Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 20, 1972 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1972
Page 27
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28 GREBLEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Thurs., April 20, 1972 Horoscope Forecast b i g b ; ·'·'· . FrlUy, April 21 GENERAL TENDENCIES: A wonderful day and evening show your affection for others. Good also for thinking out cwirses of action that require entertainment or charming others. Put in motion some plans of action 'that are vitally important to your welfare and happiness. Be jolly. ARIES (Mar. 21 lo Apr. 19) Be careful you do not take risks where your finest creative capabilities are concerned; use every precaution and all works to your advantage. Plan it is you most like lo do and then schedule your time properly. TAURUS (Apr. 20 lo May 20) Your home and family are your first concern today, so if you have lo be oul for any time, put your best efforts there. Evening excellent for entertaining some good friend at home. Talk over whatever is. uppermost in your mind. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) You can do very well cither in ibuying or selling today, so start early. Talk over with bigwigs just how you can expand in!your own field of endeavor. Show that you are a sensible, intelligent person. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to-July 21) You can still benefit from yesterday's good aspects. Pqt practical ideas to work that bring advancement. Making a good impression on bigwigs in By Carroll Righlcr business is easy. Relax tonight. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) You to are anxious lo make big headway now and can do so if you use that fine smile you possess, as well as other charms. It may be a little more costly than you expected, but the end result will parlnership be well worth it. VIRGO (Aug. 22 lo Sept. 22) Get busy with all those behind- Ihe-scense activities lhat w i l l iring the results you want. Talk to the right people. You can be far more successful than you are now if you will only apply trouble, what yourself more intelligently. IJBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Gel together with the r i g h t friends now cither for pleasure better in handling m u t u a l affairs, or Get securing dala you need. The you evening can be most enjoyable you at social a f f a i r s . Don't go to Gain bed loo late tonight, though. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Go after the backing you need from bigwigs, then you can get lov your projects w o r k i n g well. Show you arc a most conscicnt-| ious worker. Become interested in some civic work you can liandlc well. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 lo or Dee. 21) This is the right day lo f i n d the new outlets that are truly for you and can bring you happiness and success. Discuss subjects wilh others whose Ideas are different from your compel own. You can put your points Scross very well. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) You know exactly what your responsibilities are now and how you can lake care of (hem wisely and skillfully. Show generosity with mate and get better results than in the past. Make it a true relationship, AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) You are thinking very clearly and can now handle comes .up intelligently. Good associates give fine support. Make a plan early that you can follow wilh little PISCES (Fe.b. 20 lo Mar. 20) You want to improve Die situations at home and there is no time than this to do so. Get an early start. The ideas have are clever, so put your attention on those, too. tho backing you need. