Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 1, 1961 · Page 21
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 21

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1961
Page 21
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Classified Advertising TWO bedroom apU l 1800 15IH Ave. Aliulls. C«ll after »:SB. EL J-1JU. Classified Rates CASH WITH UKDUi UN OUt OF COUim A03 K a irord--1 Iwrtk*. 104 K wofrt--J i lkU*tH*M 13c · word--* ecmMttrtl** InHrlicMM U.M r*l p«r lln* p«r mxmll Hi.. .·Dm »r tw« l!o». EVICT *lb«i titr »* to W ·t oat day raU · . ftliBd box norabtrj tte Mir*. MlnlMun ad IB woc4i. MIstlMD*. h»rt«,«c. 10% dbeount from abov« ralea i! ptld Mm* d*, «f iM-wtlw Ad« ord*r*d till .rane.ll*d. L. e«tt*n. dUeount if paU Uj of e«Rt*.l*tloa D1SPLA- Minimum oat ineh. in eounty rale ll.« per column inei, Gut ·/ eetiBtr rate II.1» per column Inch. t Volume rates upon. sepMcatra*) ERRORS TO BE KKPOK'ltD AT ONCE. Tlx Tribune will Sfisis no t- lowsnce (or more thin an« incorrect Insertion of any advertisement. Classified Index Announcement* Auelloni u e o n i -.--. - - - - ......... , Auto !i*rvfce and Supplit Board »nd Roo«i Bo*U and Suppliai Bunding tfiterlal ____ WANTED -- . E x t r a Salesladies. For th« -Holiday Season. Bejin- nlns Nov. Z'lh'to Dec.-Vttt. Age '20 to 45 years. Apply 10 a.m. to 12:tiO noon, Z:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ___ BuiiTiHt Services - _______ , ___ Cririitmn G»t GuU« _ Co«l a n d Wood _., ^ _ _ CoTiilr^etwa Efjytpment _ ConvBtescfut HCKHM __ Cuilora Work ,, ___ Fx!i nation and fnitructlon Firm Equip meat For Rent-- Apart men U For Rent--BulWinn For Kent--Xarmi and TraeU · For R e n l -- R a r a e * For Rent--H Tor Kent--ML Koran. Catini _ For Runt--OKie* Spac* r For Ran I-- Roomi Fruils a n d Vec.lablM Furnaces ,, _ tl __ 1( _M-A Z u _ . _ w -- 11 - W _ 19 -- IS 15 ai ^ H»y. :Graln, Fe«d. Straw Help Wanted : Houst and Auto Trall*r» , . HovKhuld Goodi L _ _ . , J trie It ton SjBtenii ______ lrl'i Swap .._J Mvcitork · I.cit nnd Found MUcel]BTICOUI ..-. . . . , _ Monty to Lean ----___ Money Wanted uTM. Motels Movlnj and Storage _: Musical I nitr amenta Ptrtdnali - , . . . . '.,. _,. ...._ r«t stocic -Poultry - Proft-MLOTiil Service* ___« Rooft-s-C and Insulation Seed*. Pill..!.- Flowers Sewing Ma chines-Vacuum! Siluatipns Wanted . , . - . . . _ Sportine Goods TralTer Space - : Transportation · ..;.,._,._,. Triih H a u l i n g TV-Radio Service Used Cra and Trucka m .. J _ Wintett To Rent ' W«hlne MAchlnei ._.. WAN'ltD-- IiM »sn. Jd War, 1 s«tvlc» station MOVING and storact prdikmsl Cal WANTED--E«p«Tl«_ts_ fry cook, lkl rign. Karry'i Drlvln, S. BU AvcJ EXCEVT.UNAIj otpertamElr for M.' P*r[*nrt.Hl laswlEn* aad -iwl oil Unit, .wa-iwi.aoan. Wrilt Bex U*W e/o 'lYUMin*. ' WAITRESS, exp*rUif.c*d. afUt»oon . *blft to S p.m. Good par and Itpi. Applr In Short Cut "Bleak Houx. 114 Bth 'Aw. ' · . ' CASHIER aad " fountain h*lp. Nlrkt *U.t. p.*,. to wUnlit... Prefer woman are 18-35. Apply In p«r«on. Harry'i DrMn. S. 60. Avt. MEN ot" women--2--«rn 12,06 ti, is.OO ptr \Mur. Cboo.»« your hour*. Full or p a r l - U m i . Apply 123 Bth A^e. b*. WANTEB lo rent--Gaiate for Hora.e purpost only, EL 1.1112. ' ' tweer. I and 3-41.1 tot ai id 10 a.m.. or call El. .ppointmenl. THKBE bedrooo kotm. J. V. S,M1TH fe SON EMPLOY'MENT SERVICE (-Irs.) Owen Craran. Mur. -SJ Grwley Bldt EL 3-0111 nsl lanatrucMwi I Men aqd Women Needed . ' T O TRAIN FOK CIVIL SERVICE JOBS We Prep art Men and .Women Age IS to 55. No 'experience necessary, grammar school education usually BufHcleht; Permanent job, DO · layoffs, abort hours. High pay; adrancement. Send name, home a^dresi, phone number and time home. Write Box O-3H, c/o- Tribune, tl rural, .glre direct! cm. / k-lintu iNTERESTKB I L B m a l l Greeler tuii- Lost Fa)_nri LOST _ StsrmiU! camera at Jsekton Field Sat-rdar. Call collect KUnter neiT Limited children's wear !nv«n- . tory and itore Six (ID-M for Ml*. Lo* rrlce. Wrljg Box V-2, e/o Trihui OPPORTUNITY for man or vom with apprtxlmat-ly 11.000 to I»v«l In prolesilo-'aal buiiriesj at A partner. Write Box U-W. c/o T r i b u n e r'ANT a Yucceasful bus. nee a of your own T A imall investment v^iM you .up ai a MIC Toola DUtrlbutor /or tiiii are*. F.. Airi, Box 415, BcuU dtr, Colo, " · · LOST -- Blnnd coder, needs vet'i care. Call Bob flusco, F.L 2-7401. 1S-2 16lh Avenue. . STRAYED-- Two while faced steers, M9 Ibi. Brand--Lair U with ear.- nccletj V. Korrest Hamilton, . Nunn. WILL, do haby litUnK · hs M Hth St. EL 3.1511. LOST--Black -famed eye KlassM in Brent-on- arfts, Oct. 31, Call EL ' 2--47«. 