Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 1, 1961 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1961
Page 14
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V'APPOINTMENTONLV ^11 ·" Flnrt N.-I la who »ellB only! ^rliiurllv Whole- t«'h« ».|[i to Ihe e« Ma lrlcca are t(w» normal *H to *»*ilall»tlon k»4 l . WHAT II A OlAMliNo ' ^ Carat r · Diamond ' Broker Priced from 57.50 to 200.00 - btpendtng on the - qualltx. till EL 3-3340 tor private thotolnt In the ·ftltes o( V 2 Carat Diamond ?\ Broker Priced from 78.00 to 325.00 Depending on the quality. Gleaners, Circles 1 Elect Officers Gleaners, Circles One, T*t and ^Three, llw combined greufis of th? 9Woman's Mlsiionary Society of B*Uwl Biptist Church, held ii meeting at Ihe church with Is Imenibefs and oho gCest, Mrs. Bud |JAv*ry','pfeienl. ' . - -Mrl, Ja» -B«Mender W*s, in Pcharge |.tie pragram. Mrs. Mil(ford Smith read scripture from | Matthew M, Mri: Wallace Ander- fsW and JIfs. G5fd6A Carlson sang "Ready",,and Mrs.^Dcn Gilbert totd of the work of conference mis sionartos in the Philippine Island* cloiug with a. tap«~tnadc bjf \he ReV- Irwln Bjtlland. Mrs. Cllff«rd Morgan told of the CebU Bible .School whiclf is on Cebu Island * ||the Philippines. Several personal letters from missionaries in different parts ot Ihe, world were read, ftlri. lUy N'ordell gave the dicing prayer. Officers wcr* elected for the jlcoming year, Officers for 1 Ibe I'.Gleaners are Mrs. -Bohlender, president; Mrs. Al Pawlings, firs! v i c e pf6sldent (membership)) Mri. Edwin Johnson, second Vk!c 'president tprogram); Mrs. Vitally Anderson, secretary; Mrs. Paul Rutherford, Irea.'jju'er; Mrs. Raymond Rhoades, service chairman; and Mrs. Vince Cyph6rs, social chairman. Circle One officois are: Mrc t'red Pollock, chairman; Mts Noru'ell, first vlCe presldcn (membershipIt Mrs. Johns6h, sec ond vice president (program) Nlrs. Tom Kim*, secretary; MrS I'Gus Hart, service chairman; Mi's Milford Smith spiritual life; arii Mrs. Clifford Morgan, social, j Oflicers of Circle T*o are: Mrs IJFrhnk Lust, chairman; Mrs. Illic Jayne, first vice preslden (mimbcrsliip); M r s . Georg seioftd Vice president (pro Miss StithttHind, "in«luling ' newly opened Children's Zoo Iherc. He'd like, that, anfl seeing K places where they make the milkshakes, and new things on every side." · : ' Thed oack to Europe by p'lane M Dec. 'a and a "chrisUAas s«a- sfln HI rch*ars«l at' Naples, where Miss SutticrlatW · will. sing again on- Dec; i*.. Ke)(t i d t\n"e'-'.the Bony.iges will be going baick' to Australia' for. the first limfc : in 13, years. Next seasoft'La.Scala will be reviving Meyerbeer's ''Hugenots" for her,' ind next season' W .the Met there will be a new role; Her first South Amer ican -tour will come in 1%1 Meanwhile, the recording find tetevisiori sessions, the recitals Ihe of flying abou Ihe world, returning now' and then, to Switzerland and Adam. DIAM6SID BROKERS 6L 3-SS40 % Carat Diamond Broker Priced from 132*00 to 580.00 · Depending 6n thi · quiTIty. Mrs. Irttogenfc secretary; Mrs. Betty Arvis, s*rv k chairman; Mrs. Clifford Han iliort, spiritual lite; and Mrs. Reu ben Ehrllch, coCial. . . , Circle three officers are: Mrs I!Wilfred Green, chairman; Mr: Leslie. Brumlej', first vice dent (membership); Mfs. Do Derr, second vice president gram); Mra. Jerry Christian, sec relary; Mrs. Don Gilbert, servlci cl'iairman; Mrs. Gordon Carlsoi spiritual life; and Mrs, Al .Bushy social. Mrs. Asa Smith was assislai hostess to Mrs. Ed Jolmsort at the September meeting of Circle due. Her name was inadvertantly omitted. LdoKlNG FORWARD TO NOVEMEfc -- Jonn Sutherland, Australian coloratufa \ylio will make her debut in 'Lucia dl Lammermoor' al the Metropolitan Opera in November, will re- fceiye a welcome visit from son Adam (he same month. Tlw sihser, her husband, Richard Bonynge, and Adam reside in Switzerland. Joart Sutherland To Make Her Debut At Met Nov. 26 Hatri Trick Not. Funny