Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 27, 1976 · Page 27
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 27

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1976
Page 27
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| TONIGHT'S TELEVISION 4 4-.30 5 5:30 6 6:30 7:30 8 . 8:30 9 9:30 10 10:15 10:30 11 11:30 12 12:30 1 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) Gillian's Isljnd Fiirily Alliir H e w s c c n i e r 7 Newi Doc SID Friday Nighl Movie ,, ,, NmiciMiiix ) N PV(i CBS Laic Mo»ie Morning Headlines Ch.4 KAIO (PBS) Mr. Ro9er* Sesame sired ^leclnc C o m p a n y Legislature 'it E«ecuiive Hepon Aviation Weather V i e w e r s Preview Washington Week Wall Street Week Masterpiece Theatre Best of Four Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) SNr Trek Mickey Moust ABC Evening News Big Valley Donny and Marie Friday Night Movie : :: Perry Mason News Scene 6 Kirschner's Rock Conccrl Ch.7 KTVB (NBC) Cunt moke NBC N.qhlly News Newsbe»1 7 To Tell Ihe T r u t h Sanlord A Son Dean Marlin R o a s t a Newvbeal 1 Tonight Show Midnight Special Ann Landers The Idaho KreePress i- The News-Tribune, Kriday, February 27.1976--B-3 One set of parents 'enough' Dear Ann Landers: I see by Ihe papers thai Hcxl McKuen is spending a lot of money and an enormous amount of lime and energy trying to locate his real father. Your advice to adopted kids who have written about this has always been, "Forge! it -- leave well enough alone," or words lo that effect. still believe your advice is right? In the past you have admitted you were wrong on occasion and 1 always admired you for b.iving the courage to do so. How about switching sides on this issue? -Heading In Koanokc Dear It. in K.: There's a big difference between Hod THE FAMILY CIRCUS McKuen, a middle-aged adult trying to find his father, and a teenager who is angry (or bored) with adoptive parents and has fantasies about locating a brand new set of relatives who arc more attractive, wealthier, "more understanding" or what have you. It is a mailer of record thai when a molhei 1 who has put tier child up for adoption changes her mind several years laler and goes through the courts lo get the child back, she often wins. The results are heartbreaking not only for the child, but for the adoptive parents. My position is as follows: The parents who raised you are your "real parents." One set should By Hi! Kcaiic I STACKER'S SERVICE-ALL TV-STEREO GE--APPLIANCES--ALL REFRIGERATION 459-08041 Program Highlights 6:0017) TOTELLTHE TRUTH - Guest Mark Tendler is a bouncer al New York Citv's Chic salon'. "P.J. Claris" and as such it is his duly lo discourage fans from- bothering Jackie Onasis while she is eating her hamburger. Linda Smith is a college student by day and a TV film fare 8:00 (6) ABC FRIDAY NIGHT .MOVIE - "Griffin and Phoenix : A Love Story" -Peter Falk and Jill Clayburgh star in a drama of two lonely people whose short-lived love affair is filled with adventures in which they live out Iheir wildest dreams. 8:00 (2) CBS FRIDAY NIGHT M O V I E - "Shark's Treasure" -- Starring Cornell Wilde. The drama revolves around the owner of a small boal-chartering business, who fights a shark- infested ocean in his search for sunken treasure. 10:30121 CBS LATE MOVIE ."Shaft"--Starring. Richard Roundtrec and Moses Gunn. Richard Roundtree stars as (he eough street detective who challenges New York's web of syndicated crime. Shaft undertakes lo free a kidnapped daughter of a drug irafficker, held captive by a gang. harness racer by nighl. (i:0(J ( 4 ) LEGISLATURE '76 Jeff Seward and Mindy Cameron give a wrap up of the legislative issues of Ihe day from the Capitol. 6:30 12) DOC - The Bogerts are laughing on Ihe outside bul crying on the inside when their son decides to give up Ihe priesthood for a career as a stand-up comedian. 7:00 HI AVIATION WEATHEK "Pilots and Drugs, Part II" - Following the official FAA visual and aural aviation weather briefing with local forecasts inserted, Ihe program will discuss pilots and drugs. 7:00 fGI DONNY MARIE The guests are Charo, The Osmond Brothers, George Gobel and special guesl star Roy Clark. 7:30 (7) THE PRACTICE Comedian John Bvner will play the recurring role of Dr. Roland Caine. 7:30 (4) VIEWERS PREVIEW -- A 4-parl series featuring f i l m clips of potential programs for KAID's Fall schedule. Viewers are invited to comment on their preferences. 