Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 21, 1967 · Page 22
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 22

Nampa, Idaho
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Wednesday, June 21, 1967
Page 22
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TV IH REVIEW Waho Free Press Caldwetl News-Tribune, Wednesday, June 21,1967 - A9 Lack of Publicity Fault of NBC-TV BROADWAY obtain evidence. And the By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (l'Pl}-NBC. TV Monday night offered an hour examination of the investigation by Now Orleans Dist. Atty. Jim Garrison Info (he assassination of President Kennedy. And a question that must be asked is why the network, after conducting Its own Inquiry on such an important subject, saw fit to spring a very late announcement of the program- just last Frlday-whlch meant many viewers were probably not even aware of it. It m./ , ... . . . _ , _ ., obviously missed numerous W* ( re ALL going on the butterfly ride--«ven PJ! television broadcast listings, It isn't a bit scary. Come on! Daddy has the tickets, and there was little opportunity Incredible still seems \/ l i t I I 11 » « -- l l _ l i -- l i - _ i f i You can t stay her* alone ... CBS has a 90-minute bio- liraphlfal drama, "Good Times, Bad Times." based on the life x Heat of Night' Thrives On Talented New Faces footage of the broadcast -*-as, to of Russian playwright Anton put it mildly, hardly likely to Cliekhuv, on schedule for the aid the case being put together 19 ^' c f,, se! ! s0 "'? r , , John GleU in New Orleans. end will play Chekhov. Witnesses disputed evidence which led to the Indictment of New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw as a conspirator. Witnesses also told of inducements. And several experts, one from Yale and another from New York University, cast their pear will be Dame Peggy Ash- TM ln and doubts on certain material. To understand the total effect John Steinbeck's recent nonfiction book. "America and Americans." is the basis for a one-hour special that NBC will Anthony James telecast next fall. Henry Fonda Timothy Scott, By JACK GAYER NEW YORK lUPH -- Director Norman Jewison, himself one of the newer faces in the motion picture field after an Important television career, has purposely surrounded himself with new faces in making "In the Heat of the Night" for the screen. The cast is headed by two prominent players, Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier. but did you ever hear of Quentin Dean. Scott Wilson, Phil Adams, the role of Delores Purdy, a television show and was work- sexy teenager who provokes a ing Ir. a parking lot when we signed him for the of the program however one wi " be tne narrator of this Niklta Knatz and James Pat- had to sit through the conv'ersa- stu , dy of Phloxes m our terson? with several of the more soclety - . . crime because she loves to take signed him for the role of off her clothes. Miss Dean is a Harvey Oberst," Jewison said, stunning brunette with a pro- "Tim Scott is tall and hawk- vocative figure who had never like, exactly right for Shag- acted professionally. But she tag Martin. Both boys are had studied acting and won still studying acting, and they the role by reading a scene should go far. Scott was pick- from "Baby Doll." ing and singing with a folk "Then we gave her a screen musical group before he got a test with Rod Steiger. and that small role in a previous pic- clinched It." Jewison said. ture. "The Way West.' " "This girl has real star qual- Knatz had worked for Jewi- Ity." son previously in "The Rus- Jewison chose Anthony sians Are Coming, The Rus- James for the part of a smirk- TELEVISION LOG hlponiibility for tht corr«dn«i of ttkvisiofl program rist entirely upon the leltviiion stations. This newspaper can assume no reiporv sibility for trrors in tKt Fittings. Channel KBOI-TV WEDNESDAY, June 21 4:00 Jungle Boy 5:00 CBS News with Walter Cronkite (C) 5:30 KB01 Hews Today 6:00 Daitirl (C) 7:00 Green Acres (C) 7:30 Corner Pyle USMC (C) 8:00 Sieve Allen Comedy Hour 9:00 VtrelnianC) 10:30 Ten Thirty Report (C) 10:49 Sports Final 10:50 Weather 10:55 Movie Time "Born lo b« Bad" Robert Ryan, Joan Fontaine 12:30 Mo mint Headlines to call attention to It. One possible reason that comes to mind is that NBC-TV may have wanted to keep a tight lock on its uncovered facts until air time was near, for presumable protection a n a therefore advantage for its program. This thought, however, Is still not too convincing in view of (he fact that there were three days remaining for a possible lapse between the announcement and the program. