Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 19, 1970 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1970
Page 22
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Page 22 GREELEY TRTBUNE Tues., May 19, 1970, Used Co» .nd Truck, 51 Used Cars and Trucks 51 Used Cars and Trucks 51 FOKD 3, t()I , ,,1,-kup. $995. Nun- 1%6 V\V 1031 K. IKlli Si. 1PGS FALCON '1 door s _JJ_Miwd. Call UgJ-TW l!il~KOHl $7ii-*liH. Sc^ nt U34 l l t h SI. Ty«2 CHKVKOI.ET 4 tt " * ~SS.1. Huns nn. B rylinder. n f t e r 5. offer. 33-S(lfi7. ·or. !!27, -1 S.OUO miles ln«. $1.000. UHit! C H K V K O L K T SS iMinverlfble. 2422 West 10th Si. A f t e r 6. SUMlOK $05. 5? EX'OE'FnONALLY clcnn '"W Ford (Jnl- n \ i e 500. New tires. C84-7S67. "ii7"oLDS~"Cutla»a^2 door, flood M U S T Fell HIM Mercury. B«.t o f f e r . Call GSi;-'J7-'f a f t e r 6 p.m. *eV" si'uSTANtt hardtop V-S. -I mired. 213-t 10th St. ltd. 35U-2619. j ble. V-6. i liw-ljiriVr.J IFOR SALK il. lii:i. r i For.]. wrtKuii. Aut. my ti iMiifi Skylark Sin-cial u n i i v e r t i ' rm-iil brakes. $1.000 or - - 1064 Rambler solution ;itii' tiiiiisinisMt'U, wtm- . S50U. 5S7-4SU1. I d - K A N 11)60 I'ontiac Bumii'vilte. SM-7S87. ?Uti5~M~US*rANC. Chrome whi*eU. Go I»W~rriTKV~l(bLET convertible. 827. 4 on flour. :U»2-251S nftcr 6. C!00(~19~5il~~6llH 2 door ht., 185; '55 Merc., ?t!5. 688-2014. r u M K ' t r i i r V r l»5l Ford. Rebuilt en- trine. Kxccllent t-ubber. Good job. W i t h IS ft. construction trailer. 51.000. 101 1 ,. 18th St. 363-S! (J'.t UODOK S tion. $2500. at ItiOO 13th Ave. .'!?.;{· £(5 P L Y M O U T H Client romlili """SALE -radio. Fury Sport Coupe. ir.n. :ir.;u;i07. 'fifi Impala. Power hratcr. S-1,550. Call 95. Kquiupetl. ·es. S57-U905. Ft. con.Iitioi Luplort. G R A D U A T I O N p r o s r n t ? *fiT GTO. M u s t tell, d r a f t e d . Vt-rv clean. Best "ffer fmttinil $1,400. A53-'.i709. F O I t S A L K -- IDlM Chcv. Ereen Im- inl;i. V-S, n u t i i n a t i r . Gmul condi- __t»«^J^5 1 _tiin :iri3.3i2i!. 1P«2 LINCOLN Continental. Clean. iSU.OOO. bur. Midie offer. 3n:i-21.'tO a f t e r i. 1C ICC pickups. 19fiO Ford ^-. ton. $:tfiS ; "5 Chev. ' · · ton w i t h cimiper. S-tJo : \VJ CMC. $S5. 5S5-201I. 1969 CHEVEMVK MaJiliu 2 d«or. Aulon i E i t i c transmission. V-S. power stecr- itip. Call 352-9391. FOR SALE~ - 1965 Toyota Land Cruiser, 4 wheel drive. Excellent _ «ndit|on. _ SI.450. Call KoK-GoZfi. POR SALE -- 1969 Chevrolet Impala. Fully equipped. Take over payments. __:r»V1081. T O R SALE - - 1966 Corvair Cor?n 4 speed. V-^. excellent condition. 3S3- _77^;^a_Fter__6. FOR~SA"LE~^- 196R Pontiac 242 r e l l p n l condition. Host offer. Call S53- 02(iS or see at 3530 So. l!th Ave. T A K K ov pickup w i t h 22(MI mill 1970 Dat i on it. 5S7- LOW priced cars and pickups. Larry Dorsey Transcar So. Evans. Auto Sales. 153-5506. WE STILL specialize bier." 125 Sth Ave. 1MV M A C H I. In aclomatic Car noi raced nor iii ivi-n recklessly. Good yhape S2. or resume payments. 352-0209 nf 5 :Sn. 'o'A I ' H K V . t*ickui»: T-1 Olds engine, I! specif chrome whirls, near new painu llBmjHT shell. ?o,M). 3.VJ-7S21. WpT'llAMBLER Ambaiuitdor. nir eon- ditiouer. f u l l |uiwer. Cnll a f t e r j. ,ir.3-40SO. 19i''. 1 C H K V K O L K T Imp" la. 3'J7. t n n e j deck, fiiu r MM'akiT*. reverberator, j bucket sL-Hts. radio. Best offer. 352-1 _ _ _ ^ FORD MunUitiK GT. 390 e i i R l . ine brakfs. 2 by 2 curb., bucket tMts, I on the flour, tach, 4 new irt'S and tipare, radio, heater. S riiL-k curtridBe tape- ulayer. Call 52-l'G4¥. No down payment. This v e n i n g only. SI.080.110. DKKAUlNiG~~h(it weather? Why not riili- in mi air conditioned car this summer? 