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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, December 14, 1955
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; i 4etw«W' and joB ; fai] .'to-''ri«elTt : S ·-·! ; . ! , . ' ( i ,' -;-,-V-'.: ,' -..' - , ftjpy' of the. Tr/bnne,. in* one win b« !«,' R{:?;aiS "" ;F:: ' : ^ SKS;: * i:?;:ff " : Sfate Traffic Toll 404, ew Record for a Year AND. ,:-. , . . - / · · . : · = · (·':··,···.,·!.·. THI CRIILIY: REPUBLICAN'. ..WrHttn hyHwac* Orwfer fc» 1171 VOLUME fr-NUMBtK" *t ·' 'IJ t :CR'lELIY,' 'COlO**?? ',. '.WEDNESDAY,'.DEC. r4,-lM3, : . · WI lkLY{TRIBUNt ESTABLISHED 1171 fataiivef To oh )ec. : -Two petitions, for water' for .new Jliibdivlsionii'j in the 'recently, cre'a't- 1 ·ed Greeley' Northyycst'; "Suburban JWater 'and Sanita'tjon District 'H'ere .approved after'some heated 'discussion by, Ihe city., council jTuesday evening. 1 '.' ' '.' '-' '' I' One petition-was submitted by -Walter'-Wafd|-'Sam"uel S.' Telep and John Gehrke'for 21 taps in the Fourth addition -to Ward's Acrcc on bolh sides - of'Twenty-sixth, a've- Bue north of First strqet... · .-. '· The other'was a request by.'Elmer Spitier for 14 additional taps in the Spitier. subdivis'nn" at "the corner of Second 'street and Tw'en- ty'-lhird avenue. .. ..". '.i! ..., the ''discussion -began'f:after Councilman ..Wallace Mueller/and Cil'y Manager.B.' H.";Cr,'uce~repofl- ed two. housei in the Spiller addition had been ·start.W'withgurtity building j permits for their' construction having .been 'obtained. Wat*r Tap P«rmit-. Required Cruce. reported:' also -'.he, had ehecked .building -permits issued lince the council adopted-a resolution in August requiring builders outside. Ihe city to obtain building permits before water' tapsi would be granted by Ihe council 'and found · only- .three , outside-of-eity permits.Had been issued. 1 ;-' . : --After-Spitier said: permits 'for water-;;taps'-.had been -obtained from the, city for. the two new house; - i n his : ' subdivision , the council; approved: the request ;-for the a'dditiorial'21'water taw in[th'e "' : 'cir;-Attorney Charles ,Karo ky observed at : this .'point that'-He believed the council! had-'forgotten lo'me "of the, arguments'that'came ip',-at. the 'time-the -'contract .be- (w^eti the.Greeley Northwest Su- Durban 'Water, and Sanitation"Dis" trict, and the .city^had been 1 under discussion." 7 " ; ·"''. ' i ' We laid the 'city, had been^as. «u.retl a r i h i t ' t i m e that-th'£ district wai not a device for creating additions!.'subdivisions:;, ThY attorney kijded the'district coveVed a tremendous V."area-.-' land?Y/alm6sl without exception,- every 'la'nclown- er in It owns enough land to create a subdivision.'.,- ,'.-..- ·' ',,\\ . , · Karawiky - A'rgu«« Precedent The council;.he argued, i n . a p proving the,taps for the dition, had set a precedent which would make It-hard for It to re fuse similar lequests in the future if the subdividers complied with the city's building permit require agents. Karowsky-suggested it might b« best for the .council to hold peli ,'iions tor" additional : Wit6r"t5ps from new subdivisions in the dis t'rlsl in- obeyance until the dis frict's Vwater system is .completed next apring and the'.total': number of. tapi-requested'could be ascer tained.'.-'-,.". - .'·'· · '·' , ,' ; · . (M To . Crii;e.-and members - of council argued;:however;]the dis trict/'ito a total/of 17 taps by-its contract..with the city and that additional^taps'must'.be approved both by the ciiy arid ih board oi the. district.-- '· '.