Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 1, 1961 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1961
Page 23
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li *eU«flt condition. S« at 1244 i2th 11. «r pV EL MIH. FOR SiALE-'St Fold !·» Irutk.lrat- tor uari/M FhiJkauf t e a l U r . belli In ifr^M »t«lttbl S« »«· » l GtNERATOnS and alarttll. w.t,, pum[4 f u t l pumot. New. ua«d ar-r. rtfcjllt. C««M lo Gold'! and F.Y. ' CWim M l l l l M Vriri *tt A* ' USED f IRES Miles Availabli i ii hAost sizes. Pfiieif friin $4.50 $15.00 Montgomery Ward 61i.'fith,Ave. ' . 6Lb ENGINE Giving You trouble? fitly R rJN'iilNB engine guar- with a antee. . Ail popular makei and modeli Available. Montgomery Ward ,116 10th BtN«t Hawta) » Ailo Tr.ikrl railer, S 3-350!!. modern IralU rmi. EL 2-1S03. AUTHORIZED .feaUr'ior Great La'ktJ Kit. and Sky T.ane new and . uie\ boui« Iralleri. 'Western Trailer Sales ree boui« Iralleri. 'Western Trailer Sal Inc., SU Hi St.-, llC'! !lh St.. Gr 1H TMK !H»rket lof a Moll ill Home', You ho* haV« IM adrarilag* of flu rolume bitrlrjc 4nd ·ellLr.^ projrranl Bceaua* ira buy In rolum«. wa eai offer .Veil *d!ujri« priced bornei am irtaUr trade-In. Stop I n . or tall Stahla'a Trailer Silta rl hxjl ' milea aouth of fir«!«T on U. S. Phr.nt El, I.UOi. MARKETS -v- Map, based oh one supplied In \Vash- ingldn Oct. 30 'by U.S. Weather Bureau, Iraces palh of rSdloidtlve Mlloiit from flussla's sufier- borhb blsst Of!!, 23. Dr. Lejler Maclila of the bufeaU said (he fallout cloud was moving across the north Atlantic Tuesday','south of Iceland and Greenland. Its-leading edge Is expected lo ap- jM-oitcb lh« British Isle's anrl f.ortherh EU'ro£c Wednesday. (AP Wircjliolc- i L ' ' EkVH. POTATOES ,THal Vf. aHf.rilMta T*4 ii], Co'o. I t i , 0 3 Ira* We.. 1; unloaded 6l dl- vertM 0; arrived Cola. 2. Idaho U InKk. iris Colo. II. Market »t«aij! ailea oil *ti6tc!ilr mar- ktt li laa u,a». carle* -quiutiesi U.S N» 1 lize A * ashed Mleai otttWisc staled} CrXe, round, red! ft la.-u* 3.25s "«1.1". .ml". J.W-S.5IH.4I.S. rS ffa Ih sacks 4ii Colo. huseU bakera '10 bz mil. ac.J ua, oz. lli-lio: Un»aihM mln. a per cent 10 W. and larjer * 4, a*, mln. 135; 2*1 ib. mln. 2.3Q- " IdaWasK rri'-tl^ot'aTic;""!!' Hi aa'Shj' McCl»fiea tti Id. mln. Si 2 In. mln. 30; rujieta 4 or. Weathermen Help U.S. Track Nuclear Fallout 1 Cloud . . 3.00-3.23; U.S.-. N Colo, rrO jfcClure* S.ti] ,1H, in. ur S.M.2.W; - CHICAGO 1UTTIH, ANB tMk Bwter - ateadyl unmanned', S3 xn Ar. *!·«..A. hlJ...».B_ S«{| H By RAYMOND J. CRO.WLEY ' WAshW6f6M ' (Ai) '-=- Each sj 1 U.SV weathehncn produce a lart csllniating thie; world-eir- ing path of fallout from the Solet Union's nllclcar explosions. o do if, they get help even from IB Russians. A lillle bond of Soviet weather- meA ia stationed on bleak Novaya dlrites XV,; rhc^ki M«: · IkVlR''LIVESTOCK Cattle 1.JM; cjives 700; Cattle 1401; cjives 700; lt«ti* and htrfcra sle.adji cows 'fully altad-| ,bulla acarce; Mockers and feeders about steady with slaughter slrcrs rhe4ce