Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 14, 1957 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1957
Page 12
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Page fi .EY T R I B U N E Friday, .lime 14, 1957 The Creeley Daily Tribune and The Greeley Republican EXECUTIVE STAF^ MILDKlLD F. fl\N5KN . PuBlubri I J L O Y U t: M L K R U . I Kt LuJ JAXV J'UBlunca Ktrr; rt erh On K,i*fiin f bf 1'fet TribUBoKrpubUcan I'tiU-.tBtrv C« Officr Til t-b.o Si UT»::» I'cl-j bu''t:ri|110Ti prlrc--Hr mill lu Ca:ir*ab I mr lltl.bO. fc moi.lfci I4.CD an« monlb I1.?n. B* mill oi.t«i!t ot Colaiatfa FT" 11* CO. cr.t momh ll.-:o fo. Kn.rra, ., .«o nd ,-lis. IE.I,.. ., lo . fTM,. '" '»· "· ^"" k *\'. »'»'·" «»"'"» nflir. .1 «r«lc» Ccl..,.d,. unc,, .k, A , , ! ' - " "·°"' k Ll " l -»-"" H» "'*·* H.nb I IMS I : i n '(. UH;UM 1' . t.. u a. lelirri v"TMj'"n-* i '°""'" iv"' ''' : '.'"',--tl" I """ '·' "" '"" : " """ Wo """" '·"""' hudii H u r c k j of Circuit. Tit Aui*iai«d I'tni · licit lu lh u\r ,,f d the lorll nrv.1 |:rm!l:l «1 n r l l ·! f l i /:' r.em . . . . I.rpji.JlCJIl 1* 0 D 1 flklBI M.E- Co. hj Un-l*F 1 p P ·· -'· ~,.Tfi"»! l:nu.n Nn: (SI Pause and Punder: -"Truitino «i thi Diyi Go i" "The \jnrd will he your overlaying ligbl, and your (;t»d will be your glory."--Isii, tiO:l!*. Sixth Grader's Tribute to Flag (Editor 1 ! Noti: Judy Ann Mild, a ilxth ortdtr it Mttkcr Junior Hioh t^haol building, dtughtir of Mr, and Mri. R*lnhold Roi«n, 2225 Eighth avtnui court, won *n «my contitl on "Why I Would Like To Bf a Flag Day Princril." It earned her a trip to Denvtr to · parrlcipata in the Flag Cay ceremony at thi Colorado Stato Houi* today (Friday). To giva ihii young perion'i point of view, ahowing tha impact of teaching in Ilia grades of the public ichool lyctem, the Tribune pretenta her fliay). ]t seems to me that loo many people tiikc the American Flag for granted. Everyone knows what loyally und allegiance is, but how many people, have nskcd themselves what these two words mean lo them? The flag is a symbol of a greal nation; a n a t i o n which I am proud to be a part of. The reason I am proud is that thia nalion offers equal rights lo iiil. a pursuit of happiness, and a general atlilude of well being. We must no( forget Iliat people such us ourselves fought for and gained Ihis freedom Jor us. M a n y of these forefathers died for this precious freedom. Since then, m a n y olbcr powers have allcmptcd lo lake this fredom from us. Once again the fathers nnd brothers stepped In lo protect Ihis freedom, and m a n y of Ihcm died f i g h t i n g to protect us. So m a n y people nre not aware of national allegiance until a war strikes. Such an attitude is wrong. We must show nllegiance nnd loyally to this great nalion of ours at nil times. Freedom is our way of life, and the American Flag is a symbol of Ihis freedom. We all respect and love freedom. To respect nnd love our flag is another way of saying I am proud In be an American, and when a person says this, be is expressing his loyally and allegiance to a great and free nalion. 