-· :':. They pointed out-also'that tin district will be-limite'd in the num ber of water customers it accept by the size of the water facilitie It is constructing. As a result, Spitler's request fo the additional-taps'was Approved by the council, . s u b j e c t ( - to .. th eity's contract with the 'wafer dis trict. ;··;.'' :·/..':. ' . - · " Will Inf«-c..Buildins Coci. However, Councjlman* !Charle Wilison sujgested prospective sub dividers in the districtisboiild-be informed the city .will enforce 1 the fullest provisions,of the.Un form Building I Code',\ rcgardin pcnalties'for persons'starting re' 1 construction-without'taking ou building permits. Meeting on Adult Ag Class Tpnigtil, program of'the'Communily'Activ tie* corr.TTiissicn will be held at'tl Greeley. high" agricultural .buildin at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. \'. ·-··. . The/course, open to' any perso actively engaged 'in farming, wi run for 10 two-hour sessions 'sUr in» in January. The'course wqu .W taught principally-a I the,.Gre 'ley high agricultural.building'-.wit Mel Adarni, 'vocational agricultur iutructor, in..charg'e. 'Other ,'^in ·ineton kt special fields will tak ·fat k the t' ··'"·;.' (·SHOPPING DAYS LEFT r __H,lp Flghf Ti,--i Swris-J WASHIN.GTOM (m -^ Agriculture ept.-, officials .said', Tuesday', ar- angements^were' almost 'complete or'purcha'se of 100,000 tons of «ur- lus U. S. sugar for use' in, the overnme'ht's foreign aid program Purchase contracts are expect- ·u tr b« forwarded.'within 10 days o'rrocessing plants.'- ..' .'·.'.' . . Suijar .circles-said 1 the govern; icht:agre'ed to buy cane'sugar ai he- season's. average price, -and ·eet «ugar at '.8.06 ~ cen I s'' a pou nc et for sugar- delivered .alongside hip in Sin. Francisco.· The gov rnm^nt '.reserved - t h e right to m'ake-.beet-silgar shipment's"on the art -,_Franciscp' i: pricV- basis ; e$thei irougii" !5an Francji'co, Los'-Ange es',_.PorUa'nd;'qr'Seattle..',,'"?,'.,':; .. It"wS'sV agre'ed ,'.n .5 per i cent ."o ^ Cancel; '27\Cbiincil Meef ·,.N««rVw««k'i niMtini of t(i« 'city council will b* tin : la it for Hw ! council this yaar,' It was an-.. 'nbuhe«d' Tuaiday avonirig' by' Mayor Oscar- Back, Th«- mayor said no mtoting 'wMl.b* hald Dec. 27, b*caua-a', number'of cpun- · cil 'rhamb^rs will bia absant from ' ' · ' · n Florida and LouiSiina'can*; ar s.'and 28.5. per'cent'Si beet sujjai 'rias.- . ; . . - ' - ';' "'.-' '·' '. :'· A- price ;-advance...6JI:;five ; .cents pound will be'made some can' partial advance iyme'nt;fqr.raw cane sugar. ·-.- j One sugar expert ; said ifitheien- ire', sale was, based on' ihe'.raie f th'e partial payment to Louisiini efin'eries, it w6uld''c5st -the: gdy- rnniehl about fp'ur million dollars nore,than it. would have paid for he same amount of sugar bought ? the world market\at 3.05 cents pbund,' J a price; at which Cuba s reported to hare arranged a sale if 200,000 tons of su'gir to.Russia. '.Carie'su'gar ship'ments^are to be made from-- Savannah, ' Ga., for florida. sugar, and from N'ew.Of- eans for Louisiana sugar. Thp}Inr ernational · ' Cooperation..' Adniini- itratiph ^(iCA), : ' the: governmeQt's oreign aiS agency'^ said"destma- :ion'_o.f.ihe.sugar'had ^ot cidcd'definitely. Trade'sources said some"probably-.wpiild go.toKprea' Indonesia and'Viet Nam; .Shipments a r e : expect ed . to be made beginning, early next y*ar. Artisf.'RecornmiHed. ·'.. COLORADO SPRINGS'(fl -- Hu- dplph S., Ho'sek, : charged; with grand larceny,;in .the theft of a 3,000 .Chinese ' ait · figurine' from She 1 Fine /Arts '. Center 'h'ere T , -'-has ^een recommitted to the Colorado Slate, Hospital./.' ' Detective Chief Homer' Beailie said.- the.' 33-yea.r-old ' Hosek,. a ^zechoslovakian' artist · and. book keeper, .spent H months, in" Uie hospital previously. The figurine, a Ming-white porcelain'statue; was found in'-Hosek's room when police to Rotary Club ' ' ' " ' ' · ' '"' Colorado is building highways at he. rate -of'.3 million" dollars a n'onth,, Mark 'U; Walrous, stale lighway. engineer,-said Wednesday. Watrous'.tpld the. Greeley Rotary Club, in a luncheon speech lhal during the first five months of the current', fiscal year-rJiily through November--65 'major highway' con- Etrueticn -.projects -covering- 282 miles and 'representing 415,416,000 have be e n ' p l a c e d , under, contract; .'