Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 21, 1967 · Page 16
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 16

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1967
Page 16
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ANNUNDfftS House Guests Don't Interfere Dear Ann Landers: My husband's mother will be coniing (o visit next month on her annual "inspection tour." I hav« already called my doctor and asked him to reorder my migraine pills. For 12 years her visits have given me Winding headaches. The first thing my mother- in-liw does is go through my cupboaris and medicine cabl- net and throw out everything she decides I don't need. Then she relines the shelves. After that she rearranges the furniture and changes the pictures around. Then she checks my linen closet and tears up the sheets and pillowcases If they have a few little worn spots, Her favorite expression is, "Rags should be used for rags." Please don't suggest that my husband talk to her. He has refuse! Thanks for your help. -MIGRAINE MILLIE Dear MIIHe: Greet your mother-in-law with the announcement that from now on she Is going to be a guest In your home and guests don't rearrange the furniture, clean the cupboards or tear up the linen. It's up to YOU to tell her, not your husband, since these matters are within thehomemaker's province. This is the only realistic solution, Millie, and If you don't follow through and take the advice It means you really do want to have those headaches. way through school together. Neither of these girls is so hot In the kitchen but it's because they don't try very hard. Their menus are unimaginative and they buy cheap cuts of meats to begin with. Every time they have dinner at my place they ask If they can take the leftovers home. They go through the icebox and help themselves to everything In sight -- even the butter. I hate to refuse when they tell me the dinner was so delicious they'd like the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Please think of a genteel reply which means "no." -RAIDED Dear Raided: Tell them you thought the dinner wasdelldous, too, and the leftovers are going to be YOUR lunch for tomorrow, You'll only have to say It three or four times anrt they'll quit asking. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her In care of this newspaper, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Telephone Art Class Approved MELBA- The board ol trustees of the Melba School District, has approved an art program for the com ing year and has accepted a bid on a new 60- passenger bus. Melba high school students will be offered an art class conducted by amplified telephone from the College of Idaho. It will be supervised locally by Mrs. Robert Forney. In order to accommodate the program and to offer some other courses to the students, the board approved a seven-period school day for the next year. A bid of $6397.71 was accepted for the new GO-passenger bus. It will be equipped with a Wayne body. Delivery will be in about 60 days. The board approved the bid of the Wright Construction Company of Nampa forblacMopplng the area between the gym and the new junior high school build- Ing and between the newbuildlng and the elementary school buildings, the bid was $2,516. CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS PR. MOLHER OH HEALTH Idaho Free Press Caidwell News-Tribune, Clot in Lung Can Strain Heart HINTS FROM HELOISE How fo Make Perfect Patty Dear Ann Landers: A woman In our neighborhood calls the rescue squsd at least once a month. They take her to the hospital, keep her for a day, then send her home because the doctors can find nothing wrong with her. This woman seems to kno'v exactly when her fainting spells are coming. She always manages to put in a phone call to the rescue squad just before she passes out. She has never broken a bone or gotten a bruise that anyone knows of. 1 When I was discussing this ridiculous phony with my sister-in-law recently my husband scolded me for not being more charitable. Why. should 1 be i charitable te»y know this wo- ;man Is fjjKTv Please reply I in the paperv- «0 SYMPATHY FOR PRETENDERS Dear No Sympathy: Perhaps the doctors bin find nothing physically wrong with the woman, but she is sick Just the same. A person who would go to such extremes to get attention has a severe emotional problem which can be even more incapacitating