1 should like lo he a Flag .Day Princess-lo deepen my rcspccl for the American Flag, symbol of Ibe home of ihe free. Aid to Citizenship , Why should il he so hard for Ihe average citizen to find out aboul his government? Surveys constantly show t h a t rarely does he know hia congressman's name.'and Ihul often he docs not know who his senators are. For slate legislators the sittialion is even worse. This moves Ilobert P. Cort of Brooklyn, writing in the New York Times, lo urge that every post office display a map of the congressional dislrict in which that office is locnlcd. Adjoining should be the names and office addresses of Ihe senators and representatives. The same information should be provided-about slalc legislators. All that is needed, lo put this recommendation inlo effect is n simple statule. Another good move would be lo have Ihe government issue a simple handbook of information about itself, selling it at n n o m i n a l price. Congress might he. astonished at Ihe demand for such a handbook. How cnn n voter influence government inlclligenlly if he docs not know how the government is organized? MM By W.G. Rog«n . Gets Four Front ·for Father's Day »nd fight* jhoulder-to-sboulder 'peppered it thoroughly, then took with science. ' j i big bite. "The dentist is really doing you j Cra-a a-a-a-- arV! 1 suddenly fell » favor," she said. "Those l e e i h i a n empty space in front of my ,'hjve to go, or eJse you could set jnoutb, and xomelhuig popped o u t ; ;something real serious." on Ihe floor. Il was uue of uiy f o u r . ! "Let him do you the favor," J .front tee'.h. ' ; snarled. "The^e fangs have served i "Now do you think your dentist xc 1C -car», -^1 J'i' ct: ilc:.c:-:':; * .'.-;ui?" iilci . l '.-3^;c;. ; ihem B O W ' ' j But \a adopting Business i broke and light stickers. It will be open from f a.m. to 6 each at), I and lo noon on Saturdays. ---- , By HAL BOYLE RASCALS IN I ' A R A U I S K . By NEW YORK UB ... AM 1 don't JainerA. Michener and A. (Jrove want for Father's Day is four from tCfifl i :.-;u;? "No," 1 had to admii. ''Any guy j Ibi; a t t i t u d e 1 who can predict the natural lift : found 1 had bitten oil mum t h a n of a 40-year-old tooth lo wiliiui' I could chew. Kverytime 1 sneezed. 21 hours must be a genius." Frances would shike her head aud Our 4-year-old daughter, Tracy : »ay: Ann. who has already been a d - i "It's your four front leeih. vised she will lose her own b a b y , inry re gel'-iM^ wutdc, ymi knuw." .tt-cth in a year or twt?, vca- inleri I'aradise, o/ course, wirN .Mi(-h-| But i-ome Sunday I'll be w e a r - ' After JJ losing months of I h i s - J v interested in booking at my lal ener involved, is ihe Pacific; a n d ' i n g four new store ones--although l W a r o( m a r i c a l nerves, 1 gave up len tuuih and he gap in my face, be anil Hay, digging through t h r e e ; at Ihe moment I'm nol sure whelh-: a r l ( i agreed la let the demist h a \ e ; Suddenly slip save i half-whim- ;md a h a l f ccniuritb, have p i c k e d ' i r I'll liu vi-tiiiiii; UK-III in ray lace h'* i"" "''s ni-fk. |pi-r. llirciv lu-r a r m s ;nuuud me, The night before ihe scheduled . and said: pulling out parly, Frances Uirew i "Oh, daddy, if your teeth h a v e ' a farewell bai.quet for my f o u r : In out now, 1 want my teeih ' doomed front teelh. We didn'l in-!to come out now, loo." .......... -KP^,^.,, ,..,, ,,. ,,.au,. * .M.IUU,, M^^,, u. t -, v l l e the dentUl-lhal would be loo | Somehow I felt, then, almost l i k e : ·'dreams, they set out venturing f o r j / l i n n robes, beach shoes (one size i"' uc .'' M* *wt the fMeton si'crying myself. H is a wonderful various reasons. There is of course loo s m a l l ) , peacock sport shirts I he ' c ; 13l - bu|l w = d "^ h a v e "" my (feeling, when you are swept with Hugh. One is a .new power lawnmowers. favorite goods: Slenk, jce cream, ; j pans of mortality, to know there, whose piracy was on an imperial! «-.i ...