with their But it has always been in all-weather navigational systems iraclice. A "Red Alert" has are available to assist planes in lever been flashed, and theldislress. irospeet thai it ever will be is ·emote. Hundreds of American 'iglitcr planes operate farther lorlh in Thailand, providing an air defense barrier which ex- ends over Laos and South Vietnam as well, malting it tin- ikely that Communist Chinese nr North Vietnamese bombers vould ever succeed in making i penetration. Yet Ihese daily "frustration lights," as one member of the i4th Fighter Interceptor Squad- Neither of two pilots produced to explain the role of the Mill Squadron here was willing to be named. However, another squadron member interviewed privately said, "we assume we are here lo reassure the Thais." Four of the interceptors, called "Delia Daggers," are based here, along with six crews. Two planes are always ready lo be airborne in 5 minutes. Planes and crews are rotated . every three weeks with others .. ,,. m , on calls them, continue" un-ifrom the home base at Clark : Ve iMiiance, Trade, Insure abated. Elsewhere in Thailand, I Field, in the Philippines, ml Service. a reduction in some types ofi Although rated supersonic, American aircraft has begun,;lhe F-102s are now "loo old" lo J-C CAMPERS, INC. ' 1108 N. College Ave., Fort Collins, Colo. 48.1-8501 Used Curs and Trucks 51 including the pending departure^reach designed speed, one pilol of EC-121 Air Force planes, j acknowledged. The aircraft, whose airborne radar is part of i b u i l t by C'onvair division of Gen- thc American-provided defense'eral Dynamics d of Thailand. "It looks like we'll be Corp., wore first lown in 1953 acd are being here!phased out ot the Air Force 1969 Oldsiiiobile 98 Luxury Sedan New tires, 12,000 miles, 6 way seat, rear window dei'ogger, stereo tape, cruise control, (fo\;Q local owner yflVC McArthur Olds-Cadillac, Inc. 430 8th Ave. 352-8288 Spencer Chevrolet MAKE GOOD DEALS -NOT JUST TALK ABOUT THEM! 1968 Chev. Custom Impala 2 Dr. Hdtp. 327 V-8, turbo-hydramatic, power steering and brakes, 18,000 actual miles, Remainder of New Car Warranty, new tires 1968 Chevrolet Inpala 4 Dr. Sedan- 327 V-8, turbo-hydramatic transmission, power steering and brakes, air conditiori- ing, tilt wheel, 34,000 actual miles, new tires 1968 Chevrolet Inpala 4 Dr. Sedan 327 V-8, turbo-hydramatic transmission, power steering, radio, heater, new tires 1967 Chevrolet 1 ^ Ton Pickup 4 speed, V-8, long wide box, one owner 1966 Chevrolet 1 ^ Ton Pickup 3 speed, 6 cylinder, long wide box 1967 Ford FalrlaneSOP Dr. Sedan 300 V-S, power steering, radio, heater, 40,000 miles, one owner, new tires, A NICE CAR! WE HA VE A LOT 01' 1 GOOD CARS TRADED IN ON OUR 1970 MODELS. ALSO SOME 1069 NEW CARS THAT WE ARE REALLY DISCOUNTING. We close at 6 p.m. But we will show by appointment after 6 p.m. THE BOYS TO Dan Leporn Willie Dinkcl SEE ARE Buck Slapper Bob Buck It Pays To "Drive A Little And Save A Lot" SPENCER CHEVROLET HiWay 85 -- AULT, COLO. Highway Sii, Evans, Ph. 353-5505 Lurry, Carl or Joe USED TRUCKS 1957 CMC 4 speed, 2 speed, 13 ft. box side hoist 1951 Chevrolet 4 speed, 2 speed, 13 ft. box side hoist 1949 GMC 4 speed, 2 speed, 13 ft. box side hoist -HUNTERS SPECIALS-1967 International Scout 4 wheel drive, V-8, 4 speed, full lop 1964 International Scout 4 wheel drive. EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAN! MANY, MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM For More information On These Units Cull Hoy Brinkman jj m Morton 352-9141 ELLIS CAPP EQUIPMENT CO. East on 8th St. forever," an F-102 crew mem- everywhere but in Southeast ber said. 