Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 8, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1951
Page 2
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r PAGE TWO LAS CHUCE8,(H. N.) SUN-NEWS Tu«d»y ({"1 MESULA VALLEY FARMMG -::-- BANCHDTC Br JACK QOfBUU. Valley Has Vast Ground Water Supply iLf - " . 1 1 . ·* j ' I ' l ' l f i t l ' l . t l ' ' iti*nolP..ui *"^ Supply Source Includes General Watershed Area Of Rio Grande Farmers drilling wells in Ihn Mesilla Valley to meet' Ihei'r'crop irrigation needs during the present' surface water shortage period are tapping a vast reservoir of under-groundwater, according to the report of the Department of Interior, Geological Survey, completed in 19-18 by C. S. Conover. \ Thc'repori/novv available, would seem to indicate that in th£ opinion of the survey engineer, this under-ground supply might well supplement inadequate surface water supplies nvor a number of drouth years Lo the point where crops could)bb'successfully grown lo harvest. · : It Is Hie opinion of the enfifnenr,^-- ·· ~ whlcir'inay or mny not be correct. l l t f l t --;· "Thp ground-water, uml-surface- water BUppijcs are jntcj-uepcntlcnt, and liiolind-'.wiiicr pumped In thu -Hlm-nn j.and McfiHJa.. 1 valleyB' does not rejU'eW'^ a '! f^dltioniij iiiip- ply or now-.fiQurcfi of. water, but rtilhei; 'a.i't'hangeJn · method, time and place-of iHve'rHlon of ihe sup-' plies plj-cttdy v \iUlIzRd." Tin' 1 Nt'KliTlrd AH-Apn'MffC I'luii Appiircrilly biiHiiif-; hiw figin-L-s on n ]ilun launched npvri'Fii ycinra IIRO hi have (jnvcrnmunl-dfillci) wclln follow Hit; main c-nnnls through liin vnltny nn(l p u m p into them, Umfc nilillnj; to Die water supjily nf iilij-nct'cngc in the i-ntlrc vnlley, Connvt-r icpurtH ~"In; n hypothetical year havinjr only 50 per cent of n nuinal mir- fac(; supply of wnter iivallnbh'. for dtvof^lun, appnrontly oins addition- u l iit;j'(( fool jicr fieri! of wulur would- In 1 needed for delivery lo s tin? lamlH fur BUct'i-HKful Irrl^altnn of cvopi;, "Mou'ovcr, bccruiHi: of t h o i'0'.l'.i'j- llttn in l o L i u i i flow of I h o ;lr;ilns fiiiiHi'd by the cffnc't (if pumping, and l|PcnUHo of dlslrlbutlnn.lowoK, usi* uf Hi-fiuml wnlci- from \vc)ls to supply tills tlcflcil would require pumpine; 2.42 m.rfi t«el per acre or iM:i.O(jO acni-fi-ftt ti yenr foi' ih« SM.OOd api-wi of water rlRJil Hind. Of il\iti ittnniint pump(!ct ntiout 05,-; 000 ueri:-fci'l would bo from f ground : watci' Htoi-ngc, or In other wordw boriiAvcil from· Uu*· Ntirfncc mipply »! future yenrs. ' , · . . ' ' , "If*«tiptili)iijentBl pumping w^ro ii^oitoil to for flvi« surcftslvc .iVry years, pumping would \x'.. JICOCK- liary J"or tlinjc or four years fol- ](twliu; n roluni to normal uiuTnec j lotftl voijt of pumpl'iK -i ijf uqulpmont for I water fur five yonra \vMh';ibout 50 per cent- of-noniml Kiirfiire supply, In order lo irrigate * all the lund having, water t l R h l h , would * bo approximately onii'Hflh of tin; mivinftH. effected in I he groHH crop rot in nn baaed iiptuii. the average jjrcifls. return from !I)37 lo 1D-1G." OUIni; biuili lo iwiuJil welln, Conovfu 1 imllvlilunlly of Kiouml w a t e r - o n individual fitniui in ycartJ, of . d«- ficloiU g r a v i t y \v«l«r «upply Wptild nlUnjulcly n-Uuct* th« water nupply nf tlu Itlo Orando Project.. If uli'ch n iniuction werc^onie by Uic.lilt)- phjinti: Dtitlu JvffpnUon hUtrfvt, It \vinld be nt'OCHHary to riKfficu dGlivcrto.s of surface water to .farnjK with pump« in order to maintain the expected deliveries lo farms wilhout pumpH." He also InUleftlCK.Uial clinngcK in the wa- UT luu's aloiif; thin line inigliL be The idea of a project financed HCiiOH of wells for the entire valley was given much dls- cu«rtlon by wiiter officials and of- fidiila of the noclnmation Sen-Ice several yearn ago \vhrm the drouth ' inonncc firm came an H 'possible cloud over thn valley. .