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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, May 20, 1970
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Democrats Hope to Present Complete County Slate Democrats arc hopeful of nominating a full slate of county and legislative candidates for offices to be filled at this year's general election at assemblies they will hold in Greeley Saturday. This was reported Wednesday by Gordon M. Ibbotson, Weld County Democratic chairman. So far only one Democrat, Ted Teglman, who announced recently he would seek the nomination for sheriff, has publicly announced his candidacy for a county office. Outside, Looking In Ibbotson reported, however, several Democrats have definitely indicated they will be candidates and that there is a good possibility the parly will nominate a full slate of. candidates. Presently, with the exception of Coroner Ross Adamson Democrats are in the position of being outside looking in as far as both county offices and state legislative positions are concerned. The County Democratic Assembly will begin at noon Saturday at the Central High School auditorium, 1515 14th Ave. Shilton Chairman Chairman for the meeting will be James I-I. Shcllon, district attorney for the 19th Judicial District. I. Russell Turner, secreary and treasurer for the Weld County Democratic Central Committee, will serve as secretary. Shirley Rein of Kersey and Suzy Ellis of Greeley will act as clerks. Committees of the assembly will be headed by the following: Credentials, George H. Brooks, chairman. Resolutions, David Miller of Greeley, chairman; Mayor Richard Perchlik of Greeley; Elton Miller of Platteville, president of the Weld County Farmers Union; and Chris Hcrnbloom of Greeley, president of the Weld County Young Democrats. Delegates In slate and congressional assemblies, Joseph W. Murphy and Kenneth Monfort, both of Greeley, co-chairmen. 100 Votei Needed The county assembly will consist of 495 delegates and an equal number of alternates who were selected at caucesses of the party held May 4. A majority vole of Hie assembly will consist of 248 voles. Twenty per cent or inn votes will be needed to nominate a candidate for office. In addition lo designating candidates for county offices, (he county assembly will elect 54 delegates and a like number of alternate;; lu attend lite Stale Democratic Assembly to be held a the University Field House in Boulder at 9 a.m. June 27. A similar number of delegates and alternates also will be elected lo attend Ihe Democratic Fourth Congressional District Assembly in Boulder at 8 p.m. June 26. Following the counly assembly, the Democratic 25th Senatorial District Assembly, which will be chaired by Kenneth Monfort, will be held; and also assemblies for the 44th, 451h, and 46th Representative Districts will convene and designate candidates. House Speaker John McCormack Rep. McCormack Won't Run Again W A S H I N G T O N (AP) -|of Rep. Carl Albert of Oklahoma vSpcaker John W. MeCormack|(o Hie spcakcrship next January announced today he wil seek re-election to Congress in 1 November. ! The 78-year-old Massachusetts Democrat's decision presumably paved the way for clrcUon! if Democrats retain control of the House. Albert, who i.s (12, now is majority floor leader. Albert's elevation lo the toj House position could lead lo a Written by Horace Greeley in 1871 THE GREELEY REPUBLICAN VOL. 42 - NUMBER 170 GREELEY, COLORADO WEDNESDAY, MAY 20,1970 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1870 Defeated by 2-1 Margin Voters Refuse $4 Minion School Bond Issue Here By RON STEWART Tribune Staff Writer Voters in School District Six declined to authorize its Board of Education to sell $4 million in bonds Tuesday by a near 2-1 margin. The final vole, including both Ihe property and non-property axpaying electors' vole, was 1,082 in favor of the issues, and 2,010 against. Under a new set of laws legislated this year, Ihe issue would have required both a School, Greeley