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he or she will be one of those most generous and ing young people who can win almost anyone over to own way of thinking when so desired, and can become a force for good in such .spheres a the government, big organigations, wherever (here is need for great scope and perspeclive. Encouragement should be "given early in order lo bring out the fine potential here. "The Stars impel, they do nol What you make of your life is largely up to you.! (Cl 1972 MeNaught Syndicate, Inc. i As Hal Boyle Sees It By JOY STILLEY Associated Presi Wrlttr For HAL BOYLE Hal Boylt Is III. NEW YORK ( A P ) - Take 11,000 chickens. Skin, quarter, cul, bone, halve, dice, cube, slice, pound or grind. Adc! stuffings, seasonings, flavorings, sauces, fruils, vegetables, nuts, soft drinks, hard drinks, gelatine, cheese, soup, milk, eggs, molasses, cereal or ice cream. Boil, broil, barbecue, hake, roast, simmer, saule, fry or grill. There's a chicken recipe for efcry. taste among, the '11,000 submitted in the National Broiler Council's chicken cooking conlcsl, The nation's chicken cooks, male and female, young and old, have included among the ingredients in (heir entries almost every edible item in a well-slocked grocery. Nostalgic for Ihe days of your ywitli, the Saturday movie mal- irie-e. Ihe county fair? Circus ckjcken may be just your dish, ttjt.h a popcorn-peanut coating flbvored wilh lemonade. {Something a bit more sophis tilled, p c-r.ii a p.s, '! There's iken alarhotle', ' wilh ice lain. If you like lo think ik, fry chicken topped wilh strawberry ic'c crealn mixed rose wine. fact, eating the dinnertime cktail is in vogue in chicken- njgnching circles this year. Alcoholic beverages--from beer Iff* champagne - f i g u r e pftminenlly in the recipes as cjioking llf|ii.l(l or In sauce. $r)ose who prefer lo keep llfelr chickens sober can try banana, caramel sauce. And cpfckcns cooked in tea, coffee, cfjfa, snuerkrntit juice, crnnber- ry|- juice, orange juice, sour cream or honey are guaranteed !$£ lo give fowl fanciers a ligover. {for coalings you can lake jjfcir choice; ico'%cam cone climbs, .strawberry cake mix i ifrg mix, wheat germ, yogurt zfcchini ard mushrooms unilcd ifca blender, coeonul or choco l||e-covercd mint pallics. stuffing could be rhu b, chopped hot dogs or, for se who likft the unusual, i ibinallon of fish sticks tarn cheese and lemon gcla cacies as breast of chicken ixed In hundreds of ways, here's gizzard goulash, heart Itabobs, wings Chinese stylo, crown roast of drumsticks, rcc- pes calling for feet, and neck »kins used for sausage casings. 3 lus 14-earrol chicken soup. The liver departincnl is represented by such -imaginative lishes as chicken livers blend- Television Review By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Tttevlilon Radio Wrltir NEW YORK (AP) - You could hardly do better in these troubled days for the beleaguered television networks than CBS's Wednesday night special, "It Takes a Lot of lave." It was an hour dedicated to and cd with dutch cream, topped smoked almonds, and cooked chicken livers ground up and added to fudge brownies. Despite the many off-beat recipes, one seasoning didn't get a mention. Nobody suggested pulling pot in the chicken instead of putting chicken in (he pol. man's love for animals vice versa. There was a boy and his dog, a girl and her horse, an old lady and her cat, a woman 'with a GO-pound beaver who likes lo sit in her lap-all very gentle and sentimental. Sponsored by a pet food company, the program was the sort to warm the cockles of the nation's animal lovers, 'who make up an enormous segment of a