Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 7, 1962 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1962
Page 14
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Fife 14 GREELEY TRIBUNE FrkUy, D«. 7. lH2j Welcome \Vagon Newcomers Plan Christmas Luncheon Tuesday Welcome Wagon Newcomers Club will have its Christmas program and luncheon Tuesday at 12:30 p.m., »t the American Legion Club. Reservations and cancellations must bt made bv phone before 10 a.m, Monday morning with Mrs. Edward j. McMurray or Mrs. Ray Moose. Mrs. Page Reviews Book for Jr. Women Mrs. Clark Page reviewed "Tavels With Charlie" by John Steinbeck at a meeting of the Greelev Junior Woman's Club uesday at the Americar Legion lub. Mrs. Willard (Juirk introduced new members. Mmes. Elmer Hein. Jack Seery, aw David wift. Guests were Mmes. Daniel Burritt, Mike Lehan, Bill Love. SERVING CARTS in brass and glass. A wonderful gift for on entertaining lady. "'IK ' N v 8 if - - uTM* Peterson ' and The «*' morning, the roast and he potatoes were still stuck! My ingernails and my kitchen knile would not remove it. Then daylight dawned upon me. There was nothing in the house by my sueoe brush. As a last resort, 1 used it, and if that's GIFT SHOP 1215 Eighth Av«. Free Forking Dear Friends: Necessity is the mother of invention! Being not only a mother . . . but without soap pads, scouring ads. soda, cream of tartar, and everything else to clean a burned an, while on a recent vacation, I ran across something different Know what it was? It was that old suede brush: Yep, the very one we use to clean our suede shoes. 1 burned -- yes, even Heloise burns pans once in a while -pan. but good. 1 filled it up with hot water and a little liquid de- ergent and let it sit overnight. rthur Uhrich. Mrs. Njaa won the Christmas centerpiece. Members brought ems for the Christmas basket and a collection was taken for nited Fund. Mrs. Clayton Johnson told the roup that subscriptions for magazines for the VA Hospital vii renewed. Next meeting will be Jan. 8. 'here will be a board meeting )ec. 13, at the home of Mrs. Charles Gregory of 716 14th Ave. inl frrom ·y HELOISE CRUSE All corrt«pon*«nct pertaining to tht HtlolM column ahould b. mailed directly to Heioit* King FuturM Syndicate. 235 E. 45th St, New York, 17, N.Y. IRAQ -- Iraq is to reduce customs charges on air condition- NOTICE TO C U K D 1 I I I K 5 the CouBty Court In Had for Ike of Weld »»! Stntr of CnlnrNdo No. 90SS Estate of LESLIE DAE L I N DOU, Deceased. AH persona havlnc claim againat the above named eatat« ar« required to file them for al lowance In the County Court ol Weld County, Colorado, before the 13th day of May, 1903 or said claims shall be forever barred. TUB WELD COUNTY BANK RRERI.ET, COLORADO By: Edwin C. llofs. Trust Officer The Greetey Dally Tribune s'ov. is. :s. no. D.T. :. m: four dime and department stores They art very inexpensive.) Heloise Dear Heloise i I have found only one way to keep brown sugar soft. Squeeze the box of sugar a the grocery store to make sure not the best scouring brush I you have bought soft, fresh suga: to start with. As soon as you ge ever used! This brush has a wooden back on it so it did not even ruin the polish on my fingernails! Gals, 1 suppose you all have an old suede brush in the house. And even if it is your best one, who cares? These brushes can be washed easily, and laid in the kitchen window to dry. Again I'm at least 24 hours and then thaw home remove the box but leav on the waxed paper. Then wra] this in foil tightly and store it ii ·our refrigerator. It keeps sol or months! I just discovered that an ange ood cake will slice easily with out crumbling after being froze eepiag. and tended to the coil- Any male head of the house- Id who thinks that the house- eeping duties of a mother are imple, just needs to talk for a w minutes with me! I have « there, had to take a vacation trotn · job in order to do this, s