'Asia. 430 8th Ave. Dr. King's Candle-Bearing Widow Seen Peace Pied Piper By HARRY F. ROSENTHAL Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Ami ijlhe jostling and (lie crushing ||lhe lights and photographers I'Coretla King walked with hca ||high, face serene and hands cr; f'dling a candle to symbbliz flpeace. Ii And in front of the lious ||where Richard Nixon lives a | President of a troubled natioi Ihe widow of Martin Luthe King paused, bowed her heac _ and touched the candle to I, much bigger one on a bras |Island and for a moment H herself a symbol. And when she moved on 35,000--some say more--cami iiflcr her as if she were a Pie Piper for Pence. Still Have Choice "We slill have a choice," she said earlier to those thousands lias they sat in the autumn chil = on the grassy -slopes beneath t h e n Washington Monument "We can have nonviolent coexistence or violent annihilation. wa. TRADE UP TO A TROUBLE FREE USED CAR! 1969 Chrysler 300-4 Door V-8, radio, healer, power steering brakes, aulonuitic, air conditioning 1969 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Kadio, heater, V-8, power steering, Mercomatic, vinyl top, very low mileage 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 XL 2 Dr. H.T. Radio, heater, V-8, cruiseomatic, power steering brakes, buckel seals 1969 Ford Fairlane 500-2 Dr. H.T. © V-8, radio, heater, power steering, cruiseomalic 1968 Ford LTD 2 Dr. Hardtop Kndio, heater, powor steering brakes, cruiseomatic Two Injured In Accident Wednesday Two persons were reported injured in an accident at 1:08 p.m. Wednesday at 281h Avenue and lOlh Street. Treated at the Weld County General Hospital for abrasions on her forehead and then released was Beatrice Ana Mascarenas, 1217 32nri Ave., driver of a 1967 sedan which received ?70n damage. A passenger in the car, Carol Hoguc, 1215 32nd St., was reported injured, but apparently not seriously. The second car involved was a 1062 sedan driven by Leonard Brumnier, Loveland, which received $200 damage. ^ Stork Express Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mayhugh, 2001 I.llh St., a daughter, on Wednesday, Oct. 15, at Weld County General Hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Leo My friends, chose?" Noise Pollution Seen As Big Problem for Industry By ALEXANDER A U E R B A C H f l h a t plant efficiency and safety The Los Angeles Times is affected if workers must LOS ANGELES--At Ihe recent shout inlo each other's ear. Isle of Wight Rock Festival,' The most straightforward-i signs warned spectators not to method of stopping noise is io ; approach Ihe loudspeakers with- put a wall between you and'- out protective earmuffs. the noise, Purcell said. .. .': "IT Z'A n l n i C u l A? r Clly ' Ca ' if -' wlle " Wllllin lhc P lan( . » iucl1 " r Ihe ' IV-. ^Hughes Aircraft Co. plant en- m ,i s e t j l n hc sto|)pcc | at fa c * ^p gmecrs rev up four outdoor SOU rce. Ventilation and. exhaust · ^Z 82RR V SC 8, ene '; slnrs a fcw times fans can be muffled, vibrating " jo^-»zaa ^ a yeai . local , e denls floo(| (|]e mac . hincry jnsu|alctl or Ijc 5 , .X, switchboard with complaints be-!doHm lo eliminate the vibration, '.· ·f fore the 15-mmulc tesls are con-! ;m ,| arcas partitioned to con- ': c \^\ . , : tain noise. 