Central High 'School and Jefferson Elementary, and physical education facilities at John Evans Junior High School and Greeley West. Board Disappointed "Needless to say," commented Board, of Education president Louis C. Riekcr, "we are disappointed in Ihe outcome of the bond issue. The Board Education feels that this project is necessary lo provide t h e facilities for proper education for the children of the majority of Hie taxpayers' votel 1 " 5 'TM'-" and a majority of the tolnl vote lo pass. Taxpaying electors were against the issue, 1,907-963, non-laxpaying electors issue by almost a 5-1 margin, 110-26. 'Precinct No. 1, Park E l e m e n t a r y School, voted against the issue, 596-159. The issue was declined by at least 2-1 margins in all of the remaining districts. Burden on System Non-property t a x p a y i n g electors in all but three precincts were against the Klementary School something, dilional classroom space in ( liesulis of the election by mission's recommendation that .he c r o w d e d lunchroom; situation be alleviated. i Alternatives "1 Ihink we can work favor The biggest margin of the · issue was dclealed it, 103-99. The money would have provided a new elementary The Weather 1:30 p.m. Temperature; 84 i t I N C report as of fi a.m.) High Tuesday . Ill) Low 56 Barometer 29.98 rising Precipitation none Total for year li.32 Normal through May fi.4:) Junior West j p n l i l i c a l free-for-all by those ^ " "j^' 3 "' a '' Ca ' **' seeking the No. 2 spol of floorjschoo'l, ' Greeley leader. ! j Kep. Hale Hoggs of Louisiana,1 _ 11 he present Democratic w h i p , is' Only two of the seven precincts voted in favor of the issue -- both of those on the west side of (own. Precinct No. 3, Heath Junior High area, approved il 216-259. while Precinct No. 7, West High area, approved it 7-1-64. P r e c i n c t No. 6, East Memorial, voted against the Precinct No. 2, Cameron E l e m e n t a r y School, which approved sale of the bonds, 3930. out," Ricker said of Jefferson, certain: (here's no question inj348 (Total 508); Non-taxpayers 'H will mean some cutbacks mind about that. The otheriFor, 39; Against, 30 (Total 69). jut we can't go another yearlthing is thai defeating the issue! Precinct No. 3 (Heath): Tax- hat way -- I say we can't;jdoes little for the ··--' : J " - I7 -" '""-'· »--··--· "-" .he situation has existed and weigrowth of the city. probably could live through it see the city grow; I think we.8; Against, (i (Total 14)". another year. But Ihe situalipn need to attract industry. But we- Precinct shouldn't exist." High High * * * School Districts Approve Bond Issues issues'property taxpayers in the! granted approval by a j next in line lor Albert's job if i l ! 'becomes vacant. Thc p o w e r f u l ! .Democratic Study Commillcc is 'expected In run its own candi-i ,,. . , , , , , . . , . . i 01 lour school bond dale lor t h e lloor lcadership,; v n | t , f | ,,,, ;n (;o|()rado :and to support Albert for speak-^irccley School District Six was! ej f , 213 . 187 ,, ,, , . , , , , 'cr. ' l h e only one lo go down to! , _ . , . ' " .' . The highest temperature ever . dclc-il i ln Dls ' |llc l 70 the issue was recorded hen: uu May 20 wa.s ' c "''"""'' ' ' " ' " ! ! ,, "'' A W million bond election wonij'PPravcd ^property (axpajeis 95 degrees in 1934. The lowed I"UTM'"« M . i l e m e n l at .1 news ' u l j:1 D i s l r j c l 2fl U)e Ah .|by a vole of 1,055 to 618. Non on record for lhe same dale : coiifci-encc: j.Vcc Academy, as did a $15 property taxpayers voted 158 foi was 29 degrees in 10:11. i -| will mil seek re-election as million issue iii 'District (id, || lc ;«nri 38 against. The sun will rise T h u r s d - i v a t ' ' ' r e p r e s e n t a t i v e of lhe N i n t h cily of Pueblo, and a $1.4' The District 2(1 issue will S £,r ^ U? a^^,n,: r ,ss,ona, District ,, Massa-: -- " ^"^ TM Fm^o v'cTe'n tTwShl (MDU 'chusclls. ; Grecley's S4 million issue wasj'iislncl. District (iO bonds will COLORADO - Partly cloudy' "This is not a hasty decision ; ( |,,r e . Uet i by ncarly a 2 -i be used lor a new high school, through Thursday; isolalcd'on my p a r t . I made I h i s decision margin. (additions lo several junior high showers and thuiiderslorms' p rior in the I'.HiS e l e c t i o n . For The Air Force Academy issue j s( -'hools, a classroom Jjuijding at west portion tonight and east! - M . . . M . . - _ i.iwas anoroved bv a 10-1 marpin.