IjlOQ-Uli Ib! j'.OO-n.Zi: btifers choice 13.25-13.50; cmj Kith culler and nllrHr-15.M-l7.Ui tinr.Mf aM culltrs 13.50-1! X; food afri .1IAHI I bid lo itrwwfi IDS 660 1 ».b. I is. U.S. » less. . Dtnv.r ^ii for U luirtali prices nil e7» cinSUd aia | mumed: Large ateady; . . iOO-i-li |be, L 16.90-17.l»: M f t - f i a 1-3,3«fj- «5 (b IS-IS-IS-OO, -, · , .' SheM 9MO: .iliiiHer lahibs weak lo M l«*eri"!aM_tholce. and «tifile 90105 Ibs l7.7D.)8.5fl; choice shorn wilb No 1-2 pelts 16.10; KOOd and choice year- Hr.K In 3-year-«Vl MTthcrs Ko 1 aod 2 pelts lj.». ' .' OMAHA , ., . .. , Hols- 16,500;' barroai ami flits tteadyj lo vveaki EOVIS s'eatly to 25 off; No 1 u'zsj.'Sa-tJo.'lBiTKti-'H.M.-. .. ·. '· Gallic 9,0001 · calyea - W;. ileeri and heifer^ moally steady; .'cons steady lo 25 lower; high choke and prime I,t91- 1.196 Ik steers IS 23-15.3!: iria)orKy choke 2f.oo-U.7l- hllrn chNce an* priSe · 1.000 Ih heifers 24.01; niajorliy choke 23.0023.50; utility and commercial cows 14.76- ISZS. . . . ..' , ' . . , : Sleep «*;. rood :anrl choice IO-10» "-- -=---' alaujhlef lajrrtu 16.0M7.SO d - a l a u o-jfti t( KANlAt CITY L1VI1TOCK Cattle IMt; calves ISO; ilaujhii tS JSffi" M?I encice Had prime Bd .chftce. betters J!.«f IfttS steady: demand fair: offerings "· .Bald delivefM TMnrcr fir traded IH Deaver, caMa ^. --..- white* AA 40; large L»CU AA 33-44; medium whites and nlied AA JJ-34; latn »biles A M-M; irri - anlxej A M-3I; MMIiiM -nlKrt rhllej A 2S-30; medinn mixed A ,273; small A 20-Kr lafite »titri k»j nixed B 30-32; medium B 11-20; lurfet- [raiM line 17, alii a] I 7-A. Chicago Grain Market (AP)-Grairi futures 'rices shifted generally within narrow ranges ctther way from ireVloiis clotM in slow leadings oday on the Board of Tradei Net changes were in small frac- ions most of the'time although ome contracts moved over a broMef.range *hue showing both loins' infl losseii ' · . . - . ' ' . . ; ' - ' · · Tf»de lactors, irtcluded'. s niad erite Voiume bf export tHiiirtees in wheat and corn, -but H hid Wily -^'-'·Mftg 'effect ',-. 23.71; ulliity and coaimerclal ].»; lUMard Id eketee aian. Il.00-23.00: aMd a«d k« duke vealera 23.Bf.26.00. ·- . . ·' Roils 4.0M; lleady It IS bicker; hir- rnu^»d .tllLl 1-3 Do-260 Ib. IC.M-O.Kl 10-AI 1-3 270400 Ib H,00-15,15. Sheep 1.6CO; \TMe!W. !^h3 strong to 25 higher; shora Iambi 54 hither; choice and/prMe-Mc4ed;lambf 17.90; toM lo choke .lE.Ot-17.OOt choice ir.bfn . No 1 ttitl 14.50; rtn lo |«cd t*tt 3.00-5.W teod, lo rtoW* .feeder Iambi 11.00 1S.M. It.'. JSStPH tlVtSTOCK rtoga f3M\. steady Id 25,rower; bir- rmi atd riu No l-j;i«-lb Ib H3S- wheat 18 corn 8S, pats », rye none, barley 14 and soybeans : 24 Wheat was unchanged to H a bushel higher at the finish, D« cembcr fe.MVi; corn' H' higher t 1I.50J a«irs N«.l-3 2*0-369 )t) 14.K-15.40. Sheep 700; ^25 to 50 hlxher; chotA and prime 80-105 Ib wooted lamb* 17.731B.OO: chrice and prime shorn lambs No 1 aad fall shorn pells 17.50; cull lo cood slaillhlcf eiVes !»I.RJ; aood and choice Ca-70 Ib native feeder larVlbs 12 