\olhlng Done Nolhlng was done about H and due lo Ihe fuel that tlie'HltunUon , wan allowed lo profjriJHH lo Ihie j point wlicro IL appears this yeiir · thai fni'inurfl who do not tttl«; thu. Initiative and ntaltc the Invoalinent; In a prlvaie well, will not be n b l o j to brinjf off a cotton crop, some | ntturncy.1 imlicat'- their bollnf Uml Ihe Idcn of i-atfonlnp surface wnl- i t-r on a special scale to well own-; nr« IIHK n number of lepal angles jn ! whlrh Ihi! gnvernnipnt water; rlt-l i» nnt too well .scaled. : On recommendation of localUmH for piMfionnlly owned wellH tlie report H In USB; "Huct'OHfiful IrriKatlon wellH can' be obtained nearly everywhere on the floor of the lllncon ami Muullla VnlU'VH. As H re.HUll o f - t l i c vnrl- 'nblc mi Lure of thn .illuvirtl notli- mcntfl that have bucn clepOHltcd by (he menndorlng Rio Qroride, there will, be n varlnllon In "the pcrformancfl of the wpl)n. M a n y wnl I.s will be troubled with .innit f i l l i n g t h e welltt and «oinn will bn trouhlcd with the clo(;ghi|; of the pcrforatloiisi by Hand Hint gravel. H dni-H not appear po.'iKlbUi to predict the luc-atlon of jtravt'l .string 1 -. ni'H wherein pi'smnnbly n better well would bo obtained tli'in. if only mind were encountered. Meu- grc Information uvAllnblti Indlontea that flimil predohilnateH In thu lower end o f ' the MeHlllit valley." ThlH foivranl gcemH - to hElye been borne nut In the hectic drl|l : Ing of the puHt N!X inonlh^'-.itimo all-Hand wolla luiylii^ been drilled and provinp unHallttfnutory.^wt^lq yond wellw havoi-.beflii brou^ht'^ln, on the mime f(irmN only a ffc\y hundred yard.t uWny, heavy, gravel having been encountfMeil, · iMuwL WO!)N ii .^uw itiiletijiou'th of LHS 'Crucos 1 ami ulcftr, -Up '/-Lo the Hatch ..vnlluy . Imyc-, fftme through heavy -atratas' of 'gruVcl. Some down around. J40'feet have ;onc ihrough almost - continuous ii-jivcl for. 120 feet.-Most of, tliflsu hnvc started out^ a Hhesyy P"0 ; duccrB, taking .lota -\of: gravel around the caning a« the wells were developed, Flow ·- of . these wells run» from'J,88 to foctlcr-lharv 2,00' gallons of water ft'minute. .' 'Hie liiirvoy I'eporl liVingn · out the fact that Kencrally better water Is secured wlfh - depth; except] varloiiH areas' wlich as the lower end of the Mesllla Valley where ipparently poor w«tcM.s obtained with depth. "Some shallow wells In the Sellen. Canyon area obtain so-called «all wnter which "niay .also,pccur at grcalcj dopthH the allqvliil fill, In the Seldon CTlnyon a) ea and the northern end of .the Mesilla Vallaj nea» Lcanburg Dam thin am) narrow. If a. large mber of irrigation vel!ft "were drilled, in these areas und used continuously, co|npal-atlvely large drawdownn of water level woujcj ·efiuli and wellH -drilled hear tho mpcrmcable rocks at tlie edges of the valley would;.be poor .wells, lie report HLateB, Hay hi Hatch Ami The report~ clenrft up a'general nlHUnderstftndlng' regnrdlrig - tlie shallow well area' In the Hatch 'alley Kcction of the Mcsilla Valley reii. Wcllfl In