[another Thursday; low otnight 50s south. "The defeat of Ihis election fill place a burden on the school system lo provide the necessary facilities both in Ihe immediate future and in the years to come as the population of the school district grows." Ricker said. "The situation will have to be handled with the funds available and will have lo be accomplished .on a priority basis as the need arises." Riekcr said the board did not discuss what would be done to meet (he needs of the district. He said that at Jefferson .he alternatives were another barely try al the issue, provide ad-!of the Arson Attempt Nipped at UNC; Campus Bomb Threats Reported An allempt wa.s made carlyi Recovered al the scene were Bolh incidents were preceded Wednesday morning to sel lire' t w n pop |j n ||| cs fi ||p d v.jlh'bv threats of destruction, to Kepner Hal on the Univcr- ,, h| ,. ., sity of Northern Colorado , , "i u "'- , , · , ,, :iml ' |KIVO 1)oi; " '"" km -" 1 "'"'" tl M ,.·,,,.,,,., ,. k |was approved by a 10-1 margin, ' ,'· , ,, Thc property taxpayers' vote school and property taxpayers' vote! swimnli %' I MO|S in M L '|I of lhe 45-55 north, 30s mountains; hi(.|i| :lnu ' "'^ " lx '" """""« """" l v l was 252-28 in favor, while non-|four high schools. Thursday 80s southeast, Iffls a n d j l o a period of rest and i'cla.\a-.| Sx p avers approved il, 22-4. · Dislrict 70 will gain a new i District (iO property taxpayersjelemenlary school and additions !approved their issue by a 9,198-|and remodeling to several " H5 margin, while non-lollicrs. a few low 70s north and west.Minn." 55-65 mountains. ! NORTHEAST COLORADO -Partly cloudy through Thursday with cooling trend; chance of s h o w e r s o r thunderstorms tonight and Thursday: low tonight 45-55; high Thursday 0575. Precipitation probability 1(1 per cent tonight, 30 per cent Thursday. RIVER FLOW May 28 Location Depth Ft. Cu-Ft Sec Platte Denver 4.61 +.09 2.1GO 4 140 Kersey 4.35-.05 1,380-60 Cache la Poudre Canyon mouth 4.27+.23 1,810+210 Your Tribune Newspaperboy Now Collecting Your Tribune carrier is now collecting. You can assist him in his collection work by being ready when he calls. He will appreciate this cooperation. When paying their carrier boys, subscribers are reqncsl- ed lo ask for the official Tribune receipt. Inside The Tribune (44 Pages) Abby Amusements Hoyle's column Classified Comics Commodities Crossword Economic Perspective Editorial ps-ge Heloise - :... 20 24-25 .. 30 39-42 ... 16 ... e .... 16 ... 4 . 4 . 20 Horoscope Lale news Mortuaries Needlework Heal estate transfers So This Is Greeley .. Snorts . Slocks TV and radio logs . 20 (i, 43 ... 6 ... 21 . . 22 .. 4 26-28 ... (i 1G Women's pages 21-22, Trash Haulers Say City Cannot Set Pickup Rates Carl E. Showalter Showalter To Run for Re-election Carl K. representative S li o w a 11 e r , from the 44th ivould have to be done in light of the Stale Industrial Coin- some way. or initiate double {extended school day sessions. Precinct. I ( P a r k ) : 59; Against, No. ,,,,. , , . , ., , .'Taxpayers For. I w o things bother me aboul. 5 % To(a , ?55| . ic outcome of lhe issue,"'.|.- nr , 25 : Against'. :«i (Total 61). .... 'Rickcr said. "First of all, 1 feel; Precinct .No. 2 (Cameron): I h i i l i l h c need for the Facilities is;Taxpaycrs For, IliO, Against, continued; payers For, 296; Against. 259 1 want to (Tolal 555); Non-laxpayers For, Ican'l do Ihal if we show we'T;.