Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 7, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 7, 1951
Page 6
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~ -..\.,f. v - - - l PACE SIX Las Cru«s Sun-News - ·:·» * ; - . , ' , ^ ^ . . . ' K I / - A./ ' - * Tv/L.r *V 1 PHONE 31 DEADLINE 9 A.M. Union High's Track Squad Places Seventh In State Duke City Meet . Union High's track delegation to the slate track meet in Allni querquc! this weekend placed seventh among 31 Luamx hcorlng points. The Crucca Ihincludjj were ovcr- Hhjidnwed, · aa were all . other schools, by the long- figure of champion Hobby Lee, who p;iccd Alamogoi'do to a 4S'/i. point meet win' with defending Albuquerque trailing second with 27 points. Cruces'.j'elay Luuni turned in nn excel lent .performance, coining in second only behind Aubuqut-rqiic's four-man record breaking team. R u n n i n g for Lna Ciuce.i were Artie Robertson, J i m m y Bradley, ony, Alvarez and Skipj)er Corlcy. , Fl :;·(· Hlgli Cruces placed liigli In two utlicr I events, thanks to Artie Uuljertfion. hard-working A r l l e trailed c I OH · behind Hobby U*_ as Ihr la Ilor set n now Kliitc high Hchuol record In tile aao-ynnl d»y by doing it In 21.0 (former re-cord: 22.1). In the 100-yurd dash, Robertson i-iimu Ui tlilni, :\vilh Lets and Mn- h n f f c y of Carl.sbiid r u n n i n g ahead. In a l l . five records fell during the finals Saturdity. Leo won the KKJ-yard dash In « · record time of ii.H Hi'i-omlfi and the 220 in a record nmindn. Un.vdts .Jiivrlhi .Murk His ItiiiimmiU', Hcnriy CI;in;ia, losHnl the javojjn 193 fc-qt, J fi/8 Inclicn. ridding i V f e e t ,'11/8 inches to Mie JM.yefii'-old record set by Kay MoneuK of Tucuinciirl. .I'jlin I'aclt of CiU'labad, breezed yvcr Hit J20-y;ml liifih ImrdlEii In 1.1.1, nhnvlng .3 of a ttucond off Ihn il! jiiark. And iho Albmiucrguii relay team M h a t t e r r d n 1 '..'(2.0 record by gviiiK the distance in 1:32.7. KJvr Itrrunls Urnlicti Trailing bi-hlnd Alionogonlo and A1 bii^ii irrwic were Cttrl.ihnd in tlilrd pliicti with 20 points;-Turum- carl. f o u r t h w\\\\ 17; Tuxleo f i f t h . 33; New Mox!i;(hiMlli.tnry Institute nlxth, 11'.*.; J.sifi Ciuci's.. seventh,, 11; Silver City WiiNUnii 10; SU Michael's, 8; Axtee, Pt. Wingnli- and Hurley^ 7; CliiyUm. C; Cliff, 5; IHghliuufs, 4 1/:i; l.Uilun, Siintu Fe liuliniiH. mid HaWltlo, -I; Al- bui]Uei'(Mie Indliiritt, dcming, Funn In);ton. find Pin-tales, ."; Giillup, Lit.i Luniis, I'jUnlco, Hn.nU mid Vaughn, 2; l,jas Vi'gu^ and Siintn Ku 1; nml Jtchobolh Mission tint! Kuy,.l/:» cm:h. Cruces Tennis Team Loses To Highlands Club The Cruets tennis l e u m lost out in thcir ( third round of play to Highlands' high .school of Albuquerque in the Htate tournament, played at the University of Now Mexico; I J ' Highlands wna then defeated'in Ihc doublesby ArluHla, which cu' ( *- tured the state doubles title. The Arte.'iin loam was composed of Doug W h