Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 5, 1975 · Page 9
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 9

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1975
Page 9
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The Idaho Free Press, Wednesday, February i. UTO - » Snow wicked · '/'.i^f' 1 "n the 1 . ' \ i - As counlr ' lhere .cold wind ... .*'«« (old ·· blowing. biH they didn't notice ii i bid-timers who ? much as they struggled uphill.- «m · · k -r K aulrhenti(: - i ln fact, both began to perspire!' one t names hafe been changed: and that sticky long underwear;, jy Ihe author out of respetl (or made ihem itch sf much they' jYingrflati/e/iJ.' , . · could hardly stand,it. At-each 1 - :' : slop they scratched feverishly. · ByCurtis;.Jones, Bolh had bathed the night It was a sunny,but chilly late before leaving. Baths were fel afternoon when the. young ' taken.In wash tubs in the center j =W le( l/? ;horse.tatod , of the kilchen fionr Those days, arted drying fiar^e Hereford .. on a linoleum rug. Jf water w«^ ull froii) pne;rapch to;another:, .^spilled it was mppped-up.-... '· The young'.piail- had'.^'armi ; That.w'oolen long-underwear' lolhir^'. -as ; well,.as a pair of' was torture to wear if a person ·alherchaps/whichi covered his ha,d sensitive skin, and il gs.Hjs.feel/were in .overshoes:, became almosl unbearable Id ^dlconifortab'lyV warm^irijlhe'''such ar'person if he perspired jpaderoS that were attached lo' while wearine It. ' paderoi tljat were attached to' lesaddle;sli,rrups. ·'/··.'.. ,. He. wasjlost ,ln thought while idin'g Ihe^pr^seata walk behind le lurilWrirjg ^bull, ahd -it'came while wearing it. v The jfian and his son probably had sensitive skin,.but nielher wo'uld * complain. Finally, . . . . . however;,Jhe man stopped in a i a shock johim when he finally -. long ilrawf ahead of his son and oked upland saw whal''ap-- waited for the boy to catch-up to eared to be a thick fog bank him.. ''. head. The bu)l was headed for home, ) followed Ihe dirt road without ssitaliqn, while Ihe young rider as about 100 feet behind him. All al once the bull disap- ;ared into Ihe fog,;'and Ihe jung rider wondered if both he id Ihe bull would get lost in it. As the horse neared it the ;dersaw several inches of snow the ground, in a straight line lending a long 'distance, and _ Ihe horse entered the snow it Uas almosl impossible to see its ears. He left the reins'loose and the horse continued walking, just as if he knew righl where Ihey were headed. There was nothing Ihe rider could do but sil in Ihe saddle and gel covered with snow. Afler what seemed hours the horse came to a hall beside Ihe bul! at a barbwire gate. The bull had gone to the proper ranch le to be lei .into a pasture. The rider knew, as he got off e horse (o let the bull inlo his isture, the position of that irticular gale on that ranch. It ve him his bearings, and he len turned the horse in the ection of the ranch house. Again the horse took him to e proper place. Right into the ioryard and to the front porch the ranch house. Attei When Ihe boy was near, his father asked, "Son, what do you thinkof the idea of us getting out of this long underwear?" In spile of the icy wind blowing down that draw the boy answered, "I'm all for it, Dad!" So they put Ihe four skis close beside each other lo sland on, and lo lay clothing on as Ihey took it off. First, the father undressed while the boy held a coat on Ihe windward side lo protect the man as much as possible from the cold wind. The .man hurried, to get undressed and dressed, but the cold chilled him and he stood shivering as he held Ihe coat to protect Ihe boy during the shorl lime it look him to get rid of the long underwear. They sluffed Ihe underwear into the pack sack and resumed their slow trek uphill through the deep soft snow. They slill had about seven miles to go before reaching Silver City. At each stop for a bit of rest they would gel chilled quickly, so the slops became less frequent and more brief. After reaching the summit and looking down on Silver Cily Ihey untied the pieces of colton cord that had been used on the skis and put Ihem in their pockets. The man went ahead of his son :r gettina off^lhe horsejind; as.Ihey slid down off ; the.steep ing 'riinfto a -"suppofl he.; mountain" side .into [own,. ;pped up-onto the porch to ake the snow off his clothing and stomp it off his overshoes. Heople -inside the house heard him and^went out to meet him. When 'he- told them of his jerience ihey had difficulty bilievin'git. They told him it had bfen snowing heavily there for veral hours. During the time he was inside tret ranch house visiting and g tting his clothing dry it quit Vwing. 