this area are relatively Hhallnw, ranging from 40 .lo about 00 feel. It ban been' generally, mdei'Mliiod lhat bedrock was hit nt LhoHc depLlm. According to'.data compiled by Canovor, It is a heavy limbo cluy which IM struck, rang- ng from, depths of from 46. feet Lo 128 feet. Wells on record at the Lime of the survey, which was completed in .1048, show total leplhH of drilling running to 246 "eet. At UilH maximum depth the :lay wan 70 feet and rontlnued to Llie depth of the welt. The clay 1« not water bearing. Conover cites the rumor o f ' a n old well drilled In.this urea lo./a lepth of 1,100. leet with tlie. clay strata running the entire distance below the 80 fool level. He ulateH that. LeJiL welln to:thi) time of hls.iiUrvey Indicated, tiiiit E N T R Y B L A N K AMATEUR NIGHT Spontortd by LAS CRUCES 20-20 CLUB i ,; · ·'·:. vf- · · : ; - . · · · ) . enter me in your Amateur Pro{gram to be hclci at the Junior High School lAuditoriiim, Saturday Evening, Mny 2G'. . 'Nam* ... AddrMi Slrt'Ct Phon«.. : Ag*..., , . , Ar« you now or h»v» you ever b««n ^« prottHlonil? ..... '...'.. £ My ; Acl !· ..:. ,..: V ' ; . ' . · : ' , ' i Return this blank to the 20-30 Club, P. 0. ·Box 129,-Las'Cruccs, N. M., not later than ;Sunday, Mny 20.''; ; , i ; · ' , · ' ; Wtich Th» Sun.Ncwt for DttalU ' Spring Lettuce Harvest Due To Start In County During Week Harvest of the early spring lettuce crop in the Bounty is due to start this wfck, W A Wimsch t supervisor of Fruit and Vegetable Service reports / t 1 ' A con«iderafjje part ot the original 40 acres of commpr cial lettuce has survived the sand storms and freeze oj April 29 and 30 and is of good qfualitv There has been some tip burn from the sand strms, but this is on the outer leases that geneially are cut off for commercial Chipping t Prices aio tops, running around $5 d crate, with heavy demand. Indications arp that the -Jocal anil El'Paso markets will take all of.'the initial cuttings .which, are. expected to fataiL on the Tashfro Farm'. Tashlfo has between ,15 and 20 acres'ready for market, it'is.TCr ported i * Hal Jones widely known in the valley will handle the cfoilng and packing at the TaahjrqVBhed. The deal in the valley IB the -- 'thc.thickhefig of the recent alluvium-'in the RiricoV Valley -thus appears'.to lie fairly -uniform;- and somewhat thinner than .In.the Me Bllla Valley. This conclusion apparently has been, proven correct In the dulling of a. larger number of wells in that area In the past few months Supply Soum: Source of. the vast supply, of ground water under the Mesllla valley appears to include a great part of the Rio Grande, w'aterahed, gelling its body fiom seepage in the mountain and highlands areas Conover. reports ·-- "The-ground water in'the .Valley fill is derived from a number.-of sources, the quantity t iromj .each helhg- generally . indictingiifshitbte. Water f s dei 1 vdd ft ohi fjfeepage fiom the riiet in vaiioOfl Htctions eeepagc from the cnnais^erid lat eiQls return seepage /rom^irri^a tlon water applied tti the lands ground 'writer"flow "from-the "bor-; lei ing mesa lands pt cclpUatlbn felling upon the valley floor and smallest in a numbet of years t the S uing ciop generally proving il nst as piofitaple as the fall va riety which haa been populac with county growers foi a number of seasons and generally IB a heavy money "maker Cutting of both th* fall arjd fipi Ing lettuce ft equeniiy rune from 1 250 to 300 or more crates'-to the acrei aismaH amount^frorn mlashifioods In a novae that discharge fiom the mesas to the .valleys Before .the-:.irrigation 1 , project was installed obviously the entire undei giound supply came direct from seepages fro'ny the. highlands and rivei'.