.He- said '.the'; department wa; slightly' ahead, of 'schedule,' in contract-letting^under its .record cur- rent'budget-.of. $37 i-milli.ori; November,. Watrou? . said, was the greatest highway, construction month in' Colorado's 'history. Sixteen contracts were : 'awarded covering 96'miles of hignway nd representing -nearly. $^,500,000. i · Watrous , said that - t h e . department 'will soon have 'a', four-lane h i g h w a y ' completed, all 'the 1 way frdni .Denver to ;Greeley. .1 Two'major.projects, he said, are expected' to" be completed' in De cemher..-One-will'provide for two 'new .lanes adjacent .to the prcscn road..on U. S. 85 from-Fprl Lupton north",'extending the'"four-lane' fa ciUtyj,'.another'tsbci.milesi^Thi; ' expecte'd'to'cosriSOO.OOO: ! ';"-. ; .'The Second project, ' covering th'ree "miles on' U. : . 85 Between La Safle and . Gllcrest;, provide for,-a new four-lane road at a cos WASHINGTON -Ufi ^; Kefauver a m p a i g n . headquarters'' said e'dnesday .Sen.' Estes, Ketauve'r D-Tcnn) will: announce 'on'' Friday Aether-he will actively seek:-the cniocralic -, presidential 'nomina- alion; -.' '·. ' . . - . · · · . ' i r '·. Dixoh Donnelley : ol rlhe cam aign staff said Kcfauvevnow, on ie Wes^- Coast/ will hold a hews inference at 9 a.m.-MST Friday '.(he Willard Hotel; : . · · ; " . ' "AI .that ,lim'e he-wiU-'statc his ,,tentions" concerning ·'Ihe 'Demo- ralic ' ^nomination/' : Donnelley lid. . ' · ' " · ' - . - ' . ·· - . '.- . Kefauver .said Tdcsday he-could: "t confirm.a published report--by \e Chattanooga (Tenn) 'Times mt he would announce his can- idacy -Friday. " ; , : ' . - - : wspi iat Kefauver would hold a Washington 'news 'Conference :Friday. - . .'-·Entertainment at the Rotary pro gram was. furnished by Greeley Jigh School students taking .par n the school's annual White Christ mas'-ceremony. · . ' ; , j'.They. were Rosah'e Kurtz, Mar aret Reichhardl, Beth.Olscn am he trumpel duo, Larry Klginer and Gary Browning.\ investigated its from the center. disappearance ' inlraistriab DENVER" (*.-- . The" ifederal gov ernnient Wednesday reited its case in U. S. pislrict Court" Vagains Maurice Trayij',' accused by" a grand jury indictment' 1 , of ' filing false .. non-Communist.'^ affidavits while he was an official of the InfernatlonaK.U.nion'lo'f Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers. ' The' 'government's' ' concluding witness, , -Leo i'Orlii, ·«,- of · - San Manuel, Ariz.,: was · excused frqm the ttand just before "noon after defense attorneys for Travis failed to shake his . .testimony whic] linked Travis to" the-. Communis 'parly as late as 19M. .... ... »*c CM . Theft of an $80 brown gabardin'i topcoat from his car wa parked at Marvin's' Super Marke at 501 Fourteenth avenue. about' p. m. Tuesday wai'reported to.po lice by Caudc Redman ol 1010 FiCJ :trcet at S:4 a.m. Wednetday. ' ' Berlin May BERI.lN'Wl -- Soviet Ambassa dor,Georgi. M. .Pushkin . told Hi Western powers Wednesday nigh .hat the Communist peoples.pblic are in charge of'controls^in' Eas Berlin. In effect, he implied sover eignty" for .that part.of the divide The Russian e'ny'oy to BastJG many completely^ supported stand. taken ; by v , the.- Soviet-, secto commandant, Maj." Gen. P. A..D jrpva: . ; .: ;.' , : ,... . ,'] He 1 lold Ihe Americ'ah, Brills and French ambassador's in a le te'r 'that Dibrova: had .'correcll stated the case when he said-Eas Berlin w a s ' n o - l o n g e r ""occupied by the Russians, .-and that it wa the capital of a "sovereign" Eas German Communist,state. 