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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 2

Nampa, Idaho
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Wednesday, February 5, 1975
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The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune, Wednesday, February 5 1975 - 2 r~ Off the wire lolt n«w« summorioi World Police station stormed LIMA, Peru UP1 - Tanks smashed through the barricaded gales of a big police station in (he Peruvian capilal today and army troops occupied Ihe center A if . lhree ' la ' «W Police strike. Ambulances pulled up to the district police headquarters immediately after Ihe occupation and removed some wounded policemen and soldiers. Some 3,000 policemen gathered in the police station Tuesday night but mod went home for the night and many fled at the approach of Ihe army tanks, leaving only a diehard few strikers to man the barricades. Onassis given oxygen ATHENS IUP1) -Doctors loday placed Aristotle Onassis in an oxygen lent because the ailing shipping tycoon showed difficulty in swallowing and breathing, friends of his family spid. An official spokesman for his family said Onassis has influenza and that he showed some improvement. Ethiopians reinforce Asmara ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (UPI) - The Ethiopian military government poured larks and thousands of troop reinforcements into Asmara by road and air today and pounded Eritrcan rebel positions from the air for Ihe fourth consecutive day. National Abbey Indians charged SHAWANO, Wis. (UPII - Five of the Indians who took over a Roman Catholic abbey for 34 days, including Ihe group's leader, have been charged with felonies -robbing or threatening Ihe caretaker of the building during Ihe occupation. All the other Indians taken into custody at the end of Ihe occupation were accused of lesser charges or released. 'Slasher' confessions false LOS ANGELES, Calif. ( U P I I Publicity-seekers have begun plaguing police by falsely 'claiming to be "the slasher" who has killed nine men in two months. One of Ihe largest manhunts in Ihe city's history is under way lo find (he mysterious killer, who cuts the throats of his victims to Ihe spine. Weapons found in schools BOSTON (UPI) - School officials here, where court-ordered desegregation has spawned sporadic violence, said today detectives have found more than 300 "extremely dangerous" weapons during searches of a dozen schools. Among Ihe weapons found in the lost · · -ithree weeks,-io[(icial5 said, were a starter's pistol,"hunting, kitchen and throwing knives, ice [picks, a variety of chemical sprays, cui-off baseball bats and razor blades. Washington ATT denies charges WASHINGTON (UPI) - American Telephone and Telegraph Co. has denied (he Justice Department's antitrust charges and asked a federal court lo dismiss Ihem. Dunlop may succeed Brennan WASHINGTON ( U P I ) - John T. Dunlop, tt'ho managed President Richard M. Nixon's Cost of Living Council, will be named secretary of labor succeeding Peter J. Brennan, it was learned loday. Oil allowance sustained WASHINGTON ( U P I I - In an effort to speed action on an expanded version nf President Ford's requested tax cut, the House Ways and Means Committee has voted down Ihe year's first effort to end the oil depletion allowance. The House Rules Committee also separated another double-barreled measure, a delay in Ford's $3 per barrel oil import fee and a $36 billion increase in the national debt. Kuna police chief resigns position Professional Engineers endorse principle, site for power plant Obituaries By Warren Adams BOISE -- A special power plant siting committee of the Idaho Society of Professional Engineers HSPE) has reported additional power generation will he needed to meet near future and long range power demands in Idaho, and has concluded Idaho Power's Orchard side near linise is an acceptable location for (he company's proposed 1,000 megawatt coal- fired ihcrmal generalion plant. The committee reporl, which was endorsed by (he 1SPE in a formal resolution Feb. 1, was Valley weather BOISE -- A low pressure area and a strong arctic high are Ihe main features affecting Ihe weather over Idaho