00-13 00 - ' " · Cllilelj«: -calres 10*: slauiMer ileers and hellers Ateady; cows alronf: cb«iec or mixed choree and prime 1,140-1450 Tb ateers 25.00-2S.K); rkeTce U prime iTZ I» belters 24.2S. CHICAGO (AP) -- (OSDA) -Hogs 6,6to; bulchefs steady to strong; fhbted 1-2 190-2M Ibs 16.4016.60; around.BO head around 200 Ibs x 16.65; bulk mixed )-3 190-M6 16S 16.15-16.40; 1-3 and Z-3 MO-270 Ibs 16.00-15.15; a'load 2-3 308 Ibs *\ 15.75; mixed 1'3 300-MO Ib sows 14.tT-15'.50; J-S and 3s *XWOO Ibs li.te-H.55. Catlle 14.000; calves IbO; steers steady to strong, insUnces ?S higher on yeaflirig steerai 5 loads llrirne ),SoO-l,i50 Ib stee.s 26.25; bulk choice and pfirrte 950-1,4« Ibs 24.05-28.00; a load of mixe ciwice and prime 1,450 Ibs al 24.54; two loads choice a 1,6M Ibs 23.06; six loads choice with a prime.end 1,700 Ibs 22.75; load lots mixed good and choice 1,050-1,150 Ibs 24.25-24.50; bulk good 900-1,300 Ibs 21.75-24.45; a load of good 1,550 Ibs at 22.50'; a few lots utility and standard 19.25- a.50; mixed choice and pflme belters 24.00-24.2S-, a load *23 Ibs at 24.35; most choice 23.pO-24.Oo; good ai.50-23.7S; commercial cows 1S.95-16.50; cutter and utility 13.00-15.00; canners 11.50-13.00; ulilily bulls 18.00-20.00; cutlersi 16.50-18.00; a few standard and good vealer 19.0C-25.M; culls down to 12.00. Sheep ' 1,000; slaughter lambs fully steady; choice and prime 90-110 Ib native wooled slaughter l«mbc 17,50-18.00; good and choke 15.00-17.01; cull to good M.OO- 19.00; double deck choice and prime shorn fed lambs with No 2 pelts 102 Ibs «t 17.50; a deck mostly choke 85 Ibs with No 3 pelts 15.75; cull lo choice slaughter ewes 4.50-5.00. lower, corn' Deccrnber ' . pals unchanged 16' ',4 blgh*f, De cehibe rye Vt to H low er, December $1.4154-14; and »y beans 14 lower lo A higher, November $2.40^.*,. . CHICAGO (AM- Prev High Low Close close Wheat Dec 2.02t'a J.Mii 1 Mar May Jul Sep · 'S.10H J.10 Corn Dec Mar May Jul Sep Oats Dec Mar May Jul Sep Rye Dec Mar 2.10V4 2.10V 2.iltt 2.11', 2.UV US ItS . 1.13H 1.08V4 l.ioVi 1.4814 l.»?i 1.2114 1.21H 1.21H l.JH .66*. .704 .7314 .72^ .735, .65S .66!t .651 .70 .7011 ^0 .72 5i .72? 4 .725 .72 .- .72'A .7314 .7314 .731- 1.4314 1.4114 1.4214 i.4214 1.42',i 1.41 I.41H 1.411 May 1.4014 1.39V1 1.391' 1.40 Jul 1.34 1.32?i 1.3314 I.33V S«p · Soybeans Nov Jan Mar May Jul 2.401i 2.40- 2.WU 2.40* 2.44',', 2.43'i 2.44 J.44 2.4714 2.46'i S.47«i 2.4M 2.5« 1.4914 l.W 2.4H 2.51»i 2.5114 2.51H J,Sl» 2.44!l 2.4314 J.43? Cash ,Grain CHICAGO (AP) - No whea sales. Corn No 2 yellow l.ll'.i Oats No 1 extra heavy while BS'.i No l extra heavy mixed 6»»t. Soy beans No 1 yello* 1.41'i. Soybean oil 10%i. Barlfcy ! malting choice l.fOn; feed l,«0-1.3pn. KtW YpftK BatcttCD ME X ' h s r: ileztly; veal ' iteKiy In t'.ca'f: _ . r:bs ^; rhelcc rovnrh i.ut arr,-ri M.COi-l.m: lamb ctoir* l ' f n r l prtaM m M M.OtU.M. 1.15 Local Market Wheat t* NW. 1) Oals, cwt |2.0 Itiiked. Pledge Cuts Concern of La Salle U F LA SALLK-Uniled Fund work- rs in la Salle voiced concern Vedncsday in