19G3 ·( door LeSabre. radio, liemor and Mtirk IV air conditioning, 110 Wildcat 2S5 hp t-ncine. 1'ow- er stceriiiK and power brakes. Wouldn't you really rather have this H i i K - k V 35:MHO!) n f l e r ti (ordor. V-S. n u t u m n l i c . j Trailers and Campers 53 f»r Gary. 1'Jtf-t RAMHLF.R Classic \VIIKOII, economy f. standan] with overdrive, fully ivrlimiiK seals. J550 or best offer. ySS-SSSfi evpntiiRS. FOU SALK -- 1966 Olds. Must be sold to settle estate. Houi-s. Monday- Thursday b to 7 ; Saturday 9 to o. 'hone : N K W ov 'o!) CHEV. Impala 2 door himll :US tri-jwwer, 1 speed, positracti new ttre*. First ?5UO. lakes. 2632 15th Ave. ;i53-6045. FOR SALE--*69 Konrirunner. 17.000 miles. New tires, wheels, tack and stereu tape. Still under war rat Call S34-'.?3SG after fi. *66 V\V BUK Sunroof, tuned eshnnsl. Michel in tiros. Kxcollum condition. Must sell. Beat offer. 352-1309 a f t i ft. '6? F I R E B I R D 350. V-?. 4 speed, power steering. Iminaculati* i-onrfitio hut too small for family. $2150. 3,=i 5976 after 5. 19fifl FORD FGOO 2 ton. 2 speed rei axle. Omaha Erain bed and fold down stock rack, with hoist. ( year old. Call 667-3113. FOIt SALE -- 1965 Rambler American. Excellent over-all condition. Aver- aRCS 24 miles per gallon. Call 7S5- FOR SALK I'JRR tent 53-J7tii) a f t e r B p.m. mping trailer for sale. fBOO. 52-0120. rcjiti rampers $795. Trailers usst-r Sales. 1034 E. IS. wheel trailer tor FOR RKNT - muliiiK _cnr. Ti7 F O R D »i ton pickup with 10 ft. A laskii n camper. Extras. Sleeps 5. S2.995. 352-6041. FOR SALE -- S foot slide-in pickup camper. SH50. 2J19 West C St. 352- Uoiifi a f t e r 5. FOR SALE -- Camper. See Fred Jnck- Pon, 517 Ash. Windsor or call '68G- T H A V E L trailer for Yellowstuni Cardinal. Orbit ar.d l l t h Ave. S52-371S. idquartcra Monitor. Tern-. FOR SALE -- *R3 Corvair Spyder. peed transmission with Turbo- chn rRor, '2. new tires. Best offer. Call S97-2327, Nunn. I9ti!l BUICK Electra Ltd. Full power, air. stereo radio and tape player. Less than 26.000 milce. Best o f f e r buys. Central Homes, attention Charlr-5 Rymes. 353-3533. 6! C A M P E R trailer. 25' pelf conlainetl. Like new sider pickup camper for niont. May be seen a n y t i r 6th St. · ft., f u l l v W i l l con". down pay- p. 2519 W. YOUR RED DALE DEALER Trailers and Campers Sales--Service--ParU WESTERN HOME IMPROVEMENT 1310 N. llth Ave. Auto Discount Center For This Area IT'S NO SECRET WE SELL SO MANY THAT'S THE REASON WE SELL SO CHEAP Low-Low Overhead Over 175 New Used Cars Pickups To Choose From Wheeler The Dealer Hi-Way 85 at 16th St. Phone 352-7000 Harold Croissant Harry Wooldridge Bud Wooldridge Jack Wheeler, Sales Mgr. . ® NEW ARRIVALS 1969 Pontiac Catalina 4 Dr. Sedan 353-1603 "KONOMY HAMPERS" Best Made Pickup Covers--Folding Tent Campers Sales Rentals Winnebago Camper Coaches "Expo" Hi!, ft. Travel Trailer valu-pack 6 sleeper at budget prices Crews Repair Rail Damages Near Eagle EAGLE, Colo. (AP) - Repair crews and heavy equipmenl worked far into the night Mon day replacing rails and removing the wreckage caused by a Denver Rio Grande Western Railroad freight which derailed earlier Monday here. Sixteen cars left the tracks, damaging a house, three automobiles and a truck, railroad officials said. There were no injuries reported. The track was cleared aboul 12 hours after the derailment, railroad officials said in Denver. The cause of the accident was under investigation today anc the loss figure wasn't available. The train was eastbound from Salt Lake City to Pueblo on the Royal Gorge r o u t e of the DRGW. Eagle is east of Dotsero, where the railroad's Moffat line converges with the Royal Gorge line, so mainline operations