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21 In addition, CBS-TV has for some time planned a multi-part examination of the Warren Commission report on the assassination, and has made no secret of it. a mild word for the atmosphere created, and of course the fact that all this (Ustastefulness Is somehow, In the public mind, sians Are Coming." Between acting jobs he makes a good living as a commercial artist in the San Francisco area. Patterson was hired because the director remembered his work In New York television. Channel "T KTVB-TV / ing small-town smart guy be"I picked them beacuse new cause "he's physically right · · · faces are particularly appro- for the role and. is an Inter- The summer re-runs of "The prlate for this picture," Jewison eating actor. James, 24, Is a Monkees" on NBC will have explained during a brief stop product of little theaters in some new background music in town while busy with plans the Los Angeles area where he for certain episodes. This up- for another movie. sought a career after leaving dating has been done to Include " 'In the Heat of the Night' his native South Carolina. He some of the newer hits of the Is a murder mystery, full of Is one of many aspiring play- now part of the story of the muslcal eroup, songs that were twists and surprises. Audiences ers who has held many odd p ort \vj ne " by Bill Naughton death of a President is not avalla ble when the series are able to anticipate what an jobs to keep eating while wait- W hen David Merrick presents KB, m,*« experienced, familiar actor will '- ' do. But no one can anticipate Scott Wilson, a player he has never seen be- murder suspect, fore." Scott, the polic j / j · i . . ., , ---.-. Jewison and producer Wai- nabs him also h h v c MHI uui did noUo out of its way to "The Crucible." has been set ter Mirlsch chose Quentin Dean Hal, according to Jewison. " BS Ma y « l TMTM 0 to "-'IS p.m. f rom among 2 0 competitors for One of London's big hits for months has been "Spring and immeasurably depressing. But the program should have been seen, and it is a pity that NBC- TV, regardless of Its reasons, make this clear. The ing for the big break. who plays a and Timothy "Wilson had done only one 3:30 Fugitive 4:30 Mr. Ed 5:00 Hunlly-Brlnkley (C) 5:30 Big News 5:45 Weather 5:55 Business News 6:00 Star Trek (C) 7:00 Billy Graham 8:00 I Spy (C) 9:00 Bob Hope Theater (C) 10:00 Nllebeat News 10:20 Weather 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show (C) PHONE 4SS-7891 or 459-4664 to place your classified »d. This Funnyman a Lot it here in the fall, it will be known as "Keep It in the Family." and N. Richard Nash will get credit for adapting it into "American." The original is so regionally British (Yorkshire), that it was feared audiences here would be puzzled. By PATRICIA E. DAVIS their children to bed by the clock. his _ ,. ... . . . ,, . AMhw Coll 459-1505 KA Zntlih Sytv-ni, Color T.V. Service O.t. Sfhtrtw* Transaction Mao » COtuK O'ALENE (UPI) ,. . . , ... ,,. . , . ,,. Purchase of the Osburn Lumber NEW YORK (UPI) - Lee Tully is often called "the worried .. ** * ga TM . e , am ^ d . , w1 ' n , c ^ a ,^W an ^ formed a committee c { Q b fc AU T; c comedian." "I worry about everything." the lanky funnyman TM" ed f f e TM l y s " Bh , 1 Bri * a ?*; Its B ° al 't to 6 TM'**««yUght ^ byrA(las Maas This last fact, of course, leads says. "I worry about the fourth world war ... I'm just basically ***** "TM f TM m * e ! ° n s (b "e h jTM- h° urs to the winter ^^hards general man to another possible reason: that a worrier." months when lhere ls a *«*.« of dayl.ght hours," Tully says. ^TM f "7^TM ^ the well-publicized, four-part, For years Tully worried about other comics stealing U1 - Mnous [flea · begins this coming 'f l TM* s rightly his and that NBC-TV c ' as S'"ed newspaper ads -- Tully went to court, suing the to undercut It for comedlans ' the television show on which they used the material competitive purposes. One doesnYlike to think that such establishing considerations enter into such what they an Important national matter. someone W ho7«»te"sometninB U or pay's 'com"on°e to'create'scme- ,,. "" , thch "^'switch Is made," Tully Whatever the cause, the late thing for his own use Tully explains 8 y before the sun sets, but they will have to get up scheduling of Monday night's That worry taken care of, Tully soon found something new when il ls stm davk ' TM s could mean thttt TMsgers will have to con " pt ""'? no f^ he ^ " P «** "ft ^i asmana * er ' , . / · l f " a "y ser OU£ ab TM t4it ·" SeUuf the firm were Mr.' Ine Idea of switching daylight saving time to the winter and Mrs. Ben Johnson. and even the sponsor of that show , ., Last year he and his attorney, Leon Charney, succeeded In evol " ed fr ° mfa c °'"; ersati ° n abo , u ' tne mu ^ ln B ·" P«se snatch'"" faced by working girls in "Common