apparent pledge nils crop'ping up during the cm- munity drive. . '· : -. Wayne Norman,, La Salle (JF Irive chairrnari,; said the drive ,pp!afs, tailing considerably h6ft..Ht Reported about 75 percent of the $S,B33 goal has been ·aUed lo ddle. B»wk»H Pr»jrjm Miy Sutf»r Norman said the La Salle sum mer baseball program will suffer unless the goal Is- reached. The Salle UF drivS is raising money for seven major charitabli agencies, as well as for th« cum mer youth program. Money collectra rtiiist be direct rd to regular l)F agencies before ocal community ptpjects rhay re ceiVe their fair *Hafe. Thefe'for'e, if * ctrnrnunlly goa falls short, thb local project wil probably sliffer. Norman urged many La £ residents to reconsider the! riedges and d6natfoni. Ft. LuprMi'Pidyrt Brl«jht*r Meanwhile, Weld' County Unlfe ·und received a bright note from the Fort Lupton-chapter, Last year-'the For'st Lupton chapter fell considerably short o ils goal and appeared destined fo: the same fate this year. However a sudden spurt ha: seen Ihe drive skyrocket to 83 percent ol goal and workers ar now certain th* goal will be r*ach ed. Zemlya, in the general arctic area whore the blasts are set Off, ' Assisting too hl'b weather walth rs in Red China, plus many oth rs in nations around Ihe globe nd on ships .at sea.. Primarily by means of im mariner] bdilooiis Soaring high !ul le sky, this far-flung network o icteorologlcal stations learns o ind and weather as high as IOC iiles''Up', ,By 'radio; cable' ah the'r ri^inE, Ihi naliohs Map tin ala' swlflly.'- ! " ! . ' : *·'· An electronic computer of thi .S. Wcalher Bureau digests the ata in n twinkling "and 'pPoiiuSf laps showing wind pallerns hus Ihe Wcalher Bureau here an get out daily a'chad estimat ng where Ihe cloud from a So vie uclear:b!ast is, aHd'.where It i leading in ils circuit.(if Ihc norlh rn hemisphere.. T!ie bureau Is tfareful to labe lis chart an bstimale,' ndl a sun ling. Desp'lte all the Advances ll ecent years, weather .studies sti" old many uncertainties. The chart is only a byproduc if the worldwide eichenge o weather Information. .The ex hange's prime pufpoi-e is sclei ific study of the weather. Th yslem is operated under th World Meteorological' Organiza ion, affiliated with the Unite Nations. Wall Streei Y«d., Nor, 1 Pag* 23 At Hospital , Admitted lo WeW County Gen- ·al Hospital Tuesday, Oct. 31i Iberlo Domlnqucz, Milliken; Jack . Greeii, 1123 Hlli Ave.; Thuf- iriah A. tleddoch, 190J «h St.i Ntrs. Grace Steel, Prtola, Kan'.! at Lucefo, Atllt; John Oehrkii, 929 lith St.i Arthur A, .Taylor, 940 .TtH ' Ave. j - Otiofge Ed*atd oelc, troodrlchr Mrs. Maud* C «toori, Hiidibrt; Xlri/.Evi Deri 1 , 201 8th St,j DaK.'C. Fruit, 1114 5fh St: biby Linda Sue Jones I 542 Highland Rd.; LtiWell Adsifls, U. 1; Mrs. .Edgar j. Bolln, isa) lh Ave^j Mrs. Alan R. Fahren- rilch, 1441 14th Ave.;, Mrs. John Schrtekitf, . £M6n; Sar.di'4 kay Vuerti, -Hiicym;' Mrs. J. James Oanwtt, Weldonai'Urs. Dale M. teckfnin,'. ii09 lath St.i lle asali Sthuyler, Kcb.; tloberl