Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 27, 1976 · Page 26
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 26

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1976
Page 26
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Vjdaho Free Press 4 The XTM s-Trihune. Friday. February' 87.1976 -B-2 Theater to Previous Puzzle ACROSS ' Theater 6 Peilormers 12 Aperiures 13 Cily in Onla-.o H Bird claws 15 Come'y 16 Thoiougnfares IS Greek leliei 19 Biblical Pers-an 20 Eiaciiy sui!ea 22 Vivia hue 5 Anoen! name ol r ok;.o 26 Holed aaor 28 C'ellic cojnlry 29 Anger 30 Bengali writer 32 Agenl 35 Modern language lab) 36 Ausirahan birds 37 Acior S pa'l 39 Europe rab I ·S2 Armed 43 Plant liu:d ·54 G rl s name J5 Ccni-deitiai nformalicn WIN AT BRIDGE Friday, Feb. 27 Shuffle gone off to Buffalo DOWN 1 Cul cK closely 2 Ci'.f n Spa n 3 W.lncjjl cornpar.y 4 Knee'ike part 5 Beio. 'Latins 6 Snake 7 Procfread ig mark e Wasie a'loivance 9 Canadian P'ovrce 10 Scratch (Scot 1 11 Uller i« Subdue 17 Wale-ing ptice ?l Sovel cooperative ?3 Go astray 2-1 Erglisn rivo 26 rneaincat'On ?7 jf.e ea-tn 28 Ovum 29 Possessive pronoun 31 Cnemicat wlli. 32 Small n nunitei 33 Mescal group (an i S:age lem 38 Roman goddess ol Harvest 39 Herb 40 Coalesced 41 Chateaubriand hero 43 Malevolence 44 Coaisol India 45 Hosieries 4« Piece ol ceramic 49 Per odsnflime 50 Tirres of success (coll I 51 Cavia' 5? Bensi o' burden NORTH · A K 9 5 « J 7 3 * 1 0 6 2 WEST KAST · 1 0 6 2 * ( ) 8 4 » A K S 5 V J 7 3 * C 8 4 « W 6 2 * J 7 3 * A K 9 5 SOUTH (1)1 A . I 7 3 V 1 0 6 2 4 A K 9 5 * Q 8 4 Kasl-Wesl vulnerable Wesl North Kast Souilt Pass Tass 1 * Pass 2N.T. I'ass 3 N . T . Pass J'.iss ['ass Opening leail- 5 v he made them up he produced one unshuffled hand for (he upcn pairs. It was caught early and thrown oul. bul before Ihis happened, one pair had achieved some real noloriely. North made one (if Ihose shaded third-hand bids. Soulh responded with an unsound Iwo notrump ami Norlti compounded Ihc felony by going io game Wesl opened the five of hearts Dummy played low and the defense slarlcd wilh four heart tricks. Then West led ttie three of clubs. East won and led buck a low club. South played low and Ihc d e f e n s e added four club tricks. They sltll had lo gel another so South was down live. By Oswald James Jaooby Today 1 .; hand is the opposite of a freaK. It is produced any lime you deal out a new pack without giving it one shuffle. You can cut as often as you like, but tltis comes after no shuffle al all. Before the American Contract Bridge League used computers lo produce the duplicated hands used in major championships the late George Coff used to deal them all out personally. George vas a man of greal honesty, bul he got old and the lust year liat THE BORN LOSER A Winnipeg reader wants to know what we hid as South after Kast opens one heart. No nnc is vulnerable. Our hand is: » 2 » K t J l 0 9 4 »At)7:l + K J 8 We simply pass. Our best chance for a profit here is to let our opponents get into trouble. (For a copy ot JACOBY MODERN, send $1 lo: "Win al Bridge." c/o this newspaper. P. 0. Box 489, flarf/'o Cily Station. New York. W 1. 100W) by Art Saniom Wff WHO OF A DW PIP t KE-OOTIKU WHZK CD NOU KkiOW I CW'T 3WD m r«UJ5 !^ ^ CAMPUS CLATTER with BtMO BURNS by Lorry Lewis THE 8IGES IN PRO' BPkLL...COMPARES TO MERE IN COLLEGE.. ...IS SETTING USEO TO BEING THE SHORTEST DUDE ON THE TEAM' SHORT RI8S THAT ISNT FROM MisN LEG?, TT5 HIS BEARD/ by Frank Hill HE PLEDGED NOT TO SHAVE UNTIL HE SLAVED HIS PlRST PJJA.GON CXT UNDER Ti-^E KJ.I6H ARMOR-i LIMOXM WOJLP HAVE OERW6O(T- Uli! PKof FRANK AND ERNEST by Bob Thoves THE CALCULATE IT, AT THE PATE OF ALLEY OOP by Dave Graue WE COVERED AN/ YEAH... AWFUL LOTTA /THANKS TO G80UNP TO«y ( OL' PINNY/ HOW MUCK ) WE'LL. FARTHER BREACH LX WE i) TH' SWAMP HAVE Asarr MIOOAY ' ...ONCE WE GET THERE, TH' GOING WILL GET ROUGH, MONA, SO VOU BETTEe SET A SOOP , NIGHT'S SLEEP.' rw\ I '/ ':' \ 1-W DICK TRACY LETS LETTHINOS A FEW DA(S, SAM ! SOMETIMES TOE CRIMINAL DOCS THE JOB FOR US. WEVE STAKED OUT TRACV, 8UTSOWH NO UfE. MARY WORTH I'M HOME, MY SWEET 1 ···SORRY TO BE SO WTE, BUT THE CONFERENCE WITH JASON KyRIL TOOK LONGER THAN I- YAM X 1NVIItP \y YES. YOU'LL *EET TOM-C"MFE'5" f;( THE REAL GROOM. WEPPINS?^;^ VOU'LL LIKE HIM, PEPPER. HE'LL PO THE Fft^lNG. BY THE WAV, PEPPER, PADDY AMP ALL THE WEPPiNG PARTY ARE STAYING AT TXE RLTONPORfi POUT YOU CHECK IN THERE AS OUR GUEST? OH, NO.' BUI PAPDY'S IN THE DOtiGH. HEY, THAT'S A LAUGH' VDL) SHOULD BE ASHAME --r OF YOURSELF - l YOU SHOULD GET SOME L DECiTCLOWES, A HAIRCUT REX MORGAN, M.D. j WU'RETOBE T AIL RISHf THEN · ADMITreo AT ) THERE'S NO NEED THREE fHI6 4. FOR ME TO SEE AFTERNOON / tt» OR AWR6AN RIGHT NOW I HE'$WrTHAPATIENT---BUT LET ME ASK WHETHER HE'D LIKE TO SEE »U BEFORE TOU GO INTO THE HOSPITAL/ THAT'S RIGHT--A PRIVATE ROOM ' THE PATIENT'S ^r~ NAME IS NOR/MAN PRESCOTT BEETLE BAILEY you TO TfJ/5 CAMP? HE CAN PO A J08? THE FLINTSTONES / ...WHAT IS IT ?... ... AN AVALANCHE ?.. /C£ BREAKING I DCUETTIT.., WHERE'AOULD GBT/AARRIEP HEN -TOT q£C UPWIMTHR3P? WHOVMOULONt MINP PEOPLE

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