1 ; The'·.Western : powers, had pro tested on 1 . Dec. 1; that Dibrova comments could, mean the'dlssoli tion of Berlin's; four-power slatu They .'had insisted : that · they wer holding "the Russians responsibl for their, sector and^wpuld not pfi mil the Russians'responsible fo Iheir sector and'wbuld not perm the' Soviet. authorities'" to transfe th^ responsibility to the East Ge man Communists..' Woman's'Car Skids Off Highway atjphe' :Sylva -Irene Kunzman of Fo Luptbn received a 'cut oh her le eye when the 1954 . Chevrolet sh was driving skidded 'off U. S._ 85 lone' about 12:3d'a.m. Wedh"esda the highway patrol reported. The Fort Luplon woman wa traveling , north; As . she. drov ·around a curve, .the car ' . on.the:ic'y" road. She applfi the vehicle's" brakes '.and; the au skidded into a · borrow "pit, : hillin a : telephone pole.' ·', ' . x . The car. .was d a m a g e d , an. esl maled $350. Sfatt. Patrolman Loy B. Warner invedigated thi ace .ighlSnowin :ast Colorado WASHINGTON W).--' The Wash- Ingfon' Star says Secretary .of-Defense Wilson has' agreed to' rescind the order requiring the. Air.'For'ce tp cut-'the, number .of its civilian employe's by'18,000, ; " ' '.' ' .. Instead, o f : coming oi]t. of ' the rcscnt'^payroll/.the .story; says, e 18,00p cut is'.'to .he. i .expansion' program 'under hic'h thb Air Force had planned 'add 30,000 civilians in the;ueit : , months: -as it builds ; up 137 ings."That ..leaves the'; service oom t .lo', take on "12,000 .more vilians that it now' has, fo tal of .about ;3i2;ooo! The original} p l a n ' would have arred t h e " whole 30,000-worker uildup/in addition, to' culling'off ,e,18,QOO now.on the rolls. '· ,\yilson at a recent, news -con i rence said Secretary'.of the Air or'ce .Quarles had ,niade a preltj od] case .in iobjecting'.' to', a : cut 'civilian' fo'rces'at a time, when IB. Air growing .by 10 ings, and .its^ home .'t front- - ~ ~ vities a r e ' ex'pand_in'g. ' ' By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A m'as's: of..cpld i .air"pus'he'd its ay into'Colorado'from. Wyoming Wednesday, -: dropping _. tempera 1 ures/atid bringing"scatlered snow lurries. ·' ' ,. · ' Light, snpw'-was reporled-at sev- ral slations'in Wyohiing,.spread- ing into e'a,s!erh' ( CoioradoV; Gusfy vinds whipped. n"orlheastern,'Wyo- ·ning but.\vyere .expected 'to- Ai- ninish by.nightfall,' ' " ' '' Big riney, Wyp., recorded the oldest reading in the -nation for i 24-hour period" ended,, early Yeunesday with 18 below' zero; In Colorado the'most frigid read n g - w a s an'8.below at Gunhison 'The most .'extensive snbwfall'fo he 24-hour, period was recorded a Cheyenne, where ,03. of an inch covered, -.the Aground,'; Traces , o moisture';' were .recorded it -Den ver, Fu'eblp; ''Colorado Springs and Trinidad^in'Colorado "arid .at amie iri:Wyoming, .-';;.' . ; The southward push 'of cold aL irought.- chilling 1 'temperature's -'tc Colorado, 'especially in 1 the south em a n d - eastern ^portions. Lows ranging from zero'lo he mountains and ? 5 i above -to 5 iclow elsewhere, were _fprecast foi he two states Wednesday night and Thursday morning". Continued'^cpjd Ava's expecled to grip Colorado 'Thursday with a slight warnfing .in ^northweslern iVyoming Thursday '-'afternoon. A sampling of.temperature read ing from the : two slates for ,th icriod ended early Wednesday: Colorado ^ Denver'. 52-19, Pu cblo,4l-22,'' Colorado Springs 51-17 La Junia 48-19, Trinidad-M-22,-Al ainosa 46-minus 1, Leadville 31-13 Grand'Junction .41-20 and Craig 39-minus 2,; '. ; : .-, . --', , _ Wyoming -- Cheyenne 40-lj' amie 40-3, Rawlins .35-minus 1 Casper 26-5 .and Rock Springs 37-3 Work To Start at CU on Million Dollar Chemistry Building ··"" BOULDER UH -- Conslruclioi will begin 1 in the next six or eigh months at the.. University of Co oradp; 'on .a new chemistry.'