-xpayers No. For, 4 (Arlington): 207; Against, Rieker said the board would'are unable lo provide for il." '435 (Tolal, 642); Non-laxpayers liave lo decide what alternatives "" " "" ' - _ . . ; to pursue. Specifically, he said. The 3,072 voters that turned.For, 20; Against, 19 (Tolal 39). nut for Hie election represented! Precinct No. 5 (Chappelow more t h a n 17 per cent West): Taxpayers For, 35; J7,5112 eligible voters. : (Continued on Page 6 ) thrown windows were broken at Frasier Hall That night two humti threats ere received at lhe University Illms [nc Center and the building was jls ,, ammablc su p , ics closed temporarily. ' had 1 Al 7:2(1 p.m. Tuesday a call through some,was received 01 campus in windows. One sel a window I which lhe caller staled only: shade on fire and lhe oilier ]cfl|" Bnmu ' University Center, a burn mark across (he floor ! 7: i?'" Twcnl ' '"'""Jp 5 lalcr a c-, i i · i · ,i 'icall was received at the campus borne art objects in the room radjn stal j orii K UNC, located in were also damaged. |ih c University Center in which Ihe attempt was similar to;thc caller said: "If you don't down we will blow it up." sity of Northern Colorado] campus -- but it succeeded in : " ccn only burning up a window shade. The fire was put out by UNC students before firemen arrived. Police said Wednesday there have been growing problems on the campus during lhe past fewi,, ,. -....- -.., days. Tuesday morning several ,, J n , thc , OId M '" n buildin R ishiil il windows were broken at Frasier °" 'I 10 Colorado ilale University up." At 2:25 a.m. Wednesday lhe police dispatcher received a call from a young-sounding male who staled: "I think the fire, ^ department is at Kepner. There f f \ v O f l i n Tf\f could be a fire." The caller then v * u T CI U |J I U I hung up. Officer James Stewart who was at 8th Avenue and 13th Street was sent lo the building. He observed smoke coming from an east side window and about 10 students attempting m Fort Collins a little over a- "Wednesday morning another week ago. Both Kepner and Old!bomb threat' was received. This Main were older biiildingsilime ol a bomb in McKce Hall art department and'of Education. The building \v:is (Conlinued on page G) * * Police Feel Fire Bombing The fire bombing of Kepner. Carroll Gilbert, owner of (he Hall may, police believe, have'Pharmacy, said drugs and been a cover for the burglary'" 3 ''TM 1 '!'* in( -' luc »'i'S Demoral. of HiHside Pharmacy, 2505 .nhi^''.-,^^ ital t£ Ave., in which narcotics, nlher; K eempri to be (he object of [he put. the fire out. Slewa'rt then drugs and money were stolen, .burglary. called Ihe fire department, but Police have been keeping t h e ' Also t a k e n was aboul SI.100, drug si ore and oilier businesses bill I h i s was mostly in Ihe area under close nighllncgoliable cheeks, time surveilancc in anticipation, This presented problems tor of trouble of this type. t h e pharmacy as also laken Police were drawn away from,were Ihe store's daily record By FRANK COLOHAN Tribune Staff Writer ·'had approved lo the point whore : anlhorily lo sel rales for Public licensed A p.nded in ,, · ai'an · . . " . .,n,, mn \ i,, s ,.|,the decision, he said, l l o c a l j p i o g u m i, .11 . l U m p l l o ^ s i l , .. t ra cd in 'he price lor irasli nauiing. nc; , . , , . · " , a t i v c l y t h e same collec-iUlililics Commission ,,., ,, ., ... , :,,,,!liim service the cilv has now. learners. The selling of such Cily Council public h c . i i n g · ()11 i v rales is lhe exclusive jurisdic- d in confusion Tuesday. H w i n , . , ,n mi. Ihi " » y , . . evening after John O'Hiiiiiin.-Hi'i'K nivoKed now in lhe cil.Vi"" 1 attorney for a iiunibcr ol trash haulers, .suggested i n ' h e pi cffecl. the city should abam!:m!«'il. rcicrnng lo lhe act plans to set up a refuse cillcc-.''"'incil plans to call for bidsi!