irennaii, Bl 15th Ave.l Robert lergeft, La Salle; Larry Jarnes L«e, 1410 17th St. t '' Dismlsscdr Shirley Mooro^ Wei' 3bhaj Mrs. 1 Jfek Scott, 2«29 W, Olh 'St.; Mrs. LqMarc Koenlg, 42« 25th St. Hd.; Domingo Garia, it. 3; Garland Brdcy, Fort Lup on; Willard W, fiysledt, llairibow Intel! Cleo P. aibson, IU. Irs. Of a E. CfaghSad, 1613 Tlh t.l Mi's. Edith May Hooper, 131* 5th tit.t David Crep3, Ealon; iobert Kerbs, HI. 2; Poirick.Hoy- vobd, Denver; Mrs. Charles H. limmer, 814 E. IGlh St.; Mrs. uan DcljaRosa and son, Johns- own; Mrs. Henry liosin and son, lohnstown; Mrs. George W. liarp- ·r alltl dauglilcr, 1229 13th, St.| laby boy Kehn, 402 15lli St.; Mrs. Gary Wilson and daughter, 2120 i Ave.; Bonnie Bcrlg, t.a-Salle, West BeHin Police Begin I. D; Checks '·BERLIN (APJ^West Berlin police Wed. began cheeking Ihe dcnlily of passengers. In cafs coming frorn East Berlin. 'The hew rule went into effect al 1 p.m, at tho Frledflchslrasse crossing jiolnt--the only orte usei " y foreigners. · A West Berlin spokesman sail Ihe check was btiing tnadc on al caVs except military vehicles wit! it least end Soviet soldier in urU form. The procedure followed reports from Washington that the Unite'i Statts is trying to make a deal t ease tension at the border poln where Soviet'and American tank, faced each other for 16 hours las weekend. The United Stales woulc permit ils civilian officials lo show lice if West Berlin police coul NAVY'S MIGHTIEST - This Is an aerial View of the aircraft carrier Constellation during ceremony nt Kew York Naval shipyard In Brooklyn, Oct. 28. the 76,000-ton vessel is as long as five city blocks and flight deck covers mora than four acres. The huge ship travels at mors :"·. than M knois. (A? Wircpho'.o) ViTs.Addie Meyers Tuesday Mrs. Addle KlycrS, 87, of Boncll [ohie; daughter of the man for vhom Angell Lake was named, died Tuesday at Weld County General Hospital. . , She was horn Doc. 17, 1873, al Bedford, Iowa. She came lo Colorado with her parents when she was 12, and they scllled east ot Severance at Angell Lake. -She Was rnarricd to Orville T. Austin Feb. !5, 1803, She lived at ScVcrartcc until 1S31. She w a s married lo llenry F. Myers Jan. 27, 1931, at Oreetcy and they moved to Denver. In 1939, they i'elurn- cd-lo Greeley and Myers died in 1952. Sufvlyors- include three chit dren, Mrs. Gertrude Morris of Greeley, Patil Auslin of Cedaredge and Ray Auslin ol Lance Creek, Wyo.; two brothers, William and JeSsft Angell, hoth ol Fort Collins; a sister, Mrs. Maggie Websler of Fort Collinsi three grandchildren, five gt'eat grandchildren. A son and daughter preceded her in death. Funeral services will be li 3 p.m., Thursday from AdamSon Memorial Chapel with interrnent at Linn Grove Cemetery. Aircraft Co. Head Dies LA JOLLA, Calif.' (AP)-Harry Voodlicad, 72, head of ConsblldQl- d-Vultee Aircraft Corp. ot Snn Diego from 1D!3 lo 1S48, died londay o£ a heart ailment. The ompany now is ConVair Division if General Dynamics Corp. Wood, fho was born in England, began ils