To immigrant Child · It probably seemed filntiy to Ih'e pfahlister \Vlio an old hkrn bohe irt a HH16 girl's !'Tri( J ,; ; )r Treat" bag Tuesday nighlr'-But she didil'l think so the chili 9, is an Immigfanl frbm Italy. Sh6 cahne' to ihis country frofn Rome five y6a~rs ago'and Is bting re' .hei grandrtiother' iii the Mcad6\V Lark district, this, whihfcr fltlh year tb join in. the lialloweei furt. She hart looked forward for vveeks to "the' big nlg'hl." \Vh6n she returned ho'me and Cmpliilt her b£g, the hsm bond took th joy but of "counting her loot,' the youngster's grandmdltie said. "How could anyone do a thing like thai to a childt" shi asked. "Probably a witch ii shee|i's clothing," is bile answer DIAMOND BROKERS C O N F I b E N T I A L A P P R A I S A L S FOR INSURANCE OR LOANS ·BY. APPOINTMENT 1 Carat Diamond ?V' llriker PMetd from 195.00 to 725.00 6n tht Investigator Dies WASHINGTON (AP) -- Allen G j.Thurman, 63, a former chief in- I yesttgalor for Ihe Senate Small Business Committee, died Monday after a brief illness. By MILES' X. SMITH A^ Arts Editor MKW VORK (Alt 1 ) For Joan Sutherland, 'the SoipretUra to -tfvn, Iher? are two reasons' why S T «'vertbeb Wi'l be a big hwnth: · First, her .Metropolitan Opera debut is^scheduled for Nov. 20. For a singer who.has arrived, that is like touching home jllale. Her arrival might be said to date from 1059, when her Lucia in Donirttil's LUcia dl Lamrner- mobr" fcort : ovations In l/mclin's CoVenl.Carden., Last spring she triumphed in the.same role in.La Scilti her Amcfibart chgagemenls this fall inc|ude this role in San FVshciseoV GiiWigb and.Dallas.. And the tall, 'aubLtrn-haired sing' cr with the remarkable be! canto oice will be Lucia again at the Set, giving five performances be- ween Nov. 26 and Dec. ft. In that me period, her sclwdule w_ill be illed with two performances will he American Opera Society hree recitals and four television ousc..'. Whicli ^ie's glad- hi!r rudy hr ,th« Mr Hl*ctwn · UlMa , Jack t JIM Shif, to M !iAv».--Adv. engagements -- one nve'amTthree one tape, tc be presented later. After a career that has built u so rapidly in the list two years Ihe Met holds no particular ler rors for Miss Sutherland, ooks upon her debut there privilege. "There is so much tradition," she said in a recent visit hire. Sh IS \ Mulroney ives Review Dr. klargdrel Mulfonty, former 1 en\l)er' of Ihe Humanities' Mon' of Colorado Stale' College, iw retired,', give "the review al e Wednesday, morning meeting 'Current Significant-Books and lays Group in Memorial Chapi 'the FirU Covenant Church. ·; These seml.monthty reviews are xmsorcid during Ihe scnod year y Ureeley Woman's Club and reeley Branch of American As- ocialion of University .Women hey are open lo the public with lit/charge. Miss Esther Kromm brarian of (he. Greeley Public jibrary, is chairman of the group .Dr, Mulroney reviewed Irvinj tone's, "The Agony and .the Ecstasy.". ; , ; , . Many. reviewers,. consider; this of Michdangeki Stone's finest wort, ffhe charac cfizalion and the historical Back /ound are cleprly drawn. The pb itical and religious life of Flor m'ec and Rome have been care ully recreated.; The author Sf Ircnlicei himself la a -sculplo o discover the-true feeling an .Wight of a m ah doing thiS.typ of work. Some of tSw best pa iages i n . Ihe book are ..those du scribing Michelangelo at his.Worl The: period i n ' w h i c h Micheia gelo lived was one of. the irios fxcilirig Sni creative periods i Ihe huiaan race. -Allhough t(i Italian nenaUsance"jyrkSJ is fl cd with fdmbits namevhd £lk Jbcve them as a genius fields. lie was a sculptor, pdiriie architect, '· engineer, .poel : ai friend lo popes arid rulers,- H lonfl life was filled with dram The Lovelattd Woman's Club wUI sp*iter MnUii'We aSd-Ii rd Beresford o! Deliver ih (heft iresentMlon of the hi u s 1 c a 1 Camctbt/' November 2 at 8 Loveland Community Audi' oHum. Ticket donation Me anc TSc.--Adv. v at*. 