Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 14, 1955 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1955
Page 2
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Page 2 GHBVJ'KY TR1BUNB Wednesday, Dec. M, 1955 Bright Outlook for Skiers . Snow Styjts . . . At l*ft El a colorful parka in Danish blut cot' ton trimmed wilh Tyrolean braid. At right, lift coat in corduroy with nylon fl«»c lining. Both iri waihablt. , . AP Ntwtfealurti There will be color on the ski slopes this winter, as twin serious ikiers and amateurs t a k e to gay iwcaters and parkas, bold patterns, vivid braid and embroidery trimmings, and such colors as 'altitude blue, flame rctl, copper, gold' and shocking pink. P a r k a s and ski jackets are lightweight and washable for the most parl, done in water-repellent close ·.vovcn cottons or nylons, made io be tossed into the washing machine and come up smiling. Among new styles of the season are: a blue cotton poplin parka with allover embroidered cdelwejss flowers in black and yvliitc; another wilh bright Tyrolean braid t r i m ; .1 'reversible cotton pullover with wide woven stripes lineri wilh solid olor nylon and collared and cuff- in while'cotton knit, l-'or after-ski .wear, big bulky -veatcrs arc in high favor, vivid triped knit cardigans being a vorite style. There are others i pullover style, wilh hood al- chcd, bftcn in awning-siz£ stripes, or active ski-wear the lighter eight sweaters arc preferred Io ear u n d e r lighlweight/windproof irk'as. These come.Dplh in stripes id solid colors,-preferably'gay. Lift coats, to keen, the skiicr ·arm while riding Ihc lift,' are gay nrt warm, ofleri with fleece, lin- ngs. One completely wathablo oat is' in bright 'corduroy With ylo'n fleece lining. The. mode iii"ski pnriis remains much'' the same", with" universal ircference for the slim,: f a p c r e d lown hill trousers. of wool or blontlcd fibers iii close-woven ,'orsted or gabardine, m a d e for ac- ion. gift I'nrt h'tf'i . . . -. and /arts . , , and lasts! A TUPIDE rHt is T»l- infiLy «njry*d b«c*usi TUUDU U Ihe only [xt«J- url of. its VirH KnccnJ!- lionolty tuora*lttd tor fivt full yt»n, Thit'l *4iy mori pwpk ^y) lhHi'xny other busm«5*«r itodtnl c»us in Iht »oiW- y\nd TOFIDE w be*u- tifuU TUF1DE locki Mid fetl* 1,k, lather, yet air. KYOT Wither 6 to 1 *l '·Imatt h«U fb* cart of ' top (rain Vithtr. Owrw in trtdiy »rvt vr« «-JT wide' iVleclloa ot TUF7DE. styles ia 3 pop- nlar cofcn Jor every p«r- POM, «YPiy Uil«. «*e^ .budreL Ko rmtkr vhkh TUF1DE' CTS* ytm tuty ' yon know ve h« fin- r\ yyi gii* TUFIIJE. you How To Gain Extra Hour Every Day By HAL, BOYLE N K W YOHK «1 -' One of the best how-to-dp-il-yoursclf books ,is at hand^and I don't know-which hand to throw it from. -It destroys my whole sense- of perspective. The litto is. "How To Gain An E x t r a Hour Every Day." The reason I don't dare throw it from either .hand is that just by looking at it my whole life has changed. 1 started to throw this book a w a y wilh the left hand, and now I've determined Io go back to the starboard muscle. Wilh it I can hurl further. But I am confused. Thereby I've gained a minute--and, frankly, I don't know how .to invest it. 1 hate to have this minule .go astray in the long horology of lime. But I really don't know what else Io do wilh it. That's my trouble. Most of the people f know rlon't find enough time to (to half (lie things on their minds. 1 find I have more than double the lime un my hands to do the things on my mind. Except for one thing, that is--and that's to loaf. I always run out of loafing time, which to me is Thinking Time, Growing Up Time, Getting Away From it All Time, Getting Dack To You Whoever You Are Time. Naturally, when I think about serious problems like these I'm not rcnlly loafing. I'm o r d i n a r i l y just getting drowsy, as I lean tircdly a g a i n s t my tnll friendly Irish wolfhound and wave hello to guests coming across the.meek drawbridge of my existence. This volume about "How To Gain An Extra Hour Every Day" is written by Hay Josephs, a triple threat career man himself, author, publjc relations specialist arid homcmaker, here and In South America. On its cover the .book says "Everyone Needs More Time For The Things He Really Weals To Do." (And more opportunity also.) Jt offers 243 time-saving techni- q u e s , ' developed by "scores of America's best-known, busiest people." ', ' · J .' It tells, for example how "Sam Goldwyn ' breaks u p - those Jong time-wasting luncheons by discus's" ing business before eatlngi" if doesn't go into the question of who' Is able to eat when the'discussion is over. .