population which supports--according lo the program--24 veterinarians and 71 million cats and dogs. It was a curious mixture of cliche and interesting feature material not too skillfully blended. It opened with irresistible shots of a puppy playing with a ball, worrying an old shnc and learning about newspapers. Then it moved lo the more heart-lugging problem of young people trying without much luck lo find homes for assorted kittens. An interesting portion showed the work of a Montgomery County, Ga., clog warden-not dog catcher, he insists--who spends most of his time trying o reunite lost pels wilh (heir owners and lo find homes for strays. His great triumph was lo retrain a savage police dog w i t h o u t a home to a happy life as watchdog for a lumber yard. The program moved on lo a young man living in Hie Snake River country of the West wilh . a "friendly eagle" for a pel; a chocolate ice California business couple with by hickory- a bright chimp named Moc which has acceptable table manners; a red setter named Laramie who is an unofficial member of the slaff of a Mis- and can children showed (he ranch which a Utah politician has turned into an an- mal preserve, lie finds, he said, that afler dealing wilh :eople all day, animals are re- axing and undemanding. He las. discovered, incidentally, lhat buffalo are the most affectionate of his wild pets. The program was a refreshing change of pace in specials- warm, happy, even funny at limes. II was also a fantasy of sorts since it was a world inhabited by happy, eared-for animals. In this area of the country it happened to follow, on another network, a nature program describing in close-up the mercijcss struggle for survival by a colony of honey bees, Nature isn'l always kind. souri menial hospital reach the hearts of wilh greater case lhan psy chiatrists. | A dmvii-ln-earlh segment TV Programs KBTV, Chanml »; KLZ, Channel 7; KOA, Channtl 4; KRMA, Channel t State Officials Reappointed DENVER' (AP) - Three reappointments were announced Wednesday by Gov. John Love. William L. White of Arapahoc was reappointed to the Board of Stock Inspection Commissioners for a term expiring May 1, 1977. Emil A. Thaemerl of Denver was reap- poinlcd employer member of the Board of Barber Examiners for a term expiring May 5, 1975. The Rev. George W. Otto of Littleton was reappointed to the Merit System Counvil for a term expiring May 3, 1975. "It takes Iwo to tangle, and we don't get mad at the same lime." --^Actress Dorothy Lamour discussing the success of her 9-year marriage to William R. Howard, scion of prominent Baltimore family. Thursday, April 20 ·' 4:00--2: Circcn Acres 7: Comer Pylc 4:30-2: Ollligan's Island 6: Misleroger's 7: Mayberry R.F.D. 6:00-2: McIIale's Navy 4: NBC News G: Sesame Street 7: News 9: News 5:30--2: Hogan'a Heroes · .. .4: News 5lO-2: 1 'Dream of Jeannie .- ' -fi News .'- . 4 ! High: Chaparral ^ . 6: Electric Company ' , 7: CBS 'News 8: Star Trek 6:30-2: Andy Grirmh 6: Gene's' Junction 7; Atiuacade in Acapulco 7:00-- 2: Truth or Conscqilenecs 4: Flip Wilson fi: TBA, 9: Alias Smith and Jones 7:30-2: Dragnet fi: .loan Sutherland 7: Me and Chimp 8:00--2: Perry .Mason 7: Movie . ·1: Ironside fi: 30 Minnies ·0: Mark ,'1'wnin 0:30-6: Playhouse Biography 9:00-2: News, Wthr., Spls. 4: Denn Martin 5: Owen Marshall 10:00-2: Movie 4: News, Wlhr., Spts. 9: Love American Style 2:30-2: Beat Ihe Clock d: Days of Our Lives G: Home Accessories 0: Ncwlywcd Game 3:00-2: Big Valley 4: Concentration 6: Career Guidance 9: Thai Girl 3:30--4: Money Movie 9: David Frosl 4:00--2: Green Acres 7: Gomer Pylc 4:30--2: Gilligan's Island G: Misleroger's 7: Mayberry R.F.D. : 5:00-2: McIIale's Navy 4: NBC News fi: Sesame Slreet 7: News 9: News 5:30--2: Ilogan's Heroes 4: News 9: News G:(KJ--2: Dream of Jeannie 4: High Chaparral 6: Electric Company 7: News !): Slur Trek 6:30-2: Andy G r i f f i t h fi: Perspeclive 7: Olympics 7:00--4: Circus 2: Truth, Consequences li: .loyce Chen 7: My Three Sons 9: Brady Bunch 7:30--4: Sanford and Son 2: Dragnet G: Book Beat 7.