14 GftEELEY TRIBUNE Wed., -l t . 19*1 is st4rj» V t»W *'* nd perception bjf Slone. Mrs. John.McAfee will review . H, Whit's, "The Making of » resident," for Ihe ne« meeting the group on Nov. 1J. · :hfistidl1 ·WdrtiefTPIaH Luncheon Meeting ClirisQan Women's Fellow-, ship of the First C h r i l t i a a Church will near a program ee "FMahclA% A FaMjf Affair" at a luncheon meeting at 12:Sf p.m., Thursday at Balcnlm Han. Mrs. A..R. Sleinberger will lead the program and members of Group Five will be hostesses. Nursery service will be. available, WARDS -"a* b H f * o M a gli Tinth Street Phone! EL V02M Buy A Immediate Delivery On Most AH Models OO Start At . . . See Mr, Krosky at our Auto Service Store, 615 Eighth Ave., or Mr. Close, Main Store Basement U»fe W A r t D S COhlVENIENT T I M E PAYMENT ACCOUNT icanire lo sing in tlu's opera way of saying debut comes In nie, before Ihe Met moves up in 964 loMIs new, unhallowed quar- ers at Lincoln Cenler. And she oesn't forget that the old Met on BroSdwiy has among its (radi- ions fthnthe'r famous Australian name -- Nellie Melba. Miss Suth- rlnnd hasn't quke lost her Aus- ralian accent. The sexond redson for consider- :ig November a . big month Is connected with her pcrso rial-life. She .Is Mrs. Richard Bonynge. Her husband--also ah'Aiislrnliari wficm ;he married In England--save up r career as'4 ptohist fopccome her coach and manager: And shortly before her Met' debut their son' Adam, 514, will come over rom thc'if villa in Loc'arho, Switzerland, to join his parents for a month in America. i "6t course ho has heard me.sing Setore, in Palermo ond in Venice," he artist said, addiitg proudly, "He is a musical child. He sings beautifully, .quite in tube." Would Adam perhaps be destined for a musical caVccr? "If he wanis. il." she replied. "But it'he wants to be something slse, th,st wiil be all fight." Her husband added, "He likes 'So many famous singers have 'appeared al the Met. It will be a DIAh;CNO BROKERS 'EL S-3340 Get a head-start On CHRISTMAS 'SEWING IVz Carat Diamond C^ Broker Priced from 395.00 to 1350.00 Depending on the quality. fa »»*. q DIAMOND BROKERS * EL 3-3340 2 Carat Diamond Broker Priced from 570.00 to 2500.00 D«pndlnff on tht quality. When purchasing a diamond consider the 4 basics of diamond quality -- C o l o r * Clarity * Cutting * and Exact C*r»t size of the center stone 1 , also the size and quality of the smaller diamonds. Quality never comes cheap! M/ ttltphon* Mrvlce will acctpt calls at any hour for appolntmtnti tht followlnf day »r tVlrtlng, Cill IL.t- Give yountlf ptanty of t!m«. Start now with thile dcllahtful gift Iden. And comt act ul for hundreds more gift aiJQQtttiont, plus the fabric* and trlmmln^t to go with them. The gift y«u mtVt ti the gift of yourxlf. Chttk with Simplicity and Butttrlck pattern books for more new and different Ideas. SHORE'S/^ 1519 Fabric Shop TJW Atop Ftr H'.MIMR Wk» Likt EIGHTH aid EIGHTH Op«n Monday and Friday Til 8:30 p.m you fire invited to "charge Ihe harpsichord belter than the piano, just now. t think it is be- will there be parlies for three after the boy arrives here? liipe we'll be seeing some- liiiiig of C e n t r a l £ark," said .,,._.,.,^,...,., V r,. i .^| 1 Evening diversion: li Block Lace ever bkk chiffon the automatic Orion Knits ':·' 15°° These are the Orion* acrylic knits shaped to fit curves automatically . . . change fashion looks automatically With accessory changes . . . wash perfectly and return to original shapeliness automatically without a lick of ironing . . . save you dollars' worth of cleaning automatically. Even the tiny price fits every clothes budget automatically. Really terrific knits from every'view- point. Turtle-nexk style in beige, red r black. Collorless high-neck style in red or black, Junior liies 7 to 15. A n*w df»« fashion automatically calls for a neyv hair-do. Phone for on appointment today. EL 2-9237

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