8:0(1 (-1) WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW - Tr.e series presents the stimulating atmosphere which brings viewers into the inner circles of the capital press corps 9:00 (4) MASTERPIECE THEATRE - UPSTA1KS, DOWNSTAIRS - "The Glorious Dead" -- Episode Eight - Eaton Place receives the worst news from the f r o n t . Seeking comfort some of the women consult a spiritualist in an effort to make contact with Ihe "other side." Is this a napkin or a diaper?" Garden schools sponsored by Ul bo enough for anybody. 4 - + Dear Ann Landers: I have been married ten years. We have Iwo ctiildren, a son 8 and a daughter 5. The problem: Our marriage. My husband's good points are his faithfulness and liis paycheck. His bad points could (ill this page. lie has a very low 1Q. never reads a thing, can't spell and Ins manners art 1 gross. He has a foul temper ami a very big mouth. The man despises his son bill he is crazy a'jonl his diiujjhler. The Isiy has become a problem in school and his teacher suggested counseling for holh my husband and me The counselor saw us logclhei (\\ifc. then asked me to come alone On that visit she inquired. "Why do you stay with him?" Our marriage is a shambles. We have no social life. He could spend every nighl with his eyeballs wired into the TV screen. 1 have tried to interest him in politics, but lie still thinks Truman is 1'resiclenl. He is so ignorant you wouldn't believe the things that come out of thai man's mouth. 1 don't waul to stay married to him but the problem is money. 1 work, but my salary is minimal. I want (lie best for my children - schooling, clothes, camp, all the nice things. Moving out mighl mean hot dogs, living in a dump and maybe no college for the kids. Will you please help me decide 1 " - IXC. Dear D.C'.r Not on your tintype, lady. Look at the fads and decide for yourself -- provided yon can see them. Those dollar signs in your eyes may have dor.e irreparable damage to your vision. Dear Ann Landers: I am a lonely widow who craves companionship. I have heard of an organization t h a t helps match couples up. II is not a Lonely Hearts club but a scientific foundation, run by a doctor. Would you give it your U01SE -- Idaho's green- t h u m b gardeners are still studying (heir seed catalogs indoors, but the approach of the H Astro- Dr. Lamb Questions about blood sugar: ' B»mic« Bede Osol For Saturday, Ftb. 28, 1976 ARIES (March 21-Aprii IS) Good fortune should accompany you and your associates loday Pick special fnends to share your enterprises or activities. TAUftUS (April 20-May 20) You may (ind the opportunity, you've been looking for today lo talk lo someone who can advance youf ambitious interests Lfivet wilh this person. GEMINI (May 21-Junc 20} The good news you've been wailing for from loved ones may be coming today. If you leave home base, let others know where you can be reached. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Tnose who you have helped will be willing to reciprocate today K you have any needs, don't go to an outsider. LEO (July 23-Auy. 22) Crowds aren't among the things you reed lo make you happy today. You need to be alone v;ith one who en|oys you equalfy well V I R G O ( A u g . 23-Sept. 22) Keep your priorilies attuned to business or career today Where others en;oy partying. you'll get a bigger bang out of making a buc'* LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) The bnghi lights beckon today. If you're not invited to a party, get out somewhere with an admiring comparvon of the op- posiie sex. SCORPIO (Ocl. 24-Nov. 22) Generally ihis appears to be a fonunate day lor you, with (he kmd ol an ending you hope for m eilher career or lovo. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) You're footloose and fancy free today You have a tendency to enjoy one group for a while, then flit to another. CAPRICORN (Dftc, 22-Jin. 19) It's possible thai Lady Luck may dealyou a few more trump cards today lhan she does oihers. H you sense the advantage, grab il. AQUARIUS (J»n 20.-Ftb. 19} Things that affect you personally coufd be very profitable today, li's possible you could benefit by heeding a past, unpleasant lesson. PISCES (F«fc. 20-M*fch 20) An unusual silualion today, whereby material benefits may come lo you. could suddenly appear wilhoul your bidding or knowledge. gour birthday Fib. It, 1t7t You have often been kind and compassionate lo oihers wlhoul Ihoughl ol reward. This coming year your unselfish el- forls could be repaid in a surprising, prolitablo way. DEAR DK. LAMB-I had a coir^Iele physical aboul lliree months ago when I reiired. Everything was fine except (he doctor told me lhat I had an indication of a sugar problem and gave me a five- hour glucose tolerance test. The Ihird-hour sugar reading was !?