than a physical illness. The woman needs compassion and understanding, not criticism. DEAR HELOISE: During World War II, I worked In a place that specialized in hamburgers. (They were six for a quarter in those days). If you don't mind, I would like to tell you how we flattened meat balls perfectly. We allowed the meat to become room temperature so it would be soft. After It was divided into portion-size meat balls, we used to pick up u heavy restaurant plate in both hands and "wham" the meat ball. You'll never believe it, but It makes a perfect patty because all plates have a rim on the bottom. Then all you have lo do is turn the meat with yam- pancake turner and fry away. Mr. F. Brtggs Dear Ann Landers; Don't tell me I am cheap or petty. Just fell me what to do about two friends whose Inveterate and skillful mooching are about to drive me nuts. We three have known each other for years -- went all the . »yt 8 l ze hamburger putty you tike or what siw your Imns are (rcntemhrr thow come in alien, too), nut Mr. Brlggs hit the null-- I mean l»tty-- f\»ctly right! Remember, It In Important lo have the meat ut room temperature. Then un» onu of your HEAVY platen, (lust don't break It!) Saucern have tiny rims on the bottom. S»Ud platm and dessert piatea have larger rims. Each makes a perfect circle. One thing I did learn IN that If you grease the bottom of your plal»t-- and then either grease the Ixwrd you're work- Ing on, or Una u piece of wa.v paper-- you will haw a )er- Itet jwtty. DEAR HELOISE: For all you gals who wear rubber gloves when you wash dishes, here's a tip for mending those small punctures. Just dab a little nail polish on the leak, let dry and your gloves will last a little longer --a least until you can buy another pair. Huby Smith DEAR HELOISE* I have five children in school. Saving steps anil time is a must. Before sprinkling clothes on ironing day, I fill a carton of pop bottles with water and carry it to the table where my unlroned clothes are. I just place the sprinkler top on one bottle und shake away. When It's empty, I grab another filled boltle. My family says I could get job as a "water boy," but it does save TM 1 .from running back and 'forVh,v. \.-.v -·.'.; ',,,/...... i . · " Sur«- wish I could think of u million other ways to save time. Mrs. Lela Allen DEAR HELOISE' Save those fancy Infant pants for girls. They don'l have to be thrown away just because the rubber Inside Isn't good. Tear the rubber out around the seam and keep the fancy part. You will still have the complete diaper .set. Mrs. W. Habfunt * * * DEAR HELOISE: When t clean und oil my tewing machine, I always put that day's newspaper underneath In the machine cabinet to catch the oil drips. I leave the paper there as a record of the date I oiled it. Mrs. K. Nicholi Livestock, Produce Chicago Mercantile Exchange: Live Cattle: open high low latest units Jun 26,10 26.15 26.05 26.12 184 Aug 27.37 27.45 27.35 21.45 38 Oct 27.80 27.87 27.72 27.80 55 Dec 27.82 27.90 27.77 27.85 89 CHICAGO (DPI) - Livestock: Hogs 3,500; barrows and gilts steady to mostly 25 lower; on weights under 230 ft. rather slow: No. 1-2 190-225 Ib. 23.25-23.75; sows steady to 25 lower, decline on weights mainly under 450 Ib. moderately active; No, 1-3 350-400 Ib. 18.50-19.25. Cattle 1,000, calves none; steers fairly active; steady to 25 higher; hellers moderately active, steady; cows active to 25 higher; bulls fairly active, fully steady; bulls mostly prime around 1,200 Ib. steers 26.75; choice 850-1,000 !b. heifers 24.50-25.50; mixed good and choice 23.7524.50; utility and commercial cows 18.0019.75; high yielding utility 19.75-20.00; earners and cutters 17.00-19,25; utility and commercial bulls 21.00-24.00. Sheep 400; receipts exceeding estimate by around 200 head; spring lambs moderately active, steady to 50 lower; shorn ewes fairly active, steady; shipment 95 Ib. spring lambs 29.00; cull to good shorn ewes 7.50. PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) -Portland livestock: Cattle and calves 300; slaughter steers, high good and low choice 1050-1150 As. 26.25; low-good 900-1300 23.25; slaughter heifers good 750-400 Ibs. 22.5024.90; standard 20.20-23.25; slaughter cows utility 16.00-18.75; cutter 17.25-18.00; feeder steers good, 700-1,000 Ibs. 23.7524.20. Hogs 140; barrows and gilts Is and 2s, 190-225 Ibs. 23-23.60; U.S. 2, 200-220 2222,75; 2s and 3s 