Law Copyright" for Tully's material. In court now protects the material of something or pays comeone to create some- LOOKING FOR BARGAINS in : antiques? Check the Clarified Columni now! , program, "The J.F.K. Conspira- to fret about when the recent law regulating daylight saving WorkTlt ^ uM TM l f nhours ^ al w ? dor ' . . , cy: The Case of Jim Garrison," time was passed by Congress. . . , ly ' vvho was , born ln Chicago, spent his early years I Tully felt the long hours of summer daylight upset everyone s t u d n dvam but lat «f switched to comedy "I was a very I ^ve-.n theater owners to mothers who were trying to put MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 7:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Joseph Benll Morning News 8;25 KBOI Morning News 8:30 Jack Latanne (C) 9:00 Andy of Mayberry 9:30 Dlok Van Dyke Show 10:00 Love of life 10:2! CBS Mid-Day News 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Guiding Light 11:00 General Hospital 11:30 As the World Turns 12:00 Password 12:30 Houseparty (C) 1:00 To Tell The Truth 1:25 KBOI News 1:30 Edge of Night 2:00 Mike Douglas Variety Show 3:30 Secret Storm THURSDAY, JUNE 22 4:00 Bowery Boys 5:00 CBS News with Walter Cronkite (C) 5:30 KBOI News Today 6:00 Beverly Hillbillies (C) 6:30 My Three Sons (C) 7:00 Thursday Night Movie " First Man on the Moon" Edward Judd, Martha Hyer 9:00 Dragnet (C) 9:30 Cameo Theater 10:30 Ten Thirty Report 10:45 Sports 10:50 Weather 10:55 Movie Time '·Plaof Ptolomy" Jacques Serins, Bella Darvt 12:30 Morning Headlines MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 7:00 Today Show (C) 8:00 Snap Judgment (C) 6:25 NBC News 8:33 Concentration 9:00 P4tBoohe(C) 9|30 Hollywood Squares (C) 10:00 Jeopardy (C) 10:30 Eye Guess (C) 10i5S NBC News 11:00 The Newly Wed Game 11:30 Let's Make a Deal (c) Garrison's Investigation of an 11:55 NBC News alleged conspiracy in the did It a distinct disservice, for it was a wholly fascinating, exceptionally provocative look at the subject, with an Incredibly bizarre cast of characters. The broadcast had promised to offer "considerable new material" and to present evidence that would "show discrepancies In the statements made by the two key witnesses In Garrison's case." The Monday program, exploring RECORDS Corel's 'Vehicle' Is Ideal By WILLIAM D. LAFFLER NEW YORK (UPD--Opera singers often are thought of _-,,-- ,,..-...._., _ as musical specialists who can 12:00 Days of our Lives (C) as sass ina t j on focused on the communicate only with those 12:30 The Dootors testimony of key witnesses and who are 'educated in their Reduction Noted WASHINGTON (UPI) -The backlog of civilian reservists ' said 'Why don't you get some jokes together, go into a night club I and learn how to be a comedian to help you with your drama? 1 l| k his advice .. . and I was terrible at that too ... but I thin i learned a lot since then" ,,(». .. , . . . . Tun? claims the difference between an actor and a comedian! awaiting adive duty training ]s that "an actor may not be able to be a comic, but a comic I has been reduced from 133,000 always a good actor." to 5,300 during the first six Tully says he doesn't Just tell "jokes." months ot this year, according "My comedy is an oblique satire on truth. It's just clostl to the Army. enough to the basic truth to make people laugh." WANTED USED Huffman - TELEVISION, TRADE-INS KKLL'S 1:00 Another World (C) 1:30 You Don't Say 2:00 The Early Show THURSDAY, JUNE 22 3:30 Fugitive 4:30 Mister Ed 5:00 Hunlley-Brinkley(C) 5:30 Big News 5:45 Weather 5:50 Sports 6:00 Daniel Boor* (C) 7:00 Billy Graham 8:00 Dean Martin Show (C) 9:00 Summer Focus (C) 10:00 Nltebeat News 10:20 Weather 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show (C) Barb re Signi methods allegedly used to Trial Date Set For 5 Students HOUSTON (UPI) - Dist. Judge Wendell A. Odom Monday set for July 25 a trial of five Texas Southern University students charged with attempted murder May n In rioting at TSt'. The students aro Trazawell Franklin Jr., 20; Floyd Nichols, 25; John Parker, 20; Charles _^^^^^ Freeman, 18; and Douglas """"""""""" Wayne Waller, 21. l U P i i -- w ^ler and Freeman are free has signed to on $10,000 bond each. star In three movies - "Hello. Tne 5' are also cnar £ ed with Dolly." "Funny Girl" and "On murder in the death of Pollce- A Clear Day You Can See Forman Louis R . Kuba, 25, but will -- without ever having be tried first on the attempted ever appeared on the big screen. murder charge. THE LIGHTER SIDE Henry Switches Tactics; He's Running for President By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) -Our- \i\g the month of May, according to unofficial statistics compiled from the Congressional Record, the U.S. Congress