loday. Very moist, warm air from a large, deep low wcsl of the Northern California coast is spreading rain into Northern California and Southwest Oregon. This precipitation will spread eastward tonight, resulting in increasing clouds with a chance of rain or snow in Southwestern Idaho tonight and Thursday. Cold air from a strong high localed over Eastern Montana and Southern Canada has spilled into parts of Eastern and Northern Idaho. Continued cold is forecast in (hese parts of the slate Ihrough Thursday. Highs will be in the 20s, with lows zero lo 15. In Southwest Idaho, highs are expected to be in Ihe 30s to lower 40s, with lows in Ihe 20s. The Idaho extended outlook calls for a more westerly flow of m'r lo develop over Ihe slale, resulting in moderating temperatures Friday. This flow means moisture will he present, so scattered snows are expected Friday Ihrough Sunday in Ihe mountains, with rain or snow in the valleys. Afternoon temperatures will be mostly in Ihe 30s and lower ·IOs. Minimums will be in the 20s, except in Eastern Idaho, where they will dip into Ihe teens. made public at a press conference in Boise Tuesday, The committee concluded t h a t : -- Additional power generation is required lo meet both Ihe near future and long range power demands in Idaho. Southwestern Idaho is a region whero demand will be particularly critical. - Coal-fired thermal plant construction is the most economical means of obtaining timely additional power to mecl immediate load demands. Nuclear plants, however, should be considered in all future siles. --Coal-fired thermal plants can be designed to more lhan meet state and national air emission and waler discharge standards and are Ihe most feasible type of plant to be constructed lo meet immediate future power needs in Idaho. -- Emission discharges can be and should be treated to more lhan meet all federal and state air and waler quality standards, and controlled air emission from properly located modern thermal power plants will not violate ambicnl air standards. -- Each sile for proposed thermal power plants should be thoroughly studied lo determine ils relationship to surrounding ecology and what effects will occur upon the surrounding area. -- Considering all factors, the Orchard site appears from studies made lo be an acceptable location for a coal-fired thermal plant. The Orchard silc is suilable because of adequate land availability, an ample water supply from Ihe nearby Snake River, because railroad lines already exist for the (ransporl of coal from Wyoming, and because the sile is acceptable environmentally, (he committee reported. Lyman D. Wilbur, ISPE commillce chairman, said the reporl was Ihe culmination of a three-monlh investigation undertaken independenlly by the ISPE. He said much of the data used by the committee came from Idaho Power and from studies made by Ihe city of Seattle. The committee also inspected Idaho Power's coal- fired Jim Bridger plant in Wyoming as part of its study. Wilbur, who is a consultant engineer and retired vice president of Morrison-Knudsen Co., Inc., said other members of the commilleo were Melvin D. Alsager, environmental coordinator for J.R. Simplol Co.; Charles E. Brockway, of the University of Idaho staff, doing research on Ihe river modeling and-groundwaler modeling in Ihe Snake River Basin; Wallace N. Cory, environmental manager, Timber and Building Materials Group, Boise Cascade Corp.; Verl G. King, project officer for water development in Ihe Idaho Department of Water Resources; and Calvin C. Warnick, presently a member of the University of Idaho engineering teaching staff and past director of Ihe Water Resources Instilule. "We are not actually endorsing Pioneer," Wilbur (old reporters. "We are saying we believe a plant al Ihe Orchard silc would be acceptable." "We're Irying to tell Ihe public mat we don't sec any real problems if il (Pioneer) is buill there." Wilbur also said copies of the committee report will be senl lo power plant siling officials in Ihe slale, including Gov. Cecil Andrus and members of the Idaho Legislature. GOP compromise offered Demo leader stands firm for 7.5% state pay hike Budget hearing Monday Office building money approved CALDWELL-Thc