21*22; sows l-3s 425-530 Ibs. 12.90-14.50. Sheep 680; slaughter spring lambs choice-prime 97 Ibs. 25.20; other mixed cholce-and prime 24-20-24.90; 82-101' Ibs. good, mostly choice 22-2?.50; slaughter ewes utility, shorn 4.60; culled and choice 2.75-3.70; feeder spring lambs, choice-fancy 75-94 Ibs. 20-2$. CHICAGO (I'PI) - Produce: Live poultry; Broilers 27-29; special fed white rock fryers 19-21V?. Cheese: Processed loaf 48 1 /--52% j brick 48-52; muensler 48-52; Cheddars: Daisies 51-54'/j| longhorns 50-52V4; 40 Ib blocks 48-49%; Swiss: (wheels): Grade A 58-66, Grade B 55-64, Grade C 54-56; Swiss: (80-100 Ib blocks): Grade A 56-61, Grade B 54-59, Grade C 52-54. Wholesale prices as reported by (he Chicago Mercantile Exchange: Butter:' Steady. 93 score 66; score 66; 90 score 63V4; 89 score 59'/i; carlots: SO score 64, 89 score SO 3 /.. Eggs: Steady. White large extras 27'/ r ; mixed large extras 26'/r; mediums 21; standards 23'/ ? ; checks 19'/-. Potatoes: Total P.S. shipments 425; arrivals 5; track 64; supplies insufficient to quote; (new): arrivals 61; track 254; supplies liberal; demand moderate; market about steady. Track sales: (V.S. 1-A unless otherwise indicated): California long whites 3.203.25, round reds 3.75-3.85; Arizona round reds 3.50-3.65. Street sales: California long whites 4.00-4.25; California and Arizona round reds 4.50-1.75, targe 4.25; Texas 4.00; Idaho russets 5.00. Onions: Arrivals 26; trick 92; supplies heavy; demand slow; market dull. Track sales: California Stockton yellow large car 2.40; Arizona yellow gnnex medium 2.15. Street sales: California yellow grano large 3.00-3,25; California-Arizona yellow granex medium 2,50-2.75, large 2,00-2.50; white Arizona medium 2.50. By JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. Dear Dr. Molner: Would you write about cor pulmonale In words so I can understand what my heart condition Is? What Is its relationship to emphysema? - H.L.R. Cor pulmonale (cor pjll-moe- NAH-lee) is a condition in which the right side of the heart hasto work too hard. To understand it, first fix in your mind the purposes of the two ventricles, or larger chambers of the heart. The left ventricle pumps blood to the aorta (the main artery of the body) and (nence to the entire body. The right ventricle's task Is to pump blood through the lungs to discharge carbon dioxide and pick up fresh oxygen. What oan put undue strain on the right ventricle, orchamber? ing) of the lungs from Infection ficulty in forcing blood through or (as Is sometimes the case) the lungs, in turn means that from some unknown cause, the heart muscle will not be Thoracoplasty, formerly doneto getting as richbloodasltshould. collapse a lung as part of the This weakens ihe heart action, treatment for tuberculosis, put It also contributes to disorders a terrific strain on the right of heart rhythm of various types, ventricle, thus producing cor Thus cor pulmonale will, Although It helped obviously, be featured by shortness of breath, but will also cause swelling of the lower extremities (as will other forms of Impaired circulation), en- treat the tuberculosis, it peded the lung circulation. Low oxygen content of the blood, resu King from the dif- Driving Classes List 35 education program belngoftered this summer from Melba High school, DaroldJohnson, instructor reported. The classes are divided in two groups. The groupresidingnorlhofthe A clot In the lung arteries (pul- Snake River is taking the class monary embolus) can retard the In Melba. ThoseresldinginOwy. flow of blood, forcing the ventrl- bee County are taking the in- cle to work very hard. This Is struction la Murphy, acute cor pulmonale, obviously Those taking instruction in an emergency situation. Melba are: Debra Wynia, Ricky Other (and more common) Gum, Gary Wright, Clair Robin- cases of cor pulmonale develop son, Philip Cram, Catherine gradually. It may be a narrowing Kramer, Beverly Myers, Kim of the pulmonary arteries any- Merrill, Camille Bradshaw, La- MELBA- Thirty-five stud- ris, Patrick Murphy, Steven Fine ents are enrolled in the drivers and Carol Zeyer. Taking Instruction at Murphy classes are: Robert Lenz, Richard Jayo, Susaa Sheilds, Vicki Graham, Renee Jayo, BenitaDe- tweiler, Ralph Leippe, Debra McCormack, Gary Stokes, Patrick IMi and Bob Netlleton. Inouye Selected Vice-Chairman HOMEDALE-- Kay Inouye was elected vice-chairman of the