were not disrupted by the wreck. The tracks where the accident occurred are near U.S. 6-24. As the cars rolled and tumbled off the rails they battered down a tree, which struck a frame house occupied by Mrs. James Williams and her 16-year old daughter, Bonnie. Williams is a track foreman for the Rio Grande. A railroad car also struck the house. Three automobiles, and a pickup truck, which were all located some distance from the [racks, were heavily damaged by the rail cars. The cars carried lumber, canned goods and other Six merchandise, truck trailers "DARK DOINGS AT THE CROSSROADS" - Students from the Drama Department at John Evans Junior High School will observe the Greeley Centennial Tuesday by presenting an old-fashioned melodrama, "Dark Doings at the Crossroads" or "Who Stole the Salad Dressing?" Perform- ances will be given at 7:30 and again at 8:15 p.m. In the school's auditorium. The cast, complete with heroine, villain and hero, mystery woman and aged father, is shown in rehearsal. (Tribune photo by Jim Briggs) Nixon-Maligned'Jawboning' Move Seen Making Comeback By JOHN M. PEARCE Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The old tactic of "jawboning" wages jnd prices into line, ridiculed Teen Paint-in Brightens Lives of Elderly Couple and a leading opponent of any! FRESNO, Calif. (AP) - The unsolicited effort of 23 teen- ana a ieaa ng opponen o any , ias b h t nappiness to controls, told Congress last Sep-j Mrs Maggje f v i l l i a n ^ a 76 _ tember: loaded on flalcars were thrown off, and three were reported damaged, the railroad reported. Five diesel units pulled the 74-tar train, and the derailment ECONOMY BODY SHOP ! started with the fifth car be- 352-6628 Highway 85--Evannlhind the power' units. moer: year-old "The government, fortunate-lj a v s O f ly, lias no monopoly in mobiliz- ' lie opinion, and it is that in any disputed Fresno woman who America's young gener- and discredited by the Nixon ad- 1 ing ministration, seems to be mak- doubtful ing a comeback. · case a Carefully choosing (heir could be marshalled for or| an | ,,,{,,, ' |1]e b]up trim s , )e had "They're not all bad." Mrs. Williams todav has a m i o ...... _ ^ __ Q case a strong force of opinion b ,. il](|v in(ed hous ' whi(e ' words. Federal Reserve Chairman Arthur F. Burns and Housing Secretary George Romney both indicated Monday the government's current tools may not Police Hope Communications Network Will Net Criminals By LARRY KURTZ Associated Pr«ss Writtr LANSING, Mich. (AP) - He's lairy in Michigan, bald in California, with a new name and driver's license everywhere he goes. He's This is how it works: Michigan. Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota and New York are each busily putting 10,000 criminal records into shape for computer stor- a career criminal, a age Air conditioning, power steering and brakes, automatic transmission, new tires, local owner _ $3295 I 1968 Plymouth Fury III 4 Dr. Sedan Air conditioning, power steering and brakes, automatic transmission, Cream with Black interior 1968 Oldsmobile F85 4 Dr. Sedan Air conditioning, V-8, automatic transmission, radio, heater, power steering _ 1968 Volkswagen 2 Door Automatic transmission, one careful local owner 19660ldsJetstar884Dr.Sedan Air conditioning, power steering and brakes, automatic transmission, one owner 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 4 Dr. HI Air conditioning, V-8, cruiseomatic, radio, heater, power steering. Exceptionally clean, (M HQC fast-moving felon who keeps ahead of his record by jumping from state to state faster than paperwork can follow. If he's arrested for a offense in