- The book also tells how president Eisenhower "has learned to bathe, sliave, and dress in 20 minutes or less--almost 10 to 15 fewer than most men--by using a lo.uline developed over his many years as a military ma.n." But 1 like Joseph's, description of how the" former British prime minister safeguards his hours against waste. 'Sir Winston Churchill," he points out, "docs half his day's work in bed; gels _ a d d e d rest while accomplishing' twice as much in half the previous, constantly interrupted office lime." This is the soundest of all Mr. Joseph 1 243 different ways to save time. The. gamble is great but the possible reward Is fascinating. The problem of hoiv io gain an extra hour every day wouldn't seem so bad if a man could spend it in bed admiring other people. 65 Pet. Takes Trips WASHINGTON -- Some w ' cent of all American families in the middle and high-income brackets' took vacation trip's during 1954," a recent survey indicates. One trip was, taken by 30.7 per cent of the families in, two trips by Macau Cancels Plans To Fete Anniversary WASHINGTON -- Plans Io celebrate Ihc forthcoming 400Lh anniversary of Portugal's China colony, tiny Macau, have ground to an abnipfend. Red China said "no.'" Such festivities, Peipyig made known, would' affront the Chinese people. Thus the anniversary promises Io pass unmarked at the place where .Europe and Christianity first found foothold in China", tKc Na-~ tional Geographic Society says. Macau perches on a hilly penin: sula on the south China coast facing Hong Kong across-the .broad Pearl River estuary. High grim hills of Red China loom across its inner harbor, T«ar in- Curtain The colony's peephole location nd traditional neutrality in intcr-i national controversies h a v e tagged it the "Hole" in the Baniboo Curlain/' A reputed stamping.ground of foreign agents, "smugglers, gold dealers and gap:biers, Macau admits ssvarms of Chinese from the c o m m u n i s t mainland. The traffic is overwhelmingly one way. . Frequently, Chinese officials arrive "for gambling . anil ,olher amusement."Ferries transport hundreds from Canton. Many come in junks . a n d sampans. These bearers · of news from Vine other side" are eyed curiously by crowds at the piers. Many of Ihc newcom- ers dissolve into the colony's GJO',- 000 inhabitants. About 99 percent of the population is Chinese, packed into an area three mites long and a.mile wide. The few thousand Pof- tugucse are mostly of families generations old In the colony. They have a profound attachment^ for Macau, once called. "Gem of the Orient Earth," ' " Many ".feel, however, the weight of the Barftboo'Curtain. They remember ycsfer-year picnics on the m a inland,' trips," to Canton and boat rides on West River (Si Kiang), J. A v squeeze attributed to embargoes on,..strategic .goods to China is likewise ,'· felt - by the present economy. Macau now relies on fisheries .and making firecrackers, matches, sauces, Chinese slippers and textiles. Many Chinese inhabitants eke a livelihood as-coolies or low-paid piece workers. Dog racing a n d , b u l l fighting have been suggested as possible ways to attract nevy revenue. ' / \ -. Mlx*d Fcfttur*! ..-However' pinched- i t . - m a y feel, Macau-still retains a .bustling atmosphere, of mixed Oriental and Portuguese,', manners and c u s toms. , A modern, metropolis with traffic · lights .-ajiJ neon signs, it has shops, displaying United States and". British/in ado goods. Bicycles and'pedicabs'weave along Avenida Almeida Ribeirp,Jhe business center where the splashed colorings of store signs attest-to Chinese dominance of retail trade. . · · ' i'iil for .the 300|000 lurks R never- forgotten fact; most of their food comes from the Chinese mainland., Though less important, the .city's firewood also conies from China. ..Above.the now,precariously situated- colony, Portugal's'flag has flown linger than any'othcr^ovcr a European setllement-in .the 'ar Easl. : U was, ralsed..liv 1557, a.year before^the* first.'Eiizabeth came to the Brillsh'throne. Neighbors have included. ,Ming, Manchu, Rationalist and riowi for* Whatever awaits, ·Red Chini.