-once surface water nm- off reached Uie river The flow curiously,-is not; in a complete sputhernly direction,' : but partly :sidewoys ; and-".partly ; in- a circular movement moving- from an area of. recharge-to. an "area, of dlsrharge. A large amount ^of".un : .der-grbund water,/obviously,, is; re ; ccived i n . the'.Mesilla .valley from mountain an3 mesa sources south of the Elephant iJutte Reservoir paying b'eeri made by the'.£o. criiment.agencyr) the., all rveyi-keeps an* eye cocked toward the under gtound watei faUpply from a pio ject standpoint tielng In in con stanUy with the surface supply under the Elephant·'·Butte Irrigation project which is impounded for use at various reseivohs in rinding Elephant Butte Reyevolt Support Price 6 Increased for Grain Sorghums 1 { 7-^x """* * V The prlc* ^ijpport I^velffor £ne 1931 crop train torghumi has h«n Increa§eil front 9118 per hurrgd- ^tlght to $2 17 pr-rhundredweight the ProductWanJ aurketlng 1 Afl ministration 'ifhnoui^eti Thin new price support level rep resent? 78 pfef cent o£*pftr)ty foi grain soighum 3 on Jan 1 1951 and PMA officials believe the new support price will encourage in qreased planting The previous support^level was at 65 pei cent of parity and caus ed dltecjorti of the Nef Mexico Farm and, Livestock diuieftu at then lecent meeting m Albuquer que to pass ft resolution urging i per ceifl parity foi sorghums This lollop on the part of the *arm Byreau directorate was tak* en d,M« tothe fact that the govern ment hap urged heavy plantlrjt of ·H^giaip and that while wheat |% I " I /*! · I P t £ . b r f c | / ' } ' \ 6 r J l f c J t I0IT t Powdered Chicken Feathers Make r II 1 r ^l 1 ! 1 ' f'iltolut I t T* Excellent Fertilizer For lawn Here's a fealher. In the .fiap'.of. scientists of, the"U; S.;IeparLmeni of Agricultuie fa western Regional peseaich Laboia,tciy at Albany ·California They ve found a way 'poultry -dressing^plants,may.shed their waste feathers at a jiiofit -*- in the form a valuable powdered fertilizer maleriai"for lawns and greenhouses ; Up to now pockeis of freih fio zen, otherwise processed poultry have had no,light problem in 'disposing.'of the 40,000 tons,of feathers,' they, pick' from/ ".their chickens.. In"*, a -year's time. Not o'nly have. they.had no market for Ihe waste feathers but "it has cosl Ihem moriey_to, get rid'.of. them. and com are supported at 90. per ceiit of ! parity,-, sorghum, grains which are said-to have the,same feeding quality, ,had 'been. J eft fai down the'parity scale A Saving;To PrbjJ«r.t Conover however does state on page."12.,of hiB : .iurvc,y report that t-- 'SubBtttution of p u m p i n g prounid'Water, fof the usual winter release .for-..irrigation of a ' small percentage .of. lart'ds would result in Vsayinjf.of possibly 34,000. acre- f«t. of water-, annually to the project if-no-water was allowed lo bypass .the;. project in Ihe winter ·The'-, report' of'. the survey .'was completed 1 in: 1948. was Leguu in 146 by the auLhoi Visioned' Lon|- Time' Ago He sltle's.-'iri the introduction: -The." Elephant Eutle Irrigation District, 1 which comprises the valley lands'e Rlncon and-Mesilla Valleys", .of, the.