^.0'Ilara, Treasury 9: Partridge Family 8:00--4: Movie 2: Perry Mason 6: Week Review 9: Room 222 8:30-fi: Film Odyssey ,7: Mqyie 9: Odd Couple 9:00--!): Love American Style 2: News, Wlhr., Sporls 10:00--4: News, Wlhr, Spots 2: Movie li: Inform 7: News, Wthr, Spls 9: News, Wthr, Spts 10:30--4: Tonight Show 7: Movie 11:00-!): Dick Cavclt 11:30-2: Movie 12:00--4: Movie 12:30-7: Ix-itc Show 9: David Krost G: 7: 9: 10:30-4: 6: 7: 3 12:00-2 Z [ g h t home economists 1 4: News ·ecncd the thousands of red- 12:30--7: Movie In ft process that will evcn- 1 Illy lead to a cook off among finalists in 50 states and the World Press News, Wthr, Spls News. W t h r , Spls Tonight Show David Lilllcjohn Movie Inform Dick Cavctt News tricl of Columbia. In nddi- t 1 I pti lo a few cases of r|uoasi- i is from the stranger cnin- \ fations panel members go! f fnc laughs. ?Takc one whole friar," \ fttc one conteslanl, possibly i jler the iissumplinn lhal in- I Wicnls cuuhl be acquired 1 \m religious orders as well as j Hxjcry orders. · alncd in dcUiil i (irmcl dish, Another ex- a complicated Ihen added, fhis is very elegant served lih instanl mashed potatoes." Jivery part of the chicken ex- ipt the peep has its chain |ns. Aside from such dcli- J'Govcrnmcnt officials (rom i fci lowest levels of burcau- § cy lo the vice president of United Slates himself now in make frontal attacks against the press.'--'The American Society of Newspaper Editors Freedom of Information Committee charging in a report lhal there is a growing climate of hostility in government lo- ward the press. David Frost Friday, April 21 11:00-2: Famous Jury Trials 4: Sale of Ccnlnry 7: News 9: All My Children 11:30-2: Honeymooners "!·. Three on n Malch 0: Language Arls 7: As Ihe World Turns 9: Lei's Make Dcnl 12:00--2: Blinky Fun Club 4: Eyewitness News 7: Love is Splendor Thing 9: Today al Noon 12:30-2: Phil Donahue ·!: Tho Doctors 7: Guiding Light 9: Dating Game !2:45-fi: Primary Art 1:00--: Another Whrlrl fi: Primary Slorylinift 7: Secret Storm 9: General Hospital 1:30-2: What's My Line 4: Peyton Place G: Americans All 7: Edge of Night 9: One Life lo Live 2:00-2: To Tell the Truth 4: Somerset G: Electric Company 7: Dialing for Dollars Radio Programs KUNC-FM 91.5; KYOU 1410 KFKA 1310; KGRE 92.3; KUAD 1170; Thursday, April 20 4:00-KFKA: News, Music KUAD: Voice of Valley 4:30-- KI'T.A: Editorial Music ·1:45--KFKA: Want Ads 5:00--KFKA: Nfcws, Wtr., Spts, K'/W: News 75 5:.10-KUAI: Sign Off 6:45-KFKA' This is Greclcy 6:00-- K U N C : Expanded News K F K A : Circle JR Haneh fi:l5-KYOU: Soulli of Border liUNC: Periscope, Jazz B-.03-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Jim Cox KOTiE: News 8:.10-KGlUv. Music 9:00-KUNC: News, Pro,;. Mus. S:45-KUNC: liN iri Profile 0:(Kt-KUNC: Jnn 1 0 : I S -- K F K A : Varsity Carousel :i:IO-KYOH: Sign off KCHI-:: Sign off !2:riO-KUNC: Sign off ll:30-KFK;\: News, Wlr, Spts. K F K A : Sign off i::CO-KUNC: Sign Off Friday, April 21 11:00--KUAD: Bob McBride KFKA: News, Music KYOU: News KUNC: Conlemp. Music KC-RE 11:15-KFKA: KYOU: I1:30-KYOU: 11:45-KYOU; 12:00-KFKA: Stereo Music Music Spts Wcalhcr News Macy Allnutt Monfort Rpt. KUN'C: Expanded News KYOU: News News Weather, Spts Music Farm, Ranch K U A D 12:15-KFKA KYOU !?.:39-KFKA KYO:i: Market Music K U A D : Bob McBride 