·;.-..-,--. .·$ ; ; . - - - ( · · = 'A merry-go-round m a d e - i n - 1 8 5 0 is still in" use'at-.Watch.Hill, R.'-'i."- 11 was originally turned by a horse but Is now mechanized. Give her R Ilnover^ v n c i l t t lcleaneri-'rit give i''oil X ; ala ,'sejt, of.,atta(;bm'enlB -^ FJt^lji with purchase 'of M o d «1 ·'- .-··,. ;····,· · -'-\- i ,s M- 'Hoorcr. ·· . · " .' ] · ' . - .i'SEE-^ED PERRY ·;' · t Repp's, Inc. - · . .. --op-ph6riT1920 - - - - -·y.. -(Nlghti--«7»).'. n A Gift From Haefeli Haefeli, Optome- W . trisrv'il'Sure To Please; '' . - , , . ' - This Christmas give the'firiest sunglasses' or thc^ Fabulous .Frame your wife or . er-'Hb's alvvays,wpnted,-Ati''-, ' :. HAEFti-i ; AND HAEFELI Pronounced PhotiV · 4050 OPTOMETRISTS OPTICIANS OPEN 7 N1TES'« : A - I WEEK . Harry Cameron's NODELAY DRIVIN Give Luxurious Lorraine Nylon Lingerie : She'll Iqiie the easy-wash, no iron features of Ms fine lingerie : ertilizer Meeting . . ai ASM in January FORT COLLINS -- Colorado A and M agronomists have announcer! hat the.-fourth annual fertilizer' conference is scheduled for Janii- avy 9-10 on the college cnmpus. Tl\e meeting is designer! jmmarily for 'crtiliicr manufacturers, dislribu- .ors anrl for field men of food proc sintf companies. Robert Whitney, agronomist ir soils for the A and M Expcrimenl Station, s.ays Ihe Iheme for the conference will be "Dellnr crops thru more' efficient use of commercial fertilizers." Colo ratio A and M researchers ami Extension Service workers will report their recommendations for use of crop fertilizers. They will also present a roundup of results from A anrl M experimental tests underway t h r u out the state. Registration for Hie conference will begin at 10 a.m., J a n u a r y 9. All sessions will be held in Ihe student union huilcling at A and M. The meeting will end al noon the following day, Whitney says. Raise Missions R O M E -- The Governments of Italy and Norway have agreed (o raise their diplomatic missions in Home and Oslo frcm legations to embassies. Opaque nylon t r i c o t , luxuriously t r i m m e d with nylon sheer ruchlng and · Val lace. Easy to wash, no ironing necessary. Here's the g i - f t she'll cherish. A. Kylon Tricot slip In while only. 'Deep IXce trim. 32 to 42. _ 5.95 B. Oparjue' nylon brief "with rufderl lacs . ·! An innerlB. White, pink. S-M-l/. ,,·_: !__.;_ . I i9O - V f Gown with empire-line.bodice. Blue, mint, pinfc. Lace trim. S-M-L. T - - Shorty stylo, a* C. Mint, blue, 111 AC. r 6.95 3.98 Gift-worthy appeal 2 Stylish shorty gown Rich *c«t*t* tricot ' . r Practical . acetate iricot, full .fashion hodlce. Mini, b l u e , lilac, while. S-M-L. Washable ac«UU Iricot nj-Ion To please th» ladles. Blue, bul- Irlm, button front. Color* in lercup; coral, lilac, mint, tur- mini, blue, lilac. Slzea S-M-L. qaolse, Sltei'S-M-I/. v ' ' Dainty acetate cot. A gift to pica** * n y fif I 2 tri- 9S The full botilce for comfort with chiffon sheer and. lace trim. Color*: Blue, coral, mint · nd bullercup. 2-H, MORE REASONS WHY Delight her with a jewel trimmed Sweater by Royal Give glamour, to her''outfit Try this-gift! , · Interlocked-. orlou*k n ! t embroidered jewel trim.. Butterfly design w i t h; beads'and pearls. Pink,' white, black, grey. 34-40._ Reg. .trade-mark for, DilPont Acrylic Fiber. Jeweled Irimmed bloNses Soft lOO^o dacron .crepe · easy ' -.wash ' · These quick drying Houses 'are jeweled with rhinestones. and pearls on a sheer scalloped necklirie.-Pink, blue, white. Sizes. '32 to 38. :V ' - ' . ' . . : · Ladies' new nifty handbags A smart practical style plus fax In several fabrics; leather, p l a s t i c , . suede and many popular colors: brown, black, red'and avocado green, Top qual- i t y construction. : - . ' . . ' . Jewelry, (n sets; (he ideal gift , by Coro Realistic print floral designs : by'Burmel Just (he thing for warmth, ami comfort 98c plus lax 49c 2.98 We have them In smart de- The ailnty fabric It of eott itgns »ni assorted styles. Buy »heer cotton with a 'colorful noj! While (he selection U : ^ rM p , Uern . Alway i needed. Smart gloves Io drtss up' your. costume wool knit, 19 In. I, fn'lenxth. Ideal irlth your «rfr nfnV gbwni. T\Tllte only. ' . 2.00 Double '-woven 50 denier nylon, fiiietfe firit^, pearl - stUched. Black, browD,' navy, while.' 6' ' " ' ''I a

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