2400 52nd Ave; WANTED--Baby sittim. WANTED--lmsin». Penomhi nUARAKTEED witco a. dock r«- _ pairing. Graybaal Jnrelry. FOR driokina problems contact Al: -eolMlies 'Anonynous. IMS 7U. A.e. P . O . 1209. EL J-CM1; L J-14U. PAINTER. Beautiful n-ork. No job loo I or bli. Call D 4 S's. tL 2-12(3 WANTED--Ironlnr. Jk. 1S-.T092. . MAN. wants jui work-, ar odd ioki ' JACK Elliwcrth Co..-D.nrtirind BroVars, 211" Firit National Bank BuiMinr Call KL 3-)3*0 lor private 4Ut*cnd EhoirinKi; 1/3 Ct. SoIiUire*, W9.KJ up; Vj Ct., }M u p ; 3/4 Ct. Sa.LUfres, $160...} up. TViW prke include.) the I-.TIE in either HK whitt or yellow irotrj. You em charge It! · Compare 'prices and qualiti** before putchatlnc any dsAHRij. ECONOMY Faintint Sertice.' Free Bli nates. l»m«dlat« serrio. tL )-3!TO WANT--Ironinr la ray home, rh. Etj 1-4M5. . WANTED-All typt. of se»iM and' alternations. AT 4-5B98. Trcj-.-p«ftltMH -LL3 Kent A Car. «22 N. Ilia AT EL J-76M. Wa aWirar. A«yliaa«. CAR renisls. dally, weekly, eeo-tbly. Greeley Leasinc Oarapany. FL 2-9 1103 £lh An. THINKING of bicycles 1 Think o( Alkirj'j Sporilaa: GooJs. EL 8-SIOI SELF-SERVICE irj claanlnt, tl'.So per load. ' Classes CWinlnc C«rrt*r. ?460 Stb' Avenue. EL 3-2974. S*rvkct GUNSMITH In towaj Y«a sir I At Alkire's Sportlct Goods. EL J-!»l P I A N O toning and repairing. Aki Vrivati tulotinr n drnaa*, tlfcra P.IDTIP, jyJophir.«, «1c. Karm«»7 am oaunterpe.nt, Al Darin,' *. O. Boi 772. Eaton. Co!o. Ph. Ecton «t. TRENOUING · for water llMa, aeptic tanks aid keekhw fields. La Ralie Hardware. AT -13IZ. Businm Strvkti GREELBY Curtail ·snark Cleenen. No pill 1M -Lk Ara. Pt- EL t-latt CABINET ibop. Hew work a-d repair Greeiey 'Lumber Co., 140S TOtk St. PORTArlLK 'weUlitc. »le-tric «»i acetylene. Reasonable rate*. Browc. lea Garage. IL t-UK. mOVCLK tep«lr-, all mtkm, sa-4els Alliirs's Swrliar Goods. Caas Hole! Bl-r. EL 2-9UI. FOR THOSE soft bscterla free dlap ers. call Greeley Disper Service. Will wa%h yanra ec real yec o_rs. HAVE your pillows vone stale? Ban t*h perspiration odor. Featnes- pillow cleaned, fluffed, deodoriied and plac ft In new tlckfajr hy Nu-Way Cleai ers, 2422 lotk St. EL S-iat4. W«aX»aI WANTED -- CooV tnm 1:09 'tit f Jxck'a Barb-cm. JANITOR for elfaninjr office om each i?eefe. Winovrad'^, EL Z-.722 KT- g.790,. WANTF.n - Waltmt. Apply hi «on Jack'i ' B*r.xeD«, 12? 'ith S W A N T E D - Experienced .waltraae M - h l sklfU Cal' AT 4-6S-H WAITRESS wanted at Colunbir. Snack Bar. Night itift. See Mrs Schneider. EVENING etlshwasher ani bui boy Apply In p«raoT.. GaioVn Kitchen 113 16th St. WAITRESS wanted -- Evening ihifl Apply i* p*r»a. Cettonwocn" Inn Katon. WILL provkie rieht tniddle- and M)»ry chsnte for child care. Call F.L --6S17 WANTED--Esperleneee' waltreaes. Apply IB person. Clyde primes. Harry' Coffer Shop. W 9th St. WANTF.D- Registered nuriei. Gexu duty snd superrrAor Write Bns S-f . eo libune. MAKRIED nsn to work eveajnl- a« bartender. Steady werV. Experience preferred but not neceftstry. benefits. No. Hill Tavern. WANTED-Experleneed waltreee. N Suaday ar koliday work. Apply 1 penon. JToneay's Cafe, 821 10th B or call F.L 2-71 7«. WANTED-- Married Msn between art -24 and for beverage route sale. ' man trainee. PerjAa-ent job wiik'eJ cellent xreaan'ininita. Write Bex Ve/o Trib«ne. iseTori offers a rer«ilin irrietl woaien 10 ·"ATNTIKG, drcoratinB. Leach, WANTED-lronlng. . Call EL 2-4114. WAKTED-Ne r. buildin] or refcodel eamtrj. Call t-4-UOO d decoratlni. GMtm _ 'A1NTINR and decoratlni. Ramero, EL 2-«_7J. fler « p.m. HOMISON Floor Sandinr. Pb. EL 3*m 'lilt tlk ' St.' Greeley, Colo BABY siltinz In my borr.e. day nilhl. 1711 8ft St. EL 3-2SOS. ispoola cleaned. II U f f e t l j aad Strratra, El 'OR local or ioai iIista.Kce asovlni. s«e . . Truck Ke-Uls, lac. ;·. save tllk Street El. 14 ta.rnt'-rmt-fiM sloraie · room. »S-4ljg. . WANTED-* or'i b»droom kowe. Hu b« ;le«». Colf««« are*, prtferred. Adults-only, no peU. Gcxd care o. Irop«rty aiiured. Call' I62.STII. fM 15 F Q R . K E N T cr »ate--HUUM at 1412 ISlh Avt. :'OUR room ho. IClh A»e. Ct. Call KL 2 HSI nin: ill. 2i!l FOR RENT--2bedroom modern hon tSt month. BL 2-1242. UNFURN. duplKC for rest. 141 N. Silh Avenue. EL 2-163F. ?HREE room house, partly fui nt. H23 12th St. I'WO bedroa U3-1I24. duplex for rent. Call OMB bedroom duplex. NeW. furnbhed "Adult- »90. EL S-1169. EL 2-2404 'OK RENT--Larce 4 roo-n (urnlihvl main floor apartment. Ik^utrt IM4 7th Ave. EL ...417*. *f(tr 6iSO. TWO bedroom main floor apt. U n f u i except atove,. Ttfrlterator, Garai UtilU.n f u r n , EL 2-H4S. 'OR RENT--J room unfurnished da. plex. 1014 18th St. EL- 2-2IK. NEW brkk house, four bedrms., . calhi, garase.