career with steel companies il Olilo. Eardrum Tiny, thin ' NEW YORK -- Your eardrums small as the nail on your tlieir papers lo East German po- finger and one tenth the thicknes. of a dime, vibrates one three check Soviet civilians in the same hundred billionlhs of an inch wlren way, the reports said. y.ou hear a whisper. Even will the world's most powerful micro- USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS scope, you couldn't see it move. 10,000 Families Flee Katanga Border Area · ELISABETHVILLE, ' Katanga API--The Katanga government aid Wed. that 10.000 fear-strict en families have v fled from Kaanga's northern border area to escape rampaging bands ot soldiers ot the central Congo government. Foreign .Minister Evariste Ktm- a said' a sevjes of Congolese mortar attacks on defenseless yil ages have spread panic through he border region. The-main . thrust of Ihe Congo government's so-called "police ac ion' 1 against Katanga apparently was aimed at Kaniama, about 4Q miles from Katanga's border with SoulH Kasai Province. This thrus' apparently has been held. :. F. McGdryey Dies at Hospital Eugene F 1 . McGarviiy, 45, of 7ll) i2th St., who worked for 'the tity'. at Grcclcy for many years, died Monday at Weld Courtly General 'Hospital. ' '· He Was born Sept. 4, 1012, al ·"ort Collins and come to Gredley n 1014 with his parents. He at- ended Grceiey schoals and was a member of the Rational Guard of Greeley for a number of years. Survivors include one brother, ierbcrt C. McGarvrjy of Salt Lake City, Utah; and two sisters, Mrs. Leola Wlstfell ot Frnlta and Mrs. Julia Spahr ot Ixiken-ood. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m., from Adamson Memorial Chapel With cremation lo follow. Painter Dies PARIS (AP) --' Marcel Verles 66, Budapest-born painter am movie costume desgner, died on Tuesday of a Iveart attack. Colorado Airman..;:: Killed .in Fla. ' JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP Adrian Joseph Jocques, '20-year- old Colorado airman htlacheo 16 : " lighter Sqiladi-on 32, was killed . '. Tuesday night in an aircraft ..'. ground accident at Cecil Field · , " : ^laval Air Station. . · ··'"_";'· Jacques was driving a tractor : , ; '.~; that was towing a Jet fighter 1'rbm - ;-.-. the field pits to the flight line.' '-'· tow bar connecting the tratt^'' 1 '^ or and plane broke loose and th* fighter overran the Iractor, crushing the driver. An investigation.'..':._is under way. :;-: Jacques was the son of Mr. and :·; Mrs. E. J. Jacques; who live In _';. : ; Adams County near Henderson, '" ' Colo. ly .ED MORSE AP Buibttsi Ktwi Wrttcr NEW YORK tAP) - The stock rnarket canceled a small earl, gain and moved irregularly i slow tradirtg late this afternoon Volume for Ihe day was e^t niated at 31 milliin shares corn pared with 3.35 .million Tuesday. Gains and losses of most ke stocks were frorn fractions about a point. Some wider, move were Wade .by sorni tit the vola lile glamour issues. Polaroid spurted about 4 whil Zenith dropped around S an