Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 20, 1970 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Page 11
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P»*e 12 GREELEY TRIBUNE Wed., May 20, 1970 'Hospital' Wins 2 Emmys By JERRY BUCK AP T«ltvi«ion.R»di» Writtr NEW YORK (AP) -- Frederick Wiseman's graphic "Hospital" was a double Emmy winner Monday in the newsy and s ' orv documentary division of the Na- program was filmed at Metro- wlitan Hospital in Manhattan. It was shown without narration, with the voices of the doctors, nurses and patients telling the tional Academy of Television Arts Sciences. Wiseman received an award the Apollo 11 moon mission on for individual achievement and the program received another in the documentary class. It was seen Feb. 2 on National Educational Television. The 90-minute Waller Cronkite was selected for an Emmy for individual Two other programs were double winners in the cultural documentary class. The documentary "Arthur Rubinstein," seen on NBC Sept. 5, 1969, won in the program category and Rubinstein was seeded for individual achieve- achievement for his reporting of ment as commentator. it i _ n _ 4 . ! : "Tnn Ttinanoco " it CBS. The awards announced Monday, will be presented on the Emmy telecast, Sunday, June, 7, on ABC. Antique Leather Creations Antique B r o w n top grain cowhide. Sueded cowhide body inserts. Rolled leather handles, zipper and tuck pockets. SALZMAN S 911 8th Ave. ^P c agp^^''Siica =Oi«ffl = Bg9'«Bi«J^ "The Japanese," seen April 23,1969, on CBS, won in the prop-am class and the narrator, Mwin 0. Relschauer, former J.S. ambassador to Japan, won "or individual achievement. Fathers and Sons" also received an Emmy in the cultural documentary class. It was seen Aug. 12, 1969, on CBS. : Black Journal," a monthly }resentation of NET, was se- ected for an Emmy as the outstanding magazine-type pro- ;ratn. An Emmy for individual achievement went to Tom Peitt, reporter-writer for a segment of "First Tuesday" called 'Some Footnotes to 25 Nuclear Years." It was broadcast Jan. on NBC. Winners in special events coverage were NBC's coverage of Apollo 10, 11 and 12 and NBC's coverage of the solar eclipse, : A Darkness at Noon," March 7. "The Making of the President, 1968," rceived an award in the documentary class. It was broadcast Sept. 9, 1969, on CBS. Two Emmies were awarded for segments within regularly scheduled news programs. One went to "An Investigation LAFF - A - DAY Hairdressers RAWALPINDI (AP) - Pakistani barbers and hairdressers are campaigning for representa- ion in one seat of the national assembly and each of the provincial legislatures to be elected n October. In a statement, Isam Salrnani, head of the hairdressers federation, said bar- ers "are in regular direct con- act with people ... and as members of assemblies could wtter ... serve the masses" in restoring civilian rule. Bolivian Minister "Everything makes noise except the horn." of Teen-age Addiction--Odyssey House," on the NBC Huntley- Brinkley Report, a four-part series in December, 1969, and to Can the World Be Saved?", seen at various dates on the CBS Evening News. The Only Way BRUNSWICK. Germany (AP) -- When the Lessinghof Hoi el discovered guests were having trouble finding it because of nearby construction arid detours, it added a line to the ads saying: "Because of poor street planning, only reachable by helicopter." Chinar Top School Gets New President TAIPEI, Formosa (AP) Dr. Chien Shih-liang, chancellor of Taiwan University and note( chemist, has been named the fifth president of the Academia Sinica, Nationalist China's top academic institute, by Presiden Chiang Kai-shek, to succeed thi retired Dr. Wang Shih-chieh. According to an official rei»r from New Delhi, the Indian army was called in to maimair law and order 12 times las year, five limes the year before and 14 ties in 1967. Museums To Close To Protest U.S. Indochina Involvement By STANLEY JOHNSON A»wciat«l Pratt Writtr NEW YORK (AP) - Re- ponding to demands by artists wanting to protest the war in Indochina, two museums announced the closing of exhibits Monday and all galleries were asked by the artists to join a May 22 cultural blackout in the city. Two galleries Resigns LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) -- The minister of energy resigned Monday from the military-civilian Cabinet named only a week ago by President Alfredo Ovando. Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz gave no reason for his resignation. He was considered one ol Ihe most radical members of of the Jewish Gen. Ovando's 15-man Cabinet and had promoted the nationalization of Gulf Oil Co. properties last October. Political observers said Quiroga had "serious differences' with Ovando and some of the'ci- vilian Cabinet members. Ovando named a Cabinet last! Tuesday of five military men and 10 civilians to comply with a reform law adopted two weeks earlier. Only four ministry changes were made at that time. Museum were shut and (tie Whitney Museum closed an ex- libit of sculptui-e by Robert Morris. ' Later Monday, directors of most of the city's museums met with about 1,500 artists, many of .hem young, and circulated a resolution originated by artists that called for "all cultural producers and exhibitors to close down on May 22." The resolution called for participation in the one-day blackout by movie houses and legiti- mate theaters as well as museums and art schools. A spokesman for about 40 art galleries said they would accept he proposed May 22 closing and also agree to using their facili- ies for fund-raising and dissem- nation of information about eace candidates for political office. The meeting ended without s formal vote on the resolution, which has been circulating through the art world for about a week. Artists had been threatening to remove their works from museums and galleries unless closed for two weeks in with antiwar protests. If an actual pole were planted at the South Pole, a year later it would be 260 feet beyond the geographic axis because of the slow movement of the Antarctic ice cap. OFF On ALL LILY BULBS! FRANK'S Seed and Hatchery 709 10th St. Get National Brands at Discount Prices! EHIs C»Kvent«ite« Foods Jumbo Tamales EIK. ""·«'. 43c Ellis Tamales ":. 2 . 36c Ellis Beef Ravioli "*· - 59c Hot Chile with Beans H * 3 c"35c Chile with Beans "'e-35c Noodles and Beef "*^36c Ellis Beef Ravioli "* 3 «233c Ellis Beef Slew "*»45c Corned Beef Hash N ' 3 £45c Spaghetti ] i oml Meat Mh H«. Water Conditioner 07 *£ 59c . tt 89e 66( = 2 ?e . ek,. O'Cedar Sponge Mop **«*,. -. 2.87 Modess Sanitary Napkins /,' 35c T«n Age, Super, V« Form. Tanya Tanning Oil -.1.21 Tanya Tanning Butter .. : 77c Tanya Suntan Lotion i* 99e , Ml* fiiant White King «D* Drtergtnl. 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