- l l t B . KL 2-5S52, or EL 2-7129. THREE bedroom krick house for r e n t N«wlr -eeoratect. !1 Elliott Court Erans. Ph., KL S-4269. 'WO bedroom furnished beieuieul apt, Wsihcr, gas palil, TV hookup. Cbll drcn OK. Ph. EL 2-5277. THREE bedroom house. Carpet drap ter 6. Water furn. EL 2-31TC, al. ONE tars* room f u t n . apt.,-126 m o n t h At.o 2 bedroon KB fun, apt. Call EX 2-S776. fi-S p.m. FOR RENT--? ix-Jroom apt., 1 ,n (oiir- HOUSE for tent Nov. IS. .2 bedroom full casement, gsrsffe and patio. 1915 6th Ave. EL 3 - O E 6 I . FURNISHED four bedroom houie. baths, at 1228 Mb, Ave. Csll Ault 2S7-4447. FOR RENT--Home. - bedroom brick. EL 1.2(78, Love! a ad. ItOimsndy 7-451E, FOR HBNT--Nice 2 bedroom nnus. furnished, close In, couple only. 42Qi/ elh Avenue. ONK bedroom axMi««, I blk. liom col. ItRf. 166 p«r mo. EL 3-1161. Joyner Really. cabins. 3 - n , (50. 201 N. I l t h :LEAN, fur vrlUl blli, Avenue. , COMPLETELY f u r n . 1 and 2 bedroom cottages. WeeVly and monthly rates 24I» 10th Street. . DUPLEX--Two' bedroo-i. Furnbhed o unfurnished. Built-in oven and range Carpet, drspM, many utrss. EL I-TOS1 FOK RENT--One or two bedroom mobile homes, electricity, water, spa:* inclined: also, pickup ' cosches campers. Kuaser-j, EL 2-7S6-. TWO bedroera-home lu ?:vaus. Irnmedi ate oceupany, 4B^.W per month. Ad dtets: 411 Denver Street. C a l l : Ray Ijrson'Realty. EL 3-2355. FOR RENT -Home i t ' 2 . 0 0 8th Av*. imaH family. Unfurnished exetp Vit rftTive nnd h**l. Utilftlu furnbli f^. EL 2-.301. NEW duplex. 2 Uiiroomi. built ii oven, rane*, iliipoiaL lots of cibi net*. ,W«H L« wall carpetinr. dra'pei AdtUi, ' no- pet*. |UQ nonta. El 2-.l5_». · FOR LEASE orwk-- Can. b* «M«| a nlft i 'bedroom lvm* or * .Mdrooan wHh 1 room apt. ta tub-Icue. K*w , lr cUcoratAd. Drapm, blind*, eu taint. Came-on »ehool. cnllate loe\ .lop. Pb. R]. 2-3137 FOR RENT--Six-room house. .Three bedrooms 'Completely fsrnlshf Genersl Electric kltehee,. Fall base- roent. Kecreation roo«. Utility room with washer, drier lltO per month Couple preferred. Call Dare Haatan Wheeler Realty Company. EL r Far Ren*--«· CLEAN, desirable room for workin inn. 1403 16th Ave- El. 2-E675. KOOMS for 1 kdj or «o%ipl*. 110 6t S^-reeU.EL" t-1 B|«. M A R T I N Hole) - Weekly ind m o n t h ly ratea 'to working p«opl« TV NICE, clean bedroaMH with private Bat Reasonskle. -by week afnte] Bnove 213 Ilth Aretvee SF.PTIO tanks and RASEMEKT sleeping room .for Simnyside Ct., 1742 Ut AVI 2-65S2. Reasonable ratea. Call EL 2-1740. iUARANTEED painting and paper hanging. For free estimates, cal) Don Uoore, EL 2-4IU. iESSPOOLS, grease traps, pumped. Free 1-specUo-. P». EL 3-1768. Rex Cunningham. y OURB and gutter, tl-e walks, drive- ays, patios, floors and block work, -and H Cement ^. EL Z44S2. · STERLING Hotel: Koomi iriVVi or with out bath, monthly or wrektr. R»t ai hw «i 7.SO per week wlta" b*l^ " Maid wrvice, phone, cafeteria, park f n r i«rt, 'A.I eotiYentcttcM. ' 'AINT1NG, residentti^ malaleflane* a apccialij. First elasa worlc'atid ma- Iwltl. L. S. McDanieJ. Ph. £L IJ..50- HOOMS from t2i.06 per moatb. Elei Coffee Shop, parking lot. Pbones maid service, all eonv., working pie. executives and senior citii Rocms witkout batK. . roams wil bath, radios and televlsiot.. L-ncki packed. Room and meal rates by In- ·AINTINU -- Exterior, Interior. Immediate service. Free estimate. Reasonable. EL mil Dale Teztasaa. ElllCi. Mock, CMUM work. , rim cisss work,' low prices. Free estimates. Pk. EL 4-lMt. ' · -NF. roosn baseanent apt. for 112 per month.. Icojuire US 6th S ALTERATIONS-- Ladies', men's cloth- Ing Oraee's Alleration She,., ii !th St. EL 3-2971. P A I N T I N G , exterior. Interior. Re* ·nnthle «fld eo«tt«»«i»- aeifk«. Eaton 18. a E. atfyrkk. EL 2-10*6. W J. GebKarft. HERDSMAN and inilker, experienced, available immediately. Referen Call KLuin 2-55E2. A f t e r HOO, E L f i n 2-J1M. WILL care for (XiMrfn aga* X ^ ' a n d up, |*n u; lieenied bon-.e. ConUnt UDderjlindinjr. adnU mperriixxi. ~Rtf- ereacn. EL V174. FOR RENT -- 3 room furniihed dp - UtHit!*! paki. 621" Uth' SU EL 2-2?5 · furn., tttn 4 ISIh Av NICE 1 rail, soil-bas.. fura. sp!. Ms ried rjur.1. ot bKhtr. M« 9lS Ai FIIRN. s'!_. 1 or 1 adults. 110 Cl Street. EL 2-16?. -2nd STREET, :_'»e-ran., u base, apt- Inatilre 1»12 TWO room apt,,' rear. 115 Lights fura. EL 2-1420. COOK, ehe/, all Around restaurant Kan -t yean experience, recently movri to Greeley, would like to talk to you about a temporary job for 3 0 atoathi, Clean, efficient and a goo* percentage operator, rkone aoyti 552-lltJ. ·C-ttten WM)C I I CUSTOM corn drying. LeRoy Rsrhu, Ph. EL 2-76S8. WANTTJ5 -- Dce*r woric.. Corral 01 ajiylhlng. Dons rtasoniblT. S$t-~,W. HAY baling, wire or vwin«. Jo« irn Ha;_«rer. F.L 2-4252. f l l ![_ tt- CUSTOW cern soeakUilng. Fra..