·! and he said il should be 124 or less. I '.veigh 180. am S-feel-9 and 63 years old. The doctor lold me only to watch my sweeis and maintain a 1500 calorie diel and have my blood checked in a year. Hou 1 serious is 174 for Ihe third hour? Since I have now moved lo Texas should I wail a year, or find another doclor now n Also. I asked the doclor if I should check my urine and he said it wouldn't show in urine tests. DEAR READER - It is true thai a reading of 174 three hours after ingesting glucose isupin is high. The interpretation of the results, though, must be dependent upon all the facts in the case. Were you properly prepared for the lest by eating adequale amounts of carbohydrates and sweets for three days before testing? If a person avoids carbohydrates and tries to lose weight because he is going lo have a checkup, he may have an abnormal test resull that resembles diabetes which is a response to the diet he has been on. Blood sugar ( g l u c o s e ) values vary a lot depending on the method used for Ihe chemical analysis of the test. Certainly 174' is not in the danger range bul it is far from normal. You might have sugar in your urine because I presume your blood level may be even higher in the first hour after taking the glucose. If the level is round 170 or higher, sugar can spill into the urine. Even normal people who eal a lot of swecls may sometimes have a peak blood sugar level and some urine in Ihe sugar. The test wouldn't lell you anything new (hough as you already know you have blood sugar level in the range of 174. Hints from Heloise Pickle juice recycled Dear Hetoise: 1 have a suggestion for anyone who hales to throw away leftover pickle juice from bread and butter or sweet pickles, or has some extra cucumbers. Peel and thinly slice one cucumber (and one onion, if desired). Sprinkle with salt and let stand three hours. Pour off liquid. Heat leftover pickle juice to boiling point and add cucumber and onions. Heat through but do not boil. Pack in leftover jar and store in refrigerator. Yield: approximately one and one-half pints of pickle "quickies." Bits of pickled onion and second-time leftover juice add zip to macaroni, potato, and mixed green salads. Laura J.Leonard · * * Laura, You're a sweetie! I tried this, except I didn't boil the pickle juice and cucumbers, just poured the juice in a jar. Boy, were they good! The only suggestion I might make is to rinse and drain the cucumbers so they won't be too ulty. OUTSTANDING! H«lolsel! « « « Dear Heloise: You have given so many wonderful hints that I think it high time 1 sent one to you, I watch the paper for good sales on shower curtains and I buy the heaviest and wildest colors. I cut off the top (used for hanging) and use the rest as a cover for my large table in the yard. It fits large round, square or long tables and just needs wiping off. I getso many, "Wheredid you ever find this size cover?" Rachel O'Connor * « * Dear Heloise: For watering large house plants I insert a narrow strip of cloth or heavy twine In the soil of each plant and put the other end in a container of water. Make sure this container of water rests on something higher than the plants. Helen Seman LETTER OF THOUGHT Dear Heloise: This is something I want everyone to think about. When you stop making mistakes, "You will be si: feet under... "Or a million miles up..." · Judge Wise · · * Dear Heloise: After scouring and cleaning your stainless steel sink, rub it with cooking oil. It will stay clean much longer and clean more easily the next time. My son -in-law gave me this Up, Niola Henry + * * Dear Heloise: Here is a hint on preparing liver for cooking. I find by using sharp scissors, I can cut out the membrane and tough skin and slice away. After trying to slice liver with a knife and have it slipping and sliding everywhere, this is a real short cut. The scissors are so handy for opening those, almost resistible, bags too. You can cut a nice even top off and shake all the ingredients out without a mess. NanaB, * * + Dear Heloise: To whiten white nylon items that hav.e been discolored through washing or soiling, u'je the packaged color remover. It really works! Nancy Martin I think you should make a real effort