12:45-KYOU: Paul Harvey K F K A : Salclimc. Mkts. 1:00-KI''KA: What's llap'ning KYOU: Chuck Wolfe 1:15--KFKA: Music 2:00-KI'KA News, Music KYOU: News 75 KUAD: Don Bell 2:30--KI'KA: Profile, Music KYOU: Chuck Wolfe KUNC: (,'nnlemp. Music 3:00-KKKA: News, Music 3:30--KFKA: Spls, Music KUNC: News, Con Music K U A D : Bob McBride 4:00-- K U A D : Voice of Valley 4:30-KFKA:E(lilorial, Music 4M5-KFKA: Wanl AuV 5:00-KI-'KA: News, Wlr, Spls. r.:30-KUAD: Sign Off 5:4f)-KFKA: This is Orceley C:00-KU\C: Kxpamlcd News K F K A : Circle JU Ranch C:15-KYOU: Konlh of Cnrrtcr 7:On-KIJNC: 'Friday Night' 8:00-KFKA: News, Music K U N C : Periscope, Issues KYOU: Chuck Wolfe KGRE: News B:30-KOnE: Music KUNC: News, Free Form IO:00-KFKA: News 10:15-KFKA: V n r s l t y Carousel I1:00-KYOU: Sign Off KGRE: Sign Off 11:30--KKKA: News. Wlr, Spls. 12:00 KFKA: Sign Off . ·,, DENVER RADIO KLX,: MO--Music, news KHOW: 530-Music, news KHTK: 710-Nnws 24 hours KOA: 850--Music, news on ii hr, Believe/tor Act/ ^SPRING REGULARLY VISITED BY 1 PILGRIMS, MAS BURIED FOR 300 Y£AKS THAT He COULD fARNA COMFORTABLE" LIWN6 AS AH AUTHOR RESTORED TO USE 8Y ANOTHER fARTHQUAKE PLEA FOR HELP IH A DOTTLE FLOATING HEAR MURMANSK RUSSIA, IN I95Q HAD BEEM WRITTEN By EVtLYU BALDWIN, LEADER Of A BRITISH ARCTIC EXPEDITION, M 1902- £UT MtDWINWAS /?£SCVfD 43 YfAfS SffOfff OKCOVfRY OF HIS REQUEST fpK AID ACROSS 1. Slang term for » newspaper 5. Fundamental . 10. Assistant 11. Vicar's assistant 12. Hotel ac- commoda- tion 14.Islet 15. Nursery or school 16. Machine part 17. __ Edith Sitwell 21. Bivouac · 24. Surrounded 25. Hotel facility 27. Counting one's thumbs 38.Chinese port 29. "Hud" Oscar winner 30. Pest killer 31. Luau goody 32. \'iet- namese , holiday 35. Henry Francis Lyte hymn 40. Style of sail 41. Dwelling 42. Scoff 43. Invasion area, Nov. 1942 DOWN 1. Rum cako 2. Kalian river 3. Mine cntranco 4. Prepare ensilage 5. On tho job 6. Irishman's "indeed" 7. Capuchin monkey 8. Mam ol law (abbr.) 9. C.S.A. name 11. --on (suppressed) IS.NotEvrt 16. Bactrlin · 17. Ship's crane 18. Arab chieftain . 19. Lab animate 20. Earl of Avon J!l. Mother ' Machree'* home M. Protuberance 23. Soda pop flavor 26. Forearm bones 31. Equal 32. Norse thunder god Yetltnlaj't Aamtr M. Jane Austta novel.. 54. Numerical sufflx ' S5.Nickn»a» of 1936 M.Formil dine* Fr.) S7.K«sident of(suff.) 55. Poor mark 39. However (var.) DAILY CIIYPTOQUOTE- Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X K Is L O N G F E L L O W Ons letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES B F H H X J C D C K 2 0 N M S D B V J G M B B O C V Z J t H J . D C F H O D T M Z . - W M C E W M T M E S M E D Yesterday's Cryptoquote: THERE'S NOTHING SO COM. PORTABLE AS A SHALL BANKROLL; A BIG ONE IS ALWAYS IN DANGER.-WILSON MIZNER C1972 Kug Feature* S;ndic*l«, lac.) HENRY By John Llney ARCHIE By Bob Montana DOUBLE / 0 R WE'LL THROvV \ T O T H E DON'T WORRY/ I'LL GET THE/A DOWN TO LUNCH! WERE GCHNSTO BE. WITHOUT BELLS FOR A FEW DAYS WHILE THEY INSTALL THE NEW SYSTEM/ REX MORGAN, M. D. By Dal Curtis I'M A\VAK£ OF THAT- BUT TClt HIM I IVi3ULD LIKE TO SEE'HIM now, THW i WOK'T TO ,V£EP THIS AFTERNOON'S^/JUST CECWMLV/ HE'S PTOB.Wy AIL UPSET BECAUSE I'l'E INSISTtO ON SABBATICAL -- BUT TO NOT NECeSSARV HOW/ , MIA COAIE IN /^.4, PKOFESSOK CJMNT IS HEJTE, IHSISTS OH Ste.K you now/ EO DC/ HAVE THE TIME ? WAS FOK m MXW, FfOFESSOK I SE£ PKSIDENF ? JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbing Li'l ·As HAZ ANpkirrS FATHER AWNTAlM f-lAD TO CRASH LAND,ON ACCOOMr ? THE PILOTS PARACHUTED OUT. TOUGH A^THE-V -THEY COULDN'T 4TANP VULGAR I LLA'S- ~^i"^^^^^^ -SJOWTHATVO' V UL J?^^-

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