.ibuilc ing ' addition'- expected to- cos around $1,000,000. Norman'..F. Wilt, head of Ih chemistry department, announce building plans. He said it is ex pec'.ed'.lhc new. addilion will b ready f o r ' o c c u p a n c y ' i n late. 195 or early 1958. ' -·'..' ' . - '·, \ The addition . will be finance out of;'the"-university's" share :.o the stale building mill,,levy, fun adopted by last year's Cplorad Lcgislalure. . · . - . . - ' " · ' . - ' ·· Light 'Signals |eing-. ; Installed at Crossing .: Where,Number Killed ; Installation .of flashing llgh' tignals/hai b««n ita'rtad by rh« Union Pacific riilroid at a rail road ., crpjsinfl , on - rhe, .H.udiofl Ko.nttbyrg cirtoff r»ad rhit hat been ttwi f«n« ; of"a,nSmnb«r, o f-aral. auto-train' "icckftfiU", County C.onimisiion«r.G*«rii« And«r sn r*port*d TiMtrfiy'. " '· . Andersen ' s a i d the., concref* bjnj fpr'th* iful pal» rhat wi hold .the. light ?slgRaIs'have b*4 put iin '»'hd rh«';p«4«l erected H* had. no.'.information .'as-* t ,-i-hir.^;fi',;!ir^!j' will be com pl«t«f...." -"'',..vr'-r- .·····/·: - '.The ffaihlng :lfghf, signals -a'M Ixlhg Installed undar^an. agr««-' manf whereby the county'. wltl pajr .» per^;cant.of th* V*W1 cost ef the ifgiiali,-which rhe rallread will mtWaln permanently. ·' . ·',. He said at-the : sa'me time; how- ver, that" he . h a d " asked Ihe Air orce to make a "complete study' 1 . efore' : insisting .that itV'could -riot .ake the' cut. ._.·;' - .,; The'Air'Force cutback.was part f-a loUl'-reduftiob.of 1 .68,000'cjvil-' an employe's,"Prdered- for'the *Air "^orce, ''Army '. and Navy' -'in. .'an conomy ! 'move,-; ' ''.'-,·-.., ' .. - Cat Kills His Pet Cocker; Owner's Heart Fails Him ;.' -;;UTICA,..N.;Y. «v.-- : Ai71-y«r-oU man " luffariM ;a"fatal Kiarf attack "afl«r finding hit dog killed by in autamoblla Th* cockar . span'wl hid b«n hit companion for lavan yaars .-. .^Chirks T Nolin Sr of rwirby M«rcy found th* da ad dog In fh« rcai n*ar hit home Monday night. Ht'plckfd It up, ,ran hcma and -,collapitd.«fttr eillins to his wih. H* d»d « ihtrt iim* Uttr. Russia Calls Security Council on Deadlock 'UNITED.NATIONS, N. Y. W--' Ru»ia Wdn«sdiy laid b«for» th« Security Council » ncw'pack- «9t deal to admit It n*w mem bYri to th* Unlfi'd Natloni. UNITBD NATIONS, -'N.' Y. I*- liussia Wednesday' called for an emergency meeting of. the' U. N Security -Council to reconsider' the deadlocked membership problem ".Soviet -Delegate Arkady- A Sobolev asked the Council presi 'dent, ' Sir Leslie 'Munro of 'New Zealand! to call the'11-nation body its session either-^Vcdiiesd \bout Same as ·'An Increase : in Christmas;busl ness over a year ago l 'wa"s'r'epnrfe Wednesday by. some Greeley stores withrnihe 'days of shopping' re maining. , ' - · - . J The head of one.'store said his firm's*-business-.was running about he;same as'a.year ago during the Christmas', seaso'n^ a'nd ."maybe u'st a little' : pV' the fop .side," ' Two-others'-put'their increases over" last' year's'.gift-buying, seas o n - a t from -10 'to.lS.perfcent. \ Xai» Exp«'nijv« : Gifti J Ui«d Volumewise, J . Grccley's ·'overall Christmas business p'robably will wind up on about the same love; as In 1954 but with'one change: Shoppers, are not going 7 'ss much or the expensive gilts as they lave in past years. 'Toys, as usual, are moving well is are: such Hems as sliirls, lies gloves ·· and sweaters 'an other terns i n . t h e usual glft;lines.. ?Not as many, husbands are having automatic washers 'and dryers put-away, to surprise .their wives on- Christinas this ycari'.although one store manager said that amohf the?.white line these two items seemed lo be the ones most in de mand. · · j In the appliance line, sales.are more.along the line of the smaller items, such as waffle irons and cpf fee makers: TV set sales are hold ing about :the same/or dropping off some. ' .'" · ··;· " Htavy Shopping Wttktftd and . . ' " . ' : Mwxlay Most stores had a heavy flow of .'shoppers ' last weekend and ?gain Monday night. 