received only six petitions from Henry Stoner. What's the matter, Henry? You sick? The right to petition Congress off a couple of would fire petitions. Subsequently he moved to Florida and the petitions dwindled to a mere trickle. It was several weeks before he got back in stride. Last January, when the 90th Congress convened, I noticed that Stoner had switched his is, of course, avallable to every base to Portland, Ore. This, I citizen. For several years now, figured, explained why his output had turned Stoner has availed himself of that right more than any other citizen. In fact, more than all of the other citizens combined. anemic again. He was going through another readjustment period. But as the months went by with the lawgivers more forcibly. I wish him luck. But I fear he has adopted a doubtful premise. Even If he won, it would not necessarily end his frustrations. Meanwhile, he could lose his title as the great petitioner. I mean, if Congress gives the present administration many more setbacks, it may soon start getting petitions from President Johnson. High Grades Noted MOSCOW (DPI) -- F o u r without a pickup in production, students In business at the When he is at the top of his 1 began to fear thai something university of fdiho earned form, six Stoner petitions in a was amiss. Perhaps Stoner had straight A grades during Ihe become infirm. Or, worse yel, single day is nothing unusual, He has been known to sustain an average pace of six a week from Whitsuntide to Bastille Day. But for most of this year, Stoner has been in a horrific slump. Six petitions for an entire month Is, for him, tantmount to taciturnity. satisfied with Ihe status quo. This week, however, I received a letter that allayed my anxiety. There is nothing permanently wrong with Stoner, He is merely running for president. Having failed to move Congress with his petitions', he spring semester, Dr. David D. Kendrick, dean of Ihe college of business administration, reported today. They were Robert L. Bunting, Crangeville; Heed H. Me- Knight, Idaho Falls; Janet H. Craine, Moscow, and Douglas B. Ehlke of Wisconsin. When I first became aware of decided lo try a new approach, his activity, he was operating He Intends to seek both the out Wyoming. Those were his Democratic and Republican banner days. He was then nominations, believing that If he keeping a tight rein on Congress were in the White House he and at slightest provocation would be In a position lo deal Only 48 barrels of crude oil were produced In Texas In 1889. the flrst year of production. The record WBS 1958 with 1.107,808.000 ib) barrels. medium but this Is not true. Ezlo Pinza left the Metropolitan Opera to star In "South Pacific." Nelson Eddy abandoned a promising career In opera lo become a musical comedy matinee Idol, Helen Traubel learned to belt "Bill Bailey. Won't You Please Come Home," and Eileen Fnrrell could make a neat living as a ja7z singer. So there Is nothing rare about "Franco Corelll Sings 'Granada' and Other Romantic Songs" c Capitol SP8661I except perhaps his voice. It Is Indeed a noble tenor voice which gives new luster to "Granada"" and more poignancy to "Because" the wheel- horse ol the old concert halls. CorelH's voice Is too rich and powerful for the ordinary pop song but it is an Ideal vehicle for such numbers as "1 Love Thee" and "Men Clel C'est Toi." "Nelson Eddy's Greatest Hits" iColumbia CS 9481) does not have the overpowering force of the Corelll album but it Is a valuable reprise of the songs that he popularized in the late 1930's when he co- slarred with Jeanetle MacDonald in the truly million dollar movies. It Is only naturally that "Shortnin 1 Bread," which became Eddy's trade mark. Is included in this selection. It is unfortunate that one of his best songs. "I'm Palling in Love With Someone." has been omitted for some reason or another. Here is excellent listening for those who like to remember Nelson Eddy In theii own youth. Selecled Singles -- "A Woman Is ft Sentimental Tiling" by Paul Anita 'RCA Victor 479228'. "Summer and Sandy" by Lesley Gore 'Mercury 12683. "This Time" by Julie Gregg 'UNI 55014'. "Blue Skies" by Ersel Hickey 'Toot 45-60^, "Maybe Today" by Betty Madl- gan iM-G-M K13745). "Way Down Deep Inside" by We Two 'ABC 45-10930). Tape D«k -- "Best of the Beach Boys" 'Capitol Y1T 25- 45i Includes the hlls made by this interesting group during the surf music craze which seems to have lost some of Its waves In recent months. This Is n good re«l-to-rcel tape for teen-agers end those adults who like wild music. One of the better buys In the car tape ctmrldffex Is "Moving" by Peter, Paul and Mary i Warner Bros. 8WM 17431. nn Ampex slerco tape release. 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