Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 1, 1961 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1961
Page 19
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'Ribicoff To Talk nil/null I U IQIK. At CU Medical , Center Ceremony 1 DENVER (AP) - Ceremonies .to signal the start ot a 5-year $52 ' * will include Gov. McNfchols and Dr. Ward, Dtrfey of Evanston, 111., executive director of the Association of American Medical Collcg- es. He Is a former university president. . . . . . The new hospital will be eight txi,td,ng. program at the ^^ and ,, ^ M ,,, ^ f in . University of Colorado Medical ished by-19M. Center will be held Thursday.: The site is north of lb« medical i center campus where the «s-bed university hospital will be erected. . ' Abraham A. hiblcoff, secretary ·of health, education and welfare, give thfe chief address and ·will b a ' l h t reduced by Sen, John A. Carroll- D-Colo. will b« In charga of CandidatesforCouncilman In Ward 1 Give Their Views Not Fooled ' HORN LAKE, Miss". AP)~A skeptical IhM broke mt6 a safe at Horn Lake High School and !tolc f458. The ' burglar ignored a sign hanging on the safe which pro claimed: "All money deposited in Qulgg Newton, university presl-Hhe Hernado bank." LIVESTOCK AUCTION WELD COUNTY LIVESTOCK COMM. CO, 204 East ISfh SI,, Greeley, Colorado FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1961 STARTING AT 10:30 .Our. regular weekly Livestock Auction at the: Weld County Livestock Commission Co. 10:30 this ·Friday, November 3, 1961. Another good sale is expected, so if you are in need of cattle of any kind be Sure and attend this snle'.-A few of (he early consignments include the following: 350 hd. Str. and Hfr. Calves, Herefords. 80 hd. WP Str. and Hfr! Calves. 250 hd. Angus and Cross Bred calves, Str. and Hfr. SO hd. Yearling Sirs., Herefords, one brand, one consigner. 48 hd. Light Yearling Hereford Strs. 67 hd. Str. and Hfr. Calves. 60 hd. Yearling WF Hfrs. . 40 hd. Mixed Cattle. 55 hd. WF Cows. 4 hd. Big Hereford Bulls. 21 hd. Ho). Springing Hfrs., from Western Slope. 10 hd. Hoi. Springing Hfrs., real close. 12 hd. Hoi. Springing Hfrs. 10 h'd. Yearling Hoi. rifrs. 23 hd. Yearling Hoi. Hfrs;, Vac. : 1 teg. corning 2-yr. old Hoi. Bull. 1 Pal. Mare, 8 yrs. old. 4 Columbia bucks out of registered stock. 40 hd. Feeder Pigs. 50 hd. Fat Hogs. BRING IN YOUR DAIRY COWS AND HFRS. AS THIS IS NORTHERN COLORADO'S LEADING DAIRY MARKET. Listen daily to KFkA at 7:00 A.M. for the market report and for consignments loo late to be included in the above list. Call us it EL 2-0274 it you are planning a sale .of any kind. COLORADO'S FASTEST GROWING LIVESTOCK AUCTION MARKET ROBERJ E- OERRINCTON JMMWi St. M. "As a candidate aspiring to hold :he office of city- councilman in Ward I, I bcliev th« citizens of Greeley wodld like to.know two things: 'First! What are my - qualifications? "Second: What do I hope to accomplish If elected? "I believe my educational background and business experience provide a sound'basis for this function. For many years 1 have beer, closely associated with community problems and growth in several Northern Colorado Cities ThU- practical experience will be valuable In participating In vital decisions affecting .the future of our city. ."We must be ever alert In. adjusting to normal growth and planning for 6rderly expansion of city facilities. Proper and adequate rhelllxis Should bo studied to provide fair and equitable ,iay for Ihe expenses and capital Improvements so vital to Greeley, We must emphasize the need for efficient and nomic city administration. "We must provide adequate airport facilities, improve our cemetery, and'continue the develop mcnt and expansion of our water system. It Is also Important that our city develop better public re^ lations'with Our cillzens as well as with nearby communities. "The Council should exercise Ik responsibility, by more decisive action arid each council member .nbuld arrive at his conclusions inly after careful study and iberatton of the hand ''The city manager should be 'rce of policy rnSkirig decisions sa 10 can devote more time "to ad mlnlstrative -activities'. "Council should seek assistance roni as many sources as possible Professional, civic and trade or ganizations, as well as all inle: ested citizens should be welcomed as they can provide valuable con strucllve suggestions and advlc if counclfpTovIdes a suitable cli mate for them. "If elected, 1 will accept the Claude Redman Ralph Greenwood Tom Kime, Mgr Elmer Morgensen, Scales Chris Wiederkehr--Auctior.eerg OUie Swanson, Offici responsibility 'of this challeng humbly and will approach ever} Issue pertaining to lhe_ future anc progress of our city with an ope mind..fify Judgments will be gui ed by a deep rspect for the de sites of the citizens to have progressive, prosperous and pleas ant community in which to live. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS A, E . K O e E L J R . .'.'. . 13M Wh.St.. "On Nov. 7, th« poople i Or". ey' will be casting ballots in our ily government. If you are reg- tered, I Urge you to vote.. !'A city'can only grow and prosier if the people in it are etic and interested in the type f government they have. Apathy nd Complacency form .. stagnant Ity, and what.could be a city ot reater Importance .' and wealth, must struggle year after .year. "I. believe the City of Grcoley ias all of the assets lo become greater city in this stale of Colorado. These assets naturally must be applied with gfeat force, o endeavor to build our .city economy - to Interest outside cap- al-to'settle here, Improve our axallon schedules for the benefit f all our citizens. "Taxes we must have, to sup- xrt a democratic form of gov- ernrrtent, but, must It be 6n such a high mill levy that it discour- ges people arid business from set- ling here? Changes must be made make more efficiently run ily government or still higher will go our mill levy. "Our city councilmen are the men who guide and direct.our citj n obtaining for the citizens o: Greeley Ihe fruits of a progressive ommunily. These men must be interested in seeing our city grow giving of their lime and efforts o acquire for our oily the thing§ hat the citizens can point to wit) tride. "Greater steps must be taken ti improve city revenue from the operation of Various department! the city now operates. By, 1m irove, I,don't mean raising'fee or* other charges Ihe city now makes on the people. They'shou! nke what they have and make i pay. ·' · · · . "Tire efficient running of a city will in luivi draw people, business and institutions Into our commun ty to support ou city. I believi' you · can say tha we have a product to sell and w must keep the cost of that produc in line with our. competitors (oil er communities) if we are to se to inleresfid buyers. 'I know our charter does no call for a fixed mill levy; perhap it should, tberi a merging of cit and county functions could occur which I believe is long over due "1 don't think It makes any di ference whether you are In th city jaU or county jail. Jail jail. 1 am not an authority Iretlment or comfort of eithe having not visited eilher. Serious , 1 think some togetherness with me ot these functions would end lo save tax dollars. "Having .lived in. Ward i lor ght years, i am aware of rr.any the problems the people have icre, and it is to,thc£ people 1 ill endeavor to apply my council service in meeting their needs. "It is said the older a part of a ty becomes, the more it is fdr- ottcn. 1 don't wanl that lo happen ere f for a city has beauty only hen all of it grows. These are a ow of my thoughts concerning ur Cily of Greeley anH my pur- ose in running for councilmai: ·om Ward I." GLEN H. VANT1NE Wl 7rh $t, "f am a candidate for council in Ward I, and havo served n your council for fou years, avc lived In Ward I for 12 yean nd understand the problems u ils ward. "While'serving you in the pas our years, I bave been chair lan of the council's finance com ilttee. this commillce sponsorci n ordinance which controls t h i Midget and authorizes transfer: t funds between appropriation nly will) (he approval of Ihe Cil\ ouncil. "I have favored the city opera! ng a municipal bus for the oil V O T E FOR S'ov. 7, 1961, and will pWge to ou that, within my ability,. 1 hall represent our ward In thf aircst and most efficient way possible." 2 Okla. Hunters : ined for Taking Deer of 2 Others DENVER (AP) - A story of our Oklahoma hunters, two stolen leer and rifle shots splitting the vcslern Colorado ozone came Wed. from the State Game and 'ish Department. The windup camo in justice of he Peace C6urt at Grand June- ion, Colo., where William T. Jago and Harlcy Cross, both of Lawton, Okla., were fined 1S each. They pleaded guilty to charges of Illegal osscsslon of deer. Jusllce of the Peace William Baker and Game Warden John Hallett relealed this sequence ol events: Last Wednesday Jago and Cross camo upon two deer carcasses hung up in a hunting camp south west of Montrosc, Colo. Thoy cul down Uie carcasses and loadei them into a truck. As the truck pulled away, J D. Cordially and Buster Wood o Wlekey, Okla., drove up, fired several shots at the truck, none of which found their mark. Then Ihey gave chase. Hallett said when he was calle to the Jagb-Cross hunting camp Connally and Wood claimed thi deer were theirs. They idenllfiei the carcasses by a 25-cent pieo ens of Greeley, at a minimum hidden In one and knife scratche « to the patrons.'