-fcrk. SaHt Jr. L. (elle -8MIH. CUSTOM corn coeabixing. Rsroid Fur co». £L t--77«. CUStOM plowing. Lulhei. EL 2-91SS. COKM rcoeski.liig er a4eking, Eletal, or fnr'nishee. tit per acre. Luther F.L Z.94M. HAY and straw a!ing with a«w urnstiDoal t.l«. P..I ~ ' ~ IS3J1. ' · · . Eaton TRENCHING -- t Inch lo I I (news-*, i It. d««p. We S' snywbere fact inobils uniL Our prka* are competitive. Also real aavfws plsslir p!p«. Central Trcnrainx Sark«. Pa. IX «-»-«- l i t - An at Mk gtrwl · UBBISH rea if-'fL George Dcm«h.u. Pk CL t-HM A K H aqd traa* h a u l i n g . Gee. Ripple . EL t-tl'.t. a recxrsM Hunker. F-S3POOIJ, aaik · t»ls, irease Irspl pu»p«. W-JM-kar.'.IX J-W57 'V 8KAUTY Com («;t-,._ Cor V- esr.viui-*. Cull Kl« Z-XT^ c-r __ F.L 2-Bfil5 Wfen 10 t.m. a n d a.t«r|lF 4 pj». . 'eeftte la a is, CL J-17S1 VIIHI Wayne AVMt- ASH aad Irash Muliae. *r« Ollvll eh. F l , 2-l«» anytime. IT'S InOt. ws haul ·otus £!·, CL l-lllt. E nlh. Really' your bill . Thr CarafkU HoteU Heal I For Kent--Asrts. ,ARGE upsUIrs furnUbed 3 rooan apt- bath, utilities. Adults. EL 2-10W. FOR KENT--2 bedroom trailer on lo Scott Trailer Sales snd CcurL F U R N I S H E D two be-ranm bsit Ph EL 3-3511. allei 6 STRUBEI, Apartments. Clean, -ice furnigked.ap-rtnent. Close In. Fo working iirl. 1241 ilk Bt.. Apt. 1 FOR «E-'IT--J rooea runlsbed pl close In. all Hoderit EL 2-in. ke fore t pjri. FOK KENT--3 TOOTM nicely furr.uked knotty pine apt. Adults enly. Iflh Slreet. BACHELOR apts.. everything fu )1«6« weeV. Sur.set Motel, Wet e 7!.S 34. 31(11 10th St. EL 2-7M1. FOK RENT--3 room partly fur acartment. Private, ?lh Mreet TL 2-MM. FOK RENT--Clnn t rootn hrnbhed seraibesemeht apt. Adults. No pet No TV. 1314 Sth SU LAKGE furnished two bedroom IP ieeew. floor. Utilities r-rniikeJ. PH 'ate entrance. Adalss. EL 24 ^few 2 bedroom apts parti furnished. Unfurnished 2 bedroom Du plex. Ph. EL £-1888 ft* Rmf--AH*. 17 OH RENT-- IVi bedroom tralkr. EL 2-2971, after I. H R K E r o o \ - u i i f - i n . apl. Close In. » Sth Ave. : URN. 1 bedroom apt. Private b«lh anJ entrance. ]'h. EL 5^243. WO bedroom apt. 2S1 !!_ Street. ARTLY furn. ease, apt., across from Arlington school, i Csll EL S-2»S». OR RENT--Furnished tlrsl lloor spl Utilities psld. 60. 1 I I H Ave. IOTEL spts. lor'adulu. PUrp's Hotel. 2609 lOltr Street. · · - . OR RENT--Fur ed. Smind flo CONOUY priced apt*. If- te JM ptt motith. S«« 8kMt at 2U5 Jlh Av*. Llthrd t nyom · apart r R I , , » - , X 7 B . OR RENT--.--.i-nl.b-d apt. g t l l i l l H ^nlUiert, Apt Ho. I. 1604 fctk A UabiDt. 124 Hcl «» D«? IS Ilth A - » OH KENT »nth. !l ACHKLOH apt.. S rousr.s and katk 101.- 19lh Avs EL 1-liOB LEAN two room apt. Near college Utllilies paid. EL S-012S ICE 3 room kitchenette apt- UoUtJ Hoover, -1- l l l h Ave. "OR RENT-- Furnl.Hcil apt. Cloje io downtown area. 1'refer older lady 110- 8th.. St. CLARENDON hutfet apt., including furnishings, t4S.- 9*2 sth St. EL 2. IE.4. plex, furnished, . college. F.L 'OR RliNT-- UHfDniUh*] t room ..jnl- b»iewenl apt.' Private b*th and «n trajicft UOA l.lh St. EL 2-7646. jAKGK 2 betlrootn unfurnlihed bsse- ment apt. Available Nov. 20. Cal after 6 p.m., F.L 2-ES79. 'OR R E N T -- C l e a n , lurnlsked buflel and two room apts, ' Or.c or twc . adulU. Ideal, location. 1419 9tb Ave OR I1ENT--Clean basement apartment, stove ant) heal furnished. Set alter 5 al (19 J3nl EU . . "OR RENT-- Unfurnished newly dec, orated 2 bedroom apartment. SteaM heal, private b»lh, close in. 1015 I l t h Avenur, Apt. fi. OR RENT--3 room furnished bate rr.ent apt., working cwple.. No. chit dren or PCU. 2316 Eth St. Ph. EL 3-112K. 'OR REN1 -- 'Lownt.v-n apartmenLi |2? 10th St. Reasocafile tatel. Im ne_iaEr possession, p a r t i a l l y furntsk !d. Opdyke Agency. El. 2-5747. L-CTR1C rnDUirs, all lises -- r.evi aad rebuilt. . Harring Electrical Works, (21 8th E;.. 2 blocks Essl of Post Office Ph. EL t-0«10. IIRift, room ' .urnlrtej ·partoitnl IndEvhlukl he* I. ^riTk(« Lath am (-nlrance. TV ani.nn.. Call -L 32S nth Stre*l. r'Oll RENT--Lark-e tK-iulilul 2 bed room apartment. Wall to wall ea' peting, drapes. refrigerator an stove. Campus Pharmacy. · . THREE room semi-basement furnished apt. Private entrance and b-th Lovely kitchen. Wood doors. Avsil able. 1621 Etb Ave. · FOR K E N T - Nice apartment nes Greeley High SckooL t» mo. Also small nou;e on Sth Ave.' EL 2.3776 6 to ft p.m STEAM Denied a pa rim en I in 'KenilM ton A p a r t m e n t * . Convenient to ihop- pine a«a. Ph. EL 2-C400. «r afi fi p.m. KL a.3SO... ip a rime nt ivi.h prival in pnrcl*. Pr#f« «M*rJj rte. Grtrticd floor. Ill TYPEWRITERS. adding machine! r.ew and uted. Saies and service. Work guaranteed. Ed Feldhsus. EL 2-OM6. 