'olhilion '" eaCh ° aSe ' S Rcconl federal legislation illiermal pollulion are other: , ' ,, , " . ,, , , , , , problems (hey face as they 1 l h c Wa| s"-!Iealcy Public Con- , struggle to keep a manufactur- lnids A f-''' P assed U W w s . ct -. : ing facility profitable i permissible levels of exposure , · which will we! The choice, to (his crowd, was clear. After (he speechmaking was done, they loo lit candles and walked, silent and orderly, lo the White House lo petition their President for peace. big] cussed by the 1,000 planl engineers who gathered last week government in an amount exceeding $10,000. I for the three-day Western Planl| Tno amount of permissible 'Engineering and Maintenance; 110 ' 30 varies with Ihe pilch of Conference. Ihe noisc (low frequency noise:; bother the car less than shrill Some of the most pressing "Here come the Commies " P rol)lEnl s facing Ihe plait en- said a patrolman as l ' sion turned Ihe c sylvania Avenue. is Ihe proccs-!g' nco . rs are " ol sion turned Ihe corner of Pcnn-l * c ;P m B Hie ma associated with machinery running, ibut maintaining decent relations reratt. organize and smash (lie slale."| Nois " e '-,, on ^ ^j" b (Decibels are mills of sound. Iwlnta n hPTr 3 'h!,i .' IC "|««'n"«"inS Ihe source of noise A -sonic boom is about 190 dec- Iwenlies, lo be sure, but there!,,,. b , 0 ° ki , ||]e ,,, nf ,, libels, while absolute quiet would TM l ^ m !tilTM P5 .,^TMl waves. Boll, methods arc*"«ro decibels. .difficult and costly. ! ""f! C1 ' kawley, of the con- Jack B. C. Purcell, an archi- suiting firm Boll, Beranek children and oldsters determined lo keep the peace. $2495 Garnsey Wheeler vhatever will f be affected by t," said President Nixon at his ast news conference, and some iiid they would not have been here except for that remark. Vednesday night, in the climax f Moratorium Day, the lights nirned in Ihe living quarters of he White House. Vice President Spiro T. Ag- lew had said foreign policy rould not be dictated by "pushy 'oungslcrs and middle-agec nalconlenls," but after the lasl andle had passed the executive :iansinn, President's communi' alions director, Herbert Klein ook note of "the lack of angci n the crowd." Peace Sign And indeed, the many police ad little lo do except lo chan- el the thousands who lit Pcnn- ylvania Avenue with their can- les. They walked by the While "ouse quietly, pausing only lo aise not the clenched fist," but ic two fingers Winston Church- 1 established as the sign of vic- iry and they adopted as the :gn of peace. "We want (he march lo he ignificd and meaningful," said dike Driver, the mnslcr of cer- nonies. And the nine people in lack shrouds, wearing skull iasks, Ihc man paintctl In look ke a wounded soldier and the coffins some carried drew lilllc allenlion. A 20-year-old girl from York. Pa., llcnc Cooper, spoke for many in the crowd, when she said; "By (his, at least, Prcsi- can cause fa- ullimatc failure in Open Evenings Til 8:00 .711 llth St. Ph. 352-9174 @|Newell, Greeley, a son, on jKfj Wednesday, October 15. at Weid "· County General Hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel -leffel, 2018 8lh Ave., a son, on V| Wednesday, Oclober 15, at Weld''-' 0111 NTM" will know how we ·^'County General Hospital 1 . jfoel-iF he cares lo listen." ! And the While House patrolman, who expected Commies. i;j| HAMBURG - Parents in'relaxed when (he candlelight ^[Hamburg's red-light riislrict'parade ended afler two hours. A ^jkept Iheir children away from marcher turned to him with two *| classes in protest against the fingers exlended in Winston jj, number of prostitutes they had Churchill's sign. The patrolman ,|lo pass on the way to school, .returned (he gesture. Hospital Dismissals Dismissed from Welu County General Hospital on Wednesday, October 15; Crux Alarcon, 1004Vi 1st St.; John Woodruff, 1213 10th St.; Donald Walker, Wiggins; Facondo Benavidc/., Eaton; Mrs. A. T. Fox, 1412 9lh St.; John ous, it permits most of the sound lo pass right through unless backed by a bard, solid maler- John Trujilfo, 221 I'Jth Ave.: Sam Roth, La Salic; Eugene Nelson, A n i l ; Mrs. Lulu Scolt, 1C04 fllh Ave.; Mrs. Loren/.o Al-jial. varez, Gilcrcsl; Mrs. Frank! The hard surface prevents Ihc · Houghlaling, 70I1B 28lh Ave.; Mrs. Veda Johnson. 