Arizona, he may be long gone before word comes that he's wanted for armed rob- ji%|bery in Texas. if,'b.j Authorities in 15 states are |J,jhoping a sophisticated commu- ^inications network can help them \ipul the arm on elusive charac- ' Jflters like these. Initially, seven of the states "incomes policy," a phrase that can mean anything from open wage-price controls lo mild but formal government efforts to, , keep labor settlements and' a ' Each individual whose files are computerized will be identified by a code stored at the Slate Police computer center. One state will tell the computer it wants to know which other states have records on a certain individual. The computer will search the identification files and report the results. The whole process would take only a few minutes, as opposed to the great delays now involved jawboning," Homney told a col- Springs Sunday the apt acronym of SEARCH. It ^ . s t a n d s for System for Electronic % Analysis and Retrieval of Crimi- f? nal Histories. |p | Some $2.5 million, including ©[federal funds, is being spent on © the project. A test is scheduled jPlfor July and August, with a ©ifour-month evaluation period to «? I follow. The network involves ^(computers, phototransmission, © teletypes and television. The central computer is Slate Police headquarters East Lansing. at tion by phone or mail. Three states not involved in the computer connection system at this point--Connecticut Texas and Washington--are nonetheless going through the complicated process of coding information into computer talk or participating in other segments of the demonstration. Five other states--Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania--are observing the system and may join in if it is judged to be successful. Vacationing Mailman Learns About Violence in America DENVER (AP) -- A 33-year work for the government--you one owner 1965 Plymouth Fury I I 4 Door V-8, automatic transmission, radio heater. Look This One Over 1964 Pontiac Catalina 2 Door HI Radio, heater, automatic, power steering. A t l f l Q R Bargain 4J-UjJ SEE OR CALL OXE OF THESE SALESMEN .lay Stelnbcrscr. 3,'i:--II7n nil] Stopper. 35.1-3!08 Art Slcinlicrper. 3M-5732 Gene Troupe. 3ii2-.119!) Jno. Williams, 3.i3-4-l.17 K-n Hibler, 352-4265 Harry H u l l . 3.i3-03S9 SALES .MANAGERS Herrlrk G a r n p e y Gene Bush Garnsey Wheeler We Have Two Lota To Choose From 711 llth St. and 1108 Sth Ave. Ph. 352-9174 *Sf;old mailman, who was arrested ·®j while sightseeing near the Uni- ¥#|versity of Denver campus ^(during disturbances last Wed- ""'nesday, says he is learning first hand about violence in America. ©| Manuel de Salazar. who was 411 en vacation and wearing street @|clofhes, was arrested, he said_, 'because he had no card identifying him as a DU studenl pursuant to a blanket order issued to police 15 minutes before by Police Chief George Seaton and campus security director Wayne Littrell. "I told the officer I didn't know the order was given and · that I would leave the area if ©Ithat was all right with him," de Salazar recalled. Bui he was hooked, jailed for the day and released only after his wife withdrew $100 from their savings to post bond. Then, he said, he began receiving telephone calls at his home. "Is this headquarters for rioters?" the first caller asked. ts "Tonight, your house will be %\ burned." ;%\ DeSaiazar said the calls then Sjcame in flurries, many threat- fqening. many obscene, and all fif j anonymous. He said one voice told him: should be fired." Another, he said, merely said, "Communist" He said the threatening calls kept coming until his wife went under a doctor's care, and the phone