1201 1Ith Ave. TWO rocm . I f - l l V l , c!ct5C ]^dy or re 7th Street, FOU RENT--Srnsll. nicely r«rj- sec ond ricrar' apt. Cine in. Utilltiea paid TV antenna. Suitable for 'workln lady. Call 10 see a t , 1124 ttb St Apt I. or Ph. EL 8-3772 ' FURNISHED completely, I .ad I room apts.. Ears_e. TV. [eleph Across etreet from ihopplri. eenlc and laundromat nUMtles Mid. week ly and n-.onlh rates' 2409 tOlh S h'ICE apartment. 'l-OS it- .Ave. Ws'l to-wall carpeted. , close to shoppin area. 1 large bedroom, living rn kit. and tile bath. tnq. -01 Park Plai Ride., nr Ph EL 244-0. or EL 2-»IS TURN, upstsirs apt., »35. 2 large rim and kitchenette. Steam kest, elec trkitr, water, ]sundr- rra. and'T hookup. Front entrance, downtow brick home. One lady. EL 2-1693. For Rent--Buildiagi BUILDING tor EL 2-E4M. rent st 72S 10th S FOR RENT ins. 4.000 s : leue. Business b ft- 1705 1st Ave. FOR RENT -- Brick build!ag In Salle, 4,000 sq ft. plus f u l l bs: irent and.3 room apt. Available Oc 20. Phone 'days EL 9-5000; aft F.L 2-0610. Office Space ONE room office. lEtb nu. uear soilegi 140 mo., incl. beat,- light. EL 2-0401 GROUND toor olfice Ave. Ph. EL 2-25S6 ipaee. Itlt IM OFFICE space for rent In Coronsr Building. Newly decorated. I n a u i i Wheeler Really. El !.1M« CHOICE »i..*m alr-coatilttoned (Xfii sptc* avftStibU- Contact Fint Na t.onal Bank. OFFICES lor rent Elevator, utilities fanltor services rurniihtd All vsniences, including parking. Ren reasonable. 'Caroflel- Hctel. FOR RENT - z and 4 room 'oflli suites available '2nd floor. Pn Place Building. 8-7 Stb St lixjuii No. 210. Ph. El. 3-0752 01 El 2-V74 FOR RENT--Three room office suit Newly decorated Utilities f u r s b h Wheeler Realty Co. i-31 Jttk Av Call Dave Mangm. EL 3.CU6, FOR RENT - Desirable office spsj available In Gree]e B i i l d i a i EF vator service. A p p l y tl' Greeler Buildinx. Ph. EL 2-5747 FOR RENT--Medical sr.d Uental available In the Medical Arts B u l l inc. Air conditioned snd Heflted Co venienlly loesled to the hospits fontatl Wheelei Roily Co E Treiki LARGE convenient pirklng spsce. S per month. Rspp's. 2tOi ll:h Si CHOICE trailer spaces, fences, pslk n a t u r a l gas. Scott Trnller Sales s^ Court. FOR RENT _ Uo_er» trallei s Nstural gas. Hoover Trails; 21t I l t h Ave Ph Et. ?-»«! ··arat ··«) Kasial ROOM and board, launelry. 6oc-1 fasrl EL 3-2921. ROOM and board. Good food, Ihncn packed, mudern roorM. Al. convei ienrei By week, by m o n t h , Elevili Free r-arkin* ramllrH Knlel I rm. (urn. b u f f e t apt. ,57.5 I rra. f u r n i s h e d «pt. _. _ $B7.SO Two room .urn. let __ VltilJtlei f u r n i s h e d . 140 USED air compressor. EL i-7099. P A R K . P L A C E APTS, Furn. or unfarii. fcurttl ipls. Klenm heat.' hot water and ttlltile?. 5 - ! - p _ r rr.nnth. Ar^ plj «7' Sth St.. RBI. 810. Ph. El a-DIS? or Dihlrti Agency, |lne. Ph. IX 1-5747. LAD1E3 white toller states for sal ftile »l^. Call eveninzi. EL 2-52! ~ lie. Case. ». sarre Rspp' plUJTl. i Cn. KOR SAI.K-llsea track Uree. SI-o-^JO. Oreeler Auto Supplr Bet jour h u n t l n » a. n«lit_ !!cen«rs and other rcxxls at the new · M E U I i l l X ' S WESTVIEW COAST TO COAST STORE 2410 1(llh SI., OrMler Ph. KL .-4361 OtxrJ tvtoJaia u«Ul 1:30 27 ANTED--U.S. corns, all slife. I ta II lllvtr sni to\t. IL t-MM. ·'OK SAI.-l-- Kenraore automatic wsla- rr *lla idl slr(r. Kl, J-S140. U W A K D S Uherr^'st 1s lt«sdajiune. for new and «N4d iruc-s WANT U buy or trade salkiue «lehel, furnllure. KL 2--H4 er KL t-HSO. A I . K R Iroubiest Call Hrowcle. G.. ra,e KL *-5SI« I I I UH St. USKD: (uraltur.. lur. Mil. fade, KVSM Kurnllure Store. El. l-OMil. KW and ui*d **kJ.r». 1.1. toots'. MERICAN J u n k V « H . ' B u y thliUC. ·*!. ·viryHilH.r. M Ht« ! OR SAl,fc-lJirt, rra..I, AlK din.. Ph BL-t-OZItr. NICK retrlerslor, 115! TV, »5 : O.K. automatic washer, l0. All fine eon "OlttonVEL M2iS. CHKCK Evans Trading Post for bell buys En used f u r n i t u r e . South U S. «5. · · OTO.IUKFK fo. r.nL Ki. E.IIM .K -b'UKkmsn-- Wester Mwear. · Ok HOUSE «oviri- see HIjbee Ph tL .-1I2» Alxi hnllnlnts for sak. Sl'OTS before your eyes--oa your new carpet?--remove them w i t h Bl Lustre. Komaa Taint Store. ttt) e-lrk ruom for eompanrl CaJ RauB'a Motel. EL 1-4752. ATtERIKS Tr,o lesr guarsnlee M3.V 12.vo]ll Itspo's G*i OR SALK--IMr eoal "slie 1-, Make olfer. KL _-13_l. ind ANTEl-- Clesn eolloa rars. Greeley Tribune. OK SAL!.--Small 2 room aouge lo ee snoreil. A-lype hoc houses t *. s Ph. EL SEISES. . OR SALK-- Artlflrlsl lots, loan rose center pieces, foam rubber rllk C a l l . K I . 