Homedale school board at its monthly meeting. The board accepted the larged painful liver, and distension of veins in the neck. The shortness of breath may be due to the primary lung condition making pick-up of oxygen difficult, or to the impairment of circulation, or both. Treatment therefore involves attention to the lung problem, with whatever measures can be taken to make breathing easier, as well as treatment to support the heart itself. Digitalis is essential in treatingcor pulmonale just as It is in treatment for failure of the left side of the heart. Indeed there may be failure of both the left and right side in severe cases of cor pulmonale. The patient, obviously, must pay attention to his doctor's instructions such as not smoking, getting adequate rest, and other such elements of hygiene. Note to "Worried": Marriage' of cousins is potentially risky, and it makes no difference whether the cousin is on Ihe father's side of the family or the mother's. Cousins are cousins. Dr. Molner welcomes all read- T) I *k ~t -".n--.., ~ ~ - .MI. uualu an.cyn;lj tin: m t J,^l}lllCl W K J U U I I l e D ttll i tdU- wnere in (tie system carrying Jaun Fannon, Virginia Faanon, resignation of Elmore Brooks, er mail, but regrets that, due to TM^* g * r ES « SiH " Wa " en Wylie Harold Pltoe ' ni* 501 " 001 teacher, and auth- the tremendous volume received cosis damages the lung tissues "' ' ~ and thus Impairs circulation through them. So does emphysema. So does fibrosis (scarr- Stephen Boehlke, Linda Rogers, Donald Parry, Terry Maybon, Kerry Brown, Patricia Thompson, Yvonne Rutan, Nancy Mor- orized the Kiwanis club to use two school busses for the Homedale summer recreation program. daily, he is unable to answer Individual letters. Readers'ques- tions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Wednesday, June 21,1961 - A3 Recreation Plans Set HOMEDALE- The Kiwanis. sponsored summer recreation program here has started with children going to swimming classes in Caldwell. Beginning at 2:30 p.m,, June 26 children seven years and older will bowl at the Owyhee Lanes in Homedale as part of the program. Children wanting to participate must register at the Flahiff Chapel, according to Andy Warfield of the Kiwanis Club. Award Sponsored HOMEDALE- The Homedale Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a Grassman of the Year award for Owyhee County, it was announced here today. Details have nol yet been worked out. CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS OH, MY ACHING BACK Nagging backache, headache and muscular aches and pains may com* an w i t h over-exertion, emotional upset*, or everyday stress and Btrain. If this ntg- £ing backache, with r«stleu, sleepless nights, is wearing you out, makinB you miserable and irritable, don't wait, try Doan's Pills - an analgesic, R pain reliever. DuarT* pain-relieving action on naggii:? backache is often the answer. Get Doan's Pills -- not a babit-forming drug but a well-known standard remedy used successfully by millions for over 10 years. See if th«y don't brine you the same welcome relief. For convenience, always buy Doan's large size. RALPH FIFERS - CALDWELL FRIGIDAIRE OFFICIAL FACTORY CLEARANCE! Terrific savings on brand new 1967 LOOK FOR THIS SIGN Factory Clearance AND SAVE! JET ACTION FOR NEW DEEP CLEANING! Jet-simple design! No belts Ni pulleys HO JtJl! SAVE HO on this 1967 Frigidaire Jet Action 2-Speed Washer · Jet-Away Rinse "jets" away lint and scum--no lint trap to clog or clean! · Patented Deep Action Agitator moves up and down--plunges clothes deep into sudsy water for new deep cleaning! · Two different agitate and spin speeds give you multi-fabric washing. Your delicates get special care. · Jet-Spin cuts drying time, saves tiresome lifting! 5-YEAR NATIONWIDE WARRANTY BACKED BY GENERAL MOTORSI ,. y8ar Warran(y tor repair 0 , any dcfecl wilhoul charge, plus 4-year Protection Plan (parts only) (or furnishing replacement lor any defeclive part in the complete transmission, drive motor and water pump! WAS '208 NOW Model WA2L, white inly SAVE '30 ON THIS MATCHING FRiGIDAIRE DRYER! · Keeps new no-iron fabrics crisp and fresh- creases in, wrinkles out! · Gentle Flowing Heat pampers every fabric · No-stoop linl screen is right on Ihe door! WAS '149 NOW MliUI OH, tlldrlc SEE WOO ROSTOCK SEE BERIME GASCON 809 Bl.ine SI. 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