never so glad to get back my job in my entire life, have always helped my wife :h these duties through 14 years marriage, but believe me, K is lot different when you have wm all to do yourself. The hints which I have reac your column save me many a tp in performing these daily routine tasks which my wife hat ne each day. 1 now look for ard to having coffee with you nd your readers each morning I wish to remain anonymous as not to cause a lot of dis ussiort between the male mem bers of the household regarding responsibility of these tasks A male admirer · * · Thank you for your letter any men wrote the same thing od bless each of you. I do! Heloise gonna say ... don't knock it un til you have tried it. (For those of you who do not have suede brushes, these can be bought in ng- SOTICI: OP h'lu.xr. op PBTI TIOX POIl IIKTi:ll«I.\ATIOJi OF iiioinsiup IB The Count} Court No. 8004 . STATE OF COLOHADO r o u n t v of \Vrlil ' ) III. ) Doris B. , , 7\ / r f6t to oUoad6 -- LJhen. to me Jree A Large Selection of Cottons At 5.98 and 6.98 in all Sizes (including Half Siies) Dear Heloise: There is no need to iron shower curtain after washing get the wrinkles out. Simply hang the curtain again in the shower, turn on th shower hot water faucet spra and hold as much of the curta as you possibly can under it. Tui the shower off and let the cu tain drip dry. The wrinkles w be gone! Janylh Husic IN TllK MATTER OK THE) ESTATE OF JESB1E P.) C H K R R V , a'k/a JESSIE) PRENTICE CHERRY. DE-) CEASED. ) THH PEOPLE OF THE STATE OK COI/IADIj: To AM Persons Interested. U R K K T I N O : T A K E NOTICE t h a t there has been f i l e d In said estate a petition asking for a Judicial ascer- t a i n m e n t and determination of the heirs of such deceased, and settlnir forth that the names, i mv " i f , L,I - i th .ddresses and relalonshlpi to de-p' m wue Mln 8 m Ine ceased of ail persons who are or and of me being confined to tl claim to be heirs of said deceased, so far as known to the petitioner are as follows to-wlt Cherry Hasting! Cousin by Adop Dear Holoise: 1 have three children and wa recently faced with the siluatii This lelt me the position Chester Cherry H'.llns* being chie [ cook and ^tlle wa A perfect coat style in a unique woven pattern -Dan River's famous quality combed cotton dobby rtripe. Features double button treatment down the entire front Drip dry, wrth and wear, little or no ironing. Crease resistant for carefree comfort. In Beige, Blue, Mint. O F G R E E L E Y Minnesota, t!un Jeanette Allard, Minnesota, Coualn Nancy Nclion, Farmlrifton, Minnesota, Cousin Albert C h e r r y . Lakevllle. Minnesota, Second Cousin Lucy Carter, B85 Thomas Avenue, Hi. Paul *, LHnnenota, Second Cousin Karl Cherry, 550 Orleans Kt., Kt. Paul, Minnesota, Second Co lift) n A r t h u r Cherry, itural R n u t e 2, Rosemont, Minnesota, Second Cousin Clarence Cherry, 550 Orleans Street. St. Paul, Minnesota. Second Coualn Florence Case, Rural Route, Farmington, Minnesota, Second Cousin. HelfniJa Cherry Sletten, tl Xo. l l t h Street, Wahpeton. No. Dakota, Cotiftin Mary Cherry Parker, Route 2. Sntcer, Minnesota, Cousin Waller W. Cherry, 1123 Harrlflon, Belolt, Wisconsin, Second Cousin Mabel Cherry Rovanff, Boi 713, 62* TVeit Mapla Ave., Fer- "j» Falls, Minnesota, Second Elsie Cherry Haller, 1450 L i n c o l n Avenue, Weslmont, IllinoU, Second Cousin Karl J. Cherry, 738 WiKconaln Avenue, Beloft, Wisconsin. Second Cousin Capt. Car] ton C r o n k h e i t , 33 Lawson Road. O f f u t t AFB Nebraska, Third Cousin Evelyn t'ronkhell Bushman, 234 South Hudson Ave., Westmont. Illinois, Third Cousin Helen Catherine C h e r r y K r i c k K u n . 720 E. Third Street, U u . u t h 5, Minnesota, Second Harry C l i n t o n Cherry, Ell 3] Colorado A v e n u e , D u l t i t h , Minnesota, Second Cousin A r v l d Loyd Cherry. 1181 Kd- ^erton Street, tit. Paul, Minnesota. Second Cousin Wesley Churlei! Cherry, 1181 IvJperton Street, yt Paul 1, Minnesota, Second Cousin Sonfa Joyce Lobcrg. 