-. · ·- ·-=--·· ···.--· i wal « r ""TMn »°i eood °vJ corn o n . i s someone who wants to share il Finitonl Start Optni Nfw D«pt. The r'ir?«[one Store at 1I3U. Eighth avenue, opened a new brake | i department Thursday and will h a v e | a special sale through Saturday' noon lo celebrate ihe event. · The store for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday has arranged tu g i v e ' a cfiinplirtL 1 L.-Vie iaspsc!:tii. !o! balance and align wheels for half] the regular COM. The store has also! |j|ii in its application lo be an of- \ fid:.l .state in.«ijieci:i.n slalion for 10 "rascals," nine men and one or ray back pocX*t worn"- j Other happy fathers will be Persons possessed ot inordinate,: proudly showing of/ the presents illegal ambitions, of insatiable'· showered on t h e m by their loyal j fleshly appetites, and of m a d i k i n f o l k . . . rainbow necklics, daz- Tile answer, of course, is yes. But I'm reconciled. There comes a time in any man's life, when most of his remaining adventures are dentures.' My time is now. Fay ImpUmtnt Co. N«w Dealer M. B Hojiman, executive vice prtsident and general manager of J. I. Case company, Racine, Via.. fctllHJUIUCa Xlll. ufipOiiiifliCCt C.£. Thomas Fay Implement company of (ireeky as dealer for Case industrial crawler and wheel trie- tors and equipment. Thomas Fay, owner of this busi- 1929. selling and servicing the full line uf Case agricultural tractors and equipment. He was raised 'on · farm near (ireeley and did » lot of custom threshing of grain and Leans, using Case machinery, be- lore he went into business for himself. Fay employs four shop mechanics. The firm also boasts i largi parts department. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS , And whut'll I IK doing? Sland-] the cob scale. T h e rest a i e of Kuropean o r | i n 8 i n fron' of a bathroom mirror, I Well, «t Ihe office this morning, j hen plotted Ihe murder of the of. w) , cn m d c n | i s t JjrB , iccrs with a skin-crecping. bar- about 3 ,,, l a k Q oul my barian b r u t a l i t y . . f o u r upp( . r fr0(U (( . e|h _ , rol) m|l 1 'J'he Frenchman was a money- j n[ his office, f i g u r i n g t h e guy «i- |grubber. The wnman slopped i n l o j i h c r had delusions of grandeur or Illie shoes of her defunct Spanish rise was t a k i n g money from Mos- husband. Among others ore Louis \ctiw til sabotage the American way Becks, Australian writer whom i u f life. these authors praise highly; Lei- "itover." said mv heartless wife, leg who, we are lold f r a n k l y , m u s t ' j h u v e women; whom the dream came true. Maybe Ihe best of all these, talcs concerns (he probably apocryphal nib person who fearfully saw war Ihrcatening, decided lo hunt for an absolutely inviolable refuge from Ihe world-wide catastrophe, nnd in 193!) settled on-- Guadalcanal. TJie Pacific didn't wholly satisfy Ihese characlors, say Michcner and Day; contrariwise, I am 'sure nothing could satisfy these two any more. W. n. Rogers r 00 000 , a )UUl( i"every M a n n e r , for locn;ii | } , 011 t h i n k it is a conspiracy on the part of the medical profession lo deslroy you." Frances Ihen went lo the denlisl j and got his side of the story. Nnl- Apparently Stassen Gets, Guardian on Foreign Duty sade Wednesday totaled