24-tll, On SAT*K-- Two e yr. r.ew. wilh 'msttresses. . Inetle likn at* cribi. Hit* otic katii- ri. 3-07J2. Farn. Ranch Loans LONO T K R M S - LOW H A T E ASA'T: JONES, JR.', 34 Yean LOUD Correspondent anai City ' Ll(« Insiirmce Company. Cllltord 0. Campbell, Mgr. IH9 Sth Ave. Ph. RL OK SALE--New shua equiii en, etc., for bakery. Ne Pb. KL 3-1707. .led. OR SAI-K --' Veap* icooler, W38. Modtl US. SM at /lr*l hotiM nCH-th o[ A Jfc W Drht-in ur cal] JiL 1-7953 VANTED--Child 1 * tiibl* and c^alr Ml In Rood con.ilion. Cull EL, M79 a f t e r B:30 p.m. AVrJ metal locators. Will locate, fe Vs. the money buried o . Write Box U-17. T r i b u n e TOL place LASSES repaired Broken Je ·upKested. New Irsstrs. Greeky Optical Co. tl2Vs 8 Ave rJL t- I R K Ualanclm--onljr Sl.UO p*r pai- '·enEer tit«. W«I_;bt frt«l 0 K. Rubbtr W.ldtra, 109 H. lltb Are. A B I N E T work,'norm aaih Cnmptrtr i toe): ot reMl e^tt lumrxr. Ward Planini Will Co. H. 2-7034. OR SAL F.--4 eleclrlc lit-ht plant for eaHni or fallout ihflter. 112.5 4 t h Arc. OR' RKNT--Furnllure pads for mo Ins day--lie eseh. O. K. Trail R e n t a l . 103 IV. mh Ave. OW bsr. · complete with all stlach- Heals.' for sale or refit- .640^ Gth Avenue. . .! RADE In what J o u rlon'l wanl for aomethlns YOU csn use si the Wonder - W h i t Hut, 1632 Isl Avs. El Z-17CI1. , ' IOTOROYCI.E for sals. 1560 Trlui Tiger Cub. excellent conrliltoa. See Tom- Gattot. tll» IStb St.. or El, I-KIS. Ras snd oil hesters. ne^ and used. MerriDV VYestvlew Cossl U Coast. 2411 IOU SI. EL !.»02 Open evenlTi.B ustll 8:30. ELI, quick:' roll lop d«ak ir.odt.ri. oak *-*_k, Vktor addEnr ua- chlnt, niiactllaneou-, office chain 'Clmprnin. KL S-.3.3, or EL 3-4323 IC-YCLES. U.2C i c l e c l i u r [rum *7.f0 up.' tuPs. arasnimitlon fl^hin too. Aikire's Spertfac Ooodj, St, EL 2-g»). . r tackle 72] 7lh lowed., Nov. 1.J96L GREELKY TRIBUNK Pagi-21 UvotlKk 41 l-'OR SALK--Westlnchoute T eu. ft. fefrlt-erator. «cellc_l condition, f " 1K1 19lli A-a. A R T I K H U A L br««-lnK fkf«fl. tcrvk* with iir»- Kb 2-2Wt. ONE rw'led KerefcrJ -irfJInf. Call EL *.08-8. 304 Kth Slrert. H K K l 1 for~"«il* -- ReaUttrt^ H«mp »hlr*. Call In cyenlnv, La Sail. Ow 2» ye-rs Ph. EL MM*, FOU fjALK--1,100 Sffed bred ewea. Wil: LOANS FARM and CITY 1 Low Interest Rate .Courtuous and Fast Service DUCKS ttncl 1*1 2-5*43. 316 Groeloy Bldg, * EL 2-57*7 Representing THK MUTUAL LIFE JNS. . C O , o( N.Y. WAsSTRD -- Som*on« to mturr:* p tnli tm LMO TEb«reUi boating t. Cotnplclc. Cill EL 2.0127. JOHNSON B«a-H.nt anln · ke. Wilb«r's O.tbo.nd Mir I Oth Street. STKHCURY oulboird Ttxitor*. Ccmpleti ir.nrJn.* jalei anil lerrirt. Reyc tConlDtnent Co.. But lEth St. UR. BOAT Owner i Do 700 kno» Llul dr;. heali»d wiaUr tlorttt f»r /.ut "nuibesrd motor to*la yon nothinr al OiirJitio WarTnrT 7 4 I K IMS Si. EL WILL rivis iway 3 tr.onlh terrier pup- llii nil ihota. FA, 3-3308. kK.0 Dmchakund brutrn fnn..I« p-jp- Sport ins Goodi 3S-A KOR SALE--Winca«ur IV! gtuet ' tonsatic sho^nn. EL 3.4305.' R t . W A R E i)f fini cl»tict "b»rK»' Ki-e.LH before rou bn Win. K 70. tlH.St; R«Hi. MM- 721. 179 Si; R f m . Mod. S7D. lU.Mt Weaver · rop««. *32..,D. Rtkxdlr.i: of h t - p o . ihrlls. 12.00 p*r box. Alklri-'i Rpnrl- lr\z P-OdiU rnmfieM Holi-] RHer. Muiti Vcqctabtei FOR SALE--Larce carrot 1 * for jule*. . at Runriw Girt!eni, S. 1st Avt, WKS*r Slope applta »Bd"iw*j-*. grapefruit, orangei. » n d tomatoei, p tit*. onion*, ir.-! niter veceUh Dili'r Frait md Vr«UbT« M 1W5 l(h St. EL 2.9021. UNCONDITIONALLY r^rii-U-fd iuM tires -- ill niEei. Kortb*rn Gtneril Tire fr... 2710 Sth Av_. Th. EL 2-2 60S. LL triN bt«u IT * DCk dor.i b; p«rv[icd tludinU at treat.? reduced pricM. Gr*«Wy B*«utY ichoo]. 120V? SU Bltcrt. ' ' . .TORN cioora. and windows Chain link ter.rt, Aluimlnam awningi 'AtumlMira. (ibrerliw; wood iialto eov«n aid earporU, Fire n.apai Clifton*.. Hrjrrn Sirvka. EL 2-6006 FOK FAS I famitr laundry icrvlnr c»LI Crjital White Laundry. Y,'«ihcd dri«3 *T.* lolitd, M Ibi. out) Kc. Free delivery. 911 Ilth Avt. EL 5-S1U2. · WO pair new pinLj. ir«n ·1» 27. bl.a iu* 25 Ht'.- black knil dre»i. iiie IB. ftost buihea. ill differta. hirdi. tig jau, own. EL pipe for lir.rairoi.. draii e, ..rwer and cttlrerts. iiie* I ftich 21 Imtk. We UM «1ki]i reiiilant ment Thon* HU 2*T2«.j or HU (.mfi fi2fi WooiT St.. Fl (JoH FOIL NKAT dependable p r i n t l n p you will find Ibis tr.w'ern ilxip. a» tt cell.nt le lection We fal.o* ropj work at reatnnabic Bring u your print in i work today Ph EL f-92M. Tribune-RepuhNr«n Pub Ci KW batteries, t^ia ran tern o!,» year- t7.ll crcbange, UMH hitttrlet. J3.S3. Rattery r-pairine Rebuilr pen era- ton and sLanen. A M type* of «ntr · ndl repntrx UFCI! can ny ttrmt. pickupi. Low _ John TboTapso..'