4948 Lymlale A v e n u p , So. AHnne- ! apolls 9, Minnesota, Third Cousin Ardella ^r. Hrodtman, 503 r,aford A v e n u e , St. Paul, Minnesota, Third Cousin Maxiiie C. Neleon. 1030 ro*b Avenue. St. Paul, Mlnnenota. Third Cousin Richard R. Cherry, 35 North j S9th Avenue, W. D u l u t h 7, M i n - '· nesota, Third Cousin Gerald K. Cherry. A - D l v I s Ion, IT.S.S. KorrcBtal. f?VA-$D c/o Fleet P.O., New York, New Vork, Third Couflr Helen K. Cherry. 835 Charlei Avenue. St. Paul 4. Minnesota, Third Cousin L i l l i a n Brandenburg, 2300 Portnla. St. Wav, Sa-ram»nft 18. Calif.. K*rond Co.jj-in "1 Helling:. 124 No. Cedar P.4.. Minneapolis, M i n n e sots. Hecoml Cousin Helen CtiKler, 124 Xo. Cedar ike IM.. Minneapoll«, Minn., neconrt Counin. John Cu»trr, 124 No. Cpdar Lake Rfl., Minneapolis, Minn Second Cousin l-'rr.nklln Hoinmp. 65 Street Westniont, M l l n u l p , Second CoiiHtn .. Honun*. Hftrncsville, M i n n . , Second Counln Oonald Homnio. i o n N o r t h Me, W e m m n n t , 1111- nd Cousin. M y r t l e Dlerley, 7KR Hn.lHt'r U-o.. flaleta, California, Second M. Ditmore, R rune ton Mllln, Went V i r g i n i a , Second Roy A. Cherry. 331* Pta«y K f t n t a Barbura. Cnllf ^irti?i N'eJaon Cherry, I)e- roit I,akefl. Mliiijenola. Sfconrl ^ Jerry D. W l t i t r r c . c.reMcy, who may be or r l a l m ' t ' i . nr* lier^hy notified to nj;. 1 »«r and »nftwr th^ ji»((i|.,n llhln (tvfniv day* after ttt\- f of thf* n'.H' " r.i: j-.ii nf hy putillrxtlon wirhln twenty ilnyx n f f r r 'he last puh- Ikation of thin nn(.lc*| «ir:'l In nf an nns»w*r t- sjiprar- « f«,i:rt will pro'.-.-l m er. Not being able to afford Ukevllle, | majdi f djd the washing( hotw The community of Hundred. W a., received its name from II rst settlers, Mr. and Mrs. Henr\ !lurch, who each lived past the entury mark. Church died at th ge of 109, Mrs. Church at 106. For Christmas STOCKMAN Open Frldiy Nlghti ^arty Honors ennie Straight Opeu house honoring the Sltt irtbday of Mrs. J e n n i e E. (raight was held Saturday after- «KI at the home of Mrs. Maude ine. [ Hostesses for the occasion were Irs. Fine and Mrs. Straight's to daughters. Mrs. Arthur i Bet- tyt Baktr nod Mrt. Clyle 'Nora' CMM. Duriflf tk« ^·rpfun, IM fuesu calted to offer conftratuiatiou and tat wishes. Mrs. Golze served the birthday cake aod Mis. Baker poured coffee. The Rev. 1 Cairo planf a Worlds' Fair. Olar»c* ^liartoti garve the i* vucatiun. Relatives from out-of-tiwv «vt Mr. and Mrs. Willis Strafcftft d Ajvada. i DON'T FORGET YOl'R PET AT CHRISTMAS TIME: We have everything to spoil your pel with. FRANK'S SEED and HATCHERY 709 10th St. 352-1 W« CHANEL JACKETS · Print* · Broc«4«« · Stripti Sizes 30 through 38 3" . 5" v \) SHIRTS Whitt ind floral print* with roll-up ilctvei. Siitt 30 throu|h 38 3".. 5" 927 Ninth Avtnut Greoter Selection- ^ / * For Her! Htr« li thi Antwtr To Your Wife's Table Needs! Smart accessories to "dress up" the table . . . for gift giving, too! Famous trademark assures lasting satisfaction. WWM t CM AMU ;w^ Rosenthal -- The world's finest china . . . it will add beauty to gracious living . . . Rcsenthal china is whiter, thinner, more translucent. CAiCl RAMh,' ir NUM. 4U"M|k Roienthat Ron 5-Pc. Place Setting . 22,00 -n rtM r r n l n i i c F f)'. B i j r h d c . at ' i r p f l e y . Colorndo i!»iti day of N o v » m t » r i''fil r. !·:. wAr,i,A'*r: " lly RO5!AUR S. A t i A M S r»p'.ity Ckrk . fially Trtbuni) Nov. 23, 30. Uec.X 14. 1S6Z t\ Tho hand applied gia/.e fired at the highest temperature omployed for fine c h i n a apsiiros resistance to rraxiiiK »nl marriiiR. :!-|)c. I'lacc Sellings , Bridal Registry . . . Anniversary Registry 5.20 93.50 9-cvp COrFII rOT Sterling and Siivcrplate Hollnwur* priced from . 3.95 '^.i Quince !-Pc. Pl'ct S'ltlnj 10.60 rewelerA No Charge For Cradlt s=?-^...819 Tenth St. DOUtll VIMI1IU OHM

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