! have favored Boyd Lake project which wing Grc«ley additional water nd water transmission facilities "My committee sponsored pay ncreases for all city employes in he year I960. 1 During my four ·ears on the city Council, the mill evy has raised only ,09 o( a mill. This means additional benefit! to he taxpayer at the lowest possible cost. "I believe the city should · riex the properties to the west, The people in the new area, wil benefit from this annexation, and will receive more for their tax dollars.. Further, it is fair to the citizens of Greeley as these peo- ile will be contributing to the ·ity by their lax dollars for the facilities such as water and sewer "As Greeley grows, our airpor is an important municipal facility I favor expansion of out 1 airport as it is eesential for our prtsen business structure and is a mos Important auet for civil detente "We, as a council, havo attempt ed recently to save Ihe taxpaye money by trying to test the Stan ton 'siren. If at all possible, w Will continue to try to find tn most economical warning syste: for Greeley. ' "I would appreciate your vot the anllers of the other. The warden then ordered Jag d cross to appear in court th xt day, Connally and Wood go elr deer back. Woman Leaves 59 Lineal )escendents WOODBURY, Tenn. (AP) on Mayo, B, of Woodbury U«c ·ueiday. Mrs. M»yo left IX leal descendants -- 11 children grandchildren, 75 great gran ildren and IS great-great-grani lildren. SE THE TRlUNl WANT At* AUTOMATIC Transmission Co. REPAIRS AND EXCHANGES 821 2nd Street EL 24358 ed., Nov. 1, 1961 GREELEY TRIBUNE P«f» 1» Official Diei WASHINGTON (AP) - ftr. ^ranklin Dunham, 69, chief at re ir. and television service in. th« : .S. Offke of .Education liae* 945, died Friday of a heart M- tack. Dunham, who «!·« WM idjunct professor ol conumb- nation* at the American Driver- ity in Washington, was born in Jrooklyn. SUOAR H i l R DIES -- Adolpll i. Spreckeis II, above, heir to sugar fortune, collapsed and lied'in Phoenix, Ariz., Oct. 28. He would have been 50 years old Oct. SO. (AP Wircphoto) Confused Gobbler CHlPLEY/'Fla. (API-Mrs. B elson says she has a terribl] onfuscd turkey gobbler. In lire first place, she says, hi led to make liko a turkey hen nd In the second, the egg 'ied to hatch was a pumpkin. Mrs. Nelson says the male lur ey adopted the small pumpki fter a large pumpkin had bee ickcd from the vine. He hoverc vcr it, day and night, for tw 'eeks. Than Doublt CHICAGO (AP)-New bankrupt cy cases filed in federal court! luring the fiscal year ended Jun* 1961, reached an all-lime high of 146,643 compared with ti.OM iled in 1D56. · The Commerce Clearing Houst says voluntary straight bankrupt' cy cases, Ihe majority ot whick were personal, or mm-busintsi proceedings, accounted for nearly ;ix of every seven cases filed IB 961. Formal dancM *rt h«ld un4tr- H'ound on a 50-foot square d»nce loor In the Merarne! Cavenn !r Stanton, Mo. TlMKksgiviig CARDS 'Everything for th* Orfle 1303 Eighth Av«nu* hear better with This attire m*n ii enjoying himself with his Sonotone "Wisp"® hearing aid. It's Sono- tone's smallest, lightest ever -weighs only 14 of an ounct. It's t wisp of a hearing aid vrorn bthind the ear (with transparent tube leading to eartip). Women hide It with a curl, men justtuckltinpl»c!e. If you have trouble understanding others, leurn about our new "Wisp." r _; FREE B O O K L E T l j I NAME ', I I ADDRESS » j I CITY STATE....' I SON OTO N E*tte name you can trust OF GREELEY 1008 9th Ave--Door South of Zick Optometrbti EL 2-0438 See Jack Byrd for Better He«rinf Progressive Men With Drive and Ambition Word 1 Robert .£. Derrington 2229 12th St. Road Vote For These Qualified Men With a Plan For Progress To Represent You on the CITY COUNCIL Ward 2 Charles A. Gregory 1812 13* St. City Election TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7 Or Small Ward 1 Benard A. Henna men 2042 Mi AY«. BEST FINANCING FQK ALL For the best deal on a new car, see a local dealer who enjoys a reputation for oat* standing value. For the best deal on financing:, see us. You'll get the same low rate, prompt, courteous service and convenient terms that have made us the top choice of Weld County folks for thrifty financing. The First INDUSTRIAL BANK 8th Ave. at 9th St. Of Greeley Serving The People Of Weld County For 36 Years f ·v

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