l t f l c l d and Charles Gib- f-:cm. Joe Foif-iifion of Highlands won lite singles crown defeating Jody WIIIIimiH ol Aili-sla. ^ Win I'lrM Two The La a Cruccs doubles team ! composed of LeMiilT Gwiiltncy rind I Gene Pilcmlcy actually tied foi third place In the slate 'play-off. They wun their flrtsL two matches defeating Portalou in their opening play two straight .sets 012, and 0-'!. In their second niiitel*,' tliuy defeateu -lol twn straight .sets G - 4 ' f m d 6-1. They wen! palrnt. 1 with Hlgh- lunds for lh«lr third match while Highlands drew a bye for (.hit. play being one of the top fielded leamit. There was wmic diHciis-slon as lo whether Ihc nintclteH would be plnyod Friday or Katui-ilny morn- li\K but the t e a m decided to piny off their match and they last by two HirnlKhl sctfl 0-0 and 0-2. rtnyril fi'-i (Jiunrs * Thlis maleh a c t u a l l y ineanl. the UIH Crucna team j)layed a total of 38 naniuH In one day before pliiyhif; Minhlanil.'!. WJien they eompleled the Ilighland» match the yhad uciiiully played 02 yameu of leiinla. Highlands had defeated Ha I on for the I'ljfjil to pluy La.s Crueea prior to meeting the lUitUluKH. The A i L v K l n tcfuu had defeati-d Ualttip and Ln» VURHH to 140 Into the finii Sports Briefs llv Tim Associated Press UmlKvllle - Count Turf ($:!,20), a fluid hoi'KC, won the Jvoil- tui'ky Uciby by four U'i;|ith:(. I'd -- The M a i y l u m l . P L A Z A * . TONIGHT. , ; Doiltilc Horror lilt ' "WorowoH of London" "I'llAXTD.M oy t'AUi.s' M«rl«» y MUrcolts ^ rCU.ZARV -- TiALICIA l:^ Las CnJrcti was the only team Lo piny three malchcK hi I.Jin oiio dny niul the only Umm to play llu tV inn U l u ? n w i t h o u t K d i n l n g ii'place in Hit: I'lnalH. Itotii Ill^Iilanib and Artuitla had .inly pliiyutt two iiiHttho.i before liclnj,' jnili'uU for the flnal.i. Cuaclrllmly Cniinine/, appeared pk'iiued wlib the Hhuwltiff miule and pliinii it 10 now inln^ dlHcusiK'd tti,tluvolc more l l i i i u to the tunnlti piny iirxt yenr. lii'y club luuiuinici'd jilmia to dun t l i o I'ronltitctiH May l!i in two HCC- Ilon.'t with a .iprdiil rni-u .Mny .'JO ftir fnui- fir-it finlKhurn in Unrby and PrenltiH'HH McctloiiH. New Yorli - Ai'iicw ($j:t,!)0) hi-nt Tliolina Herder by 110.111 in $:;0.(MJO inrciixi* h u n d i n i p at .Jn- ninlea, ° GOLK l'(-lilile Hunch, Calif. - I'nlty Hurt; of MlmicJilpolta wun lliu ,si'u- unil k'R of lili! WenlliiM'Vtuiij cnita- L-ounlry Kulf tutirnameiiL with 152. Bine Sox Swamp Tigers By 15-3 in First Game Las Cruci;s Blue Sux won · a clean svrpcji over their first opponent of the season Sunday at ComprcsH diamond, downing the Laa Cnices Tigers 23-3. Using all team members, deluding fo/Jr pitchers, the 'Blin^ Sox- started the season with a, display of early year talent which will mark every Sunday with games here and on out-of-town independent league dinifionds. Starting pitcher for the Blue Sox was I'iefcr, who wa.s followet Wy Smithhisler, Billy