- Hio Grande in · the New". Mexico|.',portion of the Rio Grande : Projecli became .cognizant In 146 of a probable impending shortage of-surface, water. The'report-has been, in the hands of,;, or. available to all. Reclamation Service officials and Elephant Butte . Project . officiala. since, its COOL and SAFE BfecaUSe it s COOL vou can install i»our , ELECTRIC water heater irt a closet a corner of the'kitchen, or under the stairs -and fo'rgel jl You can reSt assured that it will ijfe iSA^E because tliere are no ,, ffarpcs, nb flues 1 ! and no vents And there'll be'an evdfla'stlng supply i of piping hot %ter at eVety faucst in yoUr Home 24 hours a (ia^ ' ; ^ ( , And We eSsf You'll fihd (hit it's very loW water heating goes on a special'oif peak rate of just Ic per kilo watt hdut Ask your appliance dealer to explain these features to you -- arid then have him install YOUR eleclnc water healer 1 now 1 ' 1 Sm Tfbur Applitnct-DsaUr · L P A f t O BLBCTIIIC MEI1LLA VALLEY DIVISION A I U t I N I S S - M A N A 0 I 6, ' T A ' X - P A Y I N O P U I I I C U T I L I T Y / ^ . * . i JL I . \ completin in 1948: -; a matter of three years.' The \yater shortage yisioned in 19^6 appears : to have arrived with terrific impact'on Ihe valley Ihis year, *ive -years after i t , was visioned. The report; is, titHed --.'. "nround Waled Conditions in the Rincon and-.Mesllla Valleys and-Adjacent Areas in New Mexico" by C. S^ Conover, TJ. S. Department of Interior, Geological .Survey,: in Cooperation: with Elephant Butle Irrigation .District; It is : a 328 ; page manuscript- witli additional, map In the process woikcd out by the UDA specialists "-the feithers aic oooked wlrti 'liVe steftm foi* a half hour (o an'h.ou'i Then Ihey- are dried andtgrodnd loin meal 01 powder for^packaging- !WHh.out counting tne cost 6f colldfltlng the feathers or marketing'.'the.--product. the 1 , iriveatlgatorsr.figure,! the pioeessing andj (taokaging costs may lun about $34 a\ton They es- T limate'lhftt pn'tlie'current^eililizr ei maiket the feathei product r would command a price of, about $60 n Ion Anyway lhe say *t look-* as if it has attiacti\e economic possibilities , r ThE*ncw product has-epecIaVVal; uc as a conditioning ^gent for jn otganic mixed fertilize* to prevent caking and ln"its slow steady ic lease of nitrpgen Th,e pioduct con tains 12 |.q 15 1 pci cenl nitiogen aboul 1 per tent of which is avail able to planM at once the :est is slowly iQlqa^ed jn the soil Lowe Is Named Slate Vet Chief SANTA^FE May 8 I^P*-- Jonn A. Lowe. 02, feanta *e.. Sunday was na'rhed''Male' J Veterans Service 1 di rector, Lowe's selection'" wris mnde by Ihe Uiree-m|n"N*w. Mexico .Vet; erans Sefv^e* f f omrnjsslbn at a meeting at .'AlbuqURrque. Lowe a jV^lemn of both Wqild "Wais sufccieds T 4 , H Robinson Jr ·who 1 recently resigned-the post. New FRIGIDAIRE Electric Ranges --^*"~s^^^v . nuii. *r u Co«k-Mfti'Hir'O««i CinMI K«ctleiithib«'Surfaci Unltl / woill-Kifh · !· · Pott«l«lo fcMh, miid« oml out · Full-Wlitth St««|. DriwH -cook fat a crowd tn a hu^ry I I ,, i -blgjeil oven in any household range -- . f · , v ,. ,, IUCM/C UANCM, NOW/ Mote! DO 35} $2f4,75 {..uW^VM-$178.75 la ' ,'\\ i FINANCED ON GMAC PAYMENf PL'AIT. Trade In Your Old Appliance* How ' FOR A · Ettclrlc Rang* · Horn* Frwt«k- · Frlgldtlr* W«l«r H««t«r · Frigldatr* RtlrlJ»r«lof , , · Frlgidiliv Autoraitle W«th«r ) P**" _ . _____ _ -* ^ -\ AT THE DRUM ELECTRIC l!W. Lu CrucM AT*. ' ^ 'J'Wo.3

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