public hearing for Ihe lentslivo budgel for 1975 for Canyon County is Currently, skies are partly to scheduled al 10 a.m. Monday, mostly cloudy, over Ihe state, Feb. 10 in one of (he courtrooms wilh scattered light snow al thc counly court house. showers falling. .., s Commissioner Chairman Ira Craven, correcting earlier announcements of his lhat Ihe hearing would begin at 2 p.m. said that Ihe time of 10 a.m. announced in legal notices is correct. BOISE (UPII - The House Earlier announced for the has approved 59-10 and sent to conference room in Ihe Counly (he Senate a bill (o appropriate Zoning and Planning Office al S300.000 in federal funds lo con- Seventh and Main, Ihe hearing struct office buildings lor Ihe will be held in Ihe courtroom in Department of Employment. Annex I (sheriff's office building) 12lhandBelmont,orif there is no Irial taking place in the district courtroom in (he main courthouse building, the hearing will b6 held there. Craven said. The proposed budget total is $5,739,840.2'!, which compares wilh 55,401,058.63 established for Ihe 1D74 budget. Items may be reduced after (he hearing bul none may be increased, according to Idaho law. Hep. Ralph Wheeler, R- American Falls, said some regional offices of the department are "woefully overcrowded" and need more space. "This is 100 per cent federal money and we can't use il (or anything else," Wheeler said Tuesday. "We can't use it for tax relief." Noon Stock Quotations KUNA-Kuna Cily Clerk M a x i n e Kramer read Ihe resignation nf Police Chief Tom Brown in Ihe regular Kuna Cily Council meeting Tuesday night. Bruwn was suspended from his duties on Jan. 28 by Mayor Charles Bird following a special executive meeting concerning personnel problems on Jan. 27. Officer Greg Nichols was named acting chief by Mayor Bird following Brown's suspension. Nichols gave Ihe monthly police report, saying a complete inventory including lagging and logging of all malerials was being conducled by the deparlment. Also, improved dog control is under consideration and a reserve officer review is taking place. Nichols said. Results of the cily water bond election were lold. A total of 183 residents voted with 106 voting in favor of Ihe improvement ;ind 77 voting againsl. The council will canvass ballots tonight at B. the council adopted Ordinance 202 increasing irrigation -water rales il per category ' covering I»7S operational, maintenance and construction costs. With the increase, users will now pay $10 (or up lo one acre, S12 for up to two acres and $14 for two acres and over. James Crowe, acting Ada Council of Governments representative on behalf of Mayor Bird, presented ACOG Resolution 208 concerning a sludy of possible solutions for waste t r e a t m e n t and managcmenl for (he area. Thc resolution was adopled by Ihe council. In further action, the council: --Volcd lo send a Idler of inlent to the Farmers Home Administration for industrial park devclopmenl grants so lhal eligibility for Ihe granls may be established. --Voted to issue a license for Ihe sale of packaged hcer and wine to Jerry Wolfe, owner «f the Kuna Save-on. -Voled !o make necessary repairs on Ihe Iractor used for maintenance of the Kuna city park. Dale Bell will do Ihe engine repairs estimated al S4SO, STOCK QUOTATIONS: FURNISHED THROUGH: EDWARD D.JONES and COMPANY of CALDWELL DOW JONES A V E R A G E S NOON Industrials 702.83-5.24 Transportation 156.67-.56 Utilities 80.97-.09 Composite 22C.96 LISTED STOCKS Albcrtsons American Telephone Bethlehem lineing lioise Cascade Chrysler Champion Home Builders Exxon Fleet wood General Electric General Motors Idaho Power IBM Kennecoll Ki! Morrison Knudscn Occidental Poirnloiiin Philips Petroleum RCA Reynolds Tobacco Sears SI. Oil of California Union Oil Union Pacific Westinghousc IPs Winnebago 4 n » LOCAL OVER THECOUNTER QUOTES BID First Security Bank 32', Idaho Firsl Nat. Bank 30 InlermounlainGas 12'» MUTUAL FUNDS inn Col. Inc. Fund Inv. Co. of Amoric.? Key. D-4 BondFd. Putnam Gr.Fd. Putnam Inv. Kd 14' i 14 10', 73'z 3t\; 35'; 27ii 33 v i 2 38' K 13'.i 53'', 59 25' i 37'.» 62'-.. 