ti eliminate any obesity thai you have and your ticigM and weigh! suggest'lhal you could lose 20 to 25 pounds. Many people with abnormal sugar lost results have normal responses after losing excess obesity. For more information on Hie diagnosis ol diabetes and the glucose lolcrance Icsl send 50 cents for The Health L e t t e r , N u m b e r 3 - 1 1 , Diabetes: Diagnosis. Prevention and Management. Send a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for mailing. Address your letter to me in care of (his newspaper. P. 0. Bos 1551. Radio City Slalion. New- York. NY 10019. Your high blood sugar level does increase your likelihood of having heart or vascular disease. If you smoke, stop. Eliminating excess fat will decrease your blood pressure, even if It is normal and lhat will help loo. Any elevation itf cholesterol or Wood fats you might have will usually be benefited hy elimination of obesity. While you could follow- a program of your own (or a year, I believe everyone should have a doctor Ihey can call on if they need him. That means you should lind a doctor as soon ,is you go lo a new- community and give him a chance to become familiar with you and your medical stains. You'll know whal to do then if you have an emergency or need a doctor suddenly. When yon are already in (rou- ble, it is a poor lime le slarl looking for one. I97C outdoors planting season was signalled by the announcement of extension garden schools in five counties. Sponsored by the University of Idaho Cooperative Extension Service, schools will be held on Ihe following dates: Payelle County, March 8; Washington County. March 9; Owyh.ce County, .March 10-11; Canyon County, March 12: and Valley County, April 22. Tony Horn, extension horticulturist, said Ihe information to be presented at Ihe schools will be of inleresl to veteran gardeners as well as lo firsl- (ime novices. "Interest In gardening is al a high level this year." Horn said. "Backyard vegetable gardens conlinue to be popular and many individuals and community organizations arc p l a n n i n g Bicentennial beauUfication projects." Many trees and ornamental shrubs will be planted in Idaho lo commemorate the nation's SOfllh birlhday, he said. Complete details aboul scheduled garden schools can be obtained al county offices of (he Ul Kxtension Service. Few Americans except members of the Continenlal Congress knew (he author of the Declaration of Independence was Thomas Jefferson unlil tlie fact appeared in n newspaper in 1784, according lo '".Vc Americans," the Nalional Geographic Society's informal his- Inry of America. MOVIE RATING GUIDE For Parents and Young People Ttii clitttrt Ollht uiirtj is lo inform ptrinls ifrfluf fh» tu.ljfrniij-ot no tit fonttnl fa i n*Jng t f thtit fttiltSin ALI. AGES A D M I T T E D MKCNTMGUDAfcCf SUGGESTED |PG NOW SHOWING TFOEATIRIS CITES OPtNS:4S. SHOW IT 1:1S FIEEEUCTIICK CM HEATHS Cald well's Own "BEST ACTRESS" "NASHVILLE" (R) O.K. based on Ihese facts? -- . Alone And Hate II Dear Alone: No, I would not. Strangers can be dangerous -even if Ihey are brought together by a so-called doctor.. Mate-finding agencies, no mailer whal they call Ihem- selves, are in business to make money. So wake up and smell ' Ihe coffee. The «ord from here is beware. r + + Harming a wedding? What's right? W h a t ' s wrong? Ann Landers' ccinploiely new "The, Bride's Guide" will relieve your anxiety. To receive a copy, send a dollar bill, plus a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope U3 cenls postiigei lo Ann Landers. P.O. Box 1400, Elgin. 111. 60120. The liny musk deer of Ihe mountains of Central Asia is (he only deer to have a gall bladder. fenetnlln dnmi in closa-up color. 1 ! "lUCKiAIUDFOIDADSY" starring LAURA LUST Plus co-Mi "tWHFU SIXML MADNESS" TOP CINEMA ·AHB XXX Under It Hoi Admitted CLOSED MONDArS DOCKS O« NAT 5:30 454-1731 Dear Palrorv II you wou'd be c Tended by a film of o icxual nature your patronage ii not solicited. 7ttt Manogemen AUNTIE MARIE'S KITCHEN featuring... Everything Home Made and Connie's own Sopapias! Serving Breakfast, Soups and Sandwiches from 7:30 A.M. to 8 P.M., Mon. thru Sat. 466-2212 - Home Made Pies and Bread To Go 149 Nampa-Cald. Blvd., Nampa Karcher Kids' Klub Presents "DAY DREAMER" - Plus "DON DAREDEVIL" Chapters SHOW AT 10:00 A.M. CITES WEI(:1S,SH»JTT:15 rKlElECTMCM-CMIimflS Tthe RETURN of the Mnk "THE WINDS OF AUTUMN 1 : 3 0 - 3 3 5 . S « . 7 « . | $ 0

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