3ne of the young men on that ich saddled a horse and rode th him to the place where they al ruptly left the snow covered ound. It was then (hat they re able lo see the huge snow tud thai had moved to another and Ihen hurried to the hotel lo get warm by the big old pot bellied stove in the lobby. That last half mile or more of high speed off Ihe mountain on those skis had chilled them, so much they were unable to answer questions people asked them on the street before Ihey reached the hotel. Their teeth were chattering too much from being so cold. Silver City seldom had many visitors at that time during a severe winter, so residents .congregated in the hotel lobby waiting until the man and boy were warm enough lo visit.' On their return home they wore the long underwear wilhoi.'! a complaint. They had loo many miles of downhill skiing al a fast speed in chilly wind not lo be dressed. as warmly as possible. They weren't like the rancher al Poverty Flat lhat an eavesdropper on the Juniper Mounlain Telephone Company party line told about. He said the rancher's wife was in Jordan Valley with a team of horses hitched lo a buggy during a snowstorm. She was ready to leave town with a load in the buggy when she telephoned her husband and asked if he had fed their livestock. The woman had location. That huge snow cloud was Ihe prjelude lo a winter of heavy snowfall in Ihe Owyhecs, and il made traveling, or getting mail delivered, a hard task for people liJing there. I- Snow stories ft was a custom Ihose days for men to wear light weight long woolen underwear until il betame very cold, Ihen they changed lo heavyweight long wijolen underwear. Many of the families bought clolhing by m a i l order. It generally was one of the duties o f b wife and mother lo send the 30 miles of travel ahead of her in orders for such clothing, the snowstorm Sometimes orders weren't filled, vefy fast, along with slow mail delivery of parcel post, so something might not please members of a family when they sa|v Ihe material, but il might be too late la return it. that was the case in one family when their new long woolen underwear arrived jusl as-they needed it. The menfolk didn't like it, but it had turned too cold lo be without it, so they wore it. The father and a teenage son in that family received their new heavyweight woolen underwear one day and left on skis the following morning to go to Silver City. They had a good many miles of uphill walking on the long homemade skis to do before Ihey had any downhill slopes where they could slide on Ihe boards Cotton cord was tied earthquakes, said Prof. James nround each ski at inlervals lo M. Cere, one of the centers give traction on the uphill walk. Most of the miles and miles Uiey had to cover was steep and it took cpnslderible effort to lift those heavy boards wilh each slep. Also, one of them carried a pack with their spare clothing and some food. Each time they stopped to re»r for * few moments th* pack would be given to the other fellow to carry until they stopped lo rest analfl. The husband's answer to her was, "You wouldn't expect me to go outside in this kind of weather would you?" Copyright, Curtis C. Jones 1915 Quake study STANFORD, Calif. (UPD The safety of buildings in Nicaragua in another devastating earthquake like the temblor lhat struck Ihe counlry a year ago is one of the first studies at the new John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center at Stanford University. "Recent earthquakes in Nicaragua, Peru and the US. have shown once again that improved methods of building design and construction are needed if injury and loss of life are to be reduced during major directors, . "The center will deal pri- · marily with the effects of earthquakes on man-made structures and facilities," said Gere of the Civil Engineering Department Greene County in Iowa was named after Gen. Nathaniel Greene, a leader in the Revolutionary War. MOUTH WASH CREME RINSE CHOPPED HAM Scope with 50 mail-in coupon CAKE MIX Swan's Down, 6 flavors REG. KAOPECTATE 80z. For Treatment Of Diarrhea CREST TOOTHPASTE SEAL-TIGHT PLASTIC BOWL wEsraox POCKET WATCH 3-oz. Tube RJEG.39* A great buy! DECORATOR ALL For automatic dishwashers 35-oz. 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