1 Many store will be open again next Monday nighl for the convenience'.of shop pers. ' ' One store has found Christma; shoppers this year are mori choosy and are ,looking aroum trying to, m a k e - t h e i r mbney'-gi farther. ' · . ' - . . ' , 7 /- ' ;Wh|le a drop in the farmer 1 inconie.-has had an . a f f e c t - , on O h r i s t m a s .buying, Greeley' growth'"in population' has helpe, keep the volume o^bijsiness up. Lausche Is Willin r ( . ' . COLUMBUS, Ohio W . -- ' Gov Frank J. I^usche of Ohio,Wednes day .announced, his .willingness. ( bec'o'me'"favorite 'son" candidat for. president at the Democrat! national convention in Chicag next August. ' Singer'Pleads Innocent VAN NUYS, Calif: UP, - Singe Gordon Macrae, 34, pleaded innocent Tuesday to a misdemeano charge of drunk driving and askct a jur,'trial. II was sel fc/r Jan^ £ He: was jailed after a four-ca collision and" later released on bill. ;.-:·. ( : ' . ; ·;'..-· " : '.-'. "·!. "The crash was unavoidable, Macrae.told newsmen, "I drpppe ' a lighted '.cigarette on the floor, o my car'and the accident happene when I leaned over lo pick it up I had "exactly two drinks' durin Ihe - evening,, which I spent. ri hearsing for a eew night club aci moon or Wednesday night. There was'no ,immediale indica ohiwhether the'Russians had. any ew.proposals. iVetbes by.Nation list.. China and'.Russia-' Tuesday illed a' package 'deal which would ave ' admitted "'-IS- new members o'the U, ij. ;.;.'.- . .-;'. : -.; 'Word; of .the'Russian m'ove came s. an'gry-sponsors.; of ..the .'veto iddle.d.package dea^,"demanded a ull-'airing,of -.the 'problem',in', the 0-nation General 'Assembly which previously had- ca : Uc'd';\ upoi/ v . the Jouhcil'to .act favorably'on the lackage plan. 1 ' ^ ' i ; "Assembly, President. Jose. Maza of Chile ;told. Ihe; Assembly tha t ^would get a-chance to debati "hfe. proble hi '· ag ain .-before ',th'eV c ur rent 3'se'ssionerids''iater,''this"; week He-said_, howeyfer, he ^would^no pi a'c e ~H ;p"n; theXuend'a · until" aft e the Council.h'a'd'coneluded ita ef Toris to find a,solution. · There was'littie or no hope tha the'-'plan ' could be'revived,- bu angry sponsor's of · the packag* deal were. ready - to -.blast, Nation alist C h i n a - a r i d Russia for usinj .he veto in; the' Security Counci :o thwart the will'of th'e majority, 1 UNITED NATIONS tf! -- Russia and Nationalist Chinajvieckecl with angry .and bitter-vetoes Tuesday a scheme favored:by 'the U. N. Assembly to admit 18 new:members in a package deal.' ' ' True to his warnings against tak T ng Russian dictation, Nationalist China's .T. F. Tsiang vetoed" Com- nunist Ouler Mongolia .when the voting started at 4:20 p.m. after months of careful preparation by many U.,N. "delegates,, Also true to his "all or none" declaration, Russia's Arkady A. So- jolev vetoed 13 candidates favored by. the'West in the package pro-j posal. At the start, even before Duter Mongolia came up, Sobolcy lad vetoed Soulh.Korea and Viel Warn, which were not in the deal 3ut were, put before .the council by Tsiang in a'last' minute move; ·-When the voting was over, the Russians had cast 15.vetoes, raising to 15 the total number cast by Moscow since the U.'. N. was or- (Contlnued on page 7) · i C a r o l y n Mtrl« Ntvlni (»bov«), M y t a r o l d UnlvtriHy of Omib^ lunlor, wi*^ found «ji1n in thi cirri pus cjrjvtwty In Omiha Sh» hid b»«n »h*t four tirntt ^P}. 