* Ganr*. tin] 8tl- Ave Ph. ET, I.|lt4S. COMtLZTE »et of 27 book*. The Bibl Comrr.«nt.irr, E,.cyc.op«.J.a -- b y A3- Wrt BairnM. the treat Pratentai minislei- -of the past century. Suitable for fhuir.H library or rninTj who ttettrr.. AUtforiUtUeTefr«nceJ on iiiejecu. CocA over I200.00 Mil for I.S.CO.-XePkrr-Gn, HU .Street. Ph. 3-2-1142. A I U M I N . U M * Storm Doors * Storm Windows * Awnings * Siding Greeley Glass Shop 10* »tb at ei. I-A26: 30 OIN1 »k di_:n, I.bit /or sale t25. IK South 1st SI., L Sslle N£ nprJEht piano. Ur.« »ntir]ue V-rfroQ-M PH. Kf, 3-1S53, rOX BALfi--Wall 'Call F.I, .-M72. rrsll rirpelin- KK ti*\im · KM u.«J furn.. etulrnn mile- We pay raor*. tell for bm I H H. 1 l l h . A » t F.L 3-S1CH bed: aun- m p j r l i'EW, modern M-itJi sir ro«m _i«(tre»ses. -. Hlr-el.field's r'nrnllur., .20? Sth St Western Slope APPLES;. Jonathan and Delicious Roman Beauties Wholesale ;7.d Retail Joe's Apple Market -(13 ISth St. EL 2-607 H«T Groin · ·.·), S«r«» 40 FOR SALE--Fini. and third e-ltinr allalta. Clean. EL --.9E3. W A N T to rent beet top psslure for 2 eows EL 3-017-, alter i p.m. FOB KAT.E-^H.J. slrsw. P«rk haj Delliered. Dor, Kellr. KL .0191. WANTED--Pasture lor calile. Corn beet J.ft. »ar, etc. Call EL 3.Ml! or EL 2-S34-. Livf-focic 110 GOOD Hereford Cllves. Call £1 1-OB8K. -« ;»ta St. f H t Sli-ekrfin- W«tern«r««r FARMERS, RANGHEKS In Greeley Area 53 and $5 cash paid for fresh dead cows an horses. $5 to 510 for crippled anc down horses and, cows (Cull as Soon 'as Possible After Animal Dies) Immediate Service Seven D«y» a Week - Night or n»y Call Collect: Greeley EL 2-1788 LEE DOG FOOD CO. WANT 16 rent beet top pasture for 29 wt,' tL M172, a f t e r i p.TM. W E A N L I N G feeder |I« for sale. 1'h lM-t7M. · 'OK SALE--A (op q u a l i t y Appaloost llu_, Ik ihonlks old. No ressonablr offer refused. El, 1-3022. . Co-rtso-s e|, A R S. Pfovtt .IVKSTOOK srraylni. ·iperlenee. Br.nti.4r or JUnlper 7.4149. ' n lots. 6 ml. 80-Jlh of Pro.peel rlrnoOtennan'a, or call Ya.npa, UUrorri --Mil for L. Uatrem ·OR KKNT-- Winter pstture. Can ban. . . . --die 100 nt more cow., beet toft. If gtASS N. of Fort Morgan. Good , . , corn stalks. etc:, buj corral, sheds, windbreak, water foun- lain. .Ill) plenty alfalfa say If need. erl. 1'hont days EL .2-7031, nlihl phone V.I, J-UES. ' ' O U L T H V w a n t e d . Also .custom dre»En- Monti.; Ihtouxh Friday EL S-4'_IS Greeley Fnattry Hnife. t i l l ,7th Arenue. YEAR OLD Henvy nnil Lt|;ht Breed Roosters Light Dreed Hens LIV.B lOo Per round MEYER BROS. HATCHERY 10 7lh St. " ' EL, 2-3151 Ptt Stock 43 c n n t H n for iale. KL 3-1R78. i. I'h. Kl, 2-7237. Houie p«li. Ph. El. VIUCM FOR SA1.F--Sii 'LUUKINLS. troflcnV nih. Supi-Hri Ua's-BSsl. 14tU Arc, E'b. El. "-SHI inlj, »nd accci^nr- 1JI4 lib St. £L TROPICAL filli. pist Its. Water-Land, l-liti. TRtJ-'lTAL (lib. coIJfiih. a q u a r i u m s filtun, all* p u m p * , A«ralor*) FniVi E«., anrl H«ich*rr. 169 1HL Stre*t, IAMAR1E3, Taraketts. Rampslers. csies.' complsle lins of pet supplies. Frsnk's See1 sod Hattlisn. TM IDtk Street- Sewing Machine*--Vsjcuusni 44 KW K-rAa vac-um cleaner. 1S12 -tth Street. . V A C U U M rk-sncrs Scrvler anrt pa Cor all makes. (Jail F- PerrT Repp's Th. Cl. ft-00--. TV--Rodl.--Scrrkct 4« CONSOLE rhilco radio lot sale. A-l i-ape. Al.nint 7-HC2. NKW TV pletnre tubes. ISI.S5 InstaUer! F.ssi lern-.i. EL J-il-0. attee «. TV l_kl Call TV hospital. Uomp!-t service, all makes. Ph EL t-0118 El. I-M5D 1111 lib 8_. (ya-a. ISED TVs . iullT recioDdilloned and, S30.95 SV* Jour, 110 month El. 2-S1SO. after 6. U5£D TV spts. fullr Euarsntred ; also w Bylvsnls TV. HI-FI, and Sten TV Hnsritsl. Z-flllft FA. 1 - 1 4 1th SU. K» Muskal. Instrument. , 4 PIANO turilnc ann repairing. Worl ctiarsnteed. Oax ?7S, Eatnn. Ph. 405 Reel Ertote 48 On SALE--p'amily siied three bed room home. Carpeted liviaFT-dta rombinstbn. Nice sized Vitc b'^ilt-in .'rsn_e anr] oven. Lots cabinet* and closet space; Full ba!c tnent. Come and see -43 35th Aft. or after e. KL --]!,. Can't You Find A REAL ESTATE LOAN? Let Us Help You! VVK M A K E A 1,1.. TYi'ES OF H K A 1 . KSTATB LOANS, BOTH IN AND OUT OF GREB1.BY. Lott Agency, Inc. 918 Ilth .Ave. EL. 3-1443 Household Goodi 30 Household Goods 30 American Furniture Co. Citils ·tl FARMS FOR SALE 200 aero Irrigated farm \E o( tort Morgan. Colo. DItcli Water and pumps. Fair improv.mtrhi.. T h i n Is ft good (arm and nrlceri at 137,500.00 on ex. term,....* £ if J l 274(1 acre PunUi, Ixjcalea south o( Fort M.rciri. Has 800 acres of farmland, .Blanco good naiiv 0 truss. Good wheat allotment Fair liiim-ovoni.nls. Priced «t J37.60 ]«r A. on ex. terms. : . 