number changed. Salazar, who served in Ihe armed forces four y e a r s , is scheduled to go on trial June 22 for "unlawful acts." He said he can't afford the $150 attorney fee for his defense, the lowest price quoted him. Monday, de Salazar filed an informal complaint with the lice Department Internal Affairs Bureau, telling of his arrest and jailing. He said he neither condones nor condemns peaceful student demonstrations, "and it is for testing, nor demonstrating, nor in any way interfering with students on or about the DU campus. Along with many other citizens of Denver--including housewives and businessmen--I was merely there as an observ- Chinese Origin V I E N T I A N E - Manyversity was third. Laotians arc descended from Thai Buddhists driven out of "You have a lot of nerve burn-Southern China in the ing the American flag when you 1 century by Kublai Khan. against any price or wage ac-| bccn wan(ing for so , ong ' lion. In addition . . . . . , . "Oh. isn't it wonderful?" she lo t h e watchdog jd .,,,, |nlk b , , " agency. Homney said "the lime;--l s a , ' £ , m ' ,,^ s has come for the President loj,,' Kood oncs ,, be enough lo stop inflation with-| l a . v l t O l l t h c l i n e w i ( h lab °r and j M ° s Williams and her hus- out a long period of rising prices business about the need to bring band ; Per 78 . livo in a small and falling production. w age and price actions backl six . room ,,,,· Th , n s Variable Meaning '"» llne TM«i prodiiclmly .m-: e|a , Secl]ri(v -,,,, and (|]e Burw talked in terms of an f ·"^rnent by the earliest possi-j ch k j f .f cover exppnses _ ble date. The administration's current we couldn't afford lo paint," Mrs. Williams says. LSo Diane Lee, 18, daughter of price increases within bounds. Although he didn't spell it out, Burns told an American Bank- congressionrfl gadfly Wright Patman, chairman of the House Banking Committee.; The Texas Democrat issued a World News saying Nixon officials! By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ( A H l -- Former Supardin. once the ' 11 have fed Congress and the pub-i JAKARTA ."". .lie "outlandish public relations!Brie. Ren. f , , , , . e o u a n s p u c r e a o n s r e . on. u p a r n . once e close out minds to the poaibili-; da abou , w h a ( . , | m i ,j l a r v 00,TM',-,,,^ in lndone . ty that such an income peaicy^ n ' ln | ,,, the American econ ' 0 . isian B 8rneo. was executed by nln """ ty might play "a very modest role" in shortening the lime; necessary lo bring prices under j control. Romney was considerably' » · . ./. .. blunter, straying farther t h a n ; A l T C r a S h V I C t l M l ever off the reservation of con-!, , , . · £ · j formity to try a little jawboning' IS I d e n t i f i e d ISprings Area of his own. He spoke critically of the administration economists and spokesmen who so far COLORADO SPRINGS ( A P ) - j El Paso County sheriff's officers; ,'iring squad last week for his [part in the attempted Communist coup in 1965, the Defense Ministry announced today. Supardjo. w h o rebelled against the anti-Communist commanders when they put down the coup, is the f i f t h leader of the coup reported executed in the past 18 months. Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Lee of Fresno, organized a weekend paint-in. She and 22 other persons, mostly from Bullard High School, showed up with brushes and ?40 worth of white and blue paint Ihey pinked up nn sale. "I was Diane's babysitter since just after she was born. Of course, she hasn't needed one for quite a while. Now I'm her adopted grandmother," beams Mrs. Williams. City Will Let Stoney Goat Stay MILWAUKEE (AP) - Alderman Mark Ryan traveled 30 miles to rural West Bend to assure apprehensive third-graders that the city has decided against banishing a goat named Stoney. Stoney can continue to live in Milwaukee, Ryan told the youngsters, who had written letters of protest after reading that the animal, an A u s t r a l i a n shorthaired goat, would be exiled from the city limits. Milwaukee has an ordinance which prohibits keeping animals t h a t chew cuds. Sloney, the pet of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Fulton, chews. Ryan explained to the concerned children at St. Frances hold sway in the While House, said Monday the pilot of a plane] "We have jawboning-but iliwhich crashed in the Black For- l | n | | c . j c s identified,.. York. The administration Springs. the Soviet comrades" might ·eral movement in Czechoslova- Cabrini School that the city attorney is drawing up an opinion '" that would allow Stoney to escape eviction on grounds that guats are not specifically men- contended repeatedly that the! Bryant's single engine planc'^ method of informal but strongl plunged to earth and burst into; ' ' government pressure failed dur-!fames about 7:55 p.m. A fire-,, T'}' ing President Johnson's years. I rescue group from Black Forest,' D u b - ' k refu;ed to vicld In Hot Springs with Burns, extinguished '» "··"« ' uubc( * rclusca to lcla ' Budget Director Robert p. I weren't able Mayo delivered another piece of news--federal budgets for this the flames, to take out tionecl in the ordinance. The Fultons brought Sloney to ,, . Milwaukee when they moved' re- ]· rench Communist cenllv from Gmr ^ L Humanite reported! Ry ' an exp ] ained l h a ( (he ordi . nance was designed to protect farm animals from the rigors of ^ J L ' H u m a n i l e said, and the War- who was burned beyond recognition. Bryant was a quarterhorse saw Pact invasion of Czechoslo- big city living. , . , , , , Rvan made an earlier effort vakia took place one month lat- lo f et lho FuUons kocp stoncy year and next will show slight deficits. ;lrainer, was married and had! Romney called on President! several children, the sheriff's er. Dubcek was atcr ousted as by having t h e goat , e ,, v de ' secretary general of the Czecho- c | arcd to be ,, Kl dne ; citv hv ' office said. The crash is still under the investigation of Federal Aviation Administration, authorities reported. Nixon to name a "watchdog commission" to make public any price and wage changes "that are inconsistent with the general objective of speedy deceleration of Ihe inflationary spiral." "This will give public opinion'Qf f f and the underlying competitive; ^ . Monday Mrs. Mary Venen maximum opportunity to work, the appropriate discipline." Advises Congress However, such public scrutiny apparently was rejected by the administration last fall. Paul W. McCracken, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers L'Humanite published transcripts showing that Waldeck 'Rochet, secretary-general of France's Communist party, relayed the Soviet warning to Dubcek at a meeting in Prague. Rochet, who had just returned from Moscow, said the Soviets were upset by freedom of the Mrs. Mary Venen, wife o f j n f f j c i a l s and by rehabilitation of Leonard VenTM, who is a| p a r ty officials sentenced in the teacher in the Fort Morgan| pre .5ubcek era. Junior High School, died at her! Dubf . ck aeknmv i edgB(1 t h a t re . s t home in Fort Morgan Monday, l a t i o n s with , ne Soviet Commu . L- SCSC Wins Wyo. Rodeo RIVERTON, Wyo. (API--The Rocky Mountain Stampede Rodeo in Riverton has finished with Southern Colorado State College of Pueblo taking first among men's teams. The winning