33' i 33 2\ ASK 8.06 8.81 10.32 11.28 7.08 7.70 7.M By Koberl Van Buskirk ready to compromise a pay BOISE (UP!) -- Senate boost for slale employes, minority leader C. C. Chase, D- Chase said he would stand firm St. Maries, said today he wasn't for a 7.5 per cent pay increase for all slate employes, "unless they show me we are wrong and al this point I don't feel we arc." House Republicans voled 34-2 Tuesday for a compromise which would provide a 7.5 per cenl raise to those employes below grade 10, and a four per cenl boosl to those grade 10 and above. A majority of Senate Republicans also favored (his allack lo (he problem but Senate GOP caucus chairman Walter Yarbrough, U-Grand View, said il was "jusl a majority." Meantime, Sen. V. K. Brassey, R-Boisc, started a one- man filibusler by forcing all bills in Ihe Senate to he read al length in an attempt lo bring Ihe pay question to a vote on the floor. There are two resolutions dealing wilh pay raises in the Senate. Democrats favor the one calling for (he 7.5 per cenl hike and Republicans want Ihe one proposing a five per cenl boos!. Bolh were relumed lo Ihe Slate Affairs Committee for further sludy. Chase said Republican compromise approach would not solve anything. He said those employes in Ihe upper bracket would end up receiving a smaller net because Ihe employes al the lower end of the scale had the deductions. The minority leader said he was ready to get the pay question resolved "so we can gel the session moving and avoid a hassle which would put us over 60 days." Yarbrough agreed he would like to sec the question resolved by Ihe end of the week so lhal the ISSH hires dentist NAMPA - The Idaho Slale School and Hospital has hired another Boise dentist to replace Dr. Monte Levill, who was fired aflcr a controversial leelh- puliing incident. Dr. John Kriz, who has been in 'private practice in Boise since September of 1U73, will work al ISSH five days a week on a parl- time basis. Dr. T.J. Comslock of N'ampa will also continue lo perform part-lime denial work there. Dr. Kriz received his D.D.S. from Baylor College of Dentistry at Dallas, Texas, in 1971. He was a captain in the Army Denial Corps for Iwo years al Forl Leonard Wood, Mo., before beginning private practice in Boise. "I have always been interested in the public health portion of dentistry," Kriz said, "and I am concerned ahoul preventive care." He said he made application to work al ISSH after il began advertising an opening in January. Dr. Kriz said he and ISSH "will Iry In get our feet on Ihe ground" before a decision is made lo bring a full-lime dentist (o ISSII. A (ask force report following Ihe teeth-pulling incident recommended lhat a full- time dentist be hired. Joint Finance-Appropriations Commillce, of which he is a member, could begin selling Ihe budgets. "Salaries and wages arc such a big item," he said, "we can't set the budgets." Yarbrough said (he compromised salary proposal would provide a $7.6 million pay hike with those in Ihe lower brackel receiving an annual increase of $584 and those in the upper echelon getting a yearly hike of $640. He said rcallocations would be frozen for a year lo allow the personnel commission lo make a sludy anti come up wilh recommendations to (he Legislature next session. Elsewhere on the legislative scene: --Senators reconsidered and then approved a resolution authorizing a study to recodify the stale's criminal code. --House Democrats vowed lo gel Ihe governor's program for surplus funds lo Ihe floor in Chrisfina Johnson CALDWELL-Services for Christina F. Johnson, 81, formerly of Nampa Route 2, who died Tuesday in Caldwell, will be conducted al 2:30 p.m. Friday al Flahiff Funeral Chapel, Caldwell. by the Rev. Marvin E. Greene of Ihe Trinity Lutheran Church, Nampa. Inlermenl will be al Canyon Hill Cemetery. She was borri on July 7,1893, in Arcadia, Neb., where she was reared and educated. On Sept. 6. 