1700 TV acrfis of wlieatland ' a n d wheat allotment. You may buy 1000 A. or all on soqd terms. Call or write-C. E. "Ken" REED REAL ESTATE AND AUCTIONEER 501 W. Platte Ave. Phone UN 7-68SS .-. Fort Morgan, Colorado · Don't Buy Until You See What HILLSIDE HOMES; has to offer 1 3 Bedroom Brick Veneer, Pull Basement, Attached Garage. $550 Includes all do^a payment and closing coiti - FHA ABSOLUTELY NO Down Payment No Closing Costa , TO VETERANS Monthly Payments Less Than Rent Choose, from: 6 Floor Plant V Brick- Veneen t Attached Uaragej ; Garbtei Dlspoasli Birch Cabln«ti f Kitchen Rans» Hoo_i j Full Basementi · ' Curb, uncr, catlw. itrieu l». PHONE EL 2-6750 : i 25th St and Zlsl Ait.]' Er.nlngi Call: Jack Bchrelber EL J-2JS; Ted Fouler , EL .S'StK Dave S w i f t EL 2-4W7 Harrell Walllsch EL Open 1:J6 to i:30 AUSTINS? Realtors -- Auctioneer.' 1203 y t h St. Ph. KL 3-0790 823 Sth Street EL 3-1601 -- USED-- R E T I R I N G .-:· Ask us about small homes'Vt Imve for courles. Pricod rlghl and ready for occupancy. '-- RENTAL? Excellent location near Maplo wood school. ' · I N C O M E ? Call us about a large corner- In the industrial soiie. Has living quarters, garage (acuities. 'Call Virjr Scott. Ak us about others, · COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL! Will trade f i n e corner OH · 20th Ave. and fith St. for nice 2 bedroom home near Sth Ave, C O M M E R C I A L POTrJNTAL? Reduced lo settle estate. HO'UEC ind lot on Sth St. IN WINDSOn Three bedroom hoiv.e. 50G Elm. Only Jl.OW) down. Near Etlionls and business district. Ready to occupy. Call lierbst or Scott. Two-piece beige l i v i n g room suite. Bxcsllent condition ------- $65.00 Lar , e 3 r i r o o m . ! . * home. One five-jiieco dinette set ....... --------- ?10.00. Corner Int. 2 car garage. Kear One chrome dinette set, Table nnd four c h a i r s ____ ?-i.00 all sclionls and business dis- Oval dinette table and four chairs. ._ Baby high cliair _ Group o£ overstuffed chairs. Yo_r choice S 5.00 200 A C R K _ _RJV;R_BOTTOM -?33.00 _$ 5.00 trict. 628 Elm. See to appreciate. Call Henry Hcrlist. -553.00 . One Kas kitchen range _ .Norge couventloral wnslier. _ Htdc-a-bed. Excellent condition _ 575.50"iterbat. P A S T t i R K .,,, -,,'ISO Irrigated, good improve- *f ·'·'"Imenls. 150 head unit, Call Henry Greeley Furniture Co. 2600 S. 8th Ave. HAKE OPPORTUNITY To buy one of the best "160 acre farms in the Box Elder Valley. Two 1200 gallon wells. Two modern home.. G r a d e . A Dairy h a r n , ditch water, layl Ph. EL 2-5..1 ertect - (]ouA terms. C a l l : Henry Herbsl. NEW 2.KKDROO.M FOR S A L E -- M e d i u m fizi I'ricldair jr. ,.__,!,, n f ,,-..,1 nn ., nf .t I r I PTC Art Just outside OrC-lev. Good loan a r , l fiv. room Si»]r 40 yards Of US.d Carpet, tClge COloi'. ?75.00 commltmont. Double oil -eater. 1»5JJ. G»_ ce-ditton. Fston f ^ l l iUsed aparlment size elec.tric range _____ ...... ? .9.95 C n'i: 1;s - US£I» Kop«r sfis ranee, 13 Inrh, etui-! m.nit p .i- i »5 ca r r!!iil."»i'ir l iot_ S s" ^ s *4 Wonde console table-, small buffet and four KL 2-01«7, AI.UOET «tv GK refri.;.-_tc.r. JicrrM- the-lDi) frcer«r. xutcmslie ricfr^st. i»i»3 o-t strives. 1115. Csll F.L chairs Used four-piece (sectional, .foam cushions U3LD Idle Ho-r trss rsnsie, 49 di*la*»d top. Ko Ave;* p s r m e n t . S5 a room-. JSl.t,. G s m b l f s , 910 10th St. tt. 3-«m. NUt in« fetal In used rurniturt at tb IOWM* coal an- UVa no chances ·! IW Brass Trsrfhva; Post, on II « W. SELL wha, TOU eV»1 want ^- bar vast · rim nee1 Consignments re. eehe- Isll Auetlr.ti M id.7 nl.Ms ? ».m Pritaie *a.le rfsilr First Ave Auction )7W Kir.f Are Fl *.!·:* B E A r T I K t l l . J-BEDnOOM | BRICK jLots of builHns, fintsned hase^ n i c n l , 2 lireplaces. C«!l Ifenry .ircrhst. but worn. $29.95' .. , , . , , . I F O R MORE IXfORMATION Usea high chair _.__ S 4.95JHEAR OUR KFKA BROAD- Used Englander foam rubber mattress and box springs. CASTS EACH MORMNO. Absolutely like new. _ $90.05 Saucer chairs, plastic cover. : _'. 515.95 each iClkJKIi ortk ainiritr room tAh'le anrli c-h^lr.t. Itinl cage. Tv*o vrshinK n-a-l ehir.en. rire**»r* rfnd inhc*IUn-:-s! pt pir-nv r\v hnuietwH f u r n i t u i e . Call El, J.11M. PLEN ' » OF ee F.L 2.1377 fef .mcnittaMait. |FREE PARKIs^ FREE DISUVERY OPEN KVKN1NGS 'TIL 8:30 M O N D A Y ' r i l R H K R I I U T AT 7:311 A.M, E V E N I N G S Henry Ilerli.l EL M441 l l l i c k Ksirnoi; Kl, ! V l r f Scotl - KL DavD [.-.vis BL, DRIVE OUT 1 , floors* Wmbelnma AND SAV$I Brltlittw

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