1323 7th Ave.; Mrs. Lena Myers, 004 ]3lh Ave.; Mrs. Duane Wieehclman md son, 714 17th St.; Mrs. Robert Wang and son, 2527 17lh \ve.; Mrs. Nancy Waltz, 604 :3th Ave.; Mrs. Fred Coffee, .010 Gill St.; Betty Eirich, M2!)'.l; 5lh Mrs. Jean Wcisbarl, Brush; Mrs. Thonius Sullivan, 831 2(ilh Ave. Ct.; S. Edgar \lkissim, Rl. 2; Racbcn Lion- icrger, 505 .'i5lh Avo.; Mrs. Gary sound from passing through, while Ihe acoustic malcrial does not allow Ihe sound lo bounce back Inward (he source of the noise. Purcell also enjoys exploding Ihe niylli thai landscaping can be used lo cut down noise. If your factory is loud, or your offices face a roaring freeway, a sudden passion for gardening won't not you any peace and quiet. "The use of trees and shrubs Silvey, 2221 10th Ave. Ct.; Mrs.!for noise control is wishful larl Shields, 2422 !)lh Ave., Ihinking. H would take 500 feet · ind Mrs. Edna Daniel, Good-'of dense Panamanian jungle to · ich. equal the sound ab.sorbcncy of .·. · . a solid wall," Purcell chuckled. Try Before I I'uUing a price lag on noise [control cfforls is d i f f i c u l t , for · Our Slalc Palrof nolcs Ih.vl a l - i l h n same wall Ilia' holds up Ihe '.' most everyone involved in a'roof also blocks sound. But a t r a f f i c crash can figure magazine, Sound Vibra- how il could have boon prevent- linn, estimated Ihc 1%S outlay «l after it happened. Try lo : nf hush money for specific figure Ibis oul before il happensif.-cou.slic control devices and pro- "iving defensively. jcedurcs si $360 million. Environmental problems werc'l induslriil1 noisc '" P lanls sup. ;:;': igh on the list of issues dis-i plyl " s S cl()(ls . or services lo Ihc noises) and duration. A noise level of 90 decibels ·' is permitted throughout an 8- -. hour day. A level of 115 decibels is permitted for a maximum of ' 15 minutes, while lA no lime can the level exceed 140 decibels. There were the weirdos wilhi( e clural consultant specializinci Newman Jnc -. llol ed that much he long hair and funny clollies'jn acoustics, noled that U Si iintluslrial noise can be elim- nil also the siiit-and-tie workers Labor Department rc"ulalin'ns' inatetl b .v damping the vibration from the cubicles in Ihe Biiroaiil se t up (hi s summer strictly lim-' l h a l produces il. Jf Fisheries and other govern-:it (he amount of noise lo which! TM s SK TMcs a double purpose, nent warrens. (workers on federal projects may since vibration Under no circumstancesj,,, r x nosed .ligue and In addilion to direct damage materials and machinery over ;. o hearing that may be caused ex( cnded periods of lime, by excessive noise, Purcell says ''""ating and elminaling Ihc vibration is the simplest solution, . ISawley said, but he added that : " ' i n some cases this may be loo expensive or may result in a '·"· !loss of efficiency of Ihe ma- ichine. "In that case, one isolates the source and conlains it," ho said, '· explaining lhal flexible connections can isolate fans or pumps from duels or pipes. The source is then conlained ·'· in c: dense-walled chamber lined Holm, 2606 8lh Ave.; Mrs. llil-|wilh acoustic material, ario Salazar, Kersey; Warrenj Sawley r.-nd Purcell both point- .·· Oliver, 101332nd Ave.: Haymondied out that acoustical matcr- Weilzel, 140 N. 23rd Ave.:jial. such as ceiling tile, is not " Claude Cecil, Sr., Gill; Mrs.ia barrier lo sound. Largely por-

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