more t h a n half a million in four weeks, and Ihe big-city folk s l i H - a r e flocking to hear him nightly by the Ihou- {sands. [startled the Republican bosses and [none rallied to his side. ! He was left strictly alone. But. ' u n a b a s h e d , Stassen got up nnd ·seconded Nixon's nomination al the convention. Nixon has had very little lo say about Slassen publicly. Washinglon is wondering now 1 who first leaked the news of Sta.sscn's lirouble with DiiHcs. By JAMES MARLOW A. f. NEWS ANALYST Stnssen, who, no matUr how hard | he is rebuffed, always manages WASHINGTON un --'In Ihis town I to 1°* likc « m a n saying: "Ain't you can get your throat cut so things setting dandy? neatly you never know it happened till you shake your head-or someone shakes it for you. Harold Stassen Jias just been made lo look like nn errand boy ·who can't he let nut alone without a guardian, although his job is lo try to work out a rtisarma- wllh the allies The leaks -- some apparently ime out of the Slate Dept. although t h a i isn't necessarily where jnrnt agreement «nd Russia. It might seem a man given Ihis giganlic ' assignment · could be trusted to handle himself wilh the best. But Thursday it was learned the Slale Dept. is putting ,1 lop- level diplomat with him lo give him on-lhe-spot guidance. For a long lime Stassen had worked directly under Eisenhower as bis aide on disarmament. This was the closest that Slasscn-- who three times sought the Re- publif'an presidential nomination-ever got to the presidency. But for Ihe pasl few months ha has been working under the Slale .Dept., which means under Secretary of Slale Dulles. Suddenly Ihis week Washington " developed enough leaks hi sink they started -- reported that Dulles hud reprimanded Stassen for the way he handled himself in Europe. A Twice he has llown back and forth across tire Atlantic, coming licrc lo lalk over wilh Ihe State d i s a r m a m e n t talks in j Depl. developed cnougn H'HK.S m SIIIK as ., member perhaps rven a hardier ship l h a n a d m i n i s t r a t i o n Europe, and going back lo lalk j some more. "American allies -- particularly Britain and 1'rance had complained Ihe trouble with Stassen was Hint he talked loo much and wilh Ihe wrong people. They complained about his pri- vale. talks wilh Valerian Zorin (be Itussian representative at the disarmament conference. This re- flecled n /ear he might he negotiating with Russia behind their backs. As a future presidential c a n d i - . d a l e Slasscn already looked likc j a man with his future behind him. Now il wouldn't be surprising if he began fn fade out soon even member of Ihe Eisenhower D, G. ROYER l!ep. McCormacV of Massachusetts, the house Democratic lead-, .., said Thursday Stasseu h a d ] been t r y i n g In undercut Dulles lor months and t h a t Dulles seems lo ] have been successful in giving Slassen ''enough rope to -hang himself.' 1 Lincoln While, Slate Depl. press officer, when asked whether Dill-. Ics for a fad had reprimanded [ Slasscn, refused lo c o n f i r m or deny il. Uut on lop of Ihe rr-pnrK about Ihe reprimand camo Ibis: So-called "responsible inform- a n t s " -- no doubt at the State Dcpl. -- told reporters the d e p a r l - irenl had assigned Julius Holmes, high-ranking diploma!, to follow Slassen lo London as his advistT. They said Holmes' long experience in diplomacy will help Slas- scn k c r p within Slale Dept. policy. Siasson could