1922, she married James A. Johnson al Ord, Neb. They farmed in Nebraska until moving to Ihe Sunny Slope community near Caldwell in 1938. They moved lo a farm on Star Road near Nampa in 1945, where she had since resided. He died in November of 1974 in Nampa. She was a member of the Lutheran Church. Surviving are four sons, George H. and John R. Johnson, bolh of Caldwell. James A. Johnson. Homedale, and William L. Johnson, Meridian; a daughter. Eva Lenz. Elks. Wash.; a brother. Claus Franzen, Aracadia. Neb.; 19 grandchildren and five great- grandchildren. She was preceded in dealh by one daughter, Iwo brothers and four sisters. Friends may call at Ihe chapel until 9 p.m. Thursday and until service time Friday. Guy L. Kingsbury PORTLAND - Services for Guy LeClair Kingsbury, 70, of Portland,- Ore....formerly o[ Caldwel^whndiedSunday al his home aller a long illness, will be conducted Thursday in Por- lland. Mr. Kingsbury was born on Aug. 7. 1904, in Caldwell, where he was reared. He had lived in Portland for many years and was a retired executive of the Ola E. Kaylor NAMPA - Mrs, O l a . g Kaylor, 88, Nampa Roule 7, dieft al a Nampa nursing home thii morning. Services are pending at Ihe Atsip Fun«ral Chapel. Virginia A. Rogers NAMPA - Virginia - A . Rogers, 52, of Nampa, died al a. Nampa nursing home Tuesday. Services are pending at the Alsip Funeral Chapel. Arden W. Forrey NAMPA -- Services for Arden W. Forrey, 71, of Honolulu, Hawaii, formerly of Nampa, who died recentlv at Honolulu, were conducted Jan. 15 at Borthwick Funeral Chapel, Honolulu. Intermenl was at Honolulu, He was born on March 20, 1903, in Burr Oak, Kan., a son of Albert C. and Emma Forrey. He married Ruth Beresford on March 11,1925, and Ihey lived in Nampa. He was employed by Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. in Idaho. In 1945, he moved to Walla Walla, Wash., where he was manager of the Northern Life Insurance Co. for the district. He bought Wade's Clothing Store in 1948 and laler added a second store in Pasco, Wash. He also operated charter fishing boats out of Weslport, Wash.', until retiring in December, 1%5. He had since resided in Hawaii. ' He was a member of Ihe Masonic Order, York Rite, in Walla Walla; the El Katif Shrine in Spokane and the Elk's Lodge in Walla Walla. Surviving are his wife of Honolulu; a son, Arden Forrey Jr., and a daughter, Sharon Forrey, both of Walla Walla; four sisters. Ceola Wehr, Silver Spring, Md., Ruby Thompson, Long Beach, Calif., Clariss Moore. Kuno, and Julia Vann; Nampa; a brother, Clyde Forrey, Santa Monica, Calif.-; and five grandsons. He was preceded i n . d e a t h by twq brothers. - hopes of persuading enough Re- Bell Telephone Co. publicans lo help pass it. "~ " Jail tire damages slight CALDWELL-Firc, apparently caused by a cigaret left burning on a wooden shelf, was confined to Ihe laundry room at the Canyon County Jail Tuesday evening with only minor damage resulting. Sheriff George W. Noursesaid he was grateful a jailer was on duly and that fire extinguishers were on hand--"Otherwise, il could have been bad." Ahoul 7:30 p.m., Deputy Billy K. Hayn'is, working as a jailer, was in the jail office filling out rcporls when he smelted smoke. Looking oul, he saw smoke coming from thc washroom, grabbed a fire extinguisher and .yelled lo a Irusly lo gel another 16 :1 * 'one. I3?« He opened the door lo Ihe wash room, flames came oul of Ihe doorway and cleaning spray cans in the room began lo explode. Thc dispatcher was notified lo call the Caldwell Fire Department. By now, olher deputies who had been alcrled arrived upstairs with extinguishers, and Ihe officers emptied Ihrce of Ihcm, bringing Ihe fire under ASK control. Firemen used about lOgallons of water In wet Ihings down, and checked the area lo be sure nothing was left smoldering. Several burned blankets were carried outside and along with Ihese and Ihe loss of cleaning aerosol cans, damage was 8.67 confined lo slorage bins and 1.70 shelves. Arrest follows robbery CALDWELL-Canyon County deputies, Caldwell police and stale police combined efforts Tuesday evening lo locate and arrest a suspect shortly after an armed robbery al Ihe Wild Wild Wesl Cafe at Black Canyon and Interstate 80. The suspecl's vehicle was spotted by a Canyon County depuly near the Middlelon exit of Ihe Intel-stale and slopped with police units from all agencies surrounding it al Fifth Avenue and IS-80 in Caldwell. The suspect, identified as Buckles James Shell Jr., 21, Vancouver, Wash., was arresled, questioned al the Canyon Counly Sheriff's Office then turned over to authorities in Payette County where the offcnseoccurred. Shell was to