1 Bad Weather Slows Work on Disposal Plant Gaitskell Labor Party's Leader LONDON OR--: The Labor party Wednesday cleclcd.Kugh Gaitskell as its leader: This made him a po tential British, prime'minister. In balloting by,'Labor.members of Parliament' Gailskell,.received 157 voles. Leflwing Leader Aneurin B.c'va.n got 70 votes .and Dcp uly leader Herbert Morrison 40. The v 49-year-old Gailskell Ihus succeeded former Prime Minister Clement Aftlce who stepped out as party leader seven days ago and accepted a peerage. Should the Labor party again gain power Gails- kell would be the prime minister. 10 Drown at Taipei TAIPEI, Formosa Cfl--Ten women drowned Tuesday when a ferryboat, capsized in Sanwei Harbor, Southern Formosa. The vessel was carrying more t h a n 50 persons lo a rilual in which offerings aro made fo Gods to^gran' safety. Unopposed, But Loses CI.ERMONT/Fli'.'WI -- Ross'C. Crfntwell was' unopposed for city treasurer in Tuesdy's election. But he didn't win. His nsme and title of the office had been-left off the ballot by error.. Another election must'be heid. He-R; f W. HuEhes_Cp/of Oniaha has. reiwrted^in estimated "$175,178 of its work on Ihe' cjl^'s new $428,- 02S sew age'disposal plant was completed ' as' ' o f J N o v , 30 f ; CUy''Man r akef B. H. Cruce anno^iinced Tuesday. · _ _ - · · - . ' · ' / ; - . ; ' . ' · . Construction on th'e plant .in*.November was / slowed:, by - poor weaihcr, w i t h , t h e rcsuluthciconi- y cpmplcted:only. an estimated 134,471,-work ^on its contract v during 1 the month. ·.'.-. ·· · '"'·-,- '.The firm's ; base bid .'for,.constructing the'.plant. was ; $419,974. Cruce reported that theiAVestcrn "onslrucMori · Co. had-- submitted ts first estimate on the'$128,283.80 Lrunlc. sewer line it i is-Installing for (lie city south from- the ^dis- osal-plant to the est and *oulh ortions.of,.Greeley.; ; « . ; · ' - ; ./ ··.- iThe.. .estimate/ j covering work :omplcted 'by the firm j In-.November, was $14,087. ,Thc Grciley company, has been \ carrying;.on .the work at..two locations,, on First avenue helween'Tenlh.and^weUth street and "on i Fourth''avenue-be-. tween Twenty-second 'and Twenty- fifth".street,', ' ' , ' - · · .' The new'disposal plant and trunk sewer line arc part of a : $575,000 sanitary sewer'Improvement program voted last s u m m e r - b y the city council. , three One-Car Crashes Each Take One Life Colorado t 1W5 traffic death toB rote to 404. Wednesday, mirlunj it;as ,the .bloodiest! year on' the) ( highways In the state's history Four.-, deaths early-'.Wednesday and.-another Tuesday .-night hiked the. toll-to two more .than the pr«. vious'worst record for'IJ.mohthi in-1938. The latest deaths were Uiow of Christopher Braun K ot Denver, andt'John:. Gilmore/; 3«. !;of Colorado Springs. Both'died of .injuries suffered in accidents" earlier 'this: month--Braun Dec 1 .- 2'aad GUlmort Dec. 1 10; GUm ore's death'- resulted ·. from an .argument over a minor.traffic accident. He was a passenger'in a car that'.collided with a county road i grader, being .operated by Charles E.-.Skinner, : 68; ot Calhan; Highway. r Patrolman Richard Bunch', said. Gilmore .argued'-.with Skinner and finally, climbed up on the grader to "pull Skinner. ftoni the'seat..;Whence yanked,"SkIo- ner^s^fop.t j slipped_jii ^ihe^ clutch, ; the~STKhifie"'lurchyd~';aheId "rand : Gilmore .fell,,under -the -wheels. They passed ·over him, breaking several .bones; . · . . .\,"'..., ...._: 'Others killed, were: ' Junior Colkge Student Killed . , George.. Henry, Smith, '18, oi. Lusk'iWyo., a.Northeastern Junior · College student; at. Sterling,' killed, as the car'.he wa's'driving'crashed nto a bridge a.rnile'yest of Sterling. v - ;-;:.:. . !'i -. ' ;·' Alex Hudson" Jr. 1 , Zl.'ol Denver, killed as hU. car. went through/a, . guard rail-oh''a curve at 70th Street and .the Valley^ Highway Just north oVpeiwer; ^'.'