Chalman and Ell Buca. Pat Gonzales stayed In the catcher's spot all the way. Linu-up for the Blue Sox in Sunday's game WHS John Utley first-baseman; Gene Thomalson second; J. Conzfiles, t h i r d ; A! Apo- ilfica, .shortstop; Junior Apodacn If; Fnink Hetcncourt, team miin- tigcr, cf; and Itobcrt Tcllea, rf. Utility men were Gomez, Carillo, J. Chave/. and G. Garcia. ThonialBcn's 'three-bagger was the heaviest h i t - o f the day. -Blue Sox tagged the Tiger .pitchers foi 18 hits" throughout 'the grime. Manager Frank Betcncourt snid ic wai /'extremely pleaded" wltli .he showing of the Sox in their irst .-(pasonal game. . Practire will continue daily this week, with a practice session with Las cruces Bulldogs set for this afternoon, A meeting of the club's board of directors has been called for 7:30 p. m., Tuesday at Co them Cleaners. The team announces they play again next Sunday, but have not established art opponent as yet. MAJOR: Aggies Taks Low Place In Meet Kl. 1'ASO, Tex.. May 7 I/TI -- Tovna Western finished with a rush Sunn-day to win a triangular liacit meet from New Mexico and New Mexico AM. The winners collected 7l y 2 ]iolnl3 to 05 for New Mexico and 21 l/ll fo- AM. WILIi only four events loft, Western led Nc\v, Mexico by a lulnt. But 11163- held the Albuquerque college to (scattered pomtH in j the broad jump and high hurdles to take ythe victory. Michigan State fencing coach Cliarlea Sehinltter la tin liceomyi- llshcil baH.1 viol player. He hu.s worheil Hovet'ai HcimonK with :i fiyniphony orclicbtra. Albert .(lied) .Sclmelulleat, infield ace with the St. Louis Cardinnla, wan Die only member of 1 he team to pl:iy In all the club's 1050 Barnes. By Tin! AHMfclnttiil'- I'mts NATIONAL W. . L. PCT. St. Loui 0 5 *667 EosLon . '-33 ·". 9 '. .581 PittsburRh . 9 .-. 8 .529 Brooklyn - 10 --10./.50P Chicago 8 '9 : .47i Cincinnati . ' 7- 11. .381* New York 8 14 .3(M Toauy's Svliiiilulc St. Louifi fit Brooklyn : (night) Only game scheduled ,1 ' ' · ' · · ] - . .Hnmliiy'fi ilesults . · ' . - \\ St. Louis 11. Brooklyn ?' : ! Cincinnati -1-5, New .YorJc 3-8 (Fiist jfiune 10 inninKs) ' · ? Phlliiilulpliia-. 5-7, Chicago'-...4' : 0 Seclndcil Sonihpaw Toast Of Majors As Pirate's First Shvt-Ont Pitcher New York Cleveland A M R I U C A N W. 1-1 , . I I . i 11 Ifl Cliictigo Boston . 0 Detroit C St. Louia . 0 Plilliicielphia a Toihiy's Sclintliilo Boston at St. Louis (night) New York at Detroit · , . . I'er. -.778 .-.G88 New York li; Boston 5-1!, St. Louts 4j8. l -. r "."' Washington 8-2, ClcvelaVid i-4'. 1 ) Chicago 4-8, PhOadelphik-1-3.