be arraigned this morning in Payelle County on a charge of robbery. A Canyon Counly investigator said lhal with Shell's arrest, police look possession of a .22 caliber rifle and a nylon mask believer! used in (lie robbery, and recovered the $35 reported taken. Ed Dundns. manager of the cafe, sairf Ihe man walked in shortly aflcr 6 p.m. and said. "This is a hold-up." To show he meant il, he pointed the rifle al Dundas's son, Terry, and Dundas gave him Ihe He was a member of the Presbyterian Church and had been active in al! phases of the liny Scouts of America. Surviving are his wife, Gladys, of Portland; Iwo married daughters, Merle and Shirley: a son, Larry, Stratham, N.H.; six brothers, Larry of Porlland, Lloyd and Paul, bolh of Seallle, Berryl of Caldwell, Earl of Pendleton, Ore., and Ray Kingsbury, Sacramento, Calif.; a sisler. Earline Jessen, Caldwell: and seven grandchildren. He was preceded in dealh by a sisler, Helen Frizzelle. of Twin Falls. Louise C. Laible GLENNS FERRY-Rosary for Ixiuise C. Laible, 97. of Glenns Ferry, who died Monday al a Mountain Home nursing home, will be reciled at 8 p.m. Thursday al Humpherys Funeral Chapel, Glenns Ferry. Mass nf (he Resurrection will becelcbraledal 2p.m. Friday a! Our Lady of Limerick Catholic Church. Glenns Ferry, by Ihe Rev. P.B. Condon. Inlermenl will be al Glenn Rcsl Cemetery. Among survivors are two sons, Karl and Benjamin Laible, bolh of Nampa. Memorials may be made lo Our Lady of Limerick Catholic Church. Bogus $20 bill passed BOISE i U P I ) - A counterfoil S20 bill was passed in Boise Tuesday and cily detectives fear local merchanls may be in for a H. Wagner NAMPA--Airs. Anna H. Wagner, 83, Nampa Route 7, died al n Nampa nursing home Tuesday. Services are pending at the Alsip Funeral Chapel. Tax exemption raise proposed WASHINGTON (UPI) -Sen! Frank Church, D-Idaho. has introduced an amendment to the slale lax provisions of the Fed: era) Tax Code thai he said would help to preserve small family ' farms. The legislation would amend the lax code lo the present eslale tax exemption lo $120,000 from, $60,000. Church noted that at present "when a family member inherits a small business or farm, he or she is immediately saddled with enormous eslale taxes This is so because real properly is valued at f a i r market value for estale lax purposes." ^ To pay the laxes, Ihe business, or farm musl frequenlly be solcj or broken up. Church pointed oul lhal (he present $60,000 estale tax ox- emplion was sel more than 30 years ago and said a revision is' "desperalely needed." Grain grower schools slated BOISE (UPI) - A series of schools for cereal grain groweri will be conducled in farm c o m m u n i t i e s throughout southern and eastern Idaho this month. Harold Wesl, Boise, executive secretary of the Idaho State Wheal Growers Association? said Ihe one-day sessions are' cosponsoredby the University of Idaho Cooperative Extension Service, the Idaho Feed Grail)' Dealers Association and the; Utah-Idaho Grain Exchange. Topics pertinent to producing cereal grains, particularly barley, will bf! wheal and will suspecl anyone. fled begin in',' will be;; Pocatelli ^eb. 19 in! Symms plans newsletter WASHINGTON (UP/) - Rep. before they leave a community," Ed Brake, of the departments vice and intelligence division, said. r Brake said Ihe fake bill re- Steve Symms, R-ldaho, plans lo covered Tuesday was of "very offer a special monthly news- n '6 n quality." Idler on activities of the House "H you saw the bill alone it of Reprcsenlalives lo residenls »'" lll(l almosl lake a mic'ro- of Idaho's First Dislricl. s TMpic examination to tell il was Symms said the mailing will nnl legitimate," he said, be called "On the Capilal Firing '| c s °il Ihe bill carried Ihe Line,"II will be furnished by his scr ' a ' number R559I6710D and office free upon requesl. with wils identified as a "scries printing costs paid by private lm " n series not commonly donations. found in Ihe Wesl. and frequenlly bill" passeriTwili KM !,", dah .° Falls Feb - 24irt spend a lot of money at a lime -3rd Wclltle11 and Feb * i n Burley IF YOU HAVE SOMnNKTOSEU SEEK CALDWELL AUCTION DIAL 454-1 532 Will Pifk Up

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