·V'.v, . - { ' \The- Slate" Patrol reported.Smith was kille'd about t!20a.'m, Wednes- 1 day «n*Hu'dson five minute's'later". I ' · Car Plunges Into bil«h ' Lockeiti Johnson, '70 of'Denver; w_as killed .Tuesday, night when hU car, plunged-into' a:ditch ; 29 milei south.of Laniaroh jU. S. 287, roll- Ing'six timei'indjfiurling him 30 feet .from .'the ^wreckage...', .Two'.cofrip'anlons' of .Smith .were injured in: the, accident near .Sterling,'-. They, were--Keith .".Edward Krouse, 21,"- of,' Sterling, 'Iwhb; aul- fered a head injury-and possible back injury, and rDonald VDuane KrPus'e, 20, 'alsb'.of Sterling, .face cuts' and jposslbly -other injuries. ','Hudson and Lockett.we're alonVltt their cars, \ . ; · - . - . " , · * ; ·^''!.V; ; .Weather ~ · ;/ Temperature at 2 p^.-m. Wedne*. day : was 24 Degrees'.. * ,..;·'.., ' " · ; . ; ' . Local for 24 hours ending 8 a . m . Wednesday: High! 34; low, 17. Colorado -- Partly cloudy west, mostly cloudy with scattered light snow flurries partly .-cloudy east Wednesday; Wednesday'.: night Two Die Suddenly. . MAYSVIIXE,; Ky. (fl --' Mrs. Rachel Young Lyons,' 69, died : of a heart attack ^uesday. One hour later her husband, W. Lance Lyons 14, also died of a-heart attack. A double funeral-service will be held Thursday. j ''.. - , - ; . ' · 18 Above at 8 Wed. Horning . r _ Greeley Wednesday continued to feel the bile ' from ' the cold' air mass covering the eastern 'slope of the slate and bringing a few snow flurries here lato Tuesday, night and early Wednesday. :'.."' ·The" sky. r was overcast he're Wednesday morning and at 8 a. m. the mercury in th'e Public Service station thermometer stood 'at 18 degrees above. · ' . . High Tuttday 34 High temperature : recorded ,at Ihe station .Tuesday. '..was'. only; 34 and the nightime low . was n. 1 .'. . The five-da/ forecast out Tuesday called '·· for .warmer Thursday but colder; again Friday- and Saturday and for a few/snow and Thursday; colder Wednesday and -south, and - east .Wednesday night; continued .cold' Thursday; low Wednesday, night 0-20.'beI6w high mountain valleys; S 'below lo 5 above northern 1 , border to S-15 above south; high .Thursday most ly'25-35. ' ' . =. ,·'. , , ' " ' " ' ' Wyoming--Mpstly, fair.-Wednesday and Wednesday night; Thursday partly cloudy; i'not .quite so cold northwest' .Thursday after- Kuorij ' gusty' winds · northeast Wednesday, diminishing" Wednes- ay night; low Wednesday night 0-20 below mpuht'ains"" above to 5 below lower elevations; ligh Thursday. 10-20 'northeast to 2 0 s 'southwest. . - : · . . ' . New Mexico--Partly cloudy east, generally fair west Wednesday afternoon, night and Thursday; colder east Wednesday and ceil- Ifal and soulh Wednesday night; slightly cooler west' Thursday; low ' Wednesday night 15-25 east and north; 25-35 southwest; Boulder and.Longmont: Cloudy with « few scattered enow flurries Wednesday morning; partly cloudy Wednesday afternoon, night and Thursday; colder .Wednesday and Wednesday night; high Wednesday 23-30; low' Wednesday night 5-10; high Thursday' 25-30; Boulder 258-28; Longmont 25-5-25. · So'jlhwesfern Colorado: Parlly cloudy through Thursday; colder Wednesday and Wednesday night; continued · cold Thursday; , low Wednesday" night.0-20' below high ' mountains valleys 5-15 lower eleva- "lions; high Thursday 25-35; D* rango 33-0-25. ': : . ' mostly In the mouhl^ini Fruwy. Russia Says'"''Majority.' :; Be : Damned,'; U.S. Argues WASHINGTON LTI -- The Unitect States said Wednesday Russia took a position "that.the will of the majority b«' damned" when it cast a string of 15 vetoes Tuesday against nations',-seekingS United .Natteu" membership.* ? ··? . ' · - . . . At:)«· same time, Slate.Dept.' Press Officer: Lincoln While hotly denounced-theTtalk by.tlie Red* that · Nationaliit China It a "lit- alliti" · Uw U i W Stifcs.

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