{ Minor League Scores My Tim AKKudittud l f rwjs\ l lunliiy'ri Sfurrs TKXAS LEAOUK Tulsa 4, San Antonio 2-' :. ^ Dallns 2-6, Shrcveport 1-4 .V\ Fort Worth 4. Beaumont 3 . Ol.titthoma , Ci.ty 5, Houetp" v 2 WESTERN LEAOUis ' Pueblo :(-fi, Sioux City 1-1 DcB.'Moincs..1-5, Lincoln l-10-,»'.. Omn m Jl. Colorado Springs 2 Wichitu at Denver ( 2 ) , poatpon- cd. v WKST Ti:XAS-NE\V MKXICO Abiluiiu 10, Lubhock (i Albuquerque at Burger, ppd., cold . - Clovla at Aiuarillo, ppdt.,i cojd Pampa at Lamcsa, ppd., Iwiiid By. JOB .REICHl.GR (AP-Sport* Wrtfcr)' The toast'of. the baseball world today -is CUT Chambers, a somewhat secluded"· southpaw ; pitcher whose only previous claim to fame was his ability to thrcnv a "duster" DH expertly as the next. .; Cliambers made history, yesterday when h c ' h u r l t ' d ' a no-run, no- hit game;, a .feat no other Pittsburgh pitcher had been .able to accomplish in the city's long- ten urc in the National League. ' The no-hitter was the first fashioned in the majors since Vefn Biclfford of Boston's Braves did is against Brooklyn in a night game AUgv 11, 1050., Handcufftifl Uruvcs Chambers, a big blonde elbower from Portland, *Orc., believed his sub-par lifetime won and lost record of 27-31 with a performance reminiscent of a Carl Hubbelj. He handcuffed the Braves. 3-0, in the 1 second game of a double header after Warren . Spahn had blanked the Pirates, 6-0, In the opener. .1 ' Chambers was wild, walking eight. However, he was deadly 'in the clutches ay only one 'Boston runner readied third. That was when the no-hitter was in deepest danger. With two out. Bob Elliott sent'a Jong'smash to right center- but the fleet-footed Gus Eoli :nade a catch-'over his head. The surprising ;j£. i.ouis.Cardih-* als thumped the Dodgers, 11-7, despite "a home run. with the; bases and dust. , ^ - ' . ; SOUTI1WE5TEKN ' INTEKNATIONAL LEAGUE I?l Paso 1-8, Phoenix 3-5 · Bi5bee.-Dou.glas. 12, Las Vegas 0 El Centre 4-2, Tijuana C r l (second ginnc 10 innings) · Mexicali 8-10,'Yuma 7-2. . " 3-8.- Jiiarcz-:i3-4' " '- full by Brooklyn's Pec'-;Weo Reese, After blowing.a 5-0 lead, the 1 Redbirds bounced"!back i with . six 'in the overcome a 7-5 Brooklyn-edge. The triumph gave the pacesettlng Cards a 'half-game bulge over the Eravea. · · · · afcikrs First Error .Jackie Robinson's first "error of the'season, on a .potential inning .ending' double', play, ball, opened the gates .for five ist..'Louis runs in the eighth.' ; · Philadelphia and Chicago split a National Lengue. doublchoader. The Phils won the opener, 5-4 and the Cubs took uic-JU-inning rijght- cap, 1 9-7. , . ' - . " ' The Cubs blasted Robin Roberts and Bob Miller for 17 hits in the finale. Triples by Woody Burgess and Bob Ramazzotti produced the winning runs In the 10th.. Split Twin Kill . . . * · 'Ncw- : York's Giants and Cincinnati also "divided a: twiri bill. The Reds .won the first, 4-3, on Red Stallcup.'s 10th inning homer. Bobby Adam's p i n c h ' h i t double had brought in tlvo Red- rims in the ninth to. force "the overtime. The Giants, who' now have drop : pod all four bveiUme tilts, wen the- second' game, '8-5. on Hank Thompson's three-run home:- in the j first inning. ·".'