hardly suffer a worse rebuff ihan t h a t since, hy [idling Holmes' br- | known, Ihe Slate Depl. is prac- l i c a l l y saying il can't afford to !lel Stassen out of ils sight. I flul Slasscn, taking off again . for London Thursday, denied hp I l i a d been reprimanded by Dulles, lie conceded be 'iad been given now "procedural" instructions. A | word likc Iliat might include in- jslruclions on almosl anylhing. ! Stnsscn was smiling and appeared unperturbed as he left. Thai's not new for him. j You'd never think the roof fell i in nn" him in 1956 when he Iricd About Vuur Insurance ... "This week unollip.r lionie. was (leslroyerl by fire. The household furnishings were uninsured. I n most cases, sucli homes are underin.sured several 1 housand dollar. 1 ", a « d likewise the furnishings. How can I be certain thai my home and belongings are covered to full replacement value?" D. C. Royer Agency _, _.._ _ , . 0 I to block the. rcnomination of Vice I hone 50 , SDK Jin bt. president Nixon al the Republican convention. He angered snd -and not have you lonely. Foi (irthfi vroef. idilrna Ih. rdilnr oncloiint · lUmpfd .m^lonr (DI nplr ORISINRL 'STAR SPANBUD BANNER," MISTER BREGER 6Y FRRNCIS 6C01T KEY DURIKfl BOW^hRDWE FT WicHENRY, WAS MtDE M ft f Bfit-T/MOKS BREWSRY/ (84 MARY PKK£RS6IIL. · t i m e you get an ingrown urally she came home batting for the dentist. In any battle between husband and science, the wife always turns her back on her man fOp, PIP YOU h THREM5 too Mitff LDN WflY K SPUW FKD7A ft $IU0l£ TOUNP Or COlToN TM S«vanty Cratlay public ichool iaacheri hava an- rolled for lummtr achool ·I CSC? Virginia, iHeitfrru COlOR Of D5ER Custom-made knotty pine! Say, who's your out fitter . . , ?" HALF ACRE CASTLE The Note Is Framed I'LL HWETo LBWE HER 1 ANOTE/-.-IWONPSR J WHERE SHE'P BE MOST J LIKELY TO SEE IT/ «, DEAR-JO I5N T HOME FROM ER FRIENDS HOUSE YET ANP. 'VE JUST GOT TO GO »WN TOWN / OF SAN PEDRO, CALIFORNIA SENT IN THEAOOMBWIW4 «- SUGGESTION ON WHERETO . LEAVE NOTE^ H3R ·)OUR CHILDREM. Becicy HA55LER, EAST M'KESPOR.T, PA.5EMTINAI300CI FUPGE BECElPE, BUT WE'D ALREftDy JOE PALOOKA BIDE YOUR TIME! BY RAM FISHER JOE... JOE KT GOLLY-I'M GLflO TO PAtOOKA,..MY ^\ SE? YOU BENNY...UH PEAREST FmittO! I SIR · THIS WE SHALL STRIKE WHEN THE SIGNAL IS 6IVEN. IVY CAN TAKE CARE OF HERSELF, HUMPHREY... r J NATIONAL HOLIDAY HAS BEEN DECLARED: THE TUMULTUOUS CHEERS OF THE ISMVPAL f* HOWDY, HUMPHREY r MISTER. PENNYWORTH/ 1 PREEJWMT,' COME.;. THE PEOPLE OF TARANIA AWAIT ·YOU. 1 OF MISS I ON HER WAY TO J EXCELLENCY SANNISl/'SEE REBEL ^ PRESIDENT' WELCOME AM OLD FRIEND... BUT THIS ftWRM FEEtlNS 15 NOT SHARED BY EVERYONE IN TARANIA; SCORCHY SMITH Trademark Rexlsterett IF. S.'Pntenl orflc* She's Got Suspicions ALSO, MAETIN, Aee ALL \ f lu. BET i KWW e EMPUTvEES ON THE )l ONE WAT RELD TRUSTWCBTHV: MY P.SST \mSSSOH OF TtllS IS WAT rriS WE WOEK PEnV BANOIT LOCMU6 ST RICH.QUICK-OIL WIS IS PAVIS BOOK ALL BI6HT MOW TO Fi.MD I GET MY TURN NEXT WEEK I" M O U G H T AI DLCKili HARE Crash Coming REMEA\BER n LOST KEy"mfEBE WE DIVED ONCE? LETS HOLE UP THERE... NO OHE VdL'L FIND US - WE'LL HATCH UP HEW PLAN, BEW I SUES RIGHT- L GOTTft NAIL UP WY TEMPER- WrTHTHE DOUGH ANGLE -MID Ml HOUR LATER.. BOAT'S ENGINE ROOM,-. -AN VO HAINT GONNA SEEl IT.7 MEAMS AH MERELV ALLUS KMOWtO THARWASAVOKUM FAMESLV "SECRET WEAPON', MAMMV, BUTAHNEVAH SEEN I TH' VOKUM WHUVS GONMA

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