- 1 " tion service for residential' 1 " 1 providing the service ,,_,,,,,, icnler inlo a contract with dl ! . ,, i ' i i O'Hagan contended the pro-most satisfactory bidder, posed service, which originally O'llagan cnnl'iniu'd thai a re liad been planned as a cum- c-nl division of the Staff pulsory pickup, had been n»di- Supremo Court had made ficd tip of a sanitation department "Has done enough." "Apparently, legislative District, announced Tuesday that he would seek reelection. His announcement wa.s made al a reception hold at Ye Village Inn near Greeley. Nearly 100 persons attended the reception. Showaller was first elected stale representative in 19H8. Previously he had served on the Weld County Hospital Board for Iwo years, on the Weld County Airport Authority for six years, as president of lhe District Four Colorado Municipal League, and as the mayor of Johnstown for 12 years. i On Several Committees I A s stale Ihe fire had been put out when they arrived. The students who pul out the Fire said they were in the area when they heard the fire alarm in the converged on the building several directions, picked up a building and supposedly im-' Gilbert asked thai all (hose sprinkler hose and then broke penetrable safe were broken Who did make payment lo (he in through a window to put oul|inlo in what officials described store Tuesday to contact (he building go (iff. Tiieyjlhe area Wednesday morning byjof accounts receivable and bills 2d on the building from I (he fire at Kepner and the! paid. the blaze. as a "professional job." Toward U.S. Government 'League' Would Combat Lethargy of Citizens By E R I C L U N D B E R G !Boren who is financing any oth-'l'crcncc. we have permitted our Tribune Staff Writer IIT expenses p e r t a i n i n g In t h e form of gnvernmenl to delerior- W i t h study groups as his a r m y ] m o v c m e n t out ol hi.s own pock- ate from a 'representative re. . _ . _ ^ represenlativp.jand lhe "Biiilclin" as his wca-'cl. public,' as envisioned by the lhe ciiy can" go because Ihese'Showaltpr is a membrr of Ihelpon. Robert Hnrcn of G r o c l c y j "The basic premise upon founding f a t h e r s , i n t o an^ oli- | people ( I n s c l i e n t s ) ratcs even IJ H ,'by a bidding procedure and also jjdsjcan'l get anyone else inlo bid, " ;ln( 'l I because my clients have aj Ihe'P ' " !'' r I y declnred. slale-granlcd properly right to haul trash here which can't be interfered with." M a y o r Richard Perchlik ' : '. ;Ag r i c u I I u r r and l.ivcstockjis socking lo a t t a c k indolence which l h e I.eague operates. is;g;ircliy of vcslcrl inlcrcst," he nave 11 .' Cnmm j, jc( , i a monl ber of tliejand indifference of Amcricansia simple one. yd one w h i c h is.isaid. right," O'Haganj an gri|y responded he Ihonghl Game, Fish and Parks Committees, and of the Labor and Employment Relations Standing Committee. He also serves on a special toward Iheir government. and has been leaching on lhe of their immediate attention -- l i o n of the problem, Boren feels, I'pre-ilegislative slndy committee for r o l l v ' l i l r r l n i i n i , i i c n r e I n v T i c 1C n the haulers O'llagan "Done Enough" He added the cily. in his opin- bad faith." since they wrrc oiic ; mriiihcr of an Interim Corn- it ion ui!h ihe adopiion ol a new "f lhe principal parlies i n j m i t l c c "I lhe C.ame. Fish, and ·" ·· ' - ' ./·,,. {nonetheless, of Ihe utmost grav-' Boren, who lives in Groeleyjily to all citizens and deserving; General Meeting A slep in Ihe direction lo solu- junior high level in Plallevillc. has formed the League for a Ihis being, that our government I is lhe League. - . by exclusion-, the coi:mil."crybliil clear" cilicr; have no sanitation code and Ihe sctlmgi (Conlinued on page fi) (Continued on page fi) is no longer, in Lincoln's im-l A general meeting will be Represent alive Republic. Imorlal words, a 'Government ol held Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at 'It's voice is Ihe "Bulletin." the people, by the people, forjthe Greeley National Bank an- prinled monthly and .sold on a lhe people.' " Boren said in slaKnex lo enlist members inlo the subscriplion basis. Al Ihis lime ing the iirjjaiii/.Hlioifs purpose. League. Further explanation will il is the cash return For! "By our indolence and mdil-j (Conlinued on Page 6 )

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