/': - ' ' I New York's high-flying .Yankees whipped the Tigers, 11-G, -in Detroit for their ''eighth -straight victory; and''incrcased*thcir American League lead to two gamos over Cleveland. ' . : t Lead. Yanks Rookie Mickey Mantel led th( Yanks' 12-hit assault on five Ti gcr huilers with three hits and three runs batted IN. Another rook ie righthander-Tom Morgan, gained" credit-'for'-'lhe- victory. Kiuit! Your Finanuliil Burden , V t . with it (jcrsimul loan from Chlltoi. Ltiuii Insuninco Co. Real Estate Lbani W. J. LITT;-E Improved City I'rojiertj Karnw -- Kanchnfl ·' nratiNatlonal Bank Bldg. Phone 270 or 1305 JUST INSTALLED 'A NEW,VAN NORM AN : : : Crankshaft Grinding Machine with-Van-O-Liie" Finish MOTOR REBUILDING All types of Automotive Repairs Come in'and see 'our machinery in .operation '*, VALLEY MACHINE SHOP 137 N. WATER . 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' 1 0 S 6 - 6 -'11 ·· 2 15 .577 .542 .D36 519 .480 .433 .280 I'CT. .688 ".684 .325- ·.623 .471 .429 '1353 .118 GOOD Ernrare Pltuail LfitMiig K O B E WEST TEXAS-NEW MEXICO ' Albuquerque Abilene Lamesa , Pampa Lubbock Bargcr Clovis Amsrillo 3- -JflO 4 .733 6 .571 7 .533 ·- 7 .000 8 ..467 5 30 .333 2 '12' ".143 The man who gets action through his news-discoveries · FULTON LEWIS, JR. cvrrtiponiutt TONIGHT 6:15 KOBE And Every.Night . Monday Thru 'Friday - JIulip! Broadcaatinn : S)-»ttm . i MM On Your Dill TONIGHT -- MON. ,p.-M.-:''. ; : :;;:.. ;··.;;.· ·· . ·.. 4:30 ·, Evening Buyers Guidi . ' 1 . 4 : 4 5 , Las Orucea\Furnlturc· ... : /....Calls'... .'.'.. ' ' " I D:00«»'Mark-.Trail ;. . . · . / ' 5:30" Clyde Boatty '· .'. . f . 6:00 UP News',. ' : /.'·· 6:15** 'Foiiltoh LewIs, J 'Jr. f ' .6:30'";Let's'Walti.- · ; 6:45 "UP News · '.'.6:80.' .'Sports 'Cast · .,.- .. ." 6:55** BUI 'Henry-and i the Newt .7:00' . ReXlll-.-Bhythm ; . 7:'15 Concert .Miniature 7:25 - , Eddy.Arnold- 7:30 ': -Box 13' fAlari Ladd) 8:00 JalsUff'iSerenade . 8:15**. ,1. Lovo. A iMystory 8:30 Jackpot Jamboree 9:00 . UP News''.;-' ' '· 9:15," Mutual Jfews Reel "9:30- War :r .Front,.Home Front .10:00 ;,.U;',Pi;;Nev iO:05 : . SighCiOJT ·'. TOM6HH'6w---I ..A;M; "'·"-' ' cio'O 6:05 · : T:OJ)* 7:30'.-7:45 · · 8:00 8:15 · · 8:25. ·8:30. 8:4B,'-' . 9:00 ' 0:15 : : 9:25'. '0:30*' 10:00 '10:15. 30:20 10:30 1 El- Corrido Mcxieano ··.Robert Hurlelgh . ·' ·'.Teirirouf Neighbor . ^Morning News · Trading Post-. · Cecil Brown · . Gather. 'Bound Kids News. ' Cedric Koster '· \-Morning Buyers' Guide ' "Morning Devotional : Music of tho Tropics '.News · : , ': Queen for a Day ' Facts and Fun for Every. one Lomax Views . .Babbot News '.Gamc.of the Day,".-.' K Q B E Your Friendly SlHllmi A'.MUTUAL NEHTOUK . AFTIUATK - makes a cool .dress by "Pixltl £Jititn"...'satin dccoiatc'd kerchiefs highlight this breeze-inviting Djn River tissue gingham |ilaiJ. Triangle kerchiefs form the high and »-idc V neckline and angel wing sleeves 5 to IJ. ShjJil of Brtti-n, Dint, Crttn '. · Otlxr Dlril DiJunJaaiers foiti M0.95 ./ liJ

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