Brunswick lost 2. Republic Aviation trimmed an early gain of about t on slock split news, holding an-advance of more than a point. U.S. Steel was off a fraction following ils report o{ lower earnings. · The list was continuing a very hesitant performance with Ihe trend muddied by lax transactions and no particular leadership in cither direction. Radio Corp., American Tobacco and Lorlllard wore wound a point higher. DuPont and Contolidated Edison showed gate exceeding » point. Prices 'on th* American Stock Exchange were mdsliy higher in moderate trading. Bond prices were narrowly Stork Expreii ' Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wat son of Tacorha, Wash., a daughter on Monday,. bet. 30, at tacoma General Hospilal. Mrs. Walson is the f b r m e r Ffances Lafson, daughter of Mr. »nd Mrs Merl W. Larson'of 1834 fth Aye. Watson : slhe son of Mr. anrl Mrs. W. G. Watson of Vida, Ore. Great grandmother is Mrs. Lucy R. White of 902 5th St. The baby has been ;iven the name Terri Ann. The Watsons have another daughter, Maidee. Born to Mr.'and,Mrs..'Donald Nuss of Glisgow,'.Mont., i ion, weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces, on Saturday!- Oct. K, at Ihe army airforce has* hospilal He has wen given the name Kirk Donald. Mrs. NuJs is the former Carol B?ab, daughtef d'( Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Baab bf "718 l7th St. Nuss is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee C. N'uss of Sl7 22nd St. Mrs. Baab left by plane for Glasgow Monday to be with the Nusses. She will return Nov. 8. Born to Mr, and Mrs. Joe Baca 6f Rt. 1 a daughter on Tuesday, Ocl. Jl, al Weld County Genc.-al Hospilat. Born lo Mr. anil Mrs. Evcrelt Rains of Windsor a son on Tuesday, Oct. 31, at Weld County Gen era! Hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Pcska of 2121 5th Ave., a daughter 6ri Tuesday, Oct. 31, at Weld County General Hospilal. Born to.Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prall o 3018 W. ,12th St. Rd., n son on Tuesday, Oct. 31, at Weld County General Hospital. Born In Mr. and Mrs. David L. Smils of Platteville a daughter on Wednesday, Nov. I, at Weli County General Hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Julius Viero of 614VJ 21st St., a son on Wednesday, Km. 1, at Welc G«n*r«I Hospilal. Born to Mr. and Mrs. John II Martirrdale of Windsor a daughter on Wednesday, Nov. ], at Weld County General Hospital. Karley fiJK Pinto Beam ..-. ?S.oo' Pinlo B«ftns No. 1 : 15.23 iiutierlBi . .I.L......... it A medium eggs -... .30 t.:ght beni Heavy bens ,11 . . f r ' - CAIRO -- l-ocal press reports Ministry of. Industry's authorization ot a factory »t Isrrinlia, Egypt, lo. make dyeing and printing mtleriali, Plant to bi erected by Polish company "SECOP" at coet ·( u.OOO.OOt, .jr. - Company Hc«d Dies IATROBE, Pa. (AP) -- James P. Gil, 65, hoard chairman and pfesirknt of Vanadium Alloys Steel Co. since 1553, died Monday. He was bom in Montgomery Cily, Mo. 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