girls' team was Colorado State University of Fort Collins. A University of Wyoming cow- at the age of 54. S e r v i c e s a r c scheduled Wednesday from t h e Cutler-! T .... ,. - _ ,, been bad articles in the non-par- Jolhfe Mortuary m Fort Morgan , ,, But ne declared , ha , w i t h graveside services... we h . lvc Ulc masscs with us scheduled in Knglewond , m , j f ()n|v a few al ., iclcs are Mrs. Venen is survived by her , )ad t h l l l ' is ., viclory what P l°;noy, Fred Larsen of Sheridan, tied with .!.,!. Ryberg of Adams State College of Alamosa, Colo., for all-around cowboy honors. Both had 144 points at the conclusion of the two-day rodeo. Colorado State's Judy Green was declared all-around cowgirl with 9!) points. Casper Junior finished second College among juse of the secret ballot to elect COLORADO SPRINGS (AP) -- A District Court jury Monday found Steven L. Craig. 20, Fremont, Calif., guilty of murder in connection with the slabbing death of a former airman last nist parly were "going from bad lo worse" and that "there have G. Russell Miller deferred sen- husband, a son, Maj. Leonard (Corky) Venen; a daughter, Mrs. Mary Len LaDuke; her father D. II. Fuller of Greeley; a brother, Kennetli Fuller of Akron; three Marie Hatten sisters, of Van Mrs. Nuys, Calif., Mrs. Helen Dix of Rifle and Mrs. Betty Fireslien of Greeley; and six grandchildren. Brown Garners Speaker Award Hank Brown winner of the was topic selected speaker award during the Early Risers Toastmasters Club meeting held menjMonday morning, the i Brown also took good would it do to shoot people?" ROME (AP) - Italy faced the longest newspaper blackout in its postwar history today as a newspaper employes' union began a one-week strike for higher pay, a shorter wi winter vacations. Employes of government ministries and postal and telegraph offices also struck today and pledged to stay out until Friday. An indefinite strike of 40,000 lop-ranking bureaucrats, including judges and diplomats, continued with no end in sight. Other strikes havcb scheduled this week by railroad teams and Colorado State Uni- for evaluator of the day and the award iemployas, elementary teachers, The Casper Junior College girls also finished second among 13th girls' teams and Southern Colorado was third. j Ed Sansom won the speaker award. The club meets al 7 a.m. each firemen and farmhands. Premier Mariano Rumor, trying to soothe labor unrest before regional elections June 7, called a Monday at the Farm Farejmectmg today with top union Cafeteria. ' leaders. clarcd to be a pet dog. City councilmen declined to buy that one. Springs Jury Convicts Youth In Stab Death The jury recommended life imprisonment, and Dist. Judge fencing for 20 days, the period he allowed Craig's attorneys to prepare motions for a new trial. Craig was charged in (he stabbing of Michael Humes. 24, of Kenmore, N.Y., in a Colorado Springs park. Testimony indicated Humes was killed because he was thought to have been an undercover narcotics agent. Three other p e r s o n s were charged with murder and conspiracy lo commit murder, and all pleaded innocent by reason of insanity. One, Malcom, 21, was declared insane and sent to the Colorado Slate Hospital at Pueblo. The others arc Spec. 4 Carvel Puls and David Newton, both 21, of Ft. Carson, who will have sanity hearings June 1. Humes was a former enlisted een man serving at the Air Force Academy. His body